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Do Polish girls like Arabic guys?

I think Polish girls are not too different from any other girls in the world. However, like many European countries they do not have a lot of foreigners. In Poland there are only really Polish people. There are a few people from The Middle East or India, but they are a rarity. So can a Middle Eastern guy date a Polish girl?

I live in Poland and this is what I personally observe. I mean I am a foreign guy and married a Polish woman so who am I to judge. Someone who is educated and intelligent and presents themselves well, there is never a problem. I personally know a number of Polish girls that have married guys from the Middle East. However, there is a huge difference in culture. This cultural difference can cause problems in relationships.

I think Jewish and Polish are actually a good complement of cultures since they have had a common history in Poland. But this is another story.

Sometimes people say that the Arabian guys are marrying Polish girls for a Visa or citizenship to the EU or other reasons besides love. However, I am not one to be able to determine this. I am not a judge.

Why Middle Eastern guys are attractive for Polish girls?

  • Arab guys are exotic. Poles have light feature while Polish women tend to be light.
  • They offer the possibility of travel to other lands, lands that warm and sunny. In contrast Poland is a cool, rainy climate.
  • Spices their life up.
  • They can not find guys in their culture.
  • Middle Eastern guys tend to be romantic and know how to charm women
  • They fall in love with the culture, such as the food and language and the warmth.

Why Polish girls do not have relationships with Middle Eastern guys

  • Polish parents often prefer them to marry the guy next door.
  • Different religion. If a Middle Eastern guy marries a Catholic girl, in his mind he is not married. The girl might think so but often not the guy. He can leave her if she does not convert. The girl has to convert to Islam. Or else in his mind it is not a real marriage. I might be wrong but this is what I have been told.
  • In the past there have been stories of girls, they could be myths and urban legend of girls, being treated poorly once they go to Middle Eastern countries. They are treated like princesses in Europe but once in the Middle East things change. I have meet a number of Polish girls living abroad and they seemed OK.
  • Polish girls are very democratic and modern and they are not used to being treated any other way. I do not understand enough about Islamic dating to be able to comment. I think Muslim dating is pretty respectful contrary to western perception. However, I am not an expert.
  • Too many educated interesting Polish and European guys. For example, a girl can marry and Italian and they have exotic but from the similar religion and culture.

Where do Polish girls meet Middle Eastern guys? From what I observe almost 100% have been when they take a vacation to Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt. Polish women love to take vacations in the sun. Many young guys work in the resort business and hit on every single tourist there is. If they play their cares right they connect.

Arabic speaking people seem to over come the language barrier when it comes to love and dating

Because Arabic is so complex they seem to be able to pick up the Polish language pretty fast. I know many Egyptian and North African guys that speak Polish well. They have special intensive schools to learn Polish as the language is important for them as there are so many Polish tourists. Some Pakistani marry Polish girls also but much fewer.

Further a lot of these guys have Polish girls mobile numbers and send SMS and practice Polish girls, with usually several girls at once. They do not call girls on the phone but send cheap text messages. After a few hundred a day it becomes pretty easy to write in Polish.

Do Polish girls meet Arabic guys on the Internet? Sometimes.

  • Where to meet a Polish girl online – Here is where you can try to learn about Polish online dating sign up and flirt online.

Where do Arab guys live in Poland?

Most live in Warsaw and some in Krakow and other large cities. I have never met any from a small towns. Let me know your perspective on Middle Eastern guys dating European girls, please keep it respectful and peaceful.

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I like what did you write, but I have some coments, the women not need to convert to Islam unless she want to do that. A Muslim man when he get married to a Polish girl is married in his mined, not as you said, that is he thinks himself not married.

I need to learn more about Islam as this is what I had been told. I guess it depends on how strict the person following it is. I mean the same can be said about Catholics, that is a civil marriage is not really a marriage in the eyes of many of this faith also. So I guess it depends. But also I need to learn more and thank you for the comment.

Mr. Mohamed is so right about Muslims Should not expect their christian or Jew wives to convert to Islam except by their own will, desire & convince.
This is what should be in the Islam religion.
but many Muslim men do expect their non Muslim wives `ll turn to Islam & they think they should do real effort persuading them to turn to Islam.
But I think in Muslim guys who marry non Muslim women especially foreign women with different cultures have more liberal thinking than the average Muslims.
Women should care so much about the man manners,traits & personality 1st.
Those factors guide him in all things.
His view to religion comes second. as if he is that trusted caring man then he `treat her as a real queen anyway in addition that Islam directs the man to treat his wife respectfully.
In brief. it all comes from the man`s head.

Polish girls are beatifull girls. Everybody knows that, and because of the Polish economy it is attractive for Middle Eastern guys to marry European girls. It is easier and cheaper for an Arab guy to enjoy the beauty of a European girl.

You know Polish guys for for Ukrainian girls and Polish girls go for guys from all over the world. American guys go for Asian girls and from other lands. It is the way of th world. Nothing will stop this. Some people marry for visa or economics but most for true love.
I would say sometimes Polish girls marry rich Polish guys for money. It does not matter national bourders, it matters more about the person’s character.

Hello. I live in Algeria (North Africa). Could recommend how to find a Polish girl for marriage (I’ve never travalled there or elsewhere abroad), and in your opinion, would a Polish girl relocate there for marriage?
Thanks for you help.

I think Polish girls would relocate no problem depending on the situation. Poland is a much richer country than Algeria but Algeria has warmer weather so there is a trade off. The girls I know that have married North African guys some move to North Africa and some stay in Poland or move to France as it is all the EU.
Where you meet them is when they take a vacation to your country or on the Internet. However, the latter is more likely as Algeria is not as popular as say Egypt for a torusit place.
Check my site on online dating sites I recommend in Poland and Russia. There are huge cultural differences so do not expect it will be easy by the way.

Thanks for your help. I don’t know if I would relocate outside Algeria if my future wife would stay abroad, because it’s difficult to find a job with my Algerian degree. However, as you said, love is about compromise. Honestly, I am a little bit pessimistic about love, my experience tell me there is no real love knowing the mindset of todays girls. Maybe there are exceptions, they should be scarse, though.

Admin, I find your culture about wedding and girls different from mainstream culture. I share with you most opinions.

How about an article about Polish guys who like Middle Eastern girls. I am sick of the double standards of Middle Eastern/Arabic society. I guarantee these women would all be victims of honor you know whats. How come they can go to Europe and take their women, usually forcing them to convert, but if a European comes to Middle East, he and the woman will be killed if they try to get into a relationship. They say it is because of the religion and/or culture. Well, I do believe eye for an eye holds weight and think these relationships should be banned unless the women of the Middle East have the same right to marry Polish or any other type of European/American man

This is a good idea. A post about European guys and Middle Eastern girls.
Actually there are a number of Polish guys who are dating or marry Middle Eastern women. Of course they live in Europe and I am sure their families are not thrilled back in the Middle East, but it is reality. I was talking to a Polish guy with a Turkish girl this weekend. I know Muslim culture does not permit this and it is against the law even for a Muslim convert in their country and punishment is unthinkable. However, like Romeo and Juliet many young people risk it and live their lives perfectly happy. I know an Iranian girl who did this and she seemed pretty happily married.

Please do not generalize. I am a middle eastern woman and my family and society are open to all cultures, and many of my female cousins and friends are married to foreigners. I have American, French, and Australian relatives. I am from Lebanon and I am not Muslim.


Relations between Peoples (marriage – love – friendship …) has nothing to do with money or popularity or tradition. They are matters cultural. There have common sense. Forget the money and popular and designed everything behind him. And see some positive things. Give you an example: for example, Poland is a beautiful country and everything in it is beautiful. And take the example of Algeria.
Poland sophisticated in terms of political and economic. And where there is a lot of young people. Mostly women and beautiful here. But their culture is different. And their customs and traditions in particular. And they have the Christian religion. And the success rate of marriages is very low.
And Algeria is a country too big. Rich in natural resources and is one of the richest countries in the world. Has many customs and traditions of various regions. And areas of archaeological too many. But suffers from a severe political crisis. This led to many problems and a very large proportion of young and mostly male. And they have the religion of Islam. Marriage rates and large and very successful.
If we think in terms of marriage Polish girl from a young Algerian. The girl says, her life better and better. Religion and where many of liberty. And the most beautiful country of Algeria. So her answer either rejection or accept the condition to live with her in Poland. And it remains on religion
And for a young Algerian people would think about marrying a Polish girl. The first thing to know that to live in her country. But there are many different things, religion, customs and traditions. And even food.
Note here a contradiction in ideas.
This thinking young people are very young
But if you look at the thinking of the elderly. Girls are saying that it accepts all the conditions whatsoever. Marriage is important.
Here you see that people living in developed countries see themselves as the best and strongest. The strong eat the weak. And the percentage of marriages do not succeed, but rarely. The majority of children of unknown parents. This is due to the established religion that gives them complete freedom. Especially sex
But in countries such as Algeria follow Islam. Of course, not all of them. But the marriage rate is very large and successful. And sex are prohibited. Allowed only for married couples. And women must be respected. And provide all their rights. This is the religion of Islam.
Not a problem in the country or culture, or money or power or force. The problem is the poor choice of religion. And do not recognize the true religion. And the true religion and Islam is the best.
I study Islam well. And you will know the result
No income of beauty or anything else in each country there is beautiful girls, and even in Algeria.

And confirms my words give you an example.
Issued Europe: in 2001 the law on inciting girls Alzawj European women with Arab Muslims. Especially the Maghreb.
This is a success and won a major. And I personally know a lot of friends married girls were European. And other income of Islam. And live a happy life. And come to visit Algeria each year.
And I also note there is no problem. And the Algerian and Arab youth are putting the idea of ​​marriage as something serious. And not like the youth of Europe. Marry today and tomorrow and called looking for the other.
I spoke with a girl from Europe. Tell me that the married father of 6 women and every one of them fathered children.
And is not seen her father since she was small. This is very unfortunate. Is this how your religion says. If it is the religion minus. With all due respect. Although I love Christ and all God’s messengers. And I am a Muslim

I, for one, am a Polish girl and I can honestly tell you it all depends on the girl’s mindset and who she feels comfortable with.

In terms of dating, it is nice dating one of Middle Eastern background however most of them begin to turn a fun relationship into something extremely serious within weeks (I found it overwhelming and ended it as I like to take my time with enjoying relationships. Based on friends’ experiences and my own.) Depending on the person, it is up to you if you like relationships serious from the get-go.

Also, regarding my Catholic faith, it is interesting learning about the Muslim faith and whatnot. However, many of the Middle Eastern guys that are Muslim have told me that their families do expect someone of the same faith meaning the potential fiancée will eventually have to convert to comply with the family because of issues with raising children, customs, etc.

In addition to this whole dating idea, it may be fine and dandy to the two dating but when it becomes intimate and family gets involved. Whole different ball game. Either the Polish side, the Middle Eastern side or sometimes both families will object to this interracial relationship when it comes to the point of serious commitment. It is about keeping up with traditions, bloodline, and avoiding mixing with other cultures. If you are willing to commit to this type of commitment, by all means go for it.

Getting to the point, dating is pretty much fine because you are just getting to know the person. However the whole point of dating is figuring out whether or not, you want to be with this person your whole life. Being in love involves two people but getting to share it with your family is a major bonus, which is why if anything we might go outside our Polish culture with another European culture but rarely with religion.

When it comes to tradition in Polish culture, the women look for intelligent, classy men who can provide for us, but we also need our families’ approval for it to go any further. It rarely happens.

It rarely happens in terms of marriages with different faith beliefs.

You talk as you were the representative of all the Polish population, please. You’re simply wrong. I’ve met 2 Polish girls to this time, both were ok with the idea of mix marriage and even spoke with their mothers. What you’re describing happens with ignorant people and ignorance cause fear.

Secondly muslims can marry anyone from any background as long as they believe in One God. She don’t have to convert, this is a lie. Those Muslims you talked to are close minded people and these kind of people are in every culture. If there is a conversion, this should happen only from her/his will. Otherwise it won’t be accepted by God as it is a forced conversion and this is simply unacceptable in Islam and it is considered as a sin. I’m Muslim and I will never impose to my wife to convert if she happens to be a Catholic or what ever her religion. I will neither impose to her to wear the traditional arabic scarf (just a piece of cloth, it doesn’t have any religious interpretation). There is a lot of Muslims that think just like me, these are educated Muslims. If I want to learn about a culture, I will read books not listen to people on the street or check what CNN or Fox News says about it.

I strongly believe in the possibility of marrying a Polish girl and I’m going to be the proof of that. The only limitation in life is you.

I do appologize for the English grammar mistakes, I’m a native French speaker.


Any educated Muslim and educated Catholic knows that there is one God, the creator of all that is seen and unseen in this universe. This applies to all people, just not people who pride themselves on one ritual or another. If someone’s view of the Great loving one is limited to their people or creed than this is not God but something out of Greek mythology they worship.

I am happy you write something like this, as I have travelled/lived though the Middle East and Europe and if a Polish guys marry an Arab girls or an Arab guys marry Polish girls and they are happy. I have seen both they make it work often more times than marrying in the same culture as the commitment is strong. It is not always the case mind you, but what I have observed with educated people.

If my wife were Muslim I would have not any problem marrying her. I do believe that there are cultural difference that have to be over come but it depends on the commitment of the individuals to over come this. It depends. She is Catholic like me so there is not issues here. I am a big believer in culture, but I also believe that though awareness people can override cultural programming through the excercise of free will. I am just saying as author of the comment suggests, the world has to start to grow up and see that we are all from the same heavenly Creator.

@Paulinka It does happen and you would be surprised to know how often it happens. We live in the globalization era, so people are all mixing together and I think it’s a great thing!

Islam and Christianity have more in common than their differences, both believe in Jesus and in one God. The rest is all about details. The fundamentals are the same.

I’m from Canada and originally from Algeria. I would encourage all middle easterns to look for an Ukrainian or Polish girl as they’re great people. Though, I do prefer the later. If there is one place to look for a Polish woman, I would recommend you the following website which I was given by Admin :

This is an amazing website, I’m having a lot of interest, all profiles are genuine and there is like 4 millions active Polish profiles. I like this website as it is a local dating website, though they have a UK, Italian and a US version. It is not the typical international dating websites which are full of fake profiles and scams. I’m very optimistic in finding my future wife there. Some Polish women are intrigued by Middle Eastern culture and the dark tan do help.

Thanks Admin for the great articles you have here.

I’m not Polish. I’m from Northeast India, but living in Bangalore. And I secretly married to an arab guy for 4 years. We love each other so much and my parents knows about him. But from his side no one does not know about me and I feel so bad. Maybe he scare to tell his family. Then what the future will be ? I love him so much and I know he loves me too.

Romeo and Juliet, that is your story or at least you are in a better position than Juliet as both families disapproved. Here is the deal. It is your life. Not anyone’s families. If you two are married and in love what does is matter.

I know this is hard and painful as families are important. And I know neither of you are Christian but the words still are true, in the Bible is says that ‘one leaves their parents to go to their partner’. It is God’s will that children make their own choices and having parents interfere is only a receipt for trouble.

Parents are from a different time and mentality. They think with rigid ideas in many case. The next generation has to be more open if the world is to survive and I believe evolution is moving towards people who are open. It is almost like our DNA has a wisdom.

In the USA of course no one would care you are an Indian girl and he is Arab. People from all over marry each other and no one cares, and the parents less and less.

I moved away to Europe partly so my parents did not influence me. They did not. I choose the person I love to marry I am happy.
I have since moved back to the USA and many years later everything is fine.

I just think the only thing that matters is you and your husband living a happy life together. I do not care his parents or your parents, you have to build your life together. You can tell them or not. It does not matter, but I would personally just tell them. They will scream but you can interact with your parents. I do not have all the wisdom.

I think I would be honest, and rely on the support of those people who accept you. Marriage is between the man and the woman not the parents. It is written, ‘What God has joined’ let nobody break apart’. If he is afraid because Muslims have an issue with marrying a non-Muslim, then your love has to be stronger than these cultural difference. You have to both accept each others religion or both you find a new one together.

I am a big believer in not caring about parents in terms of love. I do not know if my parents were thrilled when I got married. They were not at my wedding. I was living on the other side of the world and they were old, but still. I think each person must respect their parents by living their own lives.

You are deeply in love and so is your husband so I can only encourage you to live your lives together and not worry about other people’s thoughts and ideas. It is your life and you only have one life. Please do not let anyone destroy the good in you. Think of Romeo and Juliet.

It is very romantic by the way to be secretly married.

Polish women like any other women are the same as in London, Madrid, Rome and anywhere else in Europe. Don’t judge Poland due to its status in Europe these women can go anywhere in Europe to work or live they are well educated. They have no real desire to go to a lesser country due to the freedom western cultures allows them plus they prefer modern city living.
They will relocate if its new York, London or any major westernized city. Not Algeria or any Middle Eastern Muslim country which would oppress their freedom.
Even when married, going out meeting friends, shopping etc. without her husband is normal.
Ideally they prefer their own kind, there are plenty of good looking men in Europe. You need to offer them an apartment plus car or home to have a family, so unless you’re salary meets this requirement in Europe – forget it. I suggest you find a nice Muslim woman in you’re own country and stop looking at western porn sites. European women may see a black/brown male as a curious interest but majority want white children, preferably with a financially secure European male who understands European culture. When abroad they may flirt with you but most women are aware of physically transmitted diseases, the majority on holiday date other western men who are also on holiday.
this much ignorance on the internet from men concerning European women.

There are Christians in some Arab country: Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq.

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