Polish girls in London

Polish girls in London

I know this sounds hard but many of the Polish girls in London are not in some people’s eyes optimal selections if you are looking for a bride. This is so because many have their egos inflated.  I am an American living in Poland and I have seen normal girls come back from London with such huge egos that you are better off not trying to marry London girls.  Maybe this is not totally true in every case, but it does become a problem if they have lived there longer than half a year. They feel super self-confident and go to an extreme to try be different than the women in Poland.

Often Polish girls in London will even come back to Poland and say they are English if they have lived there for several years or talk back about Poland. I do not like this social phenomenon. I do not like when any one person judges another country or people.

This is often the reaction of many immigrants into their new countries, they adopt the values of their host country very quickly and over react so to speak. Alternatively it could be said to be their egos reaction to living in a big city. London is a big city and many country Polish girls that immigrate to the city of London act different. It happens to many people who move from the country to the city. Therefore, my conclusion is maybe many are not this way but be aware if you hear a Polish girls in the UK talking down about her own country, this is because of her ego trying to differentiate herself from others.

Where to meet Polish girls in London

That being said there are many Polish singles. London is too big to meet Polish girls on the street, at least your dream girl, maybe try the Internet.  There are many Polish UK dating sites.  I would start there. But there is a better place than London, why not Poland? I meet my wife in Kraków, so Poland will always be the best place to meet Polish girls. However, at the end of this post I do give you some recommendations of concrete places to meet them online.

Why Polish girls not ideal for UK guys in some cases

Despite the proximity in Europe and of course Poles and Brits have a bit of a different point of view when it comes to family and values. Some positive things about the English are they are open and receptive to immigrants and new ideas, they have a good sense of humor and have given the world so much in terms of language and culture.  Ethnicity is never an issue in relationships, it is an individuals relationship to their culture and others that are important. This is an important point. Some things that are a factor if you are a Polish girl in London and meet a native Londoner consider this:

  • Polish girls learn English but when in a relationship, rarely do English guys speak Polish most of the time. I think this is unfair. I learned Polish out of respect for another culture. Learn the language of your love, I think this is fair.
  • Polish girls are very religious, Brits are not. You can look up an statistic on Wiki or elsewhere. To the person who is the non religious person they are often like what is the big deal man? It might not matter to the groom but to the bride it means something. The groom will say that people are in church are hypocrites, but who is he to judge, let the maker of all thing decide and accept people of faith. It will be an issue, at some point if someone is judgemental. It is important to the woman (I assume the women is the Pole as I have never meet a Polish guy go for an London girl for some reason).  On the other hand my brother’s family is British and this is not the case but they are immigrants. But it is something that you have to decide is important to you as an individual or how you will raise your children. For example, just 38% of the British believe in God. That is pretty low considering it was once a country of faith. Typically a Polish girl really wants a traditional church wedding and the British guy will agree but it is either way for him.
  • Polish girls do not drink heavy, Brits statically out rank the Poles in consumption per liter by a long shot. Statically the Poles are not in the top twenty. Maybe it has something to do with the footballers culture in London, but I do not know any Polish girl that likes this. Poland had this problem 20 years ago and changed since and it seems London has not yet given up their love of this culture.
  • Polish girls are warm and are idealistic about love, Brits are not. A typical Polish girl wants to meet her one and only and dreams of a prince. I know, I live here and I know how the girls are. Of course not every Polish girls but they grew up with a classical education reading romantic literature (like I did). However, I have seen some very nice English guys come to Poland and many are very into Shakespeare and literature so it is not true in every case. However, it is something to be aware of. continental Europe has a different ethos.
  • Two different cultures do not mean relationships can not work but the individuals need awareness that they have to be flexible and accepting and open minded. I have seen marriages between Brits and Polish girls and they are not as optimal as between Americans or Irish guys. England use to be a very moral place, however, new secularism and post modern thinking changes their morals. It is not that Londoners are not moral, rather they have different morals. Not all English are like this but many embrace this new modern thinking. It is only a cultural statistic.
  • UK has double single parent homes in the last 15 years, is this a tend you want to see?  In Poland it is a rarity. The good news is, immigrants from all over the world moving into England is a good thing as perhaps it will change the country’s values back for the better. Its only about culture and not at all about the British people, many who are fine people.

The bottom line is the cultures between Italian and Poles are similar, or between Irish and Poles, or Poles and Greeks or Poles and any culture that focuses on old European social values. For example Indian and Chinese have good marriages with Poles if they are more traditional.  If you have an Indian guy in London with a Polish girl as long as they both come from the same point of view in life all is fine. But the English culture is a little bit different from the traditional Polish culture which has God and family above everything else, maybe I am wrong. I am open to hearing different views. Just remeber to not attack people and use good grammar and punctuation in your comments.

This being said I think marriages between Polish and English can work out very well, after all look at Norman Davies. There are many examples of great marriages, but I just go in with your eyes open that the cultures are a bit different.

If you aware about how cultures in the world are different and if you are willing to accept the differences in culture try the following online resources for meeting, chatting and dating and maybe you will meet a lady in Europe’s second largest metropolitan area:

  • – Free classifieds. Countless London and UK ads as well as a large Polish section under ‘other coutries’.
  • – This is free and mostly the English language.
  • – An Irish based dating site with a lot of Poles and geographically diverse, I think it is a pay site but very trustworthy as it is on of the oldest in the Isles.

There are my personal recommendations to meet Polish girls in London:

The Polish site and which has their own dating Portals which you can screen girls for the London area.

  • – This is free, use a translate tool if you need help.
  • – This is free and maybe pay, I think this is maybe the largest and your best choice to for Central London or screening for suburbs.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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The Polish girls in London are absolutely corrupt. They are just behind money. They only thing that they love is mony and can go to any extent for that. They are pretty but have no feelings. They were religious but after living in UK for three years the are used to binge drinking and stopped going to Church. I have experinced the lies twice in one year and they can love anybody for money.

Steve, You are a bright a observant guy. Polish girls are great because they have values and are cultured. Polish girls that go to London are worst than Western girls as they go extreme on all the bad vices western girls have. If you want a good girl, go to Eastern Europe and live there, raise a family and be normal. But to look for a Polish girl in London you are in for trouble. Polish girls are great in Poland. Polish girls in America are not as bad as they usually are 2nd generation and have calmed down many still go to church. I am third generation Polish and not only a patriot but I would hope still very moral. I moved to Poland as money is not my god. But Polish girls in London, stay away.

I met Polish girls in London and they are way better than the local British poor style women. only…have trouble with Polish women.

Polish women are better. However, the ones in London get corrupted fast. You will see.

Polish girls in Britain are NOT corrupt at all. There is a reason why British girls are jealous of Polish girls, it’s because they don’t defect and adopt the corrupt British ways Polish girls that migrated to Britain are better than 2nd generation Polish girls in America since the former acts more Polish and has the accent, while the latter is fat and does not have the nice accent. Only losers would not be able to handle a Polish girl in Britain.

yes, This is truth that Polish girls are always better than others, so a sincere polish girl ready for marriage for looking a sincere person.

I am a third generation Polish girl living in London. And I have to say “What a pile of rubbish you speak’ It’s all too general and it relates to your own experience. Have you done a survey? really..grow up!

Magdalena, Thank you for the comment. Every generalization is a distortion of the truth- Decartes. You are right. Many Polish girls in America, even third generation are religious, moral and keep their bodies in balance. I am a third generation Pole from America but have lived in Poland many years. My brother’s family in London. And our family does keep traditional Polish values. So yes there are exceptions. However, I think the first generation of Poles or Polish girls in London really embrace western ways, and develop and attitude. I have met many Poles from London return to Krakow where I live and they have such an attitude my friends would never consider even for a second dating a Polish girl from London. Why hassle yourself with a Polish girl from London when there are so many Polish girls in Poland who are less corrupted, that is they have more humility and less ego.

I agree, first of all the term ‘Brit’ is offensive (if you used such a term about people from Pakistan, it would get the race card treatment immediately), My partner is Polish not a ‘Pole’ and the main reason our relationship works is that nationality isn’t the main issue, some of the stereotypes are ludicrous, we do still get adverse comments from British people who think she is only after a UK passport, I just roll my eyes and say ‘Thanks for looking out for me but I’ll handle this one’, it’s amazing that people can be so misinformed, we do mix with some sensible British people, on the other side of the coin, we meet Polish people who think they can dictate what my partner should do, she has even been called a ‘traitor’ (Don’t worry, I have too) which is kind of ironic considering the people who think Polish people should stick to their ‘own’ are incredibly nationalistic about a country they don’t even live in, we do also mix with some sensible Polish people too, stupidity knows no boundaries, often the most misinformed people can unwittingly be the most informative, a mixed race/nationality relationship can work and ours has lasted 4 years so far, the key is, don’t make such a fuss of it and concentrate on the person, you will get comments borne out of malice, jealousy, ignorance etc but rather than let them affect you, it’s best to pity certain people.

It is great that you have been married for four years to a beautiful Polish woman. People do not care anymore, or I think most do not about poltical boarders when it comes to love and dating. Political boarders are studpid, cause war and create problems. That is why we have the EU. It is to promote openess for all.
However, values do matter. Values are something that is closely connected to character and how a person behaves in stressful situations. Not on the honeymoon. Value are not a religion as you are your religion.

If you have similar values with your wife I am sure you will continue to grow in love.

I had no idea that Brit was off the list, sorry. That is good to know. I though it was like Swede, Pole or Scot. My brother’s family is British and never made a connection. Further, I have to say a great number of British people have been very kind to me. If I have ever poke fun at them it is more the football, beer drinking guys. But you know they are not that bad. They come through town dressed in crazy outfits, but really they seem like nice guys just cutting lose and harming very little.

What I do object to is the whole idea that values and marriage have not the same deep meaning it should. I have see many breakups, even a guy in my buiding who was married to a Polish girl and just packed up and left. I would not do that. I think it comes from Western European modern culture that marriage is good but if you are not happy just leave.

But most British people I know personally I am deeply and I mean deeply thankful to.

I am 100% Polish people and British people and Americans marrying from different cutures. I just warn people that race and culture and education and money do not matter, but values and maybe religion does. As this is something that is the glue that holds relationships together.

You can have two ethical athiests married as long as they see eye to eye on the values thing.

You can have an African and a British or a Polish person married, even of different religion, but if they both believe in God and live according to a mutual understanding of what God’s will is then this relationship will most likely work.

Polish people are very open to other cultures, and races. What is important to them is value, family value, faith. This is the base which relationships are build. Romantic love brings people that should never be brought together. I think most Polish people understand that family values are more important than looks, money or anything else. This I think is wisdom.

I have been with a Polish girl for 1 year now, and spent a lot of time in Poland one of the thing i have learned about Polish girls is that they lie, if you don’t believe a pole at first challenge them because you will always find out the truth ,and people who say Polish girls are good girls are wrong.

It depends on the girl, as humans are humans. I found many girls from countries all over the world play games. But generally Polish girls are good and honest. Where did you meet this girl in London or does she live in Poland full time?
I would say she does not take you seriously. If a girl lies it is because she does not respect you. No matter how great you think you are, she takes you more a someone not to be respected. Polish girls are honest to me, at least more than other girls.

Gregorz you might be not masculine enough, that is why you failed with Polish girls.

And Admin you are wrong. Polish girls in London are way better than Polish girls born and raised in America cause in London Poles living in their own sections of town.

Spatula, no way. Polish girls living in London all come back to Poland, with attitudes, they think they are better or have out grown the Poland. If a Polish girl returns from London she is pure trouble. Polish girls in London on par with Polish girls in the USA. In Poland they are the best.


I been to Poland and I never had problen with Polish girls retuning from London.

Polish girls go to London to work temporarily or to study in the universities. And most Polish live in the Hammersmith area of London.

Also Polish women are beaten up British women for “looking too pretty”

I suggest you google the article because I am agreeing with other people that You know nothing about Eastern European women.

Thanks for your comments, I edited your comments to tone it down a little, please try not to attack people personally.

But again I respectfully disagree. I meet these Polish girls on the bus and when I was speaking Polish to them they replied in English, and said, why are you speaking Polish to us. I said I live in Poland, they replied oh we live in England if you want to learn Polish move there. They were so ready to impress me with their English. I have meet countless Polish girls like this. They work in the UK for the summer and they try to impress me with this. They are more materialistic and in the words of my friends Polish girls in London are ‘the worst of both worlds’.
Polish girls are very beautiful. But if a Polish women loses her sense or morality, humility religious values then she is like a Czech or Praga girls or some Moscow girl just about making money and stop going to church. Czech girls are pretty but I would not want to marry one. They embrace western values more than western girls do with somethings.

It is according what you want. Do you want to marry a Polish girl or have her around for a while. Me, I am an American guy but, think women are not for fun, they are for marriage.
And your right some Polish girls in London are quite ok, but its the exception not the rule.

Polish women are in London because the economy is poor in Poland. I never met a bad Polish girl in Britain. Not one acts British and if anything they hate British culture.

I suggest you read about Polish girls getting assualted in British schools by British girls looking too pretty.

If Polish girls adopted British culture, then they would have turned fat toothless and ugly. But they did not, so that makes them Polish.

And even Czech girls are better than British. Of course all girls in capital cities are bad whether in Eastern or Western Europe.

You and I have had different experiences with Polish women that have lived in London. I think Polish women in Poland retain more values than Western European Polish girls. This has been my experience and yours has been different. I guess it depends how long they live there. They may not be bad, just huge egos and trying to impress and stop going to church and want to date these English pub guys. But there are exceptions of course. British women are not worth any comment as they have no values and are bossy and usually fat. Czech girls are too easy. Sorry if I disagree but this has been my personal experience with London Polish girls, but you are right they are not totally bad girls.

The Polish economy is not poor, you sound like a Polish people who loves to complain and feel like a victim. Poland is a rich country. Poland is richer than 99% of the people in the world if you include Asia Africa India China South America, most of the world is poorer than Polish people. Further the Polish economy is the only economy that is growing in all of Europe and North America.

Maybe you can get people to feel sorry for you 10 years ago, but not now. Poland is rich. I live here. Move to Warsaw or Krakow and you will see. India is poor, China is poor, but Polish people can get their university and medicine 100% free, and then get grandpas apartment given to them. Or work in the UK for a few years and pay cash for a flat. Americans do not have those options. My buddies back home have 50 to 100 thousand dollars of credit for their school and work day and night.
If you want to marry a Polish London girl go ahead, but for me Poland is the place to find a good Polish girl.

Polish men should come with a health/hazard warning. From my experience they lie and are morally bankKrupt. I think they seek out English/ Irish girls just to use them to get started in the country they go to. I got caught and am left to raise my child who is half Polish as Polish guy disappeared. This is normal to most polish guys to abandon their kids. Both back in Poland and to the country they migrate to. As someone pointed out to me ” they should of kept the Berlin wall up” 🙂 No wonder Polish girls are so serious and strong. They have to put up with irresponsible morally bankrupt Polish men.

I am very sorry about your expience, but Polish guys I know are good fathers. I know countless Polish guys, maybe not every one, but I see them in Church every sunday and in my lessons and in the coutryside and they are honest good humans. Now in every society you have the hip and cool new generation that does not care about moral and want to sleep with people and swear, but I do not swear and my friends do not and I do not go to pubs or drink.
Hang out with Polish guys who read philosphy and are interested in Monet and Mozart and I think you will have a different view. If you hang out with Polish guys that go to pubs then it will be a different story.
I never hang out with my friends, only my wife. She is the center of my world as is my daughter. I am not perfect but I am trying to say, girls if you want a good many, look for one with ideals and morals.
Your child is Polish and try to understand the greatness of Polish culture and teach your child the good things about Poland. I am very sorry all this happened to you but do not let yourself get pulled into the dark side. Read a book called Unbound by Neal Lozano if negativity is strong.
I do not mean to say anything wrong about English or Irish culture, I guess I am rejecting western decline in morals. There are good and bad in all people.


Here is further evidence that you know nothing what you are talking about.

Read this article:

It’s about Polish girls getting physically assaulted in Britain for being “too pretty”.

If Polish girls are pretty as in London, then if anything they are not following British culture. If they followed British culture(getting fat and toothless) they would not get assaulted

So your whole Polish girls in London are bad is purely ridiculous.

Ok Spatula I will give you that. I know Polish girls are much prettier than British girls. British girls are fat. Polish girls are slim and beautiful. I do know that many Poles in London face discrimination, which is very unfair.
However, I still think for love and marriage a girl not exposed to the western values is better than one than who is.

My brother’s family has lived in London for over 20 years the values are nothing like that of Krakow, where I live (we are both Americans). Poland has nice people good values, London aggressive, rude people. Dating a woman is one thing for for marriage be very careful as once a person gets a taste of lower London culture, its hard to get their ideal back.


You really are a retard or with down syndrome. Please pick your choice. See this is why that fighter pilot guy was correct. You have no concept on economics or math.

Poland is poor in comparison to Germany, France, Britain, Japan, UAE, and the U.S.

Why do you think Polish people go to Britain to work ???

I don’t here about Brits going into Poland to work.

You seem to be a racist with your hatred for China and India. Sure they are poor. But for your information they are on track to become superpowers. They have nuclear capability compared with any Eastern European country.

Poland’s GDP per capita is low. If it were the 51st U.S. state, it would be the poorest economically.

I am not Polish. I am Southern European. So you can guess which country that is.

Hi : )
Have to say as a Brit girl I am not in the slightest bit jealous of the many Polish girls I share my town with. My neighbours are Polish, mostly guys. They seem okay but drink a lot (morning or night) and are always working out (with weights) or fighting out the front of our house (that’s not a generalisation of all Polish men, just that of my neighbours). I think the biggest issue that Brits have with Polish migrants is not their looks (it has never entered my head or that of any friends I know as an excuse) but more the shear numbers that have arrived on our shores to work in a relatively short space of time. Its just caused tensions on the employment front of things as certain tradesmen lost their work as a result. As for a school girl that was bullied by so called ‘British girls’ it may be worth looking into the area or areas where this happens. The story that has created most of the headlines surrounded a Polish girl attending a school in Action, London. Most of this area is ‘ethnic’ British and not predominately white (as is the case for most metropolitan areas in the UK now), and this kind of treatment is something that many fairer British girls sufferer as well in these types of areas (I have seen many of my British friends verbally or physically attacked as well). I feel that this story was unfair as it gave Polish people the impression that all British girls are jealous of Polish girls and that simply is not true at all. I can only speak for myself and my friends but you do not come into our conversations at all with regards to that.

Have to say that I am incredibly offended by the amount of extremely nasty things I have read about British girls over the web. I think people confuse culture and behaviour too much with looks. Plus, different cultures view beauty differently as a whole. Although a few British men (with fetishes for certain types) themselves do not like all British girls I have met many other nationalities that have found a lot of our British women to be attractive (foreign men with fetishes towards us). The same thing applies all over the world. Eastern Europeans tend to see us as odd looking at best but then again the reverse is true for us towards eastern Europeans. We get accused of all having horse faces whilst a lot of eastern Europeans have funny shaped ears, cold angular facial features and odd shaped heads (particularly the flat back of the heads visible more on the men). I suppose it is just what you are culturally used to that is acceptable as the norm. We will always be bias towards one side or another dependant on preference or loyalty. It is not proof either way. We could all upload the most ugly or beautiful pictures of our girls but it proves nothing really as we would all be selective and biased with our choice of examples to try to prove our points.

However, I can see how certain behaviours make the British appear less attractive to so many other nationaities; I don’t find many of the ‘laddette’ types or fat women attractive either. I agree that the British culture has leaned far too much towards obesity, drink, fake tans (I blame the footballers wives) and general rudeness;we have become a lazy nation with less morals & less time maintaining ourselves. Then you add feminism to the pot and it is a complete disaster! A lot of British woman do not want to look ‘girlie’ or pretty in a classy way because they feel it makes them look stupid or inferior to the men; so they make themselves look the complete opposite to these ideals to try to compete with or prove a point to the men instead! This gives you the result of an unattractive woman who acts and looks just like a man which gains her nothing. Either that or some get ‘tarted up’ like hookers (something I cannot stand myself as I feel you can leave a lot to the imagination without having to hang it all out!).

As for the toothless part… well, we do drink a lot of tea and it can stain the teeth. We also have a lot of sugar in our unhealthy diets. Our dentists are expensive money grabbing people so it makes it difficult for the average person to afford good, regular treatments; the nhs only funds basic dental work and you only get it if you are on some sort of welfare. I make it my aim to look after my teeth but I have fallen from grace to have a few fillings! You can be charged around £100 just for the appointment! Then again, I have the assumption that most people with great teeth have had work done on them at some stage. Either whitened, been crowned, veneered or straightened. It is a known fact that even the best smile will always stain with age, regardless of nationality. I do not think many people have naturally white and perfect teeth nowadays with out a little cosmetic help (I could be wrong I guess). I have heard that Poland has dentists who provide great dental care but are not greedy for cash; so this would explain the better teeth you may have on average.

This was not the case at one time, our women used to be much, much slimmer, very elegant and had manners but I blame the melting pot of ‘multiculturalism’ that we now call modern day Britain. We have also been heavily influenced by the USA’s unhealthy eating and fast foods are what most British people eat on a regular basis. I hope and pray that British girls will soon ditch the MacDonald’s, alcohol, awful dress sensea don’t think many people have natural white and perfect teeth nowadays with out a little cosmetic help (I could be wrong I guess)d bizarre hairstyles that they have come to accept as the norm. I am not one of these type of British girls and I hate the fact that I am labelled as ugly and awful alongside many of them. I am also religious, having been a Catholic my entire life. I know a lot of beautiful people from all nationalities, including British. Its a shame we have to compete and be nasty to one another, we’re all women and have to put up with so much as it is, we do not need to add each other to the list of problems.
: ) Maria

Maria, are you English or Spanish or something living in London?
Look you have many good points. I am sure there are beautiful UK girls that have beauty, charm and grace like out of the Jane Austen novels I adored as a teenager.
But the reality is Western girls, UK and American girls are not loyal, materialistic. They want love and money, but just love. I think Polish girls in London are picking up this idea.
If you want love and money, this is a hard life. Watch Slum dog millionaire.
Love and only love should be the answer, and love means humility and submissiveness for both men and women. This is lacking in London girls and American girls and now Polish girls and guy, yes guys from Poland living in London. Humble men do not drink.

About Polish girls in London…haha at stupid people getting upset, when men are speaking the truth about stupid Polish materialistic women. I knew a lot of Polish women who where happily married in Poland then the day came when they shifted to the uk and left there husbands had affairs had love with as many men they could because
there was no body in there local community to answer to the only words Polish women know are … they love wearing smelly blue 70s jeans ruffed up sneakers and thinking the Russians are attacking they have lose morels make up life and religion as they go along can never compromise on the other hand English girls give it to you straight up no comments attached 🙂

another thing they all dress like savage bleached blond fake hair curled like a … there faces some skimpy undersized top that they brought in the 80s and realized it was to small for them in 2009 they wear it anyway drink tenants all day all night and whenever they utter a sentence worse then can have fun even if they say it after every sentence.

mak, I think your being a wee bit hard on Polish girls in London. I think they are not that bad at all.

I think I would prefer Polish girls in Poland than London as they tend to be less materialistic. Many girls get corrupted in the UK by western values, that are not the same as Polish values.

Western morals are I do not know what, swearing, materialism, drinking, cheating. These are not what I see in Polish women in Poland.

But I know women in the UK that are married and loyal and Polish and not corrupted.

I am writing this now a my Polish neighbours have had party and all went bannanas. The girls dressed in the attire that Mac descriged:) Two Polish girls have been screaming and fighting with two Polish boys. It got physical and one of the girls picked up a bike and threw it at one of the guys. Both girls threw punches. Police where called! Mayb these girls where disco polo girls from the looks of them and sound of horrible techno music! You have idealistic vision of Polish girls some of them are as common as Vicky pollard from “little Britain” with hoopey earings and swear bad words this in that! I lived in Krakow for a while and meet some really nice girls but the ones who are living in my town are giving Polish girls a bad name. They may be skinny but they are acting ugly.

Meet the Polish girls with ideals, values faith in God and you will not have this type of behavior. Every society has good and bad. Many Polish girls are abandoning their values because they idealizes the west. I would not live about people like that or associate with people like that.

Most Polish women in Britain are loyal. More so than Poles more in the U.S.

That is why no Polish girl likes you.

Most Polish girls DO NOT get corrupted in the UK or even in the U.S. If anything they hate the Anglo culture cause it is an inferior culture.

The trouble is that Polish people in general think that “Bogu jest Polakem”.In otherwords they think that they are somehow the chosen people .For the Poles religion and tradition are the same word.There may be historical excuses for this attitude but there are no good reasons.Why do Polish girls want to come to London or anywhere else in the West?…Work it out for yourself.Like most(young )people who travel for the first time or leave their nest,when they go back they want to show it.Religion ,that is being Catholic,is just the same as being a fan of the local football club:my father and his father was a fan and anyway i do it for my grandmother….because its my family and its Polish..They are all a bit confused now coz the pope is no longer Polish but a German and a former Hitler Youth member,…Papa Razzi,haha

” I feel that this story was unfair as it gave Polish people the impression that all British girls are jealous of Polish girls and that simply is not true at all”

The British girls that physically and verbally attacked Polish girls were all mostly white British. I read the stories very well.

Stop trying to blame your other minorties for the problems. It looks stupid.

Spatula, are you able to argue without pathetically insulting and denigrating anyone who happens to disagree with you?

I only insult those that don’t know their facts. I even insult the admin as well since he can retarded at times. So I show equal justice to all.

hello I am an white English guy from London look for a nice Polish girl to get to know and fun see were it goes. James.


I’m a British girl. Quite infuriated about reading so many junk about British girls being this and that.

Ok, first of all, not all Poles in London/UK are corrupted – I have many friends came over here from Krakow and lived in London for at least a year and they still have the same values/attitude/personality as the day I’ve met them.
However, I have met some horrible polish girls – materialistic, messed in the head… just generally horrible disgusting people – and mind you! these are not the ones that lived in UK, they’re the ones that CAME from Poland… so some DO have that disgusting attitude regardless they lived in a western country or not!
I’m in my mid 20s and these horrible Polish women I meet are in their late 30s early 40s… you would expect them to be mature and settled and respectful wouldnt you… hell no (some of the them)

I went out with a Polish girl a few years back for about 1 year we were dating. She was nice at first, and yes she kept her values as the same day she came to london, but I soon realize she lies, shes obsessive, shes looking for ‘parent figure’ (and apparently she said this is not unusual for Polish girls)…. i just cant live with someone with such character. some of them tend to be immature and ever so materialistic.
I now date a man, and he too went out with a polish girl, and too he says he experienced the same thing as me with them… and these girls are girls came directly from Poland – not the ones lived in the UK or London! (ok, im not generalizing, but come on! look at the odds!!)

now secondly… this probably got nothing to do with me as I’m not white British, I’m a British born Chinese-Asian-mix.
Us British girls are not ugly. how dare any of you call us ugly women.
look at some your polish women, some just look, bad.
not all are pretty and tall and slim…. we have many british women that are beautiful.
We embrace the fact that we’re moving to a next era, we’re not stuck in 1900s, we’re moving on and adapting to the new world/way of thinking. we still keep traditional morals but we don’t go over the top with it like some poles.
take my boyfriends ex Pole girlfriend for example… he was 24 and she was 32, she was broody and wanted to get married, so she messed his head up and forced him to propose to her just so she got an engagement ring to show to her families and let them know that shes settling down, not lonely etc etc… what a load of rubbish some women like that say!
British women are independent and we don’t go around preaching catholicism like some Poles ive met (and admit it, some of you have met Poles who tried to convert you!).

I personally am an atheist. I’m into Richard Dawkins, i sometimes go to the speakers corner in Hyde park (London) and listen to the atheist speaker and everything he says is just spot on.
so to have a catholic Pole constantly commenting on my belief, it puts me off Polish. of course, i have Polish friends who are religious and they’re respectful of what i belief. Its these horrible minorities of these poles that give the rest a bad name.
but my point is after all that banter is, polish girls do NOT get corrupted by uk/usa. i have met many already-corrupted poles coming to london from poland without living in any western countries.
Also, met polish girls who cam directly from poland and lived in uk for good few years who arent corrupted and still remained the same person as ive met them the very first day.
AND there are beautiful British girls… difference is, we have such a big diversity of British girls. We’re not only white like in Poland. So i think we’re more beautiful… for the fact that… not all of us are Poles of which I’ve met, seen, heard MANY times!

any of you try bring a freshie polish girl to Brixton (that’s where i live) in south london and see what they say. A few i brought to brixton are just shocked to see so many black British in the area and believes that they shouldnt be so many of them there.
and they brazenly say they dont really like black becasue they think they’re ‘dirty’ and they dont like indians because they think theyre perverted and also ‘dirty’… the cheek of them to say that in an area thats predominently black and asian community and also fact that im part Indian!!!
needless to say that “m no longer friends with such ugly Poles…. but i do come across a lot of racist poles i must say, especially men.
sometimes I’d love to scream at their face and tell themt o go back to where they come from if they hate this multicultural, rich in diversity country (ok yes im being double racist there myself, but you see what I’mm saying!)
i would say the exact same thing to anyone came over here from my home ethnic country – Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Japanese person if they say that about any uk city, id tell them to go back if they cant respect this country they way they should… i mean you wont expect a British person to go to India and go “too many Indians in here!” or go to china and say “are there only Chinese people living here?!”…. – same concept when these Polish girls come over and say such ridiculous things about a multicutural country. – hence, us British girls, will never be jealous of them.

There are good and bad in every society. I love all people from all races and cultures. However, for me personally I would not want to date a British girl. They are rude and aggressive in my personal experience. I deleted all the swears and bad words from your comments as it was filled with them, this proves my point. But thanks for the comment. Really I read it and consider what you said. I think we can not generalize. However, I would rather marry a Pole any day of the week, than a Brit who are rude and swear, as you do. Macedonia 5% divorce rate Italy and Poland very low also. The UK 60% divorce rate. I rest my case( 80% of which is started my UK girls).
ps Richard Dawkins is the biggest fanatic I know who tries to convert people to his way of thinking.

“AND there are beautiful British girls… difference is, we have such a big diversity of British girls”

You sound like a British woman. The Admin’s criticism are on English British women, not Polish.

And first you say you date woman, now woman.

“the cheek of them to say that in an area thats predominently black and Asian community and also fact that im part Indian!!!”

I have been all over Britain, and I seen Polish girls, very beautiful ones date ALL races, whether they be Chinese, Indian, Spanish, etc. You must be fat ugly and dumb.

Some OLD 50 year old Polish woman comes to Poland and says that kinda stuff.

There are more Neo- in Britain than Poland, and that was BEFORE any Polish people started migrating.

I have met 2 Polish girls in my town in England. Both have been cold, materialistic and unwilling to adapt their methods of living to fit in to the British lifestyle.

I do not agree that British people ‘are’ cold, primarily for one reason. In the UK we grow up surrounded by materialism and transience and so as youngsters we make friends, close friends, only to lose them a little while later when a newer, more fashionable friend appears – essentially friendship in the UK for people growing up is essentially a consumer product. Compare this to other nationalities where they all want to be your best friend until the novelty wears off – which is usually much quicker than what happens in the UK.

Therefore, in the UK, we tend to be more discerning about who our friends are – this means it takes longer to get to know someone because people don’t want to experience the same things in friendships they experienced as youngsters. As such, it takes longer to make English friends, yet once the bond has been reached English friends usually stay friends with people for a long time (the ones who don’t are usually transient consumerists anyway).

Thus, the problem arises when people come to England and EXPECT English people to behave like people from their home countries. This is of course an inflexible mindset to come to a foreign country with and if anything harks of ignorance. Add into the equation that many people, especially Polish, come to England in search of work and money – so, as a generalisation those Polish people come to England for materialistic reasons. Also add into the equation the fact that materialistic people also tend to be people who demand instant gratification (which as we have learned above English friendships do not adhere to this instant gratificationist mentality) and the result is that foreign people, often Polish but others too, utilise that hackneyed cliche that English people are ‘cold’ and ‘unfriendly’, which is totally incorrect. The truth is rather that the cliche should read “I [the non-English person] am too inflexible, materialistic, shallow, instant gratificationist and ignorant to accept things that happen outside my home country to adapt, yet I am willing to exploit the many benefits that Britain provides me such as job security and capital gain which makes me hugely rich back in Poland due to the exchange rate”.

‘Brits’ aren’t idealistic about love – I would counter that argument. WHY are they not idealistic? Well, many people of the age to start getting into serious relationships are usually the ones who have to pay back huge student loans, get jobs paying over £25,000 (which is no mean feat!) per year (and have a civil partner who earns about the same in order to just get the lowest of the low mortgage available) and suffer incomparable financial hardships when compared to many other European countries, especially Poland, – are too busy trying to sort their lives out to place them in a secure position by which to maintain relationships. It isn’t as simple as just saying ‘Brits aren’t idealistic about love’, because that cliche is for 13 year olds who have never been outside the house! Brits are cynical about their ability to maintain relationships unless a wide range of other factors have been addressed beforehand more like! It’s called ‘thinking about life’!

So Polish girls don’t like multicultural Britain and aren’t afraid to say so. Good. They aren’t intimidated by political correctness and are prepared to think for themselves! I like them even more now!

Polish girls are not afraid to say what they think. They are very interesting girls,


I seen stunning Polish girls date other ethnic groups over ugly English men.

And Admin, you are a moron if you agree with that scumbag Andrew.

And Former Turk Lover, you also are another loser. British women are ugly and look like horrible next to Polish girls.

What is wrong with you admin?
Some of the prettiest girls ive seen live in the uk. They are open, friendly and with good morals. You are obviously ignorant and bitter.

But honestly.. id like to see how your are. You seem very judgemental of girls. And i would be shocked if anyone dated you.

So you are saying UK women are pretty? Maybe some are, but there is a huge weight problem in the UK. Your a girl looking at other girls, however, from a man’s point of view they are not attractive because of the weight problems. Also some London women put tons of cash into their looks. I am not into fake.
The main issue is their ego. Feminism is firmly entrenched in London. Again there are humble UK girls I am sure but most are not worth the conversation.
I am not bitter at all. Why would I be bitter? I am not politically correct, but bitter no. I am very happy with my relationships in my life and have no resentment in me, at least I do not think I do. I just am telling it like it is. Polish girls are known for their beauty. UK girls are known for other things.


You are way off. Admin is 100 percent correct.

UK girls are ugly in my personal opinion, others might find them beautiful. I would say they are even uglier than American women. Most are fat. You call that beautiful?

If British women lost weight, and lost their drunken gross attitudes, then people would like British women.

And dont’ mention your silly celebs like Victoria Beckham. She looks like trash in style.
My words are only my opinions and have nothing to do with reality of a nation or people as a whole.

Victoria at least looks like a plastic doll, not my conception of beauty, but they are still together which impressed me.

Spatula, you are GREAT!

Spatula, you must be THE most attractive person on the planet!

Spatula, when you say ‘worse than American women’ are you suggesting that American women are the ugliest?

What are your judgements based on? Do you have a quantitative table by which you judge every person by, with nationality having an intangible score linked to it to automatically downfigure the score so that anything other than yourself becomes ugly?

I would be extremely interested to know what you qualify attractiveness by. To be brutally honest, judging by your lack of articulation (“…you’re a loser” I think you quipped regarding my previous posting) then surely you must score rather low points in terms of character – so let’s all hope you’re supermodel or actress standard in the looks department – perhaps you look a bit like Kate Beckinsale or Emily Booth?

I’m not exactly enamoured by the way English girls look. They do appear to me to be rather classless to the point of trying notto have any style and the UK has a greater (by population) weight issue than the USA, making the UK probably the most overweight and borderline obese nation on earth. Notwithstanding however, if your qualification of attractiveness of people is based purely on physical appearance then perhaps you’re not doing your argument any favours by addressing ugliness/attractiveness in a purely physical manner. On the contrary, by doing so you are merely drawing attention to your own shallowness, and IF you are a Pole in London then this highlights another issue: …

…Most Poles come to England as economic migrants and as such aren’t here to contribute to the culture (this is done through taxation which non UK citizens don’t really have any control over despite many working for cash in the black economy (stay with me Spatula if I’m confusing you) and so your reason for being in the UK is to earn money (superficial) and while you are here you judge English people according to shallow and superficial qualification which is in itself a rather shallow undertaking. All of this points to you being exactly what you called me.

I know that whenever I travel I go to experience a culture unlike my own, go with an open mind and eliminate all of my UK filters by which I usually judge things by – perhaps you could learn to do this because otherwise you come across as just another inarticulate and poorly educated transient faceless unrefined and undistinguished object that does nothing but take and hardly contribute anything into society (let alone bring back any knowledge to pass on to other Poles when you leave the UK (when the exchange rate falls)) which would act to provide some semblenve of cultural exchange.

Best of luck.

Maybe most Poles do not come to the specific intent of contributing to culture, but they do. There are Polish living in London for example, some are artists and classical musicians and ballet dancers. But also what is culture? Other Poles teach and learn languages. What is your definition of culture if that is not?


You’re correct, the majority of ‘legal’ Poles who come to Britain do contribute, even if it is in the realm of taxation. On the other hand, many Poles (and I know this as my father works for a company which houses Poles and other foreign people) prefer to stick together, speak their own language and not mix with the local native population.

Of course this is ‘allowed’ but to my upbringing it is ethically questionable. Surely to go to another country is about (amongst many other things)learning about a new culture, society etc in order to generate cultural exchange, the flow of ideas, the flow of skills, transfer of knowledge and understanding and to make society a better place by learning and understanding how other people do things/think/behave etc in order to prevent tension and misunderstandings.

However, in Britain we have a very high level of suspicion of ‘foreign’ people in general – admittedly this is partly the fault of the less educated Brits clutching to ancient cliches of nationalism, but on the other hand the problem is caused by the very foreign people themselves. By not thinking outside of their cultural and societal box, by clinging onto the security blanket prevents all ofthese cultural exchange issues and works to increase suspicion – and to be brutally fair, this would not be the case IF those foreign people (in this case Poles) did not come to the UK.

I personally believe in cross cultural communication and free movement, although it must be more restricted and there should be more stringency about who comes to the UK and for what reasons. This way means the best people come and they can contribute to maximum effect into the community which fundamentally works in their favour.

It is just a shame that Thatcherite me me me-ism appears to have spread and is now manifested itself in the transient economic migrant community.

“the majority of ‘legal’ Poles”

For your information Turk lover, Poles and anyone else in the European Union has free right to move anywhere within the Union. You are implying there are “illegal” Poles.

I actually dislike the idea of the EU because nations lose their own national right to determine what is best for their country and instead have to rely on one central power.

As for character, British and American womena are ugly. The former being worse. But it’s a fact. If you disagree then you must like men.

If I disagree then I must like men, hey. O.K., Spatula. That’s a good point well made.

Do you, however, have anything to say about the actual issues I discuss in my post or are they all a bit too intellectual for you to comprehend with your year 6 educational standards?

Sure there are illegal Poles in the UK. There is freeedom of movement within the EU as anyone in the EU will know, but what about the Poles who came here before Poland became an EU member – ie the ones who were illegal but stayed under the radar and continue to be here. What about the Poles who committed crimes in the UK (if you check there are special regulations regarding crimes committed by EU member citizens outside their home country)? There are 6, maybe even 7, levels of immigrant – check them out and tell me that ‘all’ Poles are legal according to the classification!

Actually, i would prefer if you actually dealt with the bigger issues instead of pedantic issues to suit your character and level of intellect.

It doesn’t matter if they were illegal, because the EU negates all that. So they are legally in Britain.

But most criminals in Britain are local Anglo-British for your information. Sure there are immigrant criminals. I don’t deny that. There are criminals in all groups. So your point ?

I don’t like the idea of an EU. It is stupid and destroys national independence. I don’t mind it for economic reasons, but it is becoming something more than what it set out to do.

Polish & Russian girls are fantastic!! You just need to learn how to handle them. You don’t need to have big muscles or deep pocket, all you need is confidence, intelligence and healthy sence of humour. In most cases your success is based on NOT how you look or how rich you are, but on what you actually say or how you say it. Good luck and please don’t generalise things because any country has stereotypes. There’re plenty of great British girls as well, just visit genuine places like theatres, galleries, festivals, concerts… Once you allow yourself to be a bit more open-minded and learn different cultures the whole new world of people and qualities will open for you.

That is the way it is. In the UK and London many women tend to like guys that look like bouncers and have a wallet like a rich business guy. Polish girls prefer charm and intelligence. If you are open minded about dating girls from around the world your life will be richer than you could ever have pursuing the money. Who you fall in love with is the most important think in your life.

The thing I’ve found about girls from eastern europe (I’ve dated Russians, a Czech, a Slovak & a Bulgarian – would LIKE to meet a Polish girl!), is that they either come to London with a boyfriend, or if single, become too much like English girls!

In their home country they seem to choose men on the basis of how they feel about them, regardless of looks. I’ve mentioned to my g/f’s that “a beautiful English girl probably wouldn’t go out with a man who wasn’t very good looking” & they answered “they go out with whoever they like & who is there”!

Here, they suddenly get chatted up & told how stunning they are and over time start to become obsessed with image & looks…..not willing to go out with anyone below a certain standard of appearance.

I would only ever go out with a Poilsh girl who had been in London for a few years and was used to all the attention she would get here.


Your comment “Richard Dawkins is the biggest fanatic I know who tries to convert people to his way of thinking.” made me laugh!

Don’t you think the church are the biggest fanatics, trying to force people into their way of thinking?! With hundreds of years of killing people who disagreed with them, terrifying people that they’ll burn in hell for not following their rules & loads of other disgusting indoctrination!

The sooner the peoples of the planet wake up & realise that religion is nothing but a control mechanism, invented by those in power, to control the masses through fear, the sooner the world can move forward!

And Spatula – if you are a Polish man, then by following the stereotypes that you seem to enjoy stating, you are a shaven headed, gym obsessed builder/plumber, living in London, drinking constantly, only speaking to other Poles & refusing to mix with any other nationality. You are incredibly racist & intolerant and also obsessed with money.

I agree that many English girls seem more interested in getting drunk & behaving like the men that for many years they slated, but to say all people of a nation are fat & ugly is as ridiculous as my statement above!

I do not know Reece don’t you think the three biggest ideologies without God in about 20 years, Stalinism and the other two you know I do not even want to write their names (connected with Germany and China). Destroyed more human life than anyone. True religion does not do this, greedy, political men do. Understand the difference.
Dawkisnism is a little ridiculous from an epistemology view as he attacks paper tigers like evolution but can not answer ‘why there is something and not nothing?’ ‘Why is there anything at all’, and other more radical questions. He brings you back to square one. I think you have to understand there is a complex stratification of reality (Hegel), and to fully explain our exsistence, you have to look at man and universe in all dimensions and step back, rather than the fanatic bloated with self right Dawkinites who use his works like the new sacred texts.
Baptists for example, have no pretense, they would like you to convert. Dawkinites are self righteous as heck, and look down intellectually on none believers of Dawkinsim. It is interesting his ‘truth’ is one of the most expensive books in the bookstore. Lets get back to Polish girls in London.

Funny enough.. Athiesm has also been a tool of mind control, brainwashing and enslavement. In case you forgot, in the 20th century, athiests have been responsible for more deaths then any other group alone. Does the names Joesph Stalin, Mao Zedung ring a bell to you? How many millions nad millions met a horrible death for refusing to obey or worship the “state” or the communist leadership.

Religion is not the problem, people are the problem. As you can see with all the brutal dictators they will take any philosophy and twist it in their favor. It seems that athiesm has been a very effective tool of slaving and destroying not only the lives of many civilizaitons, but also their cultures, as well.

Admin, has got it right here..

As for British women being carousers and man-like, I think you hit it spot on.

Don’t konw much about POlish women in London, but I don’t think I will go to London to meet Polish girls; I guess thats why there is a Poland, right? 😀

I met a nice polish girl in Heathrow terminal 3 working in emirates lounge in catering department, her name is Agatha and I lost her contact information. That is all I know about her. Is there any chance to contact her.Thanks

It is one of the most common names in Poland. Do you know where she lived? If so you could try Nasza Klasa – but most likely it was not meant to be if you could not remember or find her contact information.

Its a real bummer but seems true – women get corrupted once coming to the US/UK.

I have seen it happen to Australians, Canadians, Russians, Filipinas, New Zealanders, Irish women, etc. I experienced this in stereo while living in New York City last year.

I have this fantasy about finding and bringing back a Polish or Ukranian bride to the USA, but I would be worried that either she would hate it here and/or worse – become corrupted by the culture.

What the hell is it with these western women?? This is not going to change anytime soon unfortunately.

Drew, you really are correct in your observation. It was like an old Ethiopian friend told me about his own Ethiopian women, “Once the women drink the water in this country, they are never the same.”

Western women and their even more evil, western women wannabees are a disgrace to all humanity. They are told to give their hearts to superficial, selfish and material desires. Women here focus on pleasing themselves and their selfish vain desires. They are taught to think like fresh from the womb.

The mother will always say to her, oh you need to go to college, get a good career and make lot of money. They also say you must find a rich man, who is tall and good looking. Its all about what people look like, how much money they have and how much presitge they can acquire. These girls are taught to “Empower” themselves by not doing those things their great-grandmohters would have done, such as: finding a loving husband, being a wife, being a mother.

Many women believe having children is disgraceful, as it limits their prestige. Most women are out to make a name for themselves and they will do so by any means neccessary. A biblical analogy I like to use is this is a nation of Eves, not Marys or Sarahs. They love to indulge in the forbidden fruit and take everyone down to hell with them who gives into their selfish and carnal lusts. Once upon a time, the society was flourishing with Marys and Sarahs, who were kind, respectful, motherly and loyal.

Today, we have selfish women who never will commit to anything and feel their achievement is to possess the most money, material possessions, biggest piece of male meat and to indulge in all the childish carnal activities of her hearts desire. However, these American h*rlots are never happy, never satisified with their overindulgance of superficial carnal pleasures. They end up growing up into old, bitter and unloved women. Most end up divorce. Once their beauty fades they are reviled and eschewed.

I am a “Polish girl”. Do not migrated because I haven’t felt such a need, I work here, and loved ones. Maybe one day I will go somewhere but not for money but to know other nationalities. I found your forum already searching for information about how treat my compatriot abroad. I know is that often the girls are leaving to the UK more than modest loving event. I also had a friend, a very modest one mile girl, went to UK with her boyfriend. Changed beyond recognition. I am really sorry because she started to treat me as someone of a lower category. I know that in Poland, it’s not to live easy but we haven’t any regime, and if someone really wants it can get high. People traveling from abroad with money, it usually tion reaching the easy way.

Sorry for my English 😛
If You have any question about Polish girls and our country

Don’t apologise about your English, it’s a lot better than my Polish, Anna, there is a lot of stereotyping, not to mention resentment on this forum, rather than base your opinions on rumours, hearsay or prejudice, it is much better to base them on real life practical experience.

I am trying to clean any hostile things up, as I have over 10,000 comments. I delete I would say 80% of the comments people leave here and yet some get though. But on the other hand I try not to be too restrictive only if they are out of control. If you find anything really bad e-mail me and I can delete those parts of comments.

Hey every one,

I am Iranian/British guy living in London UK and have been living here for a while (almost 14 years).

I work as a director in one of the world biggest consultancy companies and earn decent salary.(just told you to let you know that I am not struggling for money and the only reason that I am after a polish girl is that I have heard they make very good partner)

recently I joined a polish dating website in UK, I find polish girls kind of different to normal girls, not sure if it is my look (obviously look middle eastern or is it my race).

I receive load of smiles and kisses and my next move is to send a message and provide my email address (because lots of these girls are not paid member) or if they are paid member I would request for a chat.

Both ways have been unsuccessful so far I mean no emails and most of the chat requests has been refused.

Sometimes I get lucky and my chat request gets accepted and first two sentences are you do not look English where r u from?

And by the time I say that I am originally from Iran the girl disappears or the chat gets disconnected.

You might suggest that just put an English name rather than Kam and tell them you are Spanish  but I just want to know the logic behind it

I am wondering are they really racist or am I doing something wrong? any advice would be appreciated.

I’m Polish too and I’m a woman. I do not think that polish girls are oh so beautiful at all. some are, some are not. they like to look after themselves and what you see on the streets is mostly very feminine look. now they exaggerate with looking after themselves at any price too. They overdo sun tanning bothes (knowing how bad they are for your skin.) and constantly obsess with dieting instead of eating healthy food n cutting down on sweets. there’s (unfortunately.) this Polish thinking that Polish girls are the most beautiful girls in the whole world. You hear it all the time. No they are not. And there is no such thing as any most beautiful nation whatsoever. Just get this.

There is a lot of pressure in my country put on looks n being super slim.

About British girls: I think they are more subtle when it comes to their looks. they are pretty, always have good hair and it looks healthy, by the way how do you do achieve it using hair straighteners I don’t know, please share the secret ;-). they seem bigger than most polish girls. I bet most Polish girls would love to have their chests :-). most of my Polish friends are flat chested and have issues about it. British girls definitely know how to do a better, more natural looking make up. that’s what I’ve noticed.And I like them, yes I do. also because they’re confident without being stuck up.

Monika, thanks for the insiders perspective. However, I hear this from many Polish girls. Polish women are not that pretty. Why? Simple, because you are not a man. Women and men see beauty differently.
Also you are Polish. Poland is the land I love but many Polish people do not have an inflated opinion about themselves. A Polish girl will have a masters degree from a good school (something which only 11% of Americans and Brits have), speak Polish, English and another language, know everything about classic literature and history and maybe even play a musical instrument, cook, respect and love their family, dress with style and consider their moral actions even if they do not like the Church in theory. A Polish girl will have beautiful natural features not like some over done western girl with too much make up trying to compensate. About being flat chested, who cares you have a baby or two and problem solved.
The Polish girls I know do not obsesses about their weight at least much less then British girls and are thinner. I do not have any friends that go for ‘solarium chicks’ – that is girls that sun tan, it looks gouche and uncultured. Only Polish girls living in the blocks without a clue do this.
Polish girls in the eyes of a British or American guy is far an beyond in terms of looks and culture than a London girl.
And you know the best thing? They do not even know it.
The best thing is a hot girl that does not know she is hot!

Monika, do you want a guy with big muscles and where is full of themselves? Well guys do not want a girl with only a big font and ego. You have your answer. No guy wants girl like that, guys want a cultured, humble nice girl that cares about God and family. Polish girls are beautiful because they are respectful and loving and care about things like family very much.

I stumbled upon this page by accident. I was looking for information on how an English/Polish couple could get married in Poland. After reading through all these posts, Surely something the church teaches is to love one another. I could pigeon holed every polish person into the same category like you have the English or Americans. I have had English girlfriends, an American girlfriend, a Dutch girlfriend and now a Polish girlfriend – I obviously saw something in each of them that I liked, I’m not just marrying the polish girl because she is ‘hot’ or ‘a church-goer’, it is just at this point in my life (ready to settle down and start a family) I share the same thoughts as my girlfriend. I have lots of friends from lots of different countries, I’m pretty tired of listening to people foreign to me complaining about British people thinking we are above them. If anything, it’s the other way round! You (admin) are extremely arrogant and living in the past with your polish ideals. Most of my friends went to uni and attained degrees and have very good careers (me and all my friends must be in the 11% eh?)

I deleted half your comment because it had so many grammar and spelling mistakes I could not clean it all up. Maybe you are still learning English or are at a basic level sorry, but there were too many mistakes. I am not a grammarian but I guess you are a first or second year English learner.
I also deleted the sentences with the word h_te because I try to moderate angry words out as well as bad.
OK, what you write I understand. I am very sorry if you think I am pigeon holing a country’s culture. I am not. I write all over this blog that no country’s culture can possibly represent individuals. We are all individuals. I write this all over the blog. I believe in the ideas of the enlightenment and John Locke and Adam Smith and the idea that we all have free choice to define our lives. I even created a free e-book about this and can send it to anyone at their request. We are all free to choose and all equal.
However, there are some general, very general cultural differences. For example, the divorce rates are high among Americans and Brits. How can you dispute that? They are low among Poles?
British and Americans do not get advanced degrees like Poles. I do not know why. My brothers family is British, I think the kids want to go to work, whereas in Poland it is just a given you will get a Masters degree in most families.
You say it does not matter about church etc, but evidence shows otherwise as you do not see all the single parent homes in Poland like in the USA which is over 50%. This is crazy and it is really hurtful to the children.
Lets take a look:
Single parent homes raised by the mothers are 63% of youth suicides over 90% of homeless kids, 85% of children with criminal and discipline issues, 71% of never finish high school, 85% of teenagers in jail, well over 50% of teenage mothers which again leads to more of the same. The is according to the National Center of Health Statistics and official government site. 2% of all death are doctor initiated with the Dutch along with all the pr_stitutes and dr_gs in the country. How can you argue that a culture in a society does not matter? The is the whole culture debate and both sides need to be respectful and open but I can disagree. How can you be peace and love about divorce and single mothers etc? Yes peace and love but I do not have to agree with it.
I do not have to marry someone with that attitude do I? I would not and I do not recommend others do not, rather you have a greater chance to be happy with someone with more traditional values.
Also you are marrying a Polish girl because you want a family. Actions speak louder than words.
Many Brits and Americans are wonderful moral people. Better than I will ever be. However, statistically they have issues with the culture battle that is going on in the world today. I am a basically a libertarian but for my personal choices I am social conservative. I truly believe in the equality of all people, anything less is less than enlightened.

I have a degree, I also worked nights in a warehouse to pay for it, believe me, studying full time, working unsocial hours in a physical job and trying to fit in a few hours sleep doesn’t leave time for much else, I also worked in a factory to support myself through college, still nothing like a bit of stereotyping.

I got my Masters degree while working physical labor myself.

I met a nice polish girl in Heathrow terminal 3 working in emirates lounge in catering department, her name is Agatha and I lost her contact information. That is all I know about her. Is there any chance to contact her, thank you very much.

I can’t understand one thing. Why is it OK to talk about attractiveness of polish girls but when a polish girl wants to date someone decent looking all of the sudden it’s not OK anymore. I don’t get it, girls are expected to not care about physical appearance but it’s completely OK to talk about physical appearance of girls in almost every sentence, and things have changed, girls in their 20 are not religious at all. Poland is changing very quickly and I’m not sure whether that’s a bad thing because thanks to this trend people are generally more open minded.

Girls are not expected to do anything, however, if you have a girl with a more natural look who develops her brains or a girl with a provocative look and spends hours a week at a sun tanning place, I think the former is preferred. What is attractive is not just physical, it is always the whole.

Hi I am from South America and married to a Slovak girl ..I agree that to have a similar culture is important to find a partner but also an understanding and sharing opinions and plans ,dreams are usually more important..when I arrived to EnglandIi never expected it find love here in this monster city of london …my wife as well ..we couldnt comunicat because my english was badddd and hers was good but we went trough it …we find than going out first and knowing more about each other was the clue we have a diferent up-bringing that we fund our opposite life interesting i can say she is the best wife ever but no all eastern europeans are …i think that is another european union thing because we meet before they were allowed here in 2004 …and from them the opinion about the new countries have change mainly for the articules on the papers on inmigration not only here but everywhere in europe .
so usually when i meet someone i do not asked them where are they from because is the most silly question ever….so just meet and talk …who cares if is from afganistan,or congo etc ..just give it a true chance …in my first month in London studying english i meet a gorgeous polish girl not tall or slim but beautiful and she three months later she run away with all my money because I do no have a bank account but i do not talk bad about polish gilrs or good could had happen to me back in Colombia ..what it is true is that globalization is knocking the door of any culture and spreeding good moral practices to close up societies but for sure is affecting the development of cultures naturally ..we humans always want to have an opinion about everything but unfortunaly 98% of the time is with no knowledge ..i like to read history and eastern europeans womens are the greek beauties of the roman empire or the parisiens women of the 1900s…so as the world is moving so fast in ten years i reckon the chinese women will be the most beautiful …and a bit later the Japanese robots for the moment do not look for the already old fashion term of nationality..maybe empathy is more important and act accordingly with your true feeling not with sterotypes that this pretensious modern society gives you …
sorry my wife is calling weare going to prepare lovely Christmas dinner and think a bit of all the poor people in the world that do not have chance to even think about nationality because they do not hold identity documents ..they care about food for next day ..have all a smile wherever you are

I think a lot of sense is spoken here bar Admin who clearly deletes/amends comments to meet ‘his’ perspective. I have met a lot of nice professional Poles, male and female in London, I have also met lots of not nice Poles, male and female in London, that’s how the world goes around, just thank whoever is your god, if you believe in one, that you are not a yank.

I edit comments only based on quality, grammar, if people use chat like style, or very negative towards people, not on perspective. Polish girls in London are not that bad of course, but in my experience many come back to Poland with a chip on their shoulder. In fact it is strange, Poles help each other out in Poland, but not abroad. When they live abroad they often have a holier than thou attitude towards Polish people.
Now this is not 100%. I think one of the nicest couple I ever meet is living in London. But this is what people in Poland say about Poles living abroad, that is why can they not see their compatriots as equals.

I love this forum, it’s all random statistics, google copy and paste, sterotypical images and a very hostile spatula (that guy has serious anger issues), still, it’s brightened up an otherwise dull morning!

I kicked him off the forum. I do not want to promote anytthing but peace and love. I sometime say bold or controveral things but I can not stand people who even use the word ‘h_te’.

You should let him stay, I’m very happy with my Polish partner. I have been to Poland several times, I like the country and people, I know the basics of the language (Why is Polish so difficult?), I like Polish food and culture but retain my own culture and identity, Spatula is angry, he generalises, the truth is, there are good and bad Poles, good and bad British, good and bad in all societies, I am lucky in that I experience two different cultures, I like my Lech, Kielbasa and listen to Polish music, my partner likes tea in the mornings, sunday roasts and loves British comedy programmes, it’s all about being open minded.

This is all total, like anyone who tries to formulate how to meet a girl like a mathematics class tells you all you need to know about the credibility of the author.

Polish drink loads actually, just like Londoners.

If you wanna meet one, don’t try a dating site. Just go out into town, they are everywhere.

And what makes you an expert on life? Your advice is to go out into town? What does that mean? Further, I am not recommending the girls that drink. I recommend the ones that do not or very little. Many people I know have meet on dating sites.
I do know what guys can do to meet Polish girls as I am both American and Polish and myself and many of my friends have married Polish girls, nice ones.
I think aspects of dating can be learned. I am happy some people gave me clues in the past. Trial and error, random is a painful way to go.
I do not even think you are married?

“They feel super self-confident and go to an extreme to try be different than the women in Poland.”

I am a polish girl, Ive lived in London since I was 7 (im 19 now) and agree with your statement. Its a sad and true occurrence which I too have noticed.I think it stems largely from these women being ignorant of their culture and compensating with a foreign/british one as well as trying to appear ‘cool’ and interesting to poles when they visit their homeland.

This cultural self hatred is more apparent with those that live on the outskirts of London where multiculturalism is less prominent.

English/foreign guys dont learn polish because the phonetics and grammar are very difficult to grasp, my bf’s knew a few phrases, but even those they would say in a funny manner. You shouldnt expect brits, the most phlegmatic people of the world, to learn the second most difficult language in the world.

I think Polish might be the most difficult language in the world. However, I have learned Polish and I am a native English speaker and I am horrible with languages. So if I can others can also. I have a website by the way, if your boyfriend wants to try to learn a little more. Thanks for the comments Zuzuzu.

Seeing as I speak fluent French, can get by in Welsh and German and know the basics of Polish, I disagree.

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