Polish girls in London

Polish girls in London

I know this sounds hard but many of the Polish girls in London are not in some people’s eyes optimal selections if you are looking for a bride. This is so because many have their egos inflated.  I am an American living in Poland and I have seen normal girls come back from London with such huge egos that you are better off not trying to marry London girls.  Maybe this is not totally true in every case, but it does become a problem if they have lived there longer than half a year. They feel super self-confident and go to an extreme to try be different than the women in Poland.

Often Polish girls in London will even come back to Poland and say they are English if they have lived there for several years or talk back about Poland. I do not like this social phenomenon. I do not like when any one person judges another country or people.

This is often the reaction of many immigrants into their new countries, they adopt the values of their host country very quickly and over react so to speak. Alternatively it could be said to be their egos reaction to living in a big city. London is a big city and many country Polish girls that immigrate to the city of London act different. It happens to many people who move from the country to the city. Therefore, my conclusion is maybe many are not this way but be aware if you hear a Polish girls in the UK talking down about her own country, this is because of her ego trying to differentiate herself from others.

Where to meet Polish girls in London

That being said there are many Polish singles. London is too big to meet Polish girls on the street, at least your dream girl, maybe try the Internet.  There are many Polish UK dating sites.  I would start there. But there is a better place than London, why not Poland? I meet my wife in Kraków, so Poland will always be the best place to meet Polish girls. However, at the end of this post I do give you some recommendations of concrete places to meet them online.

Why Polish girls not ideal for UK guys in some cases

Despite the proximity in Europe and of course Poles and Brits have a bit of a different point of view when it comes to family and values. Some positive things about the English are they are open and receptive to immigrants and new ideas, they have a good sense of humor and have given the world so much in terms of language and culture.  Ethnicity is never an issue in relationships, it is an individuals relationship to their culture and others that are important. This is an important point. Some things that are a factor if you are a Polish girl in London and meet a native Londoner consider this:

  • Polish girls learn English but when in a relationship, rarely do English guys speak Polish most of the time. I think this is unfair. I learned Polish out of respect for another culture. Learn the language of your love, I think this is fair.
  • Polish girls are very religious, Brits are not. You can look up an statistic on Wiki or elsewhere. To the person who is the non religious person they are often like what is the big deal man? It might not matter to the groom but to the bride it means something. The groom will say that people are in church are hypocrites, but who is he to judge, let the maker of all thing decide and accept people of faith. It will be an issue, at some point if someone is judgemental. It is important to the woman (I assume the women is the Pole as I have never meet a Polish guy go for an London girl for some reason).  On the other hand my brother’s family is British and this is not the case but they are immigrants. But it is something that you have to decide is important to you as an individual or how you will raise your children. For example, just 38% of the British believe in God. That is pretty low considering it was once a country of faith. Typically a Polish girl really wants a traditional church wedding and the British guy will agree but it is either way for him.
  • Polish girls do not drink heavy, Brits statically out rank the Poles in consumption per liter by a long shot. Statically the Poles are not in the top twenty. Maybe it has something to do with the footballers culture in London, but I do not know any Polish girl that likes this. Poland had this problem 20 years ago and changed since and it seems London has not yet given up their love of this culture.
  • Polish girls are warm and are idealistic about love, Brits are not. A typical Polish girl wants to meet her one and only and dreams of a prince. I know, I live here and I know how the girls are. Of course not every Polish girls but they grew up with a classical education reading romantic literature (like I did). However, I have seen some very nice English guys come to Poland and many are very into Shakespeare and literature so it is not true in every case. However, it is something to be aware of. continental Europe has a different ethos.
  • Two different cultures do not mean relationships can not work but the individuals need awareness that they have to be flexible and accepting and open minded. I have seen marriages between Brits and Polish girls and they are not as optimal as between Americans or Irish guys. England use to be a very moral place, however, new secularism and post modern thinking changes their morals. It is not that Londoners are not moral, rather they have different morals. Not all English are like this but many embrace this new modern thinking. It is only a cultural statistic.
  • UK has double single parent homes in the last 15 years, is this a tend you want to see?  In Poland it is a rarity. The good news is, immigrants from all over the world moving into England is a good thing as perhaps it will change the country’s values back for the better. Its only about culture and not at all about the British people, many who are fine people.

The bottom line is the cultures between Italian and Poles are similar, or between Irish and Poles, or Poles and Greeks or Poles and any culture that focuses on old European social values. For example Indian and Chinese have good marriages with Poles if they are more traditional.  If you have an Indian guy in London with a Polish girl as long as they both come from the same point of view in life all is fine. But the English culture is a little bit different from the traditional Polish culture which has God and family above everything else, maybe I am wrong. I am open to hearing different views. Just remeber to not attack people and use good grammar and punctuation in your comments.

This being said I think marriages between Polish and English can work out very well, after all look at Norman Davies. There are many examples of great marriages, but I just go in with your eyes open that the cultures are a bit different.

If you aware about how cultures in the world are different and if you are willing to accept the differences in culture try the following online resources for meeting, chatting and dating and maybe you will meet a lady in Europe’s second largest metropolitan area:

  • – Free classifieds. Countless London and UK ads as well as a large Polish section under ‘other coutries’.
  • – This is free and mostly the English language.
  • – An Irish based dating site with a lot of Poles and geographically diverse, I think it is a pay site but very trustworthy as it is on of the oldest in the Isles.

There are my personal recommendations to meet Polish girls in London:

The Polish site and which has their own dating Portals which you can screen girls for the London area.

  • – This is free, use a translate tool if you need help.
  • – This is free and maybe pay, I think this is maybe the largest and your best choice to for Central London or screening for suburbs.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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There is’nt much of a shared British culture in London anymore.When you have a place so crowded with different people with their own ideals on how to live their lives,a shared culture is not an easy thing to have,especially when the government has no interest in keeping one.The only cultural thing Londoners seem to share is a freedom and acceptance to live and think how they want without much judgement.I agree with what some have said here regarding London women but the point alot of you are missing is if your a young adult now living in a major City in the West and wish to have a nice house,nice cars and a decent future for your children you usually have to have both partners working full time and this in turn means these women are far more assertive.If Eastern countries wish to keep their traditional lifestyle of only the man working full time while the woman stays at home cleaning and looking after the children then there is a big price to pay,they will not be able to keep up with the countries who use double the workforce and economically will be left far behind.Countries like Poland discriminate against their own female workforce and when these women do come to places like London and realise they can earn their own money and don’t need to rely on a man its very empowering for them.Prior to these times the important thing for a woman was finding a good man who would treat her well and earn good money to keep her and her children happy and well provided.Now women also have to worry about their own careers aswel as a family life.Polish women in London who go back to Poland are only showing what the future holds for the rest of the majority of the female population in Poland.

This article is providing you the image of the Dark Ages.
Maybe some women are brought in traditional values, but the progressing global influence and secularism have made a big difference on all of us.

Not only Poland. I’m strongly disagreeing with this opinion that they are mostly religious, born in patriarchate-style family, learned to live quietly in a shadow of their men, so they don’t know any other way. This makes me very angry because if you can say one thing about Poles is that we’re proud (just try to remember the war). It’s true that Polish girls in UK become more confident – especially with their appearance, but it’s only because of average type of a British girls. Polish girl here doesn’t have to try hard to feel desirable. Some men appreciate that and that’s why a lot of them stay here and marry Brits.

Romantic approach to life is not a polish thing. It’s an individual and personal. Shakespeare quoting, blond, skinny, freckled boy wouldn’t go far where I come from.

If, as the author say, Poles and Brits don’t go well together as the girls are too aware of their value than. I feel sorry for those Brits.
So beside of all of social changes in the word and many intelligent words the author basically says that catholic nations should marry themselves. Poles, Italian, Irish, Greek.

I don’t really care of how much you struggle with your wife’s religious nature(you must if you go over and over again ’bout it), if someone is not religious and they don’t want to change they don’t marry someone who’s not willing to give up their believes and lifestyle.

Above all, hating uber-confident girls for talking ’bout other people and nations as homogeneous and then “I do not like when any one person judges another country or people”? And what this supposed to be? A manual to a Polish girl? Hardly, A proposition of places where to meet? In my country online dating is still something for people with radio faces, complete lack of communication skills and for bootie calls.
If this was going to be an overall look of Poles and their social behaviour, needless to say – I don’t agree.
About “London is too big to meet Polish girls on the street” – go to polish/immigrant areas in London and visit a pub! Most of polish, outgoing, fun girls like to have a pint after a hard day and can easily beat an English guys with preserving a dignity of course.
Well my general view on English boys is weak and I don’t understand this fuss, Scotish men on the other hand.

P.S. Sorry if I made a lot of mistakes. my man is learning my language not the other way.

I am glad that are a Western liberated Polish girl. I am not saying that is wrong. Nothing is bad about being a feminist or liberated or not religious. ‘Nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so’ – Shakespeare.

However, I highly recommend guys, all men avoid girls who do not have a devotion and faith and a traditional role towards their husband. These ‘non dark age girls’ might seem like modern and all, but they are nothing but trouble seven years down the road. It is better to date them and use them as a stepping stone for a relationship with a real woman for marriage.

I have a lot of life experience including being Polish, living in Poland and my brother’s family is English and living in London. I can tell you the world of women is changing. Great, super, go for it girls, but my message is for men. Men avoid women that are feminists or liberated or modern like the plague. They will bring you unhappiness.

I have no problem whatsoever with interracial dating. Zero problem, we are all children of God. I do warn people about cross cultural dating if and only if you do not understand the whole picture.
Cross cultural dating is no problem but too often couples leap in without understanding that cultures that are different will be like oil and water. They are deeply ingrained messages in out brain and the way we see the world.

Culture does matter, race does not. But culture only matters as much as it influences individual choice and free will. We are all culturally determined to some extent but some more than others. We are not even aware that we are. It is more a matter of how our individuality interacts with out culture.

That being said, I have seen many British Polish marriages fail. However, if the Polish girl is like a Brit in terms of work view, than it will be like a normal British marriage, with about a 50% chance of working.

I do think Polish girls living in the London retain their ideals and not give them up to embrace the new wave ideals of feminism and the west then these Polish girls in London are great for love and real romance.

I think many British couples, many non believers have wonderful marriages that will last a lifetime. But the way the world is today, those are the minority and not the rule.

So if you are a guy looking for a real wife. Someone who will stick with you in good times and in bad, go for a traditional Polish girl, whether she is living in London or Poland or the USA; and leave the liberated, ‘non-dark age’ girls to the players who will use them and leave them. See modern women do no understand, by becoming modern you have given up you power to men. Men take advantage of this and now we have like 50% of children born out-of-wedlock and it is good for nobody, except the player guys who move on and the female is responsible for the child.

Being blond myself I thought for years I had a disadvantage over the dark hair Italian look which is popular with American girls. However, once you get out of this small corner of the word of and American dating, with blond hair you can date almost anyone as a man, including Polish girls.

As an American expat living in the UK, I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said here.

Great article and appreciate you putting it all out there, and telling it like it is.

I conduct allot of business in Poland and CZ as well, and love the culture(s) there – just near impossible to meet the ‘good ones’ anywhere, anymore. How’d you meet your half in Poland? I’ve tried all the sites you recommended – but seems to me (IMHO) they’re just full of those looking for a free ride. (said with all due respect to those that aren’t).

Your comments about family values and Brit (city) culture also ring very true and contradicts many Polish beliefs. Shame that all us Anglo men get painted with the same brush. A few of us (Yanks at least) are very sincere, family-oriented, and spiritual.

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