Polish girls in Ireland

Polish girls and Irish guys make a pretty good match. I recommend dating between the Irish and the Poles. Why?

  • The Irish are Catholic and fairly religious.   UK guys are not. One’s wold view is important in determining marriage success.
  •  Ireland had some parallels in history with Ireland. For example, both Poland and Ireland had to struggle for freedom from an empire that tried to dominate and eliminate their culture.
  • Both Ireland and Poland have been rising economies in the EU.
  • For a Pole and Irish to marry it is no problem from a civil or cultural point of view.
  • Further, Ireland is not far from Poland via a flight. I recently flew from Poland to Ireland and it was a couple of hours.
  • Polish girls in Ireland speak English well. There is no language barrier and I have met more Irish guys speaking Polish by learning from their girlfriends than perhaps any other nationalities. They really make an effort.

Typical Polish girl in Ireland

Many good Polish girls go to Ireland to make some cash working professionally or even fun jobs like picking apples. My sister-in-law did this for a few weeks this fall. She said it was a lot of fun. She is engaged and therefore, did not get out and socialize too much. However she said the Irish people were very warm and welcoming. She was in the countryside but got to go to a few cities like Dublin and Cork.

She does not drink or smoke or any bad habits, no tattoos, she is educate and a normal girl. There are scores of Polish girls in Ireland like this.

My friend from Ireland married a Polish girl who runs a placement service there. She is the breadwinner of the family. So do not assume that the girl will be a waitress and the guy will impress her with his money. Maybe in 1980s this might be the case, but the world is different now. They now spend their time between Limerick and Poznan, more time in Poland actually.

How many Polish women in Ireland who are single and dating age? I would say abotu 80,000. If there are 200,000 Poles in Ireland, even with Polsh leaving Ireland many are still there. If 1/2 are females, maybe more actually and most are single and between 21 and 30 I think there are about 80,000 single Polish women in Ireland. That is a lot for a country of only a few million.

The downside of Polish girls in Ireland

Most Polish girls want to marry Polish guys, unless they can be persuaded otherwise.   They can bring these guys home and Polish girls generally are proud of their nation.  Many Polish girls in Ireland just see Ireland as a place to work not a place to live forever. There are cultural differences between Ireland and Poland.  However, from what I have observed Irish guys and Polish girls are not a bad match because of their common religious views. So the downside far outweighs the positive.

If you are in Ireland and looking for a Polish girl

  • Treat Polish girls with respect, really, they are pretty idealistic and destroying someone’s ideals is one of the worst things you can do.
  • You can meet them on many free online dating sites
  • Learn Polish , even a few words and this will go far.
  • Try it is the largest dating website in Ireland but has a Polish side to it. The person who runs it Kevin, I know personally and is a good man. He lives in Krakow, Poland.
  • Try the Polish websites: sympatia.onet.pland
  • Also look on GumTree Ireland for Polish girls that want to give lessons in Polish.

Let me know if you have any questions about meeting Polish girls in Ireland as I am a foreigner whose wife is Polish and I have lived in Europe a good part of my life.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I am divorced and I would like to meet a Polish lady who is interested in dating with the possibility of marriage. I am genuine and will treat every lady with the utmost respect,

Tom, you seem very sincere in your post, and I am sure there are many Polish girls in Ireland and elsewhere that would consider you. Have you tried any of the Polish dating sites? Or have you been to Poland?

I love polish girls nice beautiful honest. I am looking for polish girl for love

i been to poland, lovely country and very nice people, i will love to meet a polish women.

My name is Marcus and I am curious if there are any Polish girls looking for an Irish man.

Polish women ar the best in the world, I have been married to one for 15years. They are,fun, compromising, solid, superlatives all the way. – Irishman

I will not argue with you. I think Polish women are the best.

My name is George. I live in Italy. I wish to have my partner from Ireland, an Irish girl what is the best way to meet her?

Are you looking for an Polish or Irish girl? Either way have you explored my site for all the websites I recommend even if you do not take a trip to Ireland. You can meet a women online with these recommendations.

I lived with an Irish girl 3 years and broke off I am from Turkey big culture difference. Now I am happily married to Polish girl, culture is very similar the only difference is the religion, but with respect to that it is no problem Polish girls all the way they are good girls.

Seriously? I’m an Polish girl and I can’t stand the mentality of Muslim men. Unless your Polish wife is of the obedient breed. This style of relationship and marriage is not for me. They say Polish women marrying a Muslim are very naive with low awareness. They get sucked in a country they dislike, are badly treated by the new family and the fun starts there. I will never believe Democratic and Christian Poland is similar to Turkish or Arabic Islamic culture which has a different male-female relationship standard.

Yes, Marcus- there’s at least one Polish girl looking for an Irish man… ( me ^^)

I know a couple Irish guy Polish girl couples and everything seems fine. Are you in Poland or Ireland?

l agree that Polish women are great.lm from and live in Galway.l have a son with a Polish woman,but unfortunately we are not together,and never were.We had such a respect for each other,that we decided to have a child together.Wojtus is the greatest achievement of my life.Polish women in general demand,and deserve the greatest respect.Even though,we were never together,lm very happy that this woman is the mother of my child.Gerry,Galway

Greetings to all Irish men from a Polish girl 😉 oh, I just love your accent!

I totally agree with you 🙂 I love Irish accent I would love to meet an Irish men but at the moment I live in Poland (Krakow)consider to go back to Dub tho 😉

I had a Polish girlfriend for 2 years , I am a separated Irish guy and she was younger than me, I spoiled her rotten treated her very well,,but she had big mood problems and eventually cheated on me
🙁 so now have no girlfriend, but I still love girls and would love to meet another one, as I know most of the polish girls are cool, ,loyal very attractive and a lot of fun. I am rock drummer.

MarkoB you are separated? This means you are married. Are you sure you should be dating? I can not imagine why the Polish girl broke up with you, haha.
I mean these are usually loyal girls looking for marriage. If you are some guy who wants a girlfriend rather than a wife than this will be a problem with girls from any nationality. If you are still married that is a huge problem.

How how do I meet up with a Polish lady. I don’t drink so rarely go to pubs and stuff. Thanks

Here are some ideas I might do:

  • for Polish Interenet dating
  • Gumtree for taking Polish lessons
  • Go to Poland for a trip
  • Find a place where Polish girls work temporary labor like picking apples for example and meet them around there in a coffee shop

I get what your saying, now I am separated on way to divorce myself,was a messy situation but share a nice place with 3 other people 2 from Poland 1 from Slovakia, just starting to get a new life together, ex girl friend worked with me and after separating well I asked her out and we got on great for 1 st year but she had terrible mood probs sadly just got in both our ways…the future? – Who knows what might happen, but i am a decent guy who treats woman well, so who knows about marriage its a natural progression for sure 🙂

Well women (or men) can be moody for various reasons. Some women just need patience and love and they change. They calm down when they feel safe or are shown an example. Really this is true. Some of it is biological connected with hormones.
But I think women that are moody are often that way because their juices are flowing and they are hot. It gives them their shape and allure. When they are old they are not moody because they have no juice, they are just sweet old ladies. So if you have a moody one you might have an attractive Polish girl.
I just see my role as being Kapitan na statku (this is Polish – tell you girlfriend this phase and she will understand)- captain of the ship. No matter what storm appears and tosses the ship which way, I have to be calm and sail her to safe waters. Like Captain Kirk.
p.s. try to use proper punctuation as it saves me time editing your comment. And thank you very much for your comment on Polish girls in Ireland.

Hi my name is Dave & I am from Dublin! I am very interested in meeting a Polish girl but dont know what way to go about it! I am 26 and have had a 4 year relationship with a Polish girl! They are really nice and friendly!

@ADMIN It’s a very weird way you administrate the forum, I’ve posted my thought yesterday and today is gone….is that professional ?

Hi Aruba, I deleted it because it had a swear word. I delete comments that do not use proper punctuation or that use chat style but also bad language or negative towards a group of people rather than a social trend or something. But I will look for it and try to repost it if I can find it and remove that word. Thanks for the comment.

I just want to say Polish girls are amazing. I had a Polish girlfriend for 2 months and she was amazing, funny, beautiful and stuff. I am of the Christian faith she was catholic where do i meet them another one again?

Many of the Poles that went to Ireland returned home because of the economic crisis did not make it worth living in Ireland now. Although Poles and the Irish in Europe have a good rapport. I would check out some of the websites I recommend on Polish girls like – let me know how you make out.

I am Irish and I dated a Polish girl for 7 years and I think there is something to that statement, that Irish guys and Polishgirls make a good match. although it didn’t work out, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Hope you are doing well Iwona.

I know a few Poles and Irish that have married. I think of course it depends on the individuals but both Ireland and Poland have a lot of cultural commonalities.

I’m Polish girl married to Irish man and I would not change that for anything as we are happy together.

I think Ireland and Poland share a lot of similar ideals culturally, such as Catholicism, was always fighting for freedom, good belief in democracy, family oriented. I think you will be together happily ever after.

I am also Polish girl .
My husband is Irish.
We were divorced when we met and it was our second chance for happiness.
Now we have lovely boy and I am the most happy person on this planet :).

Hello 🙂

Must say I am suprised that there is so many Irish Men looking for Polish Women. Thought this is not so popular. I am a gril looking for Irish Man from Dublin and can not find the right one, they do not want comitment or are afraid of it. But still love them, and will keep trying to find my own.

Wish you all the happiness/

I have just recently broke up with my Polish girlfriend of two years, am aged 19 now. The thing is with polish girls is that they are mean yet fair disciplinarian’s. They are all brought up with high standard morals and great respect for family members and close friends. The one thing was that they do not like to be missed around. The relationship has to be 100% committed at all times with the focus solely towards having a better relationship.

Although we broke up we are great friends and have shared so many great experiences, I feel that for many men looking to go with a Polish girl or looking to meet someone of different nationality be prepared to mix it up and work on it. If the relationship is based solely on the female being polish and you wanting to have bringing rights then forget it. Polish girls are the sharpest thing in the kitchen.

I just returned from Wroclaw, Polish girls are stunning. I live in Cork Ireland and would love to meet a Polish girl. Can you recomend any websites?

Take trips to Poland. This is better than any website. But if you want check websites, I mention several. You could start with which is an Irish website but has a strong Polish connection as the owner lives in Poland.
You could also try it is a pure Polish website. Let me know what you think about these two sites. One my website I think I detail a few more if you look arround.

It was a few years ago.But unfortunately he was my employer. He was older than me. Of course he did not know about it.Sometimes I think about him. I think what would happen if I told him about it, that I love him. I am realist so I returned to the Polish. I married a Polish man
Sometimes we meet somebody in our live but too much divides us

I am a divorced Irish guy. I am looking for a genuine lady for love and hopefully more.
I am interested in all aspects of life and the world around me. I like music, singing, ‘trying to dance’ lol traveling etc.
Are you into good food, walking, conversation, hugs and holding hands, and all the romantic joy of committed love and togetherness?
Would you like to explore yoga, meditation, creativity in the fields of writing, painting or best of all Good Conversation? I am, and I will love to meet someone with a tender and loving heart.

There is no way, you can not find your one and only in Eastern Europe. A guy like you who has a lot going for you. I guess my first question is have you been to Eastern Europe or tried any of the websites I have recommended for Polish dating? Further, if you are just out of a relationship take your time, no need to rush. Please if you have specific questions about Poland or Eastern Europe or meeting Polish girls in Irleand ask me. I can speak Polish, I am Polish, I know where good Polish girls are. I know score that would love to meet a guy like you, you just have to tell me more details about what exactly you want to do and how have you tried?

Send some of these nice girls to America, eastern or western Europe-doesn’t matter! They are better than the girls here and that is the truth about the contrast between European and American ladies.

I am an honest Polish girl living in Gdańsk, and I would like to meet a Irish guy for a real relationship. If there are any Irish guys out there please write here. I live in this seaside town and feel there is a lot in common with the Polish and the Irish.

I’m funny always smiling blonde haired 28 yrs old girl, I live in UK n working as recruitment consultant. I would like to meet a Irish guy for a real relationship. If there are any Irish guys out there please write me.

I am an Irish guy and my girlfriend is Polish and I can honestly say I have never went out with a nicer girl.

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