Polish girls in Chicago

Polish girls living in Chicago, Illinois

I am an American living in Poland.  I found the love of my life in Poland.  If you are living in the USA and are not willing to take trip to Poland at this juncture, to meet a Polish girl. Consider Polish girls in Chicago.

Considerations for Polish women in the USA

Polish girls in Chicago are Polish girls. No difference between the ones there and here. There are 1.5 million Chicago Polonia in the metro area with roots dating back to 1837, immigrating after a rebellion in Poland.  American Poles speak a funny Poglish. A mix of Polish and English. In fact it very hard not to speak that way if you are bilingual in English and Polish as the two language cross language interference happens.

However, there is one thing I should warn guys again.  Maybe the Poles in the USA are Americanized a little but that only happens if the girls come to the USA before the age of 17.  If they come at 25 or older than their moral compass is well in place. If they come at 12 then a lot of times they can go wild. The reason is they have the brand name stamp of ‘I am a European girl’ and get a lot of attention from guys in high school. Can you imagine if some tall think blond Polish girl went to your high school. She would have guys rolling eyes over her.

This combined with the American materialistic culture inflates their egos to high levels of proportions. Girls with big egos have no chance of becoming good wives who try to make their husbands happy. Instead, their ego consumes their desire to please anyone but themselves in relationships. Maybe for a while they can fake it but they revert back to power-hungry competitive sharks. So if you are meeting a Polish girl in Chicago keep in mind unless her parents taught her the right ways and she is really into the Church, be aware she could be just like every American girl out there, except with an accent.

I personally think it is much better you learn Polish a little a take trip to Poland, but if you can and are in the Chicago area, it’s not a bad idea.

How to meet Polish girls in Chicago

  • Polish section of Chicago, go shopping there and chat up the girls. Sure there are many girls working in these shops even illegally, and they would love to talk to some nice American with a smile. I always flirted with girls at the shops. It does not have to be a Polish store as many the gals work in retail. Go to The Polish triangle, the Polish downtown and west or simply walk along Milwaukee ave. The Polish were at first in the northwest side,  Milwaukee and Ashland avenues with Division street. Now they are all over, making up about 7.5% of the city’s population. It is the largest Polish city only second to Warsaw.  That is why Lot Polish air flies direct flights from Poland to Warsaw.
  • There are disco and clubs the Polish community in Chicago go to meet people.
  • I can recommend this Polish dating site in America. It is free I think and all Poles know about it. You can screen for Illinois.
  • If you want to find here Polish people live in your area just look around the churches that have Polish masses. For example in the Polish downtown, Holy Trinity Polish Mission, St. Stanislaus Kostka, St. John Cantius, Holy Innocents, St. Fidelis, St. Helen ,St. Mary of the Angels, St. Hedwig’s in Chicago for example. I do not recommend picking up girls in Church at all. I am just saying if you are like me, a religious fanatic participating in community activities might lead to your one and only.
  • Put an Ad up on Craigslist for a Polish tutor and learn a little Polish. You could screen a few before you decide to start your course of studies.

If you want to know anything about Polish girls just ask.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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HI, this is Mike. I am laid back and like to be outdoor. I like travel and sport. I get this from my friend. Hope to meet some good girls for long term here maybe Polish girls in Chicago.

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