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The purpose of this post on Polish dating is threefold:

  • I want to give you ideas about Polish dating based on my personal expereinces.
  • I would like to give you a resource for learning some Polish love phrases and one recommendation about the language.
  • I will to recommend websites to find Polish girls that my friends have personally used to find their love.

The value in this post is I want to give you clear, crisp and concise where and how to find a relationship. This is not theory but something concrete and specific.  Further, I live in Poland and am married, so I am giving you the insiders websites and view. Also, I used to work in the industry in Poland many years ago but have no connection with it now. This is why it will be of value. to you.  The greatest complement you can give to me is leave a  comment about love and dates with European women or love and marriage in general especially if it is about Poland.

Polish girls are conservative in relationships

I am married in Poland, therefore, I think I know what I am talking about in this regard. My underlying premise regarding Polish girls is they are generally conservative and to appeal to them you should be idealistic. Idealistic means you need to have morals and values. In a survey the number one value in Poland was family. They want to have a family. I would not say this was the goal of women, at least the ones I meet when growing up in the Boston.  therefore, talk about high culture like Eastern European literature, Slavic languages, history of central Europe and art and your values and your world view.  Learn something about Poland. Let them know if you are interesting in a family or not so they can decide, do not tell them something in this regard if you do not mean it.

You might be able to date a girl from the States with a direct approach, but Polish women have been flooded with appeals from foreign guys who try to win their hearts affection. I walk through the main market square here I live in Krakow, called the ‘Rynek’  and everyday I see Brits hitting on Polish waitresses at the cafes. This approach has not worked here since the 1990s I would say, if every. Look at any picture on the web, ladies from Poland are attractive, thin and cultured, desirable as mates that is life long partners in marriage but really are wise to the ridiculous tactics guys use to try to pick them up.

Statistics about Poles:

  • Highly educated.  Most of the Women in Poland have a masters degree (over 50% this is because society here places a premium on intellect).  This is compared to 11% in the UK or US for example.
  • Poland is still 99% catholic and take values such as family and life seriously.
  • Dreamy. Maybe it has something to do with the weather, however, I have found that Poles are more imaginative and dream in their cognitive life than meat and potato ‘show me the money’ . statistically 93% consider family as their highest value. American girls for example might not say this.
  • Polish women want to me married and stay in a marriage not just be a bride. Compare a 19% divorce rate in Poland to over 50% in the West.

Therefore, if you want to win the heart of a Polish girl appeal to her ideals and imagination. However, if you misuse this and try to win her hand with wrong intentions then the dishonor is on you and I believe God sees everything.

Love phrases for Polish dating

Here is a useful pages (I wrote one and my wife wrote the other) on Polish romantic words of love, so if you find your princess and it is real then you can use them with sincere intentions.

It would also help if you learn a little bit of the  language (here is a free site I recommend for the language

How to approach girls in Poland if you are physically in Poland

I have lived here many years and my first rule is forget the Internet to find a date.  Go to Poland and meet girls everywhere simply by talking to them about normal things.  In Boston this did not work for me that well.  Here, talking about the weather or politics does work.  This is the best way to meet someone. Take a class in the Polish language, even if you are in the USA.

If you still prefer the Internet, use websites like and and to arrange a Polish tutor to teach you the language in your area.  Or hire a student who is cleaning for money and maybe you will hit it off.  However, the best way is to travel to Warsaw or Krakow directly.  Stay at a youth hostel.  It does not cost a lot of money. If you do not have the confidence and courage to meet Polish girls in person then that is another issue.

Dating sites in Poland I recommend

These are the insiders sites based on personal experience, not something you will find by searching unless you know the language.

  • There is a Polish chat that can be used for dating called  I recommend this. However, again it will help if you know the language.
  • One of my friends meet his wife on a
  • There is also something similar to this at
  • Also consider There are many beautiful photos of Polish girls there.

There are other Polish UK dating sites, I guess they are popular but do you really want to be fishing for Polish ladies that are already overwhelmed with affection from UK and foreign guys.  With these matchmaking sites you run the risk that the person you just meet online has already been spoiled by excess attention.

The main thing is if you are serious about finding a relationship, try in person or in the personals I recommended in this post, as they are the insiders guide, not anything too commercial. However, I recommend the former with a trip here.

Let me know what you think about my post on finding a single girl from Poland. Specifically are there any sites you recommend that I have missed? What experiences have you have with relationships with someone from Eastern Europe, a date in Poland or anything related that will add value to the readers. If you share this it could help others, so please comment.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

16 replies on “Polish dating”

Hats off to European women. I had the honor of going to Europe and the love that the women shown I there was unbelievable. Being back in the states is not the same anymore. If I don’t find love soon I will go back. Anyone want to go?

I have no idea why a guy would consider looking for love in the USA? I am American and love the States and it is a good place to be a corporate slave warrior. But for love and marriage Europe or South America or Asia or basically anywhere but the USA, unless you are really lucky.
Polish girls are slim and beautiful and have great morals and really just want to be married to their prince.

Based on what you write here I would say Russian girls are very similar to Polish girls, that is conservative. At least the ones I am friends with, they are good girls who are simply tying the best they can in life to live according to traditional and romantic things they read in the Bible and Russian literature, not like portrayed on TV or James Bond films at all.

Can I find an English website for Polish women dating?

There are many respectable sites as long as you are looking for love and nothing else. Check out some that I have recommended on my website like

I am a single Dad with two kids, I have custody. My X, well, enough on that subject, lol. I am interested in marriage, with the right person of course, and the Polish girls I have met here in the States seem very nice. I am arranging a trip to Poland through a Catholic tour agency and will visit Krakow, and a few other sites, plus enjoy the mass at some of the outstanding churches they have there. It would be nice to meet someone, just sayin. The trip itself is a fantastic lifetime trip, but to meet someone is the proverbial cherry on the cake! Don’t get me wrong, I am serious, I am searching for a wife, a lifetime partner, not a quickie type situation. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I commend you for the advice posted on this site re: Polish women/girls.Well done! I live in Australia, but visit Poland almost each year, as I have dual citizenship etc.. However, as a 58 year old, time is slipping by and I would like to meet and marry a Polish woman, as Australian women are not for me…because they are culturally, linguistically and often (my bad luck probably) intellectually/academically challenged, as well as lacking sound values.By that, I do not mean to be a snob or superior,but, compatibility is essential regardless of ethnic background. Though I was raised as a Catholic, I am now rather secular.Any ideas for this ‘mature’/young at heart gentleman?

There are many Polish girls I know that are looking for a husband. They are intellectual and with real class. The issue is not that. It is how to meet them, and how to woe their hand in marriage. Women need to be won.
I would consider online dating. Start with the websites I mentioned on my site like – Have you tried this website?
If you are going to Poland it is even easier. I would just talk to girls on the street in the market square or in a shop or anywhere. I would flirt everywhere I could. This is what my friends do. If you do not have any charm, focus on online dating or develop it. If your a smart guy, you should have no problem.
I also think you see yourself as mature. Don’t. That is very old fashion thinking. Do you think old George Clooney has a problem with girls? Or any guy who knows how to flirt? I know guys in the 80s personally with lady friends and going dancing etc. like they were when age had no meaning. You are a young guy by today’s standards unless you are a smoker and aged yourself 25 years earlier.
Focus on and then when you are in Poland go to the city centers and flirt with girls. This is what my friends do and they never have a problem.
If does not work there are many other dating sites like this. I know scores of smart Polish girls dreaming of a guy like you, educated and a man of the world.

Also if you are Polish consider other nationalities too, like Russian and Ukrainian or even Swedish believe it or not. Many Swedish women divorce and are alone when they are in their 40s or 50s and they change their ways and just want a smart guy to marry.

I have known a girl from Poland thru this website
but I live in Algeria and I can’t get a visa.
She is 16 only and I’m 29, I really like her, she is so cute and decent and family-oriented. I want to go to her, marry her and live with her permanantly.
In case if I don’t get the visa after many requests, I’m even thinking of going to Ukraine or Russia, and then cross the borders to Poland illegally.

Do not do anything not legal as it will get you banned from the EU. Love is patient. She is not old enough now, maybe in four or five years she can better make life choices. Be patient. The Internet is a strange and powerful thing when it comes to love and dating.

First of all I think your polish dating advice is spot on. I live in the UK and many women today just are difficult to get on with. Maybe materialism has driven them to new levels where they have lost the respect for men completely. Although I work with lots of european women and men especially Polish and their attitude towards the home environment and their man is very different. Although some would say that the men their do not treat them with much respect. It is a very difficult world we live in where love is being disbanded as more and more women become stressed with working. I love the Polish girls attitudes and would almost definitely look to date one if I wasn’t dedicated to my marriage. Thanks agin for your write up.

I married a Polish girl and have never looked back and have not ever regretted it for even a millisecond. Imagine your favorite fairy-tale from childhood like sleeping beauty or Cinderella, then imagine she walks out of the book and comes to life, this is a Polish girl.

Hey admin have you heard of couch surfing? You stay at someones house instead of a hotel. I think that would be great way to immerse in the culture and meet people.

People do this a lot in Europe and recommend it. If you are in Europe there is one or two major websites that people exchange flats and coush surf. Very popular and you can meet nice Polish girls.

I have been here , in this webpage before. I come from Brazil and travel around Europe. I was in Poland for more than 9 months now and I also visited Ukraine for 3 months . My conclusions after all this time is.
1. Ukrainian girls, prettier than Polish girls. The beauty there is unbelievable.
2 . Polish girls more ambitious in life than Ukrainian girls . Polish girls want to make money on their own, Ukrainians often look for a rich husband.
3. Polish girls have a bad temper, they complain a lot and about everything. Ukrainians are more easy going.
4. If you don’t want to force a conversation all the time then i vote for polish girls . Ukrainians tend to luck of subjects or tend to give short replies.
5. Polish girls aren’t so materialistic as Ukrainian. Ukrainian girls often believe that happiness is connected with material goods .
6. The age factor is very important for Polish girls. They wont date a much older man . I am 33 , I find it difficult to date a girl who is 23 in Poland. In Ukraine that was never a problem .
7. Polish girls love alcohol , they can get drunk very often and that’s pathetic, Ukrainian men tend to drink a lot , but the girls not so much.
8. Polish girls, even those with a boyfriend will often chat with you or even exchange numbers . they seem to not be contend from their current boyfriends.
9. A lot of Hot Ukrainian girls, gain a lot of weight after they are in their mid 20`s . Polish girls may not look so gorgeous but they don’t lose their looks so fat. The transformation I have seen in Ukrainian women is enormous.
10. If you have a personality, it will be appreciated everywhere you go. Try to choose wisely.
11. I am in Greece now, the girls here may not have the looks of polish of Ukrainian but they are bubbly and love talking , are joyful and are fun to be with . There is serious competition though . I would love to go for a Greek girl but, there the girls are really harder to get, and so I suppose easier to keep.
Good luck to all of you.

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