Using a Polish dating website to hook a woman from Poland for love

If you do not find Polish girls attractive, you are basically not into women. The purpose of this post is to guide you through one Polish dating web site A to Z to get your courtship process off on the right foot.

That is, to show you how to use the website, even if the interface is in the Polish language. Basically I spent my Sunday afternoon on the sofa translating a Polish relationship site; so you can use it for finding love, if you speak English and know nothing about the great nation of Poland.

What about the Polish language? Do not worry, almost every lady in Poland under the age of 50 speaks English to some level. Love will find a way if you are inspired, language is the last thing you should worry about. Hang arround with them and one of you will absorb the language of the other with captivating charm and serenades of sweet words. You will be SMS text messaging Polish girls with your mobile phone in no time.

  • My one request, ‘Like’ this post on Facebook or share it with your friends via e-mail, if you find it of value. I lived in Poland for a good part of my life and am a Polish citizen. I did not meet my Polish bride online. I met her in real life when I was a student in Krakow, studying, of course the Polish language.  I talk a little this real life fairy-tale here: meeting my Polish bride offline.

By the end of this post you will be able to meet the local girls from the villages, that other foreign guys do not have access to.  No one likes an over fished pond. With any luck these girls will have never been contacted or met with foreign guys. Hence you will be at least a novelty.

Step by step guide to a Polish dating website, use my screenshots below to guide you

I put a lot of work into this guide so follow the images so let me Shepard you.  Sit down and go to Work simultaneously with this guide to help you sign up. No chaperons needed after.

Your objective is to meet normal girls living in Poland, and not the ones living abroad and have become, for lack of a better word, ‘Americanized’.  The Polish dating site I recommend is not some watered down western English sub domain for Eastern Europe. It is a web that is the real deal for finding the love of your life.

My recommendation on the Polish dating website to – This is the a free Polish dating website, however, you can pay for an additional upgrade. It actually has localization options (that is if you like in the UK, Ireland or the USA). However, I recommend you try to meet the girls living in Poland, as they are the ones less influenced by feminism, unless that is what you want of course. I do not, I want a traditional faithful pure marriage.

Here are the screenshots that will guide you step by step how to use the site to chat and meet with women from Warsaw to Cracow

The first image is part of the page you see when you land on the website.

Look carefully at my notes above. They show you were to register in the Polish language. I recommend to not change the region, as indicated by the English, Irish and American buttons, but stay in the Polish language interface as this is where the largest pool of women are that think the least western towards love.

Again, do is not get intimidated by the Polish language. It is just a Slavic language which has roots in the common Indo-European languages we all speak. In the upper right hand corner, or on the big orange button find the word:’ Zarejestruj’ – this means sign up.

  • Listen up, do not use this information I give you to scam or marry a Polish girl for a visa or citizenship. I want this site only to be for real guys looking for their one true love. If you do anything with less than virtuous intentions, consider the universal law of karma and how it plays. The website, is a respectable website and does not need to be overloaded with every guy out there who wants to play females rather than looking for their bride.

The next image is the sign up:

This is pretty straight forward, add your e-mail and press the ‘Dalej’ Which means next. Then check your e-mail for confirmation. Note the guys to the left, maybe nice men, but I think you can compete with these guys for the hand a Polish lassie.

The next screenshot is simply an example of an activation e-mail.

Check your e-mail box to activate your account.

After activation you need to:

You know, fill out male or female and age so they get a basic idea who you are. I love buttons and drop down menus.

The  rest is filling out your more data and photos.

Add stylish photos, if you need help with photo editing as me. You can use to airbrush your skin to a better tone or take people out of an image. is good for fast photo editing if your image looks good from the start.

The most important thing with the photo is that you look real and normal, not scary. No one wants to see a stalker scary or overly geeky looking photo in a dating profile. Normal is good. Once you know the chicks you can send them more funny photos from your cell phone (I believe in cell phone dating by the way but that is a different story). However, at first you need to win their trust and build rapport.

You can choose the free dating option which is fine, or pay a few Polish Zloty and it is worth it as you get more features like chat.

The next screenshot you will like lots of polskie dziewczyny.

My recommendation is choose the photos that are plain-looking girls, not super model shots nor the overweight ones with short hair. You want a feminine girl how is a diamond in the rough. Someone who does not know she is beautiful and you will be the prince that will make her realize she is. Remember the story of Cinderella or any fairy-tale princess who is waiting and dreaming. In Poland this exists. Again be real and do not play these women.

This is how you look for women. Use an online translate tool if you need to or Learn some Polish adjectives but most of the buttons are clear.

Make sure you fill out information to make your profile appealing and not cliché adjective lists. Write a robust description about yourself in a flowing way so it is almost poety or a story. Paint an image with your words. Do not write you are ‘romantic’. Rather, write that ‘you can make the moon appear in the sky and the stars shine at night’ for the right princess.

Here are some translations of dating biographical and demographic information.

This is what you might see on an online dating profile in Central Europe. Do not fall out of your chair browsing these profiles.  Try to contact a few ones with quality than spamming hundreds. The shotgun approach does not work in dating as singles are immune to this nowdays.

The words you need to know to get what you are looking for.

You want to be able to navigate the basics of this Polish dating site to get the girls from Poland. I recommend you also say you live in Poland because then the website will not default to your home location.

For example, if you say in your profile that you live in Bombay, India for example or NYC the site will start showing Eastern European girls in Bombay as the default or may even redirect you to as sub domain that is of Asia. No, you want to meet Polish girls in Poland and then explain to them that you are learning about the culture and language and you have an interest in meeting them.

If you life in the UK or Ireland, which is part of the EU you could specify that this is where you live, a the women would be receptive to this.

Females to avoid in Poland

  • Girls that are flashy in photos – There are a higher proportion of ‘new Poles’ the Doda type that are hip and cool and been there done that with everyone and think they are so cool and jazzy. Avoid them like the plague. You can tell mostly by their photo, they have this kissy face or the guy cropped out, or too many photos on exotic vacations. No, you want a girl who is sitting in her humble apartment with books in the bookcase in the background or in a Polish village.
  • Women who have red flags in their dating profile descriptions – I think women who have kids are a little bit of a red flag unless you have them too. Besides that look at their profile and what they want in life.  Use online translation tools. If a woman is too sassy and smart for her own good and the profile reads like any western dating site profile. Skip it no matter how tempting her profile looks. You want a girl that is domestic. Someone what is grounded and not flighty or dizzy. Someone who displays ideals and values that are even greater than yours but you would love to aspire to. You want love to lift you up to where you belong.
  • Irreligious  – I know this is a turn off to some, but hey faithful in ideals results in faithful in marriage.

Who are you looking for?

Please ask me questions and if you like this post; and I can do more for Ukrainian and Russian dating.  Look below and ‘plus one’ me or Facebook me to share with guys you know who will find it useful, or e-mail them. Let me know if you have any questions about the country that is from the Baltic to the Tatra mountains to any of the cities from Krakow to Warsaw long the Vistula river. Ask me questions connected to relationship advice, or generally stop by my site (I am working diligently to make it a resource in a positive way) and browse photos and say hello, mingle with others and give me ideas.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

4 replies on “Using a Polish dating website to hook a woman from Poland for love”

Czesc Mark,
Greetings from Long Island, New York. I have to admit that your website is the most honest and informative site I have come across ever.
I agree with almost everything you say except I do not have your expertise or experience that you have with eastern europe in general.
It was so funny to read about ” Do european girls like Indian guys” ? I am an Indian guy who lives in USA for 30 years and I couldn’t agree with you more !
I almost married a Polish girl from New York (except for the vodka drinking problem). I dated several other Polish girls. They are just so beautiful,feminine and fun to be with.
You have no idea how thankful I am about your help in registering for I am going to give it a shot since I am ready to get married and start a family ASAP.
I was in Poland a few times in 2001, 2002, 2003. Visited Warszawa, Tri city(Gdansk,Gdaynia,Sopot), Olsztyn, Mazury, Bialystok etc etc.
I would like to get your advise on a few things if you will be kind enough to do so. I think, Slavic girls are the most beautiful and I am ready to find one with a good heart even if it means I have to leave America.
Keep up the great work.
Dziekuje bardzo,
Matt (Mateusz)

Marry a Polish girl. But make sure she is not a new Pole who is hyper-consumptive or a Pole that is westernized or you will find yourself or you will wake up one day and find yourself laying next to just another farm girl named Dorota wearing expensive red shoes and you will realize you are not in Kansas any more.

I do not like girls that smoke or drink or swear or have tatoos or think they know it all and are impressed by their education. I prefer girls who are intellectually curious but do not speak so highly of themselves but rather temper ego with modesty.

These are the hotest girls.

If you want to find love leap with your soul. Find someone who you melt with physically and spiritually. Since I work at home (mostly) except when I am in Excel purgatory on some consulting gig, I am with my wife 24/7. We never ever get tired of it. This has been the way it is for many years. I found a girl who I thought was too beautiful and out of my range, but won her heart anyway.

I can not think of any other girl who I would rather spend so much time with or person. To do this I think you need to be with a humble girl. Someone who is easy-going and realistically moral.

Think of women like flowers. What is more appealing a city sold and mass cultured flower you buy in a shop in NYC or one pick up from the boarder of Canada in upstate New York in a forest?

Find a girl who is not overly westernized. is a good place to start. Also consider a few more trips there. If you have questions I am all ears and thank you for your kind words.

If you are going to do that find a beautiful Slavic princess. I think Slavic girls are stunning with the high cheekbones and long legs. It must be a combination of a natural diet and the cold climate that makes the wild flowers up north so stiking and the women too.

Hello from sunny Southern California with low humidity. Anyways, I have learned alot from your site, and this page in particular was very helpful. I am trying out, bought a year membership, and so far so good.

In my further research of Poland, of which your site plays a large part, I learned that the divorce rate is now 38% vs 48% in USA circa 2017 and has been increasing since Poland gained entry into the EU in 2004. That is a concern and will make my search more difficult but you did give some advice on how to avoid the “bad ones” so, we’ll see how it goes.

Low humidity CA is very appealing but the cost of living expensive.

It is interesting that the divorce rate as interested so much. Poland has always been a Western leaning country because of its connection with Rome and its ideals of liberty. However, with that you are going to have some corruption of the youth because walls do not exist today with the Internet.

That being said, I would say that even if statistics show Poland and the US to be equal on paper in terms of the divorce rate, I would say a Polish girl day to day, as a totally different attitude than an an average American based on cultural determinism.

What you can do is survey the American female Youtube stars. They are over confident, bright lights, a lot about consumption. If you look at Polish female Youtube blogger they are more reserved, less consumptive.

Look at the channel “Boho the Beautiful” on Youtube. The star is Ukrainian (yes I know not Polish but similar culture). Someone looking that good in America would be monetizing her looks and living a hyper consumptive lifestyle. Yet Juliana lives in a van with her husband. She is humble and normal and loves her family. This humility is and ideal and more prevalent in East of the Elbe river.

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