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Female leg length and photos of long legs

Aesthetics of the female body go beyond attractiveness, it is an art and a science. In our brains are programmed though one million years of evolution of our species the ability to discern in milliseconds ‘good’ from ‘bad’.

The average college age drinking footballer who is flunking math and science, knows in a split second what the equations of beauty are for some coed walking in his peripheral vision. In one sense he is literally a genius, even if he just drank his sixth Wiedermann. This is the male brain. Just like females can evaluate men, we men have our own algorithms running.

The science of Dimorphism and Aesthetics

  • Women prefer men with longer torsos and shorter legs.
  • Men prefer women with longer legs and shorter torsos. The longer the better.
  • What legs are attractive 
  • Extreme body types and beauty
  • Another study showed extremes on either side of the spectrum were viewed as less attractive than aesthetic a golden mean.
  • The length of the legs proportional to the body.  An attractive normal ratio on art of legs to body is 1.0 for most people. 1.4 is what is considered and ideal for women. That is the legs are 140% longer than the Torso.

What if you have short legs as a female?
One of the most constant formulas is we like long legs. The good news is we actually like the illusions not the reality of leg to body ratio. Thin legs and shoe with heel or the right type of pants or the way you wear your pants, higher to the waist.  Further, science shows that attraction has both an objective and relative elements. Some men prefer short legs on women.

Think about some guys like guys and women like women and all the variations in between. Something like a leg to torso ratio is not really something if you are a female you should worry about. However, it is something you can play up if you know how to dress. I do not know what you do. Maybe high waist-ed pinstripe pants, but it is only an issue if you make it an issue. Maybe your perceived weakness your strength.

Just a funny story about female leg length
My niece-in-law who is actually Polish not Russian, is 18 and 5’10” thin like a model. I asked her if she would like to be any taller, she said just a bit because there is this motor bike she could ride better. That is so funny, I never heard anything like that. Most girls want to be tall to look good, all she cares about is her new bike. She is not a biker chick, rather in Europe motorbikes are convenient ways to get around.

Photos of Russian girls legs

Photo of a Russian girl with long skinny legs

Here are some photos of Russian girls legs I took yesterday. These are unaltered and not Photoshopped. I would say most photos on the web are but these are natural legs. The purpose of these photos is to sway you to my point that leg length and thinness are connected to feminine allure, objectively. If you have a counter argument or can present another thesis and back it up with research I am open to hear your argument.

The quality of these photos are varied. But these are real photos by me not just some stock photos.  I normally talk about how to find women from Russia for love and marriage.  But I could not resist putting a few of these photos I took to show you guys how beautiful your average Russian lady is compared to say an American girl(I am an American living in Europe).

Image of Russian girl legs

Real Images of Europeans

These Russian girls were really nothing special, I live in Eastern Europe and just in 1 hour took some photos of these European women.  I did not want to be rude or obvious and did not want to show their faces out of respect.

I do not live in Moscow or St. Petersburg mind you, just Eastern Europe.  In cities like Moscow I think you would find a much higher concentration of beautiful women. Photos of Moscow girls would be much more exotic.

Note how much care these singles take in looking attractive.  American or British women go to the super market in pajamas and slippers and put out the vibe like do not look at me. While Slavic women, at least in these pictures just to walk around wear angle brackets, toe nails and are all done up and are happy if you notice how beautiful they are.

Photo Moscow girls legs

These are just some random photos to make a point. However, if you have interest in Slavic style of female beauty, write me.

The purpose of this blog is not to show you photos of beautiful Russian women but give you some hope that nice girls are out there for true love and marriage. You do not have to settle on a look that does not do it for you.

Here is one last one to illustrate my point, that long thin legs are beautiful.

Leg to torso ratio for female beauty is a factor but not everything.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

4 replies on “Female leg length and photos of long legs”

Where did you find these horses?? Legs… why didn’t you make the albums of Russian girl hands or necks, for example?? You are so strange…

p.s. sorry for bad English

Wow, the first picture actually dropped my jaw for a solid minute, thats why he made this legs album!

Dear Mark, I don’t want to be rude, I like reading your blog, but what does your wife think of your interest in other women, your writing about women from different countries in this blog and even your posting of women’s photos? Does she accept your blog posts about girls as a part of your profession? That’s not an accusation, I’m only interested how you can reconcile posting materials about other women with your devotion to your wife and your conservative values.

Jerzy, good question.
I do not look at other girls. I do not think about other girls. I spend 24/7 with her since I work at home. In fact, if you see me in public I will rarely look at a girl when talking to her unless I know her personally or have been formally introduced. I am 100% loyal. What I do here is I am a writer. Andrew Greeley is a priest in good standing but write erotica.

On the other hand many guys are married and think it is OK to look. I do not. Read my post on ‘Its OK to look’. I think lust is in the mind and the heart, not just actions.

Most of my posts are to inspire guys to get off their duff and find their sweetheart. To encourage guys to find their other half because until you do your life will kind of a downer.

In my writing I do it with a little bit of sugar and a little big of vinegar, but I do not ever personally want to be involved with another women because I have my wife and princess.

On the other hand, my writing style is in the first person and I talk to the reader more than writing in some generic abstract way you see on every Russian dating site etc. I try to give real accounts and personal experiences. I might not always be correct as my experiences like everyone’s are limited. But many people here add different perspectives. I admit before I meet my wife I was often mildly depressed. I am honest. Why not be? If I am honest in my writing others can related to it and say yes this is the way I feel. I do not want to be fake. So yes I was mildly depressed and painfully lonely. 🙂

But I did something about it. I held nothing back and moved mountains with my life. I am living life on my terms. I left my career in Boston, moved to Poland, learned Polish, reinvented my life. I tell people, if your life is not working try something else. If you life in terms of girls is not working ask why? Also why must you date the girl next door. The world is full of opportunities.

I write language software also and have a Political economy website as I studied Economics and worked in investing, stocks etc for many years. But you know I guess I am a romantic and believe in love and romance, love and Romeo and Juliet – is my favorite Shakepeare play, so this blog on girls is my favorite and I love to write on it.

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