Photos of Turkish girls – these women you can marry

In my post on Turkish girls I painted a pretty positive image of the women of the Anatolian peninsula and with good reason, they in my experience they make almost ideal brides if you want a more conservative marriage.

Portrait of very marriageable women

  1. Grateful girls – Since they perceive their own men do not treat them well, you can shine if you do something small.  I would qualify this with I Turkish guys and they seem nice to me. Maybe it is more like the Hollywood effect, that is you are a foreigner and they project nice things on you as people often have contempt for what they are familiar with.
  2. The lowest incidence of marriage breakup in Europe  – It is like 99% they marry you they will stick with you, statistically speaking.
  3. Do not underestimate the value of a home cooked meal – They cook  even a professional woman in Istanbul or Ankara like a professor, they will give you home cooked meals. My wife basically apologizes if I come home late, it is an attitude western women would not understand.
  4. EU almost  – They are basically European women even if from Asia. Like the Orient express Turkey is EU bound and there is no turning back.
  5. Exotic – Mix of ancient and modern people in a warm climate and a natural diet make them exotic and thin.

The point here is to show you so real images of a Turkish ladies that a good representation of what they look like. Again my experience, they are educated, polite and all the good attributes you would want a woman who you are serious about. It is so easy to take a trip to this country, it is as easy as going to Greece or Cyprus, just a short plane trip.

Therefore, without further ado, and with the help of a Turkish acquaintance of mine I have an image of a Turkish lady in traditional dress. Maybe this is not what you might see on the streets of Istanbul or Ankara but it does do justice to the beauty and charm of a Turkish female. Let me know what you think and if you have any of your own photos of Turkish girls that you would like me to post please write me, as long as you have the permission of the girl.

Who can argue that girls from Asia minor are not beautiful as they are full of virtue?

In Istanbul you will see a different style. I have spent a great deal of time there and being the one of the largest cities in the world, it would suffices as to say this, if you want to see sultry females you will.

Istanbul girls will dress more provocative

The center of Turkish style what I have seen in the villages is modesty.

There is more to these mediterranean beauties than meets the eye

And alas every fairy princess has her prince. Although this damsel is taken there are millions who would love to meet a nice guy for love and marriage.

Certified Turkish princess

Again if you yourself are a Turkish girl or know someone with photos that might be appropriate for a blog about love and romance write me. I want to eventually follow-up on this post with a post about Turkish dating if you are a foreigner. I know a lot of Turkish guys give these gals mixed reviews and are saying they are all modern now, but I do not think it is true at all. Compared to girls in the west, like in the USA or the UK, you will have less of a flight factor and less feminism and chance of middle age rebellion against the husband. Why? It is just more ingrained in their culture to be submissive and loyal.

The one issues with dating  of Turkish and non-Turkish people is simply the religious divide. If you are Arab and Muslim you have no problem, but if you are English or American and want to marry these gals you will have to find a way have her live in the west as even though the  Republic of Turkey is known for its tolerances since the time of the Ottoman empire and Ottoman girls would marry Europeans there is the rule in Islam that men can marry non-Muslims but the women are under lock down and unless you take a liberal interpretation it is not possible. For me the best thing is for Islamic scholars to continue the dialogue about their religion and the role of females in the world. So I know a lot expats have married women from Turkey and are happy, but you have to consider how you get around the cultural divide.

When Turkey enters the EU and it will, it is just a matter of time, you will see a lot more Turkish-European marriages and hence more dialogue about Islamic and Christian marriages. You know my stance, I think we are all children of the same God so I have no problem with interfaith marriage.

In conclusion sent your photos of Turkey, I really would appreciate them as I have not been there in a few years. I want to create an artistic panorama of women from Turkey.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

3 replies on “Photos of Turkish girls – these women you can marry”

Hi, I am a 20-year-old Turkish girl, although I am not in a relationship with a foreigner I have a lot of family members and friends who are Turkish and are in a relationship with a non-Turk.
The girls on the photos are beautiful but in my opinion is they do not resemble the typical Turkish girl.(Mostly because of their clothes)
Anyway if you have questions or if i can help you with anything feel me free to ask me anything.

If you have any better photos of Turkish girls or even some in a market I could add, it would be greatly appreciated. You can contact me and send them.

Turkish girls are not all the same. Many of them are beautiful, especially girls from Izmir and Ege Bölgesi in general. İstanbul is a mix so you can’t know. And the biggest trait about Turkish girls is they are cultured and loyal to the guy they love. Majority do not keep it a secret. They will introduce you to their parents the moment you guys start a relationship. I honestly don’t know how much religion matters to what they look for but it is definitely a big factor and could the determinant on marriage. Almost every Turkish girl I have met has asked me my religion and when i say am Muslim I see a lot of excitement in their eyes. Its clearly what most want but definitely not all. Then the next question always is ‘yenge var mı yenge?’. That’s another way to ask whether I have a girlfriend.
All my classmates here are cute, warm, generous and all but I don’t want to start a relationship with a classmate esp considering am a medical student.
I would want a girl who knows some English so that when i introduce her to my family i wouldn’t have to translate every word. My Turkish is fluent by the way.
Having said that I am asking the ladies in the forum to help me find an English speaking girl, which is funny, because I have been unlucky finding one.
And one more thing gentlemen, Turkish girls can be ideal for marriage because they are loyal. But if you are the kind of guy looking for regular relations before marriage maybe you will have to wait.
Admin I like your view by the way.

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