Photos of Russian girls

The purpose of this post is:

  • Give you the best site on the web for finding natural photos of Russian girls.
  • How to chat with Russian girls for free
  • Show you some pictures of natural Russian girls on the street so you can see what it looks like in Eastern Europe in terms of fashion and generally.

I would not say these are the most stylish girls but I wanted to give you an idea of images of Russians in Eastern Europe, not London or Dubai, who they might look on a day to day basis. Waiting for a tram or subway or electric bus is on of the best places to see Russian students waiting to get their next ride to class. Perhaps you could take the opportunity to  chat with them?

Note the Russian girl in the photo above, although the image is not clear and she is behind sunglasses you can tell just by the shape of her face she is beautiful. She has a classic Slavic look. She has a nice proportional body, tattoo free and healthy.

  • The way you tell if a photo of a Russian girl has been staged is Women from Russia do not smile naturally. It is an Eastern European social characteristic. I do not know if it was caused by living under communism during the times of the Soviet Union or the fact that the weather is so grey. But as in the picture above you will not see to many smiles on Russian ladies in natural pictures.
  • Look through my website and I have scores of images and galleries in posts of real females from Eastern Europe.

I have no idea why more guys do not venture out of their hobbit holes they live and work in the USA and UK and take a trip to Eastern Europe to meet girls? I think the cost of the flight is less than countless wasted dates from girls you meet online back home if you aggregate all the coffee shop meetings after an online exchange of emails from dating services like match.

Stop wasting your time, go to Eastern Europe. I recommend St. Petersburg, Lviv(Ukraine), Krakow(Poland) or Moscow or anywhere in the Russian countryside.

Russian girls Pictures online

Do not waste your time doing image searches for photos of Russian girls.  There is an endless source of photos of Russian girls and they are real and natural not all photo-shopped up.  Go to -> It is the largest site on the web for Russian girls as it’s the most popular Russian website. If you learn Russian that would be great, however, they have an English version. This site is also the best place to chat with Russian girls for free, there are also photos of course.

The only problem with this site you might need an invite. I have an account so I am in because I started it years ago.  If you can not sign up try the Russian dating website Mamba. Although the photos are less natural and more photos have been altered with imagine editing programs. The only way I alter pictures is to blur out faces or make them look artistic. Generally I feel natural is better with photography, you just have to have good light.

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  1. Good tips. Here is something else: vkontakte usually clearly indicates the status: married, looking, in the relationship. This will help you in the search and the biggest city that uses vkontakte is Saint Petersburg, Russia. Other cities tend to use more. Good luck.

  2. Russian beauties, amazing site for finding Russian girls for love.

  3. Using maps and street view is a good way to see women. Just use Street View. Both Moscow and St Petersburg have street view capabilities. I’m not sure about other cities.

    Using this, people wont have to take your word that FSU women are hot. They’ll see it for themselves without having to take a trip.

    1. Agreed this is the first step, yet the face are blocked out but you do get an idea. After looking at Eastern European women and you still want to stay in the USA to try yes try to find the girl of your dreams, think again. Eastern European women are hot and want to take you to the alter.

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