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The purpose of this post is to give you some idea where you can view photos of Polish girls. Of course my first recommendation is to explore my website as I post interesting and artistic images here weekly. You can bookmark this website or subscribe as my advice on meeting women in general is solid. I have lived in Krakow, Poland a good part of my life.

Meet and Chat with Polish girls

If you found this page because you want to just scan thumbnails of Polish girls, that is fine, below I give you some websites to explore, but you want to get married consider this. Polish women want to meet foreign and Polish guys for true love. It is the place to find a spouse if you are sincere.

I am an American living in Poland.  I have a Polish family and it for me it was easier as I am in one sense Polish. But Polish ladies want to meet Polish guys generally.  Some are married to UK and American guys that have learned Polish.  But generally Polish girls are religious and want a normal relationship and marriage so to chat with Polish girls or meet with Polish girls for fun, it is not recommended. But to look at photos of Polish girls, maybe that will inspire you to learn Polish. Interesting natural photos on that Polish site I recommended the site below.

  • For Polish dating try this site: – but I have a better website below.

If you want real authentic photos try a cheap ticket via if you live in Europe or if you live in the USA and take a trip to Poland. There is no better place in Eastern Europe. Do not waste your time looking for Polish girls Tumblr as the best ones are here on this website and living in Poland. Go there. Take your digital Camera and create your own collection.

Photos of Polish girls online

Another good place to browse photos of Polish students, real photos, not some ridiculous spammy looking website is: -> -However, it is not a dating site really and better is to look at Polish girls pics via Facebook as it is in English. Unless you speak the Polish language you will have trouble navigating this website. So FB is a better choice, besides it is trending higher than in terms of momentum.

  • I created a list of Polish girls you might want to search for images or videos here: Polish girls videos – It is a respectible list.

Let me know your thoughts and if you have any pictures you want to send me, and have permission from the lady, please send it.

What do Polish people look like? The women are taller than the Euopean average and thinner, stylish with tight jeans, but not to provacative like Romanian girls. They have braoder faces in general. It is funny that in the USA I can spot a person from Poland a mile a way, they are usually pretty stand out. If I was a single American guy I would either move to Poland or date Southern or Spanish girls.

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I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. I am looking for nice Polish girl Mayo or Galway if any girl wants to meet me email me.

  2. I am 26 years old and doing job in sweden. I want to meet with nice Polish girl. if anyone interested, then please mail me.

  3. I am looking for nice polish girl for serious relationship or marrige

  4. Hi! I am nice, attractive, beautiful Polish girl. I have a masters degree. I am able to travel. Please write me.

    1. Hello Anna and Justyna

      You know what does race have anything to do with anything? We must look past skin color and look at the heart’s color. That’s what truly matters. I have known men who are non white to treat white women wonderfully well.

      Also who says American men are the ‘best’ anyway? Caribbean men also can treat women like Polish women the best also as well.

      Something worth considering

      Anyway-if you are interested contact me. I am a male 32, not white, fit, interested in talking to a Polish woman and own my own business and have several international qualification in the business realm.

  5. I am recently divorced (no kids). I own a packaging company here in Chicago. I’m well established, and have always had a fondness for polish women. I’m 37 white, fit. Looking for polish woman 25-30 years old.

    1. Tony, I guess the main thing is Polish women will be less impressed with the packaging company then who you are as a person. Are you a religious person and wants to have a family and sincerity is more important than any job. I am saying this only to be honest as I am an American that lives in Poland and is a Polish citizen also and in my opinion this is what Polish girls go for. Try looking on some of the site I recommend, even on polishforum

  6. Justyna,

    Can you send me your picture? I hope to move to Poland soon and would love to chat with a Polish girl.

  7. You say that seeing all those girls in the website you’ve recommended will inspire someone to learn polish…….I don’t think that will be the case with Asians like me……What are the chances Polish women will take a liking to ‘Asians’? 🙂

    Btw I’ve almost mastered the intermediate part of Polish grammar (conditional, frequentive aspects, the rarely used pluperfect, etc.)……I’m doing it more for monetary purposes……althogh it would be nice to be able to date a Polish girl (but an Asian and a Polish……I mean, who am I kidding)……..

    1. I have a website called if you want to learn more Polish.

  8. So, is it possible to find an italian women, mixed with a russian women, mixed with a polish women…all in one package?

    1. Yes of course but I think you are just saying with for fun. It is a person’s character that determines who they are not their genes.

  9. I would like to chat to American guys b/c I like their attitude towards life. And I like America and American accents!

  10. Hello Tony,
    I am a Polish girl living in Canada, Ontario and would like to chat. Get back to me.

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