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This post is about why not to order a girl. Why if you want your bride you have to risk it all and find her.

Do you want to order a girl from the Internet?

One of the worst recipes for loneliness is, a guy who dates American girls, doesn’t have success, so is now looking for a girl on the Internet.  Why is this so bad?  It is not.  Actually it’s a good thing.

Do you want to order a bride from the Internet?

Why men want to order their brides

However, men are very left brain oriented.  And if at first they do not find a wife during in the normal dating process, it is only logical to try to plan B. This amounts to a little more than ordering a girl from the web. I am not talking about mail order brides. I know they do not see it this way but read on.

Let me tell you why plan B does not work.   It does not work because women do not want to be searched and found in some process.  Women want to be conquered by their hero.  This may sound like something out of a fairy tale, but this is exactly what women want.

What a princess wants

Women want their world turned upside down and a man who is willing to risk it all for them and for love.

If you want to find your other half, don’t expect her to be found simply on the Internet, ordered from a bride catalogue.  Then after a few months of chatting, you have your trip to visit her. Then after a few more months if all works well you export her to your country and home.

Your new bride fits in well with your job situation, living arrangements, and a lifestyle.  You can even be seen with your new beauty around town and make some of your friends jealous, even though that is not your intent.  And in your mind your life worked out well, just the way you wanted it.

You have happiness as defined by your world view and conception.  Everything is clean and neat and fits in well.  Next you lived happily ever after.

This is wrong.  This is a delusion.  This if it happens, I wish you the best.

American women want men to fit into their lives

This is not all women want.   Would you like that, to be exported into a woman’s lifestyle?  In fact, I think this is the whole point of what is wrong with American women.  American women see love as a piece of their life.  They’re working on their career, they have their girlfriends, and now all they need the husband.  They do not want to give it all up for love because they have been programmed to serve their master, that is their boss, rather than their family.  This is sick.

I don’t want to be a piece in a girl’s life.  Nor does any girl want to be a piece in your life.

What is my recommendation, if you’re serious about finding your other half, you have to fight for her.

Are you a man or a mouse?

Quit your job.  Travel the world and find your other half.  Start a new life in another country, be an adventurer.  Forget about your house your money your wealth because these are things that will not the happiness.  The only thing that matters in this life is love.

The Bible teaches that.  That is if you put your trust and things of this world you’re building your house on sand. You have to be willing to sell all you have to find a pearl of great price.

Order a girl

Do you understand why I say do not think you can order your bride?  Because love is not about that. Love is about risk and adventure, not a simple click. Go on an adventure to find the love of your life the old fashion way, that is with romance. What is your hesitation? He who hesitates is lost. Stop thinking about finding your other half and find your princess.

What is your reaction to my post on ordering a wife?

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

5 replies on “Order a girl”

American girls are superficial and mostly looking for just a good time. I won’t waste a minute on them. You wrote some great stuff about forgetting your house, career, money. personally I think there’s no point pursuing those things if you don’t have someone to do it all for. but how do we start the adventure? obviously a lot of money is needed to travel and live in other countries, something I’m seriously considering.

You can live fine for 5k a year in another country. You can teach ESL or if you are a programmer you can do it anywhere in the world. I sold thinks in the market or you can even work for an international company. There are many Expats living all over the world doing fine. There is this belief that outside America, there is little hope to prosper. The opposite is the case. In a global economy you get paid on specific value you can create. Many ways to do that. If you do not want to leave your job then every vacation you have, travel on a shoe string until you get the nerve up. I hitchhiked through about 15 countries on my first trip and sleep in parks and ate French bread. I was in super shape after also, maybe too skinny. I have no problem doing that. Youth hostels are cheap also or rent a small flat.
I really love traveling and recommend it if you want to consider a none American non feminist girl. Rather a true princess to share your life with. Then if you want you can come back to the matrix or not.

How true… Wish I had the guts. Alas! now it is too late.

Why is it too late? Its only too late to get married and find the girl of your dreams unless you are already married. If not then play to win.

Order a girl – haha this is a funny title but its a good post. Girls want someone to make their head spin. The guy does not even have to have looks, muscles(please) or education, just character.

I do not mean character like honor and dignity – the queen mother and all, I mean a guy who lives his life. He could be passionate about collecting toy trains, but if he is cool about it and sincere and not fake, that is an interesting character. This is the type of guy girls like.

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