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Can a Muslim marry a non-Muslim? Yes

Can someone of the Islamic faith who is in love with a non-believer of the Islamic faith marry that person?

There are two points:

  1. Is not God love? God is the universal loving compassionate father and Divine creator of all that is seen and unseen. If one dies, one passes into unconditional acceptance and love of God, we return to the source from which we all came.
  2. Are we not all children of the same God? There is no God but God. If we learn to love and accept our brothers and sisters then this is imitating God’s spirit. Remember none of us are perfectly righteous under the law, as we all sin, it is the divine that understands and forgives all.

Therefore for example,  yes an Indian Hindu guy can marry a Muslim girl if they are both deeply in love. You do not need my permission, I am no one.  Rather, ask God and listen to what he tells you in your heart. There is your answer.

In your honest moment of prayer, can you hear a resounding – ‘ yes’?

Again I am not a Muslim and I have no answer. Rather I am asking you to ask God in prayer and listen to what answer comes up. How does God speak to you and your partner? There is your answer. Do not let others tell you the ‘truth’. Rather let God the almighty guide you in prayer.

The word religion means to return to the source. The source being God.

The rest of this post is various perspectives on the issue that will clarify the points of view from a logical perspective.

As a Muslim, with Jews and Christians I would believe in the one and only God of Abraham, the gracious and merciful creator, who sustains all human beings and brings them to consummation.

Like many Muslims even of former centuries I would have difficulty in understanding the Qur’an as a literally revealed book, as it were dictated by God. And I would whether the Qur’an as word of God was not also the word of man, the word of the Prophet Muhammad. Even so, the Qur’an could reveal itself to me as the truth, the way and the life. – Hans Kung

My recommendation is read about the possibility of an ecumenical dialogue between people who does not include just understanding, but also to ‘co-operate’ and even love each other.

Look at this photo and of  أهل الكتاب and note the cultural differences. If you can over come this, and are of faith than in Islam even the stricter interpretations it is allowed. Some say only Jewish Christians but not Indian Christians but I think there is no universal agreement.

What if you prefer to marry someone who is Muslim?

I am with you, that I prefer to marry someone of my own religion, and I did. Sure my wife and I are of the same religion and it is all clear. But you know being a servant of God, is also about accepting all God’s children in their language of expression or religious rituals.

The colors are obvious in their meaning. The rules commonly know today are culturally determined. If I was born in the Holy city of Mecca I would be a Muslim. Lets me honest it is more about faith and God than rituals and rules.

Anonymous Muslims

What if you fall in love with someone who calls God by a different name, but is devout and prays five times a day and fasts and reads the Holy book, but does not call themselves Muslim. But just lives a life of compassion and in submission to God’s will, is this not better than some one who is call Muslim but does not live their life according to the Koran? What would God say?

Many non-Muslims live according to the ideals of Islam without being officially Muslim. Just like many non-Christians live in accordance to the words of Jesus without calling themselves Christians.

I would call these people anonymous Muslims. They in act, word and deed live according to the laws of conduct of Islam, they might pray five times a day even and fast, and read the Holy book, but are not Muslim.

Marrying a Muslim man – What women experience

From the women I know in Poland, that have married Muslim guys they are mostly happy. Not all but I would say a higher percentage than what you might find in Western culture. The ones that get a good Arab man, are happy and use the phrase “he treats me like a queen”. Others I have heard do not work out or have tried to marry for a EU passport. Lets be honest this happens.

The codification of the law as seen by man about courtship and love.

Muslim women marrying a Non-Muslim man

Under Islamic law it can not happen, but of course Arab women marry Christians. I live in America and the dating culture here is mixed and no one cares too much about the strict rules, rather they focus on the person not their background. The guys I know that married Arabic women are happy. Their women are attractive and the girls like the lax American culture. Even if a Arab girl is ‘liberal’ that just means she cooks five or six days a week, and had only one boyfriend before. However, I can not imagine this type of marriage could be possible in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or Bangladesh. A lot of Indian guys would like to try to date Arab or Middle Eastern women, even when working in Dubai. Maybe for dating, but not for marriage unless you move to the USA.

God’s law about love is love and this is acceptance and mercy. I am not God nor are you. Ask God in prayer to understand about marriage.

Parental argument for marrying a Non-Muslim

If you are a parent, lets say a loving father, would you not want your daughter or son happy? Would you not want them to marry the person they choose? If you teach them right trust they will make the right choices in life. And even if they do not it is their life and they will learn.

Similarly our heavenly Father loves us even more than we can imagine. His energy is love, compassion, forgiveness and mercy. Would not our Father in heaven also want the best for us?

Don’t you think that our understanding of the Holy book and our understand of the Prophets is inadequate because we are not pure enough to have the wisdom? The Prophet Mohammed was blessed, but we are not. I certainly am not.

For example, I am a Christian and after a lifelong study of Jesus I do not understand the meaning of his words.

However, one message I think God would want us to convey to our fellow brothers and sisters on this earth is this:

  • It is the spirit of the law and not the letter of the law something that matters. Faith is from the heart and seen in action, not words.

Our Heavenly father sees all and knows what is in our heart. We want to make sure our hearts are filled with love and understanding as this I believe is what is in God’s heart.

If you are deeply and really in love with a person, what does it matter the color of their skin or the language in which they express their faith?

In the west the main difference in dating is style of the clothes, the rest of the game of the love is the same. Girls are coy and need to let the guy prove that he will take care of her.

Stricter interpretations of the Qu’ ran

I am a humble servant of God and do not understand the Koran. So anyone reading this forgive my ignorance and I invite you to correct me and instruct me.

The Qur’an says that a Muslim can marry a Christian or Jewish girl under certain circumstances.

  • Tafseer al-Qurtubi, 6/104
  • al-Baqarah 2:221 The Qur’an prohibits married to an unbeliever. But is God not God of all? If you are Christian or Jewish we call God the same. A nonbeliever is about someone who is an atheist, not a chaste devout woman who has faith and believes in the prophets.
  • al-Maa’idah 5:4

Are the relevant verses that talk about this. I do not read Arabic but this is what I read though a translation.

Love God before anything else

The basis of banning an interfaith marriage in Islam is one should love God first before anything else. zakir naik and Indian Muslim expect on world religions. He even owns a TV channel in Dubai. But he is no expert on life. I agree, Love God first and foremost. This is in my region also. Jesus said this. But my understanding is the way you love God is love your neighbor. Love and accept those who are foreign to you. This is loving God.

Sure we all love prayer. This connection to God and the almost mystical experience of devout prayer, but let’s be honest God we all have the spark of God in us since we are from God, this is called a soul. I can think of no other way to be closer to God than love to fellow humans. This includes romantic love and marriage.

Ahl-al Kitab idea of marriage

I think this division is too strict an interpretation. I mean some scholars would way that even Indian Christians are not people of the Book. There is too much ‘religion’ not enough love in their message.

Hindu men marrying Islamic women is this allowed?

If I was in love I would. God not men make a union

Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men and female Gazi

For example, Ani Zonneveld the Editor of the Progressive Muslim gives examples of Muslim females marrying outside their faith.

  • She says not a single line in the Koran says that a Gazi has to be a man.
  • Nikham can be between two people in love
  • Mehr does not need to be materialistic
  • An outline for rules for men exist but not for women in the Quran
  • Islam is meant to be liberation and an interfaith nikah structured with full respect
  • Professor Khaleel Muhammad believes the Koran can be understood with respect and honoring The Prophet and yet allow for Muslim women to marry non-Muslims.
  • Cultural practices have ruled over the liberating understanding of the Holy Book.

Why Islam has a restrictions on marriage?

The world is a war of ideas – Schopenhauer – Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung

Every system of ideas from religion to communism to capitalism to scientific materialism tries to expand and dominate the world. It is almost like ideas have a life of their own. In the modern world, without crusades and conversion by the sword, the way religions propagate is though making sure the children will carry on the faith.

Now, do not get me wrong. I believe in God and my hope is others in the world have faith. It is my dream that the world is unified in faith and love. Sometimes at night I imagine this. For those with faith you know what I am talking about, connection with the Divine and divinity within others is the meaning of your life. I want to bring my child up in the faith. It is because this is what I believe to be true.

Yet the reason you should want to bring your children in the faith and take a spouse of the same faith (Muslim or non-Muslim) is not because the rules say so, but because you believe it in your heart this is what is right. I do not care about the rules of my religion. I really do not. I care about what is in my heart.

Arab or Jewish or Christian, aside from the cultural dress this girl could be either. In the end does it matter?

I invite Muslims to consider this.

Now what is in your heart might be congruent with the rules of your faith. But remember the rules of your faith are interpreter my humans and we are all imperfect. There are many brothers and sisters in Islam that disagree about the Interpretations.

For example, Muslim women have written that their interpretation of the Koran is women can marry non-Muslim’s and still this to be a valid matrimony. Other say they can not. They key thing here is what does your heart tell you about the Koran. How does Allah speak to you in your heart. This is called authenticity and being honest with yourself. If you are in love, do you think Allah would really want to keep you apart? Yet on the other hand, I have written many times, have a similarity of world view is part of the love equation.

A metaphor is faith like in one’s life and relationship?

Faith is like in a blue candle the color is so integrated into the wax, you can not separate the wax from the candle when it burns. This is the life of a human also.

Or to use another metaphor, consider two patters that are woven together in marriage. You want your patters to match or be similar or the couple does not get along as well.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Again do not use me as an example. I pretty much follow the rules of the Roman Catholic church concerning marriage and love and my wife is Catholic like me. I am just saying if you are in a situation where you might be in love, I would not rule anything out.

I am from a country where I have seen all kind of mixing of religion and people’s. I mean look at President Obama. The norm is the US is assimilation and a melting pot. It does not mean you betray your faith, it just means your faith might not be the story book faith of your youthful conceptions.

For example, as a Christian many people do not believe in evolution. That is plain silly. God creation the universe but creation is a scientific fact. So do not let someone else’s conception of your faith mislead you to what you as a divine person know to be true.

Scenarios that could work

  • American guy marrying an Iranian or Iraqi girl. The couple would have to live in the US and it would be questionable if the family back home would accept or allow this.
  • Arab guy with an American girl. Most likely they would live in the USA or Europe.
  • Arab guy with a European girl.

The general idea behind taking a non-Muslim bride

Nobility comes from spirit not blood – It is better to marry a slave who believes than an unbeliever that is attractive and respected.

  • Mushrik – The girls of the ahl al-Kitab can marry Muslims. But these girls can not be in name only believers, but devout. Many girls in the west are not Monotheistic believers in the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Issac, but are atheists or agnostics. I think the latter would be called Mushrik.
  • Actions not hollow words – Is it not more important a persons acts than hollow professions of faith even if in their heart they do not believe. So find a girl who believes in her heart, it does not matter as much, Muslim, Christian or Jewish.

The Islamic theory in the Hadith and other ideas need to be followed. Women by their nature are more emotionally weak and can be influenced. That is why it is OK from a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim girl but not the converse. Read what the Blessed Prophet Muhammad wrote.

Further the children must be raised as Muslims and all traditions of Islamic culture need to be respected in the marriage.

Practical considerations

After all is said and done, I personally recommend that if you are a believer, do not to marry an unbeliever.

Marrying an unbeliever might make your marriage invalid in your faith.

  • Marrying someone from a different religion is OK as long as you are both believers.
  • I am a very accepting person, but I married someone from my own religion. Race and country does not matter, but the way you see the world does. Make sure the other person is accepting of your beliefs.

Ultimately God gives you free will. If my wife were Muslim I would marry her. If I was Muslim and she was not I would marry her. Love is the law of God. If you have a different interpretation please let me know.

A personal note about my spiritual journey

I have had a sincere lifelong interest in religion and tried to be a devout faithful servant of God. However, one thing I know about myself is I am arrogant, egotistical and prideful. Not overtly but internally. Perhaps like we all are. If you mix pride with religious fervor you get self-righteousness.

So just an idea, if you are passionate about the your religion, maybe you want to meditate on the idea that God loves all his children equally and there is not need define yourself by your religion as much as by the love and acceptance you have in your heart for others.

Dating differences between Arab and non-Arab Muslims in the Middle East are mostly about clothes. I think Indian and Pakistani families both honor their parents and save their purity for marriage and love and are loyal all the days of their lives. Let’s be honest, besides style of dress we are all children of God. Why should marriage be so restrictive?

Points of consideration love and Union:

  • On one hand, monotheism represents the unity of mankind.
  • Yet, is not Brahma, Tao and other Asian expressions of the ultimate reality expressing the same idea even if it is not in the language we understand or are used to? Religion is a subconscious metaphorical language which speaks about man’s deepest longings and desires.
  • God blesses every person equally sinner, non-believer and devout and chaste equally, with no exceptions.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

22 replies on “Can a Muslim marry a non-Muslim? Yes”

What do you think of Russian girls marrying Arab guys? Do you think this could work?

If you read my post you would read both under Islamic rules of marriage and under an alternative understanding this is allowed. It is no problem. The issue is many Russian girls are believers in name only and this might cause some cultural differences in the relationship. However, mother Russia is notoriously for the Eurasian mix of peoples and cultures.

What do you think of Russian guys marrying Arab girls? Do you think this could work?

It is such a general question. The issue has nothing to do with Arab or Russian, it has to do with how the two people connect. If it is their destiny to be together, they will be together. People overcome all social and cultural boundaries. I live in the USA which is a crucible of cultural assimilation. Anything is possible, it could not only work but it could be a magical relationship.

If I found a gal who is Muslim, and if she love me then i will give more respect. Love is more important and now religion is nothing now.

I am a religious fanatic, yet I think religion is from man and love is from God. And if that is the case then love and co-operation between people’s of different religions is not only possible but important.
When John Lennon wrote ‘imagine that there was no religion’ this is what he meant. Again I am a religious fanatic but I think the only law of God and religion is love. That is why inter-faith marriages are possible.

There is a difference between someone of Arab “race”, and someone that is a Muslim. Muslim is a religion.

If a girl is a Muslim – no way. The Muslim religion is not an open religion, one that walks all over the rights of different religions and people other then Muslim.

Put me down for no.

Islam can be liberating.

The Islamic model could also have been understood as the a corrective of the paradigm of Hellenistic dogmatization of Christ – Hans Kung

Yes it is men who have made Islam and the conventions of marriage and its relationship to women what it is today.
If you have an Muslim girl who understands the message in its full totality, that is the message of the Qur’an is to free believers from the rituals and dogmas that tripped up people’s spiritual path, than I believe anything is possible include ecumenicism and interfaith marriage.

I think Muslim religion is not as simple as Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist and also other, Guy of Muslims are initially show much interest in other religion girls but after marriage their tradition bound girls on restriction, usually Muslim families never offer girls to other religion due to conservative mind but they always interested for other religion. My suggestion never Go for such conservative religion.

Of course it is. Religion is just like the cover of a book, it is not the the cover, but the message in the book that matters. Love is the message religion is the cover of the book.

I lived in Eastern Europe a good part of my life but I am American, but Ukrainian and Polish in background and passport. I also traveled around Russia and love it.

I’m a Catholic girl from India.. I was in a relationship for 5 years with a guy who was my best friend. I met him 8 years ago and I’ve know him since high school, we both fell in love and wanted to get married.. Unfortunately when he told his mother about us, she flip out and emotionally threatened him.. He gave up on us, he said he’s really sorry but that he can’t go against his mother.. He knew this would happen and was always sure he could talk her into it.. She’s known me for about 4 years and she knew we were in love, yet she never once told him to break off the relationship at any point, if she knew she wouldn’t “allow” it then why let it carry on and let us get in deeper.. Now, she made him choose between me and her and he, feeling indebted to his mother, turned his back on me.. After all these years, all the dreams and promises, it’s really hard to accept this happened.. I can understand the position he is in but I didn’t think he’s give up and not fight for us.. I tried talking to his mother thinking that since she knows and likes me, I can get her to understand, all that happened was her talking nonsense about love and religion and what not.. She said she doesn’t care even if her son isn’t happy, he can never be with me, if he wants to she’ll disown him and stuff.. It’s been 3 months now.. I still love him, he is my first love, we were kids when we met, we grew up together.. We learned a lot with and from each other and I don’t know what to do.. He’s in a bad place too but he refuses to make our relationship work because he doesn’t want to be a disappointment to his family.. I don’t get it.. If his mother truly loves him, shouldn’t she want him to be happy? I’m willing to convert and adapt to his life and religion but still.. I’m highly depressed and can’t get myself to move on, even though I now realize I have to move on with my life..

I am very sorry you had this experience. Is this not like the old story of Romeo and Juliet, yet it turned out different? That is parents mess up the happiness of the next generation because of influence in the wrong ‘old school’ thinking?

I would say this. Life is long and you do not know how this will turn out in the long run. You do not know if you will be together, in the future. You do not know how he might mature and change?

But guys that choose their mother rather than their girl are not the long run best choice. I have seen life times of unhappiness from this. A man must choose his girl over his mother 100%. The Bible even says that a man leaves his family to go to his wife. It is a must.

In the mean time it will take a lot of time to get over this. In the USA it would be totally different of course. If you lived in the USA or Canada then parental social influence over love is much less especially when there are cultural boarders as we are a melting pot here. I see all kinds of relationships. My church and I am Catholic is the biggest melting pot ever. People from everywhere, I would say a lot from India and well all over. My department at work has 10 people in it, only two are from the USA. We all get a long, people from India and Pakistan Catholics and Muslims. It does not matter. So a lot has to do with the time and place you live.

I know that you would love to have it all work out, but trust me, you have to trust me when one door closes another opens.

All I can say is ask God to help you though this. We all have had situations in our lives that in the short run it seems unbearable but in the long run, it turned out for the best. In fact this is the rule. We are put to the test and if we make it through it then we are often rewarded many fold.

Love shines forth like sunshine after rain. After a long dark cloudy time sun will come out again. It may come in the form of him seeing the light, or you finding the one God meant you to be with.

Thank you, for understanding and empathizing.. I know the country I live in is still stuck in some ways when it comes to your sense of space and parents are taught by their parents to behave a certain way and they in turn expect the same from their children.. There are very few that think of what makes their children happy and encourage them to follow their hearts.. I’m glad my parents are in that category.. My dad was a Hindu by birth and my mother is of Anglo-Indian descent and from a full on Catholic family.. My mum’s mother was against the wedding because of religious differences but my father volunteered to convert.. I’ve had a very open upbringing, I don’t have unrealistic expectations and demands of the people I love.. And I have never let there be any conflict between my family and my love life.. I know my parents would have been worried that the guy I wanted to marry is a Muslim but since they know him for a long time and we’re in the same neighbourhood, they know he’s a decent guy and their main thing is, if he makes me happy and treats me right, they’ll accept him as their own.. So I guess coming from this kind of family background it’s hard for me to understand how a mother can deprive her own son of his happiness and emotionally balckmail him to the point of causing two people who love each other to break up.. I’m so tired of people saying it’s not worth it, get over it.. Losing someone you love when they’re still in love with you but can’t be with you is like standing at the gates of heaven where you can see happiness but you’re not let in.. I never thought he’d do this to me, he’s always said that no matter what, we’ll see this through.. But when the time came, I don’t know what made him let go.. I know family is important and his mother made a lot of sacrifices for him and his siblings and he feels like he has to hold up his side of the balance.. But as a mother, who’s seen life and hardships and who’s been in an abusive and loveless marriage for almost 30 plus years, why would she want her own son to suffer? To force him to marry some unknown girl, when he’s already in love with one.. She has a daughter too, why can’t she give a minute’s thought about what would happen if her daughter was in this position.. What would she do, what would she say!? This is what she told me, “He’s not the guy for you, don’t be selfish and break up a family, you’ll never be happy.. My son will never go against my wishes, I know how to make him stay.. He can never survive in life without me, if he wants you, he has to forget about me and his whole family, I made that very clear.. So just forget about him and carry on with your life.. I know when to get him married and what kind of a girl to look for him.” This backward kind of thinking still exists and arranged marriages still exist.. They’re bad enough when they don’t encourage couples to get to know each other and force their “selection” of bride/groom on their children but to break up a relationship and then force someone into a loveless marriage spoiling not only their child’s happiness but also another innocent person who comes with hopes and dreams visioning a future of their married life, I mean, how heartless you can get.. I’m sorry for the rant but it really angers me that people use religion in such trivial ways and don’t see the real message of love, forgiveness, acceptance, peace and basic sense of humanity that’s present in all religions.. I know for a fact that Islam allows a Muslim man to marry a Christian woman even if she doesn’t convert, and here I was even willing to and even if they didn’t ask me of it, I would learn more about the religion and raise our children the way they would expect them to but not be close minded.. I feel really lost and hopeless and I’m dragging myself through, day after day.. I wish the pain would go away but it’s like a hole in me and every night is a struggle.. I miss him a lot and I know he does too.. I really wish he sees things with a clear mind, grows up out of his fear and the thought that he’s a disappointment to his family.. I wish he comes back to me and that things would just go back to the way they were but all I can do is just dream and wish.. Thank you so much for listening, it really means a lot!

One of the biggest challenges a man has to make is learn to be his own person. If a man does not do this and lives by the rule of his parents influence or other outside influences than his life and those around them will be difficult. I know many cases of men who choose their parents, especially mother’s influence over their wives, and the women suffer in silence because it does not stop there.

So although it might be more pronounced in your culture it is a universal theme. A man must jettison his parents influence and discover what is truly his. That does not mean all tradition is bad. On the contrary it is good in many cases. But when it comes to love there are no rules. No boundaries and no limits. I want love that is without limits or nothing.

You will be married. I know it for a fact. You will be. It could be to this young man or someone else, but someone romantic and sensitive like you will fine true love. Until that time you have to ask God to give you strength.

Within the community of Catholics there are so many romantic idealistic and beautiful potential partners. Catholicism is a great faith because it has so many tentacles and is assimilating and respectful of different cultures. Latin American Catholicism is unique to Latin America and Indian Catholicism has its own feel as does American Catholicism, yet we are all unified in faith. Faith should not divide anyone or relationships as there is one God and we are all children of our heaven Father. Yet if seems to because people get psychologically fixated on the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law. They feel the more closer they follow their orthodoxy then they are better. While in reality the only law of God is love.

So let time heal. Time does heal all wounds even if it is not in a straight line up but back and forth. Be patient and try to put your mind to other things. Now if you can come around and see your point of view it might happen, but it is all up to him.

If a male person coming from good Hindu family and a Muslim Girl come from also a good background family loves each other also want to marry each other, without converting his religion from Hindu to Muslim-Islam, so far as Hindu religion is concern, he is allowed, but the Islam and Muslim religion so /can allow to marry them each other?

In this world anything is possible and does happen. However, strictly speaking unless the female’s interpretation of the Koran is liberal, than a Muslim female can not marry a Hindu. However, if the female’s interpretation of the Koran is based on the wider theological understanding than it might be possible. Even though the Koran forbids marriage to a mushrikīn or polytheist. Hinduism has elements of monotheism or mu’minīn if you consider Vishnu – Vaishnavism, Narayanan the supreme God and the other deities as aspects of the same Divine. Even though Hindus are not “considered people of the Book” (which only applies to the male anyway), again, it depends on how the individuals interpret life and God.

I am not Muslim so I do not write with authority on the subject, so any Muslim I invite to teach me better if you think I have misspoken. Yet as a believer in the God of Abraham Jacob and Isaac, and the liberating message of Jesus, I think anything is possible. God is the source of all love and life. I find it hard to believe that a God of love would want anything but good for his children.

Further, love can transcend all as the universe comes from God the source of all love. I would think the marriage would have to exist in a Western country or maybe India but not in a Muslim country because of the culture has not had a reformation like Christianity has had in the West.

Well,I read your reply. I think you tried your best level to reply my question,but I think it does not clear the whole picture.I think most of religions,except Muslim /Islamic religion,do understand and believe and of course they don’t have any religious objection or anyway even if the women of one’s religion wants to marry to any other religion male person. Looking to the fact, Christian and Hindu religious person have no objection, also that these religious people believe in one almighty God of love too, so that the lady of these religions can easily do marry to any other religious male person including Muslim religion, so the issue never arise to be happened.

I do not understand if it is banned by the Islamic religion real in sense as per their holy Quran or the said leaders of Islamic religion have forcibly put rules in action strongly, going against the say of Quran and Islam, and also this unjust to all Muslim Women and their love for non-Islamic religions male persons to whom they want to marry in real.

I have produce my thoughts here in this regard,so I am sorry if anybody is hurt. I beg you pardon for the same. I do love and respect all religions including Islam and the people of Muslim–Islamic religion believers.

I’m a Muslim girl and I fell in love with a Christian guy, we both deeply love each others and we don’t care what religion we are, we only care how much we love each other, I’m from Pakistan and he’s from USA, and we planned to get married but since I read in the holy Quran about the strict rules for Muslim girls to marry non-muslim guy is impossible, and that got me and him mad about it and we wanted to be together no matter what, I don’t know what my parents would say about it.
The guy who I love have everything in common with me and we stay happy everyday as we talk
Is it possible if I could be with him for life?

Yes. We are all children of the same God. I believe in God and the Prophets. This is the same God the ultimate meaning of our existence. If God is the source of all love, does not he want us to be happy? Be honest with yourself, does he really care about such things as our rituals or if you have a good spirit in your heart? He cares about you as a person and soul.
In the US it seems everything is possible. People here marry from different races and religions and find a way. They make it work. The write their of script of their life.

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