Moldova girls – Instructions for catching one

Do you want to find the sweet spot for women in Eastern Europe looking for a Western guy to marry? One of my veteran single friends said there was no country better than Moldova for nightlife and day time meets, that lead to long-term relationships.  That is if you want to meet a decent honest lady, forget dating sites like Match, rather book a trip to Chisinau.

Economics plays a role in dating even if it is not spoken of

Moldavia is the poorest country in Europe. Between Romania and Ukraine with a Russian style.  It exports great wine,  but besides that, there is little economy because markets are not free. Hence, it is a country that is poor and many people want to get out, yes women want to escape for better economic prospects. That is where you come in. Many falsely thing that it can be leverage when looking for a lady friend. In contrast, I am telling you it usually has no bearing as any woman worth her salt is not interested in money. Love and money do not mix, like oil and water.

It started with an interesting economic pre-history if you like archaeology and economics and developed into a respectable Medieval principality. The issue is its neighbors had more military power and unenlightened view on economic exchange, then subsequently was never able to shake the shackles of the Byzantine bureaucratic structures of Socialism. The result is a large black market and with an agrarian base.

Economically it has an underground feel. A lot of men in black leather jackets and beefy guys with a swagger standing next to BMWs on the mobile phones, while the majority of the population has subsistence wages. I love to write highly of Eastern European countries but with this tiny land, I would say it is safe for normal travel, but to start a business or trade, handshakes and bribes are everyday life. Which is too bad because the people I have met from the country are talented and educated.

If you are looking love with Moldavia girls beware that some of these beautiful Moldavia girls have other motives.  If you are looking for love find one with very good values manifest in actions not words. I repeat this mantra all over my website that women from poorer countries will try to scam men to achieve a manifold increase in standard of living.  After the break up of the Soviet Union the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic changed to simply the Republic of Moldova, yet the economics are only improving now. This country will take off economically when it joins the EU, which is a top priority for the country.

In this post I will tell you exactly where to meet Moldavian girls on and offline.

Moldavian girl in Eastern Europe – Venetian mask added by me

What do Moldavia girls look like? Beautiful in a word.  Some people think they are the most beautiful girls in the world.  They are a mix of Romanian and Russian so Slavic and Latin girls in one. They in my experience have dark hair. I do not know if it is because they color their hair or because it was a Vessal state of the Ottoman and there were Tartar influence genetically more brunette. Almost universally they are thin, and I think this is connected to the idea that it is not the land of excess in terms of caloric intake.

Chat with Moldavian girls online

Chatting with Moldavia girls, its easy, check out  these mail servers and you will find many Moldavia girls very happy to chat with you.

My list of websites Moldova females hang out on to socialize online.


You need to be able to use a translate tool online if you do not speak Russian or Ukrainian. Of the 3.54 million inhabitants,  70% of the people in Moldavia are actually Moldovan, yet 70% speak some Russian and have a Russian attitude. The official language is Romanian and Ukrainians which are about 11% have a strong influence. If you do not know how to sign up or use these just ask with a comment below.

Alternatively, you can try a dating site that is English that has Moldavian women on it. Just know to bail out if the girl for any reason asks for money as there are a lot of scammers in Moldavia.

Traveling to Moldavia for girls

  • Besides the capital Tiraspol, Ceadîr-Lunga and Bălţi have populations of about 150,000 and therefore a reasonable number of single females. I have always had the motto, small is beautiful when it comes to population centers with girls. They are less corrupted and less cosmopolitanism infecting their world view.
  • The villages are beautiful with the the best women. Access to these girls is another story. I recommend a bike trip if you can afford the time off from work.
  • You do not need a lot of money, and can stay there legally for three months on your passport. You can pay in dollars, Euro or Russian Rubles. The currency is the Moldovan leu which is about eight cents to the dollar.
  • Try to eat the local food and go to diners and shops that sell food instead of blowing a wade of cash on restaurants. Local food is mostly organic and the black earth soil will give it a rustic healthy feel, much better than Western adulterated food.
  • Stay at a cheap hotel, communist style or youth hostel until you can rent an apartment. These are safe, just use common sense. great place to meet other travelers from Europe and student girls.
  • If any girl or guy tries to milk you for cash for any reason, just walk away and do not engage in conversation. Even if you have been dating her and you feel like she is taking advantage of your good nature, just walk. Trust me it makes things easier. You do not have to explain yourself to anyone. Just walk away.
  • Age difference does not matter as much in dating in Moldavia. Yet you do not want to be one of those guys dating someone that could be your daughter in age difference.  You want boundaries of common sense if you are going to participate with a meaningful rapport.
  • Any females wants an exchange of money for a relationship ignore it and move on. Better to meet a humble plain looking Orthodox Christian girl than any temptress with exotic looks.

How do you get there? I recommend that you try and go to Kiev or Odessa and take a bus.

Moldavians have a mix of Slavic and dark features which make them other worldly in beauty

If you fly to Odessa then buses from main bus station goes from Odessa to Chisinau. Go directly though Abtovoksa do not go through Transdiniestr. Buses leave every 1 1/2.

Or Fly to Bucharest, Romania and take a train. You can fly directly to Moldavia but it might cost you.  Romania is an EU country and lots of people go there so it is not a problem to find a flight. However, once you land there you might see many Romanian girls and this would create a large disincentive to leave. There are few greener pastures in Eastern Europe.

Let me know if you have any questions about Moldavian girls. This is rather a short post and more packed with useful information about how to get to Moldavia or meet the girls online. But if you want to know anything more about the culture, what the girls are like or how to approach them let me know with a comment below.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

11 replies on “Moldova girls – Instructions for catching one”

Hi, I m from Costa Rica and I have friends from Moldova, I want to say that they are the most beautiful girls of the world and I would like to get more friends girls from that beautiful Moldova country.

What you write is correct, you need to get the right bus station in Odessa to travel to Moldavia. And do not expect the bus to be a luxury greyhound standard bus. It is one of these Post communistic buses. Nothing bad, or unsafe, just a little bit of a bumpy ride at times.
Moldavia is somewhat mountainous and warm, almost like California. beautiful county although poor. And of course if you know Russian or Romanian you will be better off.

If I ever stepped foot first in Moldova I never would have gone to Ukraine. I cannot be more clear, Moldovan girls are just as beautiful as Ukrainian girl but MUCH better inside as a person and have a MUCH better way of being in a relationship. That said- part of the comments included how to get there, to me the mini van/marshootka you get at Avtovokzal in Odessa is just fine, the part of the road from Odessa to Chisinau in Ukraine especially near the border is quite the bumpy experience. This Bus Station in Odessa is not far from center and is where the bus companies of Gunsel and Avtolux are located, however, recently Gunsel has moved up the street from this Bus Station (Avtovokzal). you will hear the men yelling WHERE their mini van is going, so in the summer do not be surprised to see a shirtless sweaty man yelling “Kiev” or Kishinev (the Soviet name for Chisinau) or some other city- he is looking for passengers to put in ‘his’ minivan and make some money. Since I had some money I always took a taxi to and from Chisinau, about $75, My choice, takes about 3 hours or so depending on passport control and so on, you will most likely also stop about 1/2 way in Cassini, which is more like a small village but with such a super good feel to it, and yes you will probably get looked at strangely as not too many foreigners go through there. Sorry but I do not have any idea how many UAH/hryvnia (Ukrainian money) is needed to take the minivan to Chisinau from Odessa, and one more thing, at this Avtovokzal in Odessa comfortable bus is now 400- 500 hryvnia to Kiev. Price went up double since 2012. Anyway, as some of the previous posts say, Moldavian girls WILL have you turning your head and well also spinning around and I am sure they have seen this before, they even (somehow) actually wear more form fitting tighter jeans which show off their virtually perfect forms, even better than Ukrainian girls and there is saying a lot, again, guys just go there, Moldavian girls are just as pretty but have much more depth and substance, and is not that what we are also looking for?

I have to say that is a pretty goos list of dating sites for Moldavia, it is the basic list of in the Eastern Slavic world, but again as Admin mentions they are in Russian.

Well Katya, care to be my guide? Im not just looking for fun. Tired of the games women play and tired of women who run after money. Looking for a Beautiful, fun spirited, family oriented woman. Either a Moldovian or Romanian woman would do.

Moldavian girls are romantic, they know how to cook, they are very beautiful, they are easy-going, but I don’t like that they drink lots of alcohol.

Indeed they are very interested to escape from Moldavia, they will marry in 24 hours if you propose to them a good deal.

If I would have to choose between Moldavian and Romanian women, I choose Moldavian. I love them as lovers, not wives 😀

Not all the Moldavian girls are available to marry in 24 hours. And not of them are alcohol drinkers. Just a small part of them. I don’t know why, but I feel very connected with Moldova and the people there. I don’t want to judge them here, to make a wrong impression about them to you. There are many girls in Moldova which are very well-educated, smart, funny, romantic… and I think they deserve the chance to meet their prince. What I know for sure, is that Moldavian girls are all natural, no plastic surgery.
Of course some of them want to live a better life in a western country, but they don’t put it on the first place.
What I know, the divorce rates in Moldova are high, because of the poverty, of the political situation which stress the people, because of the Moldovan men which are not very charming with their women.

I think the women from Moldova are the Venezuelan of the east.
So, my updated opinion about the women from Moldova is that they could be very good wives, better than western women.

Every time I search for beautiful and exotic women on different countries, I blink a moment and I think how near I am to Moldova and how beautiful the women are there and how stupid I am for not consider to find my bride there.

I like very much Venezuelan women, the beauty pageant winners, but I remember that I’ve read in Kama Sutra that is not a smart idea to search for a bride in a model contest, but to search them in the villages, in their cities, in their natural environment.

I have everything in common with the women from Moldova. I think I run away from them because it’s too easy for me to make them love me with all their soul, I know all their culture, religion, music, etc. Maybe I want to reach the impossible, maybe for me is more important to find a bride which lives far away from my country, and to fight a lot for her… maybe because of this I want to find a Venezuelan bride.

I am quite upside down now. My heart is in both ways: Venezuela and Moldova.

Well I do not think it is an either/or about Venezuela or Moldova for women, just e-mail a few travel a little and see how it all works. Many guys say I want to marry a girl from this country. It is not a bad approach as culture has a strong influence on behavior and they way people see love and marriage. However, keep your options open and feel your way through it. I think Moldavian women have a reputation for beauty that the whole world knows about.

There is any good way to marry a Moldavian girl? I am serious about my intentions.

If you are serious the answer is easy, you need to get on a plane and go to Chișinău. From there you can rent an apartment in Chișinău or in a village, even just a room. It is not expensive. If you are serious than you would consider that option. Once there you look around and you will know what to do. However, make sure you look stylish and for lack of a better work, ‘cool’. Do not just stand there and gawk as women. You have to be try to learn some Russian for example, have a purpose or reason while you are there or an activity.

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