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Minsk is the nexus for girls with milky white skin. If you like snow-white, she might be living in the capital of Belorussian. I believe it has something to do with climate and historical proximity.

Minsk is neither here nor there. While Moscow was influenced by the Tartars, and Warsaw by the West, Minsk was just an Eastern Slavic fishing settlement on the Svislach and Niamiha rivers under cloudy wintry skies. Historically it toggled back and forth between the Polish-Lithuanian union and the sphere of influence of Russia. It is a Western country in terms of culture with a Cyrillic alphabet and language that is closely connected with Russian.

So if you like pale and pasty girls, even in the summer, not like a Twilight vampire way, but in a good way, that is clear youthful completions and a look of innocence, go to Minsk.

Snow White in the Belorussian capital. I wish I could give you her mobile phone number, but I think you have to find your princess your self by having the courage to seek her out and rescue her.

The female population of Minsk have mostly clear blue eyes and light green. Angels basically. I did no not remember the eye-color of the male population as I think I was so hypnotized by the Barbie dolls around me.

Skin aside, physically Minsk women are slim, small hips and small everything else. – the McDonald’s cataclysm has not yet struck. Not only are skin problems rare compared to American girls who have junk food induced acne and leathery skin. Again less processed foods and less sun in Minsk. Hence, Kissing a girl from Minsk is like nibbling on a sweet strawberry. Kissing a leathery Western girl might be like kissing a catcher’s mitt (never tried it). So from a psycho-physical perspective, Minsk is a living laboratory for snow-white brides.

On paper and in my experience it is an ideal country to find a wife. The flag and coat of Arms of Minsk is the Holy Mother surrounded by Angels. I to this day have never met a person from Belarus who was anything else but soft-spoken and gentle in disposition.

The Dark side of a fairy-tale exists. There are two issues with Minsk that are no fault of the people. The legacy of the Chernobyl disaster and the political dictatorship that holds a grip there. However, these should play no role over your search, just do not criticizes he government or you can get three years in the clink. Besides that it is a clean modern country with friendly people, just CIS standard economy.

One more issue, is you need a Visa to go there. This is very easy to get. I got them for a score of countries. It is nothing more than a tax. But to get there you have to follow the instructions here: visa  for Belarus –  Basically you need passport photos and fill out an application and pay a travel agency there to give you an invitation. It will be a bout 40 dollars to get an invitation letter.

How to get around a Belorussian visa to meet a girl. Very easy meet them in Poland. Warsaw is an easy trip from the UK or the USA with direct flights. The lets say Minsk woman can meet you in Warsaw as even though the boarders are not transparent like in the CIS between Belarus and Poland it not a problem on a temporary basis. They might get a Schengen visa type C. However, you might have to pay for their trip. If you do not want to do that go directly to Minsk.

The Visa issue can actually be a good thing as it keeps the lowest common denominator player guys from taking an easy jet flight there for the weekend to score some action. Rather you have to make a real effort to go to Minsk. This keeps it a bit uncorrupted.

I would recommend getting an apartment to rent as hotels are expensive. You can pay between one and 200 dollars a night. While in contrast an apartment is about 40 dollars. Where would you rather spend you money? I personally go for the cheaper ones, built-in the CCCP era, as I like to retro look and live in comfort in the States and want adventure aboard.

Phones for calling women in Minsk

Like everywhere go to a phone store or Kiosk and buy a prepaid SIM card. International calls are expensive so just get a local card. The country code in Belarus is +375 while the numbers in Minsk start with 29 and landlines with 17.

Minsk nightlife – Club action in Мінск

Most of the Students girls or women in their 20s do not go clubbing in Minsk because it is prohibitively expensive. The only ones that really go are party girls living the lifestyle or gold-diggers, some of them looking for old geezer to extend this lifestyle with.

However, in a population of 1.9 million people there are over 100,000 university female students in Minsk. Official government estimates are 78.9% are model like stunners and the rest will make your heat throb.

If you are foreign male expect to pay to go to clubs totally damage can be North of 50 dollars by the time you leave at 3am.

Just go to the area about Horki Park between Praspyekt Nyezalyezhnastsi and Vulistsa Ul’yanawkaya. This is where the strip of night clubs are, it is safe to walk and you can just go from club to club.

Here are a few for examples:

  • UFO or NLO – Kolasa str 37 – Minsk is the place to meet local student girls, it is not a foreigner trap, but just a local disco they even have bowling, that is if you are not dirty dancing with a Stundentka from Minsk State Linguistic University or just watching a group of girls gyrating like they do on the dance floor.
  • Titan – Dzerzhinskogo ave 104 a lot of Middle Eastern Arab guys going to the Pyrotechnical university cruising this place, going to the restaurant then the lounge and looking for women. I would say it is large and expansive, worth a visit if you do not mind the cover.
  • Overtime Night Club 4, Pobediteli Ave – Biggest club in Minsk with a 20 dollar cover and clean reputation.
  • Madison Royal Club or the Bayberry. Timiryazeva str 9 – Where I would go to dance.
  • Next or the Next night club – Its actually in the crown plaza. _ typical lounge and disco but I would rate this pretty high based on what people have told me for attractive ladies. I think there are a lot of gold diggers here and women working in that profession on a more short term basis, so watch out.
  • Dozari – Nezavisimosti ave 58 An Irish bar.

Better is to find a girl on the street, like on a park bench (not by the train station at night mind you)

For example go to the Museum of history of the great Patriotic war. You will see fountains and benches in a long rectangular fashion that parallel the length of the museum. A great place to strike up a conversations with a lady.

Minsk princesses via an online avenue

I wish I could recommend something new there but these are where women of the FSU (former Soviet Union) hang out on-line.


See my post on Belarus girls

Any of the traditional ‘brides for sale dating sites’ can help you, I would recommend countryside girls that are educated. Scams are not an issue if you convey you do not have any money.

The best time to go to Minsk is summer but the cost is almost 50% more in terms of flights. However, in the second week of June you can see something called the parade of the Brides in Minsk. Worth it just for that.

So you can stop searching for the famous fake foreign film Rochelle, Rochelle, you have can use me as a resource about Eastern Europe.

If you have questions or thinking about living or studying in Minsk and want to meet a beautiful princess, let me know.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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You can also try the website. It is a very popular website in Belarus that also has English section. It is also a part of network. Once you become a VIP member ($5), try boosting your popularity by sending an SMS which costs $1. By doing this your profile will be seen by a lot of ladies. You will get instantly noticed and probably will receive so many messages. I was very surprised that $1 can do so much work. Try to keep the chat part as little as possible and get their numbers or better ask them out instantly.

Caution: Try to stay away from money-consumption machines. One way to figure this out is to check whether she asks for the most expensive food/drink on the menu or not. Do this early, and you will save a lot of money 🙂

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