Meet Polish, Russian, Ukrainian girls with newspaper classifieds

When most guys want to meet girls in Eastern Europe, like in countries like Ukraine, Russia and Poland, they think two things: Online dating and Online Russian bride websites. These are actually slightly different. My Mantra is those are good, but try real one-on-one meetings when you travel, that is offline dating. Here is one idea that is an example of zigging when others are zagging. It is a bit different but I know people who have met this way and gotten married. Pareto’s principle is fully in play in the dating arena.

That is, meeting Eastern European girls though real newspaper classified ads.

It is retro dating and maybe for the older crowd, but it is effective. You get a different pool of girls than you would just signing up to a dating site. Many countryside girls without Internet. Many people trying a different approach. In Eastern Europe people still read newspapers rather than just online classifieds.

Warning about Newspaper classified for girls in Eastern Europe

  • It is not that the announcements are fake. In fact in newspapers bridal searches are more real than on the web. It is that some girls in newspapers are looking for less than nobel things, including lets just say a strange type of business relationship with a fast call to a girl on her mobile phone (I do not recommend),. Another is a short-term vacation where you pay for the vacation and the girl comes along to some exotic place like Dubai with you as your special friend.  This I can not recommend and distant myself from this type of girl.
  • You get girls looking for marriage for a visa or Citizenship, something I do not recommend either. Guys from India or Pakistan are trying to get to Europe, the EU, so will offer girls about 10,000 dollars for a citizenship to Europe via marriage. I think this is not only not legal but dishonest and wrong. Marriage is about love.

Some dating tips in Eastern Europe

I have noticed the girls without photos tend to be hotter. Just my personal observation. Maybe hot chicks do not want to put their photo online or in the newspaper because they have to work less to get a guy. This comes under the category that beautiful girls are lazy. All they need to do in life is just show up.
I remember this accountant in my department back in Boston, who was from Estonia, tall and blond. I do not know if she was a hard worker or that smart, but golly ghee wiz, she did get promoted fast and people liked talking to her. I heard that some of the executives, even married ones were so hounding her she had to tell them forcefully to back off. The irony is, me being both American and European, never thought she was anything special. It is just American guys have nothing to look at all day as many of our girls are not as stylish and fit.
In contrast, not hot ladies need to work harder and try more extreme methods to find a mate. That is they tend to be more pleasers while beautiful girls tend to be takers and have a sense of expectations. That is why putting a photo online or in the newspaper and exposing themselves to the world is not what these girls do.
Online dating Vs. Offline dating – I think the best dating strategy is both with online and offline dating you need to mix up the interplay between various methods. But really consider barriers to entry.
When there is low barriers to entry like with online classifieds like and, you get many serial or repeat daters. In a physical Newspaper girls are more serious as it takes more effort to put a dating profile than online. Think about the idea of barriers to entry in an economic sense and you will understand what I mean. That is in places where it is easy to set up a shop, there tends to be zero economic profits. While in places where it is more complicated or requires money, then you get a better return.
Learn a few important words in your target language, like bride, marriage, matrimony, accompaniment, serious relationship, short-term relationship. Also learn some adjectives describing personal characteristics, in fact I would say this is a good way to learn a language. Know the subtle meanings in Eastern Europe what a sponsor is.
Get someone local to help you put your own announcement in the newspaper. Just locate the newspaper in town and they will have someone who speaks English and help you. I was looking for someone to do some art work a few years back and I still get replies. I think some of the announcements somehow go online through a portal and get picked up that way. Therefore for a small investment of a few dollars you can have a stream of replies, a whole pipeline of potential girls.
And so it is with women and dating. You have to be creative and not do what everyone else is doing. Sometimes the contrarian dating strategies work the best, therefore, try newspaper classified for girls from Europe. Ask me if you have any question about the getting a bride from Eastern Europe.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. I am looking for a real true woman from Ukraine or Russia that I can meet in the UK who is kind, caring and very tender. I am marriage-minded and want to raise a happy family with my wife. I have so much love to give and I really want to fall in love and for us to become soulmates and live a romantic life together.

    1. I guess my frist question to you is what steps have yopu taken to find her?

    2. Im the same as Curtis. Ive tried through the dating sites but they all seem to be scammers.

      what do you recommend?

      1. I just left two great lists of websites for finding a Polish or Ukrainian wife. Please check the recent comments and you will see these lists. However, these are the motherload of websites, that are free and you will find authentic girls. My request is you come back and comment with questions or one way or another how you are doing?

  2. How I put a add in the small town in Ukraine?

    1. You need to find the town you like and call the local paper or go to the office directly and put an ad in with payment. I think the best method if you do not know Ukrainian is get a student to help you from Gumtree Poland that knows Ukrainian.

      I would just figure it out myself. If it was so easy everyone would do it and you have no competitive advantage, that is there would be a flood a foreigners looking for Ukrainian girls this way. Also could you please use proper caps and punctuation in you comments.

  3. I have checked the site and you don’t have the free sites for Ukrainian women. From your accounts and from personal experience, I would love to meet an Ukrainian beauty, and I don’t mean this in a superficial way. I find that here in my country nowadays women have taken a turn for the worse.

    I tried being married with a girl in my country, but it didn’t work out, moreover, it was her who decided to get a divorce -never wanted to marry by the church-, because she didn’t understand what was to support one another and wanted to continue partying and living those emotions while married.

    I am a very committed man when I find someone who is worthy, and I do believe in one marriage before God, I just want to know a woman who shares the same ideals and hopefully, we can share a life together. If possible I would like you to give me some places, specifically for Ukrainian women, privately if needed be. You are doing a great work for uniting couples, my sincere regards.

    1. Your experience is common. I am sorry you had that experience. The good news is next time you will be all the wiser and choose a girl who is ‘walking the walk’ like you are when it come to religion.

      Yes there are plenty of free dating sites for Ukrainian women, many are found on Russian servers like and However, the best is really trying a non-traditional approach. For example, if you play chess connect to people who play chess online from Ukraine. Perhaps that is a poor example, as most people who are into chess are men, but my point is find your niche. What are your interests? What would intellectually set you apart and that women participate in? That is the question and start networking in those communities.

      I personally think the only real way to find a wife is to travel. This way you can really determine who you are meeting. Focus on women that are really walking the walk. Focus what you really want. For me that equated to a super hot wife who has loyalty to her values greater than her looks.

      Some people say that loyalty is the summum bonum.

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