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Medieval girls

I believe in true love and princesses. I think this idea in our culture came from the ideal of Medieval woman.

Ladies of the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were a time when faith and ideals where high.  A time when beauty and virtue were synonymous and sometime even went hand in hand.  The purpose of this post is to share some hots I took yesterday (I asked permission) at a Middle Ages fair in Poland , only a stone through away from where I live.  It is held once a year and goes back to ancient times to the founders (Krak) of the city, it is real living history.

The Medieval girls in these hots are nice Polish girls who are reenactors of ladies of the Middle Ages. They are very nice and their smiles are perfect for the part.  What do you think their smiles are saying? I am sure in real life they will find someone to fall in love with them, if they have not already.

The  thing about these hots is the Medieval women featured here are really are virtuous good people.  Poland is one place where culture and ideals still exist and faith is strong.  You do not need a time machine to find a princess.  You do not have to fantasizes about going back to some medieval time, this is a place of living history.

If you are a true prince you will find a Polish princess that was waiting for their heart to be swepted away, by a prince. If you are a rogue or a scoundrel Polish girls will only cause you grief and send you back from the steppes (I think these guys had some of the best costumes) or primitive barbarian land where crawled out of. Dare to have the courage of your convictions.

They are seeking an errand knight who is into storming castles, rescuing damsels and enchanted forest walks. It does not matter if they are peasant girls or a lady from the high court, they exists in Poland for real. If you are pure in heart you will life a real life fairy-tale.  I know I live here. It is part of the collective unconscious of this society. However in the Western Europe (they use to exist in Celtic culture but this is history) it exist tangentially if at all.

“Our greatest fears are like dragons guarding our heart’s deepest treasures, waiting for us to be bold and beautiful.”- Rilke.

Therefore, if you admire beauty and pureness of heart let me know what you think of these medieval princesses that I was able to capture (in hots only).  They have beautiful girls costumes almost like out of a fantasy. I think these girls are the closet living beings to elf girls from some fantasy story.

Sorry my camera was not better  is was my video camera not my Sony and  it was really not my best Camera.  Maybe next year I will bring my Sony and a Camera stand.  I think these hots up there with the Gothic girls hots I took last fall.  Oh the joys of living in a Medieval city in the 21st century.  I see Gothic angels and dark ages girls floating through the city from time to time in full dress.

Also have some courage and fun and please comment on these beautiful medieval girls and I can try to take more hots of such works of art.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Seeking the “Princess’ of my dreams never ends until my heart is filled completely with joy. I am drawn to these times and so I feel that my Princess is as well.

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