Marry a woman 10 to 15 years younger

Perfect age difference husband and wife

My argument is why get married unless you are going to enjoy yourself?

Statistically most people marry within a couple of years of their spouse.  There is a problem with that, and a big problem.

Once women hit menopause, their juice is down and they become round.

If you are a male with any sort of drive for physical intimacy on a regular basis, you are in trouble if you marry a woman close to your age.

I guess you could start to eat frozen TV dinners and processed food and let your health degrade so it does not matter. However, a better solution would be, marry a younger woman. Science shows you will love longer and be happier.

When searching for a mate, go for beauty not companionship.

I was never looking for companionship when I was single and neither should you. A lot of women will try to sell you on the idea that they are good companions. Wrong. False.

Maybe if you have chronic low testosterone. However, better is be full of vitality, a fifty year old teenager. If you are seeking a companion, a friend with shared interests in a partner, I would check your hormone levels or make sure you do not have too many phytoestrogens in your diet. Look I know you have been told by our society to search for a nice girl. No, I do not want a nice girl. I want an attractive young woman who gets my blood going, I always did.

Let me give you an example, my ninety-seven year old uncle won a dance contrast with his younger Swedish girlfriend. He was driving a pick-up truck and having fun. The reason he lived so long and healthy was just that. His life force, his chi, his prana was flowing and always in the game. You want to be in the game. Choose a woman at least ten years younger.  You want to think like a teenager when it comes to dating and choose a woman in her 20s and early thirties if you are in your forties and fifties.

If you have resigned yourself to complacency at middle age, you have a long road of decline ahead of you. You need to think young to be young and that includes being wise in your mate selection. If you marry a woman around your age,  where is the excitement?

What happens if you marry a woman close to your age?

In colonial America you would have been fine as life expectancies where different, and women and men were educated to be humble. However, today, when you will spend fifty years with the same woman, a woman from modern western society, marry a young lady.  If you are less then ten years year difference women will try to control you. You will be hen pecked to submission.

Instead of giving up on yourself and your dreams, Better is to take up Astanga yoga and get a young cordial lady, lock her down in marriage and enjoy yourself.  After a few years the excitement will not wear off if she is into fitness, and you will not have a wandering eye. Further, you might even develop a friendship if your world views are the same but this is icing on the cake of the physical side.  What if you do not like to work out or do yoga?  If you do not like yoga, think of it this way, you can suffer for 90 minutes a day in yoga class or for the next 90 years of your life your choice.

I am not taking about marrying a twenty one year old or someone twenty plus years younger (although I have seen happy marriages at this age gap), rather I am talking about a healthy ten to fifteen year difference. Basing it on two principles: The female has to be cordial for you, and have a similar world view so you can engage in inquisitive exploitation of the world around you together, rather than compete and try to convert life philosophies.

Therefore,  advocate getting a cordial slim lady who does not hassle you. Someone whose juices are flowing and even slightly perverse, as long as they are have morals.  You want someone who has good morals to maintain the longevity of the relationship, but irresistible. You are not going to find that in the long term with a woman who is your age, unless you are  a man who does not take care of themselves. The reason again is men and women age different.

I recommend a foreign woman because they are more open to age difference. You could get a domestic hen, but she would have to be open minded and uncorrupted by Western thinking.

Foreign women believe love is magic, eternal and has no bounds. Love is the mystical fountain of youth.

What is marriage anyway?

Marriage is everyday life. Most of it is having good meals (not in-front of the TV), weekend trips, dreaming about a Thomas Kinkade home  and watching Netflix together. When you do this, do do it with a total babe. If not, I recommend  taking up a hobby like a library book club to channel your libidinal drives.

Guilt of the media

The politically correct media in the dating field is dominated by women writers. They try to sell you on the idea that age closeness is the way to go.  It is not. It goes against nature. As long as a woman is in her 20s she is datable (often women in their early 20s their brains are still developing which has a good and a bad aspect to this).  Think of all the scandals and men that are cheaters, this happens because their wives are not cordial enough. I am not one of those guys.  There is zero percent chance I would ever cheat, because I married a cutie and so can you.

If you think my advice is off base than let me put it to you this way.  In pop culture the media and blogs will advise is  to marry someone your age. The scandal happens affair, than a divorce. The media accepts this and even recommends divorce. I say no. I say marry a youthful woman and ride that wave and do not look elsewhere. Get over the guilt and social pressures.

If you must go for an American girl, look in niche social groups like yoga and permaculture, I guess.

What is the ideal age

I think a great age to find a woman is when she is about 27.  If you are older you can bump it up a few years. If you are in your late twenties and you meet a girl in her early 20s this could work as long as you screen her for loyalty. With young women who have not crystallized a coherent unified world view there is a high flight risk latter in the relationship. Forget half your age plus seven years., marry 10 to 15 years younger.

Some women will say I look much younger for my age

This is more female speak nonsense. They do not. A 35 year old does not look like a 21 or 27 year old, period. Similarly women speak is they are wiser. They are not wiser, simply their hormones have calmed down and they are not doing things like having relations with random guys. It is not that they are wiser, it is their hormones do not give them this urge or opportunity. So if you hear a woman say this chances her sensuality is going down the hill.

I know several of my friend that married women older. It looks unnatural. The women look like old ladies and the men look like they are polished and attractive.  Women that think they look younger do not and even if they did, it is not the same. Women that say they look younger are lying to themselves. I know some tragic cases of women in their 30s not married. It is very sad. I would say they should be chasing men at that point not giving a lame excuse that ‘they are too picky’ or ‘there are no good guys’.  There are good guys all over my website.

For example, I will be 53 this year.  Can you image me, someone who is fit and goes surfing and travels the world, being married to a grey hair round lady who is into lunch dates with her friends and cats? No, I am married to a beautiful fit younger woman who I love with all my heart.

I told my wife you do not have to worry about me having a mid-life crisis, because you are my mid-life crisis.

In contrast my friend the same age married a woman eight years older than him. She is in her sixties, wow. Can you image me, a man of the world, dating some sixty year old?

When you marry for lust the whole world can not help but smile on you

Love is about honesty and I am pleading with you to be honest with yourself and free yourself from societal expectations. Feel free to marry for a younger woman ten to fifteen years younger (adult of course).

A woman for the long-run

Men age different than women.  That is a fact because the estrogen makes their skin wrinkle faster. A woman’s skin is more delicate.  Women age 10+ years faster than men because nature, wants it this way. Their hormones decline all at once. Nature wants women to reproduce when they are younger. Women like mature men instinctively because they want to be taken care of for evolutionary reasons. Women have so much power in the mating game. They tend to have multi suitors, and can have physical relationships with anyone at any time. However, they have a short window from 21 to 40. Men are good their whole life for dating. Further, we live so much longer. You will live well over eighty while in the old days people checked out at sixty. Be real when you are sixty do you want to be married to a sixty year old?

  • People say, women live longer.  No one knows how long anyone lives. Do not play that statistics game in your head, live one day at a time.

Younger men can not understand how to deal with women’s mood swings. If you are metaphorically Capitan of your ship than the rough seas of a monthly storm can be ridden out.
If your wife is younger you have more experience and wisdom to understand the ebb and flow of female emotions and are better equipt to handle them in a a peaceful calm way, instead of a reactive way

This is why women are so rude and difficult when they are younger because they know instinctively their time is limited and must find the best mate, they do not have time to mess around. I can respect that.

Another common problem is if the ages are too close women in American try to dominate. Come on guys how many women have tried to assert their strong will in a relationship?

What if you are married to an older woman?
That is great. As a religious person it ultimately does not matter. Enjoy your life and stay committed to your soul mate.  If you married young you will have years of happiness others will not understand. I am writing this to guys before they have pulled the proverbial trigger (the point of no return).

Bottom line if you ever are asking is there too big of an age difference, I would day no.  Statistically I think the optimal is 8 years for male and female happiness, but I recommend about 10 to 15 years as the world is changing. What was true a decade ago is not true today. Men are taking care of their health like women did.

Let me know if you have any questions on how to get a younger woman or the subtle dynamics of your relationship.

Author: Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

7 thoughts on “Marry a woman 10 to 15 years younger”

  1. I am 71. She is 49. 22 years younger than I am. I’m crazy about her. We are both German, but met in the U.S. She acts even younger than she is, and I love it. I couldn’t be happier.

  2. Hi Mark, I have been chatting with this girl from Opolskie, Poland for almost a year. We have exchanged hot’s and funny video’s in getting to know each other. She is now working in the U.S. as an Au Pair. She is 24 and I am 35. She stated interest during one of our previous conversations that she wants to meet. That is when she was working in Sweden. Well, now that she is in the U.S., I am trying to set up some time to go meet with her in the city she is in. She didn’t respond to my SMS when I inquired about it. I sent her one more SMS about a week later which was unrelated to meeting, and she responded like she was pleased to hear from me. The next day, I asked again if she still wants to meet with me. That was about 3 days ago as of today, and she still hasn’t responded. This is showing me signs of flakyness, and I have dealt with this in the past from several women. I’m wondering if I should give up on chasing her since she might be too emotionally immature at her age to follow-up and physically meet with me. I know you have stated in your articles that us men need to do the chasing on a girl that we think is worth it, but this flaky behavior gives me pause about her. Also, I’m not sure if chasing the girl only applies to girls after you have already met, not before. What do you think? Should I give up on her?

    1. I wold not give up on her. You needed to determine what is going on. The age difference is perfect but often it is not until they are 26 or 27 do they start to mature enough. When a girl is 24 the flight factor is high.

      If she believes in true love and the one and only, then that is a different story. If she is trying to optimize than at 24 she might be having second thoughts. I personally would not give up on her. Polish women can be difficult to catch, but if they are church going Catholics and sincere they will stay with you. I would play this out to the end. I would try to determine what is going on? Is she in a city far from you or across the country?

      1. Mark, I was afraid you may say that, and I suspected the same concerning her age-to-maturity ratio. I come to you asking for guidance because I know that you have lived in Poland for many years, and you are a bit of an authority on Polish girls.

        I’m not sure if she is a church going Catholic since that conversation has never come up. Still though, I am surprised that she has been talking to me for this long. However, she recently told me that she wants to get a small tattoo, and that might be a red flag. I remember reading one of your other articles on this.

        She is staying close to Baltimore, MD and I am in a place close to Nashville, TN. It is about a 10 hour drive for me to get to her. If you think that I should keep trying, then how would you recommend that I proceed to find out if she is an ‘optimizer’ or a ‘one true love’ girl?

        1. I personally would drive out and see her. That is me. I love taking road trips through the Appalachian mountains mountains in the fall. You could surprise her if your rapport is good enough or you can let her know if you think that is more appropriate depending on her level of commitment. You might want to play this out, even if it does not work it will give you conformation either way. And the drive is not far. If money is a concern do a Rodie for example.

          I am not an expert on life. However, I know that tattoos for me in women are a red flag because of a continuity of beliefs. It is like a small clue of other deviant behavior that could come out latter. I know one nice married couple with tattoos. However, I know scores of divorced women with tattoos. I do not know if there is a correlation. However, that preference is just mine, that you want to marry a clean cut girl. You do not want someone smoking or with tattoos or that swears.

          If you have an intuitive feel she is not for you, you could cut your losses.

          I am very happily married. Some things I noticed about my wife was she did not like the idea of tattoos, she went to church weekly and read the Bible, and took it seriously. She did not use vulgar language. She apologized a lot. She also believed in one true love in life.

          If you find a women who manifest such qualities and is cordial, she is a keeper in my opinion and I would go to great lengths to win her. I moved to Poland for a decade for example. Sorry to water if down to a simply formula as it is not. However, I believe ‘nothing comes from nothing’.
          Ex nihilo, nihil fit
          You must look at the small traits that pop up, to determine what kind of person a girl (or guy) really is.
          The mind is an iceberg with only a fraction verbalized or manifest on the surface.

  3. I am a woman and I agree with the advice in this article. I have always been naturally attracted to older men (10+ years older than me). When people (usually western women) would try to shame me and to pressure me to become interested in men my age (or younger!), it never worked. Some older women who I sensed were envious of my youth would even accuse me of having “daddy issues”. I have a healthy and loving relationship with my father. I never had a fight with him my whole life and I respect him very much. The reason I am attracted to older men has nothing to do with my father. My parents have been married for 40 years and my father is 17 years older than my mother. In my culture, it is common for a younger woman and an older man to fall in love and get married.

  4. I am a woman and I agree with the advice in this article. I have always been naturally attracted to older men (10+ years older than me). When people (usually western women) would try to shame me and to pressure me to become interested in men my age (or younger!), it never worked. Some older women who I sensed were envious of my youth would even accuse me of having “daddy issues”. I have a healthy and loving relationship with my father. I never had a fight with him my whole life and I respect him very much. The reason I am attracted to older men has nothing to do with my father. My parents have been married for 40 years and my father is 17 years older than my mother. In my culture, it is common for a younger woman and an older man to fall in love and get married.

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