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The page is about Malaysian girls. That is, it will answer the questions, who are they ethically, what is their culture. It will focus in particular on, what is their attitude toward dating, love and men. I will also give you some ideas on how to meet woman from Malaysia which you will not find on other websites.

The purpose of this website is to get you married or at least find love in your life. It is a free site not promoting anything, therefore my information is more objective than other sites. Please take a look around my website after you read my post on Malaysian ladies.

Ethnic make up of Malaysian women

If you like exotic, this South Asian Pacific country is for you. This is what you will find:

  • 54% Malay
  • 25% Chinese
  • 7.5% Indian
  • 11.8% other Bumiputera
  • 1.7% other

Me personally I have never been overly attracted to Asian girls.

I prefer Eastern European girls, but this is my culture. However, most of my friends are. However, Malay girls are something different. They are a mix of ancient people and South Asian and Indian. This give them a very beautiful look.

Malaysian economy and its influence on females

Malaysia is a tiger and the county’s development is uneven, it is not like Singapore where money flows through the street. Some Malaysian girls are just looking to marry a foreigner for a passport, while others would not dream of leaving exotic warm, rich Malaysia.

Malaysian ladies my experience

Malay girls are a desirable combination of moral and very flirtatious. I do not know why, but the Malay women I have meet love to play and flirt. The company I worked for had a major presence in Malaysia and so my interaction was on a business level, but they did not care, the Malaysian women were dressed well, looking sensual and flirting with me in very suggestive ways. However, if I tried to suggest anything they would back off, as they did with all the guys I know.

I think they would make good wives as they come from a society of morals. Muslims usually have very good morals. Even if the Malay girls are not following this tradition, it has been part of their culture for so long that, even if they jettison their religion, they keep their moral values like loyalty.

I have not known Malay girls to be disloyal, but maybe I do not have the full picture.

Where to chat and meet Malaysian girl

It is such a long flight ( (very good service) or (low cost)) to South Asia so I would first try the Internet. Try some western sites like Facebook as English is spoken there because of its history and relation to European countries like the UK. If I was chatting with someone I would question them in detail to make darn sure they really have values. I would ask many questions about life and love and money. I would do it in a subtle way not directly or it could turn the women off.

Specific websites to meet and chat a Malay girl


But in my opinion is where you want to start to meet Malaysian girls.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

71 replies on “Malaysian girls”

What a stupid way to describe the people in Malaysia.

Calling them having moral values? You forgot to wear your glasses I think.

Marry one and see how your life suffers.

I am truly sorry you had a bad experience with a Malaysian girl. What happened, so others might be aware?

I will be more specific on Malay Women. I think Malay women are a kind a wife material. They’re less materialistic, trustworthy & loyal.A good mother.Soft but not weak, shy but not stupid, Strong but not hard.A Muslim Malay woman generally wears the tudung (hijab or headscarf) over their heads to conceal their hair from public view. (However, Malay women not wearing any head gear are not reprimanded or penalized). Anyway, you also can find Malay Women in every level & sector. Some of them have a good position in Malaysian society such as Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz, Former International Trade and Industry Minister, ay Muslim Women or Dato’ Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jali the current Minister of Women, Family and Community Development. You can also found many successful Malay Women in various sectors such as education, Legal, Industries, Sports or Army for example Datin Paduka Sharifah Mazlina is the first Asian woman to travel to the South Pole. They’re among a few examples of successful Malay Muslim Women and very well respected in our society.
But i would highly suggest for you guys out there to prepare yourself before get involve with Malay Women. They’re very appealing, very gorgeous, smart & everything that you want as a wife. But unless you are willing to convert as a Muslim, please, just stay away from them. It is against the law for Muslims to marry non Muslim. If you want them as a girlfriend or just to have fun or partying, well I wish you good luck.
I don’t find any specific website to meet Malay Women but maybe you can to search them on Facebook, where you can get any kind of Malay women you like.

I am not recommending fun with Malay girls at all. I think Malay girls like all girls should be treated with respect and honor. I am not a Muslim but I understand and respect your view on women and marriage. I think two people should believe what tey want to believe, not forced to convert, because that belief if not authentic. God sees what is in every persons heart and if it is done for an inauthentic reason rather a from their heart, this is known. I have to go back and see if my post comes off like I am recommending Malay girls for fun. I want this site to be about true love and meeting your true love from other cultures, not easy pick ups.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not accusing you and none any of your post seems like you are recommending girls for And I should say that, I do respect you for what you are doing and i like your page title’s “How to win a beautiful girl for marriage”. That is really cool. Congrats & keep it up!

Anyway, I can recommend you a few pictures of beautiful Malay Women in Traditional Attire. And some link to a beautiful professional photo.

If you like, you can ask me anything about Malay Muslim Women and I’ll try my best to help you.

Thank you very much for your comment and links. You know I am married. I am an American and living in Eastern Europe where I met my wife. I am very happy. I just have this blog more to encourage guys not to be so afraid of marring someone from a different country or place. In fact I recommend it. However, you are right religion is important and cultural differences can create problems. My wife and I are of the same religion, therefore, there is not problem there. If Malaysia is a Muslim country than men should be aware that for the most part Malaysian girls are looking for Muslim guys. I understand that.
Yes I would be very interested in knowing more about Malaysian women as my social contact is not not as rich as yours.

My name is Frank I’ve been online with a beautiful girl from Malaysia but I’m concerned a little now we have been talking for6 months or so she wants to come to the USA but now she says she needs 1000 usd to show immigrations she has sufficient funds she say she has 500 to add to that what am I to think? Any advice or help is appreciated thanks Frank

I highly recommend you do not send her money. I hear about so many scams. If any girl no matter how long I have chatted with her says she need money, I would walk away and cut my loses. I know this sounds crazy if you have feelings for her. But is it any crazier than if she takes your money and you never hear from her again. I do not think this is any requirement from immigration. I think immigration checks visas based on many factors but not money in the bank. When my wife was my girlfriend and had to apply for a visa she did not need money in the bank.
If she is from Malaysia she needs only a tourist visa. If she is from Singapore she does not require a visa.
There are plenty of fish in the sea. Money is never a requirement for love. If you love her go see her. If you determine she is a scammer when you are there, while you are Malaysia find 10 other girls that are not. But I would just drop her. But that is me. Sorry. I know it sounds really hard. But many girls manipulate men in this way.


I have been chatting with a Malaysian woman too who wants funds for traveling to Denmark because of immigration rules and regulations. It is TRUE that if you travel you can be stopped to prove that you have sufficient funds. Entering Malaysia requires you to have enough funds. Leaving Malaysia might not require anything at all – so either she is a scammer or she has misunderstood something.
I would like to be send e-mail address to the girl you are chatting with Frank. If it is the same girl, well, the game is over. I am trying to investigate a lot of things to ensure she is real or scam. But it is hard to find out somehow, because I spoke to the chief of Kuala Lumpur airport and their English is very hard to understand. He said something that “yes, you need money to travel” , but the conversation was not so fluid. Malaysian people don’t speak English very well, that is my conclusion.

Just want to add my e-mail address: be2knight AT – if I can get the information fast this would be best.

Did you read my post on Russian scammers? Believe me, women I know would not ask for money. But I do not have all the answers, maybe I am wrong. I just think love and money do not mix.

I strongly and definitely believe the admin advice and recommendation regarding girls or women scammers. I myself had been sacrificed to some of them. I am completely aware and expert with Migration law of many countries with high social and economic rank status such as USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. I know the requirements of many tourist, migration, skilled worker, student and other visa categories. There are many noticeable difference rules for different countries to enter to a country of with high rich economy status like USA. To get my words undoubtedly and in justified way I would like to bring you an evident instance:

If one people wants to enter in USA from Norway, Australia, New Zealand then he/she is not required to get visa and therefore provide the visa requirements and documents to travel to USA but if the people from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and such like wants to enter into USA then he/she need tourist visa and therefore the visa requirements and supportive documents that prove the purpose of applicant is genuinely to visit what he/she claims and to prove he/she return from USA before his/her visa expired. Furthermore we even see there are different restrictions, obligations among the countries that the people needs visa to travel from there. One of he factors is the security level of the tourist visa required countries. However a I mentioned there are many countries the fall among visa waiver country groups.

If any other matter or concern do you have regarding the Immigration rules I would be happy to share the answers here completely voluntary.

I just read your mail

Please believe me do not ever send cash or money by transfer to anyone.

I have a Muslim friend who was also on a dating site, just like you after some time they wanted to visit – they made up the same reason as yours, took the money – never to be heard or able to be contacted again.

My friend wasn’t bothered about the cash – more that he thought the love of his life had dissappeared.. even after much disscussion he never really believed the real truth!
He had been scammed!

So please learn from his mistake!

I do hope (like us all!) you will find true love!!!

Cheers Raphael M (UK Leicester)
Happy new year

In my opinion it is better to go and visit Malaysia or where ever to actually meet the person, get to know them a bit and experience their country. Enjoy that and also see if you “click” with the woman. Then think about future plans

Best wishes!


I am flattered to know that some people think highly of Malaysian women. I’d like to thank the author for using such kind words in describing Malaysian women. As a Malay woman, I have to agree with the author’s descriptions of typical Malaysian women except for the very flirtatious Most of the Malay women I know (including myself) are not very flirtatious in nature.Well probably it’s because sometimes we tend to think of it as being purely friendly, but the men kind of get the wrong impressions of it. Also, I guess it’s the results of the Malaysians upbringing that makes them a tad different than other races.

I never realised that some people consider Malaysians as being very nice people till I came to the UK to further my studies back in 2007. When I first came here, I was approached by a lot of people complimenting me for my good behaviour which confused me at first simply because I thought all women are the same. Some people told me that they think Malay women are more feminine, soft spoken, polite and well-mannered which always amused me.I dont know, I guess at the end of the day, it is all up to your own preference:)Thanks for writing such a lovely article.I’m sure many of my Malay friends will be flattered reading your post:)

p/s: Well, Facebook is a good try, but you may scare the Malay women off by trying to get to know her via Facebook.

I’m a muslim guy moving from Europe to Malaysia (God willing) to study. I was a bit surprised when I read malaysian girls are flirtatious. That’s not the impression I got from talking to them over the internet. Maybe you’re talking about girls of Chinese / Indian origins? Because as far as I know, the muslim ones are much more reserved.
I found this article interesting nonetheless. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up marrying a malaysian girl 🙂
Keep up the good work.

This is only based on my experience. And here is a big caveat, these were Malaysian girls living in the USA. I have noticed that the USA corrupts some, but not all people morally. I think America is a great place because of freedom and openness and beautiful nature, however, it has some long term social problems which are connected with marriage, relationships, respect for morality, humility etc. Back in Malaysia, those same Malaysian girls might not act like that.

I am pleased with your comments but I need you to know that if you mean Malay women than they are more reserved and governed by their traditions and culture. Yes, it is true that the younger group do not speak English well as it is not the main subject learnt.
However, if you are talking about Chinese or Indian origin, then perhaps you are dealing with girls of other traditional and religious background.
I know of many European men marying Malay woman not finding real problems with their new religious beliefs. What matters is that whether you can get along like a house on fire from the beginning or not.. there are probably many things to know first before making a commitment.

Interesting comment about Malaysian girls. I would have to hear more feedback as I got the impression Malay girls are rather traditional when it comes to marriage etc, but I have to hear more from people from Malaysia.

I am a Malay woman but I am not born and bred in Malaysia but I do speak Malay language, wear Malay traditional clothes ( annually), eat Malay traditional food …breathe Malay air – Malayxigen.
However, I feel that the traits and personality that one possessess is regardless of race but her upbringing, principles and belief.
I do want to know more the Malay women in Malaysia too…may be I should get a wife there..I need a subservient wife…erm

Malayxigen? I need me some of that! 😀
You say you’re a malay woman, but at the end of your comment “maybe I should get a wife there”? Something is wrong..

Hi. I am Malay mom with teenage daughters. I work in the science and technology area in Malaysia. I grew up in the main capital Kuala Lumpur. Did my graduate studies abroad.

You sound like a nice man. But the pictures that you have put up does not get close to what a typical Malay girl is like. Making you sound like you are suggesting bad impressions of Malay women. That itself indicates how Malay girls still preserve traditional values. Standing and posing in such attires and manner does not go well with the common Malay culture. Even your first picture of the girl standing on one leg is enough to flip a typical Malay mom off her feet! lol..

Like any other society, some of our girls are in deep social problems. But the more typical ones, being raised by proper families, going to school, going to colleges, religious classes, diploma holders… well, maybe these are the ones you should meet. The Malays pride themselves in good manners and modesty.

To me, the pictures you have shown reflect Malays, who have more ‘western’ influence, or cheap media flavour. Having said that, many of us Malay girls do study abroad and no, we do not look and act like that at all.

and what’s all these Malay girls asking for money from nice trusting men? No. That is not typical. If she has access to internet why would she need money to travel out of Malaysia. Job is abundance. Keep your money. She may not be whom you think she is. You should come to Malaysia and check things out yourself instead.

As the previous poster said, why bother with Muslim women if your are not a muslim? This is very risky and can cause problems for you and her. You also risk angering her family and potentially putting yours or her life in danger, since a non-muslim man marrying a muslim woman is considered Harem in their religion. However, if you are a muslim, I know that this is as good of a pick as any. Muslim women in general make good wives.

There is a Christian minority in Malaysia and Indonesia, but they are very westernized and mostly raised up by American evaneglicals who teach them how to live.

I did once fall in love with a muslim woman and tried to marry her, but the family insisted I become muslim. It was a nightmare and a heartbreak and I don’t want anyone to go through the suffering I did.

This is a very interesting story. You are right if you are in love with a Muslim you will have to convert if you want to get married. But I guess that depends on how religious she is. You are marrying her not her family. Interesting situation.

There is always exceptions, but I am not going to waste my time and suffer another heartbreak finding them. Muslim girls, unless totally secular, do not get to chose on their own their husband. This does not apply to Muslim men. I have spent months living with some Muslims and I know their culture well.

Now of course in USA anything flies.. Many people in USA have a religion only in name, but in other countries they still are very traditional and live by their religious customs.

In Quran , it states its Harem for Muslim woman to marry non-Muslim man, but not other way around. Even many of the secular muslim girls I meet still follow this teaching and even secular Muslim families still enforce this rule.

I am moving on. Hindus, Buddhists, CHristians, etc don’t have such a restriction. Judaism, however does have this restriction, although its not enforced at all by non-religious Jews.


Your last comment on a non-Muslim man having to convert if he wants to marry a Muslim woman: “But I guess that depends on how religious she is. You are marrying her not her family.”

On this matter I am afraid you are ill-informed as far as Malaysia is concerned. In Malaysia the question of having to convert does not depend on how religious she is. There is no choice but to convert. In the first place the couple cannot get married by the country’s Islamic authorities. If they try to register their marriage in the civil marriage registry, they are not likely to succeed either because such registry, although strictly non Islamic, are controlled by Muslims who will not register a marriage between a Muslim and a non-Muslim.

Such couples, when the non-Muslim half have no inclination towards being a Muslim, have 2 choices:-

a. Emigrate to a non-Muslim country and get married there.

b. Be prepared to lead a hypocritical life. The non-Muslim partner gets converted but in name only. This partner then continues with his previous non-Islamic lifestyle.

You are right about that, unless you go to another country other than Malaysia.

#1 @Yonatan
You “forget” to say that it’s also strongly inadvisable for muslim men to marry non muslim women. They can only marry christians and jews but with many conditions which are so hard to meet that it becomes nearly impossible/haram nowadays. So the “rule” is not only about women, it’s about muslims in general.

I agree with Hasina about the photos. They are definitely not of typical malaysian girls, or at least not typical malay girls.

Hi i’m malay girl born and bred here. I agree with Hanisah & Decepticus abt the photos, DEFINITELY NOT a typical Malay girls. Standing and posing in such attires and manner REALLY does not go well with the common Malay culture.

Hi If you have some better photos of Malaysian girls I would really appreciate it. You can write me if you have them and send them. I think people would appreciate them. Thank you.

Hi, I’m a Malay girl. Thanks for the nice comments, and your view of Malay girls are not wrong. Because that is your experience and what you’ve saw with your own eyes.

Generally not all Malays girl looks to have a mix of an Indian, there are some with a mix of Chinese or Arabic looks too. Some are very dark skinned and some are very fair skinned.

About the manners, good for you that you’ve found a flirtatious but well mannered Malay woman. But well not everyone like that, not all trying to scam, and some are very religious.

Like me, maybe I’m included into the type that you have described. I’m not really very religious, I’m not wearing a hijab, and rarely did my prayers, but I’m not get myself into an alc_h_l or dr_gs too.

I guess, Malay girls are just same as other girls around the world, just we have the looks of your description.

Hola there..Nice blog but maybe there’s a bit discrepancy in info published…

As all the picture, (1) it may true to described modern day of Malaysian girl (most probably Chinese girl, middle or upper class and west orientated Indians, Malays or others..Ermmss the bikini’s one??? I wish I myself could see Malaysian girl in that outfit in public…maybe next 10 years lol .. (2) Most of Malaysian girl now days regardless their races or religions still holding and practicing their religious and culture in moderate manner.. (3) Middle class or upper class, well raised, educated and holding and practicing their religion and culture, this Cat. just splendid and dreams to most of Malaysian guys laa. For the foreigners who seek love, mates or sort of without compromising your own religion Cat.1 will do the favor and most probably is the match to the discussion of the earlier post..Maybe you can find a nice Cat.2 or 3 Malay girl in Indonesia and i heard that interculture/religious marriage is permissible there.

Hi admin,

First off I wanna compliment you on this great post. I appreciate your intentions and I’m sure they are good.

A bit of background about myself..I’m Malaysian and have lived here my whole life.

Malaysians are not a homogeneous race. A Malaysian gal could be Muslim Malay (they look pretty similar to Philippine people) or Chinese (look like any Chinese gals the world over) or Indian (ditto as the Chinese above) or East Malaysian who look similar to the Malays but are more often than not, Christian.

Now in Malaysia, a Malay is Muslim and anyone marrying a Malay there has to convert to Islam. Its the law (Shariah). There are no exceptions.

For East Malaysians, Chinese and Indians, the Shariah law does not apply if they aren’t Muslim.

Hope this clears up any confusion.

Personally i ve meet my malaysia girlfriend on (i m a mat salleh)
But if you re mat salleh be ready for being tested…Malaysian women dream of serious relationship, so if you re on visa run i wish you good luck.
Honestly it s really hard for mat salleh to date malaysian women online( unfortunatly we suffered on our brothers exploit in thailand),
like one member said, plenty of job in malaysia,many malaysian are satisfied with the life in their country…the mat salleh is not see as the charmed prince like in other poorest countries
Also from my experience many westerner have wrong idea about malaysia and often think malaysian women are like the thai or indonesian women..
Also please , ever if malaysia is a muslim country..not all malaysian are stop to focused on it..if it s a problem for you to became muslim…look into the chinese or indian or ever christian malaysian ethnic group living in borneo..
and honestly i know more mat salleh happily married with malaysian women than mat salleh happily married with thai women

for meeting malaysian women 2 good free sites
also many malaysian women have facebook

Thanks for the input on these Asian women and Malaysian girls sites. I have not herd feedback or reviews about these sites.

I’m suprisingly reading this articles about typical Malay women in Malaysia.Let be frankly, I’m Malaysian and I’m muslim woman living in KL,thus I’m not very religious person I just follow whenever I feel its right. somehow very interesting topics to discuss and what the comments was. Big compliment for you!
Actually I seek for some information related mixed marriage between Malaysian and mat salleh..
I have quiet a number knowing few caucasian mens, it might hard to find good one, since they have wrong perception about Malay woman,

I have read this website and I find very useful. I hope at least for me. I am a muslim Arabian guy. I met a girl in Kuala Lumbur. She is Malaysian Chinese girl. She is a very educated women. She has a good job in a very famous company. My issue here and I would like all of you to help me is that I love this girl and the girl loves me. But because of the different in our culture and religion, we are facing difficulties. She claimed that many things she is doing is very normal for a Chinese Malaysian girl. For example, I was with her on the phone while she was in a park and suddenly a guy came to her and talk to her for few mins and the she got his number.

I asked her, is this normal in Malaysia that a girl take a number from a guy in a park or club or a mall? She said, “yes it’s very normal, this is how we make friends by taking their numbers “!!

I am really upset of this,, but I like her and I love her , but there things she does that make me goes crazy.

Please help me with this dating issue.

I am from America the melting pot and Boston and big city, I see every type of cross cultural relationship work and every type of similar cultural relationship fail. It is not about the culture as much as the individuals relationship to their culture. For example, if you are strict in your tradition and beliefs and so is she it is hard to make it work. If both of you are loyal to your faith and tradition but willing to be flexible and accepting, then anything is possible. I am a big believer in cross cultural relationships and I think the whole world will eventually be one, and the Tower of Babel story will be just that a story. But maybe not. I think cross cultural relationships are very possible.
But here is the question. What is the value and morals of her. This is more important than the culture in this case.
I personally do not make friends with the opposite sex as I am committed to my wife. When we were dating I would not make friends with females. No way, this is not the way the world works. If she is making friends with guys, I do not know what to say. You have to explore it more.
I personally would not like it. I was not born yesterday. There are plenty of fish in the sea. But again I am not in your shoes and it is very painful to be in love.

Hi Deef I read your post. Well let me tell you, NORMS is different from manners. If you are talking to a person and you have to attend to another person. you have to excuse yourself. But in this case, you know that you were on the phone with her and suddenly spoke with a stranger and worst case she asked for the number. Then this shall I say..”Watch out for your manner Woman!” I believe that she doesn’t want this to happen to her as well. Besides, she already have you right? Her act seemed to be so called “flirtatious”. I am sorry to say that but that is the reality. There is no need to look dumb on this. Open your eyes. There are so many educated, reserved,well-mannered women out there. Don’t spend your time with such a woman. You don’t deserve her. Things to check on a person’s character are values, respect and perspective for life/relationship. This involves all aspects. So manners should be considered. just a suggestion.

I’m a Malay gal who stays and lives in Malaysia. After many year I found my boyfriend, he is a Sri Lankan man. He originally does not drink, eat pork, clubbing and smoking. He is a christian and my family allowed me to marry this man but with one condition as all of us know very well. He has to become a Muslim and follow the religion sincerely and not for love. We are dating for one year now and plan to marry next year.Yes its true culture and religion is a big issue for him. But I have come out with some plan and solution for him to find a way to get everything done. But he mention to me he want to study Islam and get to know the religion before convert and make sure he can accept Muslim sincerely and not for love me.But i know it will take sometime for him to understand fully.I play Allah s.w.t will show him the correct way as I’m very religious person and I prefer I future husband to follow me and in return i will guide him through this difficult period. Lucky,our parent very supportive for this relationship.

Some advice to all off you who want Malay gal as wife:

1)Accept Islam as new religion and not for love her but sincerely want that religion (of course love is also a part of it).
2)Respect all women who ever she maybe.
3)Dont think about having s_x before marry a Malay Gal. Most of Malay gal do not like having sex before marry.
4)Do not give broken promises as Malay gal very sensitive and they not news papers.
5)learning Muslim is whole life not only till marry.

All the best


This blog is the best i have read,but when i look at some post as a Malaysian women i am very surprise.

like the last post of Malay girl, i am surprise that is their any guy still in this world who is non Muslim without drinking and smoking,in Malaysia 80% males smoke its like addict ,but i am surprise their is still good people around,my husband also is from UK and he convert to marry me,first it was very difficult for him to stop all his bad habits like drinking smoking and specially going to genting to gamble,but as i was always with him and the way i guided him it helped him to get rid of all the bad habits except smoking. i think their are very lucky girls like me and the Malay girl who as got the people can adjust to our culture and our religion.

I hope that my experience will help other Malay girls to find they love if they do not want to marry our own Malay boys, as we in Malaysia agree and always say that Malay guys cannot be trusted as most of them our womanizes and want to play with feelings,i find westernizes much more reliable and trust worthy than our own race.please do not misunderstand me for what i am telling as this is from my heart and with experience.

I wish the readers in this blog all the very best,may Allah (SWT) guide you all.


I have been reading these comments with interest. I love Malaysian women. They are different in their interactions with you. I find that if a Malay woman’s heart is won then she will be a truly loving and loyal partner. But, she deserves to be treated with all the love and respect from the very depths of your heart and soul to remain so. Having said that, I also find that Malay women are similar in morals to women the world over.

I believe in mixed marriages,for it can create understanding and tolerance between all cultures. And, sometimes the reverse, But if love is the true power from God, then may love rule us all. May God truly bless us with the true love of a Malaysian woman for it is a remarkable gift.

On the subject of marriage, while I have to respect the discriminatory law that identifies Malays as only being Muslim and forbids marriage to non-Muslims, I also find the law repugnant that no choice is given,and women are made outcastes and punished if they follow their hearts. It is my belief that Christian,Jew and Muslim all believe in the same God, except that Christians have a messiah, Jews have their ancestors and Muslims have prophets. Therefore, I believe that, in the scenario of Christian, Muslim and Judeo mixed marriages, it is repugnant to blackmail a loved one into a subservient position so they can be paraded around like a religious prize; all for ego and in the name of marriage. It smacks of a power trip and love is not the base of your relationship. However,I believe that, with God’s help, true love does conquer all for love is His greatest gift to mankind.

Malay girl. You should respect your man for wanting to convert because he loves you. I suspect you wouldn’t do the same for him as he has to follow you. I also suspect that if it became too hard for him you’d dump him in a heartbeat. I, therefore, question the depth of your love and commitment to him. Would you convert for him? Could you love his religion? Have some empathy and act out of love and not ego.

It is my understanding that this site is about finding true love with a Malaysian woman – not about domination and blackmail. Before, you think I don’t know what I am talking about, I have met a beautiful Malay woman and she makes my heart sing because of the depth of her love for me, and mine for her. It is unconditional.

Malay girl.

It is my understanding that this site is about finding true love with a Malaysian woman – not about domination and blackmail. Before, you think I don’t know what I am talking about, I have met a beautiful Malay woman and she makes my heart sing because of the depth of her love for me, and mine for her. It is unconditional.

You should respect your man for wanting to convert because he loves you. I suspect you wouldn’t do the same for him as he has to follow you. I also suspect that if it became too hard for him you’d dump him in a heartbeat. I, therefore, question the depth of your love and commitment to him. Would you convert for him? Could you love his religion? Have some empathy and act out of love and not ego.

I always believe in mix marriage, as myh parents did. But I never believe in mix religion in marriage.

I think both can work. I think from different countries or peoples, not even an issue. But different religions is an issue if the people are legalistic or flexible in their beliefs. I tend to be very flexible as long as the core idea of faith in God and spirit and development of that in my marriage partner was there. I am curious if in Malaysia, you see this?

Admin, where is my first comment? (b4 that one on top)

We respect each other beliefs. That s what religion taught us dont we?

@John and admin

I came from mixed parentage of malay, pakistan and chinese and practicing malay culture and lifestyle. I’m not very practicing but I pray 5 times a day

I will not convert to other religion regardless how much I love him, I recently left my chatolic boyfriend for the reason. I need a muslim husband who gonna show me the way because the real love for us is only to love and worship Allah subhanallah. I will love my husband to be with my undivided attention…

As I always told him,

You don’t have to give me rings on my fingers or promise me the moon and the stars in the sky or bring me roses just to show you love me. That ain’t gonna win this heart of mine. All the diamonds you can buy won’t impress me. Pretty words ain’t gonna prove your love.

I need more than just taken of affection. I don’t need fancy cars but I just need something from the heart. I need real emotion ‘fear Allah’ it’s the greatest real emotion in love.

When a woman loves a man, it can be wrong when it feels so right but, if u love the basis for faith in Allah, love that will bring happiness of the world and the hereafter. Insha Allah.

In order to fine Mr Right, I won’t comprimising my deen(religion). No matter you might look like Brad Pitt or Edward Cullen, it won’t win this heart of mine…

My love for my muslim boyfriend now is for the sake of Allah (my God), and he(my boyfriend) can guide me more in my deen… alhamdulillah…

This is what I pray my whole life – a muslim practicing husband.

I met my Malaysian Princess on Facebook. She is 32 but looks like she’s 20 (I’m 44), and I am completely crazy about her…she is here in the US, so that makes things much easier of course. I’ve never seen a more stunningly beautiful woman…I mean it. She believes in traditional gender roles in marriage, and I make sure everyday that she knows how much I Love and Honor her…I am a very blessed man! No way would I find an American woman of her caliber!!
Happy in Seattle,Glenn

I personally recommend American guys consider women from around the world, like beautiful countries like Malaysia. I married someone from Europe and very happy I did. It is not the country where they are from, but its all about finding your other half. For me, if you just consider American women, you are not giving yourself the full opportunity to find your real princess. Thanks for the positive story.

The world have no limits anymore, so u find good and bad all over the world. I got tired of my experiences with European women and married a Malaysian girl. She is 36 but looks like 23. Have absolutely no issues even close to my previous.. We have fights like all do, but here is no trace of cheating, flirting or threats of leaving if we have a fight.

Never been so happy in my whole 40 y.o life.

Malaysia is my second home, Norway my first – but soon i will live in USA.

All the be with someone to trust means everything!!

I was in love with a beautiful Malaysian girl from Sarawak. She was 32 and she promised everything. I felt ´really happy. After half year I found out that I was the ATM machine only as many others in parallel. Cheat and lies only, thank you, never again.

I am sorry to hear that. You have to really screen girls based on morals. You have to ask questions. Men and women are equal when it comes to moral things. I know women seen better than men, but God created men and women equal. We have different but equal natures when it comes to the struggle of good and bad on this earth. You need to check girls, and make sure they are not just using their looks for their own gain.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been had but you must check out those whose ethnicity is from Sabah or Sarawak. They are the indigeneous people of this country and most of the time, may be living off quite poorly in this region or lack of education having come from large family or needy background.
I’m proud to say that at 50, I look stunning and nice and have always been an item with my contacts.
I hope to get a European husband, if life still permits an older man’s interest in life……
If you ever want to see my photo, do contact me. Thanks.

Lis,vI know you probably didn’t mean to offend with your comment on girls from Sarawak and Sabah, but I am nevertheless offended because I am from Sarawak. While it may be true that there are some underdeveloped areas in Sarawak compared to other regions of Malaysia, this does not in any way reflect on the morality of the Sarawakian people. In fact, Sarawakians are generally a lot less materialistic compared to people from other regions and most of the women here are educated and financially independent.

Malte Meissner, I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you. But please understand not all Sarawakian girls are like that. What can I say? You were unlucky and you got duped. Please be much more careful with girls next time, regardless of where they’re from.

What!? I read with disbelief your comments on Malaysian girls. I am a Malaysian male and I find many of them so unattractive, sure maybe there are the pretty ones but many nowadays DONT dress well, certainly not in my office and on the streets in Malaysia, all I see nowadays is some sort of stupid clothing or fashion that makes them look like a clown, all those stupid puffs, cloth hanging from here and there, things jetting out, loose-fitting clothing, puts you off rather than being attracted to someone, if my girlfriend wore those I would break up with her and I would never even be friends with her after that, in short Malaysian girls have weird dress sense.

PS: Maybe if you go to Sungei Wang Plaza, Berjaya Times Square, or Zouk on a good day you might see the really attractive normal looking ones wearing tight and short, I mean the sexy pretty ones. Another place worth checking out is Taman Connaught “pasar malam” every Wednesday nights.

It’s so much easy for all the white guys here to sweet talk and say things they don’t really know about Malaysian girls, especially the so-called Chinese ones amongst them.

They are all ignorant, unexposed and uneducated bunch of hypocrites. I did my studies in Malaysia and was there for almost 5 years and I would tell you that 85% of Malaysian girls would do anything themselves over white dudes, just for that skin color, trust me.

I’m not being partial here but the truth is, if you really want to know where extreme racists live, you should please go down to Malaysia, live for a couple of years at least and you would find them all lying around there. They don’t care about what you are, they only care about what you possess and the skin color.

I dated a few Malay and Chinese girls and I spoke their language as well. The Malay girl I planned to live my life with, her foster-father took her away because I was not a white man.

Well it was a terrible experience for me than as we both loved each other and I built my life round this girl but we had to move on our separate lives. A Malay girl once told me this and I quote: “if I find a white man and take him to my parents, they would be proud of me and brand me the best child in the family, but if I take a black guy home, I will be worst and black sheep of my family.” I was pretty impressed when she said this to me and just didn’t know what to say.

Anyways my point is, even if there are a lot blacks who come into that country doing different stuffs, that doesn’t make all of them bad or monsters. We are all human beings but we’re not the same, neither are we equal in any form. I have seen a lot Malaysian folks do terrible stuffs and it’s just so sick as these things are overlooked, but when it comes to a black doing anything, the whole world would know about it. Like my grandpa used to say, “you don’t know someone until he proves to you the kind of being he is.” Martin Luther King as well said, “don’t judge me by the color of my skin, but by the content of my character.” God who made us never put a line between races and it’s a shame the so-called holy religious people in Malaysia are the worst set of humans, What they do is worse than what animals do.

I as a person and a lot of people I knew when I was there, both black and white and some Malaysians themselves, know a lot terrible and irritating stuffs most Malaysians did and are still doing, but I won’t make mention of anything here. Even Indonesians, Philippines and Singaporeans would tell you the same thing about most Malaysians, especially the Indonesians.

If you ask any Malaysian girl who has dated a black dude, I bet she would tell you that blacks are the best when it comes to taking care of women, what Malaysian men lack pretty much. That’s why you see moronic Malaysian men ganging up beating and going as far as killing foreigners who try to date their girls, all because of their stupidity and jealousy, barbaric behaviors from a so-called acclaimed hospitable nation. These acts you would never see in countries like Japan, South Korea, Philippines to a name a few other Asian countries.

Anyways, thank God for the years I spent there and it was a tough experience, I have my good and bad memories but it was all God’s grace and to be honest, if you really want to know the real truth about these Malaysians, get to mix with them well and mean pretty well before you make conclusions. The bitter truth is this and I always tell my friends up till now, Malaysia is a good country with wonderful stuffs, but the Malaysian people themselves are not good (not all, but most of them) and that’s just the truth.

Oh 1 more thing, the best girls to marry are Asians, cos they are beautiful, simple, mostly humble and fun to be with. My Korean wife is a blessing from God and we’re both glad and grateful to God we found each other. 🙂

If I have offended anyone with the truth I have written here, then you know it’s the truth. I’m actually talking about and I will always make mention the truth. God bless everyone! 🙂

First, all those making mention about Malay women not flirting or being of good morals, I think you’re not all being honest and you all know it deep down your minds. I know a lot of married Malay women that flirt around with men outside their matrimonial homes and I can tell you that one of the apartments I stayed when I was studying there was a meeting venue for a Malay man and woman who were already married with kids. They met every Tuesdays and Wednesdays and I know this well, because I worked with the man.

Oh and they are Muslims. I have proofs of a few more like that, but let’s leave it this way. I saw a lot homemade bad girl videos of so many Malays, which was a shame! Malays of different ages, married women flirting with other men, college students and most especially those small kids still in high schools. They make their bad girl videos here and there and post them on the internet. When I was there, I had over 200 video clips of them.

Second, someone mentioned Malay girl wear the hijab thing on their heads. Yes, that’s true, but what about the rest of their body? A man doesn’t get turned on by a woman’s hair but by the body and its movement. What most Malay women wear are uncalled for and a shame to them! If you tell them, they would say, “its the modern day Islam they are practicing.” there’s nothing in this world like a modern-day Islam or Christianity, you’re just trying to satisfy your conscience, simple.

Third, about not being able to marry a Malay because of her religion is total false. Most of these people don’t even know anything about the religion not to talk of making use of it where necessary. I lived with Malays that couldn’t even fast for a single day and had what they did during their fasting periods (Ramadhan) were eye sores and nothing to write home about. I know a few Malay girls that don’t even care anymore about the marriage thing as long as they love their men and just want to live with them. These women would even tell the non-muslims to pretend for 1 day just to get married just to make the girl’s parents and family happy and after that, continue with their normal lives. The Malay girl I planned to marry then, told me to do the same thing and I agreed, not until her foster dad spoiled our plans, but thank God all the same.

Lastly, its people that don’t know Malays well that will believe anything said about them. Don’t get me wrong, they have their good sides which is pretty awesome and at the same time, their bad sides are terribly worse and I have experienced both sides.

I was mesmerized with all the comments posted here. But I would say that whether the lad is from Malaysia or wherever part of the globe, what matters most is how she look at life. The good perspective of life and marriage. I am a Filipina, and am lucky to be raised by my parents with good values. And I thank them, because they have been of my whole character. So for you out there, wishes to find Love whether online or personal acquaintances..just be careful and try to learn the person first. Try not to get over with the feelings more. sometimes we need to consider the brain for LOVE. Love must come with respect and trust. I may share that I am still SINGLE but I never get bothered being one. The right person will come at the right time. If we do force LOVE it might not end up best. Goodluck to you @FRANK

Well, Malay women are made of 2 different kinds nowadays. The educated and non-educated. And the educated ones can be further broken down to civilized and uncivilized ones. Reason for breaking Malay women into group? Simple – their upbringing. Where these women are brought up has to do a lot with their behavior. So, is this so much different from other countries? I don’t think so.

Now, let me talk about myself personally. I was married to a Malay man who receives less education compared to me. I was studying abroad for 4 years. My family is very open-minded, hardly racist. In fact my sister is married to an american. Being married to a Malay man was bad. Now, im seeing a chinese man, and I never felt happier.

Back to Malay women, generally are materialistic. In fact, i avoided being friends to these kinds. On flirting, I guess we are, more like being friendly. My boyfriend says the same thing. But aren’t guys too? On loyalty and trustworthy, I guess that has to do with individual. You have to assess who are their friends, their profession, etc.

On meeting them through the virtual world, my one suggestion – Come on.

Hello everyone. I agree with Zaiti on the upbringing part. I’m a Malay girl, raised in rural area but work in KL. I would conclude those living in cities are more exposed to bad influence compared to those living in villages. As many foreigners live in cities like KL,PJ,Subang.. you may experience/observe similar things like Pope said.

Those with proper upbringing regardless in cities or village, will still maintain good morals and ethics, which I’m sure it is the same with other people around the world. On being flirtatious, I do not think we intentionally flirting, it is being friendly + polite especially with outsiders. Normally we treat outsiders as guest, therefore do not misinterpret the over-kindness shown. =D

About being flexible in religion, it is not that we are ego or something. But it is written in the Shariah law that Muslim women cannot marry a non-Muslim guy unless he embrace Islam first, as it is the husband’s responsibility to guide his wife into the straight path.

And yes, you marry the girl,not her family, but to us, marriage without family’s blessing is kind of similar degree to eloping. Family must step in the way when it comes to religion issue. You will need to get ready to face such situation. Ask your heart what is best for you. All the best. =)

The funny thing is, Pope, you can have people who have been in Malaysia for a long time (10? 20 years?) and not having as much a problem with Malaysians as you have – and also claiming that to be the truth.

I have come to learn that different individuals can have absolutely opposite opinions on the same group of people. Each claiming to portray the absolute truth. So who to trust?

I guess one just have to be objective and take everyone’s opinions with a grain of salt. Just because one is offended with your opinion doesn’t automatically mean your opinion is the truth, that’s just silly. So if we apply your logic I guess that means that if you’re offended with the other comments here or with the article itself, that means we are telling the truth.

Do apply your logic to yourself as well before applying it to others. Just saying. But thank you for taking the time to comment here, they are an interesting read.

I’m a Malay girl, born here and living here and happily married to a Malay guy. Trying my best to be a good muslim. I was doing the research on foreigner liking the Malay Malaysian girl to my surprise they are so many of them wanting the Malay girls. well maybe one of the reasons that Malaysian is a small country compared to the outside world lol.

But what i might find interesting is that the Malay girls at first might seem afraid and a bit reserve. they are very contend living in their environment and are ok with the Malay guys. But for those who are being exposed to the non Malay then only they realise that they are more gentlemen and loving caring men compared to the Malay guys. The Malay girls are very reserved and do not like to be treated like they are cheap. They love to be treated like a queen and be respected. No any kind of nonsense and it has to be a sincere way of doing it. That is way is not easy to be approach by the foreigner. They hate those who are impolite or speaking in high tone.

Well to those who are trying to find a wife of Malay girl do not try to find in the internet or from the wrong places (like street, or clubs) For most Malay woman they don’t go out unnecessarily for the culture do not allow them to be freely (I’m a bit generalizing here but most good Malay girls are very well taken care by the family, relatives and communities). And another thing they take religion seriously, so please try to consider learning Islam if you are at least interested in them.

For all I know that foreigners are very interested in the Malay girl because they are interesting, loyal, friendly, humble, very feminine, soft-spoken, willing to work to help the husband, hard-working, tough in the inside and have lots of patience.

Anyway wishing everyone good luck with trying to have a Malay lady as a wife. Do take care.

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