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Madurai is known as the Jasmine city which in itself it known to be a scent of love.  Love is on the mind of girls from Madurai. Since of the city’s population is disproportionately highly educate, traditional  arranged marriages (which do have,  choice and rights of refusal) are being replaced with love marriages and self arranged marriages in Madurai. That is Madurai girls seeking relationships with men based on sentiments of the heart.

The city of Madurai is in the south of India in Tamil Dadu, it is this region’s third most populous.With 1.5 million people there are an estimated 1/2 million single Madurai girls who are seeking a man.

Genetically Madurai is predominately a Dravidian city, which did not have the Islamic invasions until later than most of India so the Hindu culture was intact. Consequently the girls are dark featured.  The Indo-Aryan invasion 3,500 years ago did not have a large impact on the genetics of the girls in Tamil land. Therefore, ladies from Madurai have a different character and look. You can read more on this in my post on Tamil girls.  Some guys think this to be attractive and others do not. Me, my personal opinion is it is more how a women tries to be attractive in terms of style of clothes (Sungudi sarees or western style, either can work if worn right) and hair that make a bigger difference in attractiveness than if she is Dravidian or Indo-Aryan.

I. Meet Madurai university girls

Madurai Kamaraj University has 69,177 Madurai girls enrolled. If you are in your 20s this is the best place to connect to women for a lady friend. Southern Indians have the highest percentage of educated girls in India. That is a lot of cordial educated Indian females looking for a groom. You also have Madurai Medical College, Near Gandhi Museum,  American college for Arts and Sciences, Goripalayam,  Thiagarajar school of management, Thiruparankunram. The above Universities have the most attractive girls in Madurai. You can use Facebook to try to connect with these university girls or stroll the campus.

I recommend starting at Gandhi Memorial Museum: Yoga, meditation and pranayama classes:

  • 6 a.m.
  • 10.30 a.m.
  • 4.30 p.m.
  • 5 p.m.

I myself am a believer in yoga and the possibilities in life and love it can open up, as I have practiced it most of my life and it has had a profound effect of opening yourself to the possibility of life, particularly of the heart.

  • C. S. I. College of Arts and Science for Women – Also has events in the evening that are intellectually oriented. Why not attend just one and see what it is like?

II. Madurai nightlife meet girls at clubs

Nightlife in Madurai is conservative town. University students go out looking to dance, go to discos and meet people. It does not have the dark side of night life found in some other larger Indian cities. Perhaps because Madurai is a spiritual city. A great time to go is around Pongal or Theppathiruvizha. Women are in better moods and more festive and dress a bit different.

My recommendations for clubs to meet local Madurai girls:

  • Aphrodisiac Night Club – My first recommendation as it is Dj and dance club.
  • Cloud 7 – Ponmeni, Madurai
  • Apollo 96 – Closes at midnight
  • Vijay Disco Nightclub  on South Veli Street,Madurai
  • Freedom bar and dance club -West Perumal Maistry Street, Madurai
  • Idli and Chattany – for the local crowd, less of a club more relaxed.

III. Online avenues to meet a Madurai lady friends and a note about Madurai girls numbers

  • – This is a trusted solid website for finding a lady friend, not just for Southern India but all of India, as each profile has a manual process of approval. I use to work for dating sites and I can tell you there is a difference between free for all websites and a site like this.
  • – I highly recommend that you do not use it as it is pretty spammy looking free for all.  Not the place to find a girl from Madurai. Lots of ads that target Madurai girls numbers or Madurai girls mobile numbers but in my article on Indian girls mobile numbers I detail what this is all about.

If you have any questions about dating in this region of south India please let me know, also please look at my other posts I have researched a lot and/or travelled there, before I write, even if the posts are concise.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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