London girls – Date foreign women in the capital of the UK

London has always been a city in the imagination of love and dating because the English has such a rich literary tradition from Shakespeare to John Donne. That being said you have to evaluate if reality matches the dream when it comes to the capital city of the UK. Remember when the writers were writing it was a different population and set of values.  It was called the “swinging city” for a reason, because it was the hub of the cultural revolution in the 1960s and these values have been transmitted and amplified by the next generations of women. This post contains specific locations to find domestic traditional women of London. Good hunting and keep a stiff upper lip until you do.

My brother is English as his family and live in downtown London and I am European American so I can write with some authority about dating in “Cockaigne” or “The Smoke”.

Girls of London – the second biggest city in Europe

In the whole city of London, a city of over ten million people there are  nice gals for love, dating and marriage, yet there are a lot of career women and feminist leaning values females, cloaked in the smartest London fashion and a cute English accent, so watch your step lad.

The melting pot of Londinium started before the Romans and will continue unless the British Isles sinks from global warming. Pics, Jutes, Latins, Anglos, Saxon, French, Normans they all mixed into the population and now we have a new wave of immigrants. So when searching London for women know what culture you want as each as a different value set that may or may not correlate to your world view.

Metropolitan women of the city of London sauntering Trafalgar square in high fashion.

Generally, London girls are not my style and are in my opinion not the best for love. Not that is anything wrong with the English, there is not, it is the whole cosmopolitan overwhelming city combined with a snobbish culture and emphasis on materialism.  If you’re in London you are there to make money. I mean would you not rather have a little cottage and an English garden in Dover than a small flat in Knightsbridge and pay a fortune. The metro dwellers of the London are there for money, period. Culture and beauty can be found anywhere. Some are there for marriage to obtain an EU visa. I can not recommend that, only the romantic aspects.

However, they might be for you,  just not for me, read on and find out why and what might be a better solution if you like the idea of a traditional marriage.

Is a London woman’s accent attractive?

You may say ah yes but Mark, London girls have great accents.  One of my friends married a girl from London and he loved her accent.  Three years later it was one the things that annoyed him the most about her.  They are not together today by the way. She left him by the way.  Do not go for  London girls if you think their accents make them sensual.

London girls are not from Jane Austen

I am a true romantic and Jane Austen one of my favorite writers. I have imaged London ladies like form a Romantic English novel.  Wrong. If you have this vision of London girls, you will be burned. Only in Eastern Europe are women like from a Jane Austen story. That is, loving princesses who put love, about all things. Do not romanticize in any way about London girls, if you do, despite first impressions, some will chew you up and spit you out in many cases. I know too many romantic idealistic guys go into relationships and find out that their gal is no Jane Austen English woman.

Love is about you and that other person, nothing else, not career, style, looks adventure, travel, money, etc.  London gals are in London for a reason.  Often times their reason is economic and not for love.  Often, London females are in London because they are willing to sacrifice something to get something else, and that something else is not, humbling themselves to be a man’s wife.

Londoners attitude

I  have meet scores of UK women that have a slight attitude. I am a shy, sweet guy and many wanted to just put me down.   I like people who build people up not knock people down and judge.  At one point or another in your relationship a lady from the UK she might want to flex her western girl power and your life will be very hard from then on, if you do not choose the right one.  I have even meet Polish girls who are sweet and kind and when they return from London are corrupted by arrogance.

Russian professional girls walking accompanying each other on the street in stylish clothes near the Gherkin.

An alternative to English females working for money

Why destroy your life with dating London professional girl? They will be just another iteration on cosmo girls. Women and money do not mix when you are talking about true love.  Why not move or go to Eastern Europe and meet a nice girl of your dreams. A girl whose happiness is to be your love and for you to love in return with equal or greater measure.  Nothing else.  Because in life there is nothing greater that this. Money is not entered into the equation as much.

London is an international city and at one time the Brits actually thought it to be the center of the world. Can you imagine? Today it is more a business center for Europe and a Mecca for the former commonwealth nation populations who want to make more money. Consequently there are many foreign nationals from India and Pakistan as well as a mix of Eastern European women from Poland for example. So when you are speaking of London girls you are really talking about a multicultural city with different avenues to pursue in terms of dating.

All women are equally good yet there are certain cultural attitudes that you might find more congruent with your ideals for finding a mate. I mean you can not convince me that some humble Pakistani Indian bride has the same attitude towards domestic life as a feminist or beer drinking London girl or a Kiwi girl in the UK with an attitude from who knows where.

You can jump up and down if you want but lets be honest genetically we are all Hominidae of equal abilities but cultures in the world vary greatly.

My recommendation when looking for a girl in London is know what you are looking for. If you are looking for a girl from a Jane Austen novel, got for Polish girl, not a native Londoner.

There are many skets and lengs (London slang for girls) but not all desirable even if wrapped in fashion of the day walking in front of the House of Parliament or the Thames river. Skip the University of Oxford for meeting women. Many nice English girls, just too western for me. If you like Western girls the go for it. One of my friends married a British girl while he was in the military and met her in London. He is not happy.

  • Neasden Hindu communities in London
  • For christian Indians in London for to the Wembley church area, which actually has service in Gukarati.
  • Sikhs in Southall London and the are wealthier than the average Londoner.
  • Southall and Tooting where the Indian communities are. Go to Redbridge, Waltham Forest and Newham to meet a Pakistani girl in London.
  • Russians in London – There are many garden variety Russian girls in the UK and this is why London is sometimes refereed to as Moscow-on-the-Thames and Londongrad.
  • Polish girls in the UK you will find Polish girls in England but really in high level professional positions, only student girls working pubs as barmaids.

So my conclusion is you can find love in London, just focus on the women who are not there for money or who have not departed from their traditional values and family over money and career.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

13 replies on “London girls – Date foreign women in the capital of the UK”

I think your problem is that you can’t deal with the fact that woman are independent and that the only purpose of their life is not anymore just becoming a wife and a mother. That is also why you like eastern European girls, which comes from societies that are way more conservative than England’s. You think they are looking for love, but many of them just looking for a better life.

Please, get some self confidence

Ruslana, Thanks for your comment on London girls, but ,nothing could be further from the truth. I think strong women does not need to be in people’s face, or ‘prove themselves in a job’, just like a strong man is not the one with big muscles and acts macho. These are usually insecure weak people. A strong women is a women or man who has the courage of their convictions. Stays loyal to their partner and is humble. I also think raising happy children is the most important and hardest job on this earth. What is more important having a child that feels loved or serving your boss at work as a corporate serf?

If I am married I want to make my wife happy and my wife me, what is wrong with that. The modern London girl or London women is all about cash and ego and proving herself because deep down she is insecure and pumped with messages from the media.

Me I recommend men stay away from weak insecure women that are all over the UK (not all but many) and the west and go for strong bright beautiful thin Eastern European women who want to give and accept love.

I absolutely agree with Ruslana! You think that woman want to be just a housewife? NO! Nowadays all women(doesn’t mater if she is Russian, Poland or from UK) want to be independent and they want to take a worthy place in society.

Nicki thanks for the comment but what does ‘liberated’ mean. I think you must be a girl because in my mind the greatest honor you can have in life is to raise happy children. Don’t you want that? A prince a happy children.

Well, I know Ukraine is (or was) led by a woman. However, I think there are many women who still want to fulfill their God given roles and do not want to be superheroes or world leaders. However, in places like USA, UK and the Germanic/Nordic countries, women have a she-man complex and want to try to bring about a Utopian feminist sexless society. Even better, many women are trying to degrade men and create a world where women are in power.

This is happening in Sweden, where men have are taught from a young age to be feminine and h_m_s_xuality is encouraged. Sweden does have a very high rate of h_m_s_xuality amongst men, as the men feel ostracized by women and never were raised to be like real men. Their vikings days are long, long gone.

Its true the modern world is all about teaching us to throw away our morals and to destroy and sever family ties. We live in a society of broken homes, dr_g addiction, teenage mothers without a husband or father. We call this success? We call this freedom?

The population in Europe is decreasing and the white European people are at risk of extinction, because the women are taught making money is more important than having children. Well, unfortunately, we need children to produce future generation and that is not happening in Europe!

We need to wake up and see feminism is the most destructive force in our world today. Feminism is the worse form of t_rr_rism.

“Well, I know Ukraine is (or was) led by a woman.”

Ukraine had a female prime minister. But the country is led by the president. She tried to run for that job and lost just a few days ago.

“I have even meet Polish girls who are sweet and kind and when they return from London are corrupted.”

That happens in SOME cases. Most cases it does not happen. There are more Polish women that go to London and are REPULSED at how most British women are fat and disgusting.

And in Poland, a woman can get beaten if she acts like a typical Brit girl. It’s a fact.

“Nowadays all women(doesn’t mater if she is Russian, Poland or from UK) want to be independent and they want to take a worthy place in society.”

See Nicki, you are stupid American type woman. Women all over the world are in fact independent with some exceptions. But women in places like Eastern Europe are at the end of the day incapable of being competent on their own and always wants some man to get them out. Also you are a fat and ugly and therefore trash.

How about women with accents, Italian, sexy, and a little older, like 45? I think older women are better than unsure, younger women. Anyone agree?

If you like older women that is good and there is nothing wrong with that. Many relationships that are happy are based on this, I prefer a woman who is younger.

This is rubbish. I have just come home from London and I loved it. It was a beautiful city and had lots of friendly, attractie people. It was rare I saw a fat girl. I saw lots of pretty English girls in smart good clothes. I don’t know why you are so critical.

My friend is Polish and has married an English girl and he loves her so much. He says there isn’t much cultural difference. She is very faithful and loyal and sweet, like a doll. She doesn’t drink much and isn’t fat. I think you need to open your eyes. She is like a little princess.

I understand in Britian there are lots of fat, ugly people, and rude, like any other country. But I know in the higher classes of people the girls must be ladylike and make good partners in order to be accepted in life. These are the girls to go for, not the ones in slums that eat chips all day.

Thank you for the feedback. My brother’s family has lived in London for about 25 years, and they are not like that either, however, statistically many guys and girls from the UK are overweight and do not care to much about traditional values. However, not everyone for sure.

I am a Polish woman living in London a few years. I’m from a big town and have come to London to work (also to study and qualify in one of the most desired professions) after a failed romantic relationship with a Polish man in Poland and few earlier attempts to go living abroad.

In London I had literally no one to back me up. I experienced all the usual, many friends coming and leaving, myself moving places and jobs, failed so-called relationships, all this to pursue my dream of being independent. After my first very unlucky experience with ‘Polish community’ in London I decided not to socialise with Poles if I did not have to. From some years perspective I have to say it is not the best approach as I have alienated myself to some degree having only foreign friends.

All we are saying here is merely our personal experience and opinion. So in my opinion young, born and bred Londoners are naturally self-confident as if they were not, they would simply sink in this aggressive, career focused environment.

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