Russian phrases for picking up Russian girls

Learning some or a little Russian can actually be better than being fluent or a native speaker when it comes to picking up girls or knowing no Russian at all. The reason is girls from abroad are impressed by real native speakers of English. If you speak rounded American English or cute British English you can charm their pants off (metaphorically of course). If you are a native speaker and know some of their language, you are in like flint. It shows you are not just some Joe six-pack cruising Russian chicks for a week. Rather you display a real interest in the culture and have potential for the long-term. Therefore I recommend learning a little Russian to chat up some women from Moscow to Vladivostok online or via text messages.

One additional note is the Russian females students who are particularly fluent in verbal and written communication are masters at understanding Russian pidgin. You can transliterated to the Latin alphabet and they will understand you in an SMS.

Slavic women in a ground relating and communicating.

However, that being said my first recommendation is make flashcards of the Russian alphabet and just lean it. It is all phonetic and once you do, it opens up your eyes to signs on the street and is a big boast of confidence. You can use a translate tool and you are all set.

Russian is a case based language which makes it inaccessible to the faint heart-ed. Is you want to master it. Yet I have learned Polish an analogously hard Slavic language with little effort or focus on grammar. My core message is learn it with flashcards and skip the grammar, at least for now. Learn Love phrases and introductory phrases and lots of high frequency words. If you cram for a few weeks on your way to work, or on the sofa while surfing the webs, you will be able to break the language barrier and be able to chat up Russian girls enough to get their e-mail or mobile phone numbers and from there you can use a translate tool.

Phrases like – ‘I completely agree with you’ (Я полностью согласен с вами ), and ‘you have made considerable progress’ (Вы сделали большой прогресс) are universally good in any language. A lot of nodding yes works to show you are listening and are the same wave length. Women are all about affirming and relating. What a couple of chicks sit next to each other in a coffee shop, a lot of nodding, relating and affirming going on. You do not even need to know the language that well, just listen and a few agreeable phrases followed by probative questions, will win their hearts.

With Russian girls can be like a passive chick when communicating. With American girls you need to be verbal and competitive and combative.

The following are useful phrases for picking up Russian women
I created a larger resource for:

Love Phrases in Russian

  • What is your name girl? – Как вас совут, девушка?-  Kacj Vatch Tsovit Devyshka – Girl can be universally applied to any Russian female without offense. The ones over 30 will be flattered.
  • Стерва – Disgusting person or malenkya sterva this mean they are a b*tch. Malenkya is an affectionate term for little one by the way. It is universal in any Slavic language.
  • снежная королева (snow queen) – Icy girl
  • My soul or Soul of mine – doo-SHAH mai-YA
  • милая (Milay), возлюбленный, ( sounds like ‘was-brazilian-in-may’ mnemonically) – возлюбленная – Can all mean dear or deary or darling. Mnemonics is perhaps the second best way to learn a language after flashcards.
  • понимаем друг друга, да? – We understand each other, right
  • glazu na glaz  – eye to eye
  • Привет-  Privet – Hello
  • Я понимаю (Ya ponimaju) I understand
  • Я не понимаю Ya ne ponimaju I do not understandmilaia, obnimi menia – Okay, come here give me a hug
  • Простите – prastite – sorry
  • Прости –  prasti- Thank you  or  Спасибо spasibo

I also created a site for learning Russian grammar and a little more about the culture –  I would like to build it up a bit but it has 1000 multi-choice drills int the Russian language.

I also have detail on the Russian alphabet and some more on how to say hello in Russian – Love Phrases in Russian.

Lists of Russian phrases on the Internet are only useful if you made flashcards with index cards. I have boxes of them and learned Polish largely this way. It is a little boring but if you are in front of the TV or by your computer, it works.  I am writing a Russian learning program by the way, it will be MP3 based.

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