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Krakow girls why the odds are in your favor – Krakow is a mecca for artist and students in Eastern Europe It has the best art and language schools in Poland, and these are majors girls gravitate to, the kind of girls you want to date. In total, there are over 100,000 students and most stay in Krakow after their studies. Hence, countless beautiful Polish women in Krakow age 18 to 35 who are single and hoping to find their husband. Krakow also has one of the best female/male ratios in Europe.  If you combine all these factors then you have the potential to meet and chat up girls from this royal city. The purpose of this post is to tell you where and how to meet Krakow girls.

Meeting women in Krakow is a little like seeing all the girls from your teenage years who you use to dream about. You know the ones you believe were unobtainable, from MTV or models in magazines or women in your high school that was the most sought after.  Then you arrive in Krakow and they magically materialize in front of your eyes, however, this time only real and authentic and wanting to get to know you. This is Cracow. I do not want to spoil the surprise.

Of course, women are women and they will not throw themselves at you, but rather, they are simply girls that want to meet their husbands. It is like the reverse of anything you have ever experienced in the USA or the UK. There are less weird vibes and materialistic attitudes, where you feel either on the defensive or apologies for being a male.

How do I know Krakow? I have lived in Krakow for almost ten years. I have walked every street and know every stone in the city.   I am an American but now a Polish citizen also. So this gives me some degree of credibility. I am not just someone who has come to town on a guys night out.

This run down little corner of Krakow is actually the best place to meet local girls.

If I was single where would I meet Krakow girls?

  • Alchemia – It is a Gothic looking cafe –  club with girls who are alternative and open. Almost all local people so your competition from foreigners is lower. This is your first stop, then the clubs and pubs to the right and left are your second and third stops.  It is located in Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter and now Polish hipster hangout. The girls here are clubs girls mind you, and maybe not your best choice for meeting your future wife.
  • Prozacs – It is in the center of Krakow and time-tested. I have not heard really anything bad or scammy about this Krakow club other than a lot of foreigners meet girls there. More of a dance club.
  • Nic Nowego is the place you go to exchange information with other expats, more of an Irish pub in Krakow and very foreigner friendly.
  • Park benches – Now if you are into meeting girls of a higher quality I recommend, chatting up girls sitting on any of the benches that are around the main market square in Krakow’s Rynek. Just go up to one on the bench you like, and be non-threatening and start a conversation about what they are reading or studying. There are many girls in Krakow taking a break between class studying here on these benches as it is close to many universities. By the way, I do not recommend dating any girls from Jagiellonian as they have huge egos and will cause you trouble. I should do a special post just on that, but all UJ girls are trouble.
  • Starry Kleparz Krakow – It is a farmers market, but girls love this place. Hot down to earth girls from the countryside living in Krakow prefers this market over the big supermarkets.
  • The main market square is where everyone walks though, young and old. If you stand out there on any given day you will get more than an eye full of model looking girls. Go up to one and try to speak some Polish, they will all speak English but you will for sure get a smile.
The retro run-down section of Kazimierz Krakow is the best place to meet Polish hipster girls

Additional resources for meeting Cracow princesses

Why do you want to date a girl from Poland? I guess it depends on what your intentions are to meet Krakow girls. Most are good girls and I do not recommend corrupting these girls as it is: not right, bad, karma, and unfair to them and their future husbands. Hurting or using someone is one of the worst things you can do.  If you are looking for that type of fun go somewhere else. Polish society is Catholic and family oriented. There are Polish bad girls, but there is no reason to come to Krakow, as they are just like dating a Western girl and will only cause you trouble.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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My name is Ahmed I am an Egyptian living in Krakow, I am very happily married to the girl of my dreams.

….This is not good news at all. So basically the Brit football players came along and totally play chess withed up the foreign guys reputation there in Krakow? I just now read this article and I guess it’s hopeless for an American guy with zero Polish heritage to meet a girl in Krakow.

Not totally true. Many Brit footballers in town, but they clearly stick out. If you are a sincere person and not traveling in a pack, that it will be different. If you take a real interest in the culture you do not need Polish blood. I know people from all over the world married in Krakow and happy basically because they took an interest.

Brits cant travel anywhere without making some sort of trouble. I’m Irish and and have been with a girl from Krakow for 2 years steady.

Not every British person is like this. I’m going to Krakow for a good time – if anything happens with a girl, so be it. I won’t be looking for anything though except to tour & enjoy with my friend.

I know a lot of British that are nothing other than classically educated, intelligent people. Part of my family is English. I think the only issue I have with people from the UK is the trend away from religious ideals and this is a root cause of disolution of the family.

Traveling to Kraków with a group of loud friends decreases your chances of meeting a girl, so try to get separated from them every now and then or either come alone or with one friend. If you are not a UK guy, girls will sooner or later notice it, so don’t be discouraged by the bad reputation that UK guys hooked you up with by running around the Main Square naked. Do not be drunk or loud, but make sure they hear your American, Spanish or French and certainly not British accent. Even if you are British, you can still prove them wrong and let them know you are different than what they expected, it will just take a little more effort.

What is the best place to meet girls? The clubs around Rynek are ok, but definitely not on a Friday or Saturday night. Young Polish people usually go to clubs with larger group of friends not only to hang out with them, but for safety reasons also, and do not need any extra company. Night time is generally not the best time in my opinion. There are a lot of drunk people around, so you are more likely to be taken as one of them and get turned down.

Try going to Kazimierz district on a weekday or Sunday afternoon and find a cozy, peaceful café. Do not count on meeting a single girl all by herself at a café, this will not happen. Single girls usually go out in pairs. Even if they just came to meet and talk, not look for boyfriends, chances are they will not mind you joining them. You can sit next to them and ask a question about the town. Tell them where you are from. Polish people are very helpful, especially to foreigners and will do their best to guide you. Once you start the conversation, tell them what you like about Cracow and Poland the most. They will love it.

If you are shy and prefer talking to only one girl at a time, you should look around the Planty park. If the weather is nice, you will find a lot of girls sitting on a bench and reading, feeding the pigeons or just resting. As long as you are polite and not pushy, she won’t mind if you join her. You can also try bookstores and places like Empik. Asking for some advice or recommendation is a good way to start a conversation.

Public transport is not a bad idea either, but it’s harder as your time will be very limited. She might be getting out any minute.

Will be great if you advise on cheapest option of travelling from Krakow to Prague. Like border crossing or something like that.

I would take a train if you have money or a bus if you do not. There is no border check as it is all the EU.

Raj, did you check budget airlines? Sometimes you can score really cheap tickets, like 40zł for a roundtrip, but it depends on the date and how early you book.

I have just come back from Krakow after a week long holiday there. I found the central square is one of the best places to meet girls, I ended up getting a few kisses there. As mentioned, stay well clear of the loud football crowds, that is a sure fire way to fail. I will be going back in a few months because Krakow really is the best place to meet cute Polish girls.

After my last trip to Krakow in late June, I have booked to return on 11th September this year. I will be seeing at least one of the girls I kissed last time as she is a waitress at one of the cafes in the central square. I am thinking of perhaps trying the Kazimierz district for meeting girls this time. I would like nothing more than to come home this time knowing that I have a Polish girlfriend.

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