Kiss girls fast – but dont smile at them

The best thing to do is kiss girls fast in the relationship, even within an appropriate first date, and often, but not move onto full-blown physical relations. Better is to spend a lot of time making out, but not bring a date to bed. If you can do that, you are a true master a player among players.  Look, I was 18 once and I know how it is. However, there is not fun or honor in bedding a woman, it is too commonplace and easy and really the future wife of some other man. You want to be chaste and honorable.

The guys in High School that were doing everything, in my hometown never amounted to anything. The geeks that delayed adulthood in that way went on to be interesting people. You want to preserve and help women preserve this innocence or youth as long as possible because it is magical.

Further, last I check the Bible does not recommend it. Better is to be a promiscuous kisser, but not  go further, maybe to second base. If you can do that you will have a lifetime pick of women, high quality women and low to no chance of any disease, or getting a girl in trouble.

  • Learn to Zig when others are Zagging – However, if you just kiss the girl, it is a bold statement, and alternative lifestyle and will get you far.  If you Zig when everyone else Zags you will stand out. And believe me there is a lot of zagging going on these days.
  • Kissing to a female means more than to a male – To a girl is their limbic area of their brain lights up like a Christmas tree and signals that they are ready for love. In contrast for a male it means they are ready for action.  Play with their imagination and pull at their hearts strings by kissing and you will have your pick of cordial girls. You will win their respect and imagination and not one gets hurt big time. Having relations with someone and then hurting them is one of the worst things you can do. In contrast making out and dumping them may not be in good taste but no real harm done.
  • Being a man of honor – Read the book or watch the movie Great Expectations and contrast the character Pip with Drummle. If you can not read the book Netflix has a Masterpiece theater production. Really watch a few of these types of movies and read a few of these books and decided what type of man you want to be. Even if you are doing bad things now, if you change today, your life will change, I promise.
  • Why men are players – Because they were hurt by women and they are acting out revenge subconsciously.  You can be a player in the smooching arena you just do not have to take it further.
  • You will get rich and be great – If you do not dissipate your primal energies on full physical relations or watching dirty things on videos all day. Male energy can be channeled or spent. You want to spend yours like a girl at the mall buying countless shoes, go ahead that is your counter part. Better is to meet a women who dazzles your mind and spirit. If you want to know what the male equivalent of a hyper-consumptive females is, it is a player. Read the count of count of Monte Cristo this is an example of someone who channeled their energies into ways that never could have been done if he “knew” women.

If you do everything both of you lose control. If you are the one that draws the line you will control the girl. In dating it is often control or be controlled. When a girl says:

‘I do not like to play game’s, I say to myself, ‘let the games begin.’

Women are always playing and calculating, you just have to know have the advantage in a good way. Holding out for marriage or at least engagement would knock a woman’s socks off and she would love you always. That is how you play the game. If she asks why, simply tell her you do not believe in relations outside the context of marriage. She will look at you like ‘who is this man’.

  • Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where George Costanza does the opposite of everyone else, and gets the girl and the job. Well this is like that. Do not follow the crowd, be bold and be the last of the Victorians and you will get ladys you never could have if you were a lounge lizard.

How to kiss girls

This section is for guys on how to kiss girls.  This will include both the approach and the technique for kissing. My advice is instinct is best. the million plus years of human evolution will be your teacher better than any advice on the web. Learn to listen to this instinct and pay attention to what the girl likes as each one is different.

Some quick tips:

  1. Kiss light initially, go for the neck and face. Neck kissing is one of the most effective ways to turn a girl on. Think of a butterfly that will brush over a flower.
  2. Let your noses rub.
  3. Kiss her chin.
  4. Lip top lip rather than full tongue is good.
  5. The whole idea is to stir their imagination and then you control them.
How to start kissing girls

Approaching a female for kissing

When I was young and shy, kissing was one of the most fear things when it came to a date.  If I was on a date I always wondered when to kiss the girl. Do not attach in an all out over the top frontal assault.

Women want to be told stories and hear things romantic.  If you can tell stories and talk about romantic things they will send up inviting signals.

Read fairy-tales, read them a poem if you do this, it sounds corny and silly, but it is not.  If you want a women to fall in love with you, win them through their ears and their imagination first.

The kissing is second.

Where to start the kiss

Start kissing girls from the hand or the neck.  This is my recommendation.  It makes the whole experience for them less stressful.  When they are ready to be kissed they will give you the sign.

When you do kiss them on the lips start slow, then you can move to French kissing. The rest you will know what to do when kissing girls on a date.

Should you do more than kiss? I do not recommend it.  Why? Because having girls as a lover with only kissing is good clean fun, but doing more then they start to have deep feelings for you and to hurt some one’s feelings is one of the worst things anyone can do.

Girls that have egos

Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry

However, with snooty, upscale girls who think they are in control, when on a date I just pull them towards me and kiss them on the lips.  This is often the best approach for females who have too many defenses.  Maybe you will get your face slapped but most of the time it works fine. Do not listen to any advice a lady has on kissing. It is wrong. In basically every case I have stuck my tongue down a girls throat early on a date, she liked me. I would do it within minutes of meeting a girl sometimes. It worked. This should be done with women that think too highly of themselves or issues with everything, just go for it and see what happens.

A note on why women kiss each other

The reason why most women kiss is not for the reasons most guys are thinking, rather it is usually just a casual way of saying hello. I am an American living in Europe and not only do I see many young ladies not only kissing but  holding hands, not because they have sensual affection towards each other but because they are friends.  Girls that are friends in Europe sometimes walk down the street holding hands, it’s very sweet if you ask me. I live in Eastern Europe.

Most girl kissing occurs on the cheeks and not the lips.

Kissing just as friend is common in Europe, do not misunderstand its meaning.

Of course some women kiss each other because they are not just friends. A caress is not just an embrace of support but more.  Many students and university women, like to experiment with this, even if they have boyfriends. In my opinion this is cheating with their boyfriends.  I do not think it should be accepted.  It may seem cool, but it is a sign for other deviant behavior and tells me this girl is not marriage or long-term love material.

Let me know what you think about kissing fast but then keeping it at that level.  Is this a Christian view on kissing? I do not know but from a guys who has played around the world with a woman in every port it works. You can be a totally player and kiss one-hundred women but not go further.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

3 replies on “Kiss girls fast – but dont smile at them”

Great article! I’m going over to Belarus this summer to meet a girl, And i’m really scared about meeting her for the first time. I think I’m going to take your advice and grab her and make out with her right in the airport.

Thanks for your articles, Mark. They really help to restore a nobler framework of love, dating, and marriage. Your articles have helped me much, and I thank you for them.

About kissing: Well, I think that kissing should be reserved for marriage. I am 29 and have never kissed a girl. But I look forward to kissing my wife, when I find her and marry her.

I respect your view and if you think kissing should be reserved for marriage you will have a wonderful life. Ideally find a woman who believes the same. I would tend to think it would be someone that is religious. The more idealistic one is the harder it is to find a match, however, life will be richer.

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