Meet Kiev Girls – Advice from a Ukrainian American

After my flight to Kiev, the first thing I noticed at Boryspil’ airport was the female Ukrainian boarder guards. I believe they are chosen primarily based on looks, rather than passport control. These slender tall Ukrainian girls in uniform set the stage for what I was about to experience with the rest of my trip. Compared with the frumpy, middle aged BBW airport security in other countries with an attitude, I realized I was not in Kansas anymore.

Ukrainian blond and her friend walking on the street in Eastern Europe.

Like the Beatles song says “Oh those Ukraine girls make me scream and shout they leave the West behind”. I you are looking for true love be open to the whole world. If you do not want to venture out into the countryside, find a girl in Kiev.

This post will offer some practical ideas for guys looking for true love in Kiew.

Sleeping beauty in Kiev

I prenote – I am an American Ukrainian and lived in Eastern Europe for about a decade. I can tell you that if you go searching for a fairy-tale princess you will find her. If you go searching for your sleeping beauty in Kiev you will find her.

  •  There is literally an art exhibit that has five beautiful Ukrainian girls laid out in a museum and if she opens her eyes when you kiss her you are both contraction ally obligated to marry her.

This is Kiev. It is the city of fairy-tales. Visit the Cave monastery, and see the incorruptible where physical decay as not set in on century old bodies, walk along the River Dnieper, learn about the semi-mythological Rurik and Oleg, the rulers of old Kievan Rus, or better yet ask a bookish Ukrainian student girl sitting in the park reading a book. Kiev is the greenest city in Europe if you consider the square miles of parks and green areas. If you did nothing else but got to the park you might find your Snow white, and she will literally look like from a fairy-tale.

How to play Kievan dating sites

Basically all dating sites are equally good and equally bad. It depends on your luck, and to some extent it is a numbers game. However, here is a trick. When you sign up for a premium dating site for CIS women, just try to cross match birth dates and names and locations. Your objective is to find a match on free dating and social networking sites to e-mail them and eventually get their mobile number. If you play this game you can.

A lot of the demographic information is wrong and you can not find these ladies. You might only have a 15% hit rate, trying to cross reference elenasmodels with Eastern European free social network sites like:

  • VK
  • Odnoklassniki
  • Mamba
  • Skype – Many have their mobile numbers in their profile – Use after you have rapport do not spam them.
  • – Not used for this purpose but you can meet many Ukrainian students here, more a friendly cooperative site, do not make it sleazy. Sleep on some students couches for free.

You will find girls and you will get them to e-mail you and might even find Kiev girls mobile numbers. It is not instant gratification but more work-reward.

Be careful out there if you are looking for true love because the lines are often blurred between respectable women and girls that like the rollercoaster ride. I recommend screening them up front with a series of probative questions about morality. There are scores of Kivian girls out there that want an authentic relationship with a foriegn guy.

Mobile phones and girls in Kiev

  • Life
  • MTS
  • KyivStar

Are the three main Ukrainian mobile phone companies you want to get a SIM card from, you can get them in any Kiosk. Just make sure when you are purchasing one, you can text message the other two carriers, even if it is a little extra.

Expect to pay about 15 to 20 UAH. Not a bad investment for under 2 dollars. Let me know the next time you pay for anything connected to women and dating that is 2 dollars in the States.

Any phone equipment you can get at Rynek na Kardachah, but I prefer just phone kiosks.

Hotels vs. Apartments in Kiev when dating women

When you got to Kiev apartments are cheaper and better quality than hotels. Hotels are better geared for the first time traveler. However, if you calculate the savings of a hotel in Kiev vs. and apartment, lets say it is 500 dollars over your trip, then amortized the cost over ten nights that is 50 dollars a night you could be spending on wining and dinning your Ukrainian dates. For a 50 dollar night on the town with an appreciative Ukrainian student girl, maybe she will not be doing back flips for you, but you will get her attention. I would try apartments but here are also three reasonable Kievan hotels geared for CIS travelers.

  • Hotel Rus
  • President Hotel
  • Kreschatik Hotel

How to get around the city

I recommend save money on cabs and take the Metro – Built during the Soviet era with amazing Mosaics and street singers at the entrance. It is the deepest subway in the world as it was intended to be a shelter in case the missiles were launched. It is an ideal place to meet women in Kiev.

Tour guide, waitresses and hotel workers in Kiev

Avoid these gals as they get hit on by foreigners they are either ‘working’ for tips or have become a little Western. Your ideal goal if you want marriage is to find a diamond in the rough.

Shopping in Kiev when not window shopping for zhinky

Do girls like shopping? Yes. Men are hunters and women are gatherers. It is one million years of evolution in play. You want to find females, go to places they are gathering, that is shopping centers. I think the male to female ratio is better than any Kiev Disco and you will see them in plain light. Further you will see their economic taste, that is are they high maintenance or are they clean and natural on the inside. I imagine there is a whole science at looking into a girls shopping cart and extrapolating their personality from there.

Do not be a tourist but shop like a local. I like to got to:

  • Natur Boutique for organic Wholefood type things, natural alternative people here.
  • Billa Supermarket for professionals running in to grab what they need.
  • Epicenter or Nova Liniya for large Walmart type experiences.
  • Rynek (means market) – I still prefer the open farmers markets Rynek Troyeschyna. You can meet some nice girls corn fed farm type girls there without high expectations.

Kiev Nightlife?

I recommend recon missions and exportation, yet if your time is limited for nightlife action in Ukraine here are some ideas. Deserves a book not a list. Here are my best and worst popular clubs:

  • The Arena Club Kiev – Four floor dance floor and you will meet some expats to get more information.
  • D’ Lux Kiev – Highest quality in terms of looks, normal with trance and house music.
  • Cafe Antresol – Meet a studenka.
  • Decadence House Киев – Borderline you can find them on FB no Decadence House website. Opulence and flashing your money goes far, so I put this on my back burner list. It is basically a higher end nouveau riche Euro disco, not my style.
  • Rio – Avior as it is a path to nowhere and you will dissipate your energy instead of finding your Juliet. It is a meat market, people will tell you to go there but do not.

Once you get the Dating site girls in play, your mobile phone SIM and going to normal places like shops, you can meet women on the street. If your approach is soft and subtle, not like a crass footballer, then you will meet a nice Kievan damsel and no need to be a lounge lizard.

The best women in Kiev are the ones you have to uncover in ordinary places like markets, on the street and on the metro. Ukraine means literally boarderland. Go to I hope you have the surreal boarderland experiences that will lead you to a true love connection.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I want to meet Kiev lady for serious relationship, and want to be married with. I’m 38 years old, never married, from Seoul, Korea. I work as IT consultant. I can’t speak Russian or Ukranian.

I need your help.

From Zooey

I have checked the websites I have recommend on my site. There a number of both free Russian and Ukrainian dating sites. There are also pay sites but I think I have only recommend free Ukrainian dating. There are millions of girls from Kiev, some speak English and some do not. You can learn a little Ukrainian. You can visit Kiev. But again, try not think like you have found a country to find a girl. Rather think in terms of love and see what happens, rather than shopping around for a wife.

I live in Kiev and I want to find some people for speaking English, siting in the bars and so on. But it’s so hard to do this. If somebody want to meet and talking you can write on my e-mail) I’ll be happy to know that in Kiev we have American guys.

I have an Ukraninan girlfriend. We are ready to meet, but I don’t want to spend $4000.00 to get there with Can I fly to Kyiv and book my own hotel for less money.

I think depending on where you live it will be about 1/3 the price. Lets stay you live near a major US airport like Atlanta, NYC, Boston, Washington or Chicago. You can get flights to Kiev direct round trip for lets say 1,200 dollars if you look and the season. Then rent an apartment and this will cost as cheap as 30 dollars a day.

Try and search various travel finders. Kiev is a beautiful place. You can also fly to Warsaw or Krakow and take a train. I have done this but it takes an extra day. It is all safe and easy travel. Trust me I lived in Eastern Europe a good part of my life and my family is from Ukraine. It is easy and safe.

Let me know if you have any further questions, and I am more than happy to answer them about Eastern Europe.

I always rented a small flat, not a hotel. Why would you stay in a hotel. My only warning is there are so many beautiful girls there in Kiev that your eye might wander.

I don’t think you can find an apartment for 30 USD, the least 80 per day and look like old ones, only in center of Kiev are good ones but 120-200 USD per night, I will travel to Kiev soon 11 days to be exact, arrive on July 4th, to meet girls, who knows who but travel to the adventure, I will be there July 4th- July 17th well you will have a travel fellow.

Please use proper capitalization and grammar check your comments.
Maybe 30 USD is low for Kiev, but it depends on your expectations. When I was a business traveller I stayed in five star hotels and as a rich traveller three star hotels. If you want to waste your hard earned money on these things and have people smile at you at the hotel front desk be my guest. I would never pay money for hotels. It is the biggest cost of travel. Just get a room somewhere and spend the money chasing girls.

I recommend the flats not in the center. As the best girls are not in the center but you meet them on the metro and in the blocks. You can find places to rent from old ladies, youth hostels (many of students) starting at ten dollars a night. Check arround. I think about 18 is a good price. Not a problem for 18 USD a night. Do not expect a hotel but a youth hostel, but really are you that blue blood where you can not travel off the beaten path and have a sense of adventure?

My family is from Ukraine, I have Polish citizenship and lived in Eastern Europe a good part of my life. Life is cheap there if you want it to be or more expensive than NYC if you want it to be.

Be wise and cheap out on hotels and spend the money on your girl.

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