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10 reason Japanese girls are hot

  1. Japanese girls thin – how? I know the definitive secrete and it is not genetics. I have seen many, and my friends have date Americanized porked out Japanese American students. The reason is they eat fresh food and walk everywhere. Try eating sushi for a month and walking you will lose weight. My wife and I did this and sure enough we could not keep the sounds on. Lucky we live on an Island in Florida and can catch fresh fish and crab all the time. Enjoying Japanese cooking alone stir emotions in your limbic area.
  2. Submissive power – If you ever saw the movie the Last Samurai it is a story of a guy from the USA on a spiritual journey of self transformation in Japan inspired by love. To avoid being cliché yin has the power because it draws men to transform. In contrast to Western females that try to dominate ladies from Japan are in essence your muse.
  3. xenophobic isolation – How is that attractive? Generally it is not, but Japan’s culture has isolated this group of XX chromosomes from the rest of the world and men want something they can not have or are not too familiar with.
  4. Real life Anime girls – I am not talking about Fukkacumi (Anastasia Shpagina – look her up on YouTube) who replicated manga and anime style to perfection, rather, Anime girls reflect something in the collective unconsciousness of Japanese women. Their short dresses and angelic doll-like physical ideas are in a subtle way a reflection of styles in Japan. Perfect skin and good sense of style does not hurt anyone in terms of looks.
  5. Uncluttered apartments – Ever gone into an American girls apartment. Clutter and junk everywhere. The domestic Japanese female is a master of feng shui naturally. Don’t you want that kind of inner peace in your life.
  6. Peaceful and loyal – Extremely low rates of violence and divorce and angry feminism have not appeared.
  7. Buddhist – Since the Tokugawa persecuted religious proselytism. Shinto-Buddhism does not have a charismatic appeal like the prophetic regions of Israel. So they might not spread or have any firm grounding in Japan, yet if you are a Western guy with free thinking ecliptic philosophical values, the spirituality of Japan might palatable more than other places.
  8. Just nice – I know this sounds trivial but they are just nice, easy-going and pleasant to be around. I have known many Japanese students and universally they are pleasant to be around.
  9. Smart Japanese girls – The Japanese have among the highest IQ’s of any culture (along with Ashkenazi Jews and South Koreans). It is about one standard deviation above the norm. I think it is their culture of education and high fish diet. Either way net-net, having the prospect of smart offspring is at some level appealing.
  10. Exotic – Different pheromones and scent and shape and feel. Do I need say more? Look is a secondary factor in this equation.
It is hard to tell if some photos of Japanese girls are real with impeccable makeup and wide contacts or not?
  • I recommend meeting real Japanese singles online via the websites I recommend below. Travel costs are someone prohibitive initially so online chats, email and then SMS and mobile communication are better until rapport can be established.

Do you believe a man can change his destiny?
I think a man does what he can, until his destiny is revealed. – Last Samurai

Have some guys and take a chance if the dating game at home is not working out for you.

Websites Japanese 20 something women hang out on for socializing

  • Besides the obvious FB Twitter, Yahoo look at, – a general portal.
  • I recommend you explore this website a lot of pretty faces and women with blogs here.
  • – More a social and photo sharing site, the Japanese sites look different even after you translate them.

This site is about love and languages, not anything base. But I thought I would give you some hits if you are curious what normal Japanese girls look like. You can watch Japanese videos with these sites and .  You will see many beautiful Japanese girls here, and you can watch for free.  I also recommend use a translate tool, many online.

You can download these Japanese girls videos with this software, Bbmao Video its a Firefox add-on and you can download and store them to your hard drive.

I am only concerned about helping you win a Japanese girl for love or marriage as a bride, nothing else so I will tell you the best way to chat and write normal Japanese girls.

This one is a doll, Japan is crazy about Anime.

How to chat with Japanese girls

You can always use western – Japanese dating sites, but also try these, they are worth the effort. There will be some language problems but translate tool will work.  If you do not want to learn Japanese.

For Chat with Japanese girls you can even get a Japanese e-mail.

Also for Japanese girls and blogs  or even  is very popular, but again you need to learn a language or use translate.

Where are Japanese American women in the USA

If you want to find a Japanese girl in the USA, I recommend in the Porter Square part of Cambridge-Boston. Anywhere in San Francisco where up to ten percent of the population has Japanese blood and in Hawaii.

Do Japanese girls like American guys?

Some do some do not, in my personal experience. What can I say, I have known some and they are nice but not always a love connection. I think any Westerner in Japan gets a lot of attention. Basically they will love you but because of expectations of their parents you have to take them out of the country to marry them. I think US military guys in Japan do not bring the best and the brightest representations of our culture there.

The language is not that hard. The Japanese language does not have cases and a lot of complex grammar. If you just not to speak it and not write it, it is an easy language. I studied it a bit and there was nothing complex, besides the writing.

Although I studied Asian culture in college (courses) and had a passive interest in East Asia,  I am not a self-proclaimed expert and need to do more research. I invite you to contribute further to this post.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Real nice is Japnese Girl.I would love soo much if get a beautiful Japanes honest freindly girl.

Japanese girls are the finest girls in the world. I visited japan in 2001. I saw they are so generous and nice. they are very hard worker and mentally soft. I like them very much. i like to make a good friendship with Japanese girls.

I’m looking for nice girl who understand the really meaning for what are the love and romance,friendship, any pretty girl think about good things. I would like a Japanese girl.

No one can say Japanese girls are not the must beautiful girls in the world the are the must beautiful and amazing i really love them I am so crazy about them when ever I see beautiful Japanese i get mad really I need to talk to them I know I cant speak Japanese but i will learn how to speak Japanese I need some one to give good website to contact Japanese girls in English or web chat, this is my dream I only want to be in teach with those beautiful sweet girls this is my dream and only wish if it become true I will be the must happy man, and thank you to all of you friends this is my email sand me mail if you want to help you good friend.

In Japan, it is hard to find one whom you can share your heart with as you would like to, unless either one of you had at-the-least one language in common to share your heart with. Language is the key to communication and expression.
So the best thing would be to learn some Japanese before you go to Japan. Or you can make her learn some English if you want a true devoted beautiful Japanese wife. This suggestion comes from my my many experiences while staying in Japan for 3 months. You might not find one you can sincerely do the real thing with but at least you will taste the culture.

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