Dating websites to find Italian girls

Italian dating websites for finding Italian girls and a mediation on Italian female beauty

“Ugly Italian”, I have never heard anyone say such a thing. Why? You know why, Italy is a land of beautiful people. I do not know if it the mild climate, that gives Italian girls the right pigmentation hue or the natural diet of rich in the antioxidants of rosemary, garlic, and oregano or simply they are a nice combination of Etruscan, Elymians and Sicani under the layer of Latin, Greek and Celtic Indo-European. In Western culture, Italy is synonymous with love, romance and fashion. If you are looking for an Italian girls mobile number or online for a dating profile, I do not blame you. The purpose of this writing is to give guys looking for true love with an Italian princess a starting point.

A curvaceous Italian lady in a t-shirt. Note the fair-hair, which is common in Northern Italy.  If I was there I would just chat her up and get her mobile number, would you?

 Beautiful Italian women portrayed in classical art

I am a lifelong connoisseur of art. If you could judge the beauty of females just based on art, I think Italy would rank at the top of the reviews. Below is my favorite art, I have actually seen.

  • Frescoes in Pompeii and Herculaneum painters lost in the history – features such shapely Latin women. I went there and was amazed how eros roamed the streets. Women were barely dresses, I have even heard that women walked down the street with no clothes.
  • Abduction of the Sabine women by Nicolas Poussin – Semi-mythological based on fact. The painting temps the imagination of every man and woman. I am a peaceful guy, but show me a human on earth male or female that has not had a fantasy like this, that is to skip the dating phase and just carry the woman of your choice away and make her your wife. Even women think this way deep down, that is to be swept off their feet. The painting is in the Met in NYC if you want to see it for yourself and meditate on the subconscious of human fantasy which modern society has painted over. I mean look at all the Vampire chronicles, the idea of being overpowered by someone beautiful.
  • Venus of Urbino – By Titan – A lady laying across a day-bed exposed and waiting. However, the beauty is in her face and the colors. It is a medication on feminine beauty. You know I write a lot about skinny girls but this is an exception.
  • The Birth of Venus or La Primavera by Botticelli – He must have based these images of adoration on someone in Venice or Florence and their descendents not doubt live there today. I mean how could these genes not reproduce, with such exquisite pulchritude of Italian female form.

7 free Italian dating websites for single Italian girls

These are dating websites actually used in Italy by Italians. They are not some Americanized localized dating sites. Personal in Italy are used, but not in the same way as the States. The family structure is intact and women are more inclined to date respectable chivalrous men rather than speed dating or three times a charm type relationships. My recommendation is set up a profile, take your time to present honest robust information about what you are seeking and what you are about in an authentic way. Most dating site profiles are too generic. You need to bring in unique elements, whether it is an artistic photo or romantic love phrases combined with painting a picture about your life story.

  • – Browse profile and read announcements. Libero is the center for Italy.
  • – More for chatting off the same popular Italian portal above.
  • – I would use this, it has a clean interface and a trustworthy website. This is my top recommendation of this review because it mirrors the English language website, hence makes navigation intuitive even without a translate tool.
  • International social site with a strong Italian following, of course FB ranks high.
  • – More for English language people
  • – Not a dating site but rather the Craiglist or Gumtree of Italy, I only put it here as a resource of you are trying to relocate to Italy or go on vacation. So indirectly it could help your search for love.

Considerations when looking for love in Italia

Italy has a similar North South divide like the USA. The North is industrial and organized and the South is more laid-back. Weather influences people. There is not optimal range which ripens the fruits as different climate produce different nectar. I am partial to the south of Italy which is Naples and below because the people are poorer, more religious and friendlier. I know these are clichés, but consider how nice it would be to marry a humble Italian girl from the village.

What you get with a Southern Italian wife? A lifetime of good cooking, faithful allegiance and a warm family. Even if you have to leave your own country and live in Italy on a visa or to get an Italian citizenship through marriage would that be all that bad?

Central Romans are also nice as is the North even if it is a but Westernized and more materialistic. Some of the richest regions in the world are in the Po River valley. When I was in high school we had an assignment in history class as to the ideal place to live on earth if we were settlers. I choose Northern Italy between the Alps and the Adriatic. My point is if you can find a nice moglie Italiana or marita than worse case you have a relaxed life.

  • Dialects of Italy –  Remember Proper Italian is the language of the country and pretty easy to learn but at home. Just a point to consider. If you really want to win the heart of an Italian girl learn some dialect. Can you imagine if you learn the Neapolitan dialect and take a girl on the Amalfi coastline for a drive?

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. I Love Italian Girls, and I Want Too,

  2. I love Italian Girls. Italian girls are beautiful.

  3. I love speaking with an Italian girls, if anyone has any ideas how I can connect with or chat with Italian girls online please let me know.

  4. Thousand and one kisses for Italian girls, they are romantic and make my heart sing.

  5. I hope to find a girl from Italia. I have been lived in Italia for 6 months. Any girl from Italy who wants to talk or chat e-mail me.

  6. come’on guys…I’m Italian and I suggest you to stop dreaming of Italian girls…..they are not sweet at all. They are liars…they say they want a sweet man but in the end they always want the bad guy. they look a lot at your pocket….and how you dress! yeah Italy is the country of fashion, and I guess no one can dress better than an Italian. and Italian girls knows it. It is better if you look in Eastern Europe, you will find sweet, sensible, polite and swell educated girls. More than the Italians, i swear!

    1. I am not Italian and I do not understand Italian culture fully, although I have traveled to Italy a lot. I know that the divorce rate is very low in Italy, and there must be sweet girls from the countryside, but I have herd that many Italian girls like money.

  7. Italian girls are not like American girls. Northern Italian girls are like Germans girls, therefore like American girls.
    They do in fact like the bad guys. Southern Italy and Central are better because girls are less German, and more Latin.

    He is correct though the Eastern European girls are better. And Admin is correct, Italy has one of the lowest divorce rates in Europe.

    1. Not an Italian girl, many people think I look like one, yet actually am an American who spent a summer in Northern Italy and loved it, although I’ve also got family in Berlin.

      Where can I meet some nice guys ? Like some of the very nice ones I met that summer in Italy. Do I need to go back there or are any of here ?

      1. Guys are nice for a reason. Left to our own accord many might be just hip and cool. What brings guys to a higher level and become nice is religion, spirituality or high ideals humanistic reason. The other guys that are not idealistic but nice are basically brought up right and are shy and just want to meet a nice girl. I personally would focus on guys that have spiritual or intellectual interests.
        Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – the guys that focus on the top part of the pyramid are the guys you want to focus on. Read about Maslow ok? Like Plato said ‘live with the gods’. You want guys that are a self actualization path that includes morality.
        Focus on your path of self actualization and you will find guys of a similar feather and you will flock together.
        Let me know if you have any questions.

  8. Most American women are fake (which by the way either a water balloon or perhaps a air bag might be inserted in these fake b–bs)Almost every person in the US is a far right Republican

    Italian Mädchen (Mädchen means girl in German) are better in every since, they could cook, they know how to satisfy a man, they are smarter, The body of course of an Italian Mädchen is real and not fake as those GOP American cow girls. Italian Girls are better pretty much in everything and hotter.

    Viva Italia Girls. Yo de amore Italianas

  9. If Italian women want children so muchy, how come they have the lowest birthrate in Europe? I have to say I love to visit Italy and Italian culture intrigues me, but I don’t know how child friendly they are. I know once upon a time, Italians had giant families. I hear people in Sicily and Southern Italy are more traditional and still have some Italian culture left. The major cities of Italy are very modernized/westernized and most of north Italy is very germanic/Bavarian culture.

    Anyhow, I would love to venture through the Italian countryside to see if I can find a traditional Italiano woman. If any are left. I do love the seen in the Godfather wherer Michael Corleone scores his old-scchool traditional Sicilian beauty. But that was back in the 1930s/40s.

    ON another note, I think American, British, German and all Nordic women are the worst in the world. Most Americans are Nordic and Anglo descended and therefore have a very impersonal, unfriendly and sterile culture. The 21st century American, British, Nordic women are asexual and have a genderless she-man complex. Personally, I think you have a better marriage with a dog then a nordic woman, at least they smile (with their tongue hanging out) and wag their tail.

  10. By the way FACT, most Americans are not GOP and a lot of our fake bimbo diva types are hardcore left-wing liberals. Does the word Oprah Winfrey come to mind? How many millions of dollars of plastic surgery did that Frankenwoman have? Look at all of Hollywood aka Fake ville, all hardcore left-wing liberals.

    Most of the cowgirls you talk about are the most real looking, its the urban liberal city and suburban women who are total fake-tit, plastic-faced who put globs of makeup on their face. However, I don’t particularly find those cowgirls attractive, because many are too manly and actually wear too little makeup and think wearing a ripped up jeans and a flannel is sexy and feminine. However, I will say they are the most real of American women, not that real is always good. LOL

    I can see you are an ignorant person, but I am not here to get into a political debate.. I will not get involved there.

  11. Yonatan,

    You are a REAL man. You say it like it is. It’s true Italy like all European countries have negative growth rates. That is normal, but realistic. I rather have people be more responesible when they have kids, while in the U.S. people have kids, and parents divorce resulting in a worse situation than before.

  12. Hey Yonatan

    I have a good question for you, why is it that when you hear the truth or facts about American people, you have to do the same thing what any other American would do, deny the facts. Are you just plain ignorant or what.

    Your kind is what dominates the USA and I am sorry to say that but I am speaking the truth. Look at Sarah Palin, look at the people who worked for the George Bush Administration, they said that Iraq was a nation full of nuclear missiles but turns out that they were lying to the American people and making up false facts.

    Maybe you could identify yourself with this mentality of ignorance and denying.

  13. Adam, do yourself a favor, and do some research and stop relying on your sole source of education being Al Jaezeera and CNN.

    People like you don’t care about facts, you are ignorant and backward and need someone to blame for the fact that you really cannot figure out whats going on.

    I am not here to get political anyhow.. I am here to discuss the situation about women.

    Sarah Palin did more to fight feminism than any other governor did in USA.. She is hot and beautiful, she is a mother of 5 children and is down to earth and not all arrogant and stuck-up like your western-european or American liberal C*nt leaders.

    So, why don’t go make a shrine to your feminazi lesbian wh-re goddess, Hillary Clinton and her fat husband, Heart-Attack Bill.. OK!

    As far as Sadam Hussein, I don’t give a rats ass about him or any other jihadist maniac, totalitarian dictator or autocrat dog. Poor guy, hope he gets a great big torture chamber in paradise, where he can make more human hamburger meat out of his s-x slaves.

    This topic was Italian girls, and look what these trolls do, to try to intercept an important topic.

  14. Yonatan

    Poor Ignorant, You must be thinking that I reside in the USA. You are just like today’s GOP Politics who hates on people who speak the truth.
    This might be the reason why America is so hated all around the world; people like you want a 1 world government and a 1 world mentality.
    I know everything about your kind, you people love slandering on people who speak the truth. I have lived in the United States from 2003 till 2005, and I remember hearing people like you (example# Rush Limbaugh, David Duke) making bunch of propaganda talk shows in TV or in the Radio.
    Ever wonder how other nations think about America, Your kind is exactly what populates America, Ignorant’s, materialistic, Misanthropes, denial, and media propaganda.
    The more you people continue hating on the rest of the world, the more miserable your standard way of living will be.
    And for your information, I am glad that I reside in a Nation that is not Materialistic, Full of hating misanthropes as yourself, and full of ignorance. Your kind was what I was surrounded by when I use to reside in America.

  15. Wow, you really know everything about me. I went to Africa with my own money and helped widows, orphans who were dying of AIDS and HIV. I help donate computer equipment to orphanage. I have done lot of humanitarian work.

    You sound like a stuck-up, backward, arrogant prick.. NO offense.. What have you done for anyone, except whine and complain about the world? You just are so quick to judge people based on their nationality. THere are plenty of selfish jerks in whatever mudhole country you come from.

    The truth of the matter is that Russia and many countries in Eastern Europe are much more capitalist and imperialist than USA is now.

    Do I care what people think about America? No! Most people will still kill to get into this country. Most people are jealous. Lot of other stup id people around the world rather hate people who have succeeded more than themselves. You claim you are not materialistic and in denial.. How many rich greedy slimy middle eastern pricks do I see in this country who hate Americans for being greedy, while they are driving around in a Mercedes Benz! Idiots!

    America would be a perfect country if it wasn’t for all the spoiled feminist pigs that have ruined, what was once, the most perfect country. Your hard-headed kind encourages all the degradation that is spawning in this world.

    Adam, you are a useless whining troll, go back to your cave!

  16. Again you prove my point; you are exactly those Americans who wants’ a 1 world mentality.
    Of all the Nations that I have visited, America is the worst of the worst. You try to make yourself look all smart and arrogant, but you are nothing more but a low life ignorant bigot who is a misanthrope. You people love judging and discrimination others with different opinions.
    I agree in some parts, not all Americans are bad. My great grand Uncle used to work for RFK during his Presidential Election. And this is the different between me and your kind, I believe People have right to speak up and run a nation, People have rights to be who they are. You must be those that believe probably in the Third Reich.
    Really Russia is more imperialist than USA, so when do you plan to imperialize Venezuela?
    Yonatan, don’t blame humanity why you are a misanthrope, blame yourself.

  17. I wonder why do they even call America the United States, Why not call it the departing or seceding States of America. Didn’t Rick Perry mention in a tea party in Texas that Texas has the rights to secede from the Union, As I know of Texas isn’t the only State that wants to secede from the so call Union, the people in Arizona want secession along with Montana and many other US States.
    And yet these Americans have the audacity to say statements like “We are united as a Nation.” I guess what professor Igor Panarin said about ”America Breaking up” will come true because many Americans don’t even trust their own government and the proposition for secession is increasing.
    It’s even amazing how this Nation is considered to be the leading Nation around the world. But yet must of the Technology that these Americans use either come from Mexico, China, Japan, Taiwan or any other Nation. When it comes to the food production industry, these Mexicans are the once producing all the food and not only that, they are also the once constructing all the highways, buildings and houses.
    Why is it that in other Nations like Germany for example, the Germans are the once constructing all the highways, they are the once producing all the food and bringing all the job industries into their nation.
    What does America do, will it seems that they are sending all of their jobs into different nations like Mexico. It’s really amazing how these Americans could defend their own nation when they have nothing to offer.

  18. You can keep dreaming, but America is hardly going to break up..

    You are hilarious to say the least. Mexico and China are third world slums for the most part and have prospered mostly on slave labor. Most of China’s wealth is in the hands of the bureaucracy.

    I don’t think those Texas boys will start a civil war as of yet.. Yee haw Just, mind your manners in Texas, its a “whole other country”, “state motto”.

    Anyhow, you can thank the Americans who invented the internet and search engines that allowd you to come here today and whine about America, like most backward and arrogant people would do.

    If America is so poor, then why cry about how greedy we are?! You are full of contradictions, to say the least. Look at caste system in India, the bureaucracy in China, the oligarchs and mafia in Russia. There are greedy dogs all over the earth, but since your friends thinks its cool, go and blame America. America was the big daddy for many years and always had to get the blame from the little brats.

    Germany sucks! The country is a mess, moreso than other nations in this economic turmoil. YOu’re living in a fantasy world. I see many Germans running over here to USA and they’re happy they can have a job without most of their income being stolen by the state.

    I know a great country for you Adam, go to Cuba. You can tour one of those great state sponsored hospitals you been hearing about. I am sure they can use an extra help to clean those toilets that havent been declogged in 20 years.

    And for a guy who DOESN’T judge or discriminate, all you are doing here is being a judgmental prick and discrminating against me. I risked my life helping widows and orphans in Africa, while you are sitting on your b*tt whining about world greed. Get a life!

    This is a board about women. Mr. Troll go away! I will not respond to you anymore!

  19. Dear Misanthrope or Yonatan
    Again you are showing your pathetic patriotic ignorance on how you Americans hate on everyone else.
    You tried to change the Vietnam Government and you failed, you tried to change the North Korean Government and you failed. Are you ever planning to change the Government of Venezuela?
    You Yonatan are the voice of an ignorant bigot American who is an imperialist and hates on all of humanity.
    Seriously do you people really think you are all that great, America is no longer the richest nation anymore and besides that, America is the Nation with the most fattest obese, or if not that than skinniest anorexia people in the world. You Misanthrope probably might be obese or anorexia like any other average Joe American. Yonatan, do you weight in 400 tons or the same weight of a whale.
    Poor Fool, When will you ever learn that the more greedy and ignorant your standard of living becomes, the more miserable your standard of living will be. If a Nation is better than American, you Americans get all jealous. You are proving my point; you are harming yourself along with your Nation.
    You are also proving my point on how Americans hate on other Americans. Isn’t Texas part of the United States or is it a country. Seriously, no wonder why so many people in different US States identify themselves either as Californians, Alaskans, New Yorkers, Texans, and so on, but yet they say the hell with the Union just as what Rick Perry said.

    You Americans or Gringos should realize that your nation is a joke, Mexicans are the once taking control of the jobs and again Toyota is beating your Detroit auto makers. America is nothing more but a ranch full of fat obese red necks Like Yonatan who hates on all of humanity.

  20. Of all the nations that I have traveled too, America is the worst and the most unfriendliness nation of them all. Majority of the Americans population like this misanthrope troll Yonatan, insult those people that live in a Nation that has a different form of Government. Americans think that they are all so great but to the rest of the world, America is a joke. Americans are the only people that have the highest population of obesity and anorexia. And to think they still feel like they are the best of the best.
    I do hope Texas and other US states get to secede and dissolved this miserable Union that is populated with ignorance and greedy. There are some Americans that are good, but the majority of Americans are slanders, Misanthropes, greedy, obese (example Yonatan). This moron is exactly what represents America. I will never, ever lay a foot in that obese ignorant nation full of hypocrites, misanthropes and slanders like this moron who represents your average Joe American. Dream on, all the computers and the new technology that these Americans have isn’t manufacture in the USA; it is manufacture in foreign nations. Americans are lazy people who are sending all of their jobs into foreign nations. Sure, America is great, an laziness yes America is great, an ignorance America is great, and an obesity and anorexia yes America is great.

  21. OK, I am not even reading what this moron wrote.. ANyone else care to discuss about Italiano girls? When the moon, hits your eyes, like a big pizza pie, Thats Amore!!!

    I am wondering which part of Italia, has the most beautiful, which has the most caring, which the most spicy?

    Anynoe care to discuss the differences between Calabrese, Siciliano , Sardinian and women from the southern parts of the mainland? I am considering venturing through villages of Toscana to see if any ladies with old world charm exist.

  22. Seems that this misanthrope moron can�t get enough now cant he. Stupid Americans, this moron is proving my point how you people insult those that tell the truth. If morons like this misanthrope Yonatan wouldn�t exist, then yes, Maybe America would be great.

    But nooooo! America is contaminated by misanthropes like this moron who is proving your average Joe American.

    America is a nation full of denial, racism and imperialism.

    America SUCKS

    PS: KNULLA DIG Misanthrope

  23. I going to probably ignore your moron average American Joe and get into the Italian topic.

    Italy is great; the Nation Italy knows how to satisfy its people, just like Canada and many other different nations (except the USA).

    I been their 6 or maybe 5 times and the people are friendly, easy to socialize with. I like Italy, one of the best nations that I have ever visited unlike America. One think that I love about the Italian people and women of course is that the population of Italy has a low percent of obesity and a low percent of Anorexia, Hick almost all of Europe is like that and including other nations like Canada or Australia. When I was in Rome, I don’t remember even seeing a misanthrope or a red neck like your average Joe American. And to think how would the world be if it had a 1 world government, 1 world leader and a 1 world mentality. This mentality no longer resides in Europe or any other Nation. This Mentality resides between the nation of Canada and Mexico. I kind of feel sorry for these Canadians and Mexicans that they reside right next to a nation full with misanthropes and imperialist genociders red necks.

  24. giacomo

    I agree in some parts and disagree with others; I pretty much have traveled almost all around the world. I been in the Middle East, I been in Europe, I been in Asia, and every person that I have met in these regions are friendly to socialize with.

    For me, Italian girls are good in the since that at least, they take good care of themselves and they don’t put on weight or go anorexia like your USA top models.

    If you want to know what is ignorant’s and ugliness, all you have to do is go to the USA. There are plenty of girls like Nicole Richie who will change your way of thinking.

    Italian girls are the best of the best, just like German Girls and Brazilian girls.

  25. This bonehead is calling me the misanthrope…

    This backward, uneducated moron is going to make his rant, because whatever bad country he is from sucks..

    America is not bad, the women here are bad, but they are spoiled due to too many years of easy living.

    Most of America’s obesity affects the women, as the men are usually in better shape than that of Europe, Asia and most places on earth. American men have to work extra hard to impress the women in this country who have a superiority complex.

    No matter how bad American women are, they still are not as bad as British or Scandanavian woman. At least they still try to act like women a little. Most European women, as they are being influenced by feminism, are conforming to world standards.

    YOu sound like you recently graduated elementary school with your childish rants and hostile, yet humurous, bigotry. Why don’t you go learn some respect. Just because you don’t like a country, you start slandering and degrading every person who lives there. You are a r acist, socially ostracized, hypocritcal and hot-headed person. You keep screaming misanthrope, yet this word you use profusely, really describes yourself more than anyone else. It seems you just need some sort of scapegoat in your life, to make up for the lack of glamour that you possess.

    So, what great country are you from?? Lets take a look at all the great things that come from you country. I bet you won’t even say where you live.

    Most Italians I know like USA.. I wonder what they think about your country?

    As far as America being fat.. Modern bodybuilding started in the USA. I am a bodybuilder and from my experience most American men are in better shape than most around the world. We actually don’t spend our days with cigarettes and bottle of booze in our hand like lot of men around the world. Most of our restaurants and bars are non-smoking. I was gagging and dying in Frankfurt airport from cigarette smoke and its crazy they still use pork lard to cook food in restaurants.

    The irony of it all ,is that in foreign countries the women tend to take care of themselves. In America the women are slobs and care little about their health, usually more in tuned with careers. However, in America, the men go out of their way to care for their bodies. Its not uncommon to see a handsome muscular guy with a chubby, poorly dressed girlfriend. This is one reason why American men are popular around the world. American men have good manners and care for their mates considerably more than many other men around the world. Some American men, go as far as worshipping their wives, which is why American men are suffering as bad as they are now. The average age of a Russian man is like 55, what does this tell you about health of foreign men??? LOL.

    50-100 years ago American women outside the cities where actually some of the best and most loyal women. Also, before fast food, American women were in good shape and most were housewives caring for home and children. The modern world has severed this accord and now we are struggling and suffering, due to the pangs of feminist creed. However, most of Western Europe is going down the tubes and even Espana and Italia, has its share of feministos. I went on a Spanish men’s rights board, and they told me the SPanish women are even more hostile than women in USA.

    If American men would restore their authority of their households, America would be one of best places to live.

    Perhaps, you are jealous, Adam, that us American guys, steal a lot of your girls and leave you in the dirt?

    Poor baby.

  26. Poor ignorant

    You should realize that Anybody would tell you the same thing what I’m telling you, You are proving my point, I am sorry if you have to hear the facts but everybody knows it (who doesnâ��t live in America) , Your neighbor in the south Mexico knows it, Most of Latin America knows, Europe knows it , the middle east knows it, and almost every nation around the world knows it.

    America is a nation full of people like you, to be quite honest; I had a cultural shock when I used to live in the United States. Most of my neighbors were like you, rude, unpolite, ignorant, racist, greedy, arrogant and patriotic.

    Hick itâ��s even amazing that you Americans don’t even help your fellow union citizens. Why is it that nation like Germany are so unified and proud on being from Germany, when Germany was united in 1990, they were celebrating and having a joy on having a Unified Nation, I was in there when Germany was united 20 years ago. You Americans discriminate each other either by being from the south or the North, just look at your American civil war, sooner or later your nation will break apart. And when that does happen, finally other nations wonâ��t be bully around again by imperialist

    You people don�t know how to satisfy your nation, but yet you know how to terrorize other nations, in that you Americans are professionals. You Americans hate it when people speak the truth, the fact is you Americans hate each other and hate the rest of the world.
    You people feel so great but look at your miserable nation. Your president wants to pass a health care reform but then again, you people can�t find a solution to improve your nation. Sorry that your nation is so miserable along with you hating way of living, but what can I say,
    Poor fools.

  27. yawn..

    Most of my neighbors were like you, rude, unpolite, ignorant, rac|ist, greedy, arrogant and patriotic.

    Adam is describing himself here.. Gosh, I hope people from yoru country are arrogant, hard-headed, self-righteous arrogant pricks like yourself.

    So, any non-belligerent regular people here, who wish to share about Italia.

    I hope the mod, also an American married to foreign woman BTW, can remove all the comments here that are totally off the topic of Italian women.. THanks.

    I am thinking in year or so, that my trip will start in Toscana and from there go south.. I open to suggestions and would like to hear from genuine people, not hot-tempered brats, about their experiences.



  28. Fare enough

    If this misanthrope is going to continue representing your average Joe American who hates hearing the facts about his pathetic nation, Find. Keep running your mouth and keep proving my point on how ignorant you Americans are, you think insulting the nation where I am from is going to make your nation even better when everybody knows how much America sucks. You have so much land, but yet the ignorance is what populates America, So sad but true.

    Now getting back into this Italian topic: spatula
    Europeans girls are better than American Girls; you know what these American girls are good for, putting tons of weight or going anorexia. American Girls get pissed off when some American individuals say’s Screw it “I am looking else where.”

    I would of done the same thing if I would be surrounded by bunch of lazy A** cows who watch you know those daytime TV shows Like Oprah, Jerry Springer’s and all those daytime shows that they air on TV.

    They hate the fact that many foreign women look better than them. I never been out with an American woman and I never will go out with an American women. An American woman would be something like Nicole Richie, an American women would be something like Mary Kate Olsen. These are your American Women. No attraction but just skinniest. And if they are not like that, then they are all fat and obese. These American girls can’t even cook a healthy meal, what they could do is buy perhaps 5 or 3 hamburgers from a fast food restaurant, such as MC Donald or Burger King, and put on who knows how much weight. The richest American girl sooner or later will have the same melt down that Britney spears had not long ago. It’s even amazing how the media makes such a big deal out of a B*tch who nobody really cares about.

  29. In response to Yonatan, I don’t agree with you. American guys are NOT the gods you make them out to be. Give me an Italian guy from Italy any day. They have the best bodies, are sexy, good-looking, hot and treat women like goddesses. They are momma’s boys so that’s why they respect women. Where are these hot American guys you speak of? White American guys don’t age well and they are only sexy until they are 40 and then it’s all downhill. They lack the sophistication of Euro guys.

    1. Meg, American girls like Italian guys, and for good reason, they are cultured and family oriented. However, you know I live in Europe and a few years ago many Polish girls married Italian guys, however, the Italian guys were not loyal, therefore, few Polish girls will even think of an Italian guy. This is just an observation.
      I think American men age very well unless they are into eating. My friends are in the States are into the outdoors and are in great shape.
      However, your comment is very welcomed as I do not see the world from a girls perspective. Further, Italians have are really into family and if you can find one for you why not? Why not live in Italy? I am an American living in Europe, I do not regret anything.

  30. Italian men are notorious for being the world’s greatest cheatesr.. They are smooth talkgers.

    Sorry , to say Italian people ingeneral do not age well.. I have seen some of the older Italian ladies and they get bit plumpy.. The italin men get wrinkled. The problem perhaps is the sun and lack of meat in the diet. I am not sure. I think Polish and northern europeans age the best actually.

    Thats not to say I don’t find Italian women very beautiful and charming. Italian men

    I will say Italian men , in general are more charming then American men, but its mostly an act. American men are more loyal, devoted and respectful . Italian men are quick to get their hands on your zipper, American men seek to have a bond before going into the bedroom.

  31. Somebody here has written one right sentence, I am Italian and know very well that Italian’s women love “bad guys” and look to your pocket, they like very much money, And they sometimes to not tell the truth, often they like comment and judge the others women and telling that only they are “saint”.

  32. Ciao Paolo.. Thanks for your comment. I do think Italians are classy, friendly and very entertaining people. Even if your women are as bad as you say, I say Italians in general are fun to be around. I find people from Scandanavian countries or Anglo-saxons to be the most dull; I can exclude the Scots, who are rather interesting.

    Well, I cannot say Italian women are on the top of my list. But, also, you must not compare a woman from the city center of Milan to the more humble village girl who lives in Sicily.

    With all respect, most women in this day and age are money hungry, backstabbing, cheating and dishonest.

    What part of Italia are you form?

  33. Hi Yonatan i live in Rome exactly to the centre….yes your sentence are right…there is a big difference between south and north italy…south italy it’s poor there is no job not money often also no water in houses…the poverty is similar to Romania , and Mafia gouverment these zones…
    However i agree with you about your sentence “, most women in this day and age are money hungry, backstabbing, cheating and dishonest” but for a strange joke of destiny i have meet in my life women of Poland and Russian and i have founded these women much more better….(more honest less liers lover of family) have a nice day!

  34. Thanks Paolo for your post. I am happy you found good girls in Poland and Russia. I think Poland and Russia are on my list of places to go to visit, as well as to perhaps search for a future wife. It sounds like you have travelled quite a bit around Europe and have gathered a lot of knowledge.

  35. Yonatan i have only one caution for you…never don’t believe to italian women….they are good actress and liers…and in a man they like pocket and “bad guys” the old catholic tradition here is death: take careful with their! :-)i could tell to you many and many episodes in my life…..

  36. Paolo, sadly, I think what you are saying is the truth. It is really ashame. You know, I really love Italian culture, food, music and the magnificent scenery of the country. It is really sad that you cannot find a good Italian woman anymore. Italy is one place I would love to visit and I do enjoy Italian people, they are quite a bit more exciting than your more boring and reserved Scandanavian or Anglo-Saxons.

    But, I think you are probably right, devoting yourself to an Italian woman is a risky investment. I guess I will have to enjoy my Pasto Pomodoro and Italian music from Russia or Poland.. LOL

    BTW.. Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti are some of my most favorite musicians.

  37. yes Yonatan sadly this is the truth….I am 42 y.o. to the age of my mother was different: All the italian women dreamed to find a good husband for her life….today the world here is completly changed…no more value.. no morality…i am talking about under 35 years old women….often they like to compete to have much more men…

  38. Well after reading all this sh*t, i’m telling i’m not giving my opinion because if i do i will create enemiese.
    Now about the topic, i really don’t like Italy at all, some Italians girls are beautiful but i really don’t like Italian people, i’m not giving details to no create enemies but i really dislike that people, there are some good people but the most i knew were not nice at all, i don’t know maybe i had bad luck and i met the worst people in Italy.

  39. WHy do you hate Italians? Where are you from Jimmy? I always heard Italians were some of the more friendlier people in Europe.

  40. Italian girls are shallow money obsessed wastes of time! I am originally from the UK but have lived and worked in Italy, Abruzzo region, for the past 8 years, anche io parlo italiano, non cento per cento perfetto.. ma abbastanza bene! They seem to be money driven and stasus driven. I see it all the time.. guys walk up to a abr and the women shove their noses in the air.. guy pulls up in a merc or bmw or some other expensive car.. they flirt with him! I walk to a bar they turn their noses up.. when i pull up on my 1000cc sports bike in custom paint job or my Alfa spider convertable.. then the very same womens how me interest! Its sad.. italian women are beautiful on the outside.. but inside.. shallow! I wouldnt date an italian woman if you paid me to!!

  41. Italian girls are hot, they know it, and act accordingly. You men have to work hard to get their attention. Italian girls are masters at playing hard to get. Hence, the desirable Italian girl. American girls are the opposite. Many are overweight, sloppy and desperate. They end up buying self-help books because men keep dumping them. Best to emulate an Italian or French girl. Intelligent, sophisticated, stylish and always sexy. A real woman.

  42. You all say: Polish and Russian girls are cool – You do not know what are talking about. Unfortunately I live in Poland. Girls here are plastic, ugly and they are like children.
    An average Italian woman who I have saw on the street is 1000000000000000000000*10^99998 times more clever and beautiful than a Polish or Russian.

  43. hello
    I’m an Italian girl. I read your comments and I was shocked by the superficiality with which we were judged. You have expressed only a lot of stereotypes. Firstly every girl is different from others, you cannot generalize: we’re not all sexy, but neither we are all false, and I assure you that we don’t care about money so much as you say because today, women want a career and so don’t care about how much money their boyfriend earns. Secondly you talk about Italian girls, when you don’t know them and if you meet one, it doesn’t mean that all Italian girls are like her.
    In conclusion I urge you to think before you talk about things that you don’t not know and to be careful when you judge people by following stereotypes. Sorry for my terrible English.

    1. Your English is fine. Also I think I speak highly of all women and Italian girls. I do not want to see the good in all people. Let me know a specific line that offends you and I can revise it.
      Italian girls are very loyal in marriage. They are traditional and take care of their husbands. They may complain and shout but the truth is anyone who marries a passionate Italian girl will most likely have a happy life.
      I know it is a generalization but a positive one.
      I do think all women are beautiful. You would have to make a strong argument to convince me other wise.
      About money, it is the last and least important thing in love, contrary to popular belief.

      1. I am Italian, just coming out of university. I think myself an honest girl and I deem all my friends to be likewise. I think many girls my age desire to be attractive (within the limitations posed by of Nature.and like to look as though we take care of ourselves. We do not spend lots of money on beauty products as we rely on a few little “tricks” like posture and gate. Our climate allows us the be scantily dressed in summer and that may be mistaken for vulgarity. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder but, on average, we don’t share the same tendency to become fat which plagues the northern and eastern populations.Although our diet is being infiltrated by other cultures ( Mac Donald to quote just one), with the exception of the dreaded pizza, we eat a balanced diet. We are comparatively family oriented…don’t forget that we have only few metropolis where female emancipation is equal to that of New York or London; most of our towns are quite provincial and it is rather undesirable for a girl to be too mischievous no matter the level of education she might have. As far as the desire for money is concerned, I think that is an old story: females all over the world are attracted by money regardless from their race or nationality; you could say the same about Japanese or Alaskan. Italian women, however, make the most obsessive mothers; I can vouch for that! Nowhere I found such concern for children and their welfare to the point of defending them beyond reason. This is particularly evident in the South of Italy.
        I tried to give a balanced opinion.

  44. I am sorry I did not want to be so aggressive. I appreciated the good qualities that you attributed to the Italian girls, but when I read so many comments full of stupid stereotypes I became irritated because in a sense they were referred to me and to many girls I live with. However, it does not excuse me for my tone so rude. If when people say that we are passionate, they suggest that we get angry easily, then it is true as you have seen. This is not to say that I did not think what I wrote, I just want to apologize because I reacted so violently.

    1. Sterotypes are irritating. I would like to eventually delete any negative comments people leave. Peace and thank you for your kind words.

  45. I read many of the posts you’ve written, and I agree with Francesca.

    I live in Italy, I’m Italian, and I can say, yes, you steretyped a little too much.
    Not all Italian girls are liars, not all interested in money. And, not every Italian girl is religious (I’m thinking about myself, lol, I’m agnostic).

    Not all Italian girls are sexy and beautiful, and want a family, children, etc.

    You see, I’d prefer to label “shallow” the average teenage Italian girl.
    I can say that they are terribly shallow, don’t have any morality or value. We’re kind of having some social changes, although they started years ago.

    Anyway, there are Italian teenager girls who are not shallow and stupid and act idiotic and silly. Though I’m Italian, I don’t feel Italian at all.

    So, to sum up all, all I wanted to say is: don’t stereotype.

    Yes, every country has its own culture, but think of globalization. The world is one, and so most of the people who lives in it.
    Try not to stereotype.

    But, I agree with somebody: many Italian girls love the strong, smart and sometimes not nice kind of guy, which can be described by the Italian words “stronzo” and “figo”. I personally do not.

    So, I’m done, and probably this post has no sense.

    Bye, Peace and Love, Pax et Amore, Eirène kài filìa (Ancient Greek rules u.u)

    Phalen |3

  46. This is one nation under god with one language and no passport needed to travel between states. God bless the USA. And you can keep the skinny 5 ft tall mommas boys that carry purses. And you can keep your high cost of living in Italy! God bless America! Amen

    1. God bless the USA and God bless the people of Europe (and the world).

      The good thing about the EU is you need no passport to travel all through Europe. I am both an EU and USA citizen and I feel not a great difference between traveling Europe and the states. I think the USA has better roads maybe and you are right Europe is more expensive, but it has other benefits like good medical care and free university education.
      Europe is a an Eco-social-free market while the USA (which I love and is my country) is a Anglo-American style free market.

  47. Thanks to Phalaen for his post,
    I’m Italian too, living in Milan, and I feel far from being a liar. And I’m not money driven for sure. I’m totally not interested in fashion .. what else, I’m not religious and trust me, I don’t love bad boys. I’m just a normal girl, as many girls you may meet in your own country or in Italy. If you judge girls just by good-looking you deserve to meet money driven girls, don’t you? I judge ppl basing on something more precious, which is not nationality, not wallet, not cloths, not job.
    And I’m sure I’m not the only girl like this, in Italy or wherever.

  48. I’m not an expert on Italy but yes, a lot of stereotypes in this thread for a culture which has a lot of similarities nationwide but a rainbow of personalities, body types, eye colours, and hair colours (even gingers with freckles–a relic/leftover from the Normans?).

    I’ve seen the girls of my dreams everywhere in Italy, but one major problem with Italy as with most other 1st world nations–not enough single women for all men. In Rome alone I think there are roughly 60,000 more single men than women between 20s and 40s. In Southern Italy depending on where you are at best there are 3 women for every 4 men (the town I stayed in for a bit I don’t think I saw even one single girl over several weeks–though I saw girls in other Southern areas).

    Re: Divorce – people say it is low because there is a 3-year waiting period before you can get divorced. However I don’t think the loosening of the laws would change the ridiculously low divorce rate in Southern Italy which is comparable to a strict Arabic country (I believe I saw a figure of 2% once–compared to America…50% just for 1st marriages)

    I’ve come across women in the South that were sweeter than anywhere I’ve been but once in a while also ones that showed a bad or arrogant attitude (probably those more exposed to tourists), one who became much nicer once they accidentally saw my wallet (travel money). I’ve found people in the South to be generally gentle and well-mannered (except maybe on the road).

    I’ve come across girls from the North that are sweet and very down to earth and don’t care about money, a lot from the North that remind me of American/Canadian girls, and once came a cross a Northern girl travelling through US/Canada that left my blood cold with how wickedly unfriendly and anti-social she was (though pretty).

    Incomes – This is where you see that the South and the North are almost different countries. I believe the North has an average income close to 1st world countries but still among the lowest, and the South has an average income of around €14,000 last time I checked.

    P.S. Why no date on the comments? I don’t know if they are recent or from years ago.

    1. Male shortage tends to be universal because nature I think makes it this way so only the best genes reproduce. There needs to be a little competition for mating for the queen bee or the Stallion.
      But we are not animals only and higher evolved so the world of dating and mating for us humans are not like that to the end. Generally there are a few more females to males but it eventually evens out.

      Further, you should not worry about that too much as if you develop yourself with you mind and spirit you will shine above and beyond the competition. I mean how many girls have said, I just want to meet a normal nice guy. And if this guy was into travel or languages or read books or held a girl’s hand at the zoo, he would have more girls than he would know what to do with.

      The easy solution of the female shortage is with little effort you can outshine your competition. Girls have better numbers but take care of their looks a lot more so the competition is fierce. It is very hard to be a girl.

      Hence the myth of the Alpha male was born. When a guy figures this out, that is to put a little more effort in his style, he leaps from a delta man to an alpha man. There is no transformation here, just better style. There are really no alphas or betas or any other class of men, only guys who know how to flirt and be charming and comb their hair and take care of their bodies and develop their mind. Once you do this, the world is yours.

      The table turn very fast and you will have a flock of girls interested in you.

      So I still maintain that we are all God’s creatures and men and women have it equal in the dating game. We are 100% equal, just you have to know how to be attractive and flirt to get girls interested.

      Do not waste your time with girls that have attitudes. They ussually marry some primative meat guy and bring unhappiness to all those around them. There was this girl in front of me in yoga class with a fake cantaloupes and fake blond hair and an attitude. I was thinking poor girl, so much energy to maintain this appearnce of what? Poor guy that is married to her, he does not see the world with the eyes of someone with awareness. Maybe they are both happy what do I know. I tend to think it is better is to go for a normal girl that is super hot.

      Italy is a nice country. I tend to think the women from the south are sweeter like the fruits from the trees.

  49. I love Italy, Italian music, Italian women, Italian culture, Italian cuisine, Italian supercars.

    The only thing I don’t like about Italy, is that Romans put Jesus Christ on a cross and they don’t deserve to have the headquarters of World Catholic Church on their territory;

    1. Why are you so anti religous? Is it something you repress?

  50. Stopped by to see what this was all about and found some really distateful comments. I think Italian Women in general are amazing. I am Italian and have been to all parts of Italy. I would love to end up with an Italian Woman.

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