Italian girl

European Italian girls love Italy.  I think they really are nationalistic, however, they also are not crazy about marrying Italian men as Italian men often cheat if they have a wife.

Therefore, Italian women are looking for love all over the world.  He is my insiders guide to finding Italian ladies.

Where to look for Italian girls

If you have light hair just go to Italy as they love blonds. However, it is better to win a girl over with your words on the Internet. Normal  Italia girl has dark features.

A way to girl from Italy’s heart is to chat her up before you meet her.

Italian girl chat and meet websites

These are Italian girls on Websites in Italy.  This means they are not fished out by English speaking people.  Chat with women from one of these dating sites it might be the first time they are meeting with and chatting with a foreigner. This is a huge advantage, it is the ‘Hollywood effect’. That is you will get chicks that only movie stars get back home because you are unique and different than the guy next door.


Also I recommend you look around my site for other ideas to chat with girls.

Italians in the north and south

If a girl who’s Italian is from the south she will be very traditional and family oriented.

If she is from the north she will be more cosmopolitan.  Even if an Italian girl from the south says she is liberated, she is not, she will cook for you and take care of you. The south is anywhere south of Rome, from Naples to Sicily.

The north like Venice or Milan, Alps, north of Roma an Italiangirl is liberated and will most likely not be too traditional.

Me I prefer someone who is loving and caring and I can romance and love and take care of and they do the same for me. I would prefer and Italian girl from the south. Although girl Italian from the south is often a little bossy, that is just the way they express themselves and they mean nothing by it, the truth is they will love you and give you warmth and kindness.

Italian language, cooking and Italian brides

If you fall in love with an Italian girl than you will have to learn Italian and about the culture of Italy. It is part of the package.

Italian girl marriage and EU citizenship

I think it is crazy that Italy as one of the most liberal laws for marriage in the EU.  If you marry an Italian girl, than within 6 month in some cases you can be up to get an EU citizenship, maybe they have changed this but at least two years I think you can get EU citizenship. This promotes people looking for marriage for citizenship rather than for love.

The EU is pretty strict with letting citizens in now and many guys will try to find an Italian girl for this reason. I do not recommend it. I think it is not legal and it is not moral because you could break an Italian woman’s heart.

What an Italian woman will like

Ladies from Italy love traditional romantic courtship and gifts and old fashion ways of winning a gal.  Nothing base or primitive, rather poetry love phrases and words of love. If you try to win an Italian girl on chat before you meet her try love phrases in Italian.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. Hi

    My name is Michael, I am British and currently living in Southern California, USA.I would like to meet an Italian girl. Please let me know if you can assist me in my search.

    Thank you


    1. I know this sounds radical, but if you are serious about meeting an Italian girl, go to Italy. Southern Italy for example has many beautiful girls with good character. Stay there for 3 weeks or even 1 and you will meet these girls. Italian girls can be met on the Internet, but not the same pool of applicants.

  2. Guys,
    people are people
    anyway, nice description of an Italian girl 😉

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for your description about Italian girls!
    I’m a very nice 31 years old Italian lady, brown hair, blue eyes, 53 kg.
    I’m looking for a non italian man.
    Email me, if you are an interesting man, I will write you.
    I am waiting.

    1. Just curious I am an Italian American What is wrong with Italian men?

      1. Well nothing is wrong with Italian men. For marriage I think they are great, they are Catholic and will take family and marriage seriously, take care of their family by working hard. I have never met an Italian guy who was a slacker. American women think they are good-looking because they have dark mediterranean features, and this is in contrast to the Anglo-German gene pool of the USA which has light features, therefore mediterranean are seen as exotic. Italian men are cultured and many are sweet and know how to charm women and dress smart.

        This brings me to the issue with Italian guys. They know how to charm women and girls are attracted to them. They get a lot of attention early. I remember growing up, I was a tall, skinny pale geeky guy reading Jane Austen and the Lord of the Rings. My Italian friend were shaving and filled out and meeting women, and not to talk philosophy. The Italian guys I was friends with growing up all universally got women early and frequently and by the time they were in their 20s were on a steady diet of attractive girls for dating. Me I was a computer nerd and just started to fill out and learning how to dress stylistically.

        The net effect was I had about fifteen years of reading philosophy, literature and being alone dreaming of my one and only true love, whilst my suave talking Italian friends played the field. So when my Italian friends got married most I think are loyal but some feel it is part of their culture to get a lover. These are the ones from Italy more. I think the world is changing and cultural differences are less and less but in past at least, Italian men were notorious for martial affairs. The French also. It is something about this culture of love.

        There was a 14th century culture of courtly love. Courtly love ment you married one person but from afar you were in love with another. Read about 14th century courtly love and you might find the gensis of the French Italian culture of love. Or perhaps it goes back to Ancient Roman civilization. However, for me as a Catholic it is contrary to what I believe. I believe in a one and only and be loyal.

        So if you can find an Italian who believes the same this is a win-win. I think there are many. You need to question them in detail during the dating process and you will have your answer whether this individual thinks it is OK under any circumstances to divorce or cheat on their wifes.

        That is the only issue I can see culturally with Italian guys. I think they do not divorce but take lovers as it is part of their culture. But maybe I am wrong. This is a huge generalization and not to be applied to the individual. I would be interested to hear other people’s personal experiences with Italian culture and dating.

        1. Cara Mia,

          I must say that was a very impressive and honest text-book answer. So much so it deserves an equally honest response in return. Having been there myself you left me with little ammo to argue in defense of my fellow Italian men for sure, but I will give it the old college try in any case.

          I would suggest what you have put forth for the most part, would be the same for any attractive young male or (female) of any nationality. The main difference is I must admit in Italy men are blatant about it.

          I never got married young because I knew how I was and I could never do that to my family, now that I am a little older I feel I can and have been in monogamous relationships. Here’s a little tip, for if he cheats on you before he gets married, don’t marry him. Wait till he stops or move on. It fascinates me when women marry men who keep cheating on them because they believe that this behavior will stop once they get married.

          Heres the The good news for the most part you will never be bored with an Italian man, the bad news is young Italian men get bored very easy so keep him entertained, wink – wink. If you marry a young Italian man and can’t or won’t, keep up with him, Beware-Your just asking for it.

          If you want the best of both worlds don’t marry a young italian boys wait till he matures a little, I say a little, because we never fully mature, we are all kids at heart no matter what age we are, some think its part of the charm.

          It should be said not all Italian men cheat, but they all treat their women they love like a Queen and provide them with a life time of entertainment. No one can deny the fact we are family men first and foremost and that we all absolutely love all of the women in our lives, it’s just that a few of us may love too many women a little too much…

  4. This is an interesting article and I have read a lot of about the history of Rome since the days of the Roman Empire. I had to write a paper on it. What makes the culture of northern Italy different from the south? What would possess Italian men to cheat on their wives goes beyond me. I don’t think that is right. I have never met an Italian girl but I think it would be fun to meet one at some point.

  5. I always hear that Italians are racist to foreigners, I even see it during soccer. I’m from Eritrea which was an italian colony for like 70 years, so everyone in my family speaks italian going back about 5 generations at least. I was born and raised in Canada though, so I’m Canadian. I’m planing to move to live and work in Italy, even teach english abroad there if I can. But do italian girls date black guys?

    1. Some do and some do not. It depends on how they were raised. I think Italians are a very mixed culture and people. In the south on Sicily they almost look African a little either from the sun or the mixture of people’s from the history of the island. So I would say, it is only an issue if you make it an issue and feel self conscious about it.
      I would say also that the ones that care about your race are not the ones you want to date or hang out with. So some will and some will not, just date the ones that it is not an issue for.
      I mean you are a Canadian guy that speaks Italian and you are black, I think some girls will really be into that unusual mix of culture and world knowledge, you a man of the world like Alexandra Dumas or Pushkin.

    2. Hi! I’m a 25 years old girl from Naples. No way! Not all the Italian girl are racist! Racism is part of ignorance so what I can say about is that you have to search for a well-educated girl maybe a student. Unfortunately, racism is all over the world. For example, I could say the same for U.S. people: though America is the most cosmopolitan place in the world, the percentage of racist is high. I can tell you that it depends on where are you going in Italy: if you go in a University city such as Naples, Rome, Milan and so many others you won’t have a lot of problems to make friends. About the differences between north and south Italian women I agree: in southern Italy we are more caring and searching for a traditional family. About religion I disagree: actually, atheism and agnosticism are increasing between young people (me and my friends are atheists. There is another thing that is false: we are not all dark-haired. A lot of Italian people are blond and above all in Sicily. The Normans went there in ancient times so there is a high percentage of blond and blue-eyed people, even more than in Naples as we were conquered by Spanish and south French dynasties. Hope I have been helpful 😉

  6. I’m an American who’s been married to an Italian woman for 11 years and we have a child together. We live in Italy, and I can say a few generalities about Italian women, men, and dating. Again, these are generalities:

    • Living in Italy/making a living in Italy is completely different from visiting here as a tourist. The bureaucracy is labyrinthine and redundant and life here generally moves very slowly. Consider that, before moving here.
    • Italy is an old country with a lot of old people and old thinking. This is not a progressive nation in most regards, and that extends to the women and men and the roles they feel they have in life.
    • Italian men are generally mama’s boys who don’t grow up until very late in life. They generally want a wife that will clean and cook for them (like mamma did), while they go out in with other women in the evenings. This is a major reason Italian women do not consider them for marriage, but just for occasional dating. So, if you’re a serious-minded and loyal American man, this may be your place.
    • Italian women north of Rome are a touch feminist, well-educated, and will not be your maid or servant. They want a serious man who will be “a partner” in life. Southern Italian women are more traditional and willing to be the good housewife, if that’s what you want.
    • Forget Jersey Shore, modern Italian women are nothing like those dorks on that TV show. These women are sophisticated and choosy.
    • Someone asked why Italian men cheat on their women. I don’t have an answer for this, except that again, Italian men don’t grow up until much later in life (after age 50).
    • Most Italians in the North are Catholic in name only and participate on Christmas/Easter as a cultural requirement. Most religious holidays and festivals are ignored, except that the days off allow them to go to the beach, or go eat again at the restaurant with family and friends.
    • The incredible influence of the Vatican is felt here, which makes the nation considerably more conservative and family oriented than most other European countries.
      Americans may think that Italians hang out in the piazzas in the evenings sipping Campari, while their kids run around the square, but that’s not the case. Most Italians go home in the evening after work, shut the door, and spend time with their family eating. Food is the #1 driving force in this country, bar none.
      While the Vatican heavily influences politics and the mentality here, prostitution is rampant here (including blatant transvestite prostitution) and they are to be seen all over the roads, starting at sunset. – The Italian men love their prostitutes, and the only thing I can think of is that Italian women are too lenient about their men’s behavior, or that the Italian women are holding out on their men.
    • Italian mammas spoil their boys rotten, and this extends into adulthood. This leads to a serious social condition where the men feel they can get away with whatever they want and not be held accountable for it. It’s Peter Pan Land, in many ways.
    • If I had to guess, I’d say that southern Italian girls are going to be your best bet for a committed life-long relationship, and they’re also more religious than in the North. However, their fiery temper is not to be underestimated. If you date a traditional southern Italian girl, don’t even think about sleeping with her before marriage, unless you plan on marrying her.
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