Clubs with hot girls in Istanbul, Turkey

Do you want to find girls in Istanbul? As an American expat living in Europe and traveling around the world looking for the hottest women, Istanbul is a good place to start. I am not talking about finding Turkish women mind you, which you will find, but others. An inordinate amount of women from Eastern Europe such as Bulgaria, Romania and Russia, poor students on an econ-vacation for fun, adventure, love and money if they have good to take to the market.

European Side vs Asian side

European side with Laila is the place to go. However, the Asian side has Iskele Kadife area where the clubs are all walking distance from each other and safe at night. In Laila it is what I would call sketchy. Still I prefer this side. I guess that shows my true colors, that is, I prefer women that like to have it all out there. This is what you find in Laila. Local Turks all chuckle at me when I mention this section and downplay it. However, if you are foreigner on the prowl this is the place to go in all of Turkey to find the most exotic fruit from Eastern Europe and Asia minor.

I am not talking about irrepressible females of the night, but just hot chicks to hang out with.  For example, I met a couple of girls from New Zealand to play backgammon with in the afternoons and drink tea and shop in the Grand Baazar,  when I was not chasing women in the evening. It was funny these Western women were nice, but could not hold a candle to the ones I would met at the clubs from Eastern Europe.

Best Istanbul clubs are found here:
Between Redfik Saydam Cd. a main road and Istikal Cd. a minor road.
Such as Fenonmen Pera Club, Club Taksim Beyou, Beat Club Lupe.
A few along Defterdar YkS. such as Club Tekyon and Riddim Club.
But they are all in walking distance. Take an Uber there and walk the rest of the night.
You can get off at Galatasaray and walk North a few blocks or Taksim Station walk south.

Again, In Istanbul there are not only Turkish girls but also Armenian girls, Russian girls, Ukrainian girls and Romanian girls.

Here, I give you the exact location with a map of where Istanbul women are, and where to find Turkish girls on a map of Istanbul online before you travel to Turkey.

Most of them take a cheap flight from Russia or a Black sea ferry over, it is even cheaper.  There is such a big Russian community in Istanbul that the signs are in the Russian language. But do not worry you do not have to learn Russian to communicate as Istanbul is an international city and English is OK.

Any cafe in Laleli any time of day is fill with beauties. This is my favorite place to be in Istanbul. Nearby is the main old market also a place to hit on foreigner.

The girls in Istanbul got there for a cheap vacation or to work.  Many buy and sell goods in the markets in Romania, Russia and Ukraine. The Armenian community is ages old in Istanbul.

The Turkish ladies in Istanbul are not just Turkish.  Why? It was once the city of Constantinople and the Byzantine capital.  There is a mix of Turkish and ancient peoples and Greek genes in Istanbul.  This makes the women look very exotic but they are all basically Eastern Mediterranean girls.

Hotels and girls in Istanbul

Stay in a cheap hotel unless you have lots of cash.  You can get a hotel for under $40 if you look hard enough. The cheaper the hotel in Istanbul, the more chance the women are University students seeing adventure.

Laila Istanbul girls

Just start with Laila.  Here the girls will find you.  Russian, Romanian, Turkish and Ukrainian women.  They are there often working in the market selling and buying leather goods for example or on a cheap vacation.  Just start talking to them and they are very friendly.  However, I would stay away from a lot of clubs as they can be rip offs, yes there are girls dancing but they for me are too seedy. Go to an open air cafe, meet some normal women and students. Laila is my recommendation for girls in Istanbul.

There are just as many Russian girls as Turkish, maybe more in Laleli – the signs are in the Russian language but everyone speaks English… lets say.

Russians come down the Black Sea from Crimea to trade and do business and enjoy and exotic vacation. Pretty much to unwind, so if you can not meet nice girls there, work on your style and technique for approaching women.

Walking the streets in the right areas, you will find what you want, I prefer the European side of the city as the Asian side is either laid back and residential or fill with houses that are for bad things. An Armenian dragon lady rules the Asian side for a while in terms of “clubs” but now it is young hipster crowd.

Online Istanbul girl chat

Try these websites for meeting Turkish girls for free.

  • This is an online dating site for a Turkish woman.
  • This is a classified ad dating site to find Turkish or Istanbul girls.

Use a translate tool  to translate as Turkish is a very hard Ungric language with many cases. However, you can also use free dating sites that have an English interface or even Facebook as many students in Istanbul use this site.

You can meet girls in Istanbul. If you have issues with this write me.

Let me know the clubs you have met women in, above are my recommendations, no need to add addresses as everyone has a mobile phone and you can just map it out in a second.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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There is also an Azeri community in Istanbul which is quite big. The girls of Azeri are very beautiful in majority. I met some Azeri girl there this summer and spent all the time with her… was fantastic! Beautiful, big-bosomed, long-legged and graceful…a real volcano in bed…Nargiz I miss you!!!

I am learning Turkish. Just got my beginners pass certificate
I am a mature student [60]
I am coming to Istanbul this summer for a 2/3 week intensive language course
I would like to correspond before then with a Turkish mature lady living in Istanbul who perhaps wants to learn or improve her English and to meet up during my stay and continue from there.
Could you please put me in touch with such a lady who can reply using my e mail address
Tersekkur erederim

In my opinion 60 is young and you should meet many Turkish women there, once you get there. I am very impressed by your language skills. In fact I am a language buff in my other life. I moved to Europe as I love languages. I will have to research better places and ways to meet Turkish girls online. But if you are outgoing you will meet them just by saying hello in Turkish no problem.

I can say that these information are not true for finding Istanbul Girls. In Turkey, if a girl finds you, you should know that probably you have to pay some money for this girl. you don’t have to stay away from lots of clubs just stay away from which is located Laleli and Aksaray. I can say that in other clubs you can feel yourself in safe.

Why to stay away from Laleli and Aksaray? I often go there for business,and always stay in good hotels in that part of Istanbul. Maybe becauses I’m from Balkan, and lot of owners are from formerly Yugoslavia,but I’m feeling as at home.

Laleli and Aksaray have a lot of International visitors and I have always felt safe and at home there. The Turkish people are welcoming and warm and the night life in these areas are a lot of fun. I stayed in a hotel called ‘the single man’, I do not recall the Turkish name. The people there treated me as a foriegner as a welcome guest. It is a great place to meet girls too. Just make sure your mobile phone can handle all the numbers you collect.

I’m about to visit Istanbul for a week, any request where i can meet beautiful women?

Start with the cafes in Istanbul in the Laleli district, they are crawling with beautiful girls in Istanbul.

I am learning turkish and have passed my absolute beginners exams
I am coming to Istanbul for an intensive 2/3 week couse in June 2010
My age is 59
Before coming i would like to correspond and then meet a Turkish mature lady .can you put me in touch please ?
Both the web sites you suggest do not work for me in England

Stay away from night clubs in Laleli or the Aksaray district in Istanbul. Owners of those clubs are generally Kurdish ( little bit mafia) and the girls that go to those discos are from Ukraine and Russia and Romania.

Be careful you can pay 100 usd for only 33 cc beer in Aksaray and Laleli, they will try to take advantage of you.

please stay away and meet some nice Turkish girls for dating with the following websites. and

Thanks for the input, the sites you recommended look like good sites and you can use a translate tool to navigate these. In my experience Turkish people are pretty friendly and in Istanbul it is similar to Europe, it actually is Europe.

What a funny topic.

Why you’re looking for Istanbul girls or girls in Istanbul? Are you coming for travel to see famous historical sites or just for girls? Turkey is not Thailand or Russia. I’m a Turkish woman, if you want girls go somewhere else where Russians, Thai or American women selling themselves for a drink. Turkey is different. respect Turkish women.


You are absolutely right on your comment. Most Turkish women just date if they like you in a social enviorenment. Otherwise, what these gentlemen discussing here is women coming to Turkey from Russian and ex-Soviet republic countries.

Anyway, I belive Russians and Ukranians are the best. Turks are famous with males rather than girls LOL:)

I’m also a Türk girl, Whenever I had been to Laleli or Aksaray district, I hear more any other languages than Turkish, Aksaray-Laleli is filled with Persians, arabs, Iraqi-turkey kürts and so on, and yes with soviet … If you wanna find a girl for a short-term relationship, just go to Taksim, Beşiktaş, Ortaköy, Bebek, But still I would say most of the Türk women are definitely not easy.


That’s the whole point. It’s getting harder and harder to find women with moral fiber. Believe it or not men are not just looking for a good time but for that lifelong mate.

As an American it’s very difficult to find a woman with traditional values. American women are very demanding and never seem to be happy no matter what you do for them. They always want more and they often use men. Most of them can’t cook and don’t want to be a housewife. I for one think taking care of a house and family is a tough job that deserves much more respect that it’s given.

In the 21st century we can’t find a good girl at home anymore so we have to go abroad to countries where women still respect the old ways.

I live in Istanbul and have information about where to go if you are looking for girls in Istannul.

I have been in many places even for chatting, visiting or party with girls. You can visit Laleliand or Aksaray in the day time not at night-time, you will mostly be cheated if you visit Laleli or Aksaray at night. This applies even you are Turkish. I would say the best place to meet Turkish girls is go to Taksim there are many bars playing music you will see many Turkish girls. Try to chat with Turkish girls that no men beMside them. They mostly like to practice English ‘Aasmalı Mescit’ is also very nice with restaurants bars discos.

Thank you for that excellant report on Istanbul. I am surpised though as I was in Lalei and there seemed to be many niceTurkish and Russian girls in Istanbul. Perhaps things have changed.

I find it hilarious when women say respect us. Do not look or teat us like rag dolls or have a short time affair with us.
If women dress up with their breasts puffed up with cleavage and knowingly show off their curves with tight cloths and flaunt themselves with more men around her who would want to respect her.
you r saying women should be treated like equals in society, which is absolutely right, women are given freedom to do as thy please just like men. but it is when u take your right to be treated equally to extreme that is when u loose it. knowing the difference between respect and vulgarity is necessary.
Also I have seen many women around the world and have spoken to many of them on views on these topics. I was amazed at their replies. one of them say we are married same as our husbands when they go for business trips I know they will have had company of other women,why can we when we go for trips as well or when our husbands are away.
younger women have repeatedly said, this is 21st century if men can have fun before marriage why can not we. We also have urges like them.
So to all the women who complain men do not respect you please first respect yourselves and educate the younger generation for the same. at 55 I see my neighborhood children growing up to a wrong sense of moral values and the media hypes it as fashion.

Hello, I want to tell about my life in here, I am a Turkish Woman and my husband is English , I am not from İstanbul and from İzmir in Turkey, we had been married over 20 years and we are still very happy together, I would like to write here about that if American or European men can be more open minded about Islamic religion and to think that to convert to Islam before marriage then they will avoid lots of problems in their marriage.

I received much respect from my husband over 20 years and gave him much of them too. We have two children. I think that my hubby is the most wonderful and precious man in the world. I love him so much, if foreign men want to find the true happiness and loyal marriage then they should firstly respect to Turkish Culture and religion then they should think about to convert to Islam, then they will open the way of their happiness long terms. I think that men in europe and American should come and get a nice Turkish wife, they should not look for short-term relationship or so with Turkish girls otherwise they will miss lots in life. I recommend to men to find a nice Turkish I received much respect from my husband over 20 years and gave him much of them too. we have two children. I think that my hubby is the most wonderful and precious man in the world.

I love him so much, if foreign men want to find the true happiness and loyal marriage then they should firstly respect to Turkish Culture and religion then they should think about to convert to Islam, then they will open the way of their happiness long terms. I think that men in europe and American should come and get a nice Turkish wife, they should not look for short-term relationship or so with Turkish girls otherwise they will miss lots in life. I recommend to men to find a nice Turkish wife in İzmir too.

I like to hear this, that is a woman or a man say they love their spouse so much, because this is the way I feel about my wife. I am a big believer that if you are open minded to other cultures you will be rewarded.

The origin of Turkish culture is Christian and not Islamic. Perhaps the Muslims should respect that fact?

The first photo does not reflect how a Turkish girl looks like? I think it is not even a photo of a Turkish girl, anyway.

You are right about that Turkish culture is conservative and it is due to the religion which is Islam. For us (generally of course) moral values are very important. That is the basic reason of lifelong marriages here. Because of this, when I first read your comments and thoughts based on your trips here (to Turkey), it makes me sad. This does not mean that we all are great, of course not. However, to get to know different culture and people for a foreigner is not only to date a Turkish girl. We have a beautiful country, different culture from the Christian world. And yes, it might be a problem for long-term relationships because to marry with a Muslim girl, one should convert his belief to Islam sincerely. For Muslim men, there is no such thing. That’s why here is full of Russian and Ukrainian girls, :-). Besides, I must add that I have some friends from Russian and they very nice, cute ladies. As you’ve said, they are intelligent, smart and well-educated. As a woman I have no negative thoughts about them.

But there are some problems here. One of them is that a man even he is married with a Turkish lady, and even his wife is nice and attractive, may have some tendency to be with a Ukranian or Russian woman. One of my friend was cheated by her husband with an Ukrainian well-educated “advocate”. This makes me sad, actually. Of course it is directly related with the personality. But, frankly, almost every man in the world has the same dream about that women. Their beauty is OK. But is it everything? I finally must say that I found some pictures on my husband’s about some Russian girls. And you know what I was totally lost. I am love with him and appreciate him who he is. I do not care about my title or advantages I have such like career, money, etc. At home, I am totally a wife and mum and try to my best every time. But I was disappointed. To me, when your trust to someone goes, everything goes.

P.S.: Sorry my bad English.

The reason Russian girls and Ukrainian girls are a problem is this. The communists did a very good job of eliminating religion from these regions. They were effective during communism in destroying the faith of a couple of generation of people. Not the Western Ukrainians and not all Russians lost their spiritual center, but many. Therefore, there are many tempresses in these beautiful girls. Girls that do not care about if someone is married or not.
Like Dostoevsky wrote ‘If God did not exist all things would be permissible’.
They dress provocative and just enjoy their lives.

If your husband has photos of Russian girls on his PC, maybe he is more going through a phase. Do not be disappointed in him. I am sure he loves you very much. If my wife had photos of men on her PC I would be hurt but maybe only for a little while. Life is too short to be upset. Try to see it that he is only human as we all are and temptation is everywhere.

I am not sure if I believe in evil incarnate but either way, temptation works on the soul of every human and when it finds a weakness it tries to exploit it. It is like a smart military commander that finds weakness in the enemy and attacks at this points and trys to take over that position and make it a strong hold. It is like addiction. The mind starts small and then there is often no going back. The door is hard to close. In fact, every time you walk by that door it swings open and invites you in.

For a man or woman to turn from bad ways they need to:

  • First be aware of this weakness and that it is a weakness
  • Have a reason to turn their back on the vice
  • Divine or at least a very stong secular reason to hold strong against the enemy

So you can either ignore it and with time and age it most likely will go away, or talk more about spiritual things with him.

About the photos of Turkish girls, I welcome any if you have them.

Thanks very much for your valuable advices. Yes, i am trying to see it as a spontaneous weakness due to the human nature. In fact we had some hard days but i have faith, and God helps us to make our relationship is better than it was. These types of things may be seen as “salt and pepper” of a mariage.

Besides, i totally agree what you have in your mind about married women should be. Many of women may have some opposite thoughts but deep inside i am sure they know that these are facts.

We, women of this age should neglect what we have learned about “the new age married woman”. Because it makes a marriage a totally disaster. At least we must think about it one more time.

Try to see the humanity of your spouse. Women are by their nature a lot more idealist than men when it comes to love for reasons connected to reproduction and the family. They desire stability. That is why we have cultural mores about marriage.

Well, i read this part of a poet from Oriah Mountain Dreamer to him and want to share it here:

“It doesn’t interest me
if the story you are telling me
is true.
I want to know if you can
disappoint another
to be true to yourself.
If you can bear
the accusation of betrayal
and not betray your own soul.
If you can be faithless
and therefore trustworthy”

🙂 He was very impressed and cried but i know he is a man and men sometimes have a “fish memory”.

Peace and love

Men can be as idealistic and sensitive as women, if they have meaning and the reptialian part of their brains are secondary to meaning. Viktor Frankl was a brillant mind dealing with meaning. I think everyone has to answer the question what is the meaning of life and how you life it is your answer.

I would appreciate if you could advise few hotel names in Istanbul(possibly in old city center):
Where they do not make problems if bringing a girl in the room
Girl friendly hotels, where the eastern European girls are usually available, (or such hotels with nearby pubs, where the girls are visiting,- please state some).

Sure many foreigners are on vacation in Istanbul with their fiance and long term girlfriends who they love but have problems staying at a hotel together because of the Mulsim tradition (which I understand) So here is a short list of girl friendly hotels in Istanbul, Turkey. Nippon Hotel, Point hotel in Istanbul, Taslık, Aygun in the Sisli area, Bristol, and last but not least the Eresin topkapı. Almost any of the five star hotels allow female guests in the room, if she is your fiance or serous girlfriend, but I do not pay that much for a room. The Hilton I hear is very good by the way.

I am agree with you Iran (Persia) and turkey are very old neighbor and friends country in pas 4000 years so i as a Persian knows About values a good housewife values, But imagine us (innocent People in Iran , that are under pressure from our own government and us trump and sanctions, when a Persian come to visit Istanbul , we expect to be free, and Turkish people should help Persians ( we are neighbored for 5000 years for goodness sakes) i mean we are not free in our own country but in turkey we expect to be free.

This is 10 years after the artocle was published so hope you see this. If you’re still up to date on the area (not sure if you still visit Europe) is Laleli still a good place to meet decent women. I’ve read that it’s filled with women of the night. I’m 33 and would like to meet a Turkish or European girl. I am Middle Eastern, is that an issue here. Thanks in advance

Yes you can meet women in Istanbul. The more things change the more the world stays the same. If you want to meet a nice girl there is no better place than a university, village or church. These are the three best places.

If you are Middle Eastern it does not matter or if you are Swedish it does not matter, girls go for style and sincerity. Famous American actresses or models marry Middle Eastern guys and visa versa. Style and your sense of charm and sincerity. If I was single and I am happy I am not, I could in theory go into any city in the world, and meet girls, it does not matter my passport. What does matter is if I dress well. Think about a preppy look. Preppy is always in. Also you need to be able to converse in literature and things of high culture. If you do not know art and philosophy or literature, I would not expect a high level girl.

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