Irish girls – find single women from Dublin to Belfast

The purpose of this post is to tell you how to find a real Irish girl for true love. Most Americans do not know how.

There are 4.6 million people in the Republic of Ireland and for such a small country it has had a tremendous cultural impact anyone could be proud of. I like the Irish and I do not have a drop of Irish blood in me. I love the music, the literature and the people.  I am writing to the music of Hayley Westerna (a cutie), a modern Enya.  So take a deep breath I love all people, this is more a critique about a strategy for a single guy to find a traditional girl who would lead to a life of happiness. If you want to find your lass under the rainbow instead of a pot of gold, my recommendation is go East young man. Way East to Ireland.

It is not a cliche the Irish do have a disproportional number of women with fair skin and red hair.

Shamrock shakes and green beer in American clubs on St. Patrick’s day or authentic Irish Catholicism and loneliness under cloudy skies?

There are two types of Irish women. Irish from Ireland and those from America. For some reason, and I am sure it the culture they are polar opposites. Women in Ireland are like Polish girls, pretty soft-spoken and sweet, yet the problem is some are being corrupted by the UK drinking culture and feminism. The Irish American women are generally a pain in my personal experience. They have been here for several generations and take pride in how hard their grandparents had it (fleeing from the potato blight, not the great Irish potato famine of the century before), but they themselves have lived nothing but a life of ease. A cushy American lifestyle with the cultural ideas of feminism and a ‘strong woman’ who stands up to her man on a daily basis.

They are purely American girls with a chip on their shoulders, even if cloaked in green on St. Patty’s day with corn beef, cabbage and potatoes on Sunday, reading books like Gangs of New York on their tablet. Based on their shape they have not experienced any Gorta Mór. Even the cultural memory of the great famine has been overwritten my feminist American cultural programming. Those in diaspora embrace nationalism (I despise nationalism as it has caused so much suffering). I can only conclude for a cultural memory to be erased and not transmitted from generation to generation in a meaningful way that it influences the depth of an individual, needs a very strong force. That force is America relationship culture which overwrite the cultural source code and suppresses biological instinct. Kind of like saltpeter in the food supply that suppresses ardor and maternal instincts in populations.

All said and done the Irish are a find people, friendly, cheerful and always up for a celebration.

Admittedly maybe this is a function of my experience growing up in New England and subsequently Irish Boston meeting so many American Irish then living in Europe and being in Dublin, that has given me a distorted impression. I can see the contrast of the two cultures.

Women of Éire contrasting portraits example
I worked for an Irish company in Europe, and my boss was a woman and sweet and smart. In contrast, I worked for an American Irish female boss and she was ruthless for petty reasons always trying to prove herself.  This is pure cultural influence.  One man’s experience and might not be the rule. You let me know what you think.

It is like the yin and yang of Irish people. The Irish Catholics in Europe try to just be good and are a bit in the shadows. While in American a lot of people talk about religion yet have embraced the aggressive boastful American imperial business culture. Below is how to marry a nice female from Ireland.

The Irish do like to wear green. review

So when you are searching for Irish girls I can highly recommend rather than an American dating site with an Irish component. Anotherfriend is run a person who has good moral character and the managing director is an Irish woman who is married and with a family and excellent morals. They use a subsidiary company based in Krakow, Poland that is a quality check for dating sites profiles and they screen for scammers 24/7. I worked for this company indirectly on the inside and I can tell you they make a very good effort to provide quality.

If you live in the USA another way to meet Irish girls is fly to Ireland. It is a short trip over the big pond. The flight is only six hours. I have been shopping in the mall for longer than six hours. Aer Lingus has good meals and a nice Green uniforms for their cute Celtic stewardesses. I would recommend staying at a youth hostel or do

How to chat with Irish girls for free

You can try Irish dating to chat with Irish girls, I would not recommend American dating with an Irish spin to it if you are looking for an Irish girl. Go for real dating sites.

A better way to chat with Irish girls for free is this:


With these two sites you can chat with Irish girls for free all day long, get their mobile numbers, marry them get an EU visa and live happily ever after.

Fair haired Irish woman on St. Patty’s day.

Ireland is an Island of villages, After Dublin, Belfast and Cork you will not find a town with more than 100,000 people. Maybe Derick, Limerick and Galloway has some population, but at that, you talking towns mostly with populations of 20,000 or less a separated by green fields and stone walls. This may not be fertile economic territory but it is a choice place for meeting an Irish lass or at least a leprechaun girl who will keep you warm at night.

You can meet Irish that travel to Boston by staying at the Irish Embassy hostel Boston. Before I could find a flat in Boston I lived there for about three months. It was in the time of a housing shortage. There were countless Irish lasses coming through there.

American Irish in Boston are nothing special. You are better off dating a Russian girl from Brookline.

The Celtic from Northern Ireland or Scotch Irisher are different from the Irish off the south mostly because of the religion. I am Catholic and partial towards the south as I have an affinity towards from a world’s view perspective. I see the world the same.

Smoking hot Irish lass in the USA. Classic Celtic features, but with a bad cultural habit. Choose a bride on character rather than lineage or look.

What do Irish girls look like?

Irish girls are connected to French girls believe it or not. They are Celtic in base but there is a mix also.  Generally Irish girls follow the cliché, fair skin and fair eyes.  They can be very beautiful. However, I do not know how well they age, because of their fair complication they are very sensitive to the skin. Irish girls in the USA are not as beautiful as Irish girls in Ireland.

The black Irish, may or may not come from the Spanish fleet that ship wrecked in the 1500s.  I think this is more legend than truth. I think the reality is every population has generic variation.  These Irish girls have white skin and black hair. They are beautiful Irish girls.

If an Irish girl is thin, this is great, but unfortunately many Irish girls are becoming western. Like American or UK girls.

The real outstanding question today in Irish cultural dating is will the pendulum start to swing back to as a result of the economic crisis and people becoming aware of the emptiness of the lies of materialism and selfishness. Will Irish girls turn to their roots instead of embracing the world uniculture of consumption? I would like to know. But the choice for you if to be carefully optimistic if you dream of a nice Irish girl. Look, but look with your eyes open. Make sure you are not finding woman who does not hold to the ideals of love a marriage for a lifetime.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I would like to meet a beautiful Irish girl interested in being a fun, caring, loving wife. I want to have lots of fun with the person I am with, so no need to be dead serious all the time. I like a girl that knows what she wants, and is aggressive about it. but she should also be very honest, and family oriented.

” Do not expect you will find western values in Ireland”. “Are you for real ?
Irish girls are probably the most materialistic in all of Europe.They are also very cynical compared to American girls. They are also very sensually liberated and dress in a very provocative way when out for the night. Few Irish women care for foreign men,even if your a handsome American few Irish girls will take you seriously.
Regarding the” black Irish”, I agree that is just an American myth,really unknown in Ireland ,of course many Irish have dark brown,almost black shades of hair , but that is common in every European country. Also it is unusual for an Irish girl to marry a man she has not lived with for a few years, think Sweden and you get the picture.

Milligan, I stand corrected. I guess Irish girls have fallen from grace like American girls and it seems other European girls have. Feminism has poisoned the well. And I guess Ireland is not the place where true romantic storybook love can be found easily. I am based my conception more on my contact with Irish woman.

“Milligan, I stand corrected. I guess Irish girls have fallen from grace like American girls and it seems other European girls have.”

How quickly your opinion was changed! Irish girls, whether living in Ireland, or abroad, hold true to values passed down to them. I believe the appearance of an “Americanized” lass, one may come across, is temporary, and age dependent! An Irish lass will return to her senses, and values, once love and family, become her priority!
Dressing “provocatively” has always been true of Irish women! We’ve always been good at accentuating our assets while making it appear to be quite innocent! As I said before…the young will experiment, but learn quickly!
Irish girls are quite intelligent, and well attuned to our sexuality, but to compare us to any other…bollocks! At our core we are family oriented, fiercely loyal, and when we love…we love like no other.
Irish women are blonde, brunette, and redheads…we come in various shapes and sizes, but we are seldom tall and slender…by American standards, due to ecological inheritance, and the repeated environmental actions of our ancestors; farming, fishing, birthing of large families, etc., but we are beautifully built!
Don’t be so quick to change your mind about the integrity of Irish girls! I don’t know ANY that would choose money, over love and family, not to say there isn’t the one exception…but I happen to know QUITE a few Irish girls! We hold our values and traditions more closely to heart than any other!

Notice how many Irish girls have responded to this thread, defending the honor of Irish lassies? I have not noticed such strong participation in any other thread.
I come from a big Catholic/Irish family of 9 children, 5 of them girls. My sisters are all lovely and smart, and although you might believe they have been feminized to talk to them, all are in a traditional marriage where they kept the home and had primary responsibility for the kids.
Perhaps, just maybe, we have been too harsh in our judgment of them, and they are dealing with cultural collapse themselves, in their typically Irish combative way.
Realize that an awful lot of men have gone right along with cultural collapse, simply because it means easy sex.
Maybe, Irish girls are hard to know, being defensive, but if you get past her guard, she blossoms.
I would not mind an Irish wife, being Irish myself. It is said that Irish girls are the most beautiful on earth, and I truly like smart, strong women.
Ahh, just a dream.

What is with this site? I don’t mean to be rude but Irish girls are not like this at all. For a start, I am irish and I am nothing like this. I am Protestant, tan easy and have dark almost black hair. I’m from up north so Im Irish and Bristish and my ancestors are irish as far back as I can track. Everyone in ireland is up for a well good time and is generally a bit rowdy. We have the highest teen drinking rate in Europe, we have almost exastly the same shops and exposed to the exact same media as the western world. Also barely any of us are ginger or overly religious. Just wanted to let you know. Please don’t take any of this offensively. Just wanted to set it straight.

Interesting comments from the American guys assuming they
know things about Irish women and culture.
The black Irish are of Spanish descent and today have fairer
skin freckles and dark hair. The Irish women who appear to
have fallen from “grace” were probably seen on a night out in the
city and how do you expect to find a nice woman if you are looking in bars?
There are plenty of intelligent non drinking moral decent pleasant professional funny Irish women – you are just looking in the wrong places. Yes the Irish
are quite cynical but you have to get used to irony which the Americans don’t
do very well. All we can do is learn from each other.
It’s not all leprechauns Guinness and Catholicism. We aren’t all catholic either
imagine that.

Thanks for the comment. Being from Boston, which is basically an Irish city, I would say I have found the Irish from Ireland 100% more worthy of real love and marriage than the Irish from Boston.
I think you made a good point. The best women are not found on the pub crawls and do not confuse irony with morals.
I am glad to get your comment that many or most Irish girls are bright and moral. Why? I live in Poland now and I see Polish girls starting to behave like Western European girls, and I extrapolated out that Poland’s morality become western in the worst way, like I mistakenly though about the Irish. I am curious what other people think about Irish girls because now I have mixed messages.

😉 …No! We aren’t all Catholic or Protestant! Many of us still hold true to our original beliefs and spirituality…not those imposed upon us!
Thank you for bringing that to light!

Hi, I’m an Irish girl living in Boston. I was born in Ireland and lived there until I moved here in January this year. The Boston Irish are nothing like the Irish back home. Some (all I’ve met so far) seem to associate being able to drink and fight with their Irish heritage. They don’t care about anything else to do with the country. I wouldn’t go near them at all. I haven’t really met any Irish girls over here, but in general while you might consider Boston an Irish city because of the large percentage of Irish Americans living in it, it is in fact nothing like Ireland. the cultural differences still amaze me on an almost daily basis.
Irish girls are like girls anywhere, we have our good and bad points. Girls from bigger cities like Dublin are like you city girls from anywhere. The only thing that distinguishes us from other girls is our wit and charm 😉

@ Irish girl, on all you points ‘nod’. Irish culture in Boston, where I am from is the lowest common denominator, drinking and fighting. While the Irish women I know from Ireland are sweet, very quick witted, charming. In 1/2 second they off catch you off guard and give you some funny comment. However, the ones from the city are more cosmo girls and the ones for the countryside are what many people think of as ideal for love and marriage, faithful and have faith in ideal. What concerns me about the Irish in Ireland is with the new found wealth I think many are turning away from the church and just becoming like any other western women, which is not good, they will merge with the Boston Irish in terms of culture.

I’ve been in Ireland for two years and I’ve dated with about 20 girls while in Dublin. Of those, Id say at least 60 % were not Irish. That is gotta tell you something. And only six or seven of them were from Dublin.

I find Dublin girls to be the most frigid, man-hating materialists I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet. It may be how they’re raised, but almost all of them have the God Complex.

Feminism is extremely strong here, and Lily Allen and Bayonne Knowles can be heard everywhere. “Rape crisis” posters are omnipotent, the mass-media is deeply misandrist, and the institution’s social order, top to bottom, is the same as in Britain: Black Female, Asian Female, White Female, African Male, Rich Other male, and then poor white/Asian male at the bottom.

True, Irish women tend to have a sharper humor. But unless you’re loaded or black, it will probably be directed against you.

PS. I have an Irish girlfriend, one of the least materialistic women I’ve been with. Shes wonderful, but I had to meet a LOT of women to find her, so I wouldn’t bother. Stick to your own women lol!

@admin, Ireland isn’t a big country, girls from the city aren’t all that different from girls from the country. Most girls from the country usually move to a city to go to college when they finish school and most have no problems adapting. You have to realise that in Ireland (the Republic not Northern Ireland) there are about 5 cities, Galway, Cork, Dublin, Waterford and Kilkenny, the rest of the counties just hold big towns. So to say that only girls from the country are marriage material is incorrect and unfair. Girls will have certain principles and standards regardless of where they are from.
Secondly, while Ireland did experience an economic boom with the Celtic Tiger, it is now suffering along with the rest of the world in this current recession. While Ireland is still a predominantly Catholic country, many Irish people aren’t practising Catholics. Most will idenity with the faith but mass going numbers have dropped. In saying this, Ireland is still one of the more religious countries within Europe but nowadays the Church doesn’t have as much control as it did in the past which is a good thing.
Of course Ireland has elements of western culture, it is a developed country with an intelligent and educated population that have travelled and have access to media and culture from abroad. There is nothing wrong with this. But Ireland’s culture will never ever resemble that of the Boston Irish. Boston Irish people are essentially American people who can identify with the Irish heritage. Maybe their great, great grandparents came from Ireland once but currently there is no one from Ireland in their immediate family. Boston Irish people regardless of their heritage were brought up in America with American cultures and ideals. This culture is very different from European and Irish culture. To say that wealth and lack of religious morals will lead to the Irish becoming more like the Boston Irish is both ignorant and offensive to both parties. It is also a ridiculous comment. I apologise for the length of this comment but I wanted to address all your points.

Irish girl, I hope your right. That is I hope the Irish girls from Ireland do not transform into some of the ways of the Irish of Boston in terms of values. Call me strange but I think the best relationships are where husband and wife do not believe in divorce and the children are more important then career and people go to church to thank God for all that you have in this life.

For me marriage and love is about who a person is. If a person looks good but have Paris Hilton values they are hopeless.
I guess I have to meet more Irish girls from Ireland as opposed to the Boston women I have meet.

I am a black guy.All my six brothers of the same parents, married white women especially german ladies.I never wanted to have anything to do with any white girl but, I comfess that my encounter with Irish girls has changed my mind. The few Irish girls I have met are very friendly and hospitable. They are not proud and arrogant like other white girls, unless the ones I have met are pretending. As a matter of fact, if I met a slim and beauyiful Irish girl willing to go into a relationship, I will be happy

Hi I am a 26yrs old Polish guy. I live in the UK. I just want to say, when I was dating hmm.. British girls , my head was confused, they have no moral rules they don’t care for family only for themselves and Irish girls they in some way angels compering to British babes. My one has red hair and I love her from all me heart. lol in Poland you will find many blond and good religious sweet ladies, but not with red hair Ireland it is beautiful place for food for healthy living and a great place to find a wife.

Rafal you tell it like it is. British girls have no morals and are not attractive. Polish girls and Irish girls still have values and treat men with respect. They are also beautiful and make men happy in marriage.

Irish girls are irishistible, and the music sounds great

ok I am an Irish girl. I’m from a gaeltacht area (all irish speaking) in west Mayo, so i’m about as Irish as you’ll get and frankly I think you are all insane. How can you judge a whole nationality as the same? Just like every other country in the world Irish girls are individuals, their charachteristics differ from person to person. Some of us are catholic, some aren’t. Some of us love big famillies, some don’t want children at all. To say that Ireland is a great place to “find a wife” is very strange and frankly I find it very scary..

These are huge generalizations. Huge. Of course everyone is different, but cultures do indicate some behavior patterns such as divorce rates and crime rates etc. You are the one who is using the strong languages by the way. I am making simple cultural observations, that could be wrong, but might be useful. Why because everyone is looking for someone to love. So these may be of help to guys looking for Irish girls.

You are all insane (on one hand), How can you judge a whole nation (on the other). See the kind of stuff we Irish guys have to put up with.

I am mostly Irish, possibly 3/4, as my maternal grandfather died young and little is known of him, but, seeing he died of alcoholism, he was likely Irish.
Yes, you can generalize about any race/country, especially small island nations like Eire, where there was not a lot of mixing for a long period of time.
All races/countries have general characteristics deriving from their culture. Even America, with its blend of everything, has certain general cultural characteristics.
It has been said that Irish ladies are the most beautiful in the world, and that’s what the song is referring to when it says, “When Irish eyes are smiling you can hear the angels sing”
I also disagree that less influence by the church is good. I have looked into the foreign dating/wife thing deeply, and the countries considered the best for values, and wives, are heavily Catholic. It is Catholic/Christian morals that civilized the world, and indeed, those values represent civilizations high water mark. Losing them is not progressive, its regressive.
2000 years ago, the Romans considered themselves quite modern and progressive, and rolled Christian children in pitch then set them on fire to light their night time garden parties. So, I guess you are in good, progressive company.
Man has not changed, morality has not changed, and certainly God has not. Its just a conceit of every generation, smugly wrapped up in themselves and seeking intellectual justification for their failings.
Here is a site bursting with men who want to find a lady to love, and are debating Ireland, and you deem them insane? It seems you view men, and love, with contempt. And where does that get you? Not a good place.
This site, and others like it, are chock-full of romantic men, who want to find a sweet lady to trust their hearts to, and to hold their ladies heart dear in return, and you see insanity?
What is there to live for in a philosophy like that? What is there so dear its worth dying for? What kind of life have you lived when its driven by hatred of men and contempt for their hearts? Without God, and without love, man loses all nobility, and life is nothing more than digging in the dirt, trying to get more than others, until you die.

I am married to a Catholic and I am also. I take the ideal of commitment to the end. I do not know if it is my love of philosophy when I was young or more likely the influence of the church, but I could not ever leave or betray my wife and my wife feels the same. I think it is the ideals of the Church. The world can do what they want and they do, however, I recommend if you want love and happiness find someone who is idealistic.

This idealism in my book is manifest as a commitment to God and humanity with an understanding that why we are here transcendence our selfish desires and needs.

Its quite a good website you have here. I am fascinated.
I think religious people exist in a half-in, half-out world. I do not consider myself old, but I do have a lot of life experience. It helps I am very intelligent, but I think my saving grace is self-honesty.
I never considered my family religious. Some are lapsed Catholics. But you do not see the kind of upbringing I had any longer. Education is primarily propaganda. The media, which once had a code of ethics, is now the enemy. Politics is filthy and despicable beyond words to describe.
Western men look to other countries for wives, because the women here are self-serving shrews, Love between men and women in America has become adversarial. Women are constantly angry and resentful and view men as the source of all evil. Certainly a no-win scenario.
All the crap about career. Who cares? The feminists can shriek all they want, but anyone with two brain cells to rub together would rather stay home and raise a family.
Work is not life. Its what you do to have a life. Love, marriage and children are Gods greatest gifts to us. Children are a blessing, and enrich our lives immensely. But these marching morons actually swallow the feminist myth hook, line and sinker. Are women unable to think? Are they incapable of honesty, even with themselves? Are they blind to reality?
I read a lot, I listen, I observe. We are very different from our ancestors of just a generation or two. My grandma was born in the age of horses for work and transportation, then lived to see man on the moon. There are dozens of things my own kids take for granted that did not even exist 50 years ago, in my childhood. We live like Emperors by contrast.
Places like the Philippines, South America, and at one time, Ireland, are considered good places to find a wife. Why? Primarily because The Church is still strong there. People still live life by the Judeo-Christian ethic.
I have been in other parts of Asia, and seen the difference. Take away God, money steps into the vacuum. Take away absolutes, and anything goes. Take away his judgement, and conscience means nothing.
And they always consider themselves “modern” and “progressive” and look down on Christians as brain-washed dopes. But in truth, none has ever given even the shallowest thought to examining the issue. They just know its socially accepted to hate Christians, and gives them the appearance of having sophisticated, ‘modern’ views, when in reality, its based purely on a desire to be socially ‘in’. Pretty paltry thinking when your soul is at stake.
You have the truth of it. Christians are idealistic. Unbelievers are just clever monkeys, whose entire existence is an accident. Christians are children of a loving God. Not accidents, and so loved by their God that he died for us. For Christians, love is ennobling, the highest ideal, and lives forever. To them, its grunting boom-boom, like pigs in a sty. No value, because their philosophy excludes all that is finest and most noble. I would rather be Gods beloved creation, with an eternal soul, than an accident. descended from monkeys and have no star to guide them beyond their grunting appetites.
But Christians are brain-washed? Oh yeah.
I thank you for maintaining a website where truth is actually welcome. In today’s world, nothing is more politically incorrect than the truth.

And I do appreciate your perspective. I love your quote:

Christians are idealistic. Unbelievers are just clever monkeys, whose entire existence is an accident.

Like Dostoyevski believed:

If God did not exist, why not lie cheat and steal if it was to your own advantage

There is no center or purpose without the absolute that can be define anything greater than clever monkeys. The problem is a lot of people have lost their way.

In American many girls believe unlimited free birth control and multiple boyfriends and being a ‘strong woman’ is equated to happiness. While in Poland for example, a woman equates happiness with a good husband. I am sorry but it is true.

I am happily married and want to spend 24/7 with my family. I feel I am actualizing the idealism of my youth. For people who chose the non-idealistic path, I think it is a hard road in life. This is why I would like to be honest in my writing. If I believe in telling the message for anyone that wants to read it. That is if you are searching for happiness in life, be idealistic and this includes especially marriage selection. Marry and live a fairy-tale.

Funny, those who disagree with us see idealistic as childish and unrealistic, while we see it as a higher, nobler calling than just existing.
On our side, we cannot understand why anyone would want to live a meaningless existence, grubbing to have more and more nothing.
It took me awhile to see this, as I was single into my early 40’s. Even then, the first few years of marriage were spent pursuing things.
Having kids changed everything. She did not want to make the changes. I however, came from parents who were very self-sacrificing.
Initially, I kind of regretted the burden, mostly because my life was hellish at the time, with a lot of huge issues.
Things have worked to a reasonable degree.
You know what I noticed with American women? They never mature, never “get it” Even after they establish their empty careers, and their mother instinct is screaming, they still don’t want anything but the richest, best-looking guys to complete their little collection. Even though they are far past their prime, fat and bitter as hell. They are so afraid the man-hating Lesbians will kick them out of the club if they dare to become domestic.
Imagine, living your whole life by a false, hate-driven ideaology.

i am Irish and i have white skin and black hairand Hazel eyes, but nobody in my family have black hair or hazel eyes !!

How about the mailman?
Hehe, just a joke. Long ago, my brother needed a transplant, and the whole family Even though he was one of nine children, no one matched him.
This was at a time when transplant technology was primitive, and far less successful than now. The transplant team really enjoyed seeing the improvement in the lives of people they helped, and really liked my brother. It hurt them to have to tell him he had no family match.
When they told him, that’s what he said. “Have you tried the mailman?”
I heard this second-hand, from a lady on the transplant team. They were delighted and in awe of his good attitude after being given the bad news.
The people involved told that story often, and always got a good reaction. Everyone considered it funny, except of course, my mom. Mailman indeed. But in those days, we not only had a mailman, but a milkman and bread man and doctors who made house calls.
We had everything in my family, from dark black hair to blonde, to redhead. All of us ended up with brown or hazel eyes though, not my mothers blue.

@an irish girl, you forgot Derry City ! thats a city too ! or were you just on about the republic, if so sorry ! :L

I’m living here in Ireland for almost 10 years, and I’ve seen a good an Irish girls and the bad one, good looking girls and not a good looking girls, but what i have wanted to say is about an Irish girls attitude, they have very unfriendly attitudes to be honest compare with the British girls, and this is a truth. They have nasty attitudes and that’s why many Irish guys running after foreigners. Sorry i don’t try to offend anybody just try to say what I’ve seen in this country.

That is a very good report. I am from Boston where there are a lot of American Irish girls with nasty attitudes so I thought it was more a function of being influenced by American culture, however, perhaps something has changed in the way the Irish girls in Ireland treat people with their new found affluence or import of ideas. Either way your right that many Irish guys go elsewhere for relationships.


Polish girls are NOT turning america/british. That automatically means they are getting fat. If that were the case in Poland.

As for the Irish. There are some good Irish women, but most are just like British. They always were like that. And worst they got fatter.

Another thing is Irish and French woman LOOK NOTHING alike. They all were related at one time, but that changed. France has more of mixture than Ireland. And the French were originally Gauls not Celts.

I guess I looked up this sight because the Irish culture is popular now. Also it was the movies and sories that made Ireland romantic to us Americans. I remember back in 1976 when I was standing up for justice against something at work just like I did at college I said to my older sister that I always make hell on earth for myself because of the trouble I cause standing up for crap. and I don’t know why I do it and she said, ” What is the matter with you?” don’t you know who you are? I said, what do you mean by that? and she said, your Irish and that is the way you are. We’ll that was the first time I ever thought of myself as Irish. Ten years later I was listening to late night public radio and listened to the thistle and Shamrock show and heard Irish music for the first time and decided that that was the only music that I truly loved and then became addicted to it. I have been a musician all my life and found myself learning to do Irish music. I raised my son telling him of his ancestry and as a result He has studied for a History major in Irish studies with a masters degree. My ancestry or family back ground is a mixture of German and Irish all the way back to the 1600’s America. I have suffered divorce and heart break. So like so many men who has suffered the result of Feminist Communist Liberalism around the world is looking for an old fashion woman with old timely European values and somewhere in this world that can respect and love men like they did grandpa. It is a world wide problem and reading over this sight just disgusted me more to realize that it is a world wide problem and all women are the same? Come on Irish girl! please tell me I am wrong or I”ll go back to singing Cowboy music. Sincerely Steven

I’m a 24 year old Irish girl .. and am very proud to be i can only speak for my self and people close around me .. my friends are beautiful from tanned skin green eyes to fair and dark blue eyes with pale smooth skin to dark hair pale white skin and not 1 is FAT , yes my friends like to have fun party have the craic as you would say , all my friends have very strong family values and daddy has the opinion that matters the most … we respect are elders love children , we may not be bible bashers as we were in the day but that does not mean we have lost faith in life , we are not polish we are not British but IRISH and proud .. hail hail

Woah…you people are out of control…As a Canadian with Irish parents, I have visited Ireland (mainly Dublin) several times. In fact, I lived there for six months when I was twenty years old and had a wonderful time. I lived with my Gran in Upper Rathmines and met Irish women all day, every day. My preference for women has always been dark-skinned. I grew up in a multicultural area and West Indian, Asian and East Indian women have always been my first choice. (No one in Canada thinks I’m Irish as I have dark, curly hair and I’m as swarthy as an Arab). Once I got over thinking of Irish girls as my sisters or cousins, I really began to like them.

Aggressive/assertive, friendly, charming, outspoken and abrupt are some of the ways I would describe them. I’m still not very attractive to them s_ _ ually as they resemble members of my family but they have great personalities and live in a culture where women really run the show. They have great confidence and most of the patriarchal societies of the world don’t have women like Ireland’s. In fact, I dare you to find me a country where women are free to do as they like and speak as freely as they do in Ireland.

As far as being corrupted by American/continental European values…I’m not sure but twenty years ago, Irish girls looked pure, clean and fresh. “Ivory Girls” as we say in North America. Now, many of them have big guts and wear loads of makeup (improperly applied I might add) and look as trashy as English girls.

Do I still love and respect Irish women? Of course, I wouldn’t want to see them any other way…but are they the answer to some poor American guy’s anti-feminist dream? Sadly, probably not.

Very interesting comment on Irish girls. I am afraid that this is a trend being spread by Anglo-Saxon culture. Maybe some people like it it but subjectively speaking it is not my cup of tea.

John Joe,

Continent Europe did nothing to them. That was Britain and the U.S. and actually the Irish culture of being stooges.

Are for real? I am Irish, from my father, and all through the males on his side. I am a American also. Though I have never been to Ireland, I have been to Europe. What you are saying about Irish girls here in the states, is disrespectful, and rude. We are just as beautiful as they are there. I know I am not the most prettiest girl out there, but really? So big deal if their fat, that is …. I know I will make a wonderful wife. What your saying is this: if they are American, ugly, and fat; they are not really Irish. But I can prove you wrong with my last name, when my father retirde from the military, he got a lot of stuff about our family’s history. And Guess what? We can trace our roots through lawyers, and doctors, preaccers etc. to a Prince. So before you go around assuming this; think of both sides of the line. And who may think that insulting; like I. I’m American; and Irish, and you know what? I’m proud, and probably a better Irish person, than you are because I don’t go around saying harmful things.

If I have offended you in any way I am very sorry. Sincerely. I can also strike out the offense comments, please tell me which one. You can also write me directly.

However, I being an American like you, would have to admit out nation has a weight problem. The Irish in Ireland are thin, the Irish in America are generally, but not totally, following the pattern of American cultural habits, that is they are gaining weight to the point that it is unhealthy.

My question to you is what is wrong with not being attractive to an obese girl? What, do you want men to change their biological programming so women can feel good about destroying their bodies with excess. It is a cultural not a biological thing. It is a thing of choice not a country of origin thing. Some people choose to live a balanced life, others defend excess consumption. I like the ones that are in harmony with themselves not angry and hyper-consumptive.
Yes Ireland is a great country, I respect the values and humility of the people of the Irish I have meet in Europe. I have not meet one in American like that, maybe I being in Boston, it changes things.

I don’t know about others, but I think Irish women are bit repulsive. Of course, I have respect for the Irish, their history and struggles. However, Irish and British women are very much of the dominating and drunk types and do not really make good wives.

One thing for certain, if you marry an Irish woman she will outdrink you. Before I found God, I use to hang out at Irish pubs and those girls love to sing, flirt and dance. They do like to have a lot of fun, but when it comes to marrying one and having a serious relationship, forget it!

There really is not much difference between Irish, German and American women. Most Americans are descended from Brtiish, Irish , German and Nordic countries. Much of their cultures have been adopted here in USA.

Oh yeah , perhaps I have should not have wrote this, seeing that tomorrow is St. Patty’s day and all.. My apologies.

Hello all,

This has been a very interesting and insightful read! I’m an Irish girl and I have been living in London for Uni for the past three years, and the cultural difference is grand! Even though it’s only over the water, the stories I tell my friends back home about the things the girls get up to in London leaves them in shock! But sure that’s the way they want to live their lives that’s fine! And I have to say they are not very judging of my Irish girl ways. By that I mean my family values and my desire to meet a good husband and be a great mother. Because I want those things does not mean I am a strong independent women, I have my own career here but I know what is important and what I want out of live. I don’t know about Irish American girls, but American accents are just amazing! I would love to meet an nice American man for a great relationship. Just don’t find many in London must relocate to Boston ! 😉 lol

N x

If you went to Boston, as a real Irish girl in the USA, you would have guys looking like Brad Pitt and George Clooney trying to win your heart. Why? You have good ideals and dreams and further you are from Ireland, right off the boat. Being an Irish American is common, but being a true Irish gal, you would be a super star. There have even been a hand full of romantic films and romantic comedies in the USA about the Ireland and America connection. This is very exotic in the eyes of Americans.

Try asking a Bostonian if you can ‘Park the car in Harvard Yard’, I think you will see what a Boston Accent is.

I was told the Scottish women are the most traditional and family oriented in the UK. As far as I know, Irish women in Ireland are not much different than anywhere else in Western Europe. Basically, they are femininized and believe in being independent and more focused on career than on having a family. Not that I don’t like some parts of Irish culture. Irish music, beer, fashion all intrigue me.

IrishChick sounds great.. If you need your Brad Pitt/Geoge Clooney hybrid, here I am.. Although, I live in the west coast, not Boston.. 😀 LOL

I know this is already a very large blog, but had to contribute my experiences here in Dublin so far. Born in the states Irish-American/ American-Irish and I’ve lived in Spain, France, U.K.(London) and finally Dublish town and I have to say that there is no such goldmine of obliging women – anywhere!
You make your own luck – never forget that!
Since we’re on the topic of Irish women
I have to admit that it has been quite rough from the get go. They don’t take crap, nor bs with likes of a man anymore – well, not in a pub/club anyway. Which is not the way I remember it since I left Galway years ago. I remember bumping into people on the way to the bathroom & sharing a laugh – I truly enjoyed the craic there taking the piss outta each other & not ‘playing the game’ because at the end of the night at least you went home happy. The game sucks anyway – best times are usually had when you’re not even thinking about getting laid. Women over here seem to think of this as ‘taking life too seriously’
(I’ve come to hate this expression)

In my opinion, the lifestyle has changed tho and the ideals of women all over the world …especially when the world puts too much stock into the likes of lady kaka and crappy pop music on the radio. I truly do NOT want to meet any women like these types…materialism oozes from the pores of these mannequin socialites.

Whatever happened to the Irish women that didn’t give a sh*te where you came from or what kind of superstar you were, but put more stock in your personality & ideals. It’s no wonder Irish men nowadays look elsewhere to find sustenance for the soul.

I know there’s good/beautiful/decent/not so decent cause ya don’t want em to be women in this world to find and sometimes you might even find too many to choose from, but don’t expect to find a well of obliging women to comfort your everyday need for a heart-warming sensation. I’d be more concerned on spending more time being happy myself than ‘chasing Amy’. If you build it…they will come 🙂

Thanks for the comment. I think Irish women did have a very noble sense of values, even a short time ago. However, some of that has changed. My Irish friends from Ireland have girlfriends from Poland. My Irish friends from Boston are not as happy. It is really about sense of morality. Love is based on richness of character not wallet size.

Hi there im from the north of Ireland and i life in a small town and i cant get out of it quick enough because i can stand the girls there people think Irish girls are all nice and sweet and that’s so wrong the girls around here in the north all they think about is drink and getting laid and I havent dated one yet that i have trusted .even my father said it’s not like it used to be the young girls have no respect for anyone anymore . I now life in Canada and the girls are amazing ive got my self a Canadian girlfriend and she is wonderful and a really nice person and has real family values .i took her back 2 Ireland and she said the irish girls were not what she respected she said they were very wild people and the dirt that came out of their mouth was horrible . time has changed a lot and Ireland is moving on but I don’t think when me and my girlfriend have kids in the future we will not be bringing them up in Ireland

Sad but true.. I have a friend in Ireland who tells me the same. I think all women from the UK are wild and have lost their culture. However, I was told the women in the Scottish highlands still adhere to their traditions, although not as much in the past.

Not sure about Canada, but I would think many of them would be like American women. Maybe small town Canadian women are bit like small town Midwest women. Some are a bit of the down home types, although many today are turning into selfish, arrogant and unloving like the rest of the women in the USA. Southern USA women who were once known for their charm and hospitality, now are very dominating, hot-tempered, belligerent, drug-addicted and overweight. They say the rate of meth use in the southern USA exceeds that of anywhere else in the USA. It is sad, because America’s “Southern Belles” where at one time considered the ideal of traditional women.

i agree with you what you said there thats very true friend . but id like to say my girlfriends a city girl of ottawa but i think she is the way she is becuse she doesnt go out clubbing ever wk .like we do drink but not much .i always wounderded what them small american towns were like in real life compared to what u see on tv becuse they seem so friendly and nice .i think it all depends on the parents ya no. and i like to say there are some nice irish girls back home in ireland im sure if u go to nice places and surround urself with nice people you will find a lovely irish girl that will melt ur hearts .they are out there like every country you just have to be in the right places. theres bad apples every were that wreck it for others .in my case i was brought up in the wrong part of ireland

sorry id like to add more to my massage . .if ur looking for a real irish girl with family values and in touch with there culture and heritage .the places to go in ireland r america r even around the world is the gaa clubs .to people that dont no much about the gaa clubs there sports clubs that play hurley for guys and camogie for women then theres galic football .these are real irish sports and have been played in ireland for hundreds r even thousands of years and a good lot of irish girls play camogie and these girls come from real good irish backrounds and great family values so if ur a single guy go to ur nearest gaa club and have a look for urself and most gaa clubs have mucic r bands playing at wk ends so its a great nte and u never no u might meet ur dream irish girl

I can’t believe the male comments on here. To be a good wife a girl has to be church going and have patriarchal values, sorry I don’t think so. I am Irish living in Cork, the second city and I am appalled by the huge sweeping generalisations some of you are making about woman of different cultures. It shows to me that male chauvinism is alive and kicking and unlike you guys I can not pin that trait to any one country. A woman is a lot more than a wife. A lot of Irish girls today are liberated and career orientated and totally lapsed catholics, not church goers and that does not make us immortal, god what decade are you guys in? The 1950’s or 1850s I guess you like to control your woman. If you think that Irish women are meek little men pleasers you are so wrong. Considering what the church has done in this country it is a wonder that there is anyone in the churches. Church based societies are patriarchal male led societies and you guys clearly believe in that. I am talking to the guys, the girls have made sensible comments that I concur with. I will make one generalisation christian right Americans and by right I mean right wing republicans scare the hell out of me, you are not bad people but the way you think is scary, thats my generalisation.

Leanne, from my perspective you make some points. I think there should be women priests, why not? And it is not control men are looking for at all. It is simply a girl that has the ideals and family values. Ideals that are equal to what the husband has such as no divorce and stay by your partner no matter what. If believing in love and destiny and a soul mate who is 100% loyal and yours and a wife who wants to love her children before her career and boss is scary to you, there is something wrong.
These feminist women you speak of, you can marry them but not me. But my recommendation is guys find a women who is not always in your face and telling you you are wrong.

Its typical of your kind of thinking that you cannot defend your philosophy either morally or logically, so you attack ours.
Sorry, it doesn’t wash.
Living a degraded lifestyle is not progressive. Behaving like a half-tamed animal and calling it progressive is only salve for your own conscience, and the only one fooled, seemingly, is you.
In truth, you have not made any sort of serious study of a traditional values oriented philosophy, and your grunting, self-gratification lifestyle, but you are oh so quick to imply your self-serving philosophy is good, and ahem, “modern”
Did you actually study the subject and come up with jewels of enlightenment unknown in all history until now, that convinces you your “modern” thinking is better? Please tell us this great knowledge!
Truth is, you never, ever spent even 5 minutes giving it any serious thought whatsoever, and merely use “modern” as smug justification for a philosophy driven by your belly and your crotch. There is no thought involved, you are not “modern” in your thinking, and you have no intellectual or moral support, and indeed, probably not capable of it. Your philosophy is appetite driven, not conscience. People like you have been calling themselves “modern” and “progressive’ for millennium. Its a big steaming load of you-know-what.

Women priests?? I think not.. That goes against waht the bible says. A priest/pastor must be the husband of one wife.. Women must remain silent in the church and have not the permission to speak until they get home and can talk with the husband. THe bible strictly forbids female priests and pastors. However, in our modern feminized world, I suppose women will try to take over men’s roles, including priests. There was an example in Revelations of a woman who decided to take the prietly role, her name was Jezebel. This false priestess led the men in the church astray and they ended up commiting fornication and worshipping pagan idols. We must remember that sin started with a woman, it goes back to the Garden of Eden. Through submission and child-bearing she is saved. These are the valiant and contraversial words of Rabbi Sha’ul (or St. Paul in Catholicism). These are not words that can be modified or manipulated to suit the modern day, status quo.

Leanne, what pill are you taking?? Who here said Irish women are submissive little creatures to men? Quite the contrary, they are the wildest and rowdiest women in all of Europe. I use to hang out at Irish pubs back when I was younger and those girls love to sing , dance , get plastered and have fun with lots of different guys. I think Irish women probably lose their virginity a few years before American women do, which is around 16.

I want to congratulate your Irish women for being career minded and shunning families. The good news for me is that all the feminist, career-minded, child and man hating women of your country will soon be extinct! Have you looked at Ireland’s birth rate? Look at all of Europe! According to current statistics, the birth rate of Europeans are so-low, in 50 years you won’t even exist. Keep up the good work!

Assuming that Europe doesn’t become dominated by middle eastern people, who still follow traditional roles, I think the feminist element of Europe will self-destruct. Those who follow God’s commands and live the traditional biblical life will prevail in the end!

Yonatan, thanks for the comment on this. I like your reply to Leanne about Irish women. I do not always agree 100% with what you write but what you write is a combination of funny and accurate. Feminism will self destruct because of demographics. The more feminists are screaming from their pulpit about the almighty career over their husband (and families), the less children they will have.
Middle Eastern people are going to for sure dominate western Europe if the birth rate holds. It is all very interesting to observe. Denmark and Sweden for example have large cities of traditional Middle Eastern people and the feminists in Scandinavia are being over run but a more important cultural force.
Irish girls are not what they use to be. Ireland has changed.

The same applies to Irish guys! I’m an irish girl born and bred and proud of my culture and heritage:)It’s so hard to find a decent irish guy to settle down with! Irish guys are so immature have no sense of morals and are not in the least bit family orientated! They are attracted by the superficial and the fake bleached hair, orange false tan ,loud mouthed girls with zero morals and scanty clothes! Seriously why do they find that attractive? What happened to natural beauty?and more importantly values?

I personally think natural beauty and most important values is where it is at. I agree, a lot of guys go for the lowest common denominator. I can promise you, if you are a girl with culture and ideals someday your prince will come. It will happen when you least expect it.

The answer to your question is the corruption of culture everywhere.
I dislike to admit it, but men are physical driven. In a strong values culture, where everyone adheres to those values, ladies like you prosper, because the men have no outlet for their desires unless they follow the rules of the culture. So, nice girls like you have choices without compromising themselves.
But then along comes the orange hair, piercings and tattoo’s crowd, the easy lay. Show her a good time, buy her drinks, and you get your jollies. No commitment, no kids, no competition.
As the saying goes, “Why buy the cow when the milk is free?”
All I can say is, be watchful, for the quiet man, who rarely follows the crowd. Has a job, manners, a sense of responsibility. He may be short, bald, whatever, but you said “nice guy” remember? Not hot stud.
Then, even if its a bit against your culture, chat the poor man up. Show an interest. Take the initiative.
You might find that a life with him is dull, lacking all the drama of infidelity, STD’s, bastard children, alimony, child support, custody and all those other excruciating things that make other peoples lives so “interesting”
Morality, family, values, are fading everywhere, and all you can do is try to keep your little corner of life clean and shiny.

HI Mark.. Well you know how it is.. Friends cannot agree on all things all of the time, but they agree on most things most of the time. The same goes for husbands and wives.

God Bless.

oi, this is all true. In London I once had a British girl ditch me on a date because I didn’t watch Rugby. It’s the level of superficiality that I find upsetting. The few Irish women I have encountered in my life were not so pretty. They were very overweight. =( British women are so arrogant and anti-family, God, children ..etc. I can’t talk to them. I tried for 3 years to meet a nice british woman but I failed. I think the Welsh may be the last in the uk to have some morals. As for other women. I have been scammed by Romanians, ignored by French, insulted by the Polish, led on by the Dutch, slapped by a South African and degraded by the a Slovenian. As you can imagine, my perspective on all women now is not the greatest. As for Asian women, well I don’t even exist to them so I have no comment. If you have enough money you can always ‘buy’ a Ukrainian. It seems the only choice for men these days. If you are rich you will find someone. If you are not rich, it becomes harder. Women are superficial big time these days. My ‘Romanian’ ex, use to attack me over reality tv. She was disgusted by the fact that I didn’t want to watch that smut. However, s_x n the city, Oprah and other garbage has filled women’s minds. To such a degree that even in eastern europe women are embracing that cr_p. It’s scary. America has ruined women. While the usa may denounce burkas, they turn around and export their form of extremism. An anti-human, anti-family, anti-male culture that rots the core of family systems. Its all sick. And yes, I recently saw the rate of population growth in Estonia. My God. It’s really no joke. I am not white, however, I am shocked and bothered by this data. We are all human beings and it s_cks whenever our HUMAN family suffers. The birthrate issue is going to have to be made a priority. No matter who the women marry. Nations need people. For the economy and stability of the world.

I am so proud to be of Irish heritage. Though I’m not much of a drinker or fighter, I do not place those attributes with the characteristics of the Irish (though many people do). After I finish college I plan to take an extended vacation to Ireland because of the beauty of both the land and its people. All I can say is I want to marry an Irish woman.

I highly recommend a trip to Ireland. If you can get a passport for Ireland even better.

+1 Tired of America.. TiredOfAmerica, you and I really have similiar views. THe only difference is that I have not been screwed over by a bunch of women. Actually , I seem to know women to well and they generally run away from me rather than get to far with any schemes. I am not a guy who plays around and I do try to get deep into a person’s soul and cut-out all the superficial riff-raff, as you may call it. American women, as well as many women from poorer countries

I don’t get what you mean you don’t exist to Asian women? Asian women are the most desperate and least picky group I ever met. YOu certainly can score a Filipina girl if all else fails. Even Asian women from wealthier countries tend to like American men as they treat them better than their native menfolk, as well as have abit more charm. Charm is not something that many Asian men radiate as outwardly as American/Europeans do.

I Agree, America causes its only form of domestic terrorism amongst the female gender! Americans fight terrorism over see, but are still yet to fight the terrorism that is destroying their country from within, Feminazism! Women are being trained from a young age to hate and despise men, as well as taught from their mothers (and fathers) to use men to appease their selfish needs, rather than to be a loving, caring and supportive wife. A man is a piece of meat to show off to your friends, arouse your sexual needs and to pay for all the selfish and useless toys you want! Basically in America, a man is a sex toy and a piggy bank. The feminist witches have taken control! Osama bin Lohan is worse than Osamba bin Laden, in many ways.. LOL

To Irish American:
1. Irish are cool in many ways. I love Irish culture.
2. Back in the day I use to hang out in an Irish pub, I could drink any Irishman (and Irishwoman) under the table. I was averaging 15 pints of guinness per night. I am not Irish, so you’re right, Irish are not all big drinkers. Although my Irish friend Donald, could easily drink double what I could and still not vomit. LOLOLOL
3. In regards to #2, this is before I found God. I do not drink hardly more than 1 or 2 beers a week now. So, don’t get wrong idea of me 😀

4. What exactly advantage do you have by finding an Irish woman in Ireland? Yes, there accent is cute, but really are they so different than you American Irish girls??

Maybe your fantasy of marrying the Irish girl from Ireland will let you down. I am suspicious of you, becuase you have to go to Ireland to marry an Irish woman. LOL Irish, British, French, Scandanavian women are basically all the same. The culture is their job and college degree. They will give you a few hours a day and want to make love a few times a week. Besides that, you are basically marrying a man. If you want a woman with the charm that Irish women use to have, please my friend, Go East!

Okay, you know what guys? I’ve pretty much read every single post on this page and I’m well aware that what I’m about to write is going to end up at the bottom of it all. I don’t care. I read this out of interest, as it was sent to me via a link through an e-Mail from a friend who found it last week.

As a rule, when I’m out socialising with friends, I stick to conversation with the people I’m with.

Is it ok now for the occasional complete stranger to approach someone they don’t know and start a torrid of offensive and absolutely shocking abuse two minutes into a conversation? Especially when the party it’s subjected to hasn’t said anything or carried through any actions what so ever to deserve it? A lot of said strangers are female and of Irish origin. This has happened to me a few times in the last year, especially in places where you wouldn’t normally expect it to occur.

I’m told that drink has something to do with it. There are also, I suspect, other elements there, which can’t be so easily accommodated (or tolerated) – like substance abuse for instance, or a distinct inability to leave their problems at home.

Ladies, if you are seen to act like this, expect to see entries like this on websites like this. OK?

In contrast, exists a lot of offensive behaviour from men, which has similar characteristics.

It doesn’t make me ashamed to be a man because I don’t defend it in any way. However this comes about, the best way to deal with people like this, I find, is to give such entities a wide birth; politely smile at them and thank them for their views.

Just think how great and ideal their lives must be, if their only outlet for frustrations and personal life misgivings is to issue undeserved abuse to someone they don’t even know. Nevertheless, this seems to be gauged as acceptable behaviour.

It must be great to let the hair down once in a while and stop acting like a human being, and act like a complete, scat-ingesting cockroach.

Would I like to meet an Irish girl and settle down? Of course I would. I’m not perfect by any means and I hope one day it happens.

Is education important? Not really, so long as intelligence and common sense are there I could get along fine on some level with such a woman.

Are honesty and integrity important? Most of the time, yes, but nobody’s perfect and you have to be able to accept some indiscretions along the way.

I have met Irish American women before and they are different to native Irish women. I respect those differences and understand that the cultures, whilst similar in some aspects, will be very different in others. You can’t expect to meet many worthwhile people whilst out on a night’s drinking (no matter what the gender). It’s simply not a fare expectation on you or the persons being considered, as the window of opportunity to get to know a person properly just isn’t there.

With regard to women from other countries like Poland, their country has had a legacy, which is far removed from our own and so I don’t think that any solid conclusion can be drawn when comparing women from that country to those in our own. Poland has a very progressive population and is going to bring forth a lot of promise in the near future; city living results in city ways and city attitudes, I’m not an authority in either case but it’s not hard to imagine that materialistic attitudes like those already referred to exist on a wider scale than we give them credit for across other countries

English women have some different qualities compared to Irish women this is for certain a fact. I’ve dated some very nice English ladies. I’m sure there are what I would see as bad ones out there; morality exists on another level with English women, I find, because in order to experience the level of morality which one may have been accustomed to here in Ireland, you need to interact with in a way which they find understandable. Surely, to simply expect something without explanation cannot be the way forward.

Looking for the objective realism of your inner desires, if you’re a man, needs to be an itterrative process of re-evaluating yourself and thinking long and hard before placing judgement. Is it fare to expect qualities in a life partner who has never had the need to display them in the first place? Is it reasonable to expect a woman to be loyal at ALL times, to be religious at ALL times, or even to have patriarchal values? Are the men who are yearning these attributes in women, even in the same set of expectations themselves?

Personally, I have heard horror stories of abusive and controlling long-term boyfriends and husbands. This makes me wonder why anybody would want to be in a such relationship at all, much less one that even mildly resembled it. I’ve been in relationships similar to this and I made sure they didn’t last very long.

In principle, categorising women as being nothing more than potential wives or girlfriends simply can’t work. The attitude needs to change. It’s easy to see the effect that commerce has had on the before widened gap of perception between the sexes over the last twenty years here in Ireland. In order to be a good woman, does this mean you need to attend church every Sunday? Plainly speaking, I avoid church because it’s full of the sort of people I just don’t want to be around because I don’t subscribe to a belief system that is too intertwined with politics. If anyone is offended by that comment, then please don’t be, it’s just my attitude. It really is time to start thinking in a forward manner and get our heads out of the middle of the last century. I offer my apologies for digressing there.

How many men out there possess family values and other such moralistic ideals? Did the days of no divorce and staying in love really ever exist, or have some of us just been watching too many soppy movies or reading too many romantic novels. Life is great, to exist as a human is a privilege and nobody said it was ever going to be easy. Every relationship has ups and downs and it requires a lot of effort to make a good one work. Arguments will happen, parties in the relationship will not always get their own way and at other times a break down in communication occurs; misunderstandings which result in something as simple as a slight bit of direction, being perceived as the wife being in the husbands face 24 hours a day.

Attitudes men have of women in this country seem to be very uneven, however. Basing everything on how a person looks rather than what they are. can be perceived as a very shallow. Surely beauty is skin deep, right? I mean, isn’t that what we’re always told? Isn’t that what a lot of people believe? Or am I the only one that takes that one seriously? If so, then I don’t care. Having the wrong or in-compatible attitude towards a woman will lead to unkind actions on her part, be they physical or behavioural. I wouldn’t be very nice to a woman who treated me like a piece of meat. Would you?

The media has a good amount to do with men’s attitudes toward women also, in some cases using it’s own devices to make what can seem to be a personal point about the way men behave, seem almost attacking in nature. If this is going to be heeded with any element of serious consideration then surely this is a counteractive move. No?

Drawing to end on this as I know it’s very long and if you’ve read it then my thanks go out to you, it is my view that as men, we all need to re-evaluate our own qualities, whatever they may be, before speculating the existence of what we require in women on a global scale. Are we entirely sure that our opinions are fare? I’m certain mine are!! I nearly challenge you to question their integrity.

Dominion, thank you for the long thoughtful post on Irish girls.
You are right that some men are just rotten. They treat women bad and have no right to be with a girl. I believe all women are special and unique in ways that are a mystery to men and it is a true privilege to be with a girl.

However, you raise a lot of good points but miss the main idea. Men look for wives to fall in love with not based political social ideas but simply, someone who is fun to be around, healthy (slim), does not hassle them, would say with them no matter what (divorce is out of the question), take care of the family and children by cooking and providing a peaceful loving atmosphere for the family. This is called mating. This is called reproduction.

Some how women in the west like in Ireland today, have been sold the idea that if they hold non traditional views, this somehow is good and men should conform to these views. My message is if women want to have these views, I think it is great. Go for it and have these views. Peace and love.
However, if a man is looking for true love it is better to seek his princess where being submissive is more feminine than the new western ways.
Have a submissive, humble wife who is beautiful and fun to be around and will take care of the family and stick with her husband is a princess. Not a western modern Cosmo woman.
I think Ireland is in between two worlds now. Many Irish women are truly ideals of beauty and virtue, while others are being pulled to the other way, championing the values of post modernism.

I am an Irish girl born and bred but have lived in Canada and Australia and think all these comments are crazy! I mean there is a huge difference between Irish and Irish-American girls that been Irish-American girls are American,they have had a completely different upbringing to those of us actually born in Ireland. I am very happy that many Americans are proud of their Irish heritage but having Irish ancestors does not mean they have inherited culture automatically. We are culturally socialised from birth and our society is not perfect and in some ways a little backward but from my trips to the US no-where compares to little old Eire .As for the Irish guys looking elsewhere ,thats because all the good Irish girls get snapped up by the great guys and when no one else will have them here they look outside Ireland 🙂

I want to write more about this when I have more time. I just got back from Ireland and have to say there are many nice girls there and the people in Ireland are attractive and sweet.

How do you define fair? By your own reasoning, you are very fair. But maybe not by mine.
To someone looking, and longing for a marriage partner, its only normal to examine all the women you meet from the angle of a prospective partner. How is it unfair?
Same with expectations. When considering a woman to give your heart to, everyone brings their own expectations. And, indeed, they have every right to make this most personal of decisions based on whatever criteria is important to them.
Many aspects in life demand fairness, but in this, you are dealing with the most basic and personal of decisions, and “fair” has nothing to do with it. To pontificate on the subject, advertise yourself as a paragon of fairness, and imply everyone else is beneath your lofty standards, smacks of arrogance.
Websites like this are like the story of the blind men and the elephant, each understanding only his one small experience, but the whole gives an accurate picture.
Ok, maybe you are “fair” which seems important to you, but how does that have anything to do with anything? It does not apply

I cannot believe the extent to which you have gotten away with the comments you have made. My heart is racing at the idea that ignorant people like you exist in the world. Being submissive is feminine! ‘a submissive humble wife’. How dare you. Please do all our us in Ireland a huge favour and stay out of it. I am a research fellow studying in Trinity. I am Irish, young and good-looking. Moreover I am intelligent. If you bothered to do any real research into feminist theory you would realise that most feminists would not adhere to radical feminism. there are many strands that focus on similarities between the sexes and how patriarchal oppression extends to men. Feminist studies have done a huge amount for masculinity studies which I hold equal interest in. No one should be suppressed and you think women should be submissive. You are disgusting! And would be laughed out of Ireland by any self respecting girl you spoke to which is good because you really shouldn’t r_prod_ce.

Why so much anger? I do not just think women should be submissive but humble too – just like men. See for love to work the man and woman must be humble and submit their ego to the greater good of love. Women in particular help with domestic responsibility and family raising as the most important job you can have is raise a happy child. Do you disagree?

I would never write or think the mean things that you wrote. This is my case an point. You are so full of feminist theory that you are full of rage and you miss the point.
You are speaking like a person who is not married and with a family but some young lady reading about relationships out of books right?
However, if you find any comment particularly offensive I can review it and delete it. I do not mean to offend, rather this is more about personal life experiences.

I had to clean up your comment because of serious grammar and spelling mistakes. I am sure you are educated but please do not write with such anger. Lets talk about this. I am open to other views.
I believe in the equality of women and men, but feminism is not about that any more.
And just convey in a nice way, what do you see as the ideal relationship between man and woman in marriage and family?

“Gotten away with”? Those 3 words expose your thinking. Isn’t this America, with freedom of speech? And tolerance? Tolerance only for those you agree with, which isn’t tolerance at all.
“Patriarchal oppression” Oh please. Do people really talk like that?
America is the last place on earth where women are oppressed. If you really cared about women, you would be directing your hate towards Islamist countries, where women are equal, to cattle. Women live horrible lives there. Or maybe China, where huge numbers of female babies are aborted due to their one-child law, and wanting a boy. Oh, and millions of women who stood up against the immense pressure of their society to abort girls, and had the child, and was divorced for her trouble. Or the government forced abortions.
Truth is, your ideology is driven by hatred of males, and idiotic phrases like “patriarchal oppression” are just empty justifications for virulent hatred.
Show you really care, and stand up for women who are really oppressed, hideously, murderously oppressed.
But you wont, because its not about equality, its about hatred.
What an ugly life you lead.
Your feminazi BS wont wash here. We know you for what you are.

I am a woman of irish decent,but born in the United States. I think the women who hae commented in this blog are coming forth with such hostiality, that they are only confirming what the men are saying on here. If women would take a step back and look,theres alot of valid points. Women’s values have changed. We have lost the core of our values, so worried about material posessions,the I wants I wants I wants,and of course, pop culture. I wish I could go back in time, when neighbors were neighbors, and ya backed them a loaf of bread, when families sat together for dinner, when there were still hand written letters in the mail, etc. I try to stick to this morale. It is not the men hating on us, they just want to have a woman of self worth,dignity, value ,respect. The women of yester year were what armani is to todays fashion , and the women today ould be kmart rack clothes,nothing of substance. I try to adhere to old values. I firmly believe a womans place is to tend to her home. I understand in todays recession women may need to work as well as their husband for financial reasoning, but allow the man to be head of the household. Its not about power, and being treated as a slave, but once there was such a balance and order to marriages. It created a happy union and bliss. Now its about tvs, video games, microwave prepackaged foods,porn, r rated movies, lack of faith, and so forth. There are no prepackaged foods in my home, no hamburger helper, no macaroni and cheese, or hotdogs. I make all my food from scratch, breads,drinks,pies, everything. I cross stitch, I mend, I sew, I knit. I dont raise my voice, or curse,or use the Lords name in vain. I use hardly any makeup, I get up every morning and do my hair and look presentable. I wear low heels skirts,dresses,and sometimes slacks. I do not show cleavage. I do not smoke or drink. I don’t listen to pop or country,or watch vulgar shows on tv. I prefer blues ,jazz, classical, and educational programs and the news. My children are not allowed video games, or aything of that sort. They know the value of a dollar and work for their allowance. They clean their rooms without being told. They say yes sir no sir yes maa’am no maa’am. I don’t do this for religious reasoning. I don’t do this because I live in a certain region or its pedigree. I don’t even do it because I was raised this way. ( My mother was a stripper and had 7 marriages.) I do it because I value myself, and have selfworth. I have never been in a bar, or had a one night stand. I was with one man and that man was my exhusband, who I was married to at 17 and stayed with for 8 yrs. Unfortunately he was not a noteworthy man, and did not realise what he had. (Now he does and begs me to come back,saying theres no substance to the easy barflys he ran amuck too). I guess my point is, its not the breeding,the country, it’s the woman. The sad thing is society has opened their arms to s_xual looseness, and other such behaviors that a woman with any selfworth is pretty much a disapearing act. I can say the same for men as well though.

Irish girls are absolutely gorgeous, i met a young stunning dark featured irish girl last night in my hometown (U.S.) city where she is interning. As soon as my eyes met hers i had to go up and speak with her. She was the most beautiful woman i have ever seen, and her personality was humble and extremely attractive. I am crazy about her already and all i can really say is wow about the irish girls. Plus those accents are just down right sexay

There was once a song titled, “God I Love Irish Girls” and if memory serves me right, it was by the group “Queen” whose lead singer was unapologetically gay.
You don’t get any more beautiful than that.

Just one man’s opinion, I am trying to get back over there. Irish women are without a doubt the most gorgeous beauties in the world. Women in the States just do not compare with an Irish lass.

I am of Irish decent, from both my mother and my father. I am more than 3/4 Irish. Looking at me, though, most people have no idea that I’m not full Irish though. I hold all the same natural qualities as Irish women born in Ireland. In the US my hair color is rare, i admit. I am very fair skinned and I have been told that my eyes are so radiant and striking that people have never seen eyes that compare to mine. So where your ideas of US born Irish decent women aren’t beautiful come from, I’m not sure. I have always, without trying and with no intentions of, been given discounts and let off on things ect… It is almost like men just want to hand me things, its almost irritating. i feel bad for the people who have been waiting and are still waiting because they wanted to help me and give me the best deal they could. So I think that you are being slightly judgmental on that aspect. I do, however, agree with you that we have lost moral values. Pop-culture has caused morals to start to fly out of the windows at drastic speeds. I enjoy taking care of my family however. But, I do enjoy the nights I get to go out to the bar and have a drink with friends and hang out. That doesn’t mean we are out doing horrible things though. We can go out and have a few drinks and maintain ourselves and not do inappropriate things. So even though moral values may be disheartening through media the general population does still have morals. If raised with morals they stay with you, no matter what is in the media or what celebrity has decided to lead a certain lifestyle or publicize their private life. That doesn’t equal that all of the US is morally deprived, just the publicized portion.

I am an Irish man who has lived and worked all over the world (22 countries so far) I would never ever date an Irish woman.

For example one Irish girl I knew is the reason i would never date an Irish woman. Such and angry response with her big head

“I am studying at trinity college” – Typical Irish look how clever I am

“I’m young” – Yes and so are another 2 billion humans

“I’m good looking” – Easy to say from behind a computer

“Moreover I am intelligent” – Back tot the 1st point and repeat the cycle.

Irish women are bossy, domineering, militant feminist’s. Most of them are a state to look at as they drink like fish’s, stuff their faces, are lazy and have never even seen the inside of a gym.

I thank goodness I don’t live in Ireland anymore. There are so many better women to choose from in the world.

I am am an Irish girl from the north of Ireland. some of the comments that where written here really annoyed and some even angered me. You just assume that because where Irish we must be minor alcoholics and that all we do is fight and have big mouths and no morals. but I have very high morals and my friends also have high morals. yes I do admit that many Irish girls have let their standards slip however to say that all Irish girls are foul-mouthed, feminists who want nothing more than to get boom boom is ridiculous. some of you are putting all Irish girls in one boat and I really don’t like it. Things in Ireland have changed over the last few years but not to the extent some of you are referring too. I don’t want to be cheeky but all im saying is that some of us good irish girls would love to get married and have a family. in my opinion no one should judge a whole country by a few that they may have met for 10 minutes in a bar. I can not speak for anyone else but in my opinion some comments in this blog are towards the irish(and in know how strong a comment that is) I just want to remind you all that Ireland is still a good country, with good values and if a select few want to lower themselves then please do not label us all the same

Within the post on Irish girls I think I wrote that Irish girls are above average in morals and are a good place to date if you want a good normal life. I think maybe in the comments I back tracked on that a bit, as Irish guys I know seemed to disagree with me. Please write me directly and I can edit any comments you find personally offensive.

I am an Irish woman and I am what is called the “fair” Irish – pale skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. I have morals and principles as I was raised that way and I make no apologies for that. I studied at Trinity College Dublin and at UCD but I’m not big-headed about it. I did it because I wanted to ensure I could make a good living. And my friends, family and colleagues all describe me as down-to-earth and friendly.

I am sure your life will be blessed. I think virture is its own reward and because you live your life based on this, I think and hope you will have good things come to you. By the way I got my Masters at Trinity, but in New England.

I have an African friend living near Belfast and he assures me he won’t marry an Irish girl, not even for a greencard, but says he is going back to Ghana to marry his wife. HE tells me they are wild and have little respect for the men. Coming from a traditional Fulani tribe in West Africa, I think I can understand where he is coming from. Anyway, Irish women are feisty and will not let you tell them what to do. But, if you like a woman who will drink you under the table, who is feisty, firey and likes to party, then the Irish are great.. I’m more into feminine, gentle and quiet types, which are for the most part, the opposite of the average Irish woman. Exceptions do exist..

“If an Irish girl is thin, this is great.”

Irish girls are thin. At least the ones I met while I was there. Mark, what is thin to you? Personally, I think if people are too skinny, they look worse than they would if they were overweight (depending on how overweight we’re talking). Size 0 or 2 is too thin for my tastes. A woman needs at least a little shape to her. That’s what makes her a woman (well, one of the things).

You know if a women is size 0 or 2 she can look nice. A friend of mine is this size, and she is a pretty girl. However, most women look better with shape and curves and really as long as a girl is healthy and active this is all that matters.

That’s true. If you’re healthy and active, your natural shape and weight will fall into place.

I’m a young Irish girl,some of these comments make me laugh because some of you have never actually been to Ireland, yes Irish women have changed for the better we still have morals and values we still respect our elders and are very much into family life. We are stronger now and just because we don’t stand for people talking rudely to us means we don’t respect people, the only reason some Irish men have to go and find women over sea is because we can’t stand men who drink all their money and talk down to us. However when we do have someone we are very loyal and stand by them at all times until we wake up and smell the roses. I have travelled and one thing i have to say is that I have never judged a book by its cover most irish women don’t we love to make new friends and have the craic and are always willing to help. when I was in America, they come running as soon as they hear an accent which is lovely I have met some lovely people there and other places but you met the good and bad everywhere it doesn’t matter were a person comes from or what colour their hair or skin is, it’s about getting to know that person for who they are and having mutual respect for them and loving them for who they are. So maybe you have met an Irish girl and thought oh no she I would defer not for me, it’s not because she’s irish. it’s the girl and maybe your just going for the wrong type of girl, because I would not judge a guy on were he comes from it’s all about how well we get on and if we can hold a conversation and if we have some of the same views on life the maybe it could be something, but it doesn’t work out I’m not going to blame it on him being Irish, English , American or Spanish, we just weren’t ment to be. And on an other note just because you have a view on how some one should behave because their “Irish” (they should be a certain way) is silly because everyone is different and that’s what makes us all unique. The only way your going to find someone is to put your self out there and get to know some one for who they truly are and come on people be a little more opened minded.

Irish guy here and man, I am just speaking from personal experience here. Dated girls here and I’m being honest, Never again. Honestly, the girls I’ve met and known are nothing short of just boring with absolutely little interesting qualities about them and very little to their personalities. Was it that I have had a really unlucky streak? Not really as I don’t often find myself interested in girls here in Ireland because they nearly always lack the qualities I look for.

Explains why I’ve only really ever wanted to spend some time with relatively few girls here. From what I’ve seen, many of them around my age are just grey and bland; mere clones of one and other with a different shell. You go to a club, watch them and see how they behave and frankly, it’s beyond low. They may have tons of self confidence but their self esteem is completely down the drain and they’d literally just mess around with the first guy they meet. Seriously, the severe lack of self esteem of girls my age around here is unbelievable and totally unattractive. Just how can I respect people who don’t even respect themselves? Perhaps it’s just my age group but I’ve no will to date another Irish girl again, I’d rather stay single.

The dates consisted of me listening to the same garbage, “I go drink with my friends in such and such a club over the weekend.” when I’ve already done a long list of more interesting and exciting stuff. How could someone like that keep up with “fun” when that’s their idea of fun?

Then by hell’s gates don’t get me started on gender inequality here. I’ve had girls tell me, “You should pay for her, you’re a guy.” when I have told them that I pay for myself on a date and the girl can pay for herself. Girls can work now, they earn their own money and so, why should I have to pay for them? “You’re a guy, you’re meant to.” is the usual answer I get from girls here. I got news for you, sweeties. If you feed me that “You have to pay, you’re a guy.” then I’ve a counter point, “Then what are you doing out of the kitchen? You should be cooking, you’re a girl and you’re meant to.” Do you see how that works? You play that “gender role” card with me and I’ll fire it right back at you.

I’m bored sick of the attitudes that most girls seem to have here. Guys are expected to fall into “gender roles” yet girls want freedom from theirs? No thanks, I’m not tolerating that treatment from girls. You can take your time and shove it, I don’t want to be around people like that. I’ll waste my time with something more constructive than being with you; like bashing my head off a wall. If girls want fair treatment, then they should accept that they have to also treat us guys fairly. No more of this “expected to do” malarchy.

So, to sum it up, fun, interesting, respectable, honest and unique; the core things I would like in a girl I’d date. Those somehow elude the girls here around my age.

It’s like they don’t know what real fun is other than “a weekend in a nightclub.” and they’re just so darn uptight and serious at any other time that I’m better off just not even wasting my breath or time on them. I don’t believe myself to be a perfect guy, no guy is but gee, I definitely have my strong points. I merely ask for a girl who can match me on those and I’ve yet to meet one here. I’m all for girls being free and stuff but there has to be an equal freedom for guys. Hell, I’m sticking with Finnish girls; far superior in every way.

They can wear engineer overalls or do any of the so called “guy” stuff for all I care, it makes no difference to me how they act or dress because in the end, they’ve got great personalities and really do believe in equality. Plus, their self respect is just so awesome. They say what they mean and often play fairly. Not to mention, they have interesting things to say and are far more fun. I’ve had more fun having a coffee with a Finnish girl than I’ve ever had with a proper date with an Irish girl. Millions of girls out there, losing out on Irish ones isn’t even a loss. I say no to Irish girls, for the girls who are exactly as I described, go get some personalities and learn to have some fun; you do nothing but bore the heck out of me. The girl I’m after isn’t here and I’m sure of it.

Keep up the great work admin. You comments are honest, highly intelligent, and original. Your generalizations about each culture are statistically accurate. You tell it like it is. I too an American, and live in Easter Europe (Czech Republic). The Czech Women are perhaps the most Westernized of Polish and Slovak and the more Westernized they get, the less attractive they are. Czech family life is almost non-existent and the life here is empty. Yes, feminism is a scourge that will bury itself through the demographics of low birth rates. Why? Because metaphorically speaking: how many bees want to pollinate a sour flower? I would warn all you young guys out there, don’t have anything to do with a woman from a high divorce rate country or a country where the divorce rate is moving higher and Don’t bring a good woman from a low divorce rate country to a high divorce rate country or a country where the divorce rate is moving higher. I am going to tell all my single male friends about this great website and admin.

I’m an American woman and will be traveling to Ireland next week for vacation as well as scoping it out for relocation. So I’ve been searching the web for info on people, places, etc, primarily Irish men. But decided I need to find out what the women are like as they may be my future friends!

So, I came across this site. Overall, I have heard the Irish are witty, friendly, wonderful people. I’m thrilled that Irish women seem to be independent, free-thinking and have strong personalities. I also love that they seem to have high standards when it comes to men. So many women in the states settle for sexist men that want their wife to work full time, come home and raise the kids with one hand while cooking and cleaning with the other. Hogwash.

Irish women keep your heads held high and take no prisoners. We gotta keep those men in line.

Keep us in line? I have no respect for man hating sexist feminazi women like you. I respect all other women who don’t behave like you. Women like you don’t deserve a husband. Grow up already.

It was meant to be a joke, actually, unlike the true chauvinism shown in some of the posts here. I bet your inclination to verbal abuse is quite the winner with the ladies, isn’t it?

Check out for Irish dating by the way if you want to for fun see what it is like in Ireland or Gumtree. Ireland has very sweet guys. On the web it is often hard to tell when someone is joking or not.
Basically women can do anything they want in the context of marriage, except cheat, nor can the man.
The ideal mate is someone who does not try to define a role, but rather is simply thinking what is best for the relationship. My wife does not work for example even though she could. She stays home with our child. There is nothing wrong with that. However, if we had economic trouble she would have no problem working.
I do not understand why this working/not working things is such a big deal.
Cooking, I personally would not be with a woman who does not know how to cook. Food in symbolic of love. I can see my married friends with a woman who serves up instant meals or restaurant food every night. That is a low quality of life. It is so nice to have a wife who when I get home from work has the house clean and a nice meal and my daughter learning multiple languages as taught by my wife.

Mark, I can appreciate your need to delete certain things in my comment for whatever the reason, but if you are going to do that, then why aren’t you doing the same in Valerie’s comment which I find just as bad?

I do appreciate the comments, and I know you are joking but I try to edit comments that suggest any violence. I personally was kicked in the head literally, and it was not good. It was a bad experience.
I like the debate about ideas but try to tone it down a bit. Please do not take offense.
Look I agree women in the USA, generally but not all, are out of control because of feminism.

I am married to a Polish girl and we have perfect harmony.
Why American men settle for girls that do not cook or clean or greet them with a smile when they walk in the door, I have no idea, it is their choice.
It may sound chauvinist but I would do the same for my wife if need be, because I love her.
I guess I can not stand the toughness and roughness and in your face attitude of dating game in America, so it is better to play on a different continent where people are not out to prove something but it based on love.

That “joke” was not funny at all. Don’t talk to me about “true chauvinism” when I read all kinds of crap around the web from feminists who bash men all day. I could just as easily say that your own “verbal abuse”, and attitude with the way you think about men is the reason you don’t have a ring on your finger.

Joel – I’m not angry and I’m not personally attacking you, let it go.

I know there are a lot of man-haters out there, and I’ll make an attempt to speak objectively on the topic. I believe this is because America is in a state of flux. Women, in large part, have been moving out of the patriarchal mindset for some time and we are more raised by society, the education system and family to be that way. Some men, perhaps more so in specific areas of the country, have never quite adapted this mindset. The collision of those two opposing beliefs, understandably, causes serious frustration for both parties.

Don’t be confused on what feminism is. It is a push for equality amongst genders. It is not women trying to turn our societies into Matriarchies. Several men here clearly support patriarchy and if that’s what you want for your lives then go get it, but to expect it from women that do not live it anymore is going to cause nothing but frustration for you. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of American women that are happy to take on the traditional role of mother and wife. But there are also many societies in this world where you’ll have a better pool of patriarch-supporting women to choose from.

“I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honourable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.” – Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor

“To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he’s a machine, a walking dildo.” -– Valerie Solanas

“I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” — Andrea Dworkin

So then according to these quotes from some feminist leaders as well as the actions taken by the media, education and government to implement the disdain that women have towards men in America today…this is all a push for equality among genders? Do I need to provide more examples to you to show you the hypocrisies of feminism?

Your first paragraph I will agree with. However, this state of flux that you speak of is a moderate way of putting it. I would call it more a slow state of decay. It all started 50 years ago during the feminist movement. I can show you graphs to prove it. Yes, most western women have moved out of the “the man should be the responsible leader in the family” mindset, and try to take it for themselves. That is one reason why many western men over the years have been getting married to foreign women. I really hate the usage of the terms patriarchy and matriarchy because it implies brainwashing ideas into people.

I sincerely doubt the bulk of those men that you are talking about support this notion of “patriarchy.” Men generally support the ideals of family, stability, and order in society. Feminism does not. It tries to take the natural roles of men and women, and turn them around which creates a chaotic environment to live in. It pits men and women as enemies in society. All of the research I have done over the years and the overwhelming evidence that I have come up with proves to me that feminism is and always will be a male-hate movement. No Valerie, feminism is not about equality for the genders. If that were true, then I’m going to have to insist that you provide links either to sites showing feminists condemning the statements listed above, or feminists telling women to respect men as men. Until then, I will not let anything go. Have a nice day.

What can I say, I have lived in Eastern Europe for about ten years and almost forgotton about how bad some American women treat men. I am married to a nice Polish girls who thinks feminism is a bad thing, like most Slavic women. Feminism stand for inequality and submission of the family and marriage to the ego of a woman.

I walked into a Pottary Barn on Saturday the first real mall experience since I got back. The women were so rude and in your face we all just got out of there and went to an Indian store to buy some things and get normal. I pity American guys that have to tolerate American women dating.

Yet within America are great girls. I think Christian girls and even alternative girls or girls that have been raised properly that love and marriage is more important that making a point.

Women that are in your face and want to make a point are good for other men. Not you or me, who prefer normal loving loyal women. Let the other men or women( if the case may be) deal with feminist.

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