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Iran has about 15 millions single Persian girls. However, because of the difficult political situation, it is not a good idea to go looking for a wife in Tehran or Mashhad unless you are part of the culture. So what are you to do if you are looking for a beautiful Persian model for marriage?  The aim of this post is to tell you where to meet them and a little about their culture. At the end I also have some interesting and funny personal stories about Iranian girls, names and society. My post is a little non sequitur as I wanted to cover a lot of information, but all relevant and of value for if you want to know more about these Eurasian women.

Single Iranian women – Where can you find them?

These are the raw number, I included numbers residents of Iranian ancestry not gals from Persia.

  • Persian girls in Dubai -If you are looking for a woman from Iran I think Dubai has the highest concentration in the world in Diaspora. I would estimate there are 250,000 legal and illegal single Persian girls in UAE  mostly in the city of Duabi.
  • in the USA – The United States has about 300,000 unmarried single women for dating, but they are all spread out. The best city is L.A. as California has a pretty high population, maybe because of the weather. New York is a distant second.  Canada has another 45,000 singles gals from this Middle Eastern country, many of whom live in Montreal but also Toronto.
  • Sweden, Germany and girls from Iran – 10,000 and 55,000  for dating respectively. In Europe Germany seems to be a hub for Middle Eastern girls. This might be because Turkey had close political ties with Germany in the past and many Islamic people immigrated to Germany. Sweden has many Persian and Arab girls in Gothenburg (this is really close to Denmark and a very nice city, I would live there). There are also a community of Irani girls in the UK, however, I do not have information about this.
  • in Israel – 60,000 are potential lady friends to be. This is a curious group as they are actually Jewish. There were many communities of Jews all thought the Middle East and some even in very strict Muslim.

These numbers may seem low but these are ethnic Persians who may be slightly different from the 200 million native speakers of the Indo-European language which include Persians , Kurds, Baloch, Lurs and Pashtuns. These people live in Iraq to Afghanistan and even Pakistan. I think the cultures are very similar as I have know a few Kurdish and Iranians – but Farsi girls might protest if these cultures are all lumped together. Kurdish people in my experience are very noble and honorable.

Persian girls dating

Persian wife finder alternatives– If you saw the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey there was a scene where he was on a blind date with a Pharsi girl from a website called There is not real dating site with this address.

Doing some research I found it hard to find true .ir sites which were for dating as most are news portals and Iranians are really into blogging, maybe because the restrictive government and a blog is more democratic decentralized information. Further, the ones that do have hots and videos for dating are cluttered with lots of flashing images, the navigation is hard and even if you do translate it, it is confusing. Maybe I am seeing from with a cultural filter as I am from Boston and very puritan utilitarian city, most Asian cities have flashing signs, and apparently their websites also.

However if you want to chat with online  here are a couple I found easy to use and I can recommend, try the following online personals websites:

  • – Connecting people for meeting and chat. Not a professional looking site, cheesy design, but popular and functional.
  • – For virtual relationships and Iranian dating. Lots of nice hots dressed in an ordinary modest way.
  • Facebook – I do not like to plug this old standard but there sure are a lot of Iranian girls in California and London using this English language site.

The rest of this posts are some interesting tidbits about dating and women from Iran.

Do Middle Eastern girls go for American guys?

Yes. However, you need to be an open minded guy to different world cultures.  There is an idea called Dastan in Persian culture that people protect their culture from outsiders, but today its only history and a story. I know many non middle eastern guys who are looking for girls from Persia. Corn feed American guys with freckles and fair hair are attracted to plump lipped shapely Iranian and Arabic girls with attributes like pomegranates. To Westerners many of these women look like models simply on the virtue of their dissimilarity to their own features. Similarly I personally know Afghan girls or from the Orient and Iran who love a look different from their own culture. So I think there is no problem with cross cultural dating. I am from the Boston and for me there is no problem with this as the city is a melting pot. Lebanese marry Irish and Arabians marry Asians.

More hints on courtship

  • One hint if you aspire to date or win the heart of one of these princess is they are really into poetry, more than westerners.
  • There are two ways of saying I love you in Farsi/ Iranian.
    دوست دارم
    Dúset daram
    is for day to day for your sweet heart and
    .من تو را دوست دارم
    Man túra dúst daram
    is more eloquent.
  • Dress and culture of Iranian girls you can read about on the cultural site.

Persian girl names are beautiful. My sister Daria even has a name of Middle Eastern origin. I think alot variations of these girl names have been adopted by Russian girls.  Iranian baby girl names I personally like are: Ziba (beautiful), Shirin (sweet), Shahrizad (101 nights story teller, meaning city dweller),  Sanaz (grace), Pari (fairy),Nasrin (wild rose) Leleh (tulip), Banu (lady) Azar(fire),Anahita (fertility, pure). There are a lot more.

When I almost danced with a Princess – When I was in Prep School in New England in the late 1970s many Iranian rich and elite fled to the USA after the fall of the Shah of Iran. In fact, I almost danced at my school dance with the Princess of Iran as she went to a small private school for girls (Ethel walker’s) , but I was too shy to ask her. I was a tall skinny geek reading Lord of the Rings, I thought she would never dance with me.  She was shy and beautiful and European looking as Iranians are of the same groups as Europeans.

Beautiful Tehran structure

Persian girls a memoir – Nahid Rachlin I can recommend if you want to understand better the relationship between American western culture and their culture. The book is a little depressing but good for awareness. Another book is A Persian Odyssey: Iran Revisited by Rami Yelda.

My American friend who scorned Persian girls until

One of my friends whose name is Nader is Persian American.  He never wanted to date a woman from Iran. I asked him why, and he said they look like all the women that he knows. He always dreamed of a tall blond girl. It’s funny how the world works. When you think of a Irani female you think of some exotic lady with from 1001 Arabian nights dancing dokhtar Irani in veils.

People are attracted to spiritual similar and physical dissimilar (not opposites). He is Iranian and always like girls that had Iranian values, but looks that are more like blond Russian girls. In the end, he found a  girlfriend from Tehran in California and he is very happy. He basically explained that the girls from Persia are so sweet and beautiful he could not resist.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I`m a cute and beautiful and nice Iranian girl who lives in iran (Tehran) and is searching for Lebanese also shea muslim . my original language is farsi and I`m learning English also i know arabic language a little and i love to learn it .
I`m 25 years old I wish to have a Lebanese because i know they are real muslims in the world and I`m trying to be a better muslim.Pray for me to find one nice Lebanese انشاالله تعالیand if you have any ideas leave a comment.

Hello elham

I liked your profile, I’m going to tell you the truth about why I’m in this, I’m looking for cultural back grand help, I have no I idea what to do, I will understand if you too busy.

I have my next door neighbour for over a year, I did know nothing about, who she is, where she’s from, nothing, every time I see her my heart goes crazy, blood rush, and I’m out of words, I m very confidant man, I have never felt like this, and all of this and I have never seen her fully to say its friendshipual tension, I managed to say hello three times in about 1 year, I have only seen the eyes and the lips,(PS she doesn’t walk, she drive everywhere), I normally go to a bar down the road from where I stay, on last Saturday, she was in the bar with a friend for diner for the first time, I was so happy, I told myself that is it, I m going nowhere, she doesn’t know about me this my only chance to get close and have a chat.

I waited for her to finish the dinner and I talked to her,

1- Over the last year I had seen girls look-alike walking, on bus, every where she keep pub ping up ( not her) and every time my heart goes crazy, blood rush, and every time I found that she wasn’t who I thought would be ( my neighbour)
2- I know she feels very different and that we have some cultural back grand misunderstanding, I discovered that she is Iranian and she has been in Australia for 20 years
3- In the bar that night, I indirectly told her how beautiful she is and that I care about her so much (PS, she driving me crazy, and I don’t know why)
4- For the first time got her name
5- And I said to her ‘ I know the best private chocolatiers in the world and it’s just a walking distance from where we stay, she can meet me tomorrow 11 am, and we go. She said not tomorrow and that she is busy for the next 2 weeks, and maybe when she has time after the 2 weeks. (normally that is a sign that the girl is not interested and I walk away)
6- I started to read and learn about the Iranian culture.
7- So I started to look for help, My question how can I ask here out with having no misunderstanding of what she really would feel like so I can get over this.

Keep well,

In case you (Elham) are looking for somebody to practice English with, or trying to become a better Muslim, I think I might be the right person. You can mail me in the event you are interested.

There is a special place in my heart for Persian women. I have known so many of them and they are really romantic, interesting and colorful girls. Actually, many are quite liberal with regards to religion, but they are under the rule of a very strict theocracy. It is hard to believe such a liberal group of people have such strict leadership.

ANyhow, perhaps most Persian girls are too liberal for me, but their wonderful personalities and sweet, feminine behavior is quite enchanting. If I had the opportunity I’d love to travel to Persia and even visit my own community over there.

There has been a few Persian women I corresponded with over time that I really felt I was in love with. American women can never compare in charm and inner beauty that I have experienced from Persian girls.

Also, I really adore the Persian arts and own many Persian rugs. The Zoroasterian and traditional girls in villages there are amazing. They sow their own clothing and design the most extravagant rugs. If anyone wants to do search, look up the women of Qashqai, Iran. I own one of the Qashqai rugs.

I have also been interested in the Ancient religion of Zoroastrianism. It sees life as the unseen battle between good and evil.
Persian women, at least the ones I have know are pretty moral. I know someone who married a Persian girl and I have never herd a complaint since.

Salam Elham,
take it easy sister, love is a beautiful feeling that cannot be directed or controlled. I guess you like Arab guys in general and wish to end up with one. Really funny! I myself attracted to Persian gals so much, it was a non-successful experience with one Persian lol. I want to say here that you need to expand your choices to other Arab countries! Another thing, is try to study more about Sunnis, it’s ok believe me 😉 you can come to a point where you keep your Shiite beliefs but accept lots about Sunni way of thinking 🙂 I’m sure this will enrich your look at Islam and could open your eyes on Arabs other than Lebanese lolz. I pray that Allah gives you the right man who makes you happy… Try also to find someone good around you in Iran, there must be the one for you yeah! Last thing I recommend you do is to keep praying and asking Allah… Insist on him and don’t give up, he loves it when we ask him and cry before him! Just do it, and I’m sure that one day you’ll see happiness and be secure insha’ Allah. حفظك الله ورعاك

Don’t kid yourself. Persian girls practice black magic and will use it to break up anyone that’s not Persian. They hate seeing non Persian couples happy and will do anything to destroy it. I’m a guy who a Persian girl did black magic on and almost destroyed my marriage. When I confronted her she finally admitted to try poisoning me and told me too bad that’s what our culture does.

I am a persian girl , and Through my life, I ‘v always been moral and faithful to all the ppl I have met . But never seen any kind of morality and faith from a persian guy. I used to live in sweden for a year and I have met a lot of ppl from different parts of the world , and u know what I came to ? To the point that Persian guys , specially the ones living in iran , do not have any respect for women . They just need stupid females to encounter with. Now I’m back to Iran and hopless to find the right guy for me.

I totally agree with you. I am a Persian woman married to an American guy. He loves me and appreciates me. He loves me for who I am. I am so happy with him and going to spend the rest of my life with him.

Dear Glory
As you’ve generalized persian guys are unfaithful, I know lots of persian guys generalizing the same thing about persian girls. Do not forget that you are leaving in a world of positive and negative personalities. Just experimenting one guys or two in your life, is not enough to conclude that they are all unfaithful. My two nasty ex-girlfriends that I was completely faithful and caring to them cheated on me JUST FOR FUN. But it didn’t mean to me that all persian girls are nasty. hopefully my current girlfriend who is going to be my wife very soon, is very nice girl with a strong and moral personality. As you said, you’re currently hopeless and that’s why you prefer to generalize something bad about persian guys.
living five years in Europe, is sufficient for me to know that everywhere there might be wrong persons for those who are looking for true love.
Anyhow my dear hopeless HAMVATAN, hope you could find your dream and ideal man ASAP

first of all, most Iranians/Persians in the U.S, Dubai (especially here), Europe abroad etc… are MEN! not women. So I don’t understand why you’re putting all the numbers of Iranians abroad as women when they’re the minority amongst Iranians/Persian people living abroad.

Glory, Iranian/Persian men that I’ve met in my life and know are nothing like what you described. They were all very loving, family oriented, faithful etc… It’s your own choice who to hang out with, hang out with the wrong crowed, don’t expect much, hang out with the good crowed, then you can satrt to expect good things. Btw, don’t stereotype or generalize, that’s very racist and ignorant.

Is it true that Persian women don’t like it when Persian men date or marry American blonde women?

Phsyical opposites and spiritual similars seem to attract. I am blond and my wife is dark, but we are both the same inside. I think when an American blond goes to Persia or is in the company or Persian men, she gets so much attention because it is exotic for them. I have seem men go crazy over blonds from the Middle East, really.

I’ve personally dated many American girls and even British one’s also from England and scotland, some were good some not so much, but I still don’t exaggerate and stereotype all these women, that’s a very wrong thing to do. Of-cource I’m married to a Iranian girl for cultural reasons now, also cause i wanted to keep my heritage strong.

I can agree on that it is hard for people from two different cultures to work things out in the long term in a serious relationship. But from all the middle-eastern girls I have been with I believe persian girls out here in the west are the easiest to get along with. They aren’t giving up on their culture but are also accepting I am not a part of it.

I really like the style of your writing and information you’ve gathered on Iranians I am an Iranian girl myself and live in the UK although i must say Tehran is full of millions of beautiful fashionable single girls who would love to meet and date men from other countries and although the government is restrictive in many ways people still do what they want behind closed doors 🙂

All governments restrict people out of fear. People should be able to make their own choices about love and marriage and dating. Even parents do not have the best advice. Think of Romeo and Juliet. This was the story of two people in love but everyone else knew better about how they should live their lives and who they should date.
If girls from Iran want to date guys from other countries why not, but they have to be careful for obvious reasons.

People should be free to make their own choices and even foolish mistakes. We all do and we learn. This way we become better humans and able to serve others and God by learning from our experiences and helping others along the way.

Iranians girls are beautiful. I would nominate Persian girls as among the most beautiful and interesting intellectually in the world.

I am Persian girl who fell in love Australian gentleman through yahoo messenger seven years ago, he is so understanding, handsome, so kind and respectful. We engaged last Christmas. I believe Persian or any Asian boys are not proper for smart pretty Persian women ,although not all the western boys are good ,but they are so honest in love,
I just want to say I adore my Andy so much.

That was so feminism altitude you got there girl, the thing is most of you girls in IR or overseas with these types of thinking are slow about the abroad marriage, etc
I was just passing through and browsing web till saw this article, its just about Arabic girls, furthermore Persia was a wide country for about 2000-3000 years ago and those times are over, open your eyes, you guys just dreaming about a pony in your hands or a princess coming to mess you?
Persia used to be big country now it is Islamic Republic. Of Iran nobody cares about it and it is totally messed up, wake yourself up and be realistic. I simply lived in Britain, USA and now in Iran, nobody cares about Iranian boys or girls unless for relations with Iranian girl. That is it. End of story. Get a life and stop dreaming

I do appreciate all your points and I want to just say no matter where you from but the matter is your heart and your beliefs, I have seen many other girls from different countries who are sopolite and decent just like many Persian princess. I’m a Persian girl who live in the south-west part of Iran..I have a great Pakistani man in my life that lives in Europe we do really want to marry but the problem is my parents regarding I’m Shia and he is Sunni 🙁 As a Persian girl I do have to respect my parents opinions, I do hope someday no one have such a problem as mine regarding some cheap differences.
All The Bests.

I have been engaged to an Iranian boy whom I met for a short time, turned out he had another fiance. She called me and asked me to break up. Yes Iranian guys are usually (not always) playing tricks, just wait and see who looses.

Dear Sepi
Iranian guys are like guys in the world. haven’t u ever heard an Australian guy, or an American one or maybe a french guy was committed to a girl while he had been in another relationship? If not, let me know your email address to send you the links of news and shows in which you can obviously find these people. What I have mentioned thousands of time is that generalizing your experience to a fixed rule is a logic error and the conclusion is invalid. The nationality doesn’t effectuate the faithfulness and truthfulness of people.
Hope you can meet your true love ASAP whether Iranian or from nationality.

Thank you for your article. I liked it so much. I would like to indicate my gratitude and gratefulness to all wonderful people who commented on the article. I learned few things and am appreciating it. I am an Iranian who learned not to judge people quickly. We are to experience things and to move a head.Iran is full of beautiful men and women. We need to find the right person who can be our mirror and our dream; our prince or princess.
best wishes
Zahed from Teran

First of all, it’s illegal for foreign men to marry women from Iran. If you want to have an Iranian citizenship or be considered Iranian at all you must have an Iranian/Persian corpulenther, his is how it is actually trough out all the mid-east. further more, Iranian girls respect their family and culture and would never date or marry outside their own people, so don’t kid yourself.

Sammy: that is a load of rubbish. You are generalizing. Whilst being family oriented they also crave personal liberties. I am not Iranian and I am about to marry an Iranian girl. We shall do it in Turkey very soon. We want to live in Europe as she really doesn’t want to live in that lunatic dictatorship.

persian girl can get marry with any nationality and religion but she cant record it in iran embassy or she can record it if her husband convert to islam (which my fiance did but for him it was optional because i didnt care what his religion was and also because both of us didnt live in iran so he didnt have any obligation for converting to islam)
so you dont need to be iranian to marry a persian girl

Some of you guys on here a Load of garbage. If you guys actually sit down and have a conversation with an Iranian girl and get to understand her culture and her perspective of her culture and not just what you read on the Internet. Persian Girls are very faithful to their family. And to Sammyyou speak nothing but lies. You’ve prolly never even sat down to know a Persian Girl and understand her. I’m in love with Iranian Girl whose very loyal to her Family and wouldn’t want to disappoint them. So I understand the Iranian Culture and have nothing against it. And I say these words to her all the time (Ghasam mikhoram ta akhare omram ba to basham) I intend to keep this promise.

I’m an Iranian girl who live in Arak, Iran.
Everybody says; I’m beautiful, cute and have very good body.
I’m alone right now.
I’m interested in a foreign guy to marry, and good one.
If you know some one, you’ll send a mail to me.

I`m an Iranian girl.I have a question
Girls in other countries are not beautiful as us? Why?

Every woman in the world is beautiful. I believe that with all my heart. God makes women beautiful for us to admire.

Each girl has her own beauty and means to attract men.

Middle Eastern and Iranian women are juicy and exotic
Iranian girls are not more beautiful than other women, it is just that a lot of guys in the world love this mixture of Indo-European feature with a Middle Eastern look. Persian women are dark and exotic and in the words of many guys juicy like a pear (or insert your favorite fruit) made sweet by the sun and moderate climate. It gives Persian girls a hue on their skin and a shape that is ideal in many guys eyes.

The mythology of attaction
I also think the power of myth plays an important role. Persians are deep in the collective unconsciousness of humanity as an ancient culture with sensual beginnings, similar to the ancient Greeks or Romans. We image these days of old and women entering a room white lightly clothed silk or cloth around their body, almost falling off bringing dates and grapes to the men around a circle.

The night air is sweet and the music intoxicating in the background and this is what is conjured up in the mythology of ancient cultures. It is primal and speaks about a simpler times.

I mean who would not want to be in one of the great ancient cultures of Persia, Rome or Greece for a week and take in all this rustic beauty? Your culture is part of this mythology. Of course things have change and on top of that there were other cultures like the Arab culture and modern Middle Eastern, but love and seduction often happen at a deeper subconscious level. people are attracted to each other from a fantasy standpoint.

I know this seems far-fetched but it is not. In the minds of American guys Russian girls are tall leggy blond with an accent and look like something from the 1980s post communist time. It is not the reality but it is the mythology of attraction.

Meanwhile, people who like in Iran, think maybe their people are attractive but like the Bible says, a prophet is never honored in their own town. That is the person next door does not often seen like anyone special. So Iranians are like who us? We are beautiful?

Also people like Iranian girls to mix the genes. Nature wants cultures and people to mix to make the genes stronger as too much mating within a small genetic population can cause problems. So maybe foreigner guys like Iranian females for this reason. There is a thrill in mixing the DNA.

Middle Eastern girls in Jacksonville, Florida
However, on a more concrete level, in my personal experience the Persian girls in the USA all tend to be educated and pretty nice to talk to. They cook well and know how to take care of a man. They also dress stylish with little money. There are a lot of Middle Eastern families in my area and with simple jeans and a nice top the women can look stylish.

A woman’s attitude can make her beautiful alone and the reverse is also true.

So yes Persian women are beautiful for many reason and I think it would be a challenging argument for anyone to refute that. However with that power of attraction Iranian women are empowered with they need to make the right choices in mate selection and use their beauty in a humble and proper way, befitting of a servant of God.

That is the way I see it. Let me know what you think or anyone in that regard leave a comment for females from this part of the Middle East.

So basically when you marry an Iranian girl, you are buying her as a product and they deserve it. You are not literally buying a Persian girl but since they are so material oriented, there is an element of commoditization of females in Iranian society. I am Iranian myself and many of the Iranian women had cheated and lied to me and economics is factored into the love equation at a greater scale than in other countries. Trust me, girls in foreign countries are more beautiful than Iranians with less of an utilitarian outlook. Subjectively Iranian girls are selfish girls because they know they are a desired commodity, so their social price is high. By the way I am a Persian guy and I adore foreign women more than Iranian women who put a subjective premium on themselves.

I am an Iran woman. I belong to an especial ethnic of Iran, it nanmed Bakhtiyari. We have very rich history and I like every one know the new advertize and publication about Iran not true at all, I like you to know more:)
In Persian mythology, the Bakhtiari consider themselves to be descendants of Fereydun, a legendary hero from the Persian national epic, Shahnameh.

Hi my name is parinaz & I am an Iranian girl & and I live in Tehran. People in foreign countries, they are talking badly about us. We do not cover the full like Arab girls. Iran has very beauty girls & women, thank you for reading my comment ممنون

Persian women are out of this world cordial, I think few people talk bad about Persian girls. If anything the general idea is they are exotic. It does not matter if women are covered or not for guys, I personally do not care either way. Men can percive beauty even if covered you do not have to be a gaudy girl to get noticed. I think subtle and humble is more respectful than flashy and ‘oh look at me’. But maybe a happy medium can be achieve.

Thanks for reading my comment. Iranian women are same all women in the world. The women in Iran are have job & can working same a man but We have the right to be freedom like the others women (freedom to not only cover our bodies,)so Please support us & and understand us, thanks a lot امیدوارم همه ما خوشحال و شاد باشیم و از زندگی لذت ببریم .

I’m a Indonesian Muslim boy, with a Muslim perspective. Iranian/Persian is about shia, that some Muslim community Shia is unacceptable.
As I know Shia is strong enough to hold the tradition.
Anyway, beauty is not about races, skin or nation, for me, just like another race Persian have a good girl and bad girl.
Thank you for this article Persian girls, and why they are special women.

My sister is a very beautiful woman from Iran by the way she is dark. She will be a physician soon. I am really worry about her because Persian men are bad with her and recently her boyfriend betrayed her so she has became really depress and I am really tired to see her depressed. She is so much liberal. I am not racist. Myself I was born in a Muslim family but me and my sister both are not Muslim so if there be any good man with a good culture and be non Muslim or not be religious please message me, West culture better for relationships

I am an Iranian girl.I want say some thing about Iran. We have freedom here we enjoy our life even with covering ourselves. There is no Dictatorship here. Most of my friends have a boyfriend and they date them in streets not outdoors. And I have some friends who are really Religious and do not have boyfriend. Here everyone have their own idea and act according to their idea like every human in the world. Every government in the world has some problems and Iran’s government is not so isolated Even I believe that Corruption is lower in Iran. I hope everyone in the world to enjoy their life. We live just one time so enjoy wherever you are.

I am an Iranian girl. I think all Iranian girls are beautiful because it is in our blood, we have sensuality running though our veins. From Esfahān to Tabriz or Karaj and Shiraz girls the women have for thousands of years enjoyed a climate and diet that mixes with our gense that produce the most unsual combination of female beauty.

I think you like the Persian girls because of their different culture and their different faces most of them have black hair and eyes. I am a young Iranian girl and know most of the Iranian girls like the well mannered and kind men and if a man was looks like that then they will look at to his face to see he is beautiful or not. Some of the Persian girls who live in other countries can dance to adopt with your culture. but most of the good Muslim girls in Iran never dance with a stranger man. They can dance with their husband their corpulenther their brother and their uncle. If you want more information you can chat with me.

Just dont let them get you hard but unfinished and then suddenly take you shopping for their shoes or cosmetics, as you may be paying off the debt for a long time.

Persians eat too much nuts, saffron and zereshk berries, they are like closet hippies, you never know when you have pressed too many of their secret hippy buttons and they come out of the closet and start dancing like at Glastonbury and then even when running late they may stop the bus/car to sniff every rose bush in the park or garden to find the one that smells best. Be careful about inviting them to pygama parties, particular if you plan to provide a 1960’s-1970’s theme, and have a few Gogoosh tracks on your jukebox, this will turn many of the more mature ones into wet eyed, space cadets (so keep plenty of rubber at hand).

They are too much into poetry, very good poetry, no doubt, but it can be very flowery, going on about butterflies the sun moon bird songs and love and lemon blossoms, it has turned a lot of them to seed. They also eat a lot of lamb stew, soft dates and garlic and with the saffron that makes them very randy (over-heated in the mid section), and you know getting randy and reading a lot of flowery poetry and sniffing roses as a combination, well you know it cannot be good and you may be building many added rooms and extensions to your domicile, or on the run with a group of dudes in a mercedes and scordialguns after you. Otherwise, with these warnings out of the way, and appropriate management strategies, most of them seem to be nice warm and kind people

I find it ironic that some of you in here have this idea of a person with Persian descent to be “dark”. People of Persian descent are usually extremely white with pale physical appearances. Their hair color is usually medium brown but it can also be blonde or red, like strawberry blonde. It’s not common to find a person with Persian descent with red and dark blonde hair. In fact, black hair is more rare than blonde and red hair among Persian ethnics.

Many Persian ethnics are naturally extremely pale-skinned, whiter than Northern Europeans since most Scandinavians are naturally light brown-skinned. A lot of Persian ethnics use fake spray tan or sun bathe a lot.

If you see a dark person who claims to be Persian ethnic, you can bet yourthat she/he is lying. I’ve met several Arabs and a Dane who had changed their surnames to Persian names like Cyrus, etc. So don’t count on a surname revealing the heritage.


I have met many Iranian women here in Australia over the years and I have always been very impressed with their facial beauty and femininity. Their bodies have been varied lie women from all over the world but their faces are the faces of angels. I have always found them to act, speak and be extremely feminine and extremely well mannered and polite. Is this a cultural thing, or is it just a coincidence that those I have met have been that way.
Incidentally, I am speaking about both single and married women that I have met both in social and business matters. I have never dated an Iranian woman, but I certainly envy those that have if those that I have met are representative of all Iranians.

So let me give you a little about myself so you know where the point of view is coming from. I’m a Tehran-born guy, and lived around the world my entire life and moved back to Iran 4 years ago.
In 1 sentence “Do not go for Iranian girls” why?:
1. They are the biggest gold diggers in the world.
2. They are biggest liars in the world. (Not just Iranian girls, but guys too)
3. They live in shadow of 2500 years of culture when in real life,current Iranian people are the least cultured and they don’t even possess good human manners.
4. Unofficial reports from researchers says 90% of marriages are ending up with a divorce in Iran. why? Read #1-2-5 and 6.
5.Not loyal anymore! They used to be very loyal people but not anymore.
6.If they marry you who has a non Iranian passport, it’s either because of his nationality so they can leave Iran, or money and in most cases both.
7. And last but not least, so inattentive to themselves after marriage! They will go from 50KG to 110KG in a year or two, cause they got their prince charming and they think they are done.

Just giving you heads up (nothing personal), and remember I’m talking about people currently living in Iran or recently have left Iran. I have had great Persian friends but they were all just like myself, never lived in Iran before. For me myself as an Iranian national it was a disaster finding all these out when I moved to Iran.
The sad part is till 20 years ago all this was different. All these happened in matters of 2 decades! Thanks to politics.

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