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What are the countries and cities with the most Indian girls who do not live in India? This is the question this post will answer. Further, this post will give you some ideas about Indian girls and how to meet them if you do not live in India, not just Romani but new migrants who just left the Indian subcontinent to seek work abroad. The reason you might be interested in these girls is simple. Indian girls make good lady friends.

Indian women are not a commodity. This is website is not about “working girls” used in the low sense. This website is about how to find true love for happily ever after. However, I do have great pictures on this site as I believe that looks are the bait that nature creates.

On many websites and Indian dating sites you will see women portrayed in various ways. Some as Bollywood models and others simply as cordial Indian girls. It is true that these women are beautiful, most of them naturally alluring, however, the key to dating one, is to understand them. You need to win their hearts before you can date them. I am sorry. I write a lot about girls on my website, but women are something to be respected first then you can admire and enjoy their bodies in true love.

Where the Asian Indian girls are outside of India

The following is a list of countries which have the highest Indian populations that might be of interest if you are looking for a cordial Indian model to be your love:

  • Indian girls in the United States – there are 2.9 million Indians in the US so that means there are about 500,000 single Indian girls living in the USA looking for a guy. Boston, New York and San Fransisco have the largest Indian populations in my opinion. They are about 1% of the entire population. Indian women in America are somewhat westernized but highly educated and still are traditional enough to marry. Other, American women (except Russian, Ukrainian, Polish or Spanish, or good Christian women) I highly recommend stay away from. They are aggressive and will make you unhappy in most cases if you marry them.
  • Desi girls in the UK – About 2% of the population of the United Kingdom is from India, contrary to popular belief that the UK is very soon going to be nation of people from India, demographics takes times to change. This means there are about 1.5 million, most living in London. from this total population about 1/4 million are single Indian girls looking for a man.
  • Beautiful Indian women in Canada – Did you know Canada is 3% Indian with a population of over a million. This leaves about 200,000 single Indian girls looking for love in Canada.
  • Hindu girls in Saudi Arabia – There are about 1.5 million about 6% of the population. I have not written a lot about Indian girls in Saudi Arabia but need to start expanding on this topic.
  • Indian girls in United Arab Emirates – There are about 1.5 million about 35 % (I think it is more like 45%) of the population. Many are working men but many are single cordial Indian girls looking for a man. The reason there are so many Indians in the Gulf states is simple. The salaries there pay about for times the salaries back home for the same job. I have written many posts on Dubai and where to meet girls in Dubai. Use these as a resource. Basically in Dubai you can find a woman that looks like a Bollywood model to be your lady friend if you know where to meet and chat with them.
  • There are many other countries like South Africa and Malaysia that have high populations of women from India but I had to focus on a few countries I thought might be of interest.

The question is how is this very general information useful to you other than some interesting statistics on Indians in Diaspora? The best way to meet Punjabi girls living abroad is online. I think Indian ladies are very educated and intelligent and use modern media as the Internet without any problem to meet guys.

Meet Indian girls online aboard

I will try to give you the best sites, that are not commercial but more for simply finding the one for you if you are looking for Indian girls in Saudi Arabia, Dubai or the USA or the UK.

  • social networking for Indians
  • – Classified site for India including a marriage section.
  • and are the most popular with Asian Indians girls in the USA. For Canadian Indian dating try
  • and are the Most popular in the UK to find and Indian lady friend.
  • is a site for general classifieds in UAE for Indians but not really a dating site.

Is this Indian girls post useful?

My objective is to create useful posts about women. Useful enough to help you find a lady friend or love. I want to be a resource, rather then just then a site that has low quality. Therefore, I ask you to please comment on what information about Indian women you are looking for and how I can improve this post so it will be a resource to others.

External resources about Indian girls

At the beginning of this post I walked about how to win the heart of a Desi girl for true love. I said the key is to understand them. Therefore, here are two places of interest for your own edification regarding what is in their hearts.
This site is about  Indian girls with information about their culture and role in society.  Indian girls in society is more of an educational site rather than a dating site.
This is a resource with a more respectful theme about Indian women. These sites will help you understand their minds and therefore more easily win their hearts.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Wonderful. It would be nice to find some real good girls just to have friendship away from home that is India.

Beleive it or not . The largest indian female population outside of India is in South Africa. To be more specific , The city of Durban. This is a fact, I have travelled the world.

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