Indian girls in the USA for marriage

The purpose of this post is to give you the real story about Indian girls in the USA for marriage. I am kind of an expert at these things, therefore, the following is more a personal explanation based on experience. Let me explain.

Although I have travelled to Asia extensively, I myself am not Indian but American. I have had a lot of contact with girls from Delhi to Kerala in a unique way. Because I am a white guy in the USA I think they never took me seriously for dating because of the pressure from their parents to marry in their own culture and I am not Hindu. Therefore they confided in me. I lived in Connecticut and the Boston where there are south Asians everywhere employed in the IT and medical fields as well as other professions that I was connected to.

Living in the USA is an almost surreal experience for many girls from India as American and Indian culture is so different. Hence influences their psychology of dating and forces them to make some choices in career and being someone’s lady friend.

Can you believe my consulting company was at least 40% Indians on work visa’s and aspiring US green card holders, I kid you not. A lot brainy people. Therefore, I had the unique opportunity to interact and chat with these women without the weird dating dynamic coming into play, because I was ‘safe’, like a guy who they would not take seriously.

You can meet ladies from India or the USA, it does not matter, Indian culture is so strong that they are not fully corrupted even if they are living in Florida or California.

What I surmised about Indian girls in the USA for marriage

  • These princesses want to marry someone in their culture if possible, but European-Americans do stand a chance if you play your cards right. However the odds are stacked against you in dating because of parental pressure. In India love has the idea of Romantic love like in Europe, but it also is influenced by the idea of honor and dignity for the family, maybe a Asian cultural concept.
  • Indian girls are cordial. No debate there.
  • Girls from India who live in America – Do not depart from traditional ways of waiting for marriage until the second or third generation when they become Americanized. Some guys say it is much better going to India, but why if there is a girl who lives next door. I have meet scores of desirable females in the United States and you would both have a commonality because you are living as expats or abroad.
  • Romanic love – Indian ladies are looking for a guy who will woe them in a traditional poetic cultural way. Do not try the direct approach, take a cue from Bollywood movies these girls like a little flirtation and drama. Women love drama and nothing is straight and easy when in comes to love. This is the theme of every romantic movie. Boy meets girl, all is good then something goes wrong with family or life and it seems hopeless but somehow in the end through persistence of the man or belief in true love by the woman they are married and live happily ever after. They are not some forward American business girl from NYC like Samantha on the popular TV show. Talk with them and leave them wondering. Do not sms or call girls several times a day. Some of my friends have not a two-day rule but a two-week rule. That is do not call girls for two weeks after they give you their mobile number. I know it sounds radical but what is the rush. Girls like to make you wait, they will not smile at you anyway so put it out of your mind. You need to satisfy your urges do not do it in the serious dating field. It will pollute a good pool of women and you will be scordial down anyway. I do not know how you can control this, but use your imagination. Also read about Indian girls mobile phone numbers for friendship on my post about such things.
  • Indian damsels are hard to win – Just because they scorn you does not mean anything. Maybe in the future they will like you and you will not like them. Take a lesson from an Indian Businessman like Lakshmi Mittal. Do you think closed every deal perfectly? I know he has lost some business dealings, many. He just brushes himself off and tries again. This is the Dharma of men in dating and business. They have to try and try until they succeed. Do not take the game so seriously.

Where to look for an Indian lady friend in the USA?

Where Indian girls live in the USA:

Here are the raw population stats and I imagine that if anything they are slightly deflated. I mean everywhere I look I see people from Pubjab to West Bengal.

  1. NYC area including long Island and NJ 600,000 infant in Jersey city there is a little India.
  2. Chicago 171,00
  3. Washington 127,000
  4. San Fransisco 121,000
  5. LA 120,000
  6. Dallas 100,000
  7. Huston 91,00
  8. Philadelphia 90,00
  9. Atlanta 68,000
  10. Boston 54,000
Percentage wise Americans from India are found in the following towns.
  1. Millbourne, PA – 29.3% Yes, can you imagine a town which is basically 1/3 Hindu in the USA. It must be an interesting place, but I think the size of the population distorts the statistics.
  2. Plainsboro Center, NJ – 21.1%
  3. Iselin, NJ – 13.2%
  4. South Yuba City, CA – 13.2%
  5. Edison, NJ – 12.9%
  6. Princeton Meadows, NJ – 12.6%
  7. Society Hill, NJ – 11.4%
  8. Dayton, NJ – 11.1%
  9. Avenel, NJ – 10.5%
  10. Livingston, – CA 9.3%
My rule of thumb is to take the total population and divide it by say 1/4 and this is to total number of single girls who are available for dating. It could be more but lets say in NYC there are up to 200,000 Indian girls who want to get married. That is not a small number. I know many guys who fly back home get married and bring their lady friend to the USA. However, there are many nice women here in the USA. If you want ideas on how to woe the heart of your destiny read more I have pretty down to earth advice.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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So you lived in CT? Thats where I am been here all my life. Not where I want to be but its something I figure.

CT is nice if you are an investment banker or insurance executive with a family in the suburbs, but for life it is a little bit expensive, cold and a little snooty. I grew up in CT. I do love New England but not the place for adventure. More once you are married. I do like Boston and VT and going to Montreal, Canada which I recommend for weekend adventures. If you need to know anything about Montreal let me know. I have been going up there since 1967.

Vermont is a favorite of mine. My dads family is from there have tons of family up there. My dad lived there until he was 10. But his parents got divorced. In the 60’s which is not something you hear about then. Then his dad passed away. He inherited 28 acres of land which he owned for quite a long time. Never been to Montreal but have been to the southern part of Quebec when i was staying in Vermont on vacation.

People are snooty here. I do come from the richest family quiet the opposite and live in the crappy part of my town and you’d have no idea how many people look down on you and are like ‘you live where?’. You have a good point i can never find anything to do here in CT, i thought it was just me but i guess its the place.

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