Do Indian girls make good wives?

Indian girls are desirable as wives because they like to be number two.  This is a fact.  These women like to serve you and help you be a better man. This is why women from India are good spouses. It is every man’s dream to have a submissive female who will understand you and what you need as a man.

Now, 99 million American women might bark at this idea, but 1,000 million Indian, Bangladesh and NRI women like the idea and will serve you with an affable smile, while simultaneously looking sensual as ever.

This might be one of the reasons American girls are irritated when, our guys go abroad to find a foreign brides. A gawky lass from the village, beats a ‘strong woman’ from the USA any day of the week. Modernists might belittle it, but let the truth be told, these marriages are the happiest. Further, let’s be honest, do not ladies secretly want to live in the world of Laura Ingalls, where roles were defined and family dynamics were in a word ‘simpler’? My thesis is Indian girls make good wives. Find out why.

Females from this Asian subcontinent have something called modesty. What does this virtue have to do with dating, love and marriage? Everything.

Contrary to poplar culture, not showing all your assets, is something that can heighten eroticism rather than dampen it. Generally, American women do not understand this, with style and dress. In contrast, Indian girl’s parents have encourage their children to keep their modesty, because it will buy them time to make the better or wiser choices in life regarding mate selection (and yes Indians do have choice in their dating).

  • What the TV show Survivor can teach you about selecting a bride. Modesty goes hand in hand with humility and learning one’s role in on this planet.  What is a wife’s role in this earth? Let me explain with this example. I was watching the TV show Survivor One World. When the two tribes were men Vs. women, the men’s tribe build a nice shelter and fire relatively fast. It was like one million years of programming kicked in. On the other hand, the women were sauteing snails and making a nice meal and supporting each other, but their shelter was lame. I believe men and women are equal, but one million years of evolutionary programming is something hard to override. Is it too radical to suggest a woman’s roles is to first take care of her family in a nurturing way, then purse a career and a man’s is first to take care of his family in a financial way, then pursue his hobbies? What is wrong with that? Indian culture does this and marital relations are more harmonious than Western Europe. The woman is the family caregiver and the man is the paternal martial head. The world is changing and we are not chained to these roles if someone hears the beat of a different drummer, they can live freely as they choose. I like this and each person should choose their own path. But me, I am a traditional guy in the sense I want my wife to have humility and modesty, don’t you?

Other desirable characteristics that make Indian females good wives

  1. Indian women love to be number two as mentioned, is the most important.  They like the idea of supporting their husbands who is their hero. Hard to believe if you are a Western girl but it is true. I know scores of Indians and every family unit functions this way. Indian women want to be number two and walk one step behind their man. What is so bad with a monogamous nuclear family?
  2. Cook – I routinely go to Bay Avenues in Jacksonville to get Indian food. Indian food not only taste exotic, but your Indian wife will cook it for you. I know no  guy from Bhārat Gaṇarājya, that does not have a meal prepared when he gets home.  Research shows positive correlation between culinary skills of the girl standing at the altar and martial happiness, factoring out exogenous variables and considering multicollinearity. Think about it.
  3. Slim – Unless it is an old school lady from the countryside using lots of Ghee, Indian women stay thin longer. In stark, contrast their western counter parts self-inflate.
  4. Stylish, in designer silk sarees they look interesting, in western clothes they blow away many western girls in shape. Just look at any Bollywood Indian actress, they have this wide hip and wide buttock with a thin waist look. In jeans they look brilliant. However, never judge a girl from behind.
  5. Will not divorce you – unless you are a total wife abusing half-ogres or Orc they will stay with you. Feminism and chauvinism has cause dysfunctional families and children to have emotional scares. If you can spare young ones from this, I think a little traditional adherence to one’s vows is not as perverse as the extracurricular illicit behavior prevalent in our society?
  6. India is a cool place, it gave us Yoga, Chess, Buddhism, Ayurveda medicine.
  7. You will never get bored exploring India with the rich history.
  8. If you ever are not doing well with money, you can move to low-cost India.  I mean it is not what you make but much the world cost around you. If you are like me a freelancer and have a low-cost second home, life can be very nice.
  9. You know Indian culture is not too far from Europeans. Not that that matters, but if an Indian has western clothes she can look Italian. Again this does not matter but you would never have to worry about attracting too much attention if you do not want this. I remember I went out with an Indian girl in my hometown just a friend. Everyone was going me looks like I was doing something crazy. But now days, it does not matter. Indians are our cousins from the same branch of the Indo-European migration out of Africa.
  10. Indian people are nice. I have rarely had a problem with an Indian. Because of 10,000 years of spirituality and warm weather they are pretty laid back warm people.
  11. Did you ever read the book Kama Sutra? I find it hard to believe a culture that produces such physical poetry would be boring in between the sheets.
  12. I do not know why, but Indian girls look sensual in glasses. Maybe it has something to do with their predominate facial features, but have you ever seen a trendy Desi girls with designer glasses?
  13. Hindu weddings are something you will not forget, colorful and joyous and the bridal trousseau are something out of a male fantasy.

Being a good wife does not mean being repressed or dominated over

It needs to be said, that I am for women and support organizations that empower women.  I am not for ghunghat  wife gender seclusion nor for marriages that are based on dowry or a too young age.  I just think we do not society has to rewrite every gender script to empower women. Women can be good brides, yet become empowered with connectivity and technology coupled with entrepreneurship (How mobile phones change women in India) make money, pursue their dreams and even argue and talk back to their husbands. This is normal as long as they are committed to the seriousness of their betrothal promise.

I am working on developing an Indian dating site (called But until then, you can check out my post on Indian mobile girls numbers or explore some of my other posts that can give you ideas on dating in the land or Delhi or Mumbai.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

25 replies on “Do Indian girls make good wives?”

Where do you find these Indian girls? In the countryside? Most indian girls study hard and work just like men do. They don’t even know how to cook.

Are you sure they are Indian, as their are many, Sikh, Hindu, and Pakistani, in most cases, white people will call everyone with a brown skin a Paki, and fail to see anything else’s. White Males I have noted here in England, Australia, NZ are coveted and white males go gaga for Brown coloured skin women. The funny thing is the white female whilst liking Indian males, will not go out with them due to peer pressure. White women a study has found are statistically the least to go out with Indian men although they fancy them due to society pressure and the media portraying the Indian man as inferior. This is a control element, as the Whites love coloured tanned skin, brains and Indians have that in droves, success and wealth, and are stable, mainly professional with a career and focus and articulate. But the media when scared of the competition as to belittle that which it fears.

First of all you may think you are something special in India because you are as man but most Indian families would never consider you for their daughters as they consider foreign men beneath them, Even if they are from the village as you say. They believe you are a bad influence and basically trash because you are not Hindu or Muslim. Indian men are the worst though. Mistreat their wives and marry almost always for financial and social status. Then they blackmail the girls family for money or houses or they will throw out the wife and cause them shame and embarrassment. This is exactly what my sister-in laws husband did. As for Indian wives what are you saying? That you should marry them because they can be you new mommy or servant and you can beat them time to time because they will take it and not leave you like you deserve to be left? Pathetic. This is why American women have had to become strong.

I’m an Indian male that was brought up from traditional Indian family. No we do not think, foreigners or whites are beneath us at all. It’s usually quite the opposite with most Indians, they think that they are beneath you. 100 over years of colonization mentality perhaps, I’m not sure. And yes, Indian families will think twice before handing their daughter to a white man in marriage, but it’s not for the reasons you state.

Indians, don’t really understand the concepts of divorce. When you marry, you stay married. Divorce is out of the question unless due to some really extenuating circumstances. We don’t divorce at a drop of a hat. Any differences is worked out. Compromise is attained. When an Indian couple get married, they seem themselves as one unit. They complement each other. Her husband is an extension of herself and vice versa. Just like how you don’t divorce your parents when they ground you or there’s an disagreement, the ssame goes for couples.

Concept is simply. Don’t care how long it takes, but you both work your stuff out. Bailing out in a marriage is not an option.

Looks at my family for example, none of my parents or their parents have had a divorce. All of them live together for years, 50-60 years of marriage is not uncommon. However, in the west if a marriage even passes a 5 year mark its a huge feat.

So, while an Indian bride will commit entirely to the institution of marriage, she and her family expects the same from the husband. That’s why marriages are a huge affair among Indians. Because you marry only once in your life.

No Indian father will be able to sleep at night knowing that his sweet daughter might be divorced by her white husband. More so if she has a child. It would absolutely crush the girl and her family.

That’s why they are hesitant. But if you are able to convince them to take a leap of faith, and entrust their daughter’s hand in you, by all means, they will welcome you. Don’t marry an Indian unless you are 100% committed to stay married for the rest of your life. You can just bail out when you get bored.

Namaste. Indian guy here.
You guys/girls try to translate the mantras which are recited at the time of traditional Indian weddings into your own language. The vows, the blessings. Everything. Understand the complete ‘process’ step by step. I guarantee you will be deeply moved.
It’s no surprise that our scriptures(too) place an unusually high importance on the sanctity of marriage. The body given to you is a result of your karma. It is the only instrument that you have for your perception of the cosmos. It is sacred. And so any interaction between you and the cosmos which involves direct manipulation of the primordial energy must be kept sacred.
And so the current generation, we are borderline psychotically picky when it comes to selecting our life partner. At least an Indian who values his heritage would be, in these troubled times.
One more thing. We don’t divorce. Ever. I don’t vouch for others, but I certainly won’t apply zombie filters such as success, money, fame, ‘sex appeal’ etc. to find a girl for marriage. I would rather focus on divine filters like chastity, morality, faith to name a few.

True as Shanti has said, Indian girls these days are studying hard and working and don’t know how to cook. But what is more important is that these girls still want to marry, take care of the household and be good wives. They are quick to learn cooking and basic household chores when the time comes to marry and they adjust pretty well to the new home and in-laws after marriage. Further, though they work and have their own self-respect, they also understand the priority and importance of kids, household work and prioritise accordingly. Indian men are also changing. They too have begun contributing in household work. The gory picture painted by Jenn could be happening in some Indian families, however, I would say a majority of families are not like that.

First of all let us drop the term submissive.
westerners think that being together is a test of submissiveness. this is because they do not know what is being together in the first place. if they come together for a cause beyond sex,that is apart from sex,even they will be good spouses and have a good marriage like us Indians.

we are brought up to marry to make a family, which includes education and marriage of the offspring. This aspect of life is so well knit in our society that there is no special effort in our upbringing. An Indian family consists of parents grown up in such surrounding, and children who will see these surroundings and grow up to become marriageable adults.

In all it is naive to say that Indian man and women are submissive to each other. this is slavery and is different from adjusting for a cause. True that there are rapes,wifebeating in india, but this is a crime, common in western societies too.india is dealing with this with stern measures. by the way wife beating is permitted in christianity, is it not?

You make a decent point. Though I’m sad to say this isn’t the scenario anymore. We’re starting have just as much feminazis and the stereotypical career women here too, and most of those are even worse than in America. Why? Because now when they suddenly got the ‘exposure’, they’re DAZED and GREEDY.
My say is any girl from anywhere makes a good wife if she has a combination of proper brains on top and a kind, loving heart within. I wouldn’t care more about other details.

Yes but remember humanistic generalities like nice and proper pale in comparison to a woman of sincere faith in God. Faith is a radical reorientation of your life.

lol I did not want to convey humanistic generalities but sure enough you get the point.
Yes, I would really consider a woman of sincere faith in God. Not the stereotypical God in the books but some girl who realizes God within herself and acts that way. Someone who knows that something so infinite such as God cannot be compressed within the pages of a single book.
Such a girl would be special.

@vadviwad, my friend for your information, wife beating is not permitted in Christianity. Those who do it are on the wrong side of the law.

Remarkable observation of Indian women. I am an Indian wife myself and though educated and employed I love the idea of supporting the family by cooking for them, most of us are good at it, supporting my husband in which ever way I can, I have supported him financially and morally during his struggling years and taking a second place by my own choice. I don’t agree that it is a servant status as some commented as if these duties are imposed, some women still do it but many retaliate. Love,care and nurturing come naturally out of love for the husband and seeing his love and care for the wife. Exceptions may be there though but a majority fall in the category of your observation. Good job and thanks for the kind words.

‘Servant status’
I’ll tell you what – first of all cut all ties with the person who tries to inject such poison in your soul. Who the hell are THEY anyway? Even if you would be a servant they will still be disgruntled wage slaves. What sounds a little better, a ‘home servant’ or a ‘frustrated wage slave with sub zero integrity’? xD

Also the ones who retaliate without being worth even an ounce of trash are the ones you don’t want to talk to. Sometimes you just really need to judge zombies so you can avoid following them down into the shithole.

Judging a woman as one “without even worth an ounce of trash” without knowing the culture or traditions of a nation they belong to is so very wrong. To know the culture of India you should understand the deep routed base of Hinduism which promotes doing duty without thinking of the rewards, selfless love and sacrifice for loved ones for happiness. You would find parents sacrificing their dream trip abroad to fund the college education of their grown up son or daughter without any expectations, they in turn take care of age old parents who are not considered a burden and live together happily. Scenario is changing these days though. Indian women are globally competent in all sectors and have as much value as any other woman. One difference being they don’t expect their husbands to cook for them, unless he is a chef, these women are capable of handling career and family and are proud that they can. A sensible understanding husband would care and share the responsibilities. Those who make her a wage slave or servant are better off dumped. whether Indian women are right or they are zombies not to be followed was not the question. The question was are they good wives? Men married to them are luckier as when in love an Indian woman would definitely take care of him and her kids with joy that can be compared to the selfless love of a mother.There are exceptions too, some of the present Indian teenagers might disagree. It is just individual choice . Some, (a majority of us,)feel happy nurturing the family, some others find joy in being egocentric, egoistic and enjoy giving logical reasonings on why others should be doing it. Divorce rates are much lower as when situations are hard they have more faith that things will be better soon and endure a bit longer with strength. In my situation I was no wage slave I supported my husband financially because I knew and had faith that he would prosper some day and he did, now I don’t have to. Cultural differences are difficult to understand unless we learn about the roots.

‘Cultural differences are difficult to understand unless we learn about the roots.’
While there is an element of truth in this, the context in which it is introduced here is wrong.
The USA HAS no culture.
And the females blindly aping their ways just to give out an impression of being perceived as classy, modern, chic have no excuse at all.
Needless to say this also includes the many superficial relationships and the hedonist mindset.

I believe people from the Indian subcontinent are happier than people who embrace Western culture. As a corollary to that abusing our wives is not our culture.

Remember, before second world war western women were good house wives and modest.

You peoples do not understand that capitalism is actually selling your women’s body for a price.

Your social norm now became women will wear bikini and men will wear total covering dress. Now make another norm please, force your men to wear male burqa. And encourage your women to walk unclothed because its is feminism.

My wife is typical middle class Hindu Bramhin.
She is very submissive and emotional.
I feel most Indian gals are like this, so they make good wives.

Yes why do not Americans and other men around the world see this? You want a submissive sensitive woman wants to be a good humble wife. You do not want some rebellious woman with something to prove, because she will not make a good wife nor bring you peace and happiness. You do not want a girl that has been programmed with political correctness to the extent that she believes this feminist nonsense.
Humble and submissive is the signature of a good spouse. If there is an Indian girl who is slightly a diva or Western, move on as there are many fish in the sea.

My wife is trying acting and modeling. So you know she has to be open to all.
It more difficult for me to adjust to this than her. She is doing fine..
I have to push myself to accept this.

Why do you have to accept this? If you wife wants to be in business or teaching or taking care of people these are acceptable fields of work. But modeling is putting her out there on stage to let it hang out. This is a single girl’s game not when you are married and have a family. Talk to her parents about this, you come from a traditional culture and there are social mores and some boundaries. If you live in the USA there is nothing you can do about it, if you live in India she might beable to be reasoned with. Based it on the idea that she will be a mother and this is the most important job in the world.

Nah. He can’t really do that because he probably loves her and will feel extreme guilt if he tries to speak out against it. Now there’s virtually no difference between Indian girls who live in big cities and the girls who live towards extremes of the Western longitudes.

My hunch is she’s going to find a dozen ‘like-minded’ women, folks from ‘the industry’ to support her emotionally and almost give her all she needs to pressurize her husband and be ‘up in arms’ against him if needed.

Mostly similar to but certainly worse than the ‘always keeping a nigga down’ in this case.

I see a foul-smelling marriage or a separation or a divorce imminent.

I work in an industry where there are many nationalities. Global market and have met an broke bread with folks from Thailand, India, Nepal, China, Russia etc.

I find that woman in the US are very spoiled in the notion that they are disloyal and vain. The best ladies I have ever met came from India.

Very modest, polite, generous and friendly. This is in striking contrast with American born women, who show off, flirt and are very disrespectful to their spouses.

I have yet to see these acts in a lady from India. I have heard American Women say how repressed Indian woman are. I think most of this comes from jealousy that more and more men are looking outside the U.S. for wives. Lets face it. Which would a man rather have. A self-centred, egomaniac narcissist who feels her man should cater to her every whim and treat her better than she treats him even though they have really nothing to offer in the way of skills inside the home. Or a Lady who is as in love with her Husband and is selfless and places family and duty first. Understand that men are not all looking for a submissive wife… they are looking for a lifetime companion that they don’t have to worry about messing around, a lady that has much to offer.

Sorry, American women are not desirable. They wont be until they see that family comes first. Marriage and family is the biggest challenge in life but it is also the greatest reward.

As I have read this, I have agreements and disagreements. For I myself am an American woman who is with and Indian man.

While in some ways I do find our relationship sometimes culturally conflicting. But at other times it is the best relationship I could ever ask for. Some American woman work just as hard as Indian woman. And as for modesty I guess I got lucky Because I grew up In modesty as I am an apostolic.

But Indian Woman too are very well reserved and respectful. It has taught me a few things about dating an Indian man. They are sweet and loveable and kind and generous but their First priority will always be family. And That is not a bad thing. And American woman Can be desirable if they would stop being so vain. Not all American woman are bad. And vice versa. I always try to see the Good.

And I have learned that India is the most Amazing serene place to be on the planet. I as an American am not disagreeing with you there are things about American culture that is too bad. But isn’t that everywhere in the world? No one country is too perfect even if I think India is the most amazing place on the planet. If an American Girl has knowledge and respect for the culture than dating an Indian man And making him happy isn’t all that difficult.

I agree with that as well. My point beings is dating and meeting outside of culture is a challenge. All cultures have their drawbacks. But with marriage and relationship values from my experiences the more stable relationships I have seen and been in, American girls value vanity over love and family. Where as Hindi is the opposite. American girls need to reassess value. Not all mind you but a vast majority. I am an American male and have had bad relationships with American girls and good out side American. I have also witnessed through colleges and friends divorces and in all cases infidelity was the cause. I have not seen much of this outside European and American culture.

Indians are Asians, and Asian cultures in general are conservative, reserved, mature, professional, and put family and work first. They know how to put and keep their ego aside because they are duty bound. Certain cultures have this attitude and it is very desirable.

The fact that the divorce rate is so high here is due to many Americans not understanding the concept of family first and lacking severe discipline (something Asians excel at).

So in countries where feminism is running rampant, expect more problems. It’s a shame, because a woman should be able to be strong and be a good wife. But strong in the correct way.

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