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Find Indian girls for matrimony – online strategies to attract them

The purpose of this post is to give you some facts about Indian girls for marriage. This includes the best place to meet Indian girls for marriage on and off line and five things you must know to attract them.

This post was inspired by information from my friend Vellayan, who is Indian and married and researched this for me. Well sort of researched this, let me explain. This guy use to wake up in the morning and turn on his computer and check dating sites (and other types of sites with pictures of Indian girls on them, use your imagination) before he got out of his pajamas or combed is hair. Therefore, the information about Indian girl dating is reliable.

Beauty is not as important as destiny when it comes to forever in the lush climate of south Asia. Indian couple also care a lot about their parents wishes.

What is the most important fact about Indian dating? – Nowadays, Indians have become more liberal. Indian parents are seeing more of their own getting married to other non-Indians and have become very worried. As long, as their son or daughter chooses an Indian with the same religion, they are happy. There is no consideration to caste or language or social status.

How do Indians meet?– A popular way of meeting is through community events and religious events. In my friend’s community for example, there is a 3 day annual picnic that involves adults and kids to interact with each other. The main purpose is to encourage friendship which could turn into dating and eventually marriage. This is the second most popular way Indians girls meet guys. What is number one? Parent recommendations are still how it is done, but Internet with Indian online dating is taking over. These are self arranged marriages. These are also called “love marriages” where partners interest are more important than family ideas.

That being said parental arranged marriages in India are still the rule. Matchmakers are used to help this process. After considerations on everything from values, astrological charts to diet photos are exchanged and meetings are arranged for their prospective spouses. During the courtship and engagement Indians see if this is destiny. They do not have marry if they do not want. I am a believer in arranged marriages as I have seen it work with my friends.

In India divorce is about 1% and in the USA about 50%. But me personally I am glad I did not tie the knot this way, but it does work. Maybe I was lucky be because I believed in destiny. And it is our beliefs that shape out lives. How can you argue with this? I know many Western women will role their eyes, but let the facts speak for themselves. Love and destiny is real. How you get to find your soul mate does not matter, that is the whole point of destiny. It is inescapable.

It is not that Indian ladies can not be trusted it is they are so shapely that temptation is everywhere, so manuvad is good for the youth.

Further, the idea of Manuvad that is the girl is placed always in male custody or guardianship her whole life, from father to husband does not have to be seen as a prison but rather as a respectful way to protect her honor.

Indian wedding vows start off:

I will consider my wife to be the better half. I will look after her just as I look after myself.

It continues:

I will always have faith in my wife. I will never look at another woman with wrong intent, nor have an illicit relationship.

How can that be wrong? I agree if you are married it is not OK to look.

Other promises are made during kanyadaan. I see nothing wrong with Indian traditional dating and I hope the modern world’s values do not destroy the good in this culture. I think if you are looking to get to Vidaii you need to be prepared morally.

What about the new mobile phone dating in India? In India, SMS text messaging is very popular, but it is normally between people whom they know. Not normally used for picking up dates, but times are changing with the new mobile phone generation. I have an article that talks about this more in detail Indian girls mobile phone numbers.

What is the funniest thing about Indian dating?

Most Indian girls are conservative. They don’t sleep around with other guys, hardly drink or smoke. They only go to dance clubs with their fiancees or husbands.

Most Indian women are good and wait until marriage.

On the reverse, most Indian guys are the exact opposite. They date girls from other countries, but in the end, they will choose an Indian girl to marry.

Websites for Indian dating – personal recommendations from the source:

The following sites I would give two thumbs up.

More like a traditional site for girls about love with a dating aspect, therefore it attracts a good male/female ratio.

Before you look at dating sites try this: It is a wedding and relationship portal that is different from the dating site model. I like it. The reason I think it is good is it has a better female/male visitor ratio than other sites as it is somewhat girly in style. Shaadi is actually the SanSkrit word for wedding (Hindi: शादी, Urdu: شادی) .

The largest dating site for NRI and people in India

Shaadi Review– – This is the largest Indian dating website with good quality control. That means it is not over run by trolls looking for action, because all new profiles go through a quality screening before put online.

This is the leader among Non resident Indians (NRI) and Indians at home. Most Indians living abroad use this dating site.

Points about Shaddi is like most dating sites you search by:

  1. Caste (euphemistically called community, Agarwal, Iyengar, Iyer, Kayastha, Khatri, etc) – Not Important. We are the world and nobility comes from a persons character not parents.
  2. Religion (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist etc) – Important. Birds of a feather flock together. A psychological study showed relationships with similar belief systems are usually the best.
  3. City (marriage in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc) – Not important. Me I married a girl from the other side of the world, do you think I care about geography when it comes to marriage.
  4. is the Indian mobile phone dating search. You use either SMS, Mobile Application, WAP, or Voice. One of the most useful feature is SMS or text messaging. You get alerts and can accept or decline invites. I personally would not feel good about using voice at first. The reason this is a good feature is girls are not as much computer heads as guys. Girls prefer mobile phones. You can call and talk to members anonymously. It is kind of exciting if you ask me.

It has been in operation for over a decade so it has stood the test of time and it dwarfs all overs in size. I would personally try this site as there is safety in numbers.

All dating sites are structured the same, with a search feature on the front. The difference is quality. All the relationship websites on this page are good quality. – Is basically the same as the above. However it is smaller. But on the positive side it has some more language features. – a sub-site being Obviously this is more for Tamil girls and those serious about marriage. It is a quality site.

Nicest images on their introduction page – The third largest in India same features as above with a lot of marriage success stories post online.

Indian girls simply want to get married. The smallest but cheapest site. Although well run the male/female ratio is a little less favorable for guys. – The low cost provider. They are also tapping into traditional newspaper matrimony classifieds for Indian brides and Indian grooms to be.

The price for all these dating sites are about the same. They are about 1500 Indian Rupees for a 3 month membership with cheaper rates for 6 month and 12 month break points.

However, simplymarry, the smallest is also much cheaper at about 500 Indian Rupees for 3 months.

There are other ones like free ones for like – more for Indians in the UK  and not as large.  Or – but it is free and you can test it. But if I was serious I would just use a pay one as it is too important to cheap out.

How to date Indian girls if you are poor, geeky and shy

I was and am a geek. I feel more comfortable driving a laptop than a sports car. I have more T-shirts with obscure computer phrases than designer labels. Oh I am also very shy, as I went to an all boys English boarding school. Yet, if you list to my advice you will have more Indian ladies to date than you know what to do with.

Here is the problem with Indian girls, they have high expectations. Dating and love is serious stuff for them. They do not take it lightly like their American counterparts. The reason is connected with their culture. They want to date a guy to marry and want it to be a relationship based on honor and respect. Indians girls are not easy. They are not dating for fun, but for marriage.

Wrong and right moves on Indian girls for matrimony

  1. Do not give off a desperate vibe – I learned this from job hunting. If you seem desperate people will not hire you.
  2. With Indian girls it is all about belief – If you have a commonality in belief systems, and you believe in yourself. Indian girls are very cerebral and operate in the world of ideals more than going for some stud with an attitude.
  3. Do not make money an issue. If you make it an issue, it will be one. If you are putting out to the universe you are poor, this is how others will perceive you. You job, your income, you social status should not be brought into the love equation. Indian women do not care if you have money. However, they do want to know where you are going. In stratified Indian culture girls care more if you believe in yourself and your share the same general belief.
  4. Dress with style. Basically you want to dress like a guy from a Bollywood movie or a female fashion magazine. Spend some time looking at these male models. You do not have to look like that extreme, but dress to get noticed. Do you know what it is about, a nice haircut, not greasy. Then a nice smile and not baggy clothes, clean and ironed and somewhat tight. Style goes a long way with girls. Also, do not use too much cologne if any. Natural pheromones are more powerful.
  5. Do not talk about intimate sensual things – Girls do a have an interest in intimate relationships but they do not like talking about it. They are all about imagination and fantasy. They are about atmosphere and losing control. Not about discussing s_x. They also have a lot of guilt associated with this so talking about or suggesting it will only bring up their fears. Talking about it takes all the spontaneous about life. It is better to just out of the blue to ask her to get ice cream or take a walk. This works on Indians girls limbic areas of her brain more than chatting about you know what.

Let me know if you have any experience with Indian girls in terms of dating or marriage so I can update this post and make it a better resource for others. If there are corrections or additions to this also please let me know.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Beauty is not as important as destiny when it comes to forever in the lush climate of south Asia. Indian couple also care a lot about their parents wishes.

All I want in life is a girl that will love me as much as I love her. I feel that I am always the giver in relationships and they are the takers. I want as a man to be on equal terms with a women. This is love.

All I want in life is a girl who will love me as much as I love her. I feel that I am always the giver in relationships and they are the takers. I want as a man to be on equal terms with a woman. This is love.

In today’s society it seems twisted from conventional wisdom, that men are the givers and women are the takers. But I assure you that if you are patient the answer will reveal itself too you. I believe God tests our patience to see if you are ready for the noble task of marriage.

It is not hard to get an Indian girl if you can make them believe that you love them and ask them for marriage. In India guys respect girls a lot and if you are caring enough for the women then you will get good ones, else there are lot of independent girls in India who don’t mind to marry foreigners, as India is huge country, go on family values aren’t so important now if you go on in metropolitan sites in India.

I am so sick that Indian parents are the choosers of the “appropriate” partner for the boy or girl, as if they know their own children thoroughly. The stories appearing in the newspapers speak a different story. Why are the see beautiful and innocent women found killed shortly after marriage? The mother-in-law is the greatest issue in arranged marriages. Her greed for dowry and gold and other luxuries knows no limits. Never marry in such households unless and until one loves pain and suffering. That is why I am seeking an orphan lady or one who can decided for herself. My topmost priority is respect for each other and only then love shall come. I am no longer a beauty personified. My journey of life has been a great one and would not mind/regret a repetition

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