Hungarian girls review

Central European courtship gone awry

Many guys think Hungarian girls are beautiful and educated.  Those are the pros. The con is they are too liberal for my taste, incongruent  personal views are like mixing oil and water.. You want to date them, fine, good for you.  My review of these ladies is before you consider them for marriage think not just about their physical beauty, but their personally and the way they see the world. That is how has post communist society where their psychosocial profiles was form has influenced their world view. If you are going fishing in Hungry try Christian dating or Catholic church organizations or through acquaintances that can recommend you to someone who has a healthy view of love, marriage and family.

  • I lived in Eastern Europe and saw the transformations with my own eyes. Read my lips, the society which a person grows up in affects the parameters which they act out their free will. I am not a strict cultural determinist yet, the collective unconsciousness of a society can not be over looked.
  • According to EuroStats the official statical site of the EU, 42.3 percent of all Hungarian births are out-of-wedlock.
  • According to Eurostat the Crude marriage rate in Hungary is 3.6 per 1,000. That is low, even if it is the crude marriage rate.
  • The Divorce rate is 67% according to the UN statistical division.
  • I can provide further reference from authoritative sources if you like.

Let me say there is nothing wrong with Hungarian girls.  It is the pendulum of social interaction as it relates to male female relationships. Further, if you are Hungarian, and do not like the way the social pendulum has swung, do something about it. Start a movement to counter this in your country.

Specific example of behavior I have encountered

  • My friend Ed dated a girl, brought to Church one Sunday and she would not even kneel when other people were, and in the middle walked out in a storm and a huff, because she said what was being said was ridiculous, they were talking about home schooling.
  • My friend Steve, was dating a Hungarian girl and she said, she use to love her past boyfriend very much but their relationship was cool and not expected to replace those feelings.
  • My friend David, dating one and she had become pregnant and did not know who the father was.
  • I knew a girl who was Hungarian at the school I worked at, She was exceptionally nice. A class above.
  • I have had scores of women debate the point with me why get married, it really does not matter any more. They love their boyfriends and have kids with them, what is the big deal. It is a big deal as it perpetuates a society of whatever non-committal relationships.

So not all are negative  with these ladies, except some of the liberal ideas.  Yes, they are pretty and will charm your pants off, but I guess I am not attracted to them because some of them have adopted non-traditional feminist ways of thinking like many western countries. Not all of them mind you, but it would be hard to describe the cosmopolitan world of young upwardly mobile professionals in Budapest religious and traditional. I would say that about other architectural gems cities where the Hamburgs once rules like Krakow or Lviv, but not Budapest, different history.

If you as the man, enjoy cooking and cleaning and getting divorced or never getting married staying in a perpetual boyfriend/girlfriend relationship as you raise kids, good for you.  I am a conservative. Jump up and down and dislike me if you like for that, but I prefer girls that nurture and take care of the family and try to stay beautiful compared to feminists who are chasing a career while their kids are in day care.  Therefore, for marriage I think Eastern European countries are a better choice if you are searching for a bride, a more traditional wife than Hungarian women, given the current social changes.

Are all Hungarian girls liberal and feminist? No, it is a generalization. More exceptions then noun declinations in the Hungarian language, and that is a lot.

A great central European country but very liberal in terms of social mores. If you like Western women then enjoy.

Again this is a generalization and not a statement about individuals. Further, maybe you are a guy that  does not believe marriage is forever, in this case the new modern thinking European culture is for you and feminist thinking is a positive thing. For me, I prefer a traditional marriage.

I think Budapest girls are also liberal (unlike their neighbor Slovakia) compared to the girls in the countryside, at least from what I have personally observed.  This means that although in theory catholic they are not that traditional, like the same girl living in the villages.  They believe in divorce, single parent homes etc.   So there are no real great advantages to dating Hungarian girls for love if they hold those views, which are not much different from say a liberal Boston girl. Unless  of course, you are attracted to this modernist thinking. Me, I am not.

Why Budapest or Magyar girls might not be for a traditionalist

  • Hungary has one of the highest depression rates in the world. The people there are depressed and complain about their own country a lot. I hope this changes as I think they are good people, but communism made them cynical. I hope this changes. I think it there is a statistical correlation between loose of faith and values and depression. It is existential anxiety, think of Camus, or Woody Allen.
  • A marriage with a Magyar woman will end in divorce over 67% of the time compared to other European countries like Poland which is around 23%,  some that have a  5% rate. It is one of the highest in Europe in contrast with the overall rate according to EuroStats of 44%.  Marriage is about love and love is not conditional.  But to these brides I guess it is.
  • Most Hungarians today are really democratic and open, but socially very liberal. I am liberal when it comes to the freedom, but not in terms of values that are not tempered by faith. Again, disagree with this if you want, but this is just one man’s view of the world.
  • If you meet a Magyar girl in the UK she sometimes is not as humble as a Hungarian back home. Hungarian girls in the country are much more humble and much nicer. Huge generalization, but often western culture makes traditional girls more liberal when they move to the big city.
  • Many Budapest girls are feminists and not pro-life. I think this goes against being a mother, so any lady that thinks this way should not date.
  • Magyar girls are hot-blooded, in my experience, it’s the culture not the group of people of course. Some guys like this, and for a short-term relationship this might be good but for the long-term, not way. Peace and love should govern your relationship not a hot-blooded emotional roller coaster.

The above is my personal experience or a statistics I have found.  I am sure this is not the case with all these ladies. I am sure there are many traditional devout peaceful Hungarians women who make wonderful wives.  However, my personal experiences have clouded my understanding of them  maybe.  But even Magyar women living in Slovakian territories turned out to be too liberal for me, because of the post communist Eastern or central European experience generally. However,  the key to the social changes have been connected with the young turning away from the faith. The ones that have faith are not like this in Hungary.  If you want liberal you can go for peaceful calm laid-back Scandinavians not  central Europeans who are a little more hot-blooded (I think it is the weather), unless you like that of course.

Chat with Hungarian girls

Best places to chat with Hungarian girls on the web are as follows:

  • its a free Hungarian portal of sorts.  Hungarian is a very hard language to learn so unless you are in love I would not try to learn this.
  • is a dating site
  • If you still want to date or chat with Hungarian girls check out free online dating sites that have Hungarian girls on them, these girls will speak English, in fact they will want to practice their language skills with you.

You disagree or would like to add something, let me know. I like Hungarian girls, just not the way society is influencing them.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. After calming down I can only say that these posts are so alien to me, like it would talk about some other Hungary.
    And once again, if I hurt someone, then I deeply apologise.
    Make love not war!Peace!

    1. I meet this Hungarian girl working in XXX and we started to see each other than she had already arranged that she would go back and study. We have then tried to make it work long distance for almost a year. I have visited her several times in Hungary and meet her family and getting along very well.
      But this long distance solution can not be permanent, it have to end but the question is when. I’m investing a lot of time and we have 10 year difference between us. I wonder if she will love me unconditionally and how will the cultural differences impact us, etc.
      After reading many posts I am not sure what is up or down anymore, maybe she is very egocentric and it is all a facade?

  2. Gyver,

    Kata in her rude and arrogant way basically ignored every single point you made. I would not call it an argument when someone spewing fury at someone who treats her with respect. So you better give it up.
    Actually your comments are very wise and I do agree with almost everything you wrote in your last comment except one:
    “Kata, you do seem very intelligent.”
    No, she doesn’t.

  3. Man! You are a social genius. I am serious not joking.
    I have been living for 20 years in Hungary and I found every word you said is a complete truth. Also Hungarian woman are so naive and purely materialistic not in the classical sense of course.For one-two days they are Ok but not longer

    1. It is true that Hungarian girl not easy to make new family with her husband,I believe the most beautiful and sexy girl the Hungarian girls, but not for marriage, I met with Hungarian girls and I enjoy my life with her very much the first 2 years, even when we meet she was don’t speak English and I don’t speak Hungarian, after 2 years we married, I made for her the most beautiful wedding party what ever any girl wish to have a party like this, after our married she pregnant and born the baby around 3 years ago, from 3 years till now it is the most hard time in my life because my wife change-up side down, she can’t take care of our baby-she can’t take care of her home she can’t take care of me it is mean I believe that she was just use me because she need the baby and that’s all, even she told me many time that her body forget intimacy?

      I am 47 years old and we live in different country now because her family need the baby very much and in this way she can relax eat and sleep and her family take care of the baby and she don’t need to clean or do any thing, this is how she learn the life before, I hope not all the Hungarian girls the same.

  4. The comments from self-proclaimed Hungarian girls seem to be intelligent and caring. I guess the best Hungary has to offer stays within Hungary, and foreigners only get the bad ones.

    It is a shame really, as I have been mesmerized by the beauty of Hungarian girls from the first time I saw one were and to be pleasantly surprised here that they have everything I could ask for in a woman sounds almost too good to be true.
    Oh well, onto the next group, hopefully I can get there before they are completely turned against western men.

  5. An interesting thing: it’s a miracle if you find a truly Hungarian girl, who has Hungarian blood in herself. Because of our history we became mixed. For example I have Greek, Slovakian, Austrian, Polish blood from my father’s side and I don’t even know my mother’s!
    Hungary is not black and white but gray.

  6. to Dr Common Doyle:

    Why do you want to make a “war” between me and Gyver???
    Yes, maybe it makes me rude and arrogant if you guys are trying to attack me and my people and my country, but your previous comment was pointless, and you are only trying to be provocative, and trying to hurt me. I don’t really care what you are thinking about me. I know who I am, my friends know that, and it is enough for me. You don’t like me, it’s ok. Relevant/Non relevant informations. You know the difference…..

  7. Hey, People! Women are the same everywhere!
    There are good ones, bad ones, kind, wild, caring, tall, short, fat, slim, happy, sad, faithful, beautiful, open minded, everything you want.

    You juts have to find the right one for you.
    It does not matter if they are from Hungary or Italy or Germany or England or wherever.
    If you do not fit together you will get divorced. It does not depend on nationality. It depends on whether you know what you are looking for or you have no idea how to choose.

    Want a girl, come on. Take a shower, dress up nice, go to the hairdresser and go out! You will find a nice girl in your own town.

  8. I want to leave my comment as well.
    I met a Hungarian girl last May, and she let me fall in love.
    It’s not been easy so far.
    We like each other, but… we met actually only three times; the last one was a disaster.
    She sayd she doesn’t want to be hurt nor to hurt me, she thinks our story would end up to be only an adventure and she doesn’t want that.
    Well, I’m hurt already, because I think I met a good girl, and I wish to have a serious relationship with her but… she keeps me away, last time I saw her it was a disaster, she’s freaking out, and she doesn’t want to see me any more.
    I like what Bia wrote, I think there are still “naive romantic girls”, and it’s not idiotic to be like that. And Kata, you have all my respect, you are right to be upset.
    I know this girl, I know she is sincere, that’s why I do not want to give up.
    I’m a naive and romantic boy, I want to see her again, not because of her nationality or because she is beautiful, I want to see her because she let me fall in love for how she his, and because I believe it can work between us, despite what she thinks about a story with somebody who lives in another country.
    So, this Sunday I’ll go to Budapest and on Monday I’ll start a course of Hungarian language.
    It’s tough, I know, but I want to try. may be one day I’ll change my country, I do not mind to live in another town, in another nation, if the woman I love wants to stay there. That might mean to start everything again from zero for me, look for a new job and a new position, but I’m not worried about, if that’s the only way to be happy with her, I’ll do.
    So, Bia and Kata, wish me good luck please, and be always naive and romantic,

  9. Aww good luck, I hope you will find your way to her. Pretty romantic, go for it mister. And good luck to Hungarian language I hope you will love it as we love it.

  10. Dear Vio: Good luck!!! You know the ancient latin says: “Omnia vincit amor” Love will help you to defeat any difficulties :)And it is good to know, that there are guys like you out there, who could feel this way for a girl, like you do. Respect and good luck for you! I hope you will tell us how your story ends… I hope you will live together happily ever after…:)

  11. kiwi: I totally agree with you. Everything depends on the person, and not on the nationality…

  12. I will disagree here. Nationality plays a role because of people being raised by certain ideals. We are talking in general here not specifically for a person.
    I will say this though once more…It is the chemistry between two people that plays a role. If the Admin is old minded, who thinks a woman should sit everyday in her home and cook for her husband then that does not make a woman bad or good according to the Admins wishes of his ideal woman. Hungarian women in general are “crazy”, in the sense they want to live their life before choosing a man but when there is a good chemistry between the guy and that woman she will do everything to keep him. If you are the typical guy who goes work and comes home to eat and sleep then forget about these women. And to conclude even if they are “crazy” or want adventure in their life they are far far more caring and full of love than any woman of another people in the world. It is also up to the guy to win her heart.
    American women in general are not that sensitive, they mostly go along based on their own interest.

    1. It is not a matter of good and bad, it is a matter of what in my view most guys want in a wife if they are to be happy. What is that? A wife who is loyal and will stay with them their whole life no matter what. A wife that is peace giving. A wife that is spiritual and can be on the same path with her husband and not care about self love or excitement, but rather only desiring to find excitement with her other half.
      If you like to be wild before marriage then know there is a continuity of values often and this wildness rarely goes away, rather it is hidden until the first sign of trouble. Build your house not on sand, but on values that support the whole.

  13. @Cornern

    Thank you for your words, I think you truly understood how Hungarian girls are. We are not bad at all, but its true, we want more from life just to be a good wife.

    Admin has a right to give his opinion about us, Hungarian women here, Im just a bit upset coz many guys believe here what he says and dont even take it into consideration. Their losses anyway 😛

    1. I am sorry if I upset you. Specifically tell me where you think I am wrong and I will consider revising it. I think there is nothing at all wrong with Hungarian girls. However, many have a feminist western attitude. If that is the social trend, as it appears to be, there is no point in a guy who wants a traditional loving marriage to spend too much time in Hungary as it will most likely but not always be not congreunt with his outlook towards love and marriage. Again this is a social trend not a comment on Hungarians.
      Are you are telling me that Hungarian girls like to stay at home and take care of the children and do no believe in divorce in any case and are church going girls who believe in one true love? If this is true I am very wrong and I am sorry, but I have many Hungarian girls that would be offended if I wrote this. I guess the question is what is the social trend of Hungary when it comes to dating and marriage?

      1. I’m very surprised reading your sentences, the title says Hungarian girls but the article isn’t about them.

        My first impression was that your text is about a Western European country or about the US but then I just noticed, it would be about us, about Hungarians.

        Actually I’m from Hungary, have always lived here but for some time I have stayed in other countries as well. So, I have many friends from different nations and I can tell you, Hungarians are the most conservative ones. Magyar girls never take the first step to know a man and never would go to a pub or club in the hope of having a sexual encounter later with them, while for example in Spain, that is a kind of sport. I remember, I was in shock when I saw what they were doing, in my country it’s impossible to imagine those things.

        I really don’t know what type of girls you knew here, but maybe you were who went to the wrong places. At the university I have many female friends, acquaintances and all of them have or want a serious relationship. In reality, it’s very strange if a girl doesn’t think like that, we simply call them easy girls and no-one talks to them. And what about marriage? Do you believe there are women on this Earth who wouldn’t like to marry? As I bring back my childhood memories, the first thing I can see before my eyes is that we are designing bride dresses with my friends. And still now, we wish that.

        Certainly we like romantical moments (like watching the sea together, drinking a tea inside on a rainy day, skating over a lake)and maybe we are more passionate and less cold than other girls, but not with everybody, only with that one who we love so much.

        And what about depression? Strange statement, I have never agreed with that. My friends are cheerful and I’m a funny and smiling girl too and whereever I go, I am who laughs the most.
        And why would we be depressed? We are nice, smart and sexy. Maybe we are trendier than the rest of people but that doesn’t mean, we are bad girls. And everyone knows, mostly the girls in very old- fashioned clothes(who don’t feel appreciated by other people) sleep with everyone. Also true, most of my friends are more than 23-24 years old and they still haven’t had sexual contact with anyone. Which American girl could say the same? Not too many or if yes, only because they’re not that pretty. Here girls are beautiful but with values.
        Boys are courting us all the time but we just keep looking for the right one.

        And what happens when I marry one day? I will be attached to that man and never will want to leave him. And why would I do that? Or do you have statistics about the lack of love too? I can declare we are able to feel that.

        Next point: feminism
        What? Feminism? Where? The head of the family is the man here and he is who makes the final decisions. Once if you can visit a normal Hungaruan family, you’ll see we follow our traditions. When we enter in a house, we take off our shoes, everyone has its seat around the table, we even get the food in the order of birth date and so on. Women generally sit close to the kitchen to be able to serve the family.

        And Hungarian people are christian, maybe don’t go to the church so much in these days, but they pray before they go to bed and they read the Bible. Moreover, we study about the Bible in school, so, impossible to find people who don’t know anything about it.

        And concerning divorces… a relationship depends on two, but in general the man has a bigger role in it. So, what about Hungarian girls? Don’t you think that maybe we have so many divorces because women don’t feel safe, and is there a too big pressure on them? A woman is always in a worse situation after divorce, so why would choose that?

        When I was a kid, we were poor and my mom also had to work, it wasn’t her choice but it was an issue of bread. Eight children and bad conditions. That’s why she had three jobs and had to do the cleaning and cooking at night when we were all sleeping. But she did it and never complained. She never bought anything for herself but yes for us children. She said she loved her old clothes which probably wasn’t true, but gave us everything and even helped other poor families. In Summer she even had strength to pick up the fruits in the garden and put them in bottles for Winter or make jam of them. She was simply amazing, the best mom who we could have. But to tell you the truth, my dad was her third husband. Her first one ended in jail and cheated her many times, the second one was crazy and dangerous for people. But as you see, with a normal man she could have a normal life, and I’m proud of her.

        And what about me? I’m knowing a Swedish guy now, whom I love very very much and hope finally he will be the one for me. Funny but before him, I had an American boyfriend who left me because he still wanted to enjoy his life and have more experiences with other girls. He broke up with me by phone and went to a pub to pick up a new girl. You could say, and what type of man he was? An English teacher in a secondary school, a recognized athelete and a man of whom America would be proud.

        But don’t worry, I won’t write a nice article about American men, that’s not my style. Until now I have had only terrible relationships with them… ohh, Mister America, we are the first, the best, we know everything better and we found out everything, we are who will save the whole world with guns because we are so cool boys while the level is education is so poor that we couldn’t find words for it…, but ok, won’t waste my time on it. And I guess, there are many people doing that, so not my deal.

        My last words: If you wish a wonderful, interesting, intelligent, kind girl who is very loyal, faithful, Hungary is a good place for you besides other Central European, Scandinavian countries. 🙂

        1. First of all – a little bit about me: I am 46 and never been married. I am from Scotland in the UK. I have had 3 long term relationships in my life, but never felt the need to be married.

          Just under a year ago, I met and fell in love with an amazing woman. Her name is Ildiko and from Budapest and she is the best thing to ever happen to me. She has lived and worked in the UK for the past 3 years. She worries about me, puts me before herself, thinks about me all the time, cares about me, cooks for me, smiles at me, likes it when I look at her (sometimes i stare at her so much), lets me hold her hand as we walk in public, likes me to tell her that I love her so much – thousands of times a day, loves to talk to me, wants me, needs me and just wants so much the same as me. She is amazing. All I want to do is make her happy – She makes me so happy. I don’t have the words to tell anyone how much. And I know that some will read this, holding a bucket under their chin.

          So my point is this: maybe you will tell me that I haven’t known her long enough yet, but she has been around as long as me, has been married once before and brought up 2 great children and are now both well educated and have grown into career minded young men and love their mother and both have strong relationships with their partners. And even though Ildiko is now divorced from her ex-husband, she still wants a loving and committed relationship and to spend the rest of her life with someone that she loves and also that loves her for who she is. And I know that you will probably say – “OH, but she is divorced, told you so.” but people change and sometimes drift apart. Good for her for realizing that her life isn’t over at 40 something. Over 20 years of marriage with 2 wonderful sons is not a failure.

          I have been around for long enough now and had relationships and learned a lot, as she has from her previous marriage, to know what is real and what is not. Unfortunately, when we are in our 20’s and 30’s, wisdom is not part of our genetic makeup – it comes with experience. I love this woman with every part of me. She is my best friend and my soul mate – I have never felt like this about any woman. I am so privileged to have met her and for her to love me like I love her.

          The thing about this post is simple – I have met an Amazing woman – it is not important that she is Hungarian – it is important that she is for me, and I am for her.

          The world is moving and changing at an alarming rate – faster than it has ever changed since the meteors wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago (i remember the day vaguely) – we are all advancing faster than was ever thought possible. It is becoming harder to meet your “match” because we are all crossing paths so quickly – Please – Everyone – Slow Down – Take some time and look around you – Stop the “Social networking” on your smartphones and tablets and look at someone in the eye, face to face instead of “Face Time” or “Skype”. If someone is for you and you for them, they will not pass you by. No matter if they are Hungarian, American, French, Greek, Italian, Australian, Kiwi, Japanese, Portuguese or from the Planet Pluto. Take some time. Stop generalizing – it’s not good for anyone. We will miss so many opportunities to have someone to love and to love back…

          So maybe the Hungarian women aren’t so bad. Just like Scottish men or from wherever. We are individuals.

          And just while I “Have the floor”

          I am truly honored to have you in my life.

          Good Luck to Everyone – No matter where you are from, there is someone for everyone. I have found my someone – My Ildiko. Soon to be my beautiful wife.

  14. and as for Polish ppl….
    I can honestly say (and not because I wanna take any revenge on Admin in any kind of way) I have only bad experiences with Polish people – guys and girls.

    I have lived in a few countries and I have many friends from all over the world, but we could all agree in one thing: its better to keep away from Polish ppl, the girls are very arrogant and they have to show off, especially among girls. The guys are just simple bad.

    1. Bee, if there is something that specific that upsets you, please let me know. You can even contact me directly and I will consider revising it. I want this to be about social dating trends in different areas of the world, not about people. There is a big difference. For example, I am American and in Boston where I am from the girls tend to be very liberal. Not my first place to look for a wife, nor would Portland Oregan for example. It is a hipster feminist crowd. However, in Amish land lets say, American society is more stable when it comes to love and dating. Therefore, the same can be said in Europe, some places would be my first choice and others are not my style.
      I recommend love and happily ever after, not a new wave relationship model.

    I didn’t have time to read all of the commnets, of course, but I had to respond regarding the divorce rates, which are high in the US and low in Hungary.
    Thanks for letting me insert some facts into this discussion,

    1. This is old data, by almost 10 years, but if that is true, than so be it. I have nothing against anyone. Not even divorced people at all, everyone deserves a second chance in life. I just think that people give up too soon and marry for the wrong reasons. If Hungarian girls are not on the modern side, that is great news. But in my observations, they tend to be more feminists. But I would like to be proven wrong.

  16. Unfortunately they have missed their eastern roots and become westerner;
    If father Atilla become alive today will become depressed because of fate of his nation.
    Hey admin have you heard about curse of Turan if not go and read about that.

  17. I’m a hungarian girl and none of these statements are true for me. Do you want to date? 😀

    1. I have been there, my roots are there on mothers side. You need to do as much research and trips as you can to find out whats going on in this country. My cousin are very well off there. but in the capital I got a lot of protest from a young women that worked in money changing windows. Maybe due to the fact I was changing a months salary every day. Russia’s influence has tainted the minds simular the way U.S. govt. is brainwashing the entitled here in the U.S. Common sense should prevail any where you go in the world. Be carefull travel with trusted people and keep your mouth shut. What you give is what you get. Be aware of your surroundings. And enjoy a Fantastic wounderfull People.

    2. I think that it’s quite foolish to criticize Hungarian women and girls as a whole: The so-called sex liberalization policy —pursued both in the Countries of the Western world and in the Communist bloc—has destroyed the savour of intimacy and sexual freedom inside a couple. The rate of developing events and oftechnology has become too swift and it can’t be adapted to our bio-rhythms, as the motto by Eraklytos ‘Panta rei’, ‘Everything flows away’, corresponds to the frenzy which characterizes our age. Time must have a stop, it’s true, but we are drawn away by the whirlpool of time and we miss the deepest sense of love, which doesn’t know limits and boundaries. If you are able to give your entire body and your soul to the person you love, you’ll destroy the roots of the egotism which limits the expansion of your being.

      1. Interesting comment and I appreciate it.
        Sorry it was not ment to be a criticism of Hungarian women, but a point of view. Maybe guys out there like feminist liberal women. It depends on your perspective as culture is relative, further you are right it is a generalization about social trends not about individuals.

        Hungry suffered under communism. Hungarians have been freedom loving people with a great history but communism in each country affected it in different ways and usually not in a positive way. If libertine social relationships are accepted in a particular country like Czech republic of Hungry, that is great. But I recommend people looking for the one true love of their life not to focus on societies that believe loves is passion and flows away.

        1. I am part Hungarian part English, in the early 1900’s my grandmother sailed by ship to India to meet my grandfather who was with the British Army.
          She was Hungarian but I never met her. I think though that Hungarian people are the best in the world. Perhaps because I am part Hungarian but also because I made the ‘brain stimulator’ after. I had a dream which was so vivid and there were references to Hungarian people in the dream . I really do believe Hungarians are a people chosen by a higher power – and the ‘brain stimulator’ is something that may prove the existence of a higher power or
          ” God ” who loves Hungarian people so much that he gave the dream to me as a Hungarian. This is a ‘miracle’ which is difficult for many people to accept – the existence of such a higher power or intelligence , especially One that is in love with Hungarians.

    3. Szia, I was reading some comments here and couldn’t believe my ears. I respect all opinions as long as they are put in neath words. Besides that, opinions might be corrected with facts and fact checking. Some of you are doing here also, good.
      I came to Hungary over 50 times in the last 25 years and met various of girls and ladies due to my work.
      In my opinion it takes two to tango. If a ‘western’ guy seeks for an ‘eastern’ girl, it could work out a full 100% – like in any other relationship. That is what I think. If the guy is old fashioned and the girl is liberal, or vice versa, you just have to work harder or ask yourselves the question: is this a good match.
      In the meantime, let us cherish Hungary, its’ great culture, country, landscape, language and Himnusz – istenem!

  18. If you want a woman who is not influenced by feminism at all, then go and try to catch one in the jungle. Admin has some problems with the meaning of feminism. Divorcing if the marriage turns out to be unhappy is not feminism it is sanity.

    1. I disagree. I live in Poland and it is a catholic country and people do not get divorce that often. I would stay with my wife to the end of my days even if I was unhappy because I promised before God and community that I would. Like Hegel said the true is not found in the beginning or the end but always the whole.
      If you believe in divorce just date and not get married. People treat marriage like high school dating, it you are unhappy just break up. It s very teenage like thinking about the seriousness of committment and love.
      However, if you are divorced and reading this understand life is about second chances, I am not condeming anyone that is divorced, I understand life is hard. I am just saying apriori going into a marriage you should not believe in it and should not leave it for anything but for an extreme case. One example might be a partner is not open to the possibility of children, then that is not marriage.

      I recommend guys just to enjoy their lives and date many girls until they find a real women who is not a feminist and would abandon them but rather is focused on taking care of them and making their life happy. Why are so many Hungarian girls on this forum upset at the idea of trying to make a man happy and stay with them all their life?

  19. The next week I will go another time in Budapest. I love this city and Hungarian women I know nine hungarian women it’s possible that I was lucky but I have good relations with their.
    The big difference with italian’s women is important.
    They are not false and liars but sincere it is true that are rather open mind about love and meeting guys and have different mentality, but it’s also true that in my country the women make the same things about meeting guys, hidden all to all the world because they have fear to be judged from people.
    My country the women today are rather spoiled and aggressive the divorce rate is rather high in the last years so many italian’s guy prefer to find wife or girlfriend for another country.
    My experience with Hungarian women are rather positive, also i have observed one high rate of diovorces, this because the hungarian men are rather rude with their women (i know this from hungarian women) .
    it’s are boring couple from italians men and hungarian women also because both nation are rather near and price of ticket airplane is rather cheap Rome is only 1200 km far from Budapest. it’s rather strange that in these couple the italian men prefer to live in Budapest than italy because the city is rather clean and with excellent public transport, low crime rate not only nice, In comparison Rome today it look like Nova Delhi for the chaos, many homeless people from Africa Asia live here without work and they are rather dangerous for his their crime’s activity.

  20. I am the product of two Hungarian parents, I am a positive and cheerful woman who has been married to a Dutchman for 30 years. If you want a dose of depression, be with the Dutch. Miserable people.

  21. “Again this is a generalization and not a statement about individuals.” Maybe that’s the biggest mistake what you wrote in your article. It is clearly a serious judgment regarding people, you met in Hungary. You shouldn’t write these things down, if you have no idea, what you’re talking about. And it is not our fault, if you couldn’t find pleasure and nice experiences during your stay in Hungary. You said countless times in your comments, that you don’t want to offend us, but just with writing this garish about an other culture is extremely offending. Of course you have the freedom and right to express your thoughts, but in that case you shouldn’t write “generalization” to begin with. Hungary is a beautiful country, has a rich and nice culture, has deep traditions, and the people who are living here do adore this place and each other. We are not depressed in any ways, rather it’s your article that is depressing. You have your own way of thinking and you’re trying to make ppl believe, that what you had experienced is the general point of view. But it is not.

    You’re so not nice with your comments Mr Polish man. In that case I’m going to let you know, that the Hungarian language is one of the most beautiful and richest languages all over the world, my dear. The fact, that you do NOT speak it, it doesn’t mean that it is chaotic. It means only that you don’t know what are you’re talking about… again.
    By the way, I have Polish friends, but they are really nice, (nothing like you.) Not only they said, but I even read about this: polish language is really hard (wow, i didn’t use the “pure chaotic” expression to describe a foreign country’s language. Still I can be human, if I want to, right?) and there are many ppl, who can’t even use it normally.
    Feminism, look it up in a dictionary, my son.
    Traditions, we do have, but I don’t think you have to know about them.
    And finally, divorce. It has nothing to do with nationality. This decision depends on two people. If you’re not mature enough to understand these sentences, it is your loss.

    1. Peace and love, this is not about Hungary nor the people of Hungary. It is about the culture of femenism that has spread to the great culture of Eastern Europe. Understand the difference between a cultural comment and one about a people. Cultures around the world are different. Not right nor wrong, but different, and for me personally I do not like the idea of marrying into a culture where feminism prevails. It is not for me personally. If some guy out there wants to marry an angry feminist that is his choice. Further there are many countless girls in Hungary who are not feminists but be aware that many of the ideas about divorce and marriage and and protection of life of a pregancy and staying with one partner your whole life are not what I preceive as traditional in Hungary. Please tell me if I am wrong on this?
      Feminism is not to be connected with the genuaine liberation of women. Women asre equal and it is a sin to think otherwise, but femenism is about something else today, that is the manipulation of women’s minds for a radical social adgenda.
      This feminist adgenda causes suffering from both genders in relationships, it builds walls instead or bridges and dating is all messed up in a feminist society.

  22. The girls don’t like to change their partners, but would you stick to a guy who says I’m just dating you because I have nothing better to do? We have pride too.
    I have few friends who gave birth at the age of 20 (both are well educated so it’s not an example of gypsys), and happy mothers and are with their husbands, having a happy family life.
    I’m dating my boyfriend for 7 and half year, so you just have to find the right person. Often it’s not the 1st or 2nd bf. For me he is the 2nd so I should consider myself lucky, and I’m kind of an unsual good example in my enviroment. So YES you can have one and true love till the end of your life. But to have a crash on someone you can’t say that it never happened to you right?
    You misunderstand us greatly. Just think of it why are there so many Hungarian girls protesting here that your view of us is not the reality.

    1. If this is true I am really happy about what you write. I believe in true love and staying with your partner though good times and in bad. I have heard countless stories of men being burned by women for one reason or another find a reason to leave marriage. I am no expert on life nor and I any type of person to project a vision of a social norm. I am only writing my personal experiences and ideas about love and romance. I think love is forever and although not every relationship works, if you do get married you should stay together. Sure there are soem rare exceptions but generally people should stay together no matter what.

  23. Oh gosh, you’re a persistent one, aren’t you? I do understand your thoughts, but I completely disagree. Feminism has nothing to do with culture or country, that’s a given, because it is a phenomenon.but you regard it as our country’s characteristic. You know a few hungarian girls, you had experienced something against your belief, and now you just make generalisation -> that’s the reason why we are so offended. Of course there are people who are feminists, but say a country where there aren’t any (Poland isn’t an exception – don’t even try to object).
    And yes, you are wrong about our traditions. Do you really think that hungarian women don’t want to only be with their destined one? Do you think we want to divorce no matter what and throw away beautiful memories like they mean nothing to us? You think we don’t cherish our (future) child’s life nor love our partner till death do us apart? You say everything from your perspective, you don’t even give us a chance, and don’t even consider the hungarian women like human beings,like we just want to be together a random man and if we don’t feel his care anymore, without any try, any action we just let everything collapse and walk away. No, we do not. We are trying and trying and trying our best till there’s the slightest hope and do not give up. You should mark these words, because that’s what a real hungarian girl is like. But you know, many times the men are the ones to blame (personal experiences). They do not care about a 20 yrs long marriage nor children… they just want to divorce and want to run away.
    And one last thing: nobody forces you to marry a hungarian girl. You should just find a nice polish girl instead of talking big. And I do think this is the best way, because clearly you do not understand our culture nor know the real face of Hungary (and the women who live here). You live in your fake reality, and you don’t even want to break out of it.
    Just for God’s sake, do not make people believe that in Hungary the female population is greatly feminists. We are nice people, why are you being unreasonable and throwing tantrum all over the place??

  24. True, what you write about marriage and love. I agree with you, for marriage we all have to millions of times.
    If you do not wish to get divorced and interested in celebrating your 25th marriage anniversary then all have to consider this fact.

    About who are Hungarian girls, I think genetically they are on the higher side of caucasians not Asians.
    I am an Asian and I am a proud guy and I don’t see any harm being an Asian.
    But since I was going through your messages and comments, I felt it like maybe you’ve had bad experience with few of them but that is not all.
    We have the lowest divorce rate but that doesn’t mean that our girls are the best.
    Depends, depends what do you want and most importantly, why do you need Hungarian woman or someone from there?
    Don’t you have someone in UK?

  25. Consider marriage in conjunction to the manner in which people communicate, form relationships, etc. in church settings, though. There’s a lot of back-talk and social competition in churches and, at its worst, it seems to take on the form of “proving one’s purity” against that of other church members. Translated to the level of community, can you really say that these values are kept in perfect order by that institution and the people involved? They’re still just people, aren’t they? I’m not against values and tradition, but I honestly think that traditional people are simply those that are better at hiding their problems than so-called “open” types. Maybe all it takes to be “traditional” is to simply hide your problems from your husband or wife? Even if that isn’t true, you can’t really say that all these changes in society are just the work of the devil, unless you really believe it, I guess.

  26. I am a Hungarian guy but have lived in the UK for 10 years. Now, I can tell you about hungarian girls placed in two rather different cultures – UK vs Hungary. By the way, Admin has a major point! Hungarian girls here – it’s high time you stopped playing clever and face the situation. You all want to believe that you keep up with good old traditions and consider yourself decent – you are not, and you are lying to yourself, too. Whether you realise this or not that is a different thing. Now, it is almost sad to see how hungarian girls behave in the UK.
    Priorities for some of them:
    1. finding a rich english gentleman,
    2. get married
    3. have kids and run with all the cash. While for others – come here to ‘enjoy life’ (meaning in Hungarian ‘be the biggest easy bad girl there is’) and go home where they can tell community how nicely they behaved in England thus trying to find a decent Hungarian man to settle with – potentially. Huh, a person who came from afar, can say anything and people will believe them. The slate is clean at home. They know that a hungarian man would never marry them or even entertain the thought of appearing with them knowing they ‘enjoyed life’ a bit prior.

    In Hungary, mothers train their lovely daughters from birth to find a rich man. Some of the first questions a girl asks from a guy in Hungary – do you have a flat, do you own a car, what is your job etc. Familiar, isn’t it? They are after only one thing, your money!
    Someone wrote above that Hungarian girls do not approach men or initiate contact, this may be so but it is the biggest ‘two-faced’ behavior there is. So much manipulation going on in the background, so much mind game that yo are lucky if you do not go insane.

    My advise to you all looking for a Hungarian girl is this : Aviod! If you want a peaceful life. They will never look after you, no cooking, washing, any housework BUT that is fine, they are not slaves at the end of the day, so you can always share chores BUT again they will never love you or be really interested in who you are. They treat you with no respect, will lie to you always!, and will cheat on you – guaranted. They do not believe in unconditional love or marriage for life. Once things get a bit difficult they will jump ship at first chance rather than working on the problem.

    Find a nice Japanese girl, they are the ones that you are all looking for. They are well brought up, marriage is for life. I know lots of them, been there, seen it. This is the only country left in the whole world where it is worth going to find a decent woman for .

    Let the liberal, feminist ideas to the rest of them. At the end of their lives when sitting in a nursing home they will regret all this, empty, shallow, materialistic life they had!

  27. I have no idea why men compromise their values and marry a girl who wants a comfortable life. Since when is a life to a man with money synonymous with love and ultimately happiness?

    Girls do not convey the fact that they are thinking this way outright, but they often are thinking this way. Men seeking a wife need to be able to see through women and know their motives and hearth and soul. Guys have to avoid these women or they will bring you unhappiness and heart ache.

  28. @Perfect wife
    Stay there don’t come home. Marry a Japanese girl if that’s your dream ( I like Japan,so I can understand, though I would consider which girl you choose in the end, don’t think that they don’t have these secret lives, sometimes it amaze me how daring they are, love hotels ect.) Don’t ever marry a Hungarian girl, you will just hurt her. What you were talking about are called luxary call girls (on the phone), they just accompany you for money and live off from your money. I don’t know how your family brought you up… My family is caring, and loving, my parents love is a model for me. I guess you have some deep scars, next time find a girl at a better place.

    @ To other people
    Don’t believe in this all Hungarian girls are just after money and don’t love and always lie. Do you think a country, a society like that would even work? If you have these unreal images of us then don’t even come here, to get to know us. You will just hurt us, there are plenty of Hungarian boys who will accept and love us, and we will love them back.

    1. Bia, I am glad to hear a voice for Hungarian girls in a positive way. Times and society change fast and my your charming Gravatar you look like a student. I hope the new generation of Hungarian girls are more like you. Maybe they are more like you, however, I did not have this experience. My experience was many Hungarian girls were not traditional, they were not for life and marriage forever. I believe in marriage and family. I am glad you post here as it gives people a different perspective on Hungarian girls.
      I still am not convienced that Hungary is the best place to find a wife. Maybe from the countryside where belief and love and marriage are more intact. If I herd more voices from Hungarian girls with your world view I would be more convinced. If you have friends that share your view I would be curious to here from them with a comment. Either way thank you.

  29. Well I’m already in my last year at college, but the newer generation is kind of different, they change rapidly. Sometimes I can’t keep up to date with them. Sometimes they behave way too mature compared to their age, yet they are still childish in the heart. They drink, party, dress like a 18 years old, but I can’t say that they are bad at heart. It’s just that they want to be cool, and act like an adult, do as the rest of the mass. Teenagers copy each other they don’t want to be different from their fellow classmates.But they have time to mature,young adulthood ends around 25-28 in age. The new generation mature slower, if you just think how long they should study before starting to work and become independent.
    So I suggest forget being biased get to know the person itself, and if needed help her/him mature, you will be suprised that a partying gal/boy will eventually turn into a proper woman/man.
    Meet Hungarian girls, befriend them, try to understand them, learn from each other and you will see the other side of the mirror.

    1. Words well spoken. I will consider this. I live in Poland for ten years and I met many difficult people but they all seemed to be part of a particular generation. The young people in school and at University seemed open and helpful and kind. But many of the people even in their 40s were so negative on life.
      Similarly I have met scores of Hungarian girls who were flaunting their liberation from communism by translating that into money and power. That is not my way. I believe in love and romance and marriage and have faith in the great mystery of life that we all know deep down in our heart exists. While the Hungarian girls I had met did not care too much about faith or being a good mother or wife. Look I am a surfer dude (kind of) and I want nothing more than to be a good father and a husband. I left my career to be poor but with my family 24/7. I do not know why girls get so upset by the idea of wanting to make their husband happy. The center of my life is to make my wife and daughter happy. What more important job could there be in life.
      Now you are young and you might not agree 100% as the world has so much to offer and you do not want to deny yourself.
      But my message if you do not have to deny yourself. Get an education, travel the world, do a career, but know that when you have a family nothing is more important than that. I can not tell you how many girls think of a husband as an adjunct to their life rather than their prince being their true love.
      In contrast to this dream of love, to many girls, career is some summum bonum and real life long commitment to one man in the form of slavery.
      You Bia will for sure meet the prince of your dreams. If you have not already.

  30. Thank you, I have already found him, now for nearly 7 and half-year. You would be surprised how we feel when we see we are falling back at cooking, and the other one has a lovey-dovey relationship and a better cook or better at tending the housework. It’s not something we say out loud. But we feel it deep down.

    For example I always feel I should cook more, bake sweets, on the other hand others might envy my relationship with my boyfriend.
    Ofc money is ruling us, just watching the tv you see families are kicked out their flat because they can’t pay the loan. You can’t stop feeling that I don’t want this to happen to my family, I have to work hard, earn more money. BUT it doesn’t mean that our hearts will change, it’s just that it’s hard to synchronize the working life (and it’s about earning for living and not about career) with our dreams and possibilities.

    I’m not someone who goes to church, but I know what’s right and what’s wrong and I don’t want anything more than have a job which I like to do, and have my own family (2 or 3 kids)and lead a happy life, be a good mother and stay together with my husband till the last day.

    But there are obstacles, I still live with my parents, and don’t have a job yet. In this situation I can’t possibly give much to a baby, when the house is loud from arguments, so I still have to be patient and wait for 2-3 years to pass, till we can move into our own flat.

    So money is something bad but necessary in my opinion. For me, I can’t even start my marriage without it. So when you hear people complaining, or going crazy about money also check what’s in the background.

    1. I understand your feelings or at least I think I do. 🙂 First, people have to realize the older generation argues in their relationships. Our parents generation was like that because there was a high premium on being right. ‘I am right’ is a big thing with the last generation and it is mixed with pride. So they argue. But understand the reason, is they have never been shown how to communicate in any other way. Our generation is more peace and love and easy-going. I think it has to do with a shift in the collective unconsciousness of how people interrelate. I am not saying the young are better than the old, just different challenges. The old were more committed and took some forms of morality more serious but they were also more extreme and righteous.

      Therefore, you have a lot of kids at home who are living with their parents in an environment of arguing and screaming. It is emotionally disruptive to the developement of the children and adult children living at home because of school and economic reasons. I think it takes most people their whole 20s to get over the screaming and yelling at home, many longer.

      So like every young person starting out living at home has a non-monetary price. I did it and then I was out, then I was back as a boomerang kid. I often in jest tell people who the money you save on rent does not out weight the money you will pay to fix your mental problems later in life.

      About money, I understand also. However, many if not most Polish kids live at home with a family started. My sister in-law lived 11 years with her family and the child slept in the same bed with momma and tata because there was no money or room. They were able to build a house in those 11 years, but it was a long 11 years. Also the grandparents helped out with the child and the whole family is normal and fine. I know many people in Eastern Europe who live this way. However, I do understand your personal choice as I would not like to start a family living with my parents. Maybe my in-laws as I am not as toxically related to them. I think loving families like I grew up in, often have some toxic aspects. This is because nature wants the kids to fly from the nest.

      In the USA we just pay rent. We do not look at buying a flat like in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europeans all want their flat. I just want to focus on lifestyle and flexibility then if I am happy money will come or not come. Whatever God wants of me in life. See, if you are happy and following your path, I believe you make others happy and God will help you in the ways you need help. It may mean money or may not. My grandparents moved to America from Eastern Europe with no money and did not speak the language and no health insurance and they started a family and had eight kids for example. Everything was fine. Why do people worry about money so much? Really? Trust in God who is with us, but money.

      Never ever marry based on a man’s income potential. My brother was so poor at the start of his life he had little to eat, him and his wife had enough to get a hotdog, had nothing to wear but the same clothes everyday and a car that did not work no money in the bank and no apartment. Do you think she cared about that? She married him anyway. Now he lives in a beautiful house in London and Boston and also a huge place outside of Miami and sails across the seas in his handmade boat with him and his wife of 30 some years. They never cared about cash. They just lived their life. I have scores of other stories like that. I mean I was renting an 18 meter flat when I was dating my wife.
      My friend Pat rents a 32 meter flat with two kids and a wife at the end of some highway in Poland and they are happy. I can not agree that love and money are anything but opposites. The fear of loose of money or fear of lose, I understand. But this leads to the darkside.
      Better is to take an attitude that God will take care of me no matter what. I will commit myself to love. I know you do and really not talking about you but generally about this generation who have 1 child because that is all they can afford or delay their lives until they are 35 because they worry about money.

      So I think you have to finish school etc. But I think money in the EU is not the problem it was. You speak English, you can got to Norway or London or pick apple in Ireland if you had to. I would. I have a Masters from Trinity in Economics but I would wash dishes if I had to. I am not proud. In the EU you should not have to worry about money. I do not see any starving Polish or Hungarian children. If anything they are not getting a little chunky like their Western European counterparts. This is not Africa or even Ukraine.

      Money is everywhere and the ability to make money even more prevalent.

  31. Yes, and I don’t like the way you can sentence a whole nation. I`m conservative, I’m a catholic, but not a feminist, I don’t like divorce et cetera and my friends think these also. We have values, we want a good future family,we have morals, we are not liberal. (and I know it is nearly unbelievable but I love my country)

    1. I would love nothing more than the country of Hungary to be more this way. I mean the whole country is not this way and we are all different, but golly in my experience the social trend in Eastern Europe is starting to mimic western countries who do know see how sacred marriage is. Everyone I know is a single parent and that is all cool and all but it is not the ideal by any means. Thank you for writing this and I might revise my post if more people express the same sentiments as you.

      I truly believe in marriage and family. If you are an idealistic Hungarian girl you have more mystical power than you can image to conjure your prince from afar or near. Just realize that. Girls who believe in ideals are like guys who believe in ideals, the road is harder but in the long run life has a richer quality and your relationship will be happier.

  32. All this talk about Hungarian girls being the right choice has left me with no solid answer. I am 56 yr old US man who got taken twice by opportunist feminist American women (three times if you count the one I almost married).
    I am ready to search Eastern Europe for the woman who exemplifies the attributes that any sane man wants. That being commitment that does not falter, the attitude that the two people are team who are in the struggles of life together, and a woman who agrees that both people should rely on each other to share every aspect of their thoughts, fears, concerns and happiness without fear of rejection or criticising.
    Yes, to find a woman who wont bail out the first time there is a challenge, or when the money gets tight.
    To marry a woman these days for a man feels like playing russian roulette with 3-4 cartridges in the cylinder.
    So the question is which country would offer the best chance, or is there no clear favorite?
    It appears obvious that the best chances would be available in the smaller towns,but how small, and which ones?
    What about an organized tour to meet dozens of women in an organized setting? That scenario would appear to increase your odds but possibly these are not the right type of girls.
    Is Ukraine still an option? It seems to be the target of dozens of match companies and is apparently the home of numerous scam operations.
    I was thinking Romania, or Croatia since my grandparents came from Zagreb. It’s easy to beat this subject up but for a person who is getting ready to get on a plane in a month or so, some solid info would be helpful.

    1. My friend, I have got to be honest, meeting women for the soul purpose of a relationship is not really the way to be. I have heard may story’s of women from countries who take men for a ride, and then there are many who are genuine people.

      To be honest Thai women are ok if you find the right one.

  33. I have read through a lot of your articles and comments and can’t help but notice some kind of contradiction. You say women have a bad influence on western civilisation because they have some kind of hate towards men, when it’s the same type of aversion you have towards these women. Traditional feminists don’t have hate for all men, but for those who consider them inferior, as should any normal human being when discriminated. You do not agree with women arguing their superiority over men so how can you not understand this as an effect of was what happened precisely the other way around? Feminism has been around for so long, what about the suppression of women? It is only normal that after the unbelievable amount of plain right cruelty directed towards women in the past and present still, some of them feel hurt and not secure and are unable to trust blindly, which is a good, smart thing to do considering the circumstances.

    Also, I am Romanian, we are not light-headed but long-haired creatures of myth waiting for a lead to follow, as any other human being we are strong and looking for a man to be the strong man by our side. Don’t expect a girl to blindly fall in love with you and cook and clean for you or such, just because her Romanian husband would beat her til she cries in a dark corner and then force her to make him a sandwich after she’s finished anyway. fortunately times are rapidly changing for us too and indeed, you will find poor, uneducated women with low ambition, willpower or power of thought only by the countryside, but I must add, those are not that fairy-tale-like and pretty over there.

    Romanian, Hungarian, Swedish girls are beautiful but we have no credit for this beauty and some of us don’t take it for granted. Beauty is less important, please take into consideration this: the only reason why Romanian and polish and whatever women have not yet found they’re equal power to man as a human being is because we are still poor, uneducated, and everybody is taking advantage of it, so why shouldn’t men looking for obedient wives too right? Fact is not far from now we will become no different from Swedish or American girls or any girl around the world, I mean those of them with/without brains with/without beauty but most important of all with self-respect.

    Western type of behavior does only prove that given a woman her freedom and equal rights she will act no different from man, some will still embrace having a traditional family, some will look for partners to dominate or be dominated by and some will chose the popular way (amongst men and women let’s not forget) of enjoying themselves and leaving scars behind.

    It is most funny how reading thru all of the post, the only obvious conclusion is that men in their countries are more and more either rejected or disappointed by rejected and disappointed women in their countries, therefore reject or disappoint them, therefore go searching somewhere else. This has a lot less to do with nationality or culture as it obviously happens everywhere, but with the fact that men have found they can now be betrayed, broken-hearted, as well, and are in some kind of a shock, so some of their answer is to flee to some forgotten land and find some naive girl who has not been bruised yet by their society, their ancestors or human nature, and hide.

    1. There is a difference between the women’s liberation movement and feminism. Women’s liberation was about the right to vote, the right for women to be free and equal in society and choose the life they want to live, achieve equal pay for equal work. This was very important for our society. It was also about women gaining the respect they deserve and not to be seen as second class citizens.

      However, feminism takes on issues that have nothing to do with the genuine liberation of women and does so with anger. They champion such ridiculous issues like tax payers paying universal health care for contraceptives and worse terminating a life of a child not born. In other words, as I have to write out a check for over 2,000 dollars in taxes this week (really) and yet I do not have the money to pay for early intervention for my speech delayed daughter. While, some college girls is getting free contraceptives complements of my tax money. That is a real example of feminism in our society distorts values.

      And what is so wrong with women cooking and nurturing her family? Why is that so wrong? Men and women are equal, yet that does not mean I will be breast-feeding. Women have a special role on this planet to care for the next generation and men to care for their families. Why is that all bad?

      Look, girls can beat the drums of war with men and claim they are strong women (translation, angry demanding women) but my recommendation to guys that want a nice wife, why bother with these girls when the competition is so strong out there to find a good husband, why not just move on if you find a girl who gives that attitude. There are too many nice girls out there and are beautiful that are not feminist. In fact I think there is an inverse correlation.

  34. You always miss this point:
    “Don’t expect a girl to blindly fall in love with you and cook and clean for you or such just because her Romanian husband would beat her til she cries in a dark corner and then force her to make him a sandwich after she’s finished anyway.” – her point is: she won’t be happily cooking, she will rebel because her partner is not treating her with respect, she is humiliated, beaten ect.

    Every girl who is in love would cook for the man ect since they want to look nice and feminim to their partner. <- this is the most important sentence in my whole reply.

    But we won't do that if we are treated poorly, badly. We are not masochist. An other thing when men take these housework for granted and not lift a single finger to help and just simply expect the women to do these chores just like a job, women can get pissed off, there is nothing more horrible than fighting against huge piles of unwashed clothes, dishes which are reappearing after an hour, they (wives) will burn out after some point.

    1. I understand your point, but who ever said mistreating a woman. You take such extreme examples for some reason. I know that bad situations exists and the world should fight against the injustices against women.

      However, I know no man who treats a woman like that or woman who is treated like that. I am sure if I go to the bad sections of a city you have people like this but this is not everyday, educated, church going people.

      These are extremes that are dramatized on the evening news but the vast majority of people in this world are peaceful and respectful. Women’s lib has become anti-men.

      I do understand your point, that if you treat women with respect they will respond. People need to be shown love to be taught love.

      I believe in the world of Mr. Darcy, Mr. Wickem and Mr. Bennet, not some stereotype of some uneducated brute who is abusing women. I do not know about you, buy my friends hold doors open for women and do not swear and treat women with kindness.

      That being said I know a lot of women who are so in your face about proving a point, have tattooed, swear and would divorce a man if they are not happy, they live with their boyfriends instead of getting married and have children out-of-wedlock or worse terminate the baby if it is an inconvenience.

      What if Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, Lydia Bennet would like that? I think maybe working the streets of the East End of London.


  35. Sadly, I know a woman like this, I never thought this would be the case. We only got to know it after a half year after she missed lot of dance classes because she was too afraid of changing her clothes before us. She was afraid to leave that man because he would go after her and beat her at the bus stop, luckily she is over this period now, but it took her lot of time to leave him.
    I don’t really have tatood women in my close friends, swearing? well could happen if we are kind of pissed. Married? Not yet, since we are very young and don’t have an income, neither does the boyfriends.
    Not marrying? I know a person like this, she is madly in love with her “bf”, they have daughter, but the man doesn’t want to marry her, but they live together. The daughter is raised with lot of love. Someone once said you don’t need a paper to love and stay together till death. (In my opinion I would be more confident if I could marry, and I WILL marry in the future.)
    My friend’s exbf at some point started to avoid my friend. It turned out he was two-timing, not to mention he borrowed a huge amount of money from my friend because he was a lazy guy. That girl is very nice one, I don’t think she ever deserved that treatment, and now she had this experience second time. She is well educated, beautiful, have the patience of Buddha, yet his boyfriends (only 2 person) mistreated her.
    Don’t think that because you can’t see it it’s not happening, these are usually hidden from our eyes, because they wan’t to hide it, they don’t want to show it to the world. Sadly these cases are more usual than you would think.
    Ps: my friends live all around the capital, neither of them lives in the poverty, they are educated with minimum one profession and these things can happen, you may never know what the future holds for you.

    1. I am old fashion but I think a lot of women today sleep with their boyfriends before marriage are in hopeless relationships for years. There is a solution. Do not sleep with a guy until there is a ring on one’s fingure or at least intentions on both sides to get married. Why? If you have a child just get married. It takes no money, only a piece of paper. 100 years ago or less people had nothing and were married.
      Every girl I know has tatoos and swears. But the guys are players and expect to bed a girl on the first to third date. So I am not blaiming either gender I just believe that is girls did not give up their power so soon then they would be in a better position.
      I think the whole courtship process is messed up. Why do girls not see the signs and go for macho guys that are aggressive? I would not every hurt a fly. I am anti-war, peace and love yoga guy. My wife is very happy, I take care of her like a man. Why do girl pick such losers to be boyfriends? Girls are not victims they make choices.

  36. Their daughter is already 12 years old so this story is not really a today story. If she would still wait for marriage then she wouldn’t have a single child and now she is slowly approaching the age where it can become more complicated to give birth. Though she really wants a second child her partner doesn’t.

    About choices – they couldn’t notice these problematic things, because these men hide it in the beggining of the relationship just after some time they show their fangs, after that the girl has a hard time who loves this person to accpet that she has misjudged her beloved and this relationship won’t work because they are heading to a bad future if this continues.

    1. I hear you and I am not against what you say. As much as I warn men about the traps and pitfalls of wily treacherous women who ensnare them to be their wives, men are equally deceitful in different ways.

      There was a book called ‘Smart women foolish choices’. Let me tell you, smart women, doctors, artists, generally brainy girls make foolish choices. This is why India has arranged marriages or in the Middle Ages there were chastity belts. Women can be naive and although smart in other ways, make foolish choices in terms of mate selection. They do not see the signs that the man will be abusive, yet others around them see this.

      I can tell you in almost every case which guy is a player and which guy is real. Which guy is to be trusted and which is not. Maybe nature blanks this part of the radar off for women so there is reproduction. Or maybe women are not taught to wait for a ring and meet guys in church or the library. I do not know. Every woman can have as many children as they are physically capable of. It is about making wise choices in mate selection.

      Call me crazy but I see women choose wrong guys all the time, it is almost written on the men’s faces, yet the women ignore it.

      ex nihilo nihil fit – their fangs where there all along. I know if I were a woman I would discern these things early. I mean I have had to do this with women. Women are often the same way, wanting to suck the life blood out of you. However, during the courtship process, you can see the signs as long as you do not jump into bed with them too soon. Once you do that it is all over, the chemistry changes and women are often blind to the man. Before that they are thinking clear.

      No child is a mistake. So she is blessed with one and if this is all God will grant her this is life. However, if she wants more she deserves to have more if she physically can.

      Maybe what I write comes from my experiences also. I am the first to admit that I was scorned by women. Not for being a freak, but I was too nice. I was a geek reading Lord of the Rings and Chekhov and playing chess and studying the Bible, while the ‘cool’ guys got girls. I did not like watching sports, but rather would read philosphy and theology and discuss this with my friends on long walks through the woods. It was painful at the time to be rejected by girls, but I dodged many bullets. In retrospect I see those ‘cool guys’ were not so cool. And geeks like me make excellent husbands and fathers (tooting my own horn for a second, but it is to make a point). Women need to hear the message, be wise when making mate selection and the dating process.

      My wife when she meet me would not date me for a year. She ran from me in gave me such a hard time. The second year when we started to meet, she met with my friends and family and we went to church together and sure enough we have a peaceful wonderful relationship. We made the right choices based wise things like conversations about values. OK, maybe at first it was all about attraction but this is nature.

      I do not have all the answers but I think smart women make foolish choices and the way to prevent this is a courtship process that does not include ‘rolls in the hay’ and deep and long philosophical discussions about life and world view. I mean the meaning of life question needs to be asked and discussed and lived before I hook my wagon to anyone else’s star.

  37. I have lived in Hungary since the late 90’s and remember how crazy we foreigners were about Hungarian girls. It wasn’t just the looks, it was the whole package.
    Unfortunately as the years went by Hungarian young people have changed. I find that while 15 years age they had a unique culture, today’s Hungarians grow up reading american magazines and watching american tv series, and they have changed. While girls are physically still very beautiful (much higher percentage of pretty girls than elsewhere), most of them have to me just lost the charm and femininity they had back then. Many of them are rude, arrogant bitchy, or become that once you get to know them. Many are also very selfish and complicated, that’s probably a reason for the high divorce rate. Many of them are depressed and borderline psychotic. Some are still okay, but it’s become really hard to find a nice girl in Hungary, of course you can always find one that’s not so good looking, she might have a nice personality, but good looking and nice personality? good luck. In contrast if you go to the developing world like Asia, girls are still beautiful, simple and feminine, you can find a perfect girl in a second. This is my opinion living 12 years in Hungary and having had several girlfriends.

  38. Feel sorry for you Hungarian good girls cause you’re not so many. I read this post and I must agree with the Admin. Hungarian girls/women are not good girlfriend/wife material. I’m an American living in Eastern Europe since 2006 and I can definitely say that if you want a loyal loving girlfriend don’t focus on Hungarian girls cause it’s a lottery. If you’re a guy coming to Europe to have fun Budapest is ok, but if you really want to find someone for life you better choose Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria.
    I know some of you are upset about that, like any good American girl reading those posts but feminism is a sad truth/terrible disease of modern society. It’s bizarre cause, as I’ve been told, in all Eastern European countries the communism regime was trying hard to implement feminism for about 50 yrs but they couldn’t make it, but now under the western influence countries like Hungary, or Czech Republic adopted this behavior to easily, with no discerning power about good/bad things in life. In Hungary the divorce rate is very high like in any other western country. Being proud of the fact that Budapest is the European capital of film, being proud of film stars which show physical relations if you know what I mean, being influential women in society is a sign of rotten mentality among youngsters, sorry.
    I’m living in Romania now and as many of you may know there are lots of Romanian girls seeking sponsors all over Europe, the main big difference is that here nobody is proud of that, is a sign of poverty and it’s considered as being a failure of the entire society, that saddens almost anyone. A western guy still can find here a critical mass of good girls. From my experience the situation is similar in the other countries I mentioned before.

  39. Even here it’s considered shame to have the “most ancient job”. I don’t think anyone would brag about this. But since there are so many western men not linking us then they shouldn’t come here, I’m tired of reading these type of comments. *sigh* We have very handsome and good Hungarian guys here they will gladly accept and love us.
    I’m not upset anymore on those who say we are “bad like this, feminist like that…” I have become tired of this, trying to show that’s not the truth, I have written here manytimes.

    You don’t have to know and understand us Hunagrian girls, actually if you don’t like this you can move away as you did, we won’t be at loss or even don’t come here to look for love. Those who are seriously looking for a relationship at a good place (not at pub or a disco) will find their other half who will gladly spend her life with him, who don’t make an effort won’t. That’s all.

    1. Bia I hear what you are saying and I understand you, you should not have to defend all the extremes of society. You are a good person and should be proud of your country, after all Hungry has a rich culture.

      I myself think the picture of Hungry is painted a bit too one-sided. I mean I think there are many nice Hungarian girls, but the problem is not like describe about the world’s oldest profession, I mean that is everywhere. It is not something that is all over Hungry, rather, for a few that stand out; it is more that Hungarian girls are taking feminist ideas to heart and society is changing.

      Divorce being the biggest social indicator. I can not think of one reason my wife and I would ever divorce. It is not allowed and what is wrong with that, that is staying together and making it work like we promised for better for worse.

      Further, the increase of non traditional relationships like boyfriends living with girlfriends instead of getting married, and some with kids out-of-wedlock and some without. Why not just get married?

      Would it not be easier if people just got married, had kids and stayed married? I know it sounds boring but it is not. I feel my life did not start until I was married and had a family.

      How is my life boring? I live with my wife and daughter on a semi-tropical island off the coast of Florida and fly back to Poland from time to time. We have a great life that would only be possible if we see each other as a team. The team goes to Disney and the team goes to the beach and watches movies together, why do so many women think this is wrong and just focus on the reason why to get divorced and why not to get married?

      If the guy is the problem do not date him. Maybe I am being critical but I do not mentally understand it. I am an idealist and I married an idealist. Why can other people not do the same?

      Now my life is not perfect as I suffer painful health problems but in terms of life and marriage I am blessed and the people who have the same attitude I know are too. So I do not understand Hungarian girls that embrace modern ideas so rapidly.

      I am not writing this to judge but rather so people are aware of this and people in Hungry see their society and not take it the way of other more decadent western cultures have done in terms of dating. I believe it is through awareness that people change. I mean even me, I have a zillion faults and if I am aware of some I am empowered not to repeat the mistakes I have done. But in the end maybe I should focus on the positive.

  40. Dear Bia,

    I know you and other Hungarian good girls are upset reading those posts. I’m upset too, when I hear negative comments about American women even if I’m a man and I know it’s true. It breaks my hear seeing my country messed up. My point is that you don’t have to be upset against us, it’s useless. Men are men and I’m one of them. What’s extremely interesting about this site, and I want to congratulate the Admin for doing this, it’s the sincerity. The courage to speak frankly about some delicate issues; revealing a lot about how we are, how we think, and what we want as men. It’s not about understanding better the Hungarian girls. You want to have fun. Of course you do, no one said that you shouldn’t. No mentally healthy men will ever want to turn the world into a Taliban playground. We don’t want saints, we don’t want mother Teresa to be our wife. We don’t want women to be our slaves. We don’t want them to dedicate their life to diaper changing and washing dishes. We want you to have a profession and we want you to be fulfilled about that. But we want girls/women to do that without fooling around and dismissing the family values, in the name of freedom, we can help you and we can support you, because, as the Admin said, we’re a team. I don’t know how old are you and if you ever been to US. If you choose as a young woman to take the path of the so called liberated women that want to have fun and live their life freely with no responsibilities, later on, you won’t be able to stop anymore, and while you grow old changes are harder to be made, cause you’ll get used to it, it will become your second nature. And let me tell you a secret: men do have fun with women like that and they enjoy it a lot, but at the end of the day they just don’t care about them, they just move on like it didn’t happen.
    Someone said here it’s not about the country. I have to contradict you. Yes it is about the country. As I said before, I live in Romania and I have lots of friends in Cluj a big city in Transylvania where you can find a strong ethnic Hungarian community. And you know what? Those Hungarian girls are totally different of what I’ve found in Budapest. They’re serious, friendly and loyal.
    I see you’re good girl, so that’s the reason I’m telling you all these things. Hope you’ll make you dreams come true and I wish you a happy life,

    Good luck!

  41. Thank you I am a serious woman at the age of 22 who have dated the same man for 8 years now. I agree with being a team, but I’m not religious as I mentioned a few times here, yet mostly I have the same way of thinking as the Admin except about the divorce (there are serious cases when it’s needed in my opinion, and better for the body and mental health)and I see reality more harsher than him.
    And I only raise my voice because my environment is not like it is described in this topic.

    1. Bia, you are a girl of honor.

      I am not talking about you at all. Do not think so. However, I do think I have a clear view of dating.

      I do recommend guys to look for idealistic girls and girls who have transedence in their lives. I have been arround the block too many times for anyone to convience me that there is not a marked difference in the approach to life of someone who has faith and ideals and someone who does not.

      You are also relativity young and have your whole life ahead of you, so do not feel you have to make life choices so early. I am more talking about 30-year-old women who have no moral foundation and live their life without reference to universal morals or ethics. They are materialistic, self-centered, egotistical and are wishy-washy when it comes to being loyal.

      You are young and like a ship that has stayed close to harbor. I have been around the world and lived a lot of life. I would not date any Hungarian girl or Eastern European girl who was not idealistic and faithful because I have seen and experienced too much.

      I have seen many girls who are treacherous wafflers. These ladies, regardless of their beauty go from being your best friend to you worst enemy.

      People have a few kids and get divorced because get on each others nerves, and bad mouth their partner to their friends.

      I do think once life gets hard and it does, if you live without a strong faith storms will often wash away the foundations of your hopes and dreams after a few big storms, I find it odd so many people do not see that.

      Like Plato said ‘live with the form’, focus your life on things that are eternal, not the here and now. To not live with faith a belief in the Universal in my view is swindling out of your own life. The here and now you will find is one-dimensional and the sweetness of life flees with the naivety of youth, and like Sartre wrote about ‘No exit’. and the result is a life no foundation.

      With no transcendence I have noted mid way though life’s journey people’s ideals collapse and so do their relationships unless there is a unsual self-derived ethic.

      The metaphysical dimension, that is transcendence to something more, beforehand it was a accepted field of rational thought; it now is irrational and unscientific. Hence based on this realization reason repels transcendence.
      The One-Dimensional Man – Marcuse, Herbert

    2. You are a good girl and I do not want to offend you at all. This is not about you. Ok.

      I guess I see the world though my eyes like you see it though your eyes. I living in Eastern Europe for so long see girls who are either nice girls from the village and honor ideals or girls from the city that think they know it all and are more western than the western girls. If that is the case, men are better off finding a nice local girl from the USA and have half the stress. Some corn feed girl from the South with good morals and believes happily ever after. If you fly all the way to Eastern Europe, find a girl with no ideals like faith or at least is a Platonist, and fly her back home, you will wake up one day and find you are living with just another girl named Dorota (Dorthy) with fancy red shoes and expectations and a screwed up world view (Post Soviet girl from the Eastern bloc frm Hungry to Moscow) humanistic in theory, existential nihilist mildly guarded and one dimensional). You might as well get a real girl from Kansas.

  42. Who wrote this article? On how many Hungarian girls is this judgement based on? How can anybody say any general opinion about any nations? I am a Hungarian woman, living abroad. I know many foreign women, all of them are very different, no matter of their nationalities. This statement is obviously made by a broken hearted guy who wanted to find some evidences why he was not able to build a relationship with a Hungarian woman. There are very successful mixed marriages everywhere. It would be better to find the reasons why YOU failed in your relationship instead of writing an articles which tries to discredit all Hungarian women.

    1. Is Hungary the “country of Mary” any more?
      I have been meaning to rewrite this for sometime. Can you help me? This is not about all Hungarian women, just an observed social trend that is prevalent in many Western countries. I do not want to be negative at all. Maybe my view is distorted. It is just that I have found many girls from Hungary are liberal, they are more feminist than humble and have departed from the idea that relations are for marriage only. Or that the Bible is a valid prescription for moral conduct.

      If you can suggest a some ways I might rewrite this I am open. I basically am a happily married guy and believe many people have lost their way in dating, by embracing pop culture and lies of the media that shows happiness comes with amoral behavior and ethical relativism. I do not believe that. I am a Platonist and believe in ideals like Love, Marriage, justice, and equality. I think Mortimer J. Adler wrote about these ideals.

      What I have experienced living in Eastern Europe was many but not all Hungarian girls have turned their back on Regnum Marianum Hugary which means the country of Mary and now are more feminist and this is not good for stable healthy dating and marriage.

  43. I’ve been reading this site periodically because I like to lurk.

    To all you Hungarian haters: I have good friends in Hungary that I’ve known for 14+ years. They are kind, loving, honest and loyal. I wouldn’t betray or abandon them for any reason.

    Their language might be difficult to understand but so what? It’s lovely to listen to, and has a lilt to it which is charming when spoken softly.

    They are a beautiful people with a proud history and a lovely culture. They are mentally strong with bright minds.

    Before you denigrate or generalize about an entire society, go live among them for awhile. Walk in their shoes, and try to see things from their point of view.

    Disclaimer: I’m American born to French immigrant parents.

    1. Nod, the main argument here is not against Hungarian people or women at all. I think they are a great culture, rather it is the trend in their country for the women to become feminist and non-traditional. There is nothing wrong with that, in a humanistic sense, yet it can lead to a lot of pain and suffering in relationships, subjectively speaking. Therefore, I recommend guys looking for a traditional wife, not a “modern strong woman” look elsewhere or at least be careful these Hungarian women you date are not on par with other western women in terms of cultural liberalism to be understood as marriage is not forever or career working girls somehow as important as mothers and wives. Both these ideas are against what I would consider family values and and optimal relationship.

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