How to pick up girls

I used to be a skinny geek who was afraid to even talk to a girl. I am married now to the woman of my dreams. The purpose of this post is to explain the basic idea of how to pick up girls.

The most important thing is to ignore most of what is written on how to meet and chat with women for dates.

Why? They are written by either general advice columnists who just needs to fill their blog or by sleazy guys with a very primitive approach and advice about how to seduce girls.

What do girls want?

It depends on the lass. There are women that are into meaty motorcycle guys with tattoos. Then others go for guys that are skinny, shy, bookish and religious. There is someone for everyone.

Is there a way men should be in relationships?

Many feminists will aggressively tell you that it has to be an equal partnership, but this really means the female is the boss and the relationship will fail 80% of the time. On the other hand, men will tell you, you have to be the boss and they have simple rules to follow. This is also not great, as it is artificial and not about love but about control with the origin started in insecurity.

What do you need to pick up girls?

In my opinion, the only thing a man is needs to have to pick up girls is courage, the rest is an open book.  You need to have confidence and courage to talk to a girl.  That is it.

If you want to chat with someone, just walk right up and start talking. If you can not do that try online dating until you have the courage to pick up girls in real life. If you do not know what to say, they speak your inner dialogue, that is what you are thinking.  Say ‘hi my name is Mark, I am a student and basically I am painfully shy. I am so shy I do not know what to say, but I think you are beautiful.  I love literature and art and travel and France, give me a chance.’  Say anything as long as it is with courage.

I knew a guy who sold books door to door. If he knocked on 100 doors in one day he would sell 5 books.  If he knocked on 300 doors he would sell 15 books.  He said the person who collects the most ‘no’s during the day sells the most books.

Therefore , if you want to pick up girls you have to be a ‘no’ collector.  You have to collect so many ‘no’s from girls that it does not matter any more if you get rejected.  Courage not, looks or sense of humor or brains or anything else wins girls.  Every advice column says the same thing, “girls like guys with a sense of humor’ etc.  Wrong.  The way to chat and meet girls is ask 1,000 out and no matter who you are many will give you their number.

There is someone for everyone in the world.  Even guys in jail have girls fall for them, or guys that are very feminine have dates and get married. Boring guys often have hot chicks.  It does not matter. Just ask out 100 girls in one weekend.  Even if you get slapped and told you are a freak, be like Hawkeye in the “Last of the Mohegans”, that is fearless.

That is how you pick up girls. See I believe God makes each person special and unique and there is one person for everyone. I have seen it with my own eyes, the skinniest geeky, nerdy, pimply faced guys get better looking girls then meaty ‘alpha males’. In fact, I think it is almost the rule.

Where to meet girls
Clubs, parties, internet all places if you look for love you will find it. Some people even meet in Church. More place, the street, bus, museum some place that is in open day light and normal.

What do girls really want?
A boyfriend, marriage and kids.  This is what both genders want. It is programmed in us via deep biological evolutionary hardwired brain circuitry. Any female that tries to tell you otherwise is either a liar or has psychological issues as it goes against natural law.

Why do you keep getting rejected?
Girls reject guys for many reasons just like you do not want every women. But  basically it comes down to finding the right one.  When you do you have to win her heart and fight for you and storm her castle.  If you win their heart you will have love.

How do I know I have found the right one?
The right one is a spiritual connection and you feel it in your heart. Sometimes it takes time, or other times you know it in a flash.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. In my opinion every one should achieve their dream girl by obtaining their aim in life. When you reach on high level then your dream girl will herself search you.

    1. I think Malik is right on. If you concentrate on your one reason for living, your “calling” for lack of a better word I truly think- if done for the right reasons- God will take care of you. It always happens to me when I least expect it, when I’m trying my best to do something good for other people they eventually seem to fall on my lap. When I’m concentrating on what is most important to me. Sometimes you don’t have to storm the castle, sometimes it’s just happenstance.

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