How to chat with Russian girls

What do you want to do chat Russian women on the web, web cam or chat them up on the street? Here is my advice. Do not extrapolate any experiences you have ever had in the West with American or UK to the Russian female. I do not know what you have to do but deprogram yourself.

Imagine a Manchester United soccer (footballer) coming out of a tavern in the evening and seeing a beautiful girl on the street and making a crass approach to hit on her. In the West he would get a nasty look and the girl would walk away. Well in Russian the ‘hey beautiful, (insert a cheesy line) would be taken as a complement and the girl would want to talk to you.

This Russian gal is actually in the USA, but the same ideas apply to communicating with her. Find websites that give you an avenue for communication and converse on with high level humanistic conversation.

The other approach is to tap into their classical education. The Russian education system is still a legacy of the Soviet Union’s focus on a classical education, that is literature, history and humanities. I think this is one of the positive aspects of Eastern Europe. The people are exceptionally cultured and educated. Everyone I know has a Masters in some liberal arts profession. If you can hold a conversation for any length of time on the subject of art, history or literature, you will have an in. If you can speak some Russian you will have an open door. It is actually better you speak poor to moderate Russian than a native speaker as you will have an advantage of being a foreigner which will be perceived as exotic.

Scientific methods for online communication and pickup

Ok maybe it is not a science but here are some ideas. There is a chat system that people use in Russia.  It is there ->    it is AREHT in Russian.  But basically its the chat system for  If you use this you will be able to chat with all the Russian girls you like.  And these are real Russian girls.  Russian girls looking for guys and not connected with any dating service.  You can also try free dating services, as these girls usually want to get married now. Try a few free dating services and my recommendations I have outlined all throughout this site.

  • I would also use and ICQ both popular in the CIS.

The main idea here is to chat long enough to get their mobile numbers and then it moves to SMS or texting. If you ask for the number to fast you will spoke them and they will run. Girls are like ducks, when you are feeding them you have to be very shy and passive yourself. Let them come to you and trust you. If you come running at them with a piece of bread they will run away. Instead, engage one in conversation. Preferably over several nights online over several weeks. Then ask if you can bring the chat to a cell phone. Do not call them, it is far too invasive. You need to stick with texting, then move to IM+  an instant mobile messenger. I would try something like Nimbuzz,Vodaphone, Optus From there when you have a level of conform you can move to video chat like Skype or Voices.

Learn Russian and you will be able to get chat with Russian girls only Brad Pitt could get. Really.  Brad Pitt can not speak Russian.  But if you can, even a few words of love, then wow. Russian girls will be impresses.  Think about when a girl can speak English but as an accent.  It sounds great.  You will be like a movie star.  I call this the Hollywood effect or like Jesus says, a prophet is not respected in his own town. It will make it easier to chat with Russian girls.

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  1. hey everyone…
    m looking 4 a nice girls to start a new relationship…

  2. Hi I would like to chat with a Russian girl for a real relationship.

  3. Hi I would like to chat with a Russian girl for a real relationship.

  4. I would like to chat with Russian girls. Chatting not on ICQ but with real Russian girls.

  5. im sport romantic man
    i liev in cairo and i work in airline company in planinig department
    im realy looking for russian romantic girl for serious relations and marrige

  6. If you are looking for a russian girl, then you should learn russian. if you’ll know this language then you can do it.

    1. I was thinking that last night, the easiest way to get a girl interested is learn a little of her language. You do not have to be an expert but at least some of it and you will have little problem getting a Russian girl. It will make you seem exotic, like foreign girls who speaks English with an accent.

  7. Admin, Ukrainian and Russian language are same thing right?

    1. Yes just like German is the same language as English, they are related but not the same.

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