How to chat and talk to Russian girls

How to talk to Russian girls

I am 100% Slavic or Eastern European but also born in the USA as were my parents. I live now in Eastern Europe.  I think I have a good perspective on how to talk to Russian girls as they are different from Western girls.

How are Russian girls different

Russian women like the direct approach. The best way to meet a Russian girl is ask directions or just start talking about anything or recommendations where to go to. Then ask them what they are doing in Moscow, are they are student or do they work.  Ask them ‘if they would be terribly offended if you asked them for their cell phone number”.  Or just skip the sms and ask them if they would give you a tour or on another day go for a walk in the park.

American girls will think you are nuts

I do not think American or western European girls would even consider this, they would label you as a stalker or a nut.

Russian girls are different because they want to get married and have children. Basically every Russian lady wants to find her love.

Remember anything you experienced with western European women or American singles has nothing to do with the reality of Russia.  Those Western chicks would not last long in Russia with their crazy superficial and snooty attitude.

Talk romantically to ladies from Russia

Use Love Phrases in Russian,  talk about Russian romantic literature. If you really want to get the girl and you feel she is your destiny, tell you.  Any guy that says this to a Russian women will get an ear. She will listen to what you have to say even if she has a boyfriend.  Tell her how you think it is strange that you meet her and you have been looking for her your whole life, in your dreams.  But only say this to the one and only girl of your dreams not to every girls walking down the street.  But if you feel it go for it.

Do not lose courage in Russia

I am painfully shy, painfully. I went to an all boys school.  I am still shy in life but with women I realized if I wanted to meet the woman of my dreams I had to go for what I wanted, take no prisoners.

I did. And I got my beautiful Slavic princessa.  When I first saw her I thought she was too beautiful to talk to me and so I walked away.  I am so thankful when I saw my wife for the first time I did not lose my courage.  In fact I first walked away and the went back.  This is what you have to do if you are on a trip to Russia,Ukraine or Poland.  You have to say to yourself ‘life is short and your dead a long time.’  So you can not afford to lose courage.

Unlike in the west you will find your love in Russia, it might take six months. But the only guys I have ever meet that did not find the women of their dreams in Russia were guys that were players themselves.

Western girl chat and Russian girl talk

American girls will talk all kind of non sense to you and ultimately care about how much of an ‘alpha male’ you are.  Are you bringing in the big buck and walk the talk. In Russia girls are wiser, they are about love.

Is this fair? No, but here is the good news.

My friends who married American women are unhappy, the ones that married Russian women are very happy.

Russian women cook, clean, take care of the kids support you emotionally and will be loyal (I actually think Ukraine and Poland is better than Russia in terms of loyal).

Therefore, focus your conversation on love, Russia, languages, culture, literature. In Russia these are metaphors for intellect and sensitivity and this is what Russian women want to chat about to feel like you are marriage material.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I want to find my love from Russia or anywhere in the world. I am a good man who likes work sport listen to music.

Ahaha!!! You’re so funny!!! I’m a Russian girl. And I think your attitude to our girls is a little obsolete. Love… what’s love?? The major thing is how much money you have and how much you can give. And of course all Russian girls want to leave Russia…

Nicki, at some level you do not believe what you wrote. I know it. If you found your prince, someone who made the moon appear in the sky and the stars shine at night for you. Someone when he holds you it feels like you and him are the only two people in the world. Money would not matter and you would think it is a dirty thing and should never be mentioned in the same breath with love. Someone that would totally conquer you. Someone where you do not have a choice other than to say, I surrender. ‘Our greatest fears are like dragons guarding our hearts deepest treasure, waiting for us to be bold and beautiful.’ Someday your prince will come. This is what not what Russian girls want and it is not how your talk and chat to Russian girls but to all girls, because it is true and every man at some level wants to be the champion for his princess. It is not a lie it is true and you know it.

Once I have had a chance to make my childhood dream real and I went to Petersburg. You may ask why did I dream it too long; the answer is quite simple Dostoyevsky and his novels.

I’ve so many times fell in love with his characters like Sonia who loves Raskolnikov to death. I had a pleasant travel indeed I still love Russian culture since we adopted too many from them. We wouldn’t have even tea without Russians in Turkey. Anyway as a result I have figured out I am actually in love with Dostoyevsky 😀

Best wishes and regards to all Russians with or without money, with or without love you are good, creative people.

I felt the same way. Russian literature enchanted me many a long cold winter nights when I went to an all boys school in New England and all I had to do was dream. I had no Internet or computers only books. I loved Russian literature and the characters to this day live in my imagination. When I went to Russia for the first time I realized why it was such a dreamy place. It is like a country on the edge of the world, beautiful and lonely and romantic. I really love this type of atmosphere.

You believe in pure love. It’s very good. But this belief can lie to you… Love plays the main role only for 1 or 2% of girls, I think. They can tell you that love is all they’ve ever wanted but it’s not so. But now we talk about Russian girls, well, if they want to marry Russian they will search for a rich man which can give her all she wants. If Russian girl wants to marry foreigner she hope he will take her to his country and also give her money. Russian girls search for better life so many of us want to find a foreign husband. And you want to find a housewife which will bring up children, cook, clean and so on. You forget that women want to make career and be successful in life, too. They don’t want to be behind the shadow of those husbands. Anyway it’s my mentality.

p.s. sorry for bad English

Nicki your English is fine, but I disagree with Russian girls wanting to find a rich man and leave Russia. Most want love. And the ones that do not want true lifetime love, really want love but are afraid it will be all wrong.
All my friends married to Eastern European girls stayed in Eastern Europe and taught English. I think girls dream of travel and excitement but by the time they get of age to marry they want someone who will love them. I teach English and I have many students who are ‘career women’ who are very unhappy they did not focus on finding love. If you marry for money it is the hardest way to earn it. If money is your god, there are easier more direct ways to earn money from a guy than marriage. Look Russia is a large beautiful country. I am an American but I would live there. In a global economy it does not matter where you live or your education, it matters what you do with your life.
Career is the most boring meaningless thing a person can do. It is corporate serfdom. Working for some stupid boss nights and weekends. Love is the only thing in life, it makes the world go around.

MY GOD!!! How can you tell Russia is a beautiful country???? Russia is an awful, dirty, poor country!! I know it better than you, I live in Russia! You know, Eastern Europe and real Russia are absolutely different things. And I tell you again Russian girls want to leave Russia, want to find better life!
You know I can’t imagine you are poor, I think you don’t need in anything, you can buy almost everything you want while women in Russia save last copecks to buy some food for her children. They wear the same clothes for ages! That’s why I told your that career and money are very important. And I want to say that people don’t live in Russia they servive there.

p.s. admin, I think you’re hippie, aren’t you? 😉

Hi I am not a hippie I am a business guy. I am American but my grandparents came from Ukraine. Like I said you can get rich in Russian, Eastern Europe or America. It does not matter any more. It matters more about your creativity. No job is going to make you rich, even if you move to Moscow. But if you learn to be creative you can think of ways to get rich in Russia. 🙂 Russia has everything you could imagine. Including beautiful girls.

меня ваши комментарии задели. это вы всерьез пишите или в шутку? это я к nicki обращаюсь.

You’ll never convince me!! Europe isn’t Russia especially Siberia where I live. Your creativity doesn’t matter here only your money…

Creativity matters in Siberia. Why can you not have a web company there? Why can you not move to Moscow? Siberia is a beautiful, exotic. A very fertile place. There are a million ways to make money. And love never has anything to do with money. And not all Russian girls want money. Most want love.

NO! Love plays the second maybe even the third role after material succeed. And you have never been in Siberia! If you want I can show the photos from my dirty town. Siberia is a big dark hole! Why do you think the convicts were sent in Siberia many years ago??

You are not a victim in life. You are not your typical Russian girl. You see yourself as victim. The Russian girls I know study many years and move to the city to change their life and they do. You can move to Moscow or St. Petersburg and get a basic job and work your way up. Most people in the USA do not start making money until you are in their 30s. Many people in far off lands like Siberia make lots of money. It is all according if you use your imagination. Life in your ‘dirty town’ is 100 times better than life 100 years ago. And 100 years ago people married for love. Love is all or nothing. Did you not see slum dog? People in India are much poorer than you and they marry for love. Do you not believe in God and the real meaning of life, which is love?

For making real money you have to have useful acquaintances. For getting an education in the university you or your parents have to have money because free education is only for exempts. Of course there are some free govermant places in the university (only about 12-16 and more of them for exempts and often these “exempts” are fake) and it’s amazing hard to enter to the free place. And without education you can’t get a good job. I’m not a victim I’ll do my best to become successful and independent.
God… God didn’t create people, people created God.

Nicki, Stalin and Lenin taught the Russian people that this is the way you get ahead, by connections and you will get a good job to give you a better life.. Stalin and Lenin taught the Russian people that God was created by man. Stalin and Lenin were very stupid men.
To make money all you need is an idea. You do not need capital because you have intellectual capital. Intellectual capital will always be worth more than friends or a job.
About God. There is a complex stratification of reality. Just like a mouse can not learn to speak Russian so a human, no matter how great their mind is, does not have a brain large enough to penetrate the ultimate reason of this universe. Why there is something and not nothing, why is there anything at all. If time has no end, how could there be a beginning. So many Russian girls are post communist Russian girls and they do not question their understanding of the world, but rather take what their parents were taught by Lenin and Stalin type people as true.

This “intellectual capital” is the greatest invention that a human being has ever made. I totally agree.

Oh, don’t tell me about Lenin and Stalin! They were crazy, I think. And I know nothing about what they taught. I just see a reality.

Nikki is a smart Russian girl. But no way would we ever get married. Not possible as I am married to the girl of my dreams. My wife is my princess, the one and only for me. 🙂

Nicki there is European Russia and Asiatic Russia. European Russia is not that much different from Eastern Europe.

You should know this.

Hi Guys ( admin and nikki)

I m also a Russian girl and actually I 100 % agree with Admin. Nicki, it’s all about you and your attitude.
You can not say for all the girls in Russia.
And actually, Admin- you are right: there are tons of ways to earn money here and have your life settled.
As for money, yes, it’s important but it has nothing to do with love or your job.
Creativity-that’s what matters.

In a global economy people get paid on creativity and intellectual capital which transcends boarders. Valentina, thank you for seeing this. I know. I am an American living in Eastern Europe and if you are creative you can make it anywhere. You do not need to be a corporate serf in the States to achieve something. And my grandparents where from Ukraine and they found love with no money in Eastern Europe. Love transcends all. This is why I say if Russians or western guys fall in love with a Russian girl, it does not matter where they live or what they do as long as they love each other.

Hi every one…
Sorry for my English…
I read every comment here, in my search for a way to meet Belarus or Russian girls I find this site.
Well I must say, in a way , every single one of you have right… money, love, position in life, family…all that it´s important for a human being.
I´m from Chile , a very distant place from you but we are the real best economy in South America, we expend years in training our minds and ways to fix in the international community, we almost don´t have death in childhood , we almost don´t have an alphabetism, we have a strong economy (the resent world wide economic crisis do not affect us much)…but we lost something in the way…we lost the capability to love, I have 34 y.o. and my generation and those who followed expend several years only in university training, it`s common here , like me, have 2 or 3 careers in order to complete, I personally have 2 engineer degrees and a Master…but we care our selves so much for be “managers” “business man and women” etc.. we forget how to really love, I´m single without kids like many of man and women here. Several men and women here are trying to connect them selves with that part again , we search around the world for people who still have that capacity but also people who wants a better life , progress in life, better way of life. We are so far it´s difficult to us to know people from Russia , we know history, we know the kind of women they are, but How to meet them? I would like to meet Russian girls. How to contact to them? it´s simple to go there but you can´t stay there for 6 months in order to meet someone…
I invite to you all to help as to recover that we lost and of course to come to Chile an visit a very very beautiful country, with bast deserts , incredible clean forests , greats cities an powerful mountains…our summer begins know, subtropical weather , great sun and beaches…we are many who can invites you as guest in our houses
take my word…we are third world, right, we are not a rich country, right…but we are brave, very proffesional and intelligent people , kind, and loyal…you won´t repent to help our people to meet yours!!

regards to all of you

Have you tried the websites I recommend on my blog like and Also girls from Chile are very beautiful, however, if you like Russian girls it is easy. Sign up for the websites I recommend and start chatting with them.

Hello Dear Admin
I am guy 25 years old from Egypt , I am work as geophysicist engineer in oil and gas company , I am happy with my work but i am travel most of my time according to my work . I am really wanna to marry an Russian or Ukranian girl to make happy lovely family , but i don’t know how i can get her . and how I can bring her to Egypt . I want her to live with me in my home country.
thanks for your time
I hope you can help me to find my wife.
kind regards

Try not to think of the idea of marrying a Russian or Ukrainian girl as much as finding the person for you. Your other half not matter there they are from. If you start from this position, you will have a better chance of finding her. I would try some online resource I have recommended on my site.

Hello Everyone, my English is not very good. If you have any questions about communicating with Russian girls you need to ask the Russian can help you. I am very interested to talk with you so write to help than I can. I wanted to say that La girl NIKKI or as it is there it does not matter very much and lied to so strongly do not treat her very true.

First, thank you very much. I guess my first question is what is your perspective on Russian girls? Nikki’s was rather, it is all about money and opportunity. I do not see it this way. The Russian girls I know personally are very normal humble girls and do fine with their life and are not looking someone to free them, rather they are looking for a connection that could be love. Maybe I am wrong, but what is your view?

I think Nikki has fallen to her own limitations. Love versus reality,,,,hummmmm. Our dear Nikki has just not been shown the light yet. It’s a wonderfull thing, but reality does play a part in everyday existence. You just cant get there from here without any money. Chin-up Nikki, I’m sure that sooner or later you will find whats missing in your life and all will become clear.

As far as the western vrs european or russian debate is concerned. Western women are much more into status and the bottom line than any lady I have ever met in eastern europe or russian areas I have been. I will admit that my time in Bucharest was a little strange. How can I say,,,, almost stuck-up. But the friends I made in Moscow we’re all from the direct aproach. And for god sakes, theres beautiful ladies EVERYWHERE you look. And like admin said, dont go being a creep. Just be natural and talk to her like a human being, not a movie star. Russian ladies are a very smart crew, if you come off like an idiot, then expect to get treated like one. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Oh, and one other thing,,,, it always helps to put forth some effort in a little local knowledge and language.
Good Luck

Bravo Nikki! 🙂

I was much impressed by your insights and your way of expressing them! Rarely do we see truth spilled out so effortlessly, as if from a force of nature.

Isnt it simply so that everyone wants to love and feel loved, but the world around us can make us stray?

And Admin, you are doing a very good job being diplomatic! 🙂

You guys are great!


Hello all,

Somehow I found this wonderful website and all the posts are very interesting. I will be coming back to this website everyday.

But I agree completely with Nicki and her thoughts. Whatever she told is the reality. I am from India and nowadays girls who live in metro cities here prefer money or the guys career.

But still there are people here who lives in villages who prefer real love. But nowadays money is the king. If you money you can get everything in life …… almost.

Warm regards

With money you can get everything but love. With money you can get everything but health. If you marry for money it will bring you unhappiness, almost a curse, its karma.
Love is the only thing in life that brings happiness, trust me on this. With love you have have everything and more than you could have ever imagined.
My brother married a poor girl and he was poor himself. Now he has millions and millions of dollars. He has always said he was just as happy poor as rich. The only thing that brings happiness is love.
All if not all my friend where money is their god is unhappy. I do not care, I am not my brother’s keeper, if that is what, money, you want to be like, knock yourself out, go ahead, but remember you only have one life and if you make that mistake, you could be unhappy and suffer, I do not wish it at all, but do not say you were not warned. Marriage is about love not money. Live is about love not money.

Thanks for the tip`s. I was married for 2 and a half year with a beautifull woman. She was was the best thing that happens to me in my life until know (she was a gift from life to me). Unfortunately she died a year ago at a very short age… I am sure that I am not going to find any women like her in my country, so I put my eyes un the beauties of East (the are like an angel race). I will put on practice what you say, I was chatting with some women and really they are totaly different from women here. And I am agree with you that they seems to be wiser.

Dear Admin

I 100% agree you! I’m 19 from Canada and my Russian lover is 26 years old and she only loves me because of all those things you said.. at first i thought she is too beautiful(and older) to like me but after a while everything went well and now she loves me and i love her too. And when i read this, it totally made sense to me.. but i had no idea about it before reading this.. i was just being me!!

Hey there, well I am studying in Russian university now and I speak not bad Russian, Recently, I met a Russian girl who I think I am kinda into her. In fact we have only spoken one but we keep contact in vkontake. Also, she show her interest in me. B womenut do Russian fall for people who looks like Chinese ? I am mixalaysian Chinese but I look a little like Chinese.

I think it depends on the Russian. But truthfully I think if you have self confidence it should not matter. In fact you should always take your perceived fear or weakness and turn it in to your strength with girls.

I personally agree with Nicki, as I have been to Eastern Europe many times, both as a tourist and working for an NGO, but what you see as a tourist is that everything and especially the alcohol is darn cheap. Women are beautiful, people are poor and there u are as a rich foreign man, attracting young beautiful women.

Let’s be really honest: now you guys are really superficial – you screen for her looks and for her obedience to you. Isnt that superficial and old-fashioned?

I have dated many girls while travelling through the many coutries I have travelled and believe Russian women are the most beautiful in the world, BUT I look for more then just looks, looks are one thing, but personality is so much more important to me.

And yes, I have heard many stories of many western men who went to the east looking for love and came home with a broken heart and a few thousand euros lighter.

It’s no longer as after the fall of the Soviet Union, but still there are a lot of poor people in Russia and eastern europe. Go to the villages & you will see poverty….It’s not what you want to see, but plz for the love of God respect everyone!

Karma people, Karma! Listen to yourselves!

I live in Eastern Europe and go to the villages a lot. Some are poor, just like small town Mississippi is poor or Alabama. But many people in Russia are rich. Anyone person wanting to advance goes to the big cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg. If you stay in your small town living at home with mother and father, the opportunities are less.

Hi Admin,

I am in love with a Russian girl for last 2 and half years , we met from and at first she was not knowing English well,Thus I translated from English to Russian my each chat messages.It is still a good memory for me and by GOD’s grace, I have all the chat history from our first day so we find time to read it once in a blue moon and it will be more wonderful if we could read it while we are old.

I have been in Dubai for last 5 years and I visited Russia many times and my passport is full of Russian visas :). But I have been fighting for a work permit because I want marry and live with my beloved. I tried with some agency regarding my work permit but they cheated me by taking 1500 dollars. Now I took one year multiple entry visa and we are planning to get married soon.

I want only one thing from you is that please advice me what business I can do with a capital of 15000 to 20000 dollars in Russia. Because I want to settle in Russia with a business by that we can live and save little for our future generation.

Russia is a beautiful country too, People who think and say bad about Russian dirty roads or villages need to understand that there is 2 sides for a coin.

There is no country which is perfect in all.There is a reason for all.People who blame on other’s and on countries, should think well about themselves first.Russia is a largest country and sure there will be more bad roads and villages than other countries.

That is a nice story and I wish you luck in your lives together. You can do many businesses with that capital. I think it depends what you like to do day-to-day. You could do something easy, like open a kiosk or a chain of kiosk or a restaurant or you can do something more cerebral like an IT outsourcing or job recruitment company. It depends what you like, but in my opinion is if you are frugal that is enough capital to start a nice trade in Russia, legally and honestly.

I`am from russia. And I`m a girl = )
Я из россии. И я девушка.
Я играю на арфе и пианино. Я слушаю британский рок. Кто хочет пообщаться – пишите мне на почту.

Wow you play the harp? Many guys would love to meet an Angel like you. Who are you looking for?

Nikki is lying to you. Russian girls are wonderful. Nikki can do some sort of ___ from Germany! Do not listen to her. Sorry for my English.

Russian girls are really wonderful and most are very sweet. They are educated and have a good sense or morality. Where are you from in Russia?

Hi I am talking to a very beautiful girl from Seversk Russian, how do i know if it is a scam? I have heard of girls talking to you and then they ask you to get them to America then they marry you and then divorce you so they get an American Citizenship……..

Any Advice?

Tell her you would not mind living in Russia or you have no money. See if she is a church goer or how honest she is by the way she reacts to hypothetical questions.

hello admin, I am wondering what is your name why you chose to live
in Russia?

My name is Mark, I live in Poland as I am an EU and American citizen. I travel to Russian and Ukraine and spend a lot of time there, either renting an apartment or just traveling. Why? Even though I am very American, my grandparents came Ukraine and Poland and so I always had an interest in Slavic culture including Russia. I love Russian history, music culture and everything. It is a magical place. But again I see it with different eyes, almost a romantic vision, not an economic one. However, I have friends that moved back to Russia to make more money than in Boston. So I think Russia has real economic opportunities also.
I think you can make money and have a happy life no matter where you are. I live in Eastern Europe and, thank God I have been able to do OK.

Well, my Russian wife was a wonderful girl until she became Americanized. 13 years later I had to put her on the curb.


I need more details to determine what the cause was objectively. You left her? Read my post on getting a girl you will see what I wrote. If your Russian girls is not deeply and authentically spiritual, then when you bring her to the USA, you will soon find yourself with just another pouty Kansas farm girl, with a nice pair of designer shoes.

Been reading up on these comments, every single one of them, I find them.. rather interesting.. But you know.. cant say everyone is the same, we are al lcreated different in some ways.. Nikki could be one of the million that are different, but I do say, everything Mark has said, has been on the DOT!

My Russian soon to be wife in 5 weeks, found me on Facebook, you can check here

In November 2009, I came to see her in June 2010, and moved here December 2010, and now live here, and I must say it is a beautiful country no doubts, and like every country, it has its ups and downs, some pretty, some decent, and some bad, so flash news, that goes for US, EU, Japan, Russia, everywhere! But I live here, and we both see the same eye to eye, it is all about love, I mean yeah things are rough, as far as job goes for me, but we dont let money affect our love

Things are great here, and soon I will get my Residency Permit, and begin to live here!

She is everything I could ever ask for, me and her are like 99% the same person, which goes to say, your other half is somewhere in the world, mine was 5000 miles away!

To Mark: As far as a job goes for an American, what is a good idea for me? Teaching english? What should I do?

Hi everybody.
The topic your chatting about is interesting.
But i have doubt that may give the following fact:

Niki is not a Russian. or at least one of your parents is not.

I am sorry for that, but it’s my view.

My name is Monika, Iam from Moscow.
I’ve read what you guys have been discussing and I wanna say Nikki is right at some point cause lots of girls here think the same, especially if they are good looking…they want to have a rich husband to spend his money and enjoy life as much as possible….the whole LOVE thing isnt worth much nowadays…and if they face the choice of what is the more desirable for them Love or Money Im pretty sure they would choose the word that starts with M lol
but I must say NOT ALL the girls in Russia have thrown feelings away from them….There are some who still wait for their Prince to come and they can spend years for it to be happened.
I can speak for myself that I DO believe in Love and I would never exchange it with all the money in the world…but the thing is that I cant find it…..unfortunately
I don’t know maybe my criterion or standarts are way too high but I always happen to have only one side love….I mean I want to feel it myself but I never could….Its just men are not like I paint them in my mind….I wish I could find the man I want to belong to one day….
So back to the business! lol The point I wanted to make was Nikki had voiced the current situaton very truthful and accurately…but there is always exception from any rule….:) And me is its living example lol
Have a nice day guys it was a pleasure to vent a litlle…:0

Monika from Moscow, thank you for the comment. However, I think you have it all wrong. The exception is the girl that wants to marry for money. I know many girls from Russia and few to known would do this or at least disproportionally less than in the West. Moscow is also a business center so you will have more of this, but it is not Russia.
If you have not found your prince, expand your search. I married someone from the other side of the globe. If you expanded your possibilities to anywhere in the world, there is not way you will not find your prince, someone who will turn your world upside down everyday, in a good way. Money could never buy this. I know many a women who married for ‘love and money’ who are unhappy today. I know no women who married for true love that are unhappy.
Have you considered American dating sites by the way?

1) Be confident 2) Approach 3) Speak. 4) Remain confident. 5) Enjoy

I like the direct approach. I have made all my friends this way. Then again all my friends are genuine and very intelligent for where we are. I’m too direct here and i guess it creeps people out but i’m not creep. What else am i supposed to talk about? air!

I would say that Nikki and Monika are quite right, but I think everything what is written here could be related to people from all over the world. Me as a citizen of Bulgaria isn’t so easy to live from an economical point of view, but there are thousands of examples to show you that as much money to have you always can be alone. Because if there is a real love you can do everything for your beloved. But if everything is build on money only – forget about it. You will just living in a fake “loving” world. I can’t understand most of the dating sites at this aspect… How is possible someone to decide that you aren’t the one in condition that you haven’t any dialog with him. Okay, you can talk some time and then decide, but just to say “NO” is quite unacceptable. I hope nobody of all girls thinking that Leo Di Caprio or George Clooney will create an account here or there to looking for some fun. Nobody is able to know everything without any experience. So, such ladies which looking only for money deserve to stay alone all their life, to taking care about their white hairs and wonder why Santa or Ded Moroz never brought her love and happiness. I’m sorry if my words sounds rough, but it is a truth. I also want to improve my social status, but I don’t looking for old lady with millions in her bank account. It is quite bad and unmoral.

I have been talking to and dating my girlfriend for a while now, we both wish for me to move to Russia, and to get married and start our family together. Why is it so difficult to stay in Russia for an extended amount of time, as in, I want to live there, with my wife. If there is a less stressful way to go about obtaining Russian citizenship please feel free to elaborate for me. I have read I need to know the native language also, all we want to do is be together.

Five years of living in Russia with a perminant residence card will get you a Russian citizenship. I think the key thing is to focus on getting a visa not a citizship. You can get this if you are married to a Russian citizen and are in good standing and have your documents in order. It is no harder or easier than the USA for example. It would be good to learn a little of the Russian language, you do not have to be an expert, just learn it a little. Focus on vocabulary.

I love Russia so much because of Anastasia of the Taiga. It seems tempting to and easy to go over to Russia for women but I believe in responsiblity for the place you grew up.

Anastasia (books: Ringing Cedars of Russia) gave me my life dream: to create a Space of Love. On it, one hectare, build my own house, water supply and grow all produce. Start a family life.

I really want to learn Russian and visit Russia. I am not so interested in Moscow because I want to see the country and the people there.

Wow you people are all so amazing and I respect all your veiws. If you believe in God but are poor or want change in your life you can do it. Remember your Maker loves you and wants happiness for you so please remember to pray about it.

Also, if you do not believe belive in God, I love and respect you to! Find within you that spark of life and positivity that can change your life. There are plenty of wonderful people in the world who are atheists but do great humanitarian work in the world.

I love this girl at home in Sydney Australia, so if our lives branch in different directions I will definitly give Russian girls a try.

I love acting and I play the flute and dancing. I love to express myself.

Thank you, I’m an Atheist and i very much appreciate your acceptance. I have a driving force within me to be the best person I can be. Constantly improving.

I also respect your belief in god. Continue what you are doing. Your on a good path.

So for some reason I fell in love with Russian woman, And not just the woman but everything about Russia. The people and their history. And I started talking to Russian woman online just to get a feel for it. And even started reading and writing Russian.

Anyway so I was trying to do some research on Russian woman and i found this site. I must say it has been a whole heap of help. I read every message from the andim in 2009, until 2012.

So I met this Russian woman online and she is absolutely perfect for me. And I am planning on going to Russia in a couple of months for work And she wants to meet up. But my problem is now after reading Nikki’s message is that how would i know if she only wants me for money?

I have been hurt before when it comes to woman and money. So I want to ask for some advice please. When I go to Russia should I act broke and see what she says? But I am afraid she will be mad at me for laying.

Any advice would help.

Simple solution, you do not have to act anything. Be yourself, but screen her for if morals are of the highest standard by real observable action rather than words. I am a Christian and I would date only church going Christians of any denomination to be honest. They have to be church going also and know the Bible and have a prayer routine. If you are a non-religious, it is more difficult as morals are relative without the Absolute. Girls might be nice and say they are good, but what does that mean. They might subscribe to some humanistic ethic, but that usually allows and the end leads to divorce if the woman becomes ‘unhappy’. Women of all nations but brought back to the US, and ten years latter, think this way, and so do American born women, unless they subscribe to a higher ideal. sometimes you find extreme ethical atheists, but most people are generally spiritual or agnostic and this does not lead to marital bliss as marriage and love is from the Divine. Without a base of morality that transcends the here and now, Nietzsche and the existentialists would be right. Fyodor Dostoyevsky addresses this in his novels, especially Crime and Punishment.

You could say you are poor if you like and that could work.

Personally I do not think someone who is Christian who studies the Bible means much these days. One of cousin used to brag about having relations with many women and he is pretty a hardcore Christian when it comes to study and knowing the Bible. Even his own father is far from a Christian although he goes to church, prayers every single day. He is headed straight to you know where but he does not know because he can not follow Jesus teachings.

I think the type of music a woman listens to and her physical relations and behavior and the way she dresses speaks volumes. Spending minimal amount of money on her and see if she sticks around. Any woman that truly loves a man will not obsesses with money. My own sister who is married isn’t like the typical woman spending a large amount of money on herself.

Hypocrisy is easy to spot, and this is exactly what Jesus taught against.

There is something called consistency of values and behavior. That is, if someone goes to church and lives a prayerful life, for example, you would expect them to behave different.

However, because we are human the world is full of hypocrites. This was exactly what the teachings of Jesus pointed out. Fortunately that is the exception, that is the hypocrites are less common than the rule, that is the good people. Even you see this. You can spot a hypocrite a mile away, they stick out. Most church going, active people are gentle humble people in my experience, and I have gone to chruch my whole life.

That being said the majority of Godly people, I would say 100% are imperfect. A Godly person is a person who is striving, for goodness, rather than someone who is already there. It is human nature to fight and struggle against the dark side. I think the most dangerous people are the people who do not see this struggle of the light and dark and are all cool about everything, I can assure you, as life goes on they will be put to the test. This translates to a higher probability of divorce and hardship for you.

Being a good person is about walking the walk. I write this often. Show me a prayerful woman who is walking the walk, and this is the one you want to marry.

Taste in music change as does style. These are very transitory external factors. Look at Lauren Daigle with her super cool sensual almost hippie like style, if she was not a Christian her life would be a mess. But because she is she is someone striving and and falling and trying again to be a better person.

Interesting talks and discussions. Personally, I like Russia and would like to visit the place one time. The people, according to my relatives and parents, Russian people are nice and amicable.

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