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Why I know about meeting girls in hotels

I was the director of a luxury resort hotel. I feel I write with some authority about my observations with girls in hotels. I was also a consultant travelling and living in hotels four nights a week.  I also travelled the world as a player (not reformed).

This article will answer the question, how to meet women in hotels based on personal experience, and some theory.

Women want to relax and unwind on vacation. This is the place to meet your future wife.

Mate selection and hotels encounters

The question of mate selection and why humans mate is at the center of any conversation about meeting women. Women choose men not just on biological needs to reproduce but, on achievable psychologically complements ( Reference Dr. Carl Gustov Jung). For a counter reference I recommend this reference (The Strategies of Human Mating by Prof. David M. Buss American Scientist – Vol. 82, No. 3 (MAY-JUNE 1994), pp. 238-249).

However, in the short term women choose a partner to satisfy some psychological  curiosity or fixation.  An underlying theme with women is they want to feel liberated from societal restriction and fulfil some daydream that they carry with them. Travelling and staying in a hotel in a foreign city allows them the opportunity to do this with some anonymity. Rarely will they tell their future partner about this.

Women want to meet a guy in a hotel room,  just like you want to meet a girl.

The purpose of this article is to give you some ideas where and how to meet women in a hotel setting when travelling alone. Further, what type of girls to meet and those to avoid.  I am recommending women for long term relationships, but this can be a start.

The most important thing to meeting girls in hotels

My most important recommendation is try to dress as good as you can, think BrooksBorthers.    If you can not afford such clothes, dress like a cheap male model, but dress. You have to.  If you want to meet women in Hotels you need to look the part.  You have to fulfill their dream. Dress for success with women. Make it a study in life on how to dress well, this will get you virtually any girl you want. Better than being an Alpha or an investment banker, or a gym rat, just dress well.

Oh just because you look the part does not mean you should be meeting girls in 4 or 5 start rated hotels. Meet them in 3 or below for the best quality of women.

couchsurfing to meet girls
Is couch surfing how you meet girls? – What is couch surfing? You stay with locals from all over the world in lieu of paying for a hotels.  Usually these are students Gen X and Gen Y (millennials). Once there is an idea that is hip, everyone on the web starts writing about meeting girls while doing the coachsurfing or Uber. Unfortunately this is more hype than reality, too awkward and not the intent of these sites, you do not want to get kicked off of them for hitting on hosts.  Do not ruin things for poor travelling students.

Better would be:

Hotel lobby – If you are thinking about a “random” encounter in the hotel lobby or elevator, use your pick up targets sparingly.  That is scope the girl out and look if she has a ring or why she is ion the hotel.  If you think she is worth it go for it and try small talk and meeting latter.  Since Hotel security watches everything you do not want to use up your three tries on married women or women off the market emotionally.

Women in adjacent room or joining rooms  –  Never happened to me but always had thought about it.

Women from the same company, but on a business trip – Only if they are not married.

Stay in youth hostels –  The place to meet women in Europe on a shoestring. I have seen more love connections here than anywhere,  University students travelling and free spirits but with a little money and cheap professionals.

Go for low cost/maintenance women who stay in motels or youth hostels

Hotel and airport bars – Women in their 30s mostly in my experience travelling as a consultant. Women who are travelling on business or who are 100% single. I think Airport bars are better than hotels. You have to be well dressed. My recommendation is BrooksBrothers clothes only. Women having the international man of mystery fantasy are going to go the best dressed man in the bar.

Hotel Swimming pool – The best place to meet women for your day game. Women read a book or cuddle with their mobile phones and drink a glass of red wine.  Ask them what they are reading or get basic information of why they are in town, then ask them to “maybe’ connect latter. Always use conditional words like ‘maybe’ because women do not want to commit immediately, at least not with me. Maybe is a yes.

Women you can see during the day by the pool you can check their legs for cellulite and fat that would not be apparent in a club or they hide with clothes.  After all I am talking about a long term love connection not a pick up. You want to marry a woman that is not a coach potato, but lean and toned.

Go to the hotel pool with a book, a real book, so you are not stressing about your laptop getting stolen and a book looks and is more sophisticated then simply your smart phone. Bring a book so time is not wasted, as scoping the area might take time.  Also sit in the shade. Nothing looks more ridiculous then a sunburned tourist picking of women.

Tour buses  –  Sit near but not next to the person you want to chat up.  Simile and let them come to you.

Do you homework – Research what type of tourists are going to your destination and configure your game plan accordingly. If you are going to Dubai or the Middle East as a tourist, go for Russian women.

Whatever you do, try to lay the groundwork with research online and connect with online dating before you travel.

If you live in a town where tourists go even better, this is your home territory.

Shops around the hotel – Day game. If you are hitting on women in the hotel shops themselves it can get uncomfortable as hotel security has too much time on their hands.

Think about what you would do as a woman on vacation. Go to shops that girls would go to but, men could also go to. That is you would look funny in a 100% clothing store or yoga studios.

Hotel Cafe – Only 50-50, maybe because women drinking coffee is like men checking the business new, it is a functional things they just need to do to relax in the morning. In contract in hotel club they have their minds on something else.

What I see in my hotel lobby as a hotel manager:

  • Old ladies –  because young hot women can not afford hotels.
  • High maintenance women – On the other hand, there seems to be an endless stream of females guests who are done up, young and beautiful that parade around the lobby with their significant others. They look like runway models with long legs that taper from wide swivelling hips. They pretend to be a character from the Great Gatsby or something. Now these guys do not pay these women to escort them on their trips, but watch out. To be with a woman with high expectations has a cost that exceeds any ‘money for relations’ agreement. Mentally make invisible any girl who has material expectations or combines, even subconsciously, love and money. The purpose of this post is to recommend the types of girls in motels and hotels you want to get and how.
These girls look too rich for my blood. Kind girls mind you, just with the coffee and sunglasses and expensive dress, too much for me. Jeans and a t-shirt is more my style. I mean go for expensive girls but you are on your own.

If you are a single guy I do not recommend any luxury resort hotel to meet women.

The girl on the left seems better than above for dating. Although there are still some warning signs like over processed hair, much more in line with the idea of frugal and simple tourists.

I recommend meeting girls in cheap motels and guest houses. Sound shocking? Let me explain.

What to pack,  nice clothes, toothbrush and a smartphone. That is it. Travel light and stay in cheap hotels to get girls.

Pick up tip no cologne or deodorant – I do not use deodorant rather probiotic soap or sandalwood so it does not block my pheromones and work out (could be yoga) so your testosterone is secreting messages.

Why cheap hotel girls are who you want to marry

Any girl who is in a hotel that costs more than $59 dollars a night in any hotel in the world is a girl who is not worth the trouble for one reason or another. You will pay for expensive girls one way or another. Every guy knows there are high maintenance girls and low, please choose the latter if you want a life.

The equation is simple only hit on shapely girls with good values. A hot chick who will not hassle you. But will be a good mother for your children. Think about it. If a girl has a bad character this will affect your future children.
  1. Hot girls have no money – It is a fact that women in their twenties statistically make little money. They are just starting their career, and choose careers that could accommodate a break, for marriage and raising children. Why do you see so few female commercial airline pilots for example. It is a choice. Most girls in their 20s, you want to target for a mating, are university students or in some low paid respectable human service profession like teacher, nurse, lab worker.
  2. Girls that stay in nice hotels – Girls that have money in their 20s and even 30s are suspect – If you see a girl loaded with cash she is won a prize, a corporate shark career girl, doing something bad, or has a boyfriend/sponsor. Only the first is someone I would date. When travelling for pleasure, you do not want a resort with a concierge. Further, if travelling in the Middle East, you want a girl friendly hotel if sharing a room with their long-term girlfriends or fiancée.
  3. Take a girl to a nice hotel and you will have a fight on the trip home – Guaranteed – When girls have money in their hands too early their higher Maslowian needs are not actualized and their reptilian brain dominates. Even if you have good intentions to impress or surprises a girlfriend, do not spoil her with a trip nice hotels. There will be an argument at the resort or on the way home.  Do not spend money on girlfriends, spend them on your wife when you are married. Girls brains can not process the good life or an influx of cash out of the context of marriage, it is like a candy or cupcake that is just too sweet. I have experienced it and seen it in my hotel, trust me, take your girl to a cheap semi-run-down motel and life will be an adventure.
  • Who has more fun? The couple of driving across America in jeans, t-shirt and cheap sunglasses, in an old convertible and staying in cheap motels and eating in diners or the couple who spends the same amount on a few nights in luxury hotel where you are a cash machine.
Meet student girls or girls in their 20s with no money and low expectations.

I have met a lot of hot Russian university students in cheap hostels and lodgings, never seen one in a fancy hotel. Bed and breakfasts are for uppity American girls. I remember talking to some Russian girls in Istanbul who were spending 4 dollars a night for a bed. Go for these chicks.

One trick to get girls e-mail and mobile numbers in hotels without asking

I am not recommending this but, some guys do this; while in a hotel Internet cafe, girls on vacation check their e-mails. Glance over to the adjective computer screen and memories their e-mail address and write them. Me I think it is better to chat them up, ask for their cell phone number and meet them latter for a tour of the city, but it is an idea if you have no courage. I can not recommend it.

Business traveller temptations

If you are a business traveller and see working girls in the hotel lobby, I highly recommend you go back to your room and pull out a copy of Gideon’s. I have travelled as a consultant and an adventurer all over the world and you do not want to go down the road of hotel call girls. Even if that is why you are in town in Dubai or Amsterdam, there are a lot better place to meet females than local Mafia controlled hotel lobby ladies of the night.

Where I work – my wife is in the photo

Another temptation for business travellers is being in close proximity with women, like in elevator or at the hotel bar or pool. It just opens up the potential for spontaneous physical intimacy. My advice is resist these women. Go for poor humble girls staying in cheap hotels not business women companions. Like in the George Clooney movie Up in the Air you will find it an empty life.

What can I say? I have been there done that, and the road will Karmically lead you away from your true love. That is why I recommend the strategy of finding a girl of noble character.

Best not to ask for the mobile number of the girl working in the hotel until you are about to leave as it will make it uncomfortable for you if you try to pick up other girls in front of her.

Girls in discos and hotels are great to date and marry

The hottest girls are doing walking tours, in discos and hotels, cheap ones. Just because you meet a girl in a cheap hotel does not mean she is not nice. My wife and I were in Crimea and there were many kind girls with their friends doing harmless sight-seeing and would love to meet a guy. Just make sure they are of good morals and do not care about money, start ratings, your job or credit card, do not fuss over the conditions of the room and are grateful.

Do not go to the wrong place to collect girls phone no.

Cpt. Renault – What in heaven’s name brought you to Casablanca?
Rick – My health. I came to Casablanca for the waters.
Cpt. Renault – The waters? What waters? We’re in the desert.
Rick – I was misinformed.

– From the film Casablanca 1942

Girl alone on a walking tour. Note her nice shape, because she walks and does not insist on pricey guides.

Best countries to meet good girls in youth hostels and hotels

  1. Ukraine
  2. Poland
  3. Russia
  4. South America – Peru and Chile and Argentina are my first choice
  5. India
  6. Pakistan
  7. Italy
  8. Greece
  9. Quebec
  10. UAE – Dubai
  11. Istanbul
  12. Romania
  13. Bulgaria
  14. Eastern Europe generally
  15. Mexico
  16. Thailand
  17. China
  18. Morocco
  19. Spain
  20. The South in the USA or the South West
This is what I am talking about, in the USA I would stay in a hotel like this, you will meet nice corn fed girls on driving across the country in their pick up truck and just make sure you get their number before your paths depart.

If I was single these are the countries I would travel to and find girls in hotels on vacation or at least collect a lot of mobile numbers so when you return you will have a list of girls to SMS and start a rapport. What do you think?

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. Do you even find wealthy looking girls attractive? I agree with you that I would marry a poor girl and never a girl who cared about money, designer clothes and other materialistic things. But sometimes those highly fashionable, materialistic looking girls look better than poor girls to me. Sometimes. I think I have been brainwashed by American media into liking processed looking women. I know that they are fake and that they don’t really look like that behind closed doors. But sometimes I’m helplessly drawn to them. But natural, unaltered beauty is what I love most in my heart and that is what I want for a wife.

    1. The best is to find a girl with natural beauty and make her your wife. Once she is your wife you can buy her designer clothes for fun and she will look better than any girl you see on the street. If you go for a designer clothes girl she will be a very expensive maintenance as this is just the tip of the iceberg. She will want the whole lifestyle or at least aspects of that lifestyle.
      For example, will these expensive girls cook or will a large percentage of your meals be from from a restaurant?

      My very beautiful wife cooks every night for me as well as irons and cleans and our places looks and feels wonderful. You want to create beauty not buy it. Americans (I am one) like package deals. But good women in a whole package of being both non materialistic and strikingly fashionable in an expensive sense do not exist. You have to find your spiritual soul mate who is not materialistic and be the one to spoil her and take care of her.

      I recommend you date some of those eye candy women and see how it goes, after a few credit card paid dinners or cafe meetings. Look I have been there, the truth is not found in the beginning or the end but always the whole and the details like price of clothes and fashion at a young age speaks of the whole.

      Or live like I did in another country for a while and you will deprogrammed as to conceptions of beauty. When you return you will be completely immune to materialistic American women style and go only for the hot girls who are attractive without the fake style.

      But just because someone is rich does not mean they are bad or poor does not mean they are good. There are many poor girls from Russia who are scammers and rich American girls who dedicate their life to charity. Just be aware of their attitude toward material wealth. If they are borderline I would not personally consider them.

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