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The purpose of this hot girls post is to ask the question: “where are the hottest girls in the world”? It is a question I have set out to answer.

However, this is based on my broad, but nevertheless limited experience with females, and I need feedback . Please leave a comment on this hot girls post.  It is more a work in progress and  I would consider revising this list.  Therefore, please leave a comment and enjoy the hot girl photos.  The ladies here in these photos are all good girls despite their sensual images.

Hottest girl – Polish girl in a field.

Hot girls in the world

The purpose of this post is to give a simple list of where to fine the hottest girls in the world.

This can be of some use to you if you are a guy, and some passively interesting information if you are a women.  You get to see how a man thinks when it comes to how men think of about women. I tried to be straight and honest and tell it like I see it.

This list is very subjective.  Therefore, do not be offended if your country is not on the top of this list as the hottest girls in the world.  However, if you can come up with a reasonable argument why they should be moved up on the list then I will consider it.

Hottest girls in the world list

  1. Ukrainian girls
  2. Polish girls
  3. Romanian girls
  4. Indian girls
  5. Pakistani girls
  6. Arab girls
  7. Argentinian girls
  8. Brazilian girls
  9. Belorussian and Russian girls
  10. Asian girls

Lets look at each of these countries and the rational that I have given for why which country has the hottest girls

Hottest girls list -Polish girl

Hot girls specifics

Ukrainian girls – Ukrainian girls are undisputed the hottest girls in the world.  Like the Beatles song goes ‘ oh those Ukraine girls really knock me out’.  Long legs and innocent faces, hyper educated well mannered.  Few is any amount of tattoos (the tattooed American women is a trashy look), do not swear, generally act like women.  This is hot on a girl.  That is, manners and education and refinement.

Further, they are not going to tell you how wrong you are in your life.  Rather they respect men if you are worthy might even see you as her hero.   A girl that does not hassle you is a hot woman. A lady that sees you as her champion is the hottest girl from a man’s perspective.  This is what you might find in Ukraine if you are a true prince.

  • Ukrainian girls grow their hair down to the small of their back like a proper lady should – this is hot.

Ukrainian girls are a mix of Slavic but also about a dozen other races mixed in because they are  the boarder land between Asia and Asia minor and Europe.  They have Ancient and modern people mixed in depending on the region.  Therefore, you can find real blonds as well as dark erotic brunettes.

These girls are into exercises and nature. This is great if you want a cheap date.  You can take them walking. However, this is a side point.  Ukrainian women are fit and this makes them hot females.

A Ukrainian girl who is a 5 would usually would be considered a 9 back in the USA or UK.  Take a trip to Kiev or Crimea or Lviv and you will see what I am talking about.  The best thing is these girls want to meet you.  They are normal.

The hottest thing about these girls is they want to meet and talk to you and date you.  Unlike in the USA you need to drive a land rover before you get a hot girls attention.  What a twisted sense of values the west has.

Ukrainian girls are excellent cooks also and take pride in the fact that they want to make you happy.  Don’t you want to make a girl happy?  Yes, so is it too much to as for a hot girl who wants to make you happy and does not hassle you?

If you want a super hot chick to does not hassle you consider a Ukrainian girl.

Girls are hot in Ukraine and have a gothic beauty as in this image

Polish girls – These girls could be number one  on the hot girls list, however, are generally not as open as Ukrainian girls for foreign marriage as they are looking for a nice good boy to take home to their traditional Polish family. However, these are cool chicks.

Polish girls dress is more like Western girls so might not be as exotic as a Ukrainian girl. However some believe Polish girls to be hotter than Ukrainian. Its  a coin toss, you choose and let me hear feedback.

Some younger Polish girls in the last three years have been gaining weight as the new found prosperity is being directed toward excess consumption.  Lets hope this trend does not continue.

On the other side older Polish girls age well. This is because it is a cloudy country so many of these girls age very well as they are not  exposed to too much sun like Mediterranean girls.  Mediterranean girls are often like a fruit that ripens early and look great at 22 but by the time they are 40 they blow up, in fact many of them can not wait that long.

One the downside Polish girls is they like to impress and show up, if they have been in London or the USA.  It is the worst combination of both worlds. They are beautiful and snobbish. That is Polish girls in the west can become a snob, but not always.

Romanian girls – Again people will argue Romanian girls are the hottest girls in the world. I think this topic is better discussed on my Romanian girls post. Please see my post and the comments on Romanian girls.

Indian girls – Marry a Bollywood movie star or model.  The average Indian or Kerala girl from the village looks like an Indian model if you put some western clothes on her and lipstick.  Indian girls have  natural diet and healthy living.

Ayurvedic lifestyle and most are vegetarians and live a clean  good life. In my opinion healthy balanced and natural is hot on a girl.

Not that it matters, but Indian girls are actually cousins to the European girls.  They are Europeans that came to the sub Asian continent and some mixed with the Dravidians.  However, their facial structure is clearly Into-European, high cheekbones narrow noses.  There is a huge premium on density and Romanticism with Indian girls.  I belied in this also.  I believe in one true love and destiny.  Indian girls live this, so this in my opinion is a highly desirable trait.

Indian girls are another group that is super educated and speaks English and traditional. I think they generally looks best when they are in their 20s.  Because it is a sunny country and a lot of UVs I do not know if they age well. If you like dark and exotic than Indian are the hottest girls for you.

Pakistani girls – Great as Indian girls however, the culture is a little more closed as it is Islamic.

However, the upside of this is they will be loyal to you all the days of your their life.  This is nothing like American girls which have a very high flight factor.  Pakistani girls will stay with you. In contrast, American girls will get married to a rich guy, then focus on their kids and belittle her husband.  She will begin her attitude that her husband is an idiot, and this will spiral into an attitude of rebellion and victimization. Pakistani girl will not do this.

Arab girls – Some guys put these girls as number one.  The Arab girls from North Africa like Morocco or Tunisia are very open and modern women, relatively for the Islamic world.  So they are not as strict, because of the proximity and connection to Europe, as say Saudi Arabian girls. Hot climate but not too hot blooded where they will go crazy on you.

If you are Islamic not a problem, however, if you are from another religion, you will usually have to convert, which is a problem if you do not feel it. These women do not drink or smoke or pollute their bodies like American women for example.

Argentina girls – Very hot girls, but the problem here is they are chained smokers and a little flaky.  When I was renting an apartment in Argentina I would saying their smoking was the biggest turn off.  Girls that smoke are weak.  It is a neurotic habit maybe that goes hand in hand with their flakiness. Argentinean girls European girls in South America, many natural blonds there even.  Even with their bad habits they are among the hottest girls in the world.  I would say their average rating is an 8.  You go there an an American you will still experience some of the Hollywood effect.

Brazil girls -Certainly have a reputation of being sensual and wild but the truth is these Portuguese girls (because of the Papal line of demarcation) mixed with indigenous people are beautiful and many are not amoral. This is contrary to the impression the festival gives you. These girls are affectionate, warm and friendly.  Girls you can actually talk to.

Belorussian and Russian girls – These girls are from girl have suffered a lot from bad government and hard life, however, have perhaps a higher numbers of blonds than even liberal Sweden. On the other hand Russian girls are amazingly beautiful girls.  Even with their bad habits like smoking since they are generally 8s and 9s it does not bring them down too much in terms of ranking.

Russian girls are best in Russia. Warning if you take a Russian girl to the USA for example, out of mother Russia I can give you no guarantees.  Anything goes, as they can quickly assimilate to western ways and can even become gold diggers. Most do not, but just make sure you fall in love with a moral one.

Asian girls – I think many guys would put Asian girls from Japaneses to Chinese to Malaysian girls as number 1 on their list.  I would say this is such a huge generalization that it requires separate article as discussions.  However, I put them on my list because it is a broad stroke of the pen. Asian girls age generally pretty good.  They can have youthful looking skin even in their 50s, but after that they tend to look ancient more often than not.

Hot girls on the beach photo

Conclusion on my hot girl list

This is the way I see the world. However, if you think this hot girls list needs revision or help let me know via a comment. If you think I see the world of females clearly let me know also.

Published by Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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  1. Admin,

    The Brazilians are mostly Portuguese among the White population, but they mixed with indigenous natives and African slaves. And there are other European groups in Brazil like Spanish, French,Italians, Polish, Russian, and German.

  2. How can you make men think that they only can choose certain counties of women? It’s the personality that counts, not the outlook. And all women haves their own beauty.

    1. All women do have their own beauty, but certain countries have different custom and social patterns and eating habits that might appeal more to different types of men. I am on vacation in the USA right now and I can not believe all the women here chowing down and packing themselves with junk food. These girls are not hot in my view. I am in Florida right now and many southern women are charming when it comes to small talk but there is no way, I would assume that a long term relationship with them would be anything close to happy. I was standing in line next to one at Disney and in 20 seconds she told me she was a PhD and all her career accomplishments (yawn). She said she was married, so I asked her if she had kids, she said no way, her career was too important right now. Is that hot? Not.
      In many western countires women are often programmed into thinking, to take care of their man in the way he wants to be treated, stay at home with kids, cook most night, to be thin and beautiful for their man is something bad. What is wrong with being a thin and attractive girl? Every woman can be and it is a win win as it is healthier. In my opinion, a hot girl is a women that knows how to be a women not a man. I believe there is nothing wrong with that.

  3. “a hot girl is a women that knows how to be a women not a man”

    That is true. A woman should act like a woman. This does not make a woman weak. A woman is weak if she tries to be “one of the guys”. Those type of woman are unattractive after some time. Cool to watch a game with, but not something you really want to “play” with

  4. Admin.. I hear you.. American women are a lost cause.. They are immersed with their self-righteousness. To them, being hot is a thing you do in college before you get your degree. After that, its all about making money, promoting your image and seeking out financial prowess and a false sense of achivement. Women in USA are workaholic overachievers and have no sense of family, motherhood or respect like they had back in the 50s. American women are a dying breed, along with the many women in Western Europe who put their career and public image before God , family or their husband.

    These women will eventuallly become extinct, do to the fact that they tend to not seek out motherhood. Look at the birth rates amongst Anglo women in USA, Germany, England, Sweden, etc, you will see they are declining at an alarming rate.

    I am sick of the feminaze she-men that are roaming around. Most of the women get fat and ugly once they leave college, because women’s bodies cannot handle stress like a man’s can. Men also tend to handle stress better and can maintain healthy body and heavy workload better than women, for the most part.

  5. Yonatan,

    . Like you don’t know anything about Europe.

    all Of Europe has low birth and population rate. It’s not just the Anglo Northern nations, but allL of it. It has been like that in Europe for the last fifty years.

  6. Spatula why don’t you grow up and talk like a man. Why the h-ll do you resort to insulting people? We are not in grade school anymore, so if you disagree on a subject, you may interject with your opinion. I won’t waste my time to conversing with people who act juvenile, using stupi d names.. Your mother taught you some manners back there in Romania I hope? DO you talk like this to people face to face or only behind the safety of your computer?

    I know that Europe has a low birth rate. You are not telling me anything I don’t know. I was the one who brought up Italy’s low birth rate in an earlier post.. Its just that the Nordic nations, along with most of Western Europe have the lowest birthrates. I have studied birthrates around the world and I am well aware.

    The nordic countries are amongst the lowest.. THe only reason the birthrates appear as high as they do, is that the large immigrant population in the country throws the percentage off a bit. That is the case in USA, where most white women average 1-1.5 child per household, whereas the mexican population averages 4-6 childern per household.

    Germans in general are rather stupi d, the women don’t have children if they have jobs and if they have children they don’t work. And, since Germany is a nation of career minded women, there population is dwindling to nothing. They days of the olde German housewife are gone, but their mindsets are still backwards.

    Swedes, Finns, Dutch, Anglos (Brits, Scots, Irish), even Russians are conforming to standards of women being full-time in their careers. The only reason birthrates may appear higher in many of these countries is due to immigration. France’s birthrate certainly cannot be believed, with a 20% middle eastern/asian population.

  7. First of all, in Russia and all of Eastern Europe, women do BOTH career and family(if they have one) of course. This has always been the case SINCE communist times. Communism stressed women to work as well. Aside from culture, it is economic.

    If you want woman to stay at home, and do nothing, then you are retarded. It’s all over Asia too due to expenses being tight. The economy is in such a way both have to work to pay off bills.

    As to birthrates. ALL of Europe has a low birth rate and population. Scandanvia is the highest, but in Easttern Europe for example, countries are losing population due to migration, that is why there are way more old people compared to young. The other reason is many people can not afford to have kids immediately because of the costs.

    America is more screwed up. America has higher population growth rate, but one of the highest rates of abandoned and single mothers in the world. At least people in European culture people are smart enough to KNOW when to have kids. It has NOTHING to do with skin color, because MANY WHITE kids are in single parent homes.

    And to German women. They are not known for beauty. No one wants them unless they are into women with not attractive dating style of clothes

    So don’t post unless you know what you are saying. That is why I insult, and people deserve it.

  8. Well, I think what you posted is good, but just because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean you should insult them. You are not retarded for misinterpreting certain facts, it means you are misinformed. To just make childish insults doesn’t help promote decent conversation, it just ends up being a juvenile insult match.

    Anyhow, I am aware that Russia is struggling through poverty and migration out of the country. NOnetheless, there is a western influence on women in Russia, that is contributing to more of them to accept a life of being a career woman,

    America has some of the highest rates of single mothers, yet it also has some of the highest rate of child support and the strictest country with regard to women’s rights. Most divorced American men pay large sums of money in child support and are not allowed to even have possession of their children, since the courts always favor women here.

    Many women in USA get married and divorced on purpose, just so they can get support by the alimony and child support payments from their ex-husbands, which may equate to even 40% of his income. Go ahead and study the statistics, about 70% of the divorces in America are iniatiated by women, not men.

    There are a lot of single mothers in the country, mostly because American girls fool around with the bad boys, who generally produce children from several mothers and then end up in prison or abandon the family. ONce the women have children and get into their mid 20s, they get fat and unattractive, not to mention the children they have. At this point, it is hard for them to find a mate. Their dominating personalities do not tend to be very welcoming to any potential male mates.

    Before, you complain about how American men abandon their women, take a deeper look at the situatino. And, no I don’t think you are “retarded” when you lack certain informatin on a subject or misrepresent a fact.

  9. There is NO real Western Influence in Russia. Women ALWAYS worked FULL TIME CAREERS EVEN BACK DURING COMMUNIST TIMES! That is NOT a American influence. During Communism, there were MORE women than men employed in Russia than in the U.S.

    Russia ALWAYS had a 50 percent divorce rate thanks to LENIN ‘s communist ideology.

    If Russia, wanted to be “western” they would not care what the U.S. or UK does in terms of foreign policy.

    As for America divorces. I never said men abandon women. In most cases it is true, but because women can divorce easily. That’s not much different from Russia in that way, except in Russia overwhelming reason for divorce is due to men cheating.

  10. ANytime you want to meet and talk you little baby to me in person, I’d be happy to hear it, before removing all the teeth from your mouth.

    Its not worth getting into discussions with juveniles.. I don’t want to get into too much of discussion, as I know his mother probably might examine his computer and I will get him in trouble.

    Anyhow, nothing you say makes much sense, but you probably like to hear the sound of your arshhole, so it makes you feel manly to try to make up some bullsh t theories about the world.

    There are plenty of C _nts in all countries, just look at yourself.

  11. I apologize for my last comments.. Some people here on the board are abusive and made me very mad. I apologize if I offended any gypsies or Romanians by making my post.

    This guy spatula is a real self-righteous and cruel and what good does it make me to lower myself to his level?

    I hope the admin can ban him and I apologize for blowing my temper and making the previous comments I did.

    An Eye for an Eye, just leaves both people blind

    1. I will set up filters, but until then I will ban people who use bad words and insults.

  12. It will be nice to keep the site clean than some are here just to belittle and start fights. THis site is very educational and a great way for other like-minded to help assist one another and share knowledge and experiences.

  13. As far as my comment on Germany, let me expand. In German culture, they believe if a woman has a job, she must not have children. If she has children, most Germans consider her a “Raven-Mother”, an evil woman, if she goes and works.

    I certainly support women working jobs in this modern world, what I was saying is that Germans and other Nordic nations are backward in their thinking. They believe that women who have jobs should not have children. This is a major reason why nations like Germany are suffering a huge population crisis.

    If you need an example of this, just look at their leader, Angela Merkel, who is childless and well past child bearing age. This dilemma and backwards thikning is why nordic and germanic nations are in such a bind.

    However, childless marriages are not confined to Germany, as many nations, even Russia now is suffering from this dilemma.

    I, personally, think women should work, but motherhood should be a more important virtue and producing children should come before career goals. WIthout mothers, we won’t have a world or nation soon. Europe’s alarming decreasing birthrate testifies to this point.

    1. Why should women work? Should no, optional yes. Men’s and women’s only responsibility is to their family. Career should be to help the family. Work to live not live to work. However, if you need work to live that of course if a different story. But why are people so obsessed with feeling good about themselves based on their resume. The most important career you could have is having giving your children a happy childhood.

  14. Hot girls shouldn’t show there self on the Internet.

    1. Why should hot girls not show themselves on the Internet?

  15. I did not know the Beatles mentioned Ukraine Girls…Interesting. Just going by pictures I would have to agree Ukraine is #1 in the world. The Polish American girls I have seen in Chicago are super hot, but the attitude is another story…I had an encounter with a Siberian girl last year and she was a perfect 10 in looks and attitude. I would have married her if I could.

    I have been to Argentina (Buenos Aries) – I would say there are sweet girls there, but not my preference. The girls look like Penelope Cruz – very slim. And Buenos Aires was too hectic/urban for my taste. I still desire to visit Brazil and Columbia however – the girls there look very lovely.

    I am still curious about the Baltic States and Croatia…also Indonesia/Maylasia.

    Mark, a totally off topic question – It seems basketball is really popular in Eastern Europe – can you confirm this? I was a basketball star in High School and could teach/coach others to play the game…Have been brainstorming for work opps over there.

    1. Basketball is in in Eastern Europe, I do not know why, but not like soccer of course or even Chess, my favorite sport.
      I think in terms of girls and life Buenos Aries is like New York city in South America. In fact, about 100 years ago many rich Europeans choose to go there instead of NYC.
      Polish girls in Chicago are not nearly as sweet as the ones in Poland only because they have been a little contaminated by hyper consumptive ideas, but not totally.
      See in the Baltic states a country like Estonia has nice girls, but many are non believers. They are hot girls but a little like Scandinavians. Not my personal style. Lithuania is better, it is like Poland ten years ago.
      Croatia has been flooded with tourists, it is a inexpensive Italy for Europeans, so if you think you are going to go there and woe some Adriatic beauty, it is an up hill battle.

  16. One last comment for the record – I have been and lived everywhere in the United States — There are very many super hot American girls. BUT…and it is a BIG but…the attitude is a deal-breaker. Add the tattoos and the smoking/drinking/partying…and you’ve got a catastrophe on your hands.

    1. Agreed, there are many hot girls in the USA, but the attitude makes it really hard to be attracted to them. Women some how do not understand that wearing cool styles and looking hot is different from being attractive.
      Also even if you were to woe one of these highly sought after girls the flight factor in the USA is very high.
      Tattoos do not get me started on this one. I was looking at Megan Fox sporting her new graffiti body, it looks trashy. She is not even remotely attractive with all those tattoos. I wish western girls would get a clue from Ukrainian or Polish girls, that less is more when it comes to style.

      1. I am a little shocked at the way you analyse women, selecting them like you would choose a pet from a list of dog’s breeds. So “american” women (in fact all modern western educated women with a PhD or more anything than yourself) seem to irritate you. Well, that is because you need to feel superior to women in order to find them “hot”, that is maybe male chauvinism. You are unprepared for women who do not aim at being “hot” anymore, that’s something that perhaps should be addressed at a psychologist. Anyway, I am sure these modern women can also go for “shopping” somewhere else when all men like you go shop for their wives abroad. There will certainly be a lot of options out there for the “american” girls, don’t worry. Perhaps some intellectual no so hot type of guy who will not feel threatned by the size 10.
        I find your analysis of wome very offensive.

        1. I did not mean to offend anyone, yet why not be honest? One million years of human evolution has fine tuned our mate selection process. I aspire to live at the height of my culture in terms of intellectual experience, and certainly humility and compassion as a humanist and a believer are part of my ethos. Yet, lets me honest here, evolution has deeply programmed in us all the desire to select a mate based on less than purely ethereal attributes. I mean that would be great if it could be this way, that beauty and virtue were synonymous, yet we have to also honor and be cognizant of our biology. Translation: guys like hot girls, they like skinny leggy women. What is wrong with that? My wife is thin and leggy and stylish but highly educated and ethical.

          In fact, I would maintain that there is a slight correlation with one’s ability to maintain moderate body proportions and self control. Self control is a key component of ethical behavior, as slimness is to beauty. So perhaps contrary to popular opinion, perhaps there is something to be said for the Classical Greek idealization of the virtuous having beautiful bodies.

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