Greek girls

I have just returned from a trip to Rhodes, Greece. The post is about my personal observations on Greek women (I am not talking about sorority girls of course). Further, I will give you specific information about how to meet Greek girls on-line and chat with them in person. Below is a picture on the top a mountain on Rhodes I took with my Sony camera.


I am an American that lives in Europe so I feel have a fairly objective view of European women as I have travel most of my life. These girls are a mix of Ancient peoples, true Greek, Roman, Turkish and European. I think the genetics of modern Greek women are different than those of an Ancient woman because of the history from Sparta and Athens to the Byzantine empire and the Ottoman empire. I think these Hellenic models have a more mixed exotic look.

Greek girls

If you like the Eastern Mediterranean look, that is very dark almost Middle Eastern hair and olive skin complexion, combined with a thick very leggy look, than consider chatting with Hellenic ladies are worth considering. However, there is more to these Mediterranean princesses than looks. These Greece girls are totally done from head to toe. They have designer jeans, two tone nails and toes and hair in perfect order.

When I lived in Brooklyn there were many Greeks and these ladies were called ‘Bay Ridge beauties’ because all of NYC knew how beautiful and perfectly made up they were (Bay Ridge is where they lived in Brooklyn of course). If you want a mate from Greece than you need to consider the values and morals of the country.

Ancient girls – Hellenic values

The values are a mix between ancient hedonistic morals and very strong family and traditional morals. Generally I would say the morals are good and Greek girls are very much marriage material, however, there is an element which tolerates infidelity and playing around, which I do not like, however, this decadent feel love morality is more about the men than the women. Ironically these Helen of Troy like princesses are pretty warm, and easy girls to talk to, maybe because of the weather. However, I do not know if they are looking for a short term relationship, maybe some are like all Europeans.

Greek Women

The conclusion is if you are looking for long term relationship with a dark exotic beautiful flirtatious woman then try Greece. The best places to meet Greek females in is Athens, Corfu(Ionian Islands), Crete and Rhodes (Dodecanese Islands). Go to any of the beaches in the Islands on the Aegean, Mediterranean, Karpathian Seas. You will also meet many Russian girls there too as there are many tourists from Eastern Europe.  Not only the warm weather but I think it has something to do with the Eastern Orthodox faith and the Cyrillic connection maybe, or maybe just the proximity to Eastern Europe.

Do not go to clubs, I am not into discos or clubbing as there are too many ‘alpha men’ on the prowl, simply try chatting them up on the street or on the beach. Talk about anything, ask directions ask them what they do for work.

Chatting with girls in Greece is easy if you know where

Chat and meet Greek girls on-line

Here is a list of websites that Greek people, not payed dating or anything like that, but people who live in Greece go to to meet people. Use a translate tool of course if you do not know the language. This is the most important part of the post, and it a lot of research.

  • – Very good for chatting with Greek girls, they have something called “3d world, I would take a look here and you will see some beautiful Hellenic potential dates and mates.
  • – This is the best dating site, I recommend this first.
  • You will need a translate too for this one.
  • – This is more just pictures of beautiful ladies from Macedonia and Greece

I have gone though many sites to create this list for you. Most guys looking for singles simply do a search of Facebook or a western service like to find their lady friend. I do not recommend this, I think these are fished out. I recommend going right to the country’s dating sites, where foreigners do not normally go, therefore, you will have a higher chance of standing out and being different to these Greek lady friends to be.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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Once my father visited Greece.A family treated with him as a family member. Greeks know human value.I am a human being.So I decided to marry a Greek girl.

Vasudevid you are right. Greek people are very kind and family oriented. I found this on my trip to Greece.

I love the country of Greece and the special its beautiful Greek girls who are as fresh and attractive as a pink rose.
The girls of Greece create an undefined peace in my soul. That is because of the beauty of the Greek girls come from a mysterious place from their hearts. If there is a place on earth where I could find love? That would be the beautiful land of Greeks and the beautiful girls of Greece.

I love Greece and the Greek people. I lived there about 5 years studying in Larisa. Now I live far away from there but I am still dreaming of returning one day to my second country with my all wishes to Greek nation.

I love Greece $ Greek people I lived there about 3 years in Lariss I speak Greek, English and arabic very well>
Now I live far awy from there but I am still dreaming of returning back to my second country ( Elada ) the land of peace the land of love and the land of humor.
Finally I just want to say ADIO .

You know i’m interested on this, i have never been in Greece and i don’t know anything about Greek culture, but i have i friend who was in Greece and i’m telling you, he took pictures of himself with regular people from there and i don’t exagerate when i tell you of every 10 girls he took pictures with like 8 or 9 were gorgeous. Because of their beauty i would like to go to Greece but i don’t know about their culture or personality, are they nice?, are they golddiggers?, how they open minded?, are they cold?, how are they?.

All Greek girls are like all women they like men who treat them with respect and make them feel special. If you manage that then all cultural differences are minor elements to the attraction chemistry.
From a Greek girl.

The Greeks are bit arrogant and their women are dominating. However, Greek women don’t have it easy, as almost most of their husbands are cheaters. In this regard, maybe there is some hope with finding one who can respect you if you are a man of integrity. However, Greece is just like most of Western Europe, the attitude of arrogance supersedes that of humility. Women are out to make a name for themself and boost their own image, rather than looking for a good husband whom which they can create a wonderful family.

Ah, the 21st century, how disconcerting it is to live in this era. I think if you really desire the beauty of a southern European woman, perhaps going to Sicilia would be a better option than to Greece. Greeks do have some type of superiority complex and attitude. Also, most Greeks believe their religion is superior to all. I realy just have a trouble putting up with Greek people in general.

With that said, Greece is a very beautiful country with beautiful women.

Gold-diggers?? Which race of women are not gold-diggers? Find a woman who makes close to your salary and is interested in you, if you want to eliminate the fear of gold-digging. If you cannot, then be prepraed to look deep into her heart, afterall, what is more deceptive than the heart?

Your article is soo true. Greeks are really arrogant and think they know everything. I can’t stand them either, but Greece is so very beautiful and it is such a shame that people are put off of visiting Greece because of the rudeness of its people.

I would just like to say that the rudeness of your comment completely overweighs that of the greek people. They are humble people, that are family orientated but also patriotic and out-spoken. Please do not make such vulgar generalisations on a topic you clearly do not recognise, since there is a great risk of causing offence. The traits you described may apply to some people, as they do in every nation. However they are not representative of the Greek people. I do not believe in making judgements and steriotyping people. Everyone has positive and negative aspects in their personality, including Greek girls. Thank you

Not surprised at all.
Most of Greek people think that the anciet Greece was the best and most powerful civilization and the rest of the world at that time was surrounded by barbarians and darkness. Pathetic, stupid and ignorant belief, but the worst thing of all was when they stated that as a fact. This belief continues until economic crisis started in their country, they got hit hard in their heads and they became suddenly open-minded, nice, kind and respectful.

They are arrogant, insecure, wrong, uneducated and narcissistic people who obsessed with image. Spoiled Greeks are spoiled. It’ll about time to go back to their previous and precious dark side reveling all their rotten personality and false superiority in the public.
Being open-minded it’s an act of sheep in wolf’s clothing. They just trying to become more Americanized and hide their monsters inside them.

Back to the topic. Greek girls are cordial, but most of them arrogant and wannabe badass street girls. Find a Greek girl who is an exception( not Americanized).

Also I want to say that I am sorry about Dimitris Mitropanos (I can’t write Greek here so I used junk Greeklish) death. Great person and great folk singer.

German communist ma, what can I say for you now ? Well my friend you don’t know a thing what is going here, Sorry maybe you have some complex from communism and sorry again my friend because you are a German and for the end something that we say for someone who things that knows something, Αντε γεια, Xaxa.!

If you have lived in Western Europe or the US, you must get used to Greeks not been Europeans. They are loud, abrasive and selfish. You know about a person when he is driving a car. Seldom will he give you the right of the way, he will try to get ahead of you when you are in line at a store, a bank, a super market, almost anywhere. Not all of them are like that, thank God! They have no concept about been productive, working hard and what full employment means. Everything is made to be difficult, and almost impossible to tackle. This invites cheating at every level of life. You can not get things done, so you must cheat. You want to live in Greece? Do as the Greeks do, ignore the people, and live and enjoy this beautiful country. You can be happy and free in Greece, if you quit complaining as I am just doing here.

Greece is an amazing place. Every culture tends to be hypercritical of their own people. We all see the negative in our own society and often idealizes others. Yet with Greece, the people are generally family oriented and religious and the weather and food is great and you could live there a life time and not take in all the history and culture.

Mark, you did not address my point.
Have you ever dealt with Greek public service employees? Have you, or your loved ones, or friends ever been to a Greek hospital?. Did you ever get anything done without having to bride a public employee? Don’t you know that Greek doctors, nurses, etc. expect a bride (fakelaki) to treat patients?. As far a been overly critical?
I do have American health insurance that pays private medical providers 100% for any amount they want, so I do not have to bribe them. I do not have to bribe or deal with the Greek insane beaurocracy (how do you spell this word?) because I avoid them like a disease.
How many times do you hear about dogs being beaten, poisoned, burnt, and hanged, and the police doing nothing about?. I spend a lot of money feeding stray dogs every day, and see people scorning me for doing this. My point to all this that I enjoy living here, but only because I know how to ignore most people around me.

I do love arguing about Greek stuff, Mark, really.
Why do many Greeks fear life-saving drugs, like hypertension and cholesterol lowering drugs? Many middle age and older men have such high cholesterol levels that are like time bombs ready to explode. They say the drugs are bad for the lever, kidneys, everything. Then, they pack the entire family in an old unsafe car without wearing seat belts, or 2-3 people in a motor cycle (mihanaki). It’s all against the law, and the cops do nothing about it. You tell me it doesn’t bother you?

You know some people might be like that but not the ones I know. They are normal and take medication but not overly like the West does. On the other hand the USA is over medicated and we do not live as long as the Greeks. The Geeks live to 82 and Americans 78. Half the people in the USA are over medicated, the lady who lives below me is a young lady on a score of things, but is overweight and does not move.

Thanks, Mark:
I do admit I have been overly critical about my fellow Greeks.
Although I was away from Greece for nearly my entire life, people who know me say that I am “more Greek” than most. I am a hopeless nationalist, really. I never really got accustomed to the American culture, and I always felt that I am European. Most Americans, in spite of their enormous wealth, are socially and politically naïve. Yes, they eat the wrong food, get corpulent, spend more than they earn, and they vote against their economic interest. America is governed by the “Religious Right”, and its politicians are useless. Five million people are in jails and prisons, 30 million have been in prison at some point or another, nearly all for petty, non-violent crimes. They can not get a job or find decent housing, because there is “No Second Chance”. In this land of the free, freedom is a an illusion, and it gets worst every day. The whole system is what is referred to as ‘Population Control”, which means policing every aspect of daily life. Greece isn’t that way. I feel good living in Greece.

Damn, is thet true?, well you are right when you say theres a lot of arrogance in the EU contries, and of course, why Greece would be the exeption?.

wow ! I disagree with all the comments on this site ..
it is very rare to see an olive-skinned person in Greece ..
the hair & eyes can be almost black if coming from Crete or the islands surrounding but otherwise the skin is usually very fair …
as far as men ‘cheating’ ?
marriage is still a matter of ‘convenience ‘ & the women are also out ‘cheating ..
if you think greek women are home waiting for hubby you are sadly mistaken ..
they are in fact controlling & fearless.
Italian women are much more fun to be with & in my opinion even more beautiful than the Greek woman
( who rarely smiles).
as far as arrogance goes there isn’t a country or a culture who can surpass the pomposity , obnoxious ignorance & drunkenness of the British expat.
greek people are very discriminating & do not like everyone , especially the English.

I have been to Greece 4 times and I’ve found all types of people, both nice and rude/arrogant. In general, the ones on the more frequented islands tend to be more obnoxious because they’re used to the world falling all over itself to admire them and where they live. They can also be very fake since they need to make enough sales in the on-season to support them throughout the year, so they will support their friends’ businesses and lure the unsuspecting foreigner with nice talk. Once you have made your purchase, they stop talking to you and wait for you to leave. If you want genuine people go to the underdeveloped parts of Greece, the Peloponnese region and the lesser known islands, there you will find more culture and less materialism. I also think Greek women look good (and at older ages than Anglo women too) but it’s all to do with grooming and style. They are obsessed with beauty so they usually look good.

Greeks are wonderful like Iranians. I love all Greeks and Iranians. I personally think their cultures share a common past and this is why they get along so well. It is a calling from something distant and ancient.

We must accept that whole culture of today human has emanatted from Iran,Greece & Italy and they have shown that they are the most pureblooded people in the world during years. We can’t find bloodthirsty persons like ghenghis khan or atila in their history. Their history shows that they have never submitted bullying and they’ve always been brave,liberal and proud people. All these features lets us know that they will return their past and they’ll become first power in all bases some day. I congratulate Aryan Norooz to everybody beforehand and Merry Christmas.

Interesting point Kamran. I have some Iranian friends and have met others in passing and I’ve found them all to be genuinely lovely people who also like Greek people, in spite of the woes of history. I think America would have us think otherwise but most Iranians don’t agree with their government and they want peace and democracy in their country. In this way, America and Iran are very similar. I hope their people will one day have their way.

I am a greek girl and yes we have long dark hair usually curly but mine is straight. Dark eyes are a yes as well mine are so dark that they look black sometimes. We do have attitudes but some of us can control them. I have a beautiful olive tone skin as well as the rest of my family. Alot of other greeks als have same skin tone. We love to be around familt and some are stuck up. MOST of us are very nice and loving. Please do not listin to the rude ones. We are all very sweet peopke. .

Alexandra when I was in Greece I only meet warm nice people. I think it is a special place.

I am half Greek and half German. My father wa born in Greece but moved to the US for school.
I have never been to Greece but I really want to go someday. My dad says that there are beautiful beaches and amazing sites to see. As far as looks go, I have dark brown, wavy hair, brown eyes, olive skin tone and a distinct nose (so I’ve been told) my Greek family is nice, and tight-knit. They like to have a lot of stuff in their houses and wear lots of jewelry.

Everything you say is true, Greece has exotic beaches and beautiful historic sites, the people are like the Islands, warm and kind and close-knit. You I am sure are a Greek Princess by your description.

Hello,I am a Greek girl, blue eyes, light brown hair. I would say that appearence wise Greeks are 65% olive tone skin with brown eyes and 35% very fair with eyes of different colours. As for character and attitude, there are all shorts of people as in all countries and societies. Women do take care of their appearence but after all it is the heart and the way of thinking that count more(there can be a ‘jewel’ hidden behind even an ugly woman). Family is very important for Greek women. As for Greeks being discriminating or arrogant , let us not generalise.Some may deffinitely be so but I believe that the majority are not.

Marianna, thank you for the comment. Greek people impressed me when I was there as concerned about the family and children. They also are warm people. I think highly of the people of Greece, maybe not all are perfect but most seemed peaceful and sincere.
I have meet a few Greek girls with light features, after all you are European and these genes pop up everywhere. Just like in Sweden there are dark haired people.
And as I say all the time generalizations are just that.

I am Iranian, married for 10 years to a Greek girl with blue eyes and brown hair. Based on experience, yes Greek women are family oriented, good housewives,great mothers, the list is endless. Of course I have met strange Greeks all these years I’ve been living in Greece but is there any country in the world that doesn’t have such people? Some Greeks look like Iranians, some others like Northern Europeans. Mostly you see brown hair and eyes. My wife’s family has accepted me and treats me as their own son although I am a foreigner and a muslim. So far I haven’t experienced racism although recently unfortunate incidents take place more frequently due to the huge number of immigrants in this country. Greek girls are warm, open-minded and mostly educated. Greeks really enjoy life. I would never regret I have ended up in this beautiful country.

lol “Greeltruth” is full of b.s. and some positives in the same time. I wonder if he’s Muslim or living in the Middle Ages to think it’s a bad thing for women to be fearless and have a sense of leadership, and how wrongly mistaken he is if he thinks Italian women are sheep and the opposite. I doubt all brits express his negative male chauvinist views which is probably why logical Greeks and people of other countries discriminate him, while he thinks it’s because he is English lol. @_@

Brits and Germans are the #1 tourist group to Greece and all the ones I’ve met whenever I go there are perfectly happy and swell. Even Turks and Albanians are settling in nicely.

Hello fellas, I am a Greek that is living in Amsterdam at the moment. I just want to add that after being away from Greece for almost 2 years I miss it so much. It’s the mentality of people and the way of life. The more norther you go the colder and more isolated the people will be. Although at the moment Greece is experiencing a lot of problems (economical and immigration) so that’s why you might see them a little bit more stressed than usually 🙂

As far as Greek girls… yea I guess they’re pretty cool 🙂 Although I got used to them so it’s common for me. Also I like Italian and some Spanish girls, I would say Mediterannean girls generally!

Again, in my personal experience traveling to Greece and living in a Greek neighborhood in Brooklyn, Greek girls are warm and sunny.

Well Imo, the larger part of the Greek girls I have met are very nice looking since I prefer the Mediterranean type of women. But most Greeks, not only women, are quite arrogant in my view. There are of course a lot of nice and warm people also. But most look down on me for being an Eastern European (usually I’m mistaken for a russian). I don’t take it personally cause in my country we usually look down on every foreigner no matter where he comes from so I understand the Greeks. Still the girls are even more obsessed with their looks than the ones in my country so they look quite nice most of the time. And there is a surprisingly large part of girls with blue eyes which I didn’t expect.

Hi, I am a Greek girl and all I have to say is that Greek women are stunning. ( and I’m not saying it just cause I’m Greek). Even if the most common eye and hair colour is the brown one, although in Greece you can find all types of women, blondes, brunettes,brown-eyed, blue-eyed, curvy, not curvy, and of course we are very cordially hearted. Last summer I visited Denmark and it’s not that Danish girls are ugly but they seemed all same to me, so come to Greece and you’ll have choices.

I would second that. They take care of themselves, espically when they are young and single. I lived in a Greek neighboorhood in Brooklyn New York in Bay ridge Bensonhurst and the women really went all out to make themselves attractive. The ones in Greece the same. The problem with Greek girls is they are so hard to attract. They are beautiful, they are warm and family oriented girls, but how do you break though and get one to fall in love with you? I think they like girls mostly from their own culture, but maybe I am wrong?

Though I don’t like stereotypes, I have to agree with the view of Greek men as mostly cheaters and dominating at the same time. I am a Greek girl and apart from the above which is a comment I just had to make, I believe that Greek girls are trying hard to find the balance between all the family values mentioned and their role as independent, open minded, self sufficient people. Maybe the attraction lies in the opposition…Personally speaking, different cultures are always interesting, all one has to do is being themselves..just add a big smile:)

I can see this in Greek girls, that is they really want a normal life. Normal equal good.
Just because a women is independent does not mean she can not put her family above and beyond everything else. Why do women think this way?
I am a guy and I am very independent, but I left a good career for a lesser paying work at home path so I could be with my family 24/7. Why would I want to be away from my family all day unless I really economically had to.
So I ask why do women equate independence with spending time-serving a boss that does not care about them, instead of being with their family? If you have a family you can spend time with them, learn languages, read books, travel, work out, do anything you want. If you are a career woman only in the movies is everything like Ally McBeal. I guess I am not trying to define myself by other people’s standards of ‘independent’ or ‘strong’.
More important is finding a mate or partner in life who really treats you with compassion and love. Nothing else matters after this. When Girls try to define themselves as ‘a strong woman’ they often do this because they are getting mix signals from society.
But for me in this life the only thing that matters is not strong or weak or independent or family centered, is how much love and compassion I am show my family.
Often times this simply equates to spending time with them. Doing nothing, but getting bored with them. But these little moments are what life is made of and are critical for a child or spouse.

So I think it is important that women consider these issues. Think not just in terms of women’s liberation, but how they see their ideal life. They should visualise it, even if the future can not be seen and is always unexpected.

Further, men and women need to understand the time that their kids are young goes by very fast and the time the kids are out of the nest is like 35 years now. So cherish this time and focus on the family because when the family is off doing their own thing and you are older you will regret the time you spent in the office.

Therefore, I hope when people are mating and dating they consider the idea that a true partner in life is someone who puts family above their own need to feel independent or powerful.

I do not know about you but I have traveled and lived all over the world. I have dated at least 100 women and married one. I can honestly tell you that if I were a woman I would never a date a Greek man. Most of these guys are egotistical because many women seek this dark Mediterranean look from an old country with a rich history (from the Delian League to Sparta, Athens and the philosophers. The result is Greek men do not make the best partners in the long term because they know they have an heirloom attraction as well as a Mediterranean culture. Based on my personal observations this is my warning to the women who pursue women from Greece.

You need love based on Eros as the main initial driver but only with a shared Agape will love be real, exciting and last.

Hmm, Well, I am a typical Greek girl you know, curly dark brown hairnatural reddish highlights, not too tall, big eyes, flawless skin, what some people call “golden”, But not all Greek women are like that. I mean, There are also quite fair-skinned or a bit dark-skinned women, blonde ones, women that got blue eyes and stuff, It usually depends on where do those women come from.

In Crete, for example, women are a bit dark-skinned with dark eyes. We take care of our hair and skin,cause we are kinda coquettes but we are naturally beautiful. Women from Northern Greece or West Greece are more beautiful. We are not usually dominant, we prefer strong men.BUT not easy to get in a man’s bed, although some women behave like that, this doesn’t happen only in Greece though, Greek people are usually nice and loving.We joke and smile all the time. We are not cold-fish,not at all. We are warm to other people and not greedy at all.

Young people are mostly educated and open-minded. Of course,there are bad examples everywhere in the world.We are not perfect .I am not trying to make us Greeks look good.That’s the way we are.We love our family and our country more than other nations do.We love people and other nations. Beauty,love and hospitality, well, it’s in our blood 🙂

I have spent some years in Greece and about 10 summers. What I miss about Greek people, men and women are their soul fullness. Waters run deep in the hearts of my brothers and sisters, there, and a when a cool, and educated Hellene speaks Greek – it is so friendshipy, I miss it.

The best looking Greek men and women are Athenians. When I lived there, I noticed this very natural, sensual, panther walk the Greek girls had, it was kind of mysterious and intriguing. One day, after about two years of living in Ellatha, I caught myself doing the slow panther walk automatically.

About Athenian woman, I have never seen such big beautiful eyes. There’s about 4 or 5 different looks. I thought Athenian women had this neat way of being incredibly friendshipy, gorgeous, natural, and at the same time.

I especially, liked the educated, down-to-earth long-haired artistic, Athenian guys. Greek women are really into pleasing their men, and strongly desire a true and intimate relationship with a warm-hearted man who is very attentive to her emotions like Greek men are, also, of the guys who have treated me great. Greek guys are first..but this is about women, there must be a sensual connection for most Greek women to open up to you, If they feel that, then they will want to feel loved, if they do, they will give you their heart completely.

I always had a dream of getting married to girl from a different country and from a different race. Now I’ve chatting with a girl from the Island of Crete, where I met her over the the Internet.

She is Orthodox Christian and; I believe she is very family oriented and looking to have a long term relationship. For me religion is not a problem at all because I am spiritual but not religious.

I was honest with her, thinking it would be a disapointment to her she kept lines of communication with me open.

My question is, how long can I trust Greek girls about long term relationship, marriage and having children? Do they value one on one relationships? Can I leave my job and travel to her country to meet hr to get married to her?

In my mind Greek girls are solid, in that they are family orientated nice people, generally. If you are religious like her you can have conversations about this and her depth and sinceity will be manifest.
If you love her I personally would got for it. But the choice is up to you. Jobs and career mean nothing compared to love. I would take time to get to know her in person first then eventually ask her if you are inspired.
I love being married and do not regret anything for a second.

We have been communicating mostly via the Internet and mobile phones for only about four weeks. Normally how long does it take for a lady from Greece to accept me? I am not desperate, as in my heart I do not believe it will work out and this is what people around me say. Do you have any ideas or dating advice regarding Greek girls?

I would say it takes time to get to know someone. Maybe I am wrong and once you click with someone, you could get married in a week. But more realistically I think at least a year. If you are over 30 years old this could be cut down to six months.

Hi again folks. =) I have recently returned from my 5th trip to Greece and I have to say, a lot has changed since the financial crisis. The people are much much nicer and everyone from shop assistants, to passengers on the bus, are more friendly, approachable and less arrogant and cold. I think this crisis has been a blessing in disguise for the country, one that maybe won’t become fully apparent for a few years yet.

To the person who mentioned about Greek colouring, I don’t see what the big deal is with blue eyes, blond hair etc. It’s not at all uncommon to see light hair, eyes and skin in Greek people. In fact, of all the people on the Earth, I can only think of northern Europeans who have a consistently higher incidence of blonde hair and blue eyes, because of their cold, moist weather. Everywhere else, the rate of lighter features is about the same, with brunettes outnumbering blondes and red-heads about 3 to 1.

To Nagul who likes the Greek woman – From my experience as a Greek girl I would say to you to just be yourself. I have known many many Greek women in my lifetime, living in and outside of Greece. Half of my relatives who are Greek are mostly older women than me and I have watched them in their relationships. I noticed they always take their time to get into a relationship probably because there is a stigma in Greek culture still, that if you have a boyfriend and then break up, it is shameful for your family and your parents will be embarrassed. So most girls find a boyfriend on the sly, be with him for many months or years, and then when they are sure he is the one, they finally tell their parents and get engaged. It is not uncommon for a Greek woman to be with her boyfriend for 5-10 years before he marries her. They are very patient in general.

So if you have your eye on a Greek woman, you should take things slowly and be yourself, give her a chance to figure out if you’re a good match for her. It can take a long time for her to make up her mind but you should know that once she has decided on you, she will love you forever and do anything, and I mean anything, for you. Just make sure to treat her well when you’ve finally got her. Good luck! =)

First of all the colours of hair, eyes and skin is irrelevant for me for beauty. I think beauty is not depended upon skin tones, hair colouring, or eye colouring. From the darker people to the fairer someone can view beautiful persons.

Greek girls come to many skin tones, from olive-skinned to paler skin tones (nordic). The same with hair from the dark brown to blonde or red-haired. The same with eyes. The same goes for Greek men as well. For example I have a pal skin but I tan and burn really easily so at the end of the summer I am really dark-skinned. My hair is dark brown, my beards reddish and my eyes light brown. I was in Uk for 5 years and most people asked me if I was Irish or Scottish, but in my opinion I am 100% Greek-looking.

People in Greece are very warm and everybody is welcomed to Greece for holidays, since we have a really great sense of hospitality. Greeks girls are beauties, good housewives, good mothers and they appreciate any man, as long as he doesn’t have the attitude of owning her.

Cheers and all the best from Greece, everybody welcomed here.

Well, I’m a Greek teenager (15 years old) and I live in Greece. Some of you said that Greek people are rude and unfriendly. I have to tell you that you are so wrong. We are not rude or unfriendly. We are friendly, welcoming people and we treat the tourist as our family. If you have not been to Greece and you’re saying bad thing about our country, then you just have to come once and see how we treat the tourists and then you can judge us.

I agree, in my personal experience I have never met a Greek person that was rude, that is just me. They for me have been kind and considerate people. I think this comes from a deep spiritual history. Maybe if you are in a big city like Athens people get stressed, but Greece is vacation land. You can sit on an Island and think about philosophy and take in the view of all the beautiful Greek Athenas walking by.

Well I have to inform you that Greek girls are not rude or dominating or arrogant on the contrary everyone here is simple and humble.The majority are housewives that wake up in the morning to do their chores,cook for their family and then go to work. We have never been obsessed with money or brands.We are hospitable and we will try our best to make a stranger to feel like home.We treat people with respect even though they humiliate us because we are not the shame with other Europeans. Luckily we are the patient so we can endure all these isults.Please visit my country first and live among us before you judge my people. I am sorry if I have said something wrong.

Greek girls are in my experience as you say, humble good and beautiful. I think it comes from the deep-rooted spiritual and intellectual history of Greece that makes the girls such beautiful partners in life.

Sometimes the issues is Greek girls are perceived as snobs, if you go to the big city like Athens and a club. But this is not snobbery this is normal girl boy interaction, not every girl will talk to and open herself to every guy that smiles. It is girls nature to make the guy work a little. But I would have to agree with the comment above that Greek girls are pretty nice.

I like your topic. I fell on this by chance but after reading this i would like to say a few things. I am Greek myself, born and raised in Athens where i work. I am a very well travelled and well educated person and I am young. Greek women especially of my generation are not far from this. Greek women are beautiful and this comes not only from the looks. Most of the Greek girls are not extra slim. We are curvy; this is our style.
Recently, I was at a congress. I travelled alone but I believe that I was not left alone for more than an hour. I was surrounded by people who wanted to be with me and were having very good time. One of the things that I kept is that “no one can resist to your smile and sparkling eyes”. This is the case with most Greek ladies. They have something exceptional in the way they look at you and in the way they smile. We are very expressive people, with an open heart and we are interested in making people surrounding us to feel comfortable.
Of course, we are individuals and you can find different personalities. You can find snob people and cold people everywhere. I like foreign people, I feel that I want to transmit part of our culture to them and get their insight back. I believe that multicultural relationships (friends or personal) are very interesting and may last longer than those between people who share the same traditions.
Anyway, I believe that anyone who has really met a Greek girl has good memories. Of course, it depends of the way you approach her. If you act like someone who is interested in just a one night stand you will be probably sent away. Greek ladies like to be treated well and they don’t like macho men in general.
One thing that they will appreciate is that you show your admiration. Greek men are not very much into it. They don’t really like successful and very well educated women. If you know how to show your respect and admiration to a Greek lady you will be surprised of what you will get back from her.

Listen up people, firstly most of you have no idea on what your talking about and some need to learn how to write properly in English. Greece has never had the chance to uplift itself like other european country’s for the following reasons, since ancient times we’ve always been battling against other nations who just want control of what’s not theirs to have and on top of that, nobody has left us alone to do so. Our country was only for 60 years left at peace which is one of the least if the least any country has had to rebuild, which is not nearly enough for any country to rebuild especially with the politicians we had. The salaries where correct before except in the political and government jobs which is where the problem lies as the people had enough to live. The rest of Europe has had longer and on top of that everything comes through us first so the rest of has more of a chance and more preparation to deal with whatever heads their way. To the german communist guy, if you look at our history or from where the discoveries where derived originally, you’ll see that by fact, it is as it is and that 99% did start from us and that the Germans have always been power hungry and controlling because you can’t do anything else. We are educated people. Men and woman cheat all over the world, and you’ll find arrogant people in all nations so don’t judge, and if you don’t like us then leave us alone and don’t comment where you have no intentions for others but your own. To the people that do like us and want to date, it’s simple, just start up a normal conversation and there’s no need to come her to find because it’s illogicall to expect them to leave their family’s her just because it’s what you want, there are plenty ladies all over. We do have very strong religion and family values and our hearts are always here nomatter where we are. Guys from I’ve read by just coming across this site is that the people that are talking logically and making sense are the following kloe, jimmy, greektruth and stelios from the ones I’ve read, και όπως το λες Στέλιο στο Γερμανών άντε για. Guys I’m not just this because I’m Greek but I’ll defend my heritage and was born and raised in south Africa and have been here for 6 years. So I know what I’m talking about with truth and logic and anyone who can’t show respect to receive respect should go and live in the trees with the monkeys like the “dark ages”. My name is Angelo and am proud to be a Greek and noone will take that from me

I am a Greek girl too. I just saw this post and i agree that girls in my country are very beautiful and different. North girls are taller and looks like Balkan girls, south in Crete you will see looks like Egyptian and Turkish and in west like Italians. Generally we have Slavic, Mediterranean and east influences and that make are very attractive. But Greeks actually have a big civilization. we grow up with our history, we teach not prove our beauty, that the beauty is not the passport and adduce our brain to gain. That’s the reason Greek girls choose jobs more witty and spiritual Maybe we want to look more clever and essentials than beautiful. A girl here rare chooses to be a model or something like that, because of the principles of family and the perceptions that prevailing and are deeply rooted in our mentality. I hope now with the economical crisis women here don’t forget the value of women nature and the respect every person deserves. I am talking about the way some girls try to get out of poverty and the examples are many at other countries. So if you want a girl with real beauty and brain come to Greece, we have beautiful islands too..

I was born and raised in Athens. I left for the US when I was 20.
After almost 50 years I relocated to Greece for good. As I was growing up I realized that Greece was not a European country in terms of mentality, work habits and education. They never developed culturally and intellectually as other countries have over time. The mentality was and IS middle eastern. You can blame the Turks all you want, but the mentality was, is and probably will remain backward. I have my reasons for “becoming Greek” again. I have found that my way of living in Greece is to ignore Greeks to the extent possible, and live my own life. Have you ever been to a place of business in Greece?: 3-4 people sitting behind their desks, drinking coffee and nothing to do. Go to a car rental office, and see 3-4 people sitting around to rent 1-2 cars the whole day. Try to get a Greek driver license, it’s like trying to get a license to practice medicine. You want to pay a bill, utilities, telephone, a mile long line of people waiting to pay a bill, that could have been paid with a click on your laptop. Go to a pharmacy, and you get anything you want without a prescription, and kill yourself in the process. Of yes, it can get deadly: Streets without sidewalks, no street names and no numbers. You try to call an ambulance, they will never find you. Now, about Greek been rude: How can not be?

The so call Greeks today are village Gypsy people, not true Greeks, their problem for the most part is they act like babies with a big ego , Thanks to their uneducated mothers, and the church that fail them. Most Greek say the Greeks are not good, and they don’t trust each other,
look at their country today in 2015. It all breaks my heart, to see them suffer. Ancient Greece has all the answers to be a great country, however the don’t listen to faith and reason, traditional logic, philosophy,the Classics, intellectualism the foundation of Democracy, they just go by their feelings for the judgments and empiricism that opposes reason the virtue of judgments.

I do not think they are Gypsies unless you are using that metaphorically like Sartre and Camus did. The issue is Greece has a socialist government, so people expect things given instead of using their mind and spirit to elevate themselves. The social decline is connected with Greek women embracing modern cultural idea rather than classical ideals. When women of a society decline the society as a whole declines. Men need their muse.

I guess most people here finding Greek girls beautiful are married to Greek girls. As far as I am concerned, they do not compare to Russian girls in terms of beauty and brains. Greeks as a whole are lazy, unreliable, dishonest and arrogant. Athens may have had a few great people who, mind you, were not even from Athens (the Metrics) and left a legacy, but it is not because France had Victor Hugo that every Frenchman is an outstanding writer. The world goes on with or without you, and as there was someone before you, there will be someone after you. So, a little less arrogance would bring the Greek back to reality.

The problem for the most part is that many Greeks have a very serious ‘big ego’ problems,
And it gave a bad impression on the nice Greeks. However, most Greeks are not Greeks, just village gypsy people .
Its was the liberals of ancient Greece, that put Socrates to death and the end of the glory of Greece.

Greek women are beautiful better than their countpartners and not lazy at all especially in bed. They are more passionate than Russians though and laugh more and their smile is beautiful I rarely saw ugly girls in Greece in 100 Greek girls the 80 are beautiful 20 average. I know Greece I know Athens,Thessaloniki, Crete,Corfu,Zante, Cephalonia, Mitilini, Chios, Kavala, Alexandroupoli, Thasos,Janine, Patras,Milos and Spetses. The only ego problems belong to Greek men not to women. Greek girls are also highly educated much more thanked are.

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