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Jason Bourne escaped and laid low in Goa with his beautiful girlfriend in the film Bourne supremacy, why don’t you? Why not look for a in girl Goa? –  This post is your ultimate guide on where to meet women in Goa.

I created more a list of places to go based on experience. If you are going or consider going or looking for a girl in Goa let me know and I can give you more details on the list, just ask.

There are many Indian Goan hotties as well as American and commonwealth girls (Aussie, Kiwi, UK). Golden beaches and laid-back atmosphere of Goa is a center for alternative lifestyle travelers, a hippy paradise. If you like local girls or foreign travel girls it is a place worth checking, however, my general comment is more a place to relax than pick up a bride.

The reason I made the above statement is, although there are beautiful and thin Indian girls, it is a hub for western tourists in India, because of its wide white sand beaches and European connection. Therefore, more western competition and the girls are not as impressed you are from the West. For Indian guys looking for Goan girls it does not matter.

It was a Portuguese colony for hundreds of years. Hence like 40% of the people in the region are Catholic and you see many European last names and facial features departing from the Dravidian south Indian look. Some people think the mix makes Goan girls more exotic.

Goan girls have mixed reviews. On one hand girls from Goa, the South West region of India are culturally closer to Europe and America because of the history as a Portuguese colony. Yet on the other had it is such a western tourist hotspot that you might not get the beautiful untouched rustic feel of India you find in other regions. If I was fishing for girls I think the best areas are the untouched regions, not the place where every western tourist goes. As a man of the world you need to zig when other people zag.

That being said if you know the nightlife in Goa you can meet girls.



European girls everywhere on the beaches in Goa

Here is the list of places to go in Goa to pick up girls meet Russian girls, Kazak girls, Kiwi or other traveling girls or Indian women. These are my personal recommendations.

Dance bars and places to meet girls in Goa

  • Calangute beach
  • Candolim
  • Morjim
  • Baga
  • Margao
  • Saturday night bazaar at Arpora
  • The alcove: over looking ozran vagator beach
  • Temptations: red cab inn, below starco’s crossroads, vagator beach
  • Tito’s: baga beach
  • Ziggy’s: colva beach
  • Johnny cool’s: colva beach
  • Men mar: on the vasco road serves: snacks, beers & lasis
  • Lido’s :at dona paula beach
  • Oxygen
  • South Goa: Almost no nightlife in south Goa, Baina beach
  • North Goa: Vagator & Anjuna: There is a disco called ‘Paradise’ in Anjuna alternative lifestyle parties in Anjuna and Vagator. Another clubs for meeting girls near Anjuna is ‘Cubana Nightclub’ but this is mostly toruists . Calangute & Baga: go to “Mambo’s” opened by a Mr. Tito, enough said on that. Many nice Indian girls and hippie chicks.

Most nightlife cover or drink charge is between 1 dollar and 1.5 dollars. Goa is cheap, the people are nice and fairly trust worthy but it is no Bombay for non stop unexpected  action or Kerala for rustic beauty Indian girls. Goa is a more relaxed and find yourself type of spot on the Indian ocean.


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  1. About your claim that Goan girls are closer to Europe and America off center. Majority of Goans are Hindus. Just because some of them are Christians does not mean that they have any connection with West. Goans speak their own language called Konkani, not Portuguese. Racially, majority of them are not mixed as you claim. The Hindu Goans are certainly pure Indians and the Catholics are for the most part, just converted Hindus.

    1. Goa is definitely not Indian, it looks so nowadays because of the migrants who have come from different states to settle in Goa. Goans are proud of being Catholic, I come from a Hindu born family. Yes, I’m still pure Goan. Brought up & living in Goa. My family has been in Goa for 200 years. There are Muslims in Goa that are Goan & have been living for more than 250 years. We are a different part & we are always welcoming people & cultures into our state, but if someone demotes are Portuguese/Brazilian & western culture, we will find them and destory.
      P.S.:I’m Hindu, but I go to Church, I believe in Jesus & that is not a crime.

  2. @Suresh Your statistics are wrong, majority of the Goans are Catholics, majority of the Goans who are Catholics today are glad that their ancestors converted, no one is complaining, but you.

    Most of the Hindu people in Goa today are “Non-Goans” who calls themselves Goans because they have lived for many years…
    I know of many my Hindu friends who are currently in Goa calling themselves Goans. but when I inquired them about their origin.. they are from Maharastra, Punjab, Gujrat.. etc.
    I don’t care if you say it was the Europeans or Americans who brought Christianity in India, it’s a religion and a belief.. respect the religion like everyone else respect yours.
    And did you personally do a DNA test or survey to point out on the racial difference.

    Mark’s right about the exotic mix.. its best observed among the older people who live in the portuguese houses and not the younger generation..
    And yes they speak portuguese and not konkani..
    And in case you were unaware… the church sermons were conducted in latin.. it was when my grandma was a litlle girl attending those sermons..
    Till today in some places like my place.. the littanys in the chapels are said in latin..

    1. I’m GSB. It means Goan Saraswat Brahmin. I’m Hindu. Your entirely right about whatever you said. But there are Hindus who are pure Goan and yes, I believe in Jesus(He’s the best example of the Divine in the world.)

  3. Goan Catholics are proud of their heritage. And yes, we’re proud of our differences. We are not Indian and we always wonder what makes Indian people want to claim us as their own.

    Let people decide for themselves – you can’t force people to abide by your own narrow views.

    Goans are a mixed race – and we’re VERY proud of it. Goa was mostly Catholic until India ‘liberated’ it. India is a bad country and we’re not the only people who think that.

    God bless!

    1. I can confirm Goans are different from the other parts of India, we are tolerant to western ways of living because of the Portuguese rule. We are proud of it. When the Maharastrians and Karnataks come to our state, we do not mind it, but we do mind it when you drink too much booze; act like hooligans throwing garbage out of your cars. Please keep our state clean, I do not want to see it become like the rest of our country. Goa is an equal region, where both sexes are treated equally, people prefer to have a female child & are happy with just one. Our women are not beaten for wearing what they find comfortable. Yes there is a dress code for Churches & Temples, but other than that, be yourself in Goa & love yourself. Live & Let Live. No Goan will stare at a chick wearing whatever she likes. This is because everybody is liberal & understanding. Love my State. If you are a tourist coming to Goa. Don’t go crazy over cheap booze & our Goan girls. They know to kick butt; fight like pros. Also, keep our state clean
      P.S. No offence to anybody.

  4. @Ellen where have you been reading your facts? Only 27% of Goans are Catholics. The rest of the state is mainly Hindu by birth. /en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christianity_in_Goa

    If you are only visiting the beach towns of North Goa you will most likely meet the non Hindus who are probably less conservative. There is an equal number of Hindu entrepreneurs who wear sarees and folks like your will not interact with them.

    I do not see @Suresh “complaining” – he seems to be stating facts that the Goan Christians were converts. I am from Goa but do not wish to categorize myself under any religion. I am an atheist. The so called Goans who you are meeting are probably Kashmir shawl sellers or Punjabi Biryani makers. They can speak the language and if they have lived in our state for 30 years, yes! they do have a right to call themselves Goan – because they are Indians first.

    True Goans are fun loving and do not distinguish people by their race or religion. It really is upsetting when some ignorant people make statements without ever learning history.

    @Rodrigo you should leave your ‘bad country’ and go to the Middle East and work on an oil rig for 11 months a year. God will bless you.

  5. Ellen is right, we have a distinct culture unlike the rest of India. Goa was never a part of the Indian republic but was invaded by force by India. It only became part of India formally in 1975. Before that date all Goans were Portuguese citizens. Thats why Goans who were born or their parents who were born before 1975 are given the right to accquire a EU passport.
    @ Goan konkani : It took us four and a half centuries to become what we are, how can you call someone from some state in india who is living in Goa become a goan? even if it is 30 yrs?

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