Polish girls

The purpose of this post is to tell you where to meet Polish girls for true love.

How to meet Polish girls online

I live in Krakow, Poland.  I am an American and happily married. The reason I wrote this post is to give you some ideas about how to meet Polish girl. I give you a couple specific recommendations where to meet a Polish girl for true love and marriage.  Lets be honest if you were searching the term Polish girls you do not want to read the philosophy of dating but are looking for love and specific useful bits of information to help you find your Polish princess.

I did not meet my wife online. I meet her when I was living in Poland, and I have a Polish background so it is a bit of a different story. However, I have some ideas for you.

Polish wife
My wife Kasia, whom I met while living in Krakow, Poland.

Kasia has made my life complete.

However, for most guys that are not living in Warsaw or Gdansk or traveling through the countryside and do not have a Polish family (grandparents) like I did the first step might be online dating.

Polish girls
Polish girls

When looking for a date, make darn sure they are the right age for you.  The best Polish females are in their 20s and 30s as they are looking for a real relationship.  In my opinion students that are say 18 or 19 or 20 years old are too young and will cause you and them problems. They are not mentally complete and erratic in their emotions and have a high flight factor. Better is a 25-year-old to 27-year-old. I met my wife when she was 27 years old and she had a Master’s degree and a career going. She was living with her sister in Krakow just finishing school. I think if you are a guy in your 30s, 27 is a great age to search for.

Rule of seven for meeting your spouse. – Some people say you should take your age, divide by 2 and add seven years. I meet my wife when I was forty-one and she was twenty-seven so this is about right.

Poland is a conservative society and this should be respected. It is Catholic and the family is the center.  Just because they are smiling and friendly might just mean they are friendly people, that is it. However, it does not mean you should pick them up. Only go for real true love as life tends to karmic in this regard. The laws of Karma are in place in the realm of dating.

OK enough of all that stuff and here are some sites to meet ladies from Warsaw to Krakow and even in London and the Chicago.

Polish women on free dating sites in Poland

  • The largest free Polish dating site is sympatia.onet.pl/. This is not as user-friendly as the above mentioned site as it is in Polish.  However, the benefit of this is simply it is the largest. It has an English language interface for Polish girls in Ireland Polish girls in the UK and the USA. This site has the most people on it and most Poles use it.
  • There is also znajomi.interia.pl/ and znajomi.interia.pl/randki the latter is just for dating while the former is more a social networking site which of course will lead to dates if you have the gift of gab and can chat with a Polish lady. However, it also is in the Polish language. I think they have added and English interface, it is a little more swanky in my opinion then the one above.
  • Of course you can always go to the biggest social networking sites in Poland.  That is nasza-klasa.pl, this is Facebook for Polish people. in the Polish language also. Nasza Klassa (our class) has lost momentum and Facebook is where Poles are. I also recommended a website I use to work at called nightlife but it non longer seems to be attracting new blood. But a lot of nice photos of Polish girls on there anyway.

Are there any scammers on these site? As much as might be on Match in the USA, they are made for Polish girls looking for Polish guys and Poland is an EU country which never had the economic crisis. They are not a Russian dating website in the 1990s.

Also please give me feedback my Polish girls post. I am trying to create a resource of real value to my readers and want to know how I might improve. For example should I give more information about the country of Poland or simply focus on the main points of the post, that is meeting these women. Is the organization set out well? Should I give more information about how to approach women and what to chat about? Do you prefer more photo and pictures or just facts and useful information. Also consider subscribing to my RSS feed on both comments and posts as I try to keep this girls for love site pretty up to date.

Polish girl on the beach in the UK
Polish girl on the beach in the UK

Now if you can take a flight to Poland, I recommend Krakow, Poland as it has about 100,000 students and one studentka (female student) might find you interesting. I recommend the clubs on the market square or the cafes of Krakow’s Kazimierz district. It is the artsy trendy area where locals hang out.

Good luck on your quest for true love with  Polish girls online.

Pages I created to help you find a Polish girl who are worth exploring about love and marriage in Poland

Again let me know if you have any questions and I am more than willing to help.

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  1. The younger the better you crazy idiot as long as you don’t go below 18. . An 18 year old Polish girl is smarter than an 18 year old American or British girls. Most of all, she has a low chance to be fat.

  2. Alan Paul says:

    Thank you for your insight. I have met a lovely Polish woman online by coincidence and my trip to visit her is May 2010. Cheers, Mate

    1. Poland has many nice, normal people and Polish women are beautiful.

  3. Polish girls ? so why shouldn`t we talk a little bit about their character and mentality . you see looks a lot of times could be deceiving . I have lived in Poland in the past 5 years and i have met many of them … Polish girls like to dominate and rule their boyfriend . They seem to behave to their boyfriend as if he has their puppy . They won`t take no for an answer and all they need is a guy to agree with them . polish guys have been used to this way of behavior but have you ? Also its no news that girls from Krakow have been amnuned to foreigners meaning , you wont simply make an impact to them . you will look into their eyes as another loser who cant find love in his own country . Another thing is that they are not as hot as they have been advertised . actually girls from Northern Poland are way far more pretty . take a look at Krakow once would arrive there . there is millions of tourist visiting the place every day . and you re just one of them . what makes you stand out ? Krakow and Prague the Czech capital , may be very beautiful cities to live in , but if you are in a quest for love , just forget it .

    1. I am married in Krakow and never had this problem at all. Girls will be girls, they may be from a more refined society than America but you still have to be aware that if your not ‘Kapitan na statku’ then you could have competition. However, good comment, as you ae right, being a foreigner in Krakow is often seen as a negative until you can prove yourself as someone is educated and refined and not just some UK football fan, which I do not think you are.

  4. Nick,

    You obviously must be some drunk Brit or g_y man. If you act like a typial drunkard, women in Poland are not going to go for that. It’s a fact.

  5. Spatula, writing my opinion which is not that colorful does not make me either Brit ,either drunk . I am just stating some facts here , with respect to everyone , and respect to the language I use and the way i refer to other people . So if you want to argue with me do it in the polite terms . So NO i am not a Brit and as a matter of fact I don`t drink alcohol . when i was in Poland i had a lot of friends who had a polish girlfriend ,all i would hear would be complaints , that they are moody , bossy and complaining all the time etc . IN Poland it is common that a man cries in womans arms , and plays the female role . those men are called pantoflarz in polish and believe it or not most of polish girls would like to have a relationship with one of them . It is in their nature . It is in Polish nature to complain a lot so good luck with that . Are they any good girls in Poland ? of course they are and i have mat some of them . the problem is that unless you are not at your early 20`s you re gonna have problem to meet them . you see these girls are all taken and taken in young age . if you are in Poland looking for a lady at her mid twenty`s lets say then welcome to the “daddy wanted club ” . girls there get married from very young age , i could say that almost 70% of polish girls are married by that age so either you re gonna meet with the leftovers , either you are gonna meet with the women that seek for a father who is gonna help them raise their child . I have had enough of all these , being in Poland in a period of 5 years i had 2 long term relationships that had lasted about a year each so i think i have a good idea of what i am talking about . Finally i shetteled down with a Slovak girl , it is amazing how big the difference is 🙂

    1. Nick, I have lived in Poland longer than you and you ideas are ridiculous. Maybe you could not handle Polish girls is the better reason you went running. Poles do complain, yes and girls can be moody, but in terms of looks and values and have found them to be the highest level.
      Polish girls like men with a strong character, someone who can lead. Maybe you are like this but maybe you are not and that is why things did not work out for you.
      However, I am happy that you did find someone. Really and Slovak girls are very nice also.

  6. Nick,

    Polish women don’t like men being cowardly and would not put up with someone wishy washy. That is a FACT. They want a confident man that takes charge. American women are the worst women in the world. Only a non masculine man would prefer an American woman over Polish.

    And if a Polish girl is in early 20s, man in mid 30s can approach provided he is not a fat garbage. This is fact all over Eastern Europe. Fat men or women are not wanted.

    Slovak culture is not much different from Polish since both are West Slavic along with the Czechs.

  7. Spatula,

    only one question . Are you from Poland ? Cause if you are ,anyone who will read your text can know about polish mentality . they dont even need to read my comment ,yours will be enough
    By the way , if someone didn`t have the luck to be born slim in Poland what should he/she do ?
    By the way i am neither fat nor an American ,
    Slovak language is indeed very similar to polish , and many things can be similar but not the same. slovak people do not complain about everything, are far more open and girls aren`t moody and bossy in their majority . they are polite . in other words people there are not “wredni “(mean ) thats the main difference .

    1. I have to agree, generally over weight women are not attractive. If you are honest your girl is not obese. Right? Fat people are great and certainly equal to all other people, but it does that mean I have to date them? They over consume, are unhealthy and some would argue have not the ability to control themselves. But as people they might be nice. But why does anyone have to marry them?
      I would say to date a Polish girl you need to be their hero not some poet ESL teacher.

    2. Nick, and perhaps my comments were a bit hard, basically if you found your girl, that is the most important thing. If the girl you were ment to be with was not from Poland, maybe it was simply she was waiting for you in Slovakia. 🙂 Polish girls are not for everyone. And there is only one person for everyone. For you to live in Poland for 5 years also took a lot of courage.

  8. You must be from the UK nation because you have an attitude of someone who expects everyone culture to revolve around you.

    And in Eastern Europe, including Slovakia, larger women are not attractive. Neither are large men. If you are a fat man expecting girls to like you, then you are not going to have any luck.

  9. I ve been surfing in this website for few hours today reading really interesting things and reading interesting Posts . However what I did notice is that Spatula seems to be commending on every page , singing the same song , about how fat are American girls . I guess thats a personal issue of the user with this Nation and personal complex . I dont see the admin caring very much about those comments , but when the subject comes to Polish women the admin becomes really sensitive . Feels like playing on a setup match .where you know that the referee is gonna slaughter you .
    for me Spatula is just a user who has complex with the americans posting on every webpage the same things with the tolerance od Admin .
    Now dear Admin , I see we agree on some things . Poles do complain and girls can be moody . Yes the looks are pretty good , although in my humble opinion Ukrainian ,Russian even Slovak girls are far better looking . Polish girls need a man with a strong character .. hmmm let me have my doubts on this . You live in Poland , so i guess you have visited many houses . could you please tell me who is the boss of the house ? is it the “man ith the strong character ” or maybe is see wrong ? cause what I saw every time that I was a guest in a polish family was that the woman was in charge and she would quite often tell her husband to be quiet “cicho ” the poor man would just put the tongue in his mouth and try to hold his tears , not to be embarrassed in front of the kids .
    I am a guy of a strong character and the last thing i wish is to be dominated . would any of you guys like to hear from his wife to shut up?visit polish families , see how they are , ask your polish friends to tell you who rules the house , and you ll have your answers .
    Get to know also about how faithful Polish girls are . I happen to know many polish girls who although they have a boyfriend they play many other guys . they want their freedom . Do not expect a girl to stuck around only for you . Admin maybe you got married to fast to notice what is happening around… girls are bossy , how can you deny an obvious fact ? the least thing they want is a man to lead them . they want a man to agree with them always ,to tell them yes in everything , they want to simply rule . it is a matter of choice . if someone wants to be ruled , dominated , to have quarrels on daily basis then be my guest . But if you are a man of a strong character who want to have and express his own opinion just give Poland a miss . I know how much someone would like to be happy , so why some people want to use their eager to become happy and drag them to a country without warning ? why should be people wasting their time in Poland trying to find something that does not exist ? why should be some webpages playing with peoples feelings ? No one should travel to Poland without being warned about what is waiting for them there . it is like sending to a battle a soldier without his shield . You re gonna suffer and suffer and suffer till you ll find out that Poland was not meant for you .
    on the other hand if there is a woman reading this , then she should really consider as a good choice to visit Poland . Men do have high values and treat the girl in the best of manners .

    1. Peace and love I need to take action to moderate this forum better starting today.

  10. Nick,

    It is clear cut you are not educated the way of the world and girls. Polish men don’t want Anglo women. There are more marriages and relationships between foreign men and Polish women rather than the reverse.

    Poland isn’t a s_x capital country friend. That would be Czech Republic or even Hungary.

    I do agree other countries have better looking women than Poland in the region, but Polish women clearly are better in style than Anglo women. Only those that want athletic women, would like women from the UK.

    1. Spatula please do not be so inuslting to others. If people make comments you disagree with, then just state the counter argument and let the facts speak for themselves. I try not to edit too much out of here, only when comments contain bad words and insults but I can not edit everything. I am setting up automatic filters to help. Some of your points I agree with and some I disagree, but it does not matter, I wan to keep things on a good level. Thanks.

  11. Admin,
    You have a nice forum which I enjoy reading and contributing but I dont understand why you cant control the kitchen utility’s posts. Educated people love a good discussion because it stimulates thought and perspective and its coming from all over the world. You have some good contributors to this sight. I hope you dont let one person ruin the fun. Obviously Spatula is either uneducated or attention seeking…. or possibly both!

    1. Thanks for the comment and I am focusing on all this now.

  12. I appreciate your focus because name calling and insulting does nothing to promote thought and understanding. It also lowers the quality of your forum which might be kitchen utility’s overall intention…

  13. I just got out of a year and a half relationship with a Polish girl who has been in the states for 5 years. She is gorgeous and it was love at first sight for me. I would have married her if she didn’t turn out to be a exactly as Nick described. We had countless fights as she was more determined to dominate the relationship than see anything from my point of view. Sometimes she literally wouldn’t even listen to my point of view just stormed out. She is always unhappy. I did everything to cheer her up but her happiness would fade so quickly for the most confusing reasons. Her moodiness, strong will, and independence were her strongest qualities.

    She would constantly complain about her Polish girlfriends and tell me how much she disliked Polish people in general. Between dating her and listening to what she would say about her gfs I have to agree with Nick.

    I wasn’t in Poland very long but my impression is that most Polish guys distance themselves from their ladies and hang out with their boys. This way they can act like they’re bad ass. But I think Nick is right in that at the end of the day they get their ass’s beat by their girl who is sick of being avoided.

    My impression is that Polish girls have a love/hate relationship with Polish guys. As if the culture breeds girls who are drawn to guys who distance themselves and generally treat their women poorly. The women react to this life by being angry and dominant.

    Thanks for reading.

  14. Dear Nick.

    I came from Poland and I have to agree with you. Your opinion about Polish girls is close to my own. You wrote exactly how its really looks in Poland.
    Thanks for your comment.

    1. Nick/Jan, what you are saying is something from the 1990s guys in black leather jackets, gym rats, BMW driving miesniak mentality. You are joking right? I have lived in Poland for many years, Polish girls go for brains. Polish girls go for the whole deal not some primitive manifestation of control. Unless you are talking about gallaretki solarium chicks who go for meat guys. And those girls are not hot.
      Universally all my friends Polish and American win Polish girls with charm and will always get more selection for potential wives then any meat guy mentality, Always. Are you guys are from the 20 years ago living in some block of flats with your mother spoiling you and therefore you have developed some distorted view on women?
      My friends and I for many years have peace in our relationships, not by being in control but by being “Kapitan na Statku” – there is a big difference between thinking about control and power and being capitan of the ship.

      Win a Polish girl with charm and kindness and wisdom of God’s word, not aggressiveness and your lady will likewise show you love and kindness.

  15. Admin , it seems you are the only one that believes that its worth trying to get a polish girl . everybody else believes its just not worth it, because of their bad character , they are bad tempered , moody , bossy , stubborn and all they really want is a guy to agree with them . thats not gonna happen , at least not for me or for the other fellows that share the same opinion with me . wake up and smell the coffee ! From all eastern Europe there are three places where you shouldn`t be looking for a girl . Number 1 Poland , number 2 .Czech Republic ,NR 3 Hungary . each place for different reasons but i highly recommend to avoid those three places and especially Poland . everywhere else in the eastern Europe can be ok… but not there . So people just save your money and go to the correct countries . giving Poland a miss is like giving serious troubles a miss . Unless your goal in life is to become your girl`s little pet .
    they are quite pretty i know , but why bother with a pretty girl when inside her she is ugly ?
    there are pretty girls in all eastern Europe ,a lot of them , much prettier than polish in a lot of cases . seek your girl in another place and save yourself time money and a lot of bad experiences .

    1. Like I said I have lived in Poland for many years. This has not been my experience nor the experience of my friends. When ever I ask any of my students who are guys, do you like being married they universally say yes. I would not say that is the case in the USA. I also would say Polish guys are very loyal to their Polish girls. This is not the case in countries like Italy or Greece or even France, for example. Therefore, this might tell you something about not only the guys but the girls. None of the people I know married to a Polish girl would cheat not only because of morals, which is the most important but because they are very happy.
      I am sorry if you have suffered so much from Polish girls and you are all negative. I am sorry you believe Poles are ugly inside. This is not true.

  16. Polish men are ok , that’s why Polish girls get advantage of them so easily . They are soft guys willing to do everything their girl wants to please her and Polish girls get advantage of it . So for me Pole males are very good people (especially those who don`t drink too much ) being advantaged by Polish women . I have nothing against Poles , I just believe that it is better to leave these girls be with men from their country as they seem not able to understand that in relationship has to be mutual understanding . It is their culture , they way they were brought up , each nation has some good and bad features and so does Polish nation . Unfortunately for most western Europeans , Polish women mentality is not something that they could understand ,accept and live happy with .
    I had all the good intention to succeed with a Polish girl , so did my friends , but it just didn`t work . so its better not to waste our time and their time on them , that’s all .

    1. Nick thanks for the comments, but I guess I still do not understand what is some hard about them? I have lived here a while and they are very sweet. They just want a normal guy. I think in Western Europe macho is seen as desirable, such as in Italy but in Eastern and Central Europe girls go for brains and culture. It is natural that a woman wants a man that will be smart and kind to her, and that men want a woman that is peaceful and caring for him. I see this in Poland but not in Western Europe and the USA where the women are (not all) not often very femistic and angry. Polish women do not like femists. They are very pro family and children and want a prince who will be capitan of the ship not something you describe. I have no idea what you put out, but a few guys I know say what you say, that is they are moody and hard, but is is only because the guys are kind of, umm football, pub goers if you get my drift. Guys that have interest in hanging out with their friends more than their girlfriends. And girls will naturally be moody in this case because, these girls want a prince to have a family with not some football fan who hangs out with the guys

      Polish girls go for brains and culture, believe I have been around this culture my whole life.

      A good catholic Polish guy who is educated and a little bit of style will have a Polish princess with no games on either side.

  17. I’ve met a few Polish girls whilst working in London, and I’ve been left with generally a good opinion, although everybody person is different, regardless of background. I’ve found them to be fiesty, strong and independent; sometimes quite refreshing compared to some of the English girls I’ve met. A Polish accent is quite endearing too!

    1. I would say that is pretty accurate, Polish girls are a lot of fun and really get your blood going, but do not push it too far.

  18. I am 26 so I’m not saying something form 1990s. I was born in Poland and I know Polish girls very well. I have to mention that they are very arogant and conceited. Their beauty is another myth. They are not worth your attention. Admin, a good catholic POlish guy who is educated will not have chance with Polish princess. Unless he obey her rules.

  19. Prince khalid says:

    Respected to all Polish peoples.
    My all prayers for you.God Blessed you. I share the grieves (Accident of Aeroplane)
    of Polish friends- They are really nice peoples but i never forget them. they are really sincere with their polish peoples(Polish nation) God takes best rest.
    Yours –Khalid pakistan
    waiting ur answer———————

    Przestrzegać wszystkich narodów polskiego.
    Wszystkie moje modlitwy za you.God Najświętszej Ciebie. Podzielam martwi (Wypadek samolotu)
    polskich przyjaciół, są naprawdę ładne i narodów, ale nigdy o nich zapomnieć. są naprawdę szczere z ich narodami Polski (naród polski) Bóg ma najlepszy odpoczynek.
    Pozdrawiam – Pakistan Khalid

  20. Hello Nick,Admin,Spatula,Jan…WOW reading all these comments now made me very in-secured I have to say. I have met this one Polish Girl when she came to my City as a tourist. Only met her once since then we have been keeping in touch through e-mail. Couple things I have noticed is that no matter what…her opinion never changed. She sits at her end tight and fit always and her explanation is she is very realistic. I am always the one making my opinion change and so on. I have dated many girls since I was 17 and now I am 23 and she is 22. Its always that she will let me know or talk to me at her convenience. Either way we planning to meet again in 2 years IN POLAND. So well I thought I would ask you guys what you feel? I am a very dominant person myself so I was wondering what you guys feel? opinions are highly appreciated.Thank you.

    1. Hi James, I think you are not kids but you are still relatively young. I think people and opinions do change with time. Time is the great teacher. Many Polish girls are shy and grow up with not being exposed to many things we have in the west. Therefore their views are a little different. What specifically are you talking about when you say her opinions do not change? I highly recommend you stay in touch with her by the way, Polish girls are really special.

  21. Christopher says:

    I am actually SHOCKED to read the post from Nick, Nate and Jan. Why? It’s so DEAD ON TARGET!!! I exited a three year relationship with a polish girl and my advice to anyone remotely thinking of dating one of these girls is to RUN. Believe me, not all women are like this. This is solely a cultural thing endemic to Poland and the part of eastern europe Nick so graciously itemized. It could be because of their persistently occupied history, something in the water, Chernobly…whatever it is, there is something that is fundamentally wrong with this culture. I was so shocked because it was like these guys where there the night I finally decided I had had enough. My exact words were that she had a very beautiful face but a very UGLY spirit. Reiterating all of what was said above…These polish girls are the most negative people you would ever date, they never believe anything is going to work out right. They are persistently pessimistic about everything, they complain and worse of all NAG at you 24/7, they are always ready for a fight and to quarrel, they are never grateful/appreciative to any kind gesture…as far as they are concerned whatever good you did could have been done better by someone else in their fantasy- keep waiting is what you should tell them.

    In any relationship which should be about two people reaching compromises and making things workout, they seek to stake out a position and maintain that position no matter what, they would never come to a middle ground let alone to your side. Let’s talk about their tongues abit, they are so negative, number one defense mechanism is to slash at you with their tongues, they are verbally abusive. They are control freaks, this is not just about being dominant, it’s a cultural determined inferiority complex of always wanting to be in control especially those that came from the generations after soviet invasion. They always want you to obey their rules and only theirs…recipe for disaster if you have two balls and a dick. And they love often love to use sex as the control/power key…if you think all women do that, wait to you date a polish woman and see it go to a whole different level. Goodness help you if you find one that is religious.

    Lets talk about families.They come from families with very weak men…I mean Nick is ABSOLUTELY right, look at any polish family, the father is so weak and has been completely sidelined and relegated by the wife/mother and she’s in absolute control. The sons live at home till they’re 30-something, in short are losers who in turn eventually get beaten around by some other woman when they eventually get their shit in enough order to be independent. The daughters consciously/subconsciously learn from their Mom’s to disrespect men as of course their dads have been. It’s a vicious cycle…so much so that these people necessarily have to be religious. Nick is so right, the men are too busy “nazdrowie-ing” around, running away from thier wives/gf by hanging out with their buddies I actually think they derive a lot of lost affection from their buddies physically, sexually and emotionally because the women are stone cold-hearted. I mean just look at how prettied up, beautiful and effeminate alot of these guy are. You think they are just hanging around each some much without someone grabbing the soap? Think again!

    All so much unlike the west. Let no one deceive you with that BS that all women are like this. I would repeat, NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THIS!!! Yes grab yourself one of those bigger western girls, who are better in Bed, are kind spirited have decent bodies beautiful face, a kind heart and amicable soul and a pleasant bed i.e know what to do with your equipment rather than these bag of bones! We in the west yes, esteem reason, compromise, negotiation and yes, there’s a man in the house! Doesn’t mean a violent thug – those of the guys that try to assert themselves often result to domestic violence…again a triat of the poles just don’t understand middle grounds or moderation…they alway choose extreme ends either they are extremely submissives or extremely assertive to the point of violence, it only means having a normal house where there’s the guy who where the pants…So, If you are a western guy i would not only say you should RUN from polish women, you should FLEE! Save you are some self-declared saddist that enjoys torment and is prepared for emotional abuse and is readied to be turned into some effeminate spineless LOSER dude who is completely defeated with his tail between his legs and does every single whimp and whimper of his wife/gf. FLEE my friends run for the mountains!!!

    1. Where are you meeting these girls at a bar? Do you speak the Polish language. I think it is more a case of foreigners coming though and only speaking English and meeting girls Polish girls in bars. My friends here married to Polish women are universally pretty happy.
      What about meeting them in church? How often did you talk about your spiritual life and maybe even pray together? I think guys who are not deeply or even someone spiritual will have a problem, it will be like water and oil mixing. Try to find someone who is developing not going to parties.

  22. hello Admin,

    Well what I mean is that she would only e-mail me or come on msn when she is free when she is done partying with her friends…when she is done talking to her brother on phone…when she is done talking to her friends on phone…I love one thing about her that I have to agree is that she has manners as in if she didn’t come on msn the night before is because she had her friend sleep over she will tell me her friend slept over and she is sorry she was busy…overall she sounds too busy…yes I will agree that i am still young she turned 23 on June 6th and I am going to turn 24 on July 20th. So we are growing old and I definitely dont want to bounce around from girls to girls but at the same time I dont want to be used…I realized you mentioned in your last line that “polish girls are really special” can you kindly be more detailed about it? Thanks once again and guys I would also like to hear your opinion as well please. Thanks:D

    1. I do not like girls into games. I want all or nothing. Someone who will give up everything to be with me, because that is what I would do for my other half. For me the best girls are girls who see life with a greater purpose and even if they are not perfect see their life as something to be developed.

  23. But admin, ALL polish girls goes to parties…its like anything good happen they party and there are wine and vodka there…and I am talking about Polish girls from Poland who are religious at the same time goes to University studying some good program. Please dont assume I am not a guy without brain cause I myself am doing my Masters. So not only am I people smart..I am book smart as well..Why is everyone talking so negative about Polish Females? Are they that bad to deal with?

    1. I do not think all Polish girls go to parties. Single girls like to socialize, yes many do. But not all girls go out. Some just go out to dance and not all drink at all. Many of the girls I know do not drink. I live in Poland. People are negative because Polish girls are hot yes but some but not all can be dramatic. But any girl is going to have some juices flowing, no girl is just going to be like Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island. My wife really made me work for her, but we are married and peaceful and happy. This is the nature of men and women. If Polish girls are testing you or dramatic in the dating phase, it does not mean anything if in their heart they are spiritual compassionate people. I know score of Polish girls like this.

  24. Nick and Christopher.. I doubt you’re still around.. You really trash Polish girls.. However, what you describe sounds like American girls.. Every country has its dominating types, but you cannot blame one bad relationsihp on the whole nation. I just wish I could hear more of the story of the girl they met and the circumstances that led to their relationship. I cannot think of a country that doesn’t have dominating and cruel women. Even, in Ghana i witnessed the girls who travelled to USA and were wealthier were very dominating, rude and greedy. THis was a great contrast, to the more humble, submissive and caring girls I met in the villages and small towns.

  25. I have had two Polish girlfriends, both completely different. The first one was a little darling but sadly we split up after two years as we lived on opposite sides of the world and despite spending a small fortune on air fares, it just wasn’t going to work.

    The second one was a greedy, mercenary, two-timing sl_ut whose life revolved round money and material possessions. She used s_x as a weapon, her flat was filthy and full of used food packages and dirty clothes. She never stopped complaining about everything and running everyone down, nothing was ever good enough for her. After we broke up because I found out she’d been having s_x with a friend of mine and charging him for it, she tried to blackmail me as she incorrectly thought that I had a ‘secret’ bank account which the tax people didn’t know about.

    So there you have it, you can’t generalizes, two girls, both from Warsaw, and totally different in every way.

    1. John that is a good story. I guess I have learned to avoid any woman that is even the least bit material. I think it is easy to get pulled into this trap as they look so good that often you ignore things that are very obvious in retrospect.
      Wow that second Polish girl sounds like a real wild one. I can not imagine getting involved with a girl like that. Were there no warning signs? Where did you meet her?
      Thank you very much again for those stories.

  26. My Polish girlfriend was the sweetest girl in the world I showed her what it was like to be told what to do and how to be kije she did to me and now I`m possibly going to to be in big trouble messing her 7 years of friends and 3 years together in our flat why oh why did I do that she wanted me a puppy dog , I am heartbroken .

    1. Sorry to hear about your trouble. Look, guys have to find out what a girl is about before, they get in a relationship. You have to ask them questions about morality and life. If you were together and lived together that long, maybe she was upset you did not get married, I do not have the full story. But I do not recommend living with a girl before marriage.

  27. I can’t stop my interest to girls in Eastern Europe. I have read a lot of things on your site. I wanna stop my interest to them, but it won’t help 🙂
    I have only one concern about them: they sometimes dress provocative.
    Do you think that I can find a good girl in Poland or Ukraine which is family orientated.

  28. I think I can answer this question. It depends on how good you are.
    If your a good honest man with a pure heart you will find a good girl in Eastern Europe.
    You will attract someone on your level.

  29. Thnx Katya, I hope I can realize that one day.
    But my parents are against it, they think they are bad girls 🙁

  30. Dear Sfrn

    I’ll give you good advice, straight form my heart. Please don’t believe in what Admin or Katya wrote at this site. The relation with Eastern girls present completely different that they have described. Firstly you have to know that they have double standards: one for the foreigners and another for their countrymen. A foreigner passport ( in their very simply minds ) is a path to rich world and the basis to feel better than other women who are not with “western guy.” I can assure you, they will be boasting that they aren’t with a local guy.
    In mentality Eastern women foreigners were and sill are better than their men(It’s result of post communism inferiority complex). No matter how ugly, uneducated they are, they are foreigners and that’s enough to be attractive. So Polish, Russians and Ukrainian girls will be very kind and very open for you. That’s why western guys says “wow that girl must really likes me, she is very nice for me”. But the reason for such behaviors I wrote above:) They are extremely golddiggers! Many times I have heard “ I’m looking for richmen. I will never marry with somebody who isn’t rich” They say that with open text ! And on the other hand they treat their countrymen like a dustmen. They are very capricious, conceited, arrogant and very annoying. They behave like a princesses cause they unrightly thinks that greatest women are form Poland, Russia, the Ukraine. You have to know there is a part of mentality of Eastern women. (Nick has a very accurate comments). If you are foreigner, in the first phase of relation they will not behave like that and hide from you this disadvantages. But if they achieved what they assumed (western citizenship, feel independent in the west ) they will leave you.
    You can see a lot of better looking girls in West Europe and they don’t have such attitude.
    So if you want waste your time and then be disappointed or worse, destroy your life, then date and marry with Eastern girls.
    I live in Poland. I really like my country but women here are completely misunderstanding.
    My statements are based on my experiences with Polish, and Eastern girls. And I do not recommend Polish girls even my enemies.

    1. I live in Poland too. I do not know who you hang out with, maybe the bar crowd, but most Polish girls I know prefer to marry a Polish guy. They are religious, no cultural differences, but are open to a foreign guy if he is real. Of course you always get these flakey fake tan solarium girls in Poland, but they stick out like a sore thumb. They are easily avoided. Polish guys who are educated make a lot of money, so if money is what they want they can get it. If you have any IT skills or any skill you can make a lot in Krakow for example.
      What you write is not true. Polish girls I know are catholic and very humble people. Maybe you hang out with the wrong crowd. Try dating an American girl and they will chew you up and spit you out compared to a nice beautiful Polish girl.
      If you marry for money it is the hardest way to earn it.
      That girl Katya is like from Moscow, or something, she is a girl in Eastern Europe, also there were other Eastern European women here writing the same.

  31. About Polish girls i can say the same thing i said about Spanish Girls: they are not usually pretty but those who are pretty are ver pretty.

  32. Well I seem to have done it again, had my heart broken by a Polish girl that is. My fault, not hers, I knew from the beginning that we could never have a long term relationship and she said so too, she was so honest about it but I carried on seeing her anyway and fell madly in love. She is beautiful inside and out, sexy and sensual, intelligent and loving and elegant, really everything a man would want in a woman. We had the most incredible closeness, such that I’ve never had with anyone else before, she was my perfect girl, but she’s gone back to Poland and her ‘real’ life over there.

    1. I do not understand why it did not work out? I need more information. Maybe it was not meant to be but maybe she is just testing you, and seeing if you will find her. Was there a cultural difference or difference in belief? If you had the same life and world view about God, the Universe the meaning of life, I would chase her and find her. But that is me.

  33. Sadly it was just that due to the circumstances and timing when we met, we both knew that there was no future for us. I will always treasure the memories of the time we spent together.

    1. Watch the movie ‘Once’. It is about a girl from Prague who lives in Ireland. But might be a similar situation as yours or not. But it is a nice movie.

  34. Hi Mark,

    I’m an American here in California. I have grown weary of the obvious decadence and decline of the American female character. Surely salvation lies somewhere over the “pond” to say…Krakow.

    I have always been interested in the recent history of Poland and Eastern Europe/Russia and have an interest in Krakow. One day I hope to stay in Krakow and wanted to know what your specific experiences living there have been like and what Polish women actually think of American men who try to live in Krakow. If an American marries a Polish woman, does he get a chance for any kind of dual citizenship? Is it hard to get visa approval to stay in Poland for extended periods?
    I am an American and feel the same way you do about American women. Tragically, they sold their souls to materialsim, status and trinkets.

    I like what you have to say about Love and courage. Love is the only reality. Everything else is illusion.

    I am very interested in Poland and escpecially Krakow and it’s history and architecture. I like Polish women from what I know of them and would like to meet the Polish woman of my dreams; maybe in a town like Krakow one day.

    If you could fill me in on Polish women and your impressions, I would appreciate it. What’s it like living in Krakow?

    1. Micheal, if you move or spend a reasonable time in Poland, lets say Krakow you will be married guaranteed. I know many a confirmed bachelors who come to Eastern Europe, swearing they will never get married and in six months they go to a dance club meet a girl and get married. And yes they are happy.

      Poles think highly of Americans as Poles and Americans are democratic freedom loving people and many Eastern European people are in the USA.

      Women like American if they are not arrogant and are educated and cultured, clean etc. Most girls want to get married. Most girls want a normal life. Why would they not?

      Krakow is great, except for a little big of smog like LA. It is a historic city with everything that you have in America and more. We have are equivalents of Walmart and malls, everything is the same except the women and the culture. I love it her. I might move back to the USA after seven years only for some warmer weather. However, here I go to warm vacations cheap and they have hot springs etc. So it is not all that bad.
      I have a dual citizenship not from my marriage but from my family. It is very useful. Most Americans need to find a way to either study full time, get a company to support their visa process or be engaged if you do not have Polish roots.
      I recommend trying. Some people can re-stamp their passport at the Ukrainian boarder but I do not know the law about this now.
      If you are engaged to a Polish citizen you get a temporary visa, if you are married you apply for a long-term visa and in lets say four years you will have a dual citizenship as long as the court believes it is a marriage based on true love and not convenience.
      If you are idealistic and want to have a real normal marriage and wife, I highly recommend you consider Polish girls. The one thing is they tend to be religious, which is not problem for me as I am also, but the ones that are not are no better and maybe worst then the girl next door where you live.

    2. I would say if you are even considering trying Poland for dating, I would say if you are idealistic and good in character, go for it. Finding someone just like you will not be as hard as the society here is more conservative. If you have any specific questions please ask.

  35. I’m 100% Pole I live the U.S. for 20 years I have dual citizenship
    You have to know how to talk with Polish women Culture is high in Poland You have to know the history of Polish culture What is the Polish woman pretty smart educated. Americans are doing with the Poles and jesting.

    Americans do not like foreign People. For example, the story of the party to which I was invited with a buddy American party I sat with a friend talked in Polish People began to preach in English to talk to us I started to talk to American women After 15 minutes of conversation a few Americans began to ignore us because I am and my friend we like alien American women are choosy, It’s been 75 minutes Americans brought two pretty Polish girls with long legs.

    After 8 minutes of arrival at the thought I started to talk one of them. They Came form Poland to USA as a student and worked in the restoration. They were only 2 weeks in the city Americans who bring them to party started out with are his racket, they said to me two days ago got to know him All the people looked at us like a bandit.

    Me and my friend left with two hot Polish girls but the guy want to fight me Every body was jealous of Polish girls.

    None of American girls accept me and my friend. I call taxi service Taxi come 2 minute so I open taxi for lady’s and my friend talk you do not know how talk to Polish girls out of you league this girls We went to club We have been to 4 am I have good time my friend This girls was happy we took them to club Polish culture is different from the U.S.This is just my story has nothing to do in that neither r_cism It was jealousy. We are too different from each other.

    1. I am an American with dual citizenship living in Poland. I do not want to say anything negative about American girls, because it would be a generalization. However, anyone who has been to Poland knows there is a huge difference between the two dating cultures. Polish women really make an effort to maintain their shape and look and style a bit more than in the west. Further, When you are married, Polish women will make a great effort in the relationship to make the man happy (the man should also). I do no know if American guys could say this? I do not know. I know that the divorce rate is high in America and low in Poland. I know that Polish women have no problem cooking and taking care of the house and family and often American feminists (not all Americans mind you) would take issue with this.
      Poland has a more classical education, while the USA has a more practical education. I do not think one is better than the other just different.
      However, I personally and happy I married a girl from Poland as it makes my life more peaceful and interesting.

  36. Oj proszę :p Tyle ładnych Polek jest, a Ty dodałeś zdjęcia jakiś dwóch białasów.

    “polskich przyjaciół, są naprawdę ładne i narodów, ale nigdy o nich zapomnieć. ” – Grammar is professional:)

    1. You are right there are so many pretty Polish girls, but those photos are not that bad. If you have better ones of Polish girls I can post them. That last sentence is like a bad translation or something.

  37. ibnhazm23 says:

    Have you ever posted a picture of your wife?
    Could give a link to Polish girls photos?

    1. Yes not only do I have my wife in the about page but in a few of the other pages to. She is a very sincere good Polish lady and I am very lucky to be married to her.
      About other photos of Polish girls look on my site I have many of them and many of them are pretty, attractive and alluring. Let me know if you can not find them but browse my website you will see many.

  38. Marshall S says:

    I am interested to know whether it is easy to meet educated Polish girls in a short time? Of course, I know this question is a bit naive and optimistic, but I am in Belgium for a week of business travel. If I went to Krakow for a 3-day weekend, what are my chances of meeting a nice, educated Polish girl?

    1. Basically Krakow is a University town and all the girls are educated with exceptions of course. I think to meet an educated Master’s or PhD Polish girl who is thin and beautiful is the norm. The question is will she go for you. That depends on who you are and what you are about.
      If you give me an idea and more details I will give you some hints.

  39. Marshall S says:

    I am an US military officer with a Bachelor’s degree from a good University. I am 45, fit, decent looking and have never been married, I don’t really have any baggage. Like you have described in much of your blog, I’m looking for the right girl, one who is interested in being married for life and being a Mom and a wife and maybe having a career.

    It’s a bit naive to say, (I’ll probably be pounded by the blogosphere here), but I’m not interested in women who are much older than early 30s or those with children already unless they are really exceptional girls. One thing I have noticed about many of the educated European women I have met though, is that they are more cosmopolitan, more worldly, and generally more able to carry on wide-ranging, educated conversations than the average American woman. So, perhaps age is less of a factor.

    This is probably pie in the sky, but.

    1. You will have no problem, as all girls in Eastern Europe want to get married and have a family and like educated, intelligent men, they do not believe in divorce so most are not. I do not know if this is true in the USA. In the USA you get such mixed signals and games and feminists who leave their husbands after promising to spend their life with them. NOt all American girls but the society is different.
      In Poland for example, you get dramatic girls, but it is clear they want a family and love.
      There are a couple of issues. The most important is Polish girls are like this because they have ideals, specifically they are religious. Not in a general new age sense, but they take the ideals of their faith serious. Again not all, but most. So if you are not it might not be a match.
      The other issue is so many are beautiful, just make sure you are falling in love with someone who is really your soul mate. Romantic love brings people together who should never be together, but you know this I think.
      Besides that it all depends on you. I know very few guys that go to Eastern Europe and want to get married and do not. In fact, I have lived here for many years and know none. Love conquers all.
      The only guys that are not married are confirmed bachelors and struggle and fight not to be married, but even those guys get married.
      Learn a little about Poland and maybe some phrases in the language and that will help.

  40. luke doamchowski says:

    I’m with a polish lady I am an English man with Polish grand father. My experience is, English lady like good times and think about what they want. Polish lady’s think about what they need now at the current time. I brought her flowers once and she went crazy because she would have been more happy be topping up the electricity – this is a laugh. Different cultures too are hard to get used to but if you have the respect for her she wants you will understand it. They don’t like lazy sit around men, they expect you to get up and help them clean. English ladies tend to not care for cleaning constant like Polish ladies too. They are very strong-minded and don’t like to be told no. When they get angry they are evil too, the argument over not cleaning my dirty washing after I worked away 77 hour lasted three days. They are crazy but I love her 🙂

  41. This forum seems like a place either for venting out one’s frustrations or for naive brownnosing of Polish girls and culture. What a load of rubbish generalizations. From someone who’s lived in Poland for 10 years, ‘dated’ a fair share of women, a few characteristics I have found to consistently apply to Polish girls are:
    1) slimmer/prettier than western women, though not always
    2) more feminine than western women, though not always
    3) less witty than western women, though not always
    4) appearing to lack standards in men, almost always
    5) overly concerned about how ‘easy’ they are perceived to be (a complex that probably results from the conflict between Catholic values, their s_xual nature and their reputation among certain foreign men)

    And yes, Nick is right. A significant proportion of Polish men are so-called ‘pantoflarze’ — submissive, weak guys who buy their women flowers and generally would do anything for them despite being cheated on, mistreated etc. It doesn’t take a genius to see that in their body language. What I don’t agree with is that Polish girls find this type of behaviour attractive. I think either they have little choice or they feel safer with a guy who they are sure will always be faithful.

    1. You have some points, especially about Polish women being slimmer and more feminine. I have lived in Poland as long as you and agree on those points but disagree on the others not because they are wrong, but it is a matter or how one sees the world.

      Lets start with your point on Polish girls are less witty? I did not find that. I speak Polish and imagine you do also, I would not say Polish girls are not witty compared to western girls, but they are less sarcastic and ironic. But they have a different sense of humor.

      One of the most annoying things about Western girls is them thinking witty banter is a positive thing. These witty sarcastic western girls are often slightly jaded. In contrast I prefer a stable normal girl who is beautiful and intelligent. I do not mean just book smart but smart like she can beat me in games of skill. Many great female chess players come from Eastern Europe. So witty in my book means nothing. It is neither a great sign of intellect nor a trait I need in a girl. If she has it fine, that’s nice, I guess, but witty banter with western girls is a turn off.

      Polish girls have lack of standard for men? That is funny how you see the world with western eyes. Standards the Polish girls I know are based on moral character, for example, do they go to church and are the brainy. There are a lot of Polish geeky guys that get hot chicks based on what they are about, not a macho standard. Masuline energy is manifest in different ways but not less.

      To a western guy they seem like geeks or even ‘losers’, being passive. But these are the same guys that go to mass every sunday and speak a few languages and are authentically nice. They are rebuilding their country with one of the highest growth rates in the EU.

      In contrast the western view of a ‘winner guy’ is some ‘cool’ guy speaking rounded American English talking about steak and beer and talking loudly about he discovered Prague in some expat hangout, but does not have a Masters or PhD. Most Polish guys do. The ‘cool’ guy in your standards are very culturally determined. Cool winner western guys are often playboys with no ability to get married as they are lost souls. They do not even know they are lost.

      Further, I think you are also talking about money and show up type things. Western guys have more money for clothes and travel and cars. But remember the USA and the UK sold Poland out to Stalin in Yalta and 50 years of communism made Poland poor. So Polish guys are not a pretty and cool as western guys largely determined by economics and the experience of communism.

      But also again I question your culturally determined view, for example, the founder of Google married a Polish girl. He might to you look like a skinny geeky Eastern European guy, but he has a brilliant mind. Many bright minds in Eastern Europe.

      In contrast in the USA I meet many American guys that are military guys or jocks and maybe have an undergraduate degree but have not read more than 5 books a year. Hot chicks tell me I would rather date a brainy geek than a ‘cool’ beefy Western guy. Many western guys are players and serial daters. Hence the 50% divorce rate, in contrast to 1% in India or 15% in places like Romania and Poland.

      If Polish guys are so weak why did the Slavic nations win WWII? The German army put 90% into the East. In contast, all the western nations laid down their arms (except the UK), Poland was the only nation that never surrender. The only one. Why were they able to start the dominos of communism to fall?

      Why is it Poland was one of the only nations that did not to have the crisis and just jump on the Euro band wagon. They deliberately delayed the Euro because they were not so foolish. I think your understanding of weak and strong is a little backward. You see American gladiators or wear Bannana Republic cargo shorts and think this is strong. I can not agree with you on this. I think strong and weak or passive and agressive is a little more complex than this.

      Also you are an expat. Expat in any country have an advantage with girls because they are different. Forign guys in the USA have a similar advantage and local girls flock to them. You have to understand the complex world of dating by seeing the world from different points of view.

  42. First of all, as is always the case on these forums, you are making a lot of assumptions about somebody you do not know. You are correct that I am an expat and I speak some Polish, but the description of the loud-mouthed American guy talking about steak is certainly not what I would consider a desirable, cool guy. However, there are universal character traits which women find attractive in men independent of their nationality, for example sense of humour, honesty, confidence and yes a little bit of ‘bad boy’. If you research polls in women’s mags and other sources, you’ll find this to be true. And there are good biological reasons for it. Neither did I imply that such Polish men would be weak in battle. I referred only to how they behave with women.

    As a moderator I think you should leave religion out of this. Does being Catholic and going to church make one a good person? Some would say yes, others would say it allows one to cheat, lie and deceive knowing that a quick confession will wipe the slate clean. This is very subjective and has little to do with how appealing a guy is to a woman.

    1. Alex, please do not take offense as I sincerely appreciate your input. I do not assume you are a loud mouth American guy at all. In fact I am impressed you are living in Poland and totally respect your opinion. If I argue passionately my point it is not out of disrespect but I see the world different.

      For example, your generalization about Polish guys is way off. My point is it a matter of how we interpret culturally determined traits that makes use judge them as strong or weak or passive behavior. I would say that a lion seems pretty passive as an animal as it sleeps most of the day, lays around, but I would not say it is weak. Strong and weak are very tricky ideas like is yin weaker than yang?

      I think Polish guys when they have cash are pretty stylish and in a city educated and more cavalier than many western guys, but not always. There are a lot of meaty Polish football fans as you know, which I can not stand.

      Yes girls like confidence and the bad boy when they are on an adolescent level of dating. Just like guys like bad girls for certain things. But almost every person in the world has the latent potential to be bad, or maybe good in bed so to speak and sexy and get your blood going. Why do you think guys have so many fantasies about librarians.

      Traits like love and compassion are more important when you live with someone 24/7 for the next 50 years than ‘confidence or humour’. Believe me you want to find a girl who is heart centered not looking for you to be her funny man. Being a woman’s hero in every sense of the word and rescuing her is different from the men Maxim magazines cliché mantra’s of confidence and sense of humor.

      I can not stand women, often American women, who need a man to entertain them or be something for them. I would rather be my geeky self with poor eye contact and a girl see the beauty in me than compete with all the so-called ‘alpha’ at the club to be the most funny or coolest guy in the club. I would rather, meet a girl in church or the library or talk in my own geeky way to her about Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings charaters I like.

      “All that glitters is not gold and all that is gold does not glitter” – JRR Tolkien

      If you are looking for a mate, a life long partner, the best is to find a super hot chick who is good not bad. Someone who is super hot but has the courage of her convictions and brains to stimulate. Therefore, at all levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs you are enchanted. But most important a heart of compassion and patience and calmness and authentic beliefs.

      About religion, this forum, is not the a yes group for the politically correct. I tell it like I see it. With some exceptions such as ethical atheist, religiosity is correlated with positive social behavior. It comes from a consistency of values. I really need to graph divorce and religious belief for example, but the data is out there.

      No one ever said authentic religion is the same as going to church. This is a paper tiger of the hip and cool generaion. I do not follow the chants of the crowd and mob that say people who go to church do it to show up or be seen. No one I know does that, maybe there are some, but people like to look at the example and not the rule. Most people I know go for reasons of self purification, so they can be lights to others in the world.

  43. So you are saying that Polish girls see something in men that the rest of the global female population cannot? Look, I’m not saying that only stereotypical alpha males should get the all hot girls. ‘Cool guys’ can take a variety of shapes and forms. However, there are certain character flaws which simply transcend individual cultural interpretation. Insecurity, for example. How often do you see a Polish girl flirting with guy, for example a foreigner, right in front of her boyfriend? Instead of admonishing his girl, the Polish guy either vents on the foreigner or just stands there submissively, waiting to kiss his princess’ feet again. Such jealousy/supplication is not an attractive trait for any woman, including Polish women if they are honest. I’ve even heard girls making fun of their boyfriends for behaving like supplicating wimps. As for money. You do have a point — money does bring style and confidence. However, in Poland, where capitalism only recently took root, it also brings out negative traits, guys trying to compensate for lack of other qualities. I’ve also heard stories from Polish women whose dates have spent the entire evening bragging and practically offering to be the girl’s ‘sponsor’. Again, not an attractive trait to an intelligent, attractive girl. These are all generalisations and I do have cool Polish friends who do not exhibit such ‘loserish’ traits. However, when you’re out and about, these guys are not the norm.

    1. I see you have lived in Poland. 🙂 Polish society is a paradox and one of the reason I lived there so long yet I never could quite figure it out. At the end of about ten years I had a better perspective. Old Polish culture, the one I somewhat idealized when I first got there, does still exist. However, westernization and new Poles (not just the flashy ones people joke about) seem to mix in with old society.

      It irritates me when Polish girls would flirt like that. They have the Slavic looks and an innocent playbook, but they are wolves in sheep clothes. You have painted the picture correctly with some Polish girls.

      Lucky for me I never associated with those Polish girls. I saw them but they were to me on par with flakey American girls and all their games. I simply did not go to pubs or clubs or hung out with girls who behaved like that or even people who drank. When people drank or smoke, I made for the exit. Not that I am a better person, simply I have seen too many people in the world like this and would rather hang with the ‘sheep’ than the ‘wolves’.

      So you are right there are girls in Poland who behave bad. I avoid them like the plague. I generally keep a positive upbeat about Poland as I made it my home for so long. I try not to be too negative as that is easy to do when in Poland, and you know what I mean. 🙂 But I would stick to my general premise, that Poles girls are great. If I was looking for a wife, Polish girls leave American, British or Czech girls way behind.

      There are many nice good Polish girls from the countryside that have faith in marriage and life and believe in goodness and non-material values. They have quality I have not seen in women from other cultures too often. Maybe Indian and Romanian girls and Italian girls from the south of Italy and places in South America like Peru. I am telling you marry for looks but also goodness. From a guy who has been around the world and is 48 I get no joy from being around women that are dishonest in word or intentions.

      On last comment I did not mean to go off on religion but I hear the that critique about religion too often from people who have left the church. The curious thing about it is, those are mostly the people who think ‘faith’ is about ‘believing’. While to most people in the trenches ‘faith’ is about ‘being’ not believing and it is not discussed as such as it is obvious. Faith is a way not an adherence to a creed. The Polish girls I know, see it this way. So sorry if I seemed uppity, maybe I am but did not mean to be.

  44. Wow, amazing comments made by Alex , so true. I am another one of the victims of Polish women and I am happy to read the post from Alex. I don`t undertand why does admin insult people and then writes “sorry” I didn’t want to insult you. When if you don’t mean to insult someone and you aren’t just a user but the moderator of the webpage then just please don`t insult your readers. It`s not only about Alex, the same way you have insulted Nick in earlier posts and basically everyone who disagrees with you. You might wanna consider having a more polite way while replying? People do not hate on you the just disagree. For crying out loud! It’s not a war.

    Now about the ladies . Yes a lot of them are sl_tty and easy, they have this reputation and that why this place is full of tourists. Sex tourism is very big in Poland. I agree there are also good Polish women but, ok lets suppose that you try to find one, where ? In clubs “admin ” says no , he admits there is a very bad quality of girls there. Via internet ? Who believes in internet meetings ? From experiences of most my friends and my personal ones girls that sit in the internet are the ones that avoid the real world and prefer to hide the faults of the character in the virtual world where everyone can be whatever he would like to be.

    When you meet these girls alive they are different. then you get to know about their depression the moods, about being a little odd, or crazy. So where is a good place for someone who comes to Poland to visit a girl ? I know one. The university. Go there register and maybe you ll come across with girls of better quality, but man, I am in my 30 ies and I have no time for entering the university cause I have already got a degree. So where? Lets say I come to Poland for a month . Where could I meet a Polish lady who would be of a good character , suitable to my age ? Nick says they are all married or divorced after the age of 25. I am in Poland right now and I see it myself. What a wast of money to come here. But ok, lets say I found her. Then what would we do? Polish girls have strong relations with family and its very hard for them to leave for another country with a foreigner , maybe because the other countries are too suspicious of the too many PHD`s that are issued in Poland and give the Polish people some toilet to clean as a job , maybe that’s why Polish girls prefer to stay in Poland. So be prepared my friends to stay here . It is indeed a wonderful place . it is snowing in the winter and raining in the summer.

    People have very little time as they all work hard to make their, 1200 zlotys , less than 300 euro it is, I cannot imagine anyone living happily here . the place is frustrating . And then , Polish language is not exactly a piece of cake . it ranks among the hardest to learn in Europe . Maybe you could just open a web-page and write about Polish women , just like admin , or maybe teach your language to students who would be happy to pay you 25 zlotys an hour ( around 5 euro ) . To rent an apartment in Krakow costs more expensive than renting in Berlin or somewhere in the west , and the standards are much poorer.
    Anyway for me Poland is definitely not the place to be. Maybe I should run to the mountains like Nick did with that Slovak girl , or maybe I should go to another country to find love .

    1. You seem to be shopping for a girl, not with patience and positive feelings hoping to meet your true love and trust in God that this will happen if it was ment to be. What do you expect some nice Polish girl will be like wow at you? What is your Masters degree in? Can you just answer that? What do you look like? How are you in terms of your spiritual life? I think all three are important to meet your destiny and true love. Mind, body and spirit.

      If you are not into Catholicism then why would a Polish catholic girl want to marry you unless you were amazing as a spiritual person? Just because you are a foreigner? No one married you yet so maybe you are no catch at home and you expect it to be different in Poland, you fly there an in a month without speaking the language or respecting their tradition of Catholicism and some nice girl will marry you? No girl in he world will do this.

      You say Polish girls are easy? Well compared to the rest of Europe the number of partners they have is much less. In Poland like up to 40% wait for their one man before marriage before they sleep with someone. Then like 30% have had like 2 partners. If you meet girls who do this is the world let me know. Maybe some are easy, but most Polish girls are good girls, maybe not the ones that you attract but there might be reason the universe is sending you these girls. Maybe you are not pure in heart yet? Maybe you need more inner work. I do not know you do I do not know what is Karmically going on here. But I wonder about your level of commitment to transformation.

      Are you doing charity work? Maybe start something like a charity in Poland and you would find many Polish girls who would see your inner beauty.

      How many days a week do you go to mass? You could start with 6 am mass for example, it would start your day right. You could learn the Rosary in the evening to the holy mother.

      Then maybe you could start moving mountains in your life. If you think the speed dating approach is the way to go, sign up for match.com, but I think meeting your one and only has more to do with what is going on in your inner life.

      I think the Internet is an ideal place to start for those who are shy.

      I do not think picking girls up in church is advised but maybe if you want to understand something about Poland you need to understand this is the land of John Paul II and how faith is the center of Polish life. If you do not understand this, good Polish women will at a unconcious level and just not even get near you.

      I know you want to meet a nice girl, but if you are a stylish guy and go to church events and no bars or parties or cafes then you will meet nice Polish girls. In a decade I think went to a club a couple of times and do not think I ever went to a pub.

      Do you have Polish friends and they can introduce you to girls? First, I think you need to learn some Polish to win their respect.

      Try going to classical dance class, I know a ton of nice Polish girls who do this. There are many classes in the Krakow or Warsaw or wherever you are.

      What do you talk to girls about? I would talk about Lord of the Rings or Adam Mickiewicz Polish poet or Hans Kung and Robin R. Meyers and this you might spark the interest of some nice Polish girls.

      How many languages are you fluent in? I know many Polish girls that are good and nice that love guys that speak a few languages?

      Do you play any classical musical instruments? I know many Polish girls who are classical pianists and would love to meet someone they can talk to about this.

      I know scores of nice Polish girls from the countryside that are into organic farming, if you have ever done this, this might be an in?

      I guess I am trying to determine what makes you a prince and a good guy that deserves a Polish princess?

      I do not insult people, just the ideas that come across here are a little crazy at time. I find it strange that people who know little Polish or the culture just get all negative about the girls.

      I am not negative, I am pretty nice. I just think the ideas are way off. You have been in Poland for a month. I am a Polish citizen and lived there a good part of my life. Also can you please spell grammar check your comments.

      Look I know it is hard to find your one and only, I know how hard it is t be alone, but it is not about your degrees or money or that you are a foreigner, it is about trusting the life process that someday the your princess will appear. Just make sure you have done your inner work so when she does she can see your inner beauty, the prince that you are.

      Try some of the Internet dating site, try working at a Polish charity or starting one. Love does not come easy to all, but when it does it is worth it.

  45. I do not know if I am reading these comments right, but it seems like guys have high expectations about Eastern European girls.

    What I mean is girls from Eastern Europe are good, mostly, really sweet and innocent good, but those girls are harder to win of course.

    The girls that are easy to meet might not be the ones for you.

    Men, the world of love and dating is about competition but also like the Admin suggests where you are spiritual and mentally in your life and destiny.

    1. It took me, nine months before my wife would even date me. She did not ever have a boyfriend, she was 27 when we were meet. We really started dating after we meet in church.

      You have to believe in love and be willing to sacrifice and give up all you have for love. I could have gone back to my career in Boston but I choose to live in Eastern Europe once I met my future wife.

      I am not saying I have the answers but I really believe in love and destiny finding the right one for you. You have to believe this, that your one and only is out there and God trust God will guide you to her.

  46. Katya I agree with you 100% . The good girls are harder to get and even harder to keep . As for the Admin , look , man , I came here because web-pages like yours advertise the polish women and their beauty ,also inner beauty , and what I found was different from what I expected . I thought this place is for everyone who speaks English in some good level , not just for Native speakers , sorry that I didn’t go to a translator before posting to your web-page , I am not a native speaker and that is the best English I can and the best grammarIi can use. I did not know I need to have a Proficiency diploma in English to post here . But I wanna warm people and you that sites like this lead people in bad choices . How Christian is that ? You miss lead people and you make them come here ,spend their money and be frustrated . I thought it could be a place where everyone can write how he sees the world and that if he sees some negative things about Poland and the girls here its good to notify other people and let them know about his experiences . I know it is good for the business to advertise how wonderful polish girls are but please also point out how difficult it is to get a good one . That would be more “Christian ”
    I do know some basic Polish , but do not expect me to know good polish after a month .
    Anyway you present Poland as a church , this is not like this . yeah there are Christian people here who practice their faith , but I do not believe all polish people are so strong believers . And if John Paul II was polish so what ? That would make the Italian Nation a Saint Nation because the other Popes were from Italy or now that the Pope is German is German a faithful Nation ? What are those generalizations ? A religious girl is a good match to a religious man I agree here . But not all people are catholic and not all people are religious .
    So what all Ukrainians Russians , Bulgarian , Greeks , Protestant Germans , Norwegian etc shouldn’t be looking for a match here ? i agree that they shouldn’t come here , not because of faith reasons , just because its more difficult that you present it to find true love .
    In my opinion if you want to avoid all those bad girls in the clubs and discos and meet a decent polish girl you need to live here and work here. And it is not always so easy for a foreigner to do it . And it’s not a great place either . The cities are gray and depressing , such as the weather .
    So tell people about these things , it’s not a matter of being a prince , it’s about having to stay here , not everyone can do it .
    I have been told that since I came all the way here and the situation looks like that , maybe i should go to the Ukraine or to Slovakia . I don`t know , maybe someone would have some suggestion? I am into real love and I want to meet someone nice and sincere , but not all places are good for everyone . Basically I want some girl who is easy-going , likes to smile and has a since of humor , in my opinion polish girls seem very stressed and they take everything seriously , as Alex pointed out . I don`t like the gold-diggers , I have been told that a lot of Ukrainian girls are such , so maybe Slovakia ? from posts in other pages in this web-page read that Greek girls are amazing , and the weather there is fantastic , but I think to me the Slavic look is more appealing than the Mediterranean one . Any suggestions ?

    1. Remember my argument for or against Polish girls is not a matter of pure opinion, I lived there many years and worked at a dating site there. I have seen scores of online and offline relationships and I am 48, and seen a lot of the world. I think culture is important when considering a mate. You can marry someone from an opposite culture but if there is not full understanding and acceptance then there could be trouble. Poland and Western Ukraine’s culture is connected to faith. What can I say, I can not lie about this, its true. Not everyone is into it but it is largely a part of this countries history and living tradition.

      Look I know I spiced it up a bit here by taking a strong stand, but if you are a person of reasonable character you can get a girl. I see many guys of all faiths and none marry Polish and Ukrainian girls. It is that culturally if you understand their tradition and have a commonality in that it makes it easier. I have seen many guys of no faith marry Polish girls and think it should not matter, than seven years later they are divorced for one reason or another. Why? As much as people protest there is something to be said about understanding the culture you marry into.

      I would say if Polish or Ukrainian girls are not in he tradition of the church then they are no great difference from American or British girls in terms of loyalty or anything else. Why would they be? I have seen too many Polish girls who are humanistic go through guys or betray their husbands, and no cooking and really there is no advantage other than their looks. Yes they are still more attractive than American girls but who cares. You would be better off finding a nice southern girl who you can culturally identify with if you are from the USA.

      Faith is not about believing it is about being. It is a radical alteration of your world view. It is being not about money or honor or anything other than compassion and heart centered rapport with people. Why would you not like someone like that, someone who lives a life of compassion. They could have a disciple of meditation and do not need to even go to Church. Meditation raises ones awareness and calms the spirit.

      To find a Slavic beauty, I would recommend that you look on some of the websites I recommend. If you have questions please ask. Did you try sympatia.onet.pl ? And for Ukrainian did you try some of the websites I recommend?

      I really believe in going to Ukraine and Poland and traveling. I was a little hard when I said you have to learn the language, but learning some of the language does help.

      Katya is right the good ones are not easy to find. But you can do it. Believe in the fact your one and only is there. Please ask specific questions if you have more.

  47. Anastasia says:

    I think the debate here about Polish girls is: when it comes to day-to-day things like core beliefs and what are we doing on Sunday, the admin thinks ‘bird of a feather flock together’, whilst the other school of thought is ‘opposites attract’ or core belief difference do not matter.

    I have often wondered this myself. I think you can have a Jewish person marry a Catholic or a Catholic marry a Buddhist, or simply someone who is a meditator, easier than someone who does not care about such things.

    Also admin paints a positive picture of Polish girls while others have had less than optimal experiences.

    I am Russian and can only say Polish and Russian culture is both Slavic but there are differences because of the history.

    1. I found this discussion by chance while looking at sites for meeting local people while traveling alone. (Admin has done a great job in having kept the conversation going, so proactive) As I am in Krakow in December for about a week, this is interesting to read. I would be very interested in exploring Krakow with locals perhaps conversation over few drinks and being guided towards local arts scene. It is normal to make sweeping assumption about other cultures when you travel, if you sit by the river in Gdansk or a cafe in Sopot, vast majority of polish women are attractive by anyone’s scale and are creative the way they dress up to go out. However, Katya you are so absolutely spot on about this misconception that women in Poland or for that matters anywhere else are lined up. Perhaps this myth has started in London.
      I hope I meet interesting people in Krakow and learn about your city, and it would also be nice to meet Polish woman who is in to arts and long conversations for a romantic rendezvous.

  48. Thank`s for the advice . As I have mentioned I don’t believe in the internet for finding love . People there aren’t always honest and I just don`t trust those meetings. I would prefer to go somewhere and meet people, it`s more personal like this . I have heard that Jagiellonian university offers Polish lessons for foreigners , what do you think about this? Would it be helpful to make me feel a little bit more comfortable with the culture and the people? should I trust these lessons , can someone learn fast and well? If not what do you recommend ? As for Ukraine , I was thinking about going to Kiev or Odessa , Lvov is similar to Polish cities I have been told . I think I will give Poland a try till the summer and then if I wont feel comfortable here I could move on to the Ukraine or Slovakia . What is your opinion about Slovakia ?
    Could you recommend any webpage for me to seek for some job ? it would be the ideal situation for me . As you see I am a bit lost here , but basically I will give it a 6 month try , and if I wont like it by then I ll seek my luck in Odessa or Bratislava probably .

    1. Thanks with your patience with me, sometimes I go off on tangents but here is the thing. Krakow, is a great place to meet Polish girls. I recommend the UJ (University of Jagiellonian campus. There are benches everywhere where students sit and read. You will see. The summer school is amazing but hard and a little expensive, if you want to be flexible and cheap,go with a language school, there are many in the market square or put ads on Gumtree and pay three different Polish girls 20 pln an hour for on on one lessons. I mean UJ is great but that is a whole process of applying and money, it is better to just go to Krakow, meet people in a cafe and in Empik the bookstore, walking through the main market square or the old market, there are events everyday of the week.

      But I have no inhibitions and would have no trouble talking to a girl on a park bench. If you do, I recommend taking tango dance classes, it is like 99% girls and everyone is hot. You do not need to speak Polish as it is dance. Dance classes are better than UJ for meeting girls, as is yoga or whatever you are into.

      OK let me say this. I also would never ever date a UJ girl as they are arrogant and think they are hot. I would rather go to other campuses like the teachers college or business school. UJ girls are arrogant trouble, but you can try. Maybe I am wrong.

      Me, I am into faith and my wife and I started dating after we meet there one day.

      So there are a zillion things to do in Krakow, a city of over 100,000 university students. You can hang out on the large field called the commons and walk it or be there and you will meet tons of hot chicks there. My friend lives on the commons. I am using the English names here as you will learn the Polish name.

      OK after all I said clubs are not that bad as some Polish girls like to dance. You go there and there might be 60% hot Polish girls and 40% Polish guys. In the USA it is like guys and heavy chicks or air heads and is really a scene. Not like that in Poland. Polish girls in Krakow are pretty educated.

      Go to Lviv, Ukraine. Beautiful city. Trenopil where my family is from (near by) is even more remote and rustic and further back in time, so the girls will be a little more wowed then in Krakow that you are from the west. Krakow is basically a fully Western city.

      Odessa I can not recommend, buy but anywhere in Crimea I can. Kiev is OK it is a big city, better to spend some time in Crimea hitting on a vacationing studentka. You can take a train from Lviv to Crimea for about 20 dollars. But its 26 hours. Yalta is too pricey better Theodosia and the west coast.

      If you want to play the numbers game go for Kiev and consider a trip to Moscow if you do not mind a visa. Moscow is the largest city in Europe. How can you go wrong by the numbers. However, I think the girls in Poland and Western Ukraine are the nicest and really are looking for true love.

      You can try other Polish cities like Lublin but it is a major catholic city.

      Polish villages are great but girls too spread out and better meet country girls in the city.

      You have to develop your gift of gab. You need to be able to flirt and chat up girls. The you need to figure out which are the good ones and which are the bad. Just because a girl has beautiful Slavic feature does not mean she is a good one. There are new Poles like I said that are just as bad as American girls. I am so happy in my marriage. My wife is calm, understanding with me, accepting and sincerely kind and compassionate.
      But like I wrote many times, I did not base my relationship initially on that, rather I though she was hot, and she happened to be all that and more. I felt and could sense her goodness from the start. While other girls I felt a different energy.

      It annoys me when Polish girls think they are so smart. You will meet these girls too. Yes Polish girls are smart, but I am not talking about that, I am talking about Polish and Ukrainian girls who think they are clever and can out manuever you. But I think they are fewer exponentially than American girls.

  49. hmmm… ładne rzeczy tu wypisujecie.
    Pan “Admin” maa trochę racji w tym co pisze.
    W Polsce można spotkać dziewczynę każdego rodzaju harakteru.
    Mugłbym tu wiele pisać ale powiem wam jedno-zwiedzając kraków, jedno z większych i pięknych miast polski o polsce, polskich dziewczynach i kulturze niewiele się dowiecie bo jest to miasto turystyczne i studenckie. Zapraszam do takich miast jak Nowy Targ(moje miasto), Zakopane, Gdynia, Gdańsk, Poznań,Hel, Rzeszów, Kielce no i Wrocław.
    Jeżeli ktoś chce mieć polską dziewczynę musi mieć dużo nerwów.
    To jacy my jesteśmy i jakie są nasze dziewczyny bardzo zależy od naszej historii a właściwie to od historii polski. Aby ją zrozumieć trzeba w polsce żyć 5-8 lat. Ludzie kturzy postanawiają się przenieść do polski często się rozczarowują.
    dzięki “Admin” że wypowiadasz się pozytywnie:)
    napisałem ten post po polsku. Wbrew wyobrażeń polski nie jest taki trudny do nauki.
    Film który najlepiej obrazuje polską mentalność i rzeczywistość to:
    “Dzień świra”

    Pozdrawiam z polski

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