Polish girls and Irish guys make a pretty good match. I recommend dating between the Irish and the Poles. Why?

  • The Irish are Catholic and fairly religious.   UK guys are not. One’s wold view is important in determining marriage success.
  •  Ireland had some parallels in history with Ireland. For example, both Poland and Ireland had to struggle for freedom from an empire that tried to dominate and eliminate their culture.
  • Both Ireland and Poland have been rising economies in the EU.
  • For a Pole and Irish to marry it is no problem from a civil or cultural point of view.
  • Further, Ireland is not far from Poland via a flight. I recently flew from Poland to Ireland and it was a couple of hours.
  • Polish girls in Ireland speak English well. There is no language barrier and I have met more Irish guys speaking Polish by learning from their girlfriends than perhaps any other nationalities. They really make an effort.
Polish girls Ireland

To travel to Ireland from Poland all you need is some light bags and a cheap ticket. Many Polish girls go there for temporary employment because of the exchange rate is so economically advantageous.

Typical Polish girl in Ireland

Many good Polish girls go to Ireland to make some cash working professionally or even fun jobs like picking apples. My sister-in-law did this for a few weeks this fall. She said it was a lot of fun. She is engaged and therefore, did not get out and socialize too much. However she said the Irish people were very warm and welcoming. She was in the countryside but got to go to a few cities like Dublin and Cork.

She does not drink or smoke or any bad habits, no tattoos, she is educate and a normal girl. There are scores of Polish girls in Ireland like this.

My friend from Ireland married a Polish girl who runs a placement service there. She is the breadwinner of the family. So do not assume that the girl will be a waitress and the guy will impress her with his money. Maybe in 1980s this might be the case, but the world is different now. They now spend their time between Limerick and Poznan, more time in Poland actually.

How many Polish women in Ireland who are single and dating age? I would say abotu 80,000. If there are 200,000 Poles in Ireland, even with Polsh leaving Ireland many are still there. If 1/2 are females, maybe more actually and most are single and between 21 and 30 I think there are about 80,000 single Polish women in Ireland. That is a lot for a country of only a few million.

The downside of Polish girls in Ireland

Most Polish girls want to marry Polish guys, unless they can be persuaded otherwise.   They can bring these guys home and Polish girls generally are proud of their nation.  Many Polish girls in Ireland just see Ireland as a place to work not a place to live forever. There are cultural differences between Ireland and Poland.  However, from what I have observed Irish guys and Polish girls are not a bad match because of their common religious views. So the downside far outweighs the positive.

If you are in Ireland and looking for a Polish girl

  • Treat Polish girls with respect, really, they are pretty idealistic and destroying someone’s ideals is one of the worst things you can do.
  • You can meet them on many free online dating sites
  • Learn Polish , even a few words and this will go far.
  • Try anotherfriend.com it is the largest dating website in Ireland but has a Polish side to it. The person who runs it Kevin, I know personally and is a good man. He lives in Krakow, Poland.
  • Try the Polish websites: sympatia.onet.pland znajomi.interia.pl/randki
  • Also look on GumTree Ireland for Polish girls that want to give lessons in Polish.

Let me know if you have any questions about meeting Polish girls in Ireland as I am a foreigner whose wife is Polish and I have lived in Europe a good part of my life.