101 things girls love to do that annoy me

I have a wife and daughter. I love and respect females with all my heart and with compassion. This post is not about the female gender, rather, how American or Western materialistic culture encouraged females do ridiculously annoying things. They are traits which we all observe but do not have the courage of saying out loud. Well below is my list. If you have more to add please do in the comment section.

These influences are largely culturally determined and not found in cultures like Russia, or India or China. They are part of the American experience. I do not know if it is about the culture of material excess or the false light that is portrayed in the media regarding relationships, yet the result is the same, moral decadence that lead to unhappy relationships.

Not all American women have caved to become materialistic drones. Certainly there are many American princesses whose virtue and beauty match. Yet, what happen to the culture I grew up with where running in the halls in school and chewing gum were the biggest problems? What happen to princesses that inspired me to be greater than they ever imagine they could be. What about true love and family?

Instead many American women have become aggressive, obese, cell phone addicted, tattooed, swearing libertines instead of inspirations to redeem men. I just hope women to turn away lowest common denominator and take the high road again. This is a self reflection on my culture.

 Why must American men accept dating women that are not in shape and are glued to their cell phones? Do you not guys realizes the rest of the world women behave different? Other cultures emphasis a classical education, traditional morality regarding love and the family and the women practice moderation and modesty.  Try foreign dating.
  1. American women really believe in the “life work balance” lie. – What a crock. This is the biggest modern myth there is. There is no work life balance. Either you are for your husband and family or you are not. After 7 years of crisis job still means ‘Just Over Broke’ and career means serving your boss over your family. If you need money use your imagination. I quit my job and go fishing and write software so I can be with my family. My wife grows vegetable and makes clothes. We live a fantasy life. Work will consume you and wear you down. Maybe if your 21 and new to it all you do not see it, but your work on this earth is to raise a family. I am a dude and that is how I see my role.
  2. The culture of self confidence replaces virtue – American culture has pumped them up with so much confidence, the new supreme virtue, to replace chastity and modesty. Self confidence it what it is all about they are told. Wrong, it is about virtue, for men and women.
  3. They have lost the art of cooking past down from generation to generation or their definition of cooking are frozen food like pizza. My wife cooks a fresh meal everyday, actually three times a day and apologies if it is a little late.
  4. They say I can not cook but make up for it in other ways, wink-wink. How lame is that. I do not want the mother of my children to be that lazy and libertine. I need a nurturer to run the home economics of our castle, not a you know what.
  5. Can not figure out that cruising online dating sites, like the two women to the right and left of me in my library are doing as I write this are not as effective as reading Jane Austin or studying a language attract men. You want quality not quantity.
  6. Too much make up and perfume. Perfume makes my eyes water, looking at girls with too much make up makes my eyes water for different reasons. Women do not understand that natural and imperfect is better than fake and glossy.
  7. They confuse ideas of supernatural with spiritual ideas. God is not a super natural event.
  8. Morals are subjective, relative, while Plato and the bulwark of western philosophy and most clear thinking argues for an objective code of conduct. Even if it is Kantian like the silver rule.
  9. They are petty and jealous but they dislike jealous men. Women do not understand that jealously is instinctive humans because mating should be for life. When a girl who has more boyfriends than fingers and toes, guys do not like it for a reason. If a guy is jealous take it as flattery.Instinctively this means disloyalty and perhaps designs and not the optimal for raining a family. Similarly girls are jealous of other women and men. Everyone should chill out and realizes we are all humans, it is a natural instinct and take it as flattery, just do not get consumed by the green monster.
  10. What happened to ‘all for the glory of God’? This is what is about. Not some hormonal liberation and ego fueled get all you can from the world. This life is transitory and illusionary. What you do here will echo throughout eternity. I want to be known for my family. Period. In my family is well balance and spiritually aware then I have done my role on this earth. If others see the good in me, than maybe I inspire them. I do not like the trend today for women (and men) to believe in things that are not important.
  11. Confusing the primordial instinct of gathering with shopping. I think women like shopping because they like to gather, like men like to hunt. The result is women shop and to some extend out of control. They are out of touch with the reality of their instincts.
  12. They are all about their mobile phones and apps. I am not a Luddite, yet don’t you think the quality of life goes down with the proportion of gadget addiction goes up.
  13. They lose all sense of style as hormones go down. Women 18 plus have a great flare for style. When women age I do not know if their juice is going down or they do not care, but their style gets ridiculous. I am not talking about the blue hair old ladies, but they loses their sense of fashion. Someone explain this to me.
  14. They do not know how to flirt. They think they do but do not. Light touching and overt smiles are not as powerful as cat and mouse, subtlety and be chases. Further, I do not like when married women flirt with me. It is wrong.
  15. They get obsessed with animals and put this over men or children.
  16. They are vegetarian and animal rights activist but often are the same ones to terminate a life for the inconvenience of it all.
  17. Get drawn into such political able like global warming without objectively reading the data. They should look at a real scientist like Dr. Roy Spencer.
  18. The are democrats and judge you if you are anything else.
  19. Wait too long to get married and have kids. There are many 30 something girls out there that are still trying to lasso that last hope guy.
  20. Are impressed by titles and degrees.
  21. Are good with educational requirements and filling out forms, and tend to achieve more with being detailed oriented than original ideas.
  22. Are secretive. My neighbor was going out on a date the other day. She is a divorcée and goes through men like bags of poet chips. I greeted her as always with a smile and pleasant formalities, she looked nervous and closed, and I was thinking, gee another date. What do I care as I see her step into the car of some strange guy every other week. She does not have to publishes that is an online dating player, but just be normal.
  23. Moody and crazy a few days in the month and be all so dramatic. This is really not their fault but men should realizes this and just ride it out. Men have a 31 day cycle by the way so we are not exempt.
  24. They think corpulent is a feminine issue – It is not, every human needs to be moderate to stay healthy.
  25. A lot of latent anger taken out on men. They have issues with their fathers or men in general and they dump it on you with nastiness.
  26. They are bossy. They like to take charge and boss, even more than men do. I would rather work for a man and than a women in most cases as they are just on you. I think gee wiz why do they not get a family and they can be in charge of their kids not me.
  27. They have no problem dumping their kids in day care first chance they get or some early education program or baby Einstein camp as they think children need that more than a mother’s love.
  28. Fly now pay alter attitude. They tan, smoke and do bad habits and do not care they will dried up latter.
  29. Trashy tattoos and overly body pierced.
  30. Look at them and they hate you, but then they complain how there are not good guys.
  31. Love to cut their hair and over dye it too.
  32. They are universally overweight with few exceptions.
  33. Into pharmacies. CVS I would say 80% of the customers are women. They believe in quick fixes for medical problems. I believe in modern medical treatment of course, but they are the first ones to take antibiotics for a simple cold.
  34. Always on the cell phone, in the car, walking on the street, during a date checking messages while conversing.
  35. Scanning their mobile phones – I was at a company event and the two top women there contributed nothing but sat there with their legs crossed and checking their phone. Does nothing for me.
  36. They talk on and on and things they not nothing about.  They put themselves out there as an expert just by talking and discredit your input.
  37. Reply to e-mails from their mobile phones with one liners rather than deeper thoughts of anything meaningful than “OK than’
  38. Allow you to text them, but if you call then it is too overt and they get psychic and freak out.
  39. Insincere. Could write a book on this, especially at work they are cut throat.
  40. Pocketbooks are a mess – actually this is more an endearing quality.
  41. Think they can manipulate men.
  42. Date multiple guys at the same time.
  43. Weddings are more about the show than the commitment.
  44. Not worth it.
  45. Make such a noise or scene when they enter a room. What happen to modesty. Instead they talk loud and clank keys around.
  46. Over priced.
  47. After chatting them up they give you their number and you make plans for a date, yet they feel the need to declare they are not on a date, even though the are on one.
  48. Love famous people as defined by pop culture, burnt out brains with rock start status, than sincerity and honor in men.
  49. Think a soldier is a respectable profession. It is not. Maybe if the country was under an amphibious land invasion, real war (it is not), but marrying a soldier boy is nothing more than supporting imperialism, perpetuating US resentment abroad and supporting the industrial military complex and higher taxes to support someone who can not be a creative entrepreneur. I am a patriot and my family is from a military tradition. I am not talking about that. I am talking about women who are impressed with soldiers. In my mind it is a dirty profession and not something to be proud of rather a duty to be done and forgotten. General Eisenhower said, I do it because it is my job but I do not love it. Be impressed with adventures and travelers and writers and humanitarians, but people who enlist because they can not find a job, then on easy street with benefits.
  50. Impressed by guys that work in the government, like for the embassy or have some title. Again, it is a burden on the tax payers and the government that is smaller is better.
  51. Thinks tattoos of butterflies Chinese characters and script that no one can read is cool.
  52. Impressed by primitive manifestations of power like money and title. Money is reality and comes and goes. Bankers in 2007 are wearing proverbial barrels and are under foreclose and debt, while poet are blogging and living the life. Do not be impressed by anything as transitory as money or a tile. You get a job right out of school and you are a director, but still pushing paper and have roommates because you can not afford the rent.
  53. Insult men.
  54. Have been taken to dinner a zillion times before they are 21 so nothing impresses them.
  55. They are impressed by little as they live boring lives of quiet desperation as hyper consumptive shopping and serial monogamy leaves them used up before they are 23. They have been there done that with everyone so what is the point.
  56. Suppression of ego is a life long battle and humiliation is often a good thing. Women today I know do not see it that way.
  57. Humiliation that women should experience just like me. You experience it a few times your ego is bruises after that you are liberated. In contrast women think degradation and humiliation is contradictory to the modern human experience. I disagree. I make mistakes and feel like an idiot all the time. To defend their egos by not seeing life objectively they are blinded to awareness and spiritual growth.
  58. Do not see the power in being powerless.
  59. Do not read the Bible, Buddhist writings, Hindu text or any other serious guide for life like the Koran, nor any other authoritative book as much as the nonsensical women materialistic writers that pollute their minds.
  60. They are not honest. They are not dishonest but perpetually bend the truth to smooth things over. We all do this but women in the USA do it without a second thought.
  61. Make lame excuses.
  62. Flake out
  63. High flight factor
  64. Feel their families are more important than you family.
  65. Will spend a lot of money on presents for their nephew they see once a year and while cheap as anything with you.
  66. They play victims. This is more American girls than anything. They all are victims or potential victims or have been stalked. I remember this nut job I used to work with always telling stalking stories. The girl was obese and I lawyers though who would want to stalk you. They have such over active imaginations. Most men are not stalkers contrary to what women assume when they first met you. In fact most men are defenders and would help you if you were in need as this is our instinct. They will babel about creeps, yet smile at guys on the first day they meet on OKcupid.
  67. Women do not see how they pass moral decay on to their friends and children. As parents you want to protect your kids from the bad moral apples. My nephew Jake is basically a kid at 25 living in his parents flat in London. The guy studies art and theology, does not drink and basically a lot cooler than I was. He is protected from the world by his parents and when he is ready to be married etc he will be. No reason to corrupt youth so fast. I recommend private or catholic schools or better yet home schooling. American women will have three kids with two difference men and then go to town looking for gratification of the lowest degree.
  68. Obsessed with sweets and bake good. Chocolate is not that bad, but all the poor quality baked goods they consume with white flour made with hydrogenated oils and overly sweeten are for sure a receipt for digestive problems.
  69. Love shoes and have a closet full of them but 95% of the times are in flip-flops and dirty sneakers.
  70. They do not have a passport
  71. If you look up a lot of them they have mug scordials online. I can not believe the number of women if you search their names and hometowns have some offense.
  72. Every country they do travel to they add a notch on their belt as they want to experience the local men like I want to experience the local cuisine. I was in Morocco for example, and I just went for the travel and trends, these American girls
  73. I met where there picking up waiters. I wold expect this type of behavior from sailors not women, I wonder if they will tell their husbands about this.
  74. Think they are poor when they live in rich America. They are poor when they are not married because love is to be equated with the only real wealth there is.
  75. They do not learn languages.
  76. Do not learn musical instruments.
  77. Do not know you can not airbrushed life. Life is about authenticity.
  78. Think being aggressive in physical relationships is a turn on.
  79. Drive masculine trucks
  80. Block other women in their party when going out to talking to nice guys and allow cute guys who play in their circle of trust.
  81. Believe divorce is an option. It is not.
  82. Believe in plastic surgery for hanging their body parts.
  83. Think they are attractive than they really are. Annoys the heck out of me.
  84. Think that attractiveness is genetic. It is not it is a function of style and moral behavior.
  85. Know it all attitude.
  86. Lack femininity
  87. Delusional
  88. Chronicle their life on Facebook
  89. Squander their dating years being committed to losers.
  90. They swear like a sailor.
  91. They drink
  92. They can not play chess.
  93. Think celibacy as something strange.
  94. Self righteous. It is hard not to sound this way. Even me. Anyone with an option is self righteous. The key is to know that most points of view are valid, except when you are talking validated physical sciences, and even then sometimes there are recollections and paradigm shifts.
  95. Do not like cheap guys but they do not understand what money is really used for.
  96. Do not like insecure men. I am totally insecure and lacking in confidence, But who cares it does not define me as human.
  97. Again this is the cult of confidence in the USA.
  98. Often in marriage they talk about their money and your money. In my marriage there is only our money.
  99. Believe in prenuptials.
  100. Thinking dependency is bad. I depend on my wife and my wife depends on me. What is the big deal.
  101. Hollywood even at the good end is bad – Even a very nice girl like Anne Hathaway, she stared in that innocent movie Princes Diaries, yet turned out to flash her stuff all over town and before that was involved with some sleaze ball and played victim after. Yet I am sure there Laura Ingalls out there that grow up and are worthy of respect.
  102. I have more guy friends than girls.

  103. I think more like a man than a woman.

  104. Scan their mobile phones incessantly.

  105. Say they want love but go home with some good-looking guy from a club and wonder why they are not married.

  106. Get a boyfriend and bad mouth him to their friends.

  107. Get married have their day and then a couple of years later get divorced because he has mental issues.

  108. Girls night out, they drool over guys and gossip while their men are taking care of the kids.

  109. Judge guys and so harshly on looks for mate selection. Despite all the magazines and websites girls are harder men with looks and expectations. If the guy does not have lots of hair is not 6’2” then they are not a match, even if they are some cow.

  110. Like to date younger guys even when the maturity is not there. Women mature faster than men for biological reasons, they like to find some young buck to have fun with even if the relationship will not work.

  111. Thinking that success in business is about details that do not matter. Details are important but strategic ideas are what make and break businesses. Women at work details and think themselves superior get catty and back stab you.

  112. Are obsessed with food. Did you know women think about food more than men? What the deuce.

  113. Talk and relate

Hey, I am the first one to say how hard it is to be a lady. Guys are just after you and you can not even smile without it being interpreted as an invitation. Yet maybe part of it is our culture. The American culture of dating. A lot women are players and so are men. The ones that are not get burned by the ones that are dating collateral damage. My message is to take up arms against this sea of troubles that our cultural values that are corrupting us with. be the model of virtue that can live in the imagination of men and inspire us to be greater humans.

If women would see the lie of the materialistic culture they would have their power back.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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I would like to add a few things to this list of things women do. Do not call or reply to e-mails after an expensive date. They just disappear with no courtesy or explanation.

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