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Girls in yoga pants

This is a shameless post about girls in yoga pants. I threw this in the mix for fun, but also to draw new people to my website looking for photos of hot yoga girls in clothes that are striking. I wrote this in hopes you would subsequently read my advice about finding true love, how to find a good wife, not just women who wear yoga pants. Intention turns into reality. If you are seeking a flexible, open partner like one below, you can make this your reality and live your dream. I am.

The universe will give you only as much as you are willing to give yourself – this is yoga

Once you land here on this GIYP page, explore my website further, it is a meditation on girls. It will only take a few minutes but it will change the way you see girls and dating from America to India. If you take my advice you will find a wife.  I promise.

Further, my hope is it will also spark your interest in yoga beyond girls who wear funky clothes for the lower half of their body.

  •  Yoga is an acknowledgment of the good that you are.
Transmuting your lower primitive libidinal energies,  higher for spiritual purposes –  girl without pants doing yoga

Now do not get me wrong, I did not choose this topic randomly, nor the female joga models on this page,. That is just for their tight slacks and shapely legs and buttocks (they are from Eastern Europe). I am sincerely passionate about yoga. I have been all my life. There is something sensual and mystical in this exercises, that goes beyond, Pilates or any other mechanical based exercise. The fashion and style of clothes also displays creativity and self expression. Yoga literally means ‘union’. That is, union with the Divine.

Anything that is light and loose-fitting can qualify as yoga pants for girls,:order from India, a studio or any clothing mall.

How I ending up wearing yoga pants

When I was kid I was standing on my head a lot, why? It started like this, my mother has us all doing after she saw a program with a yogi on the Mike Douglas show.  I do not know if it was an Indian yogi or an American import, but it does not matter. It was a start.

What is tight in your life? What are you holding on to?

Like most guys buzzing with testosterone, after college I was a gym rat. However, one Saturday after two hours of squats for my legs, I went to a used bookstore and picked up Light on Yoga by B. K. S. Iyengar and Richard Hittleman’s yoga. I started practice sun salutations, and down ward facing dogs to elongate and stretch my leg muscles.

My quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus maximus muscles had become too tight and organically it did not feel right. I had great definition in my legs, but who cares if I could not fit into a normal pair of trousers.

Have you ever noticed how hot women who do yoga are?

My transformation

From there when I moved to Boston.  I did Baptiste power yoga and a few other forms. I can say it the practice of yoga radically transformed my life. I do not know if it was from my practice on the mat or just me but my life changed. I was a Brahma living on Beacon Hill and  I left my career, moved to Eastern Europe, met the girl of my dream and lived in Europe for ten years. I now live on a tropical island and have not needed to go to work in ten years as I work at home, with my family in Florida and happily married. I feel the opening of yoga, allowed me to jettison the rigidities in my life and create space for a healthy relationship in my life.

  • Yoga brings you to the relationships you need in your life. Your relationships are a mirror of what is going on in your inner world. If you create the space that you need to in your inner world, this allows your external world to change.

For some reason the fairer sex seems to be aware of this truth more than men, yet they need men to love them and lift them up where they belong.

 Yoga is not about females in yoga spandex which stretch, but about expanding yourself beyond your self-imposed limits

I have practiced on an off most of my life. And I can tell you think times I had a consistent yoga practice on the mat I have felt a lot better than when my rear end was sitting on the coach and I was out of shape.

It is not the positions on the mat you can squeeze into, but perhaps, the fact you can slide into tighter pants and feel less shame after your practice that I often see yoga gals smiling.

My big regret about yoga

In fact, I would say that if I had done yoga consistently since my youth I would not have most the problems I have today. Much of my life I was at war with myself.  I have been self-destructive and did not like myself too much. It is something we all can relate to. Comparing ourselves with others and no accepting ourselves. I destroyed my body though excess work and hard physical labor, which is how I channeled my angry.  My relationships with those around me were hot and cold. When I practiced yoga I noticed my life was more grounded and centered. If you are young, try it, if you are old, remember, it does not matter about the past, it matters only what you do everyday.

I use to think you could not change the past. Time travel was not possible Einstein taught because we could not travel faster than the speed of light. Until I realized you can change the past, with forgiveness. Everyone’s experiences will be different but yoga can help deepen your level of compassion and forgiveness you live.

There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth,  dear Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy – Hamlet

Yoga stretches you at all levels, physically, mentally and spiritually. After practicing you will bend and twist your life and your experiences will similarly expand in ways you never imagined. And I do not mean just meeting beautiful ladies in yoga pants.

Angels fly because they take themselves lightly; be light and stretch your awareness with yoga.

Therefore, my recommendation for any guy considering yoga is, just do it. The ratio of girls to guys in class is about ten to one. Can you imagine if you walked into a club and there were ten times more women, all fit and friendly and in yoga pants stretching? These yoga girls in hot pants are more spiritually awake and in better shape than you will find in most places. I think the reason they have such good shape is, yoga balances your endocrine system in ways, other than just working your buttocks in step class.  Go for these girls. Maybe not like a bull in a china shop, but after you develop a rapport on a cordial basis. Or better yet, practice yoga and go for some girl from another country, there is nothing that says you have to marry an American girl.

Yoga apparel for females is usually made of natural cotton and often from India. I do not know if that is what Indian girls wear but they are trendy here.

Lets be honest, the purpose of doing yoga is inner transformation, not to walk into a class full  of girls in yoga pants. But this is the path to get you there,  it makes you aware of the things in your life that are repelling rather than attracting love. You can either suffer a few hours a week in yoga attire on your mat, or the pains of loneliness your whole life, until you can identify what your spirit really is yearning for.

Yoga will change your life. If you see yourself as a speck of dust floating though the universe, this is what life will give you. But if you see yourself as great and expansive then this is what life will give you. For different people it will be different things. It will mean money for some or love for others. It will be you communicating with your higher self to determine what experiences you need in your journey. For me, I found true love, which is pretty universal and not just for the good-looking and the strong but for everyone.

Stand like a tree with branches and roots – this is how your life could be. You need to remember your roots, but if you stay only a root you are a potato. If you just drift, you are a tumble weed. If you have roots and branches you learn balance and to sway in the strongest wind, so you do not break and fall, like hard ridged trees do. So guy or girl put on some yoga pants and try this position.

Yoga has been time-tested for thousands of years. It is not a fade like a passing fashion, like last years black slacks

Again, what about just dating yoga girls? There is something to be said with not playing with hometown girls, but these lithe girls who twist themselves into pretzels are usually pretty open, aware and peaceful as well as in great shape. In fact, I would like to reiterate, more than any other fitness class I have ever attended, yoga girls have the best shape.

I have done Bikram because the heat combined with the poses help in shaping your body.

Please like this on Facebook  or Twitter or send my page girlsinyogapants to your friends on your mobile phone. The more popular it is the more incentive I have to create more artsy and meaningful photos of hot girls and write specific advice where to find the hot ones. I tried to create some artistic photos of real models in yoga pants, people I know, these are Polish and Ukrainian girls on this page. I also tell some real life stories, and have a sincere interest in you transforming your life like I radically transformed mine. Except for you it will be in a different way. Please also ask questions if you have any. Namaste.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

9 replies on “Girls in yoga pants”

I noticed your photo representations of things like this yoga girls are getting more sophisticated, are you working in a photo editor?

It is a debate in my mind what is the best workout, Yoga, Pilates, cycling (spinning class) when I work out. I guess a combination of all of these exercises but I would like to do one and just focus on it.

Mark, is it shameful to wear yoga pants in public? Before I got pregnant, I took a very intensive yoga class that I walked to every day, and afterwards I would walk through Old Town and browse the shops. I never got any grief for it, nobody seemed to notice, but I was just wondering if that’s something I should not go back to.

Anastasia, try ashtanga yoga. With ashtanga, you get cardio, strength, and flexibility in one. And I should really emphasize strength. You will discover muscles you didn’t even know you had, and you will be toned to perfection.

It is fine, really. Not only did I start doing yoga again but my wife does also. She walks about in tight pants or yoga pants a lot. In Europe people would not even bat an eye, it is normal. I think in the USA it is fine too. People do not really care about that stuff anymore. My wife loves yoga pants because it is comfortable.
I have done many types of yoga for many years, Ashtanga is hard as is Bikram but worth it. The idea is would you rather suffer for 90 minutes on your mat or the next 90 years of your life. As much as I feel weak and complain inside during class, I feel like I am floating on air after class.
It is a great time to browse or window shop.

I agree, it’s better to suffer through 90 minutes than be unhealthy and unfit and suffer for the rest of your life. I started doing yoga after reading on your website, “you can either be a gym slave or a walker and do yoga”. I’ve chosen the latter, along with leisure bicycle riding, and I feel much better. I’m still trying to get my husband to do yoga. He doesn’t believe in the mind-body connection of yoga, but I keep telling him, you have to try it! You’ll find it! But he doesn’t listen. 🙂

Mark, do you or your wife have any ideas for curbing pregnancy hormones/mood swings? I don’t know where it’s coming from, but all of a sudden, this has become a problem. My doctor said it’s normal, don’t worry about it, but I don’t want to become a pain in the neck. Any suggestions?

Yes I do. We had the same issue and it is universal. I would say to my wife we are both pregnant.

I as the husband had to commit myself to the idea that it means nothing other than spikes of hormones. Little things will seem big. If my wife freaked out, I needed to be light and breezy and let it all roll off. Let everything just bounce off, be calm and patient and be as helpful as possible. We watched a lot of comedy movies, and not horror. Everything should be calm and nice.

Vitamins and DHA as recommended by your doctor and a good diet, no caffeine if possible. Coffee really does cause mood swings in my experience. I believe in micro-nutrients and this will help with potential depression afterword. My wife had no depression afterward as her diet was all homemade and so good. In Europe and Poland doctors are really into that and guided us. You can ask your doctor too, but be aware everything can affect your baby.

Try to avoid too much EMF and WiFi and cell phones as I do not know the effect generally on a developing baby, but I was told by a doctor electro magnetic fields like a laptop on your belly is not the best idea.

Listened to classical music and light music, which is good for your developing baby anyway. You could listen to yoga music.

Read a lot of books that you like.

I know guys that almost have to move out the mood swings get so bad. I do not recommend that. They were just talking. But really it is nothing just hormones and emotions. The guy needs to be like a Jedi Warrior and calm his mind.

Book idea for staying relaxed during pregnancy
OK now for the girl I recommend a book. Peace from Nervous Suffering by Dr. Claire Weekes. It is an old book by an Australian lady. It was popular when I worked in my bookstore days. It might be out of print so look for it as the library or used or get the info online. It does not require any time-consuming meditation like Herbert Benson’s Relaxation Response (which I think highly of by the way, but I do not have time for). Rather if you get the book or just read about the technique it focuses on training yourself to be aware of your thoughts and let them float by. Aware that they are not you.

I know you are not nervous but it is the same idea.

When I use to lift weight and take natural supplements some of them made me buzz with testosterone and I found myself picking a quarrel over innocent things. I had to be aware that this was simply hormones and not me. Be aware. Remember too much arguing can affect your baby, so this is a little motivation to be at peace. Sleep alot, as much as you like and generally be lazy. Just let things go. In a year all will look different and better.

The little book was great to help me develop and awareness over my emotions. Awareness is almost synonymous with free will if you think about it.

So try calming music, look up that book, and try to know this is normal because you have a little baby growing inside you.

What are you talking about yoga pants and spandex and Pilates leggings? They will tell you they are comfortable. Yeah right, they love them because it complements their shape and gets guys interested in them. I mean one million years of evolution makes girls do things they are not even remotely conscious of to attract guys. It is like dancing, which women are crazy about. Girls say they just like to swivel their hips. I believe them, but why? Because at some level they are programmed deep in their genetic code to attract men even if they consciously do everything to avoid it. If this was not so there would be no perpetuation of the human race. If you ever want to know why a woman does something consider this:

Females behavior is a puzzle, and for females the solution, there is only one, pregnancy.

– 19th century romantic philosopher Nietzsche.

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