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Women that Who play Computer games

Girls that play games during dating

Do girls play games? What are you kidding? Of course women play games.  But it depends of course on the lady. Read on.

Warning this post is a dating and love.  If you are a 15 year old girl who is looking for an interactive online game, I mean literally something like the Sims, this is not the post for you.

Let the games begin

There are three basic approaches men can take in the dating phase with women:

Girl games approach -Do not play games and allow yourself to be manipulated.  Let girls chew you up and spit you out.  They will at a subconscious level feel that you are too needy or desperate for them.  If you show any emotion or interest they will dis you.  Game over man. Your ego will be taken down a couple of notches and you will be back to the drawing board.
I do not want to be a member of a club that wants me – Woody Allen. And so it is with girls.  Girls do not want a good looking guy as much as they want a guy that can get a good looking girl.

And here lies the paradox, if you want a girl real bad, she will not be into you.  The more you want her the more she will hurt you. What is the solution?  There are two solutions below.

Girl games approach B – As soon as you hear a girl say “I do not like games” – then – Let the games begin. Manipulate or be manipulated. Be distant, cold and little rude even.  But then sometimes be extra warm.  Oscillate cordial with cold.  For example, if you make out with a girl.  Do not call her for about five days. Then make some lame excuses why you did not, some sob story, that will simultaneously pull at her heart string but also make her question your intentions. It will get her trying to figure you out, if you are sincere or not. Be a chess player.

  • Borrow things from her and forget about it. Something that means a lot to her and she is excited about showing you, like one of her favorite books or Cd’s.
  • Borrow like ten bucks.  Then in the following week shortly after kissing her repay her.
  • Do not SMS her.  If you SMS or e-mail her the ball is in her court.  Even if she does not reply, believe me she is checking her e-mail and phone every ten minutes. She will be accumulating a list of suitors.  You do not want to be on any suitor list. All or nothing baby.
  • Write her a real letter via the post office and make a date this way.  Its old fashion but the frequency of dates will be the same.
  • If she comes by your flat unexpectedly, do not answer the door.  Later tell her you were not home, you keep music on and a light on in the bedroom just to keep robbers away or something.  This has a double effect of not only making her think if it is true or not, let her be puzzled. However, if you did have another girl there sometime, she will be less persistent.
  • Do not ever make a lady your online Facebook friend, this basically means you are on the back burner. Its like a demo, she does not want the whole you. I do not make any cordial girl my buddy.
  • Do not tell her exactly what you do for work, just dance around the issue.  If she press you tell her that you can not tell her, although you would like to. Maybe someday I can, but she would have to keep it under her hat.

Again let the games begin.  I think you get the point. I would be curious to hear about your tact with girls or the stuff they have pulled on you?

Girl games approach C  – “It is better to be than to seem” – Ben Franklin ( I never thought I would associate that old guy with cordial ladys) – But he is correct.  The highest level of increasing your appeal to cordial girls is be sincere.

If they are the type of girls that need games to get them off, then I would not waste my short God given time on this earth with them. I would drop them like a bad habit. No matter how tempting they seem, just walk away. I think games are an American girl thing perhaps.

Girl games are more an American girl thing

I prefer to be sincere. I think foreign girls are more into sincere. This is because many American girls have been programed to chase the cheese and serve their boss instead of their husband.

American culture is, it is good thing to be a corporate warrior, serve your boss working nights and weekends, but pleasing and serving your husband is seen as belittling.

Girls in foreign countries are more straight.  They want to get married, have a family, give love to their husband.  The man of course  gives love and loyalty and devotion with happiness.  No games.  Mate selection is based on intellect and soul and attraction, rather than games connected with need for approval from peers or ego boasts.

Foreign girl games are fun.  They make you work a little and know how to be women. American girls games are unfun,  masculine competitive and ego driven.

If a foreign girl is making you make an effort to get her. This is not a girl game, it is more of a test to see if you are worthy to be her prince.  This is in stark contrast to American girls, whom this post is really about.

If a girl is a flake, is not sincere, she is not worth your time, her game is to hurt others to build her ego.  If you can be strong balanced and forthright with girls than this is the best approach by far. And please consider not marrying an American girl.  There is not way I would recommend an American girl for love unless she was something very unusual.

How to play with girls

If you follow approach number 2 you may get more girls. However, if you follow rule approach number 3, you will may get your princess.  That is the whole point of dating not to be some existential philosopher hanging out at cafe in your middle age and bouncing from girl to girl.  The whole point of dating is to get married to your one and only love. Yes true love does exist, but to find it, you can not let yourself be manipulated nor ed into games.

In life always take the higher ground.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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American and Brit girls try to play games the most, even when caught. Most foreign women, not much, since once they are slapped, the game ends for them.

This thred should be “American and Brit women play games”.

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