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Get skinny – how to be thin and rich

How to get skinny? I have the solution you will not see on the web or in a book. There is a strange relationship between body weight and money. In rich countries people are corpulent, generally.  Unless you talk about urbanites who shop at whole foods and do the whole lifestyle. But generally there is a strong inverse correlation between becoming thin and rich. Girls in the USA often wonder why. They have it all but can not lose weight. They are often envious of their European, Asian or South American girls who seem to not have money but lithe. The truth is maybe Western girls do not have it all.

Where I live in Eastern Europe thin girls are the norm and being curvy, an over sized size 8 is a rare exception. Further, those overweight women do not get dates, like they would in the States.  Here is the connection between money, weight and love for women. If you are a girl, read this and you will learn how the Western culture of money and status has created a society that is culturally poor and overweight and cheated you out of love. Yes, it is not your fault, it is the culture you grew up in and it has betrayed you and keeps you from finding the love of your life. If you want to get love, rich and skinny read on.

Culturally rich, economically poor girls are better for dating and love

Well how to lose weight if you are a girl? In one of my past posts I pointed out the reason why many Europeans are thin girls. It is because they focus their lives on living. That is, these slender European gals spend their time learning languages, culture and other aspects of their lives other than food. While their American counterparts are not learning musical instruments and do not speak three languages and have not travel to twenty different countries. American girls do work hard, but the culture in America is not classical and humanistic. American culture puts an emphasis on social status for girls and money for guys.

Poor American girls. They are under so much pressure and struggle with eating. My first answer is live more like a European girl. Travel to Paris, study languages, learn classical piano or Chess but engage your mind and take it off the American culture of social status, which makes you neurotic and eventually mean. If you want try a Mediterranean diet, but better yet live in Italy. If that does not work, read on. Get into ascetic practices connected with your beliefs. Moderation and denial are great virtues.

My example of a poor skinny girl from Europe who lives a rich life

However, another reason why girls are overweight in the USA and UK statistically is because of money.  Women and money can not be underestimated in the equation. When I was dating my wife she had no money at the end of the day. Maybe enough to buy a small package of noodles. But she really had no money. She has a Master’s degree from a top school and some medical school but unemployment was 20% and jobs did not pay that well a few years ago. She worked in a lab. She could afford a couple of apples (bananas were a luxury) and some potatoes. That is it. She would buy butter for extra calories to keep her weight up or jam when she could afford it for calories.

When her parents came from the countryside, where they have a small farm, they would bring some eggs and milk. This would help. She was thin and her skin was perfectly clear and it was like she was aging very slow because of her minimalist diet. She was like a princess from a storybook. Pale, lithe and graceful. Not because of any hard to follow diet or gym, she certainly could not afford a gym, but because she had not money to pack herself. Here is aphotoof my wife and I and you can see she makes no effort to get skinny and find love as she lived a poor life monetarily but rich life intellectually and we have everything.

Beautiful poor girl with great style

Her style was simple too. Her hair was long and natural and she wore jeans and a nice white t-shirt but always did manage to have really cool shoes. Being a skinny girl will make you look attractive almost in any style. For night cream for get all these expensive anti wrinkle creams she used real cream masks when she was home in the countryside.

The most I ever saw her with was three dollars in her wallet. If she had three dollars she would feel rich. In contrast, American girls often have ten or twenty dollars in their wallet and have no problem buying food when they want. American and UK girls are really soft because of the excess money they have.

Also my wife not having a car would walk to work. And in her spare time if she every had extra money should not spend it on food but took some French lessons. I mean in her mind a bag of chips gave her much less utility than a French lesson, which could occupy her mind for a week until the next lesson.

If I asked her if she was poor, she would say she has wealth in her friends. Her life is rich in many ways besides money.

Economic reasons why American girls have weight problems

In contrast the American family stocks up. They pack their pantries with food. If they are hungry they buy and eat out with their friends with super sized portions. The film super size me had a lot of truth to it. American girls pack themselves with cookies, cakes and pies because they can afford to.

If you have food in your apartment you will eat it. Every time you walk by the fridge you will check it. And even if ten minutes ago there was nothing that interested you, you will check it again. This is what spending too much money on stocking up on food will do. In the USA, women not need moderation as corpulent acceptance is in vogue.

My Mantra is yes I accept corpulent girls 100%, but that does not mean they are healthy or I have to date one. I mean virtue is its own reward and when a girl is moderate she is healthier has more energy and most likely developing her spirit or at least mind besides obsessing about food.

If you are an American girl want to be thin and beautiful first realize you are sitting on the top of the food chain in the world in terms of money and power. I do not even think most American girls know this. Even if you are a poor girl in the USA you are rich by global standards.

In conclusion, my point is, rich is not about money. If you are a corpulent girl there is a good chance you are monetarily rich but humanistically poor and do not have love. To get thin try the opposite. To get love reverse this.

American girls do not understand, can not buy beauty, only develop it, western media has given them the wrong message since their youth.

How to get skinny and rich

Here are some ideas.

  • Try ascetic practices of self denial. Combine this with your spirituality for growth. Few successful people achieve anything without self denial and hard work. Be obsessive about something great and high minded. Take an interest in noble things, not necessarily money, and live spartan life. Try ascetic living and self denial. If you are not religious try yoga. Deny yourself and obsess about other things in your life. Get your mind off food and start living. My wife always says it is good to suffer as it makes you a better person. Impose denial on yourself with a purpose. Do not suffer for the sake of it, but for a greater good. Like take the money you would have spent on food that day and give it to a children charity. This is real fasting.
  • Pull out all stops to get skinny, move– I do not mean move your butt, I mean move to another continent. If practicing self denial  does not work, and you are too weak because of the affluent culture you live in to resist temptation, move. Move to Europe or give money to charity or max out your 401k deductible to 20%. Whatever it takes, but do not let your financial power be your downfall.

Every girl is a princes. I truly believe this, but to be complete you need your prince. Do what it takes to get thin and be a skinny attractive girl so when he appears before you, he has interest and you can catch him.  Do not let a culture of money or status steer your values and actions to a path of self destruction and weight gain.  Any girl without a guy is lost and alone. You need to find your other half so you can date, get married and have a family.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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This relationship also applies to guy but not to the same extent. I know it is unfair. Fat is largely a feminine issue. In fact, women often like men with a little meat on their bones. While men expect girls to get skinny before they are dating material. It is too bad, but lets look at why. What does money have to do with getting thin. In this post gave one specific example in my life why this is true, let me know what you think.

I love this article and couldn’t agree more. I feel that all the modern illnesses are due not to food deprivation but over indulgence. As if health problems are not reason enough to stay slim and active, being corpulent does have a profound effect on one’s love life. At the moment my BMI is 20 but I am trying to get it closer to 18. As I am losing weight, I am getting much more attention from men and people are also taking me more seriously. I think it is not just being corpulent that is unattractive but also what a corpulent body implies. It says “I am out of control.” “I can’t manage even my own body and life.” It is not fair but if we are honest with ourselves, our physical state is very telling of how we are mentally and spiritually. Usually a person who is in control of their minds and actions also has a healthy, fit body.

Humans are programmed to be most attracted to the healthiest possible mate and corpulent is definitely not healthy. It is no wonder that corpulent girls sadly are often lonely. Ironically, many then go on to soothe themselves with more calorie rich foods. They fill an emotional void with food. As I am working towards weight loss, I am trying to help a friend who is overweight but unfortunately, she has a really strong emotional relationship with food. Every time something unpleasant happens to her, she goes to McD’s or buys ice cream and chips to comfort her. What’s even sadder is that the problems that drive her to binge eat are often related to her weight. It is a vicious cycle and I am trying to get her to see that but no success yet :(. When I told her she needs to lose weight, she was offended. In America, when you advice someone to lose weight, it is extremely rude. But in most other countries, this is not the case. Just as if you were smoking yourself to death, someone caring would try to stop you, they would also try to stop you from gaining unhealthy amounts of weight.

And you are right. Unfortunately, the culture here in the United States is focused too much on hyper consumerism, not just with food, but everything. Our entire lives here are one big race towards owning the most expensive things and as many of them as possible. We are practicing utility maximization on the most primitive level at the expense of our emotional and spiritual life.

I am from India and I have noticed a contrast between the ways of life here and there, the main difference being that here a lot of our self esteem is associated with the physical. If we do not buy lots of things we do not need (clothes, make up, food, cars, technology), we feel depressed and deprived. We also feel ashamed because as you pointed out, social status is very big here. America is a very blessed country with abundance but our culture is not headed in the right direction. We focus on owning rather than being. This is why so many of us are in debt despite our globally recognized wealth. We can’t help ourselves. We associate our worth with what we own or eat. For example, so many times if a dieter in U.S. has to forgo chocolate, he will say he feels “deprived.” However, the real deprivation is being corpulent and ashamed and judged by others.

In India people are poor so we don’t dwell on good ownership. Most Indians will never be able to afford a car in their lifetimes, for example, so we do not see the point in being depressed over it. In India, we build self esteem and self confidence through intellectual and spiritual development. For most people there, learning new things and developing discipline are bigger confidence builders than having the latest things we do not actually need. This is why India is very big on education despite its poverty. Because Indians are too poor to overindulge or drive cars, most are very slim. Unfortunately, as India becomes more westernized, their lifestyles are also following suit. Good ownership and overindulgence is a big problem among urbanized youth in India. Also, the richer people in India, not surprisingly, are also usually corpulentter.
Mark, I completely understand why a man would prefer a skinny girl and a girl would prefer a guy with some muscles. The reason is that lithe women are very feminine and graceful. Having grace in movement and being delicate is at the center of being a beautiful female. For a guy, a more robust and strong look is attractive to a woman. As a woman, I definitely feel more attractive and beautiful and healthy when I am slimmer.
This a great article, please write more like this one!

Thank you for your comment Roxanne, I do not know why people pretend and play games and try to be politically correct about the weight issue when the reality is, overweight girls are not as healthy and it comes largely from our hyper consumptive culture where it is not good to deny yourself of anything.
I would not want a girlfriend who could not deny herself or weak willed because if she gave into her appetite weakness with food, she might give in with money or other things and this would make your life unhappy.
Besides, I think thin girls look much better and in my experience are of a pleasure to hang out with.

Yeah, but there is also the issue of corpulent women being told that they are attractive, or that they can at least get a man, and their weight shouldn’t be an issue. And you do see enormously corpulent women with their children, which means that someone is doing them. The average American woman is overweight, so they don’t see it as much as a problem, just the norm. I am a fit male, and I have experienced on more than a few occasions heavy set couples becoming angry at me, owing to the negative comparison they drew. You have to understand that in a city like San Francisco, where there is a lot of comparison and competition going on all of the time, there are numerous people who will blame you for their negative emotional states when they are on the losing end of comparison. On the other hand, I have seen women who are a decade or more younger than myself taking my picture or filming me when I am shirtless or in a tank top, or they play the game of appearing next to me here and there, and at the gym, while leading their boyfriend along, so that he gets a definite clue as to how what she finds attractive in a male physique. But, the majority are on the heavy side, and it comforts them to see that they have plenty of company, it gives them the feeling that they are good as they are; but I would not care to see them without clothes, probably 85% can keep their clothes on as far as I am concerned.

This article is hilarious. I’m an American size 6 (not corpulent, not skinny, just normal), and I have no trouble getting attention from men. Even when I visited Russia recently (where you say curvy women don’t get dates), I still got plenty of attention. I work out, I eat healthy, but I’m still this size. It’s just how I am. I don’t have an obsession with food. I fill my life with meaningful things (guitar, creating art, learning Russian), I make a fantastic living from doing voice overs, so I find it kind of offensive that you think skinny people have the advantage of even normal-looking people.

Size 6 is skinny or normal at least, that is why you go attention, combined with the fact your are a foreigner. Being a foreigner you will attract attention form potential suitors. It is just attention, it does not mean they will marry you.
I think people of normal weight are healthier than obese people. You are actually case and point what I mean. You do other things in your life like study languages, travel and do voice overs but not obsess about weight. My point is when your life if full of meaning or at least other things, food is not as important. Further people will respond to you because they can sense your life is full at some level. Food obsession and imbalances in weight creates health issues as well as relationship issues. What is wrong with me arguing for people to fill their lives in a rich way, with meaning and love, instead of obsessing about food?

I guess I didn’t understand what you were saying. It is a good thing for people to fill their lives in rich ways, and I understand that obese people are not healthy at all. I do have one thing wrong with what you said: I did marry a Russian man, so one of them likes me enough to marry me. 😉

Sorry for the confusion. I didn’t mean to be rude.

Abbey, you were not rude at all, and if if you tried to be it was for a good reason or good intention. I know your intentions were pure. Look, I myself have really struggled with the weight issue. I am a guy. It is not something to be taken lightly or and for sure not belittle people who struggle with it.
However, my point is people need to take their mind off food and exercise and start living more. Really Americans are so obsessed with this. I am an American and I was. I was a gym rat. All the time I spend pumping iron I could have done something that had a more long-term benefit like traveling or learning a language, my joints would be in better shape today also. I read many nutrition and even diet books. Let me tell you they all said the same. Eat vegetables and fruits and less junk, take some anti-oxidants.
In the end, your body comes into balance naturally when your life is rich and filled with other things. If girls want to get skinny live a more humanistic life and give up the struggle, give up the fight.

I see exactly what you’re saying now, and I agree 100%. I think I’m going to become a regular reader here. 🙂

Abbey, thanks for your kind words. But check out the root of this site like or or if you like Slavic languages, I even have a Russian site that I need to work on These might be more of interest to you. Here on this girls site, are some pretty heated debates about girls and there is some mud slinging, as many of the guys here have been around the block when it comes to dating.
For example me. I mean in the USA I just could not connect with any girls. I really tried, but to no avail. American girls left a bad taste in my mouth. I traveled all over Europe, South America, Africa a little and even Asia a small bit and my eyes were opened that the world does not begin and end in America.
So if you hang out here just be warned you might see things from the American male perspective. But do not take offense it is not about you.
Also you studying Russian is very cool. I have no idea how you got interested in that.

Who ever wrote this??

Have you ever even been to Europe ??

The way you portray European women obviously not, you really think we all spend our lives going to Paris to learn 3 languages and sit around playing musical instruments??

Get real, we just eat less and exercise more ! !

I live in Europe. I know very few European girls that do not speak at least 2 languages but usually 3 or more. So yes I do think European spend more time doing other things than driving to strip malls, watching netflix and eating packaged food. I not saying it is better or worse, I am just saying a life of comfort often leads to a life of obesity.

Admin, thanks for this article. I misunderstood you from the other ones and thought you had it out for all American girls. I am a size 8 but I am tall. 5’9. When I was a size 4, my friends and family became concerned and told me that this did not look healthy because I am so tall. So I think you can be a size 8 and look great, I am propotioned and tone.

I also think that in American culture people make trade offs like for instance, for awhile after I had quit smoking I told myself its ok to eat cakes and cookies, because its my only vice left. So anytime I was feeling lonely and down Id eat cookies and such. Well that only led to a 15 lb weight gain. When I smoked I didnt eat much so when I quit and replaced it with eating it had a bad outcome. Now here is my question, you mentioned fasting…when do you draw the line between starving. And also its almost impossible not to think about eating and excercise. Like you said, we live in an affluent culture where we dont walk places or do much physical labor so in order for me to lose weight I have to constantly tell myself to not over eat and to take long walks.

And by the way, I am taking your advice. After I finish school I plan on moving to Europe to live a more balanced life and hopefully meet a nice guy there to. I love langauges and want to learn as many as I can.

This is why I hate American guys. You have no clue about anything, yeah I’m so sure the entire female population sits around and eats packaged food while driving to strip malls. I see lots of women outside running or walking for excercise with nice bodies and pretty too. Also there are a ton of wonderful American mothers who raise wonderful families.

Look, there are countless American girls that are nice. And weight has nothing to do with being a good human being. The article is not about that. It is simple about trying to focus on other things than food and diet. Fill your life with the things you crave from your heart and soul, your passions, rather than wear your body down with a fitness obsession. Something I might have been guilty of, but learned from my mistakes.

I love this idea, but I have a little problem. I am American, and I hate to admit it, but I spend a lot of time doing the things you just said: working out too much, watching Netflix, and all of that other boring stuff. I find very little that I’m passionate about. I make a living doing voice-overs, and I was trying to learn Russian and play guitar, but I gave up. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being bored. How do I find things I’m passionate about?

Do not force it. It should all come naturally. I can not imagine a gal like you would ever be shallow or boring. There are times in life, even years you will be creatively unproductive. While at times you will be moving mountains. If you have intellectual curiosity like you do, it will happen.
Even me, I am looking into how I can watch netfix in Eastern Europe.

Along the same lines, I was talking about this over lunch with my wife today. I asked her why so many books at the bookstore are lame or just so-so. But when I meet a classic it really ignites my imagination. I mean there are more people today and more writers, but the percentage of quality books I think have decreased. It was not that people of the past were more intelligent, it was they had more time and less distractions. We have lots of distractions. Think about the movie Kate and Leopold (if you have not seen it, you can but it in your netflix queue).

I moved to Eastern Europe and that did it for a while, but alas civilization is creeping in (real civilization, strip malls and groupon). But with each distraction it only throws me off kilter for a while and I mange to reinvent myself.

Similarly for someone like you, you will never have to worry about being boring. It is not your nature and you are too unique. You will go through times that are a little more creative than others but your core personality will always push you to something else. Maybe you will prune away your old interests and take up new ones. But it has to happen naturally.

I remember I felt the same way. My old outlets started to lose their appeal. I went back to them and forced them, but it did it not do it for me.
Did you see the Friends episode when Chandler and Ross tried to meet their old friend nicknamed ‘Gandolf’. They tried to relive their past, but they realized they were in a different place.

If you really are kicking yourself about your spiritual or intellectual vacuum, can you do something like spend time hiking in the woods or alone. When I do this, away from civilization I feel better.
If not do not worry about it too much.

It’s funny you should mention hiking in the woods, because that is something that I am actually passionate about. I love walking and being out in nature. I didn’t know if that counts, though. Things I do like are hiking, swimming, ice skating. It’s just that, outside of reading, I don’t have many intellectual interests (learning languages, picking up new skills, etc.). Doing my voice-overs keeps me stimulated creatively, but sometimes, I just can’t shake the feeling that I should be doing something more.

If you are into hiking in the forest you are already part Russian. In Eastern Europe many people take picnics like I do in some forest with their families on the weekend.

About doing something else. This will come. We all want transcendence and many people have existential anxiety feeling there must be something else or I must be doing something else. My philosophy is let it happen naturally.

You can never go wrong with reading. I used to work in several bookstore on for years on the weekends. It was the best job.

I also think travel broadens the mind and picks up where education left off or failed.

I am very jealous of your wife. I wish to eat minimalistic diet too bit since I’m a teenager I can’t do it my mom would have my head 😛 is there any way I can eat my minimum amount like your wife and be healthy WHILE eating my moms cooking? Or do I just have to deny her food?

Sophia, this is the problem we all face. Even when you move out of the house your mom will be offended if you are not packing yourself, not only at home but on holidays. The main thing is be your own person, do not make a big deal out of it or a point of argument. Just be calm and polite and try to live a good balance. It is really hard to get your parents out of your head and live your own life at any age or place.
I mean I live on the other side of the globe from mine, and my mother, God bless her, just send a big box of American food. Think of that.

The main things with managing parents is being light an breezy. It is a hard thing to be a teen. I think eating problems come from parents pushing their lives on their kids. The kids (including myself when I was a teen, I am now a parent) try to be unique (as self individualization is the role of a teen) and often in a basic thing like eating. At least this is what happened to me. This is why I, even me, and athletic guy struggle with it.
This is why my advice is focus on other things in your life (I always use the example of travel and languages but it could be anything). I give this advice as I had the same issues myself. It is not a girl or boy thing, it is a universal human thing. I found out when I was doing the things I really loved, my parents influence did not affect me as much and my concern with body image was less.

Mom’s tend to be food pushers because it is their instinct to feed their babies, gone into over drive, it drive people crazy, but teens tend to over react, at least I did. Just know there will be a point in time it will not be as important of an issue.

Sophia, I would recommend having a heart to heart talk with your mother about this. Explain to her of your desire to eat like the description in this article and be sincere. Any loving mother should listen to and support you if you want to do this. Perhaps you two could try it together as an experiment? Just a thought, good luck :).

Thank you Guyver for your suggestion. Maybe I’ll actually talk to my mom beforehand. Hopefully it will go easier than how I think it’s going to go.

The thing with my parents is that they think one has to have an actual meal, like full satisfying meal with bread and ladyen or whatever else is on the menu, 3 times a day. They think it’s not healthy for people to skip meals or replace meals with potatoes or bananas. Whenever I try to cut down my portion, they either tell me I don’t need to lose weight or they glare at me unapprovingly which makes it very difficult for me to eat minimalistic, let alone fast. I hope there will be someday when I can be who I want to be without me and my parents arguing about what and how I eat.

Basically I think all you need is one good meal a day. Three square meals a day come from the industrial age when we were farmers or factory workers. One meal and snacks is when I think is fine. But in Europe we do it maybe like a light snack at breakfast, the main meal at lunch and a light meal at night or snack. This is Eastern Europe and there is only really one main meal.
But as long as you live at home, when in Rome do as the Romans. Just be moderate. When you are out on your own you can relax a little.
It takes years to deprogram from parental ideas by the way. The main thing like I said do not make it a big issue. Be light and breezy and try to roll the best you can with the situation, and when in doubt be moderate.

Thank you for the advice 🙂 Just one meal a day, huh? So I guess one fully satisfying meal and rest are just light snacks, are what you mean, right? I’ll do that since my mom made loud and clear that I will not be going a day without a good hearty meal. I understand what you mean about the industrial factory workers needing 3 meals a day and in our day and age, we can pretty much survive with only 1 meal and light snacks. Our level of just plain moving around time is so much lower than how it was before and it is wholly unnecessary for people living today to eat all that much excess amount of food. No wonder people are getting more overweight as we speak. Not to mention the giant portions we have here in North America. Since it’s impossible for me to move to Europe by myself (maybe later) I’ll just make best of what I have and try to practice 1 meal a day thing. Thank you for your response ^^

I do not know if I have the answer, but it really depends on your level of activity, glucose tolerance and what you call snacking. I prefer one meal but snack all day. I also take a very good multi-vitamin. Your a teenager and your body is different. But read up on all of it.
When I worked at a bookstore and on late Saturday night when I was working the information desk reading a health book, some old, and I mean very old, but healthy doctor came in the store and we had a conversation about all this as he saw what I was reading,told me, do not read too many health books, all you need is one good meal a day.
If you snack and take vitamins I think he was kind of right.
Main thing is not to make a big deal out of it.

So how many calories are we talking here for the meal? And the snacks? I always had this big idea that I would cook a big breakfast and big dinner for my husband and send him to work with a nice, hearty sandwich, but he said he’s not used to eating like that. He said that in Russia, portion sizes are usually small.

I have no idea about calories. I mean I could tell you the calories in every food, I just do not count them.
I think Russians do eat smaller meals as I do. Only in the USA do I see the idea of super size me.
I do not know, like tonight, I just had a bowl of Ukrainian Borscht with meat in it and some spinach on the side. That was it. That was my main meal.
But I will have a big bowl of ice cream tonight as we watch a movie. I had crepes for brunch and maybe a few bananas and apples and some pomegranate juice.
Other days I split a pizza with my wife. These are 100% homemade meals. We never eat out at all or anything in pre-made except for McDonald’s to get a happy meal for my daughter.
So lets say my total calories is under 2000 calories a day, but maybe I am way off. I should count it and weight myself why I am at it. I walk about lets say 2 hours a day as I choose not to have a car.
When I was a teen I was more like 5000 calories a day as I did intense sports for 2 hours after school each day as required by the New England prep school I attended. So I think calories were higher.
I think basically the less you eat (within reason the longer you will be healthy).
But that is the whole point of the post. If you make your own meals and walk a lot and have a passion for other things the need to weigh yourself or count calories goes away and your body should go back to a natural level without much effort.
One time when we were in Krym (Crimea in southern Ukraine) on vacation, we traveled 26 hours by train really 34 hours and realized our bank card expired and we could not get cash as we thought in . We had little money cash but enough to survive. We paid for our apartment and came back 2 weeks latter in super model shape as all we could afford was potatoes, butter and some mussels I picked from the sea, to that point, it was the best vacation ever. When you are doing what you love food does not matter as much.

My idea of snacks are just light meals that leaves you slightly unsatisfied, let alone full. What’s your idea of snacks?

I just had discussion with my mom and she said that I mist eat her cookings. I knew it was the result but I’m still a little disappointed. I guess I’ll just eat one good meal and eat light snack/meals throughout the day 🙂

Snacks are like apples or fruit or bread and butter to me. Or bread with homemade type jam. Sometimes I have some Italian bread sticks. A meal is something I sit down to, but you are right, can be a light meal less than full. I guess I have a salad or something. You are in a hard position. I was in the same. My mom always insisted I eat her cooking, even if I did no like it. I think it made me slightly neurotic about food for a while. And remember I was an athletic guy. It is a universal idea.

But then I realized it was not just food but everything from who I dated and my major in school and what I did for work. Basically you need to with patience and love and understanding grow away from your parents in a respectful peaceful way. This is what being a teen is about. It does not really happen until you are about 30 or married but it is a start.

My friends who are guys, none of them would be married if they listened to their mother all the time. In fact I have a friend who did and she never got married. Try to abstract about what is happening here. It is not just about food and weight it is about a process of self determination. It is really hard as parents (I am a parent now) want the best for their kids but on the other hand kids need to make their own mistakes and choices.

My brother moved to London for 20 years and I moved to Krakow for seven. That solved it for us. But my other brother and sisters all did something else, but the result was always same. That is from 15 to 30 you slowly drift away from your parents ideas and develop your own. This usually starts with things like food. If you are healthy and of proper weight, I would try not to focus on it too much. But I know it is hard. You have to have nerves of steel. It is all very stressful and painful. Believe me I went though the same thing you are going through now.

Instead of saying “self-denial” it more appropriately should say –
Delayed gratification. It’s not the thin and slow rich deny themselves or deny themselves the pleasures that make life worth living, it’s that they delay them. Denying one’s self is punishment this is why most people can’t do it, they think of it as punishment. The reason why those who succeed at it can do it, is that they look beyond that and see the better reward, for example if I save and invest, I will be able to have more of the things I want, than if I spend now and get only a small part of what I want. Or if put off eating certain things I will get a better body, attract a better partner that will give me amazing sensual gratification and intellectual stimulation. Or I could just eat like a pig and wind up alone. So the real self denial is in the immediate gratification because that short circuits the route to thin and rich. Always look towards the reward, and it will never be self-denial.

The woman in thephotodoes not look good. Her body is thin, but not shapely. She looks like she has lived a rough life: her chest is sagging, face is bony, wrinkled around the eyes and lips, she looks at least 40 years old. I don’t even want to know how her teeth look like, if she still has a few.

You must be a woman as you see girls through a woman’s eyes. The women in thephotois not only skinny but attractive (from an man’s perspective).

This woman looks frail and sickly to me. I don’t understand men who like to grab on to bones.

I am a woman.

She is normal thin, not skinny or toned; btw did you see the roll of corpulent coming out of her armpit?
That said, you are a happy man because if she is beautiful, there are billions of beautiful women in your developing countries 🙂

But for people with higher standards she just does not cut it: she is just lower than the average.

From a womans’ point of view she is average. Women look at women differently. Anyway, who cares, the point is compared to women in the west she is a knock out in terms of attractiveness. She looks like a nice girl.

In developing countries there are billions of beautiful women, this is correct. I do not know why guys feel they must marry the girl next door who often was raised with a silver spoon and behaves like it in a relationship.

I am so confused. Trying very hard to see what is attractive to men about this woman. Besides that she is female. I see women in the west who are 20 lbs heavier and much more lovely, walking their dogs or at the beach. . Maybe Europeans have a different eye, not better or worse. Just that in war torn countries, they can’t find food.

I live in Los Angeles, and just looked out my window, and spotted about 5 women, all in natural states and dress, that are infinitely more attractive. Different colors and sizes, but very beautiful and healthy looking. To each his own.

Sad to think there are people whose only joy in life are food and cigarettes. And the scary part is that they don’t even realize how serious of a problem they have with their life.

What do you mean when you say she’s seeing the girl through a woman’s eyes? How do women look at women, and how do men look at women? Just curious.

Women look at women differently than men look at women. Men have been programmed by one million years of evolution to be attracted to women who send off signals for reproduction. Further, pheromones and intelligence plays a big role.
There is no way a woman can have chemistry with another woman in the say way a man can. Therefore, women look at women for thing like sense of style and proportion and being nice etc. Beyond that they can not penetrate what is attractive. They can try but they are not men. At best they can read magazines and take guesses at what is attractive. Magazines written or edited largely by women but are wrong. It is the blind leading the blind in a sense.
A man will see a woman with men’s eyes.
Lets look at two examples of attraction from a man’s point of view and a woman’s point of view.
What a man might like in a girl
A man will see a girl with a small chest and a slightly large hips or rear and some disproportionality in their face, and maybe someone who has a scent that is not all flowers and roses and this will turn him on, even some sweat. Even a rugged tom-boyish look as long as she is slim and athletic. She might even have a classical roman nose. She might have imperfect skin and this does not matter as long as she does not try to hide it so much. She might do nothing with her hair except grow it long and no coloring. Again rustic with good conditioner though.This is cordial.
What a girl thinks is attractive in a girl
While a girl might see a girl on the street with a big chest and a small rear, a small little turned up nose, every hair on her body groomed off to perfection, a small tatoo on her ankle and dyed hair. Her hair is permed and in place and at most to her shoulders. She might have a scent of an expensive perfume and make-up so as to hide imperfections on her facial skin. She has a nice matching outfit from Talbots clothing store.
Reality check. To a guy this is not friendshipy. There is nothing wild and mammal about this cliché manikin. Who wants to have boom boom with a perfect little manikin. There is nothing primordial to get your blood going. Evangeline Lilly runing though the jungle in the Tv series lost was pretty cordial for guys, compared to some properly groomed talk show host, not cordial.

I mean physical attraction and what results from it is mammal and primordial and there is a high premium placed in mating and dating on being bad. I do not mean trashy or hurtful. But think of all the companies that sell customs for the bedroom. Why do ill-matched couples connect and have successful relationships? Why do people from different age groups, racial groups and countries meet and fall in love? Because who wants to marry plain vanilla girl next door. I do not. I did not.

The only way plain vanilla girl next door works is if she is a librarian with glasses and a sweater etc. But note the difference, it starts to become some submissive fantasy. Then it is interesting for guys.

I am sorry to upset women, but why do women spend so much time removing hair so they can wear a bikini? I think it would be better if a girl in the summer wears a more modest bathing suit that the bottom is almost like shorts and do not have to worry about hair every time they go to the beach or pool. It is a pretty forward topic. But it is for a point. Men like women that their mammal programming has evolved them to be attracted to. Not what women think is attractive.
Women worry way too much about none issues, including chest size and hair covering up body scents, and worry way to less about things like developing their brains (brain= good mates and smart kids) or pheromones or being a little big more athletic and outdoorsy.
I can not imagine any guy in their right mind, not being attracted to some brainy girl who likes to do mountain athletic stuff even if it means to sweet a little.
In contrast, only foolish men go for high maintenance girls who need to interface with a beauty salon and a sun tanning booth to maintain look.

One last comment is this. Often times what is attractive in the opposite friendship is characteristics we often find in our own.

I agree with you 100%. I don’t like when women (and especially men) groom themselves to perfection. You’re hiding what you really look like, and then what’s the point? I’m like you, I like natural and fit. I like people who prefer to enrich their lives inwardly through learning, being creative, and being active, rather than people who feel the need to show off and impress people with their looks. It’s vain, it’s not natural, and the people who do that end up looking the same, so they end up with generic, unimaginative, boring looks. I don’t like it.

This is a disturbingly misogynistic article. I do not understand how women can be commenting in support of it unless they are being facetious. Keep women’s wallets empty so they stay thin and “age slowly”? Are you kidding me? I have to go and throw up now. And then scream at the patriarchal world we live in.

“big chest and a small rear, a small little turned up nose, every hair on her body groomed off to perfection”, see that’s me. And I do alright in the romance dept., Why? because I just accept my body in whichever state is in at the moment. Feel allure and attractive, there will always be a man attracted to self confidence over extra weight. If I feel uncomfortable, I indulge less. I get that you like natural. But remember, we are from a different part of the world. Just as you wouldn’t criticize and nation for it’s inhabitants’ features and customs, you feel it’s all right to critique the west. I feel sometimes, foreigners are very close minded to America, just because we are Americans.

If that is you are naturally OK. If you do that for fun, that is also fine. But if you think in your wildest dream that is attractive, to be groomed to perfection, then you are thinking like a classic female brain. You see what is attractive through the lens of a woman. Women look at women and say she is pretty, while men are looking at another girl.
Because you do fine in the romance department means nothing. I do not have enough data. Does this mean you are happily married with a family or you are 20 something and a serial dater. If it is the latter then that is not fine in the romance department. I would define dating success as being happily married.

Look there is nothing wrong to paying attention to style. I love it. I really do. It is just the the American female is the biggest target for consumer spending. Executives are getting paid the big bucks to steer spending of the American females and brain wash them into thinking contrary to nature to string them on for a few more dollars.

Thin is beautiful on a man and a woman. It is a statement that you are in control of your will power. When muscle tone is seen versus a tube body, there is no contest which is more appealing. String beans trump turnips.

What is beautiful is thin, rustic and humble. Think of any fairy-tale. Think of Cinderella. Every guy wants to marry a peasant girl who has an untamed sense of beauty. The secret that girls do not know if that all women are beautiful, and the lie of the media is you have to become beautiful.

Talbot’s? Are you serious?

There are so many things wrong with this article and your responses to the comments that I am beginning to think this is all a joke, or perhaps I am dreaming.

There are many types of beauty. Only certain types of men go for ultra skinny women and they often have self esteem issues. The woman in the picture is so-so. I understand your point of view on excessive grooming and wearing high fashion from of all places, Talbot’s, but I don’t know why anyone would prefer an untoned body. The only things you like about your Eastern European women are their submissiveness and eagerness to please. These qualities you will find in most, if not all 3rd world countries or countries where women are still considered property. In these sad, dark, poor countries, women are considered old at 26, and if they have not married by then, will most likely stay that way. The life expectancy is much lower, infant mortality rates are high, and life is hard.

As far as learning all those languages you are so in to, European people tend to learn more languages due to the close proximity to other countries. It is far more common to meet people from several other countries just vistiting, working, or traveling for college then it is for an American. Typically, when people come here for an extended period of time, they already know English or learn it in earnest. You also have to take quite a long plane ride to get to a different country. In Europe, you can visit a number of countries by train and it does not cost nearly as much money.

You really have no clue about American women, and most likely women in general. You go ahead and please continue to surround yourself by skinny women with their roman noses, and and big birthing hips and us American women will just keep eating all our delicious cakes and pies that we are so consumed with while we speak English and spend our own hard earned money.

And before you assume I’m an old spinster jealous of your coveted European “beauties”, I’m married to a Muslim. He doesn’t tell me what to do, what to wear, what to say, where to go, or how to behave. I’m a D cup, with a big rear and a little bitty waist. I promise you, more men in the whole universe would prefer me over your description of cordial.

But seriously, Talbot’s?

I found all the comments here very interesting and can see very valid points from the many contributers. My problem is I can agree too much with alot of the comments from each side. On the one hand I am married to a Latvian guy who when we were in the first yr of our romance I had him and his mam for Christmas dinner. (Irish Christmas Dinner). In all my life I will never forget the complete dismay on her face as she surveyed what she was supposed to eat. I did not understand Latvian but believe me no words were needed, she was so shocked at the amount of food put in front of her but the box of budweiser was no problem.. That commet is unfair but in my experience very true, in saying that I have to admit I have seen many polish, ukranian, and latvian, people put away alot of drink but never witnessed them out of control or drunk, always in my experience dignity is maintained. They are a strange people, and I cook now alot of their food which by the way is always full corpulent, but like many of the comments here, they eat basically 3 times a day and although foods might be higher in corpulent they they are more natural foods, this would be my cooking style too as I grew up in the 80’s in Ireland when all our Mothers cooked home food as you could not afford anything else. I basically still cook all the traditional Irish food but have incorporated mostly Latvian dishes which I love now and some Polish. This is becoming long drawn out really what I wanted to say was I was always skinny and could eat what I want. In my 30’s now I cannot, and my Latvian husband has no prob telling me get my arse in gear and lose some weight. Other Irish girls would think I am pushover and should tell him where to go, which I do on occasion if he pushes to far. But forget the lies from family friends husband or boyfriend none of you or blind and no when you are over weight, we all feel better when we are toned and slim and anyone who disagrees is fooling themselves. My husband motivates me and not cos as the skeptics here might think I am trying to hold onto him (he is drop dead gorgeous) but cos i don’t want to hear bull.. I look in the mirror and know if I look good or not, he simply confirms or not. We are together along time, I love him alot but at the same time I am not blessed with the genetics of his fellow people, but I will make the best of myself in everyway, learning his language, cooking there food, as he has learnt my language and became a favorite in law of my family. U reap what u sow

Eastern European women submisive and eager to please!! I don’t think so, certainly not in my experience. Clever yes, I see they almost always suceed in getting their way or one over on husbands and partners always done in a very nice subtle way so partners not even realise. I def could learn alot and while the women may appear in company to be submissive they are mostly driving force behind men, always done in such nice way the poor men not even see it coming… When I point all this out to my Eastern European husband he completely denies it. Then couple of days later he will come back to me and say oh yes I see what you ment about that!! Best lesson I have learnt its all it the approach and I am less combatative and more subtle, or coniving now, whatever way u want to look at it

Skinny is the best way? And you only cite Europe as one source as though Europeans built the planet. Many places in Africa and Asia and the Americas prefer healthy women not starving waifs because guess what, skinny woman have a harder time giving birth. The reason Americans are corpulent is because this country pumps out the most toxic food not because people as a whole don’t know what to eat. I went to Nigeria for 3 weeks and lost 5 lbs and I ate so much there. Put a huge hole through your logic now didn’t I? Telling people to stop eating or they’ll be alone is the worst advice I have ever heard.

You say not to worry about money and status but with the same breath you say be a skinny attractive girl so men will want you. Isn’t being skinny a status then? Not even saying be smart and kind. Not even talking about the health repercussions but about getting men’s attention??

And on top of that, the best advice you can give is learn another language and move to a different country and do more instead of eating? really? Where would the average person have time for that? Your wife is thin because she was poor! Unless you are a dictator that micromanaged her food, if there was more, she would probably eat it. I am not and never was a corpulent girl but hearing a man slightly condoning women to eat less or be alone forever is beyond extreme. Kindly stop giving advice like this especially when I highly doubt you are a nutritionist.

Yes think and healthy will trump chubby in almost all cases in terms of attractiveness. You do not have to be boney, I like muscles or tone on a female. I mean a woman who uses her legs and abs by running, biking jumping rope, swimming looks cordial in contrast to women who are flabby. How can you argue that? It shows a strong mind and body that would be less likely to cave to basic impulses and the baseness of materialism.

Plato said men are either gold, silver or copper. Copper being the person who is ruled by base impulses, silver being rule by desire for glory or athleticism and gold by the mind and wisdom. My advice is you want to strive for gold and silver. Copper people are a road to nowhere, they are slaves to base desires.

In contrast, gold and silver live for a greater ideal. Much more attractive if you ask me.

Skinny is not a status symbol. Being tone and lean is a symbol of strong mind and strong body like the Romans use to say, Mens sana in corpore sano. I believe this classical ideal.

The Ancient Spartan women use to prepare and train for hours to prove they would make good strong mothers. In their art they are portrayed with their thighs exposed. I do not think you have to train for hours to prove anything to be a good mother as this is more about being loyal and loving. But men still are attracted to women with toned bodies more than flab. I think this is instinctive and evolutionary.

I also believe that people who willingly pack themselves and do not move or challenge their bodies physically are weak or becoming weak.
I am not talking about people with physical problems or illness or people who have had psychological trauma. These people are much stronger than the rest of us, regardless of their physical condition, because of hardship.
I am talking about the generic people you see in the USA who eat out several times a week and work out fewer.

I believe life is a test and a trial and lack of asceticism can cause weakness of the physical body and this can be a reflection or influence the mental and spiritual body. You can jump up and down in protest but men and women who lack asceticism or at least live do not in the spirit of Epicureanism swindle themselves out of optimizing their life happiness.

I remember reading this blog when I was in a bad place. I had gained lots of weight between 11th and 12th grade (high school) and felt so uncomfortable. I had always been a little chubby but this was so bad. I took your advice and also went to the doctor. turns out I had a hormone disorder on top of this bad lifestyle so centered around food. In the spring of 12th grade, the weight began to fly off. I stopped eating artificial sugars (in diet beverages) and other diet processed foods. Everything natural. I ate a vegetarian diet mostly (some traditional Japanese sashimi here and there)and only ate when I felt hungry rather than when everyone was eating. I stopped going to the gym completely, only walking home the 2 miles or so from school. I continued this healthy lifestyle for a whole year. I was 150 pounds probably in spring of 2014 and by the spring of 2015 I was 115, and took no special measures to get there. We had a bad winter and I had a surgery, so I did not exercise, but the weight still came off. Just less stress, more intellectual stimulation, and a better attitude and better relationships. So I have not entirely gotten all the weight off, but that will happen in good time. I am not worried.

Aranka thanks for the feedback. I am no expert on life. However, I have traveled the world a lot. I have seen women and men from the same genetic backgrounds in Europe, yet a different hip to waist ratio when compared to their American counterparts. That is, a person from Poland in Poland will be thinner than a person from Poland in America. A person from Italy will be thinner in Italy then living in the USA. I am not even talking about a generation, I am talking about even when a family immigrates. Without looking at research, just based on observation, one can conclude intuitively that lifestyle has an influence over health and beauty.

We all want to be young and beautiful and we can be. If we embrace a lifestyle that is more attune to our bodies, this will happen. American society is disconnected with its multiple distractions from what is real and what is not. The idea is not to be tricked into buying into the illusion, rather focus on what is real.

Habits like shopping at WholeFoods, walking, Yoga and reading on the subject of nutrition will lead you there. In fact, right now I barely exercise (I have a stressful investment banking job), rather I just go to Wholefoods or get vegetables from my garden and I do not gain weight. I mean look at all the movie stars, they are always spotted at Wholefoods or a yoga class.

To look good it is mostly about being fit (relatively), being smart and spiritual and dressing well. Dressing well is the fun part, it does not cost a lot to get a few nice clothes on sale at Hollister for example.

Further, I have healthy obsessions like I play chess and read books which puts my focus on mind building than accumulating corpulent. I highly recommend Louise Hay You can heal your life. I do not know why I like that book so much, but it seems to be the book when I turn the page I keep nodding yes, this is something I have know in my heart but never seen it expressed. If you do read that, let me know what you think.

I enjoyed this article so much.

I’m born and raised in America but have many cultural influences and speak two languages. I was raised with good eating habits and have European genetics to keep me a size 0-2 into my twenties 🙂

I agree with so much of what you are saying but for me, I actually have deep frustration with these American girls I have grown up with and still surrounded by. They think I’m joking when I express my desire to get out of here.

I have lived and traveled to many places both poor and rich and since then, have never been the same. The mentality of my peers can seem so backwards even though they think they are moving forward as a female community. There is a giant clash between men and women right now as if we don’t need each other, right?

Maybe two years ago this article would offend me (though I’ve never called myself a typical “American girl”) but after dating a much older man from a different continent, my mentality has been freed from this American cocoon of resentment and hostility towards the opposite gender.

I know this doesn’t exactly relate directly to your article but I read quite a few comments where some seemed offended or maybe couldn’t comprehend something they’ve never experienced. In their defense, it is a bit offensive because it makes us seem so gross and bad! Unfortunately that’s how I feel about the average American. I see a lot of it everyday and I have a deep fear of becoming that, which brings me to how I came across your article – I was researching how Baltic girls stay so skinny. I am hoping to change my diet and lifestyle entirely to fit how my great grandparents lived before immigrating to America. (Also, I read similar articles of yours back to back of same topic, sorry if there is mix up)

Unfortunately, you may be right about having to move (not just my bum).

Thanks for writing this wonderful and useful article. I’ve followed this regime since December 2014 and I lost 20 lbs. I am at 127 lbs now and for my height of 5’7 and
Asian frame it’s quite healthy but I do want to lose 15 more lbs. and I’ll keep following all these tips here.
I’ve also distracted myself from snacks to reading / hotgraphy and learning a new language, Russian. One thing I haven’t done, yet, is moving to a European country.
One thing I want to ask for more details. Could you give what your wife would eat in a day to stay slim?
Like what does she have for breakfast, lunch, dinner etc and if she ever snacks.

Good job with changing your dining lifestyle. Keep doing on track. Here are some things I have said before about organic unprocessed foods that is worth reiterating.

The main thing we became aware of is, it is mostly about not eating processed food and eating organic foods. Let me tell you a story. I have had several Polish friends that eat only organic European food. When they moved to the USA and ate the same food as in Poland, but non organic they did gain a lot of weight. Their face also broke out with acme. Call me a heretic or crazy but I believe American food unless it is from Wholefoods, is degraded to the point it changes the effect on your body.

I live in Florida now near many “local farms”. The soil there is nothing special, just enough to grow the crops. Nothing like in Poland on these rich black earth organic farms and nothing like our backyard gardens. When you do not have nutrients in the soil, your body will not assimilate the food in the same way.

Visit an organic farm and you will see the difference in the soil. Try Wholefoods organic greens and compare to other places, even Walmart organic. The quality is what matters most.

I was spending $1500 a month on food from the local grocery store and since changing to Wholefoods and buying no processes foods I spend less then 200 dollars a week for the whole family including many other things, like paper goods, vitamins, dogfood and personal care products. So Quality does not mean expensive if you are conscious what you are buying.

What is the bottom line?
Buy organic at a quality store. If you are in Europe most of the food is better quality so less of a problem.
We do all our own cooking. We went out for our anniversary and at a “good restaurant” and the food was just OK, tasteless compared to what we have become accustom too. Subsequently counted the number of times we have been to a restaurant in our lives and it was less than a few.

People poke fun at me that I only eat home cooked organic food but I look at then and I look at me.

I am not a hippie mind you, I actually have (had) a day job as an investment banker. It is just I believe food quality matters. If you give your body what it needs than it will start to balance itself out.

What does my wife eat? A lot of apples, fish, beans, salads, yogurt, whole milk, homemade soup and ladyen cooked with Coconut oil. It is all very tasty However, she does eat Chocolate and some homemade pizza (we buy the starter dough at Wholefoods). We buy Wholefoods packaged food sometimes but mostly it is about eating soups salads all you want, and protein like ladyen and fish to stop the hunger. We are not ever on a diet nor feel deprived as the food taste much better than restaurant or store bought.

Since we are married and have a daughter the eating experience is different than being single. We have a nice R&H dinning table and decour, that have a nice view of our garden and during the meal we talk and it is a pleasure. Therefore the whole experience of eating is not only food centric but dining centric. It is not forced but a pleasure.

I recently quiet my investment banking job so I could have more moments like this with my family. Although I am top in my field I think life quality is more important. You have to dare to be a little different to live an authentic life. So that is why I do not feel any social pressure or anything about eating only organic food and preparing our own meals, as anything less would be swindling myself out of a rich life experience.

The problem is that packaged processed foods in America are cheaper than fresh, whole foods and more easily accessible. Americans live busy lives trying to make a living and fight against capitalism, so for many people, food is not the most important thing they are thinking about, which is why they don’t always make the best choices, and why dieting and complete lifestyle changes are necessary in order to think more about what we put in our bodies, appreciate what we eat, and enrich our lives more outside of that aspect.

It’s really hard, though.

Really ‘insert work of choice’ hard I’m an American girl who is overweight who is paying her way through college – which, by the way, is exponentially more expensive than it is in Europe. That plus medical expenses. Our medical care and insurance system is awful. I’m studying, working three jobs, and eating on the go constantly because I want to make it better for myself later. I don’t have the funds or the time to afford certain organic or healthy foods all the time. I skip meals often, and skipping leads to overeating when we finally get the chance to eat some thing good, which messes with our metabolisms and actually leads to weight gain or doesn’t help you lose it. Your wife is thin and lovely, but she has no muscle mass.

People who exercise a lot in the States have those goals in mind. We have different beauty standards, messed up media, and an atrociously unfair economic system that robs the already poor and supplies them with high sodium Ramen instead of apples and potatoes when it comes to the difference of saving 3 bucks. You make some valid points but also just like everyone else stereotypes people into groups like we are all the same, within the same political and economic system, the same cultural value system, the same height and genetic disposition and even same access to same foods. All of America’s money belongs to China. That’s why we stock up because coupons help us save in the long term when we’re trying to pay bills and raise families.

Your approach is all wrong. The first thing I recommend is to step back from the process of the American capitalist today tricks and look at ways which people always have done to survive. Now this is coming from an investment banker.

I am not some off the grid hippie living in dirt under a tent. However, I highly recommend people looking at alternative ways to live. First if you’re going the shopping route just shop at WholeFoods. If you buy organic potatoes, butter ,ladyen and they even have Ramen noodles without the MSG you bill will be surprisingly inexpensive. It is the other grocery stores that are expensive.

People are deceived by buy one get one free and promotions and coupons with shiny stickers in packages.

Yet if you go to WholeFoods market and buy simply produce such as box of potatoes and bag of organic rice it’s much cheaper. Money is never a reason to be overweight. I do not buy it. You can not convince me.

Further I recommend for the more courageous, you grow your own food. The exercise itself is worth it. We primarily grow our own food. Even when we rented a small apartment we did community gardens which are $25 or less . If you have no opportunity for that you can use a patio or indoor you can take by an old bathtub and fill it with soil. Have no soil, them try composting. We fish for food. It is easy and if you want hints I can tell you how. Even if you grow only herbs, this give you good nutrition for whole grain pasta or potatoes.

I know this sounds crazy but to grow your own food is what people have done for a million years. It is only this de- evolution of hyper consumptive capitalism where people departed from that and embraced packaged food.

Packaged food is very expensive. My family is from Poland. In Poland under communism there was no food. Maybe once a year you would see a little bit of meat. But most people had little gardens on their balcony or a little piece of land that used for the garden. They made do with what they could. You can not convince me that as a human with a million years of evolution programmed into you, you can not survive without a supermarket.

Further if you are a student or you have little income medical insurance cover shouldn’t cost you anything. And why are you using the medical system anyway? Most of the things the medical system provides our drugs and surgeries which treat the symptoms and not the root cause. Better is a more scientific and progressive medicine such as themselves. Which actually regenerate the damaged areas in your body.

So have I convinced you ? can you not find and research alternative methods for feeding yourself that are actually beneficial to your body in terms of exercise lite to your pocketbook in terms of expense fun to do? I believe evolution has done an amazing job creating humans as we exist today and you have that ability to survive just like I do in a modern capitalistic society without subscribing to its full agenda.

You have to consider other factors of beauty and attractiveness of a woman. Also any health issues that might make it difficult to lose weight. I am like a size 8 so not skinny and never had problems with getting dates or very good looking boy friends etc. In my experience guys do not care as much about weight and the ones that put so much emphasis on it are pretty pathetic and I would not want to be with that person anyways. I have lived in Europe, Russia, US am very educated and my weight stayed the same throughout all of that time. I was actually thinner in the U.S because I was not as stressed despite walking everywhere in Europe and just working out at the gym in the US and driving.

There are many factors for physical attractiveness and we all beautiful. However, if you can work with your body you are better off especially from a health standpoint. I do not know your medical condition that would disallow you to lose weight. If you have one I am sorry. I do not mean to cause anyone distress. Further, a lot of life is the cards we have been given. The idea is to optimize without obsessing. The idea is to try to make it a positive effort for your health rather than looks and you might find that your shape might improve.

I think a lot of the weight issues is agribusiness. I lived in Eastern Europe and before big agribusiness started to infiltrate, there were really no overweight people, or at least a rarity. When I grew up in the US it was the same and if you do your research you will find obesity rates have increased exponentially in short time. This is caused by agribusiness making convenience food too easy.

I do not shop from the aisle, only Wholefoods organic. Further, if you want to know the real story, I grow my own food in my backyard. The whole world use to do this. If you do this organically and eat unprocessed foods for a year I think you will see a big difference.

I think people who are fit and healthy and slim have an advantage for finding the right mate in the dating phase. It simply gives you more options. That is honest. That is realistic. I am sure you get many dates but would you not want to attract someone who is into the whole natural lifestyle so you can do more together in life?

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