German girls

The purpose of this post if to tell you specifically how to chat and meet German girls.  I will give you the exact websites German girls go to to meet guys.  The best thing about these sites is these sites are for Germans and not overrun by English speakers looking for European women. Use a translate tool if you do not want to learn German.

I will also tell you my perspective on German ladies.  I am an American living in Europe.

German Blonds

Germany is knows for strong girls with blonde hair.  These girls are appealing to many guys who are from the Arab world. In fact may girls from Germany and Austria go on vacation to North African counties and Arab countries to meet their physical opposites for fun.

German girls looks

German girls are attractive, however, for me, personally they are not my cup of tea.  They tend to me somewhat serious.  I think after a certain age we are all responsible for the look on our face. German girls do not know how to relax to the full extent.

Psychology of the German mind today

I think the basic issue is the war is still impressing on the German people a lot of guilt and they do not know how to deal with this.  They want to be good and honest people, which they are, but they feel a communal guilt for what happened.  Therefore, I have meet and chatted with a lot of messed up German girls. I personally would not know how I would come to terms with that. Granted it is not the current generations fault but on the other hand, how can you mentally process what happened.

Second many Germans are not religious, therefore this adds to the confusion they have in their head about life, forgiveness and acceptance.

However, the ones that are faithful, in my experience are very good humans. They have great theologians and thinkers like Hans Kung. I think in Bavaria, people are more conservative.

Germans in my experience are also very loyal to their spouses. They are also very open to marriage and love from other cultures.

Chat and meet German girls online

Here is a list of sites I recommend to try to meet German women and European women online. If you can not deal with the language try some free online European dating sites that have an English interface. more for social networking than dating. Despite this crazy url is one of the largest dating sites in Germany. similarly has this portal, popular with the Swiss also. again more a German social networking site.

I am an American living in Poland the country of my ancestor so I have mixed feelings about German girls for obvious reasons. However, my general philosophy is peace and love.

By Mark Biernat

I live in with family between two worlds, US and Europe where I create tools for language learning. If you found my site you probability share my passion to be a life long learner. Please explore my site and comment.

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German girl, I am a tall, attractive 50 year old Englishman keen to chat and meet fun loving blond German ladies, preferably between 20 and 45. I have a good German friend who has given me big interest in your country but,sorry,have not learnt the German language.

I am a Blonde German. If anything I know about me and other Germans such as my friends is that we love a guy that can spell. Spell learned right. Use correct grammar as well as anything Language arts related. I mean, how old are you? And I’m twelve and writing better than you.

You must be pretty old if you the second world war is an issue for your feelings towards us. And I assume so are the women you met. Im in my 20s and I have to say none of the above sticks for my generation.

But then again my exes are egyptian, russian and tansanian so you might say Im just a world citizen living in a big city like in any country.

Okay. Listen closely. We are all very sensitive about WW2 because of what happened. Not because we were in it and it was a bad experience. Because its not like that. I’m 12 and I am very sensitive about it. It’s not because I was in it. Like it says. We are sorry. And we don’t ‘hate’ you.

Yes it will be painful for many generations of Germans about WWII, but the people living today had nothing to do with the war. They personally were not involved and condemn a group of people or ‘hate’ anyone is to perpetuate the evil.

I will never marry a German girl. No it has nothign to do with the war! LOL.. They are worse tha nAMerican women. They are the most dominating and materialistic women in the world. Really, they rival AMerican women in their friendshipless, she-male feminized inneudo. Seriously, unless your an arab guy looking for a blonde psuedo-goddess, there is not much reason to marry a German girl.

I think Swiss, Polish, Ukrainian is much better choice if you want ablonde. ALso, German women are not that attractive overall. Maybe its the long hours of work they do, the masculinity or just not good facial features. I don’t know how to say , but I do not find them very attractive in general.

Remember the leader of Germany , is Angela Merkel, a childless materialistic athiest.

So true, I am from Austria and kinda frustrated at an age of 23, as soon as graduate from university I am going on a world trip, there must be a nice girl somewhere I hope…

I am fully agree with that German Girls are too much beautiful. They are fully deserving best wishes. I know some girls but I would like to know some more girls.

Are all girls in Germany realy big and blonde?(naturaly blonde) I saw one in America on my graduation she was naturally blonde and well built bit taller than me she was sitting next to me we spoke litle she was kind and she even helped me with something. From that day I started to built interest for them I like them big and blonde. She was my type I like blonde godess. I am a very good looking white guy but again I don’t know if they are all realy big blondes, maybe it’s a stereotype?I am also not really sure that they all travel to North Africa and Arab world to find their opposites for fun maybe it’s another myth?In arab world if they go like blonde they might easily get kidnaped because Arabs are taking blondes in harem.I also heard that if you are blonde and going to middle east you better color your hair in something other than blonde otherwise they will kidnap you and take you to harem it’s not joke at all.Other thing my impression is that they are only interested mostly from man of their own culture people from same culture are way more likely to understand each other.Ok maybe I am wrong on that. I never been to Germany one day I hope I will get a chance it’s beautifull place I heard. Can someone answer me on my questions.

It’S not true, that every girl in Germany is big and blonde. I lived there for a few months and think they are really nice and beautiful people. Many are blonde, but there are also brunettes, Lena

No. Not all Germans are big and blonde. You should know by now that every one has different shapes and sizes.

I have to disagree with you SAsa on the culture part.. Statistics prove other wise.. If people of the same culture are so much more compatible, how come there is a higher rate of divorce amongst people of the same culture, in couuntris like USA, Germany, Sweden, UK, etc than if people from these countries marry a foreign spouse. The divorce rate of an American man marrying a foreign woman is more than half that if he was to marry an American woman, same goes for other western countries. YOu are wrong. Mutual respect, spirituality, dignity, personality and many other factors are what bring people together.

When I was in Africa, I made some very good friends who I felt more culturally connected to than any people her ein USA.

Then again, I am not a typical American, I feel like a foreigner in my own country.

I have met, worked with and know many German girls very well. I have never known a sweeter, kinder, harder working, more loyal, faithful, intelligent, and sensitive group of people in my life, and I have lived all over and traveled even further.

Because I still live among a 90% German Norwegian community, I marvel every day at the ethics of Germans. Their strength is their weakness: They have a deep seeded need to follow orders and rules. So they don’t tolerate cheating, cutting corners, or much of anything against the rules. They are pacifist and gentle. Great! But put a shrewd brilliant dictator in the mix and their easy going go with the flow, eager to please nature can be horribly exploited.

But for a good man, they are God’s gift as a best friend, companion or wife.

Then again – every girl with a soul and heart is God’s gift to mankind. That’s why the Nephilim left Heaven for them 🙂

I like the way you write. You know I have herd this about German girls that they are very loyal. I am curious what other people think as, Germans are still reasonable religious, unlike the French for example.

Why yes, most German girls are like this. When I read certain things like sensitive and quiet, reserved and under standing, beautiful, these are many things people have told me that I am. And I do have the urge to always follow the rules.

I’m one of the lucky ones that married a German girl. Beautiful, strong willed, out spoken, loving, giving, romantic, fun, and the best mother a child could hope for. Her family didn’t like me at first but turned out to not only be my relatives but my best friends. We lived there for three years before we came back to the United States and I can honestly say I love the German life style. I was 19 when I married her and we were married for 45 years, sie mein Sonnenshein war.

Yonatan I found it opposite I am not originaly American I am from eastern Europe. I find much harder to fit in American society than with people from my own country and my own culture. I am even trying to get to know more Americans but is really hard .There is a big difference in mentality and way of life. I live in USA for more than 10 years I was born and raised in estern Europe for 16 years.In different parts of the world people are different.There’s a big cuItural difference.I don’t know about statistics that you found. At least you can name your statistics according to statistics of bla bla bla or something.By the way statistics might be political propaganda I didn’t say that personality and mutual respect don’t bring people together where did that come from.

Sasa, where are you from and what do you find the biggest differences? I am curious. What part of the country do you live it, it might be different for different places.

I had a nice interaction with German lady in china in 1994_95,who was practicing as an apprentice (after doing MBBS in Chinese traditional medicine). Though I belong to a poor and third world country Pakistan, but we were good friends. Even after the passage of 15 yrs, she is still my one of the best friend (though we never met after that). we had clean relationship. So I will say that what ever I heard about German ladies regarding their loyalty.. it’s 100% true. otherwise I am sure, niether European lady will like nor remind ppl like us….

My mother is half German and she is amazingly strong and loyal. I love her so much. I’m tall and blonde (5’9) and I too feel like a foreigner living in my own country. I wish more than anything to travel Europe, especially Germany, where my family is from. There are some very pretty German girls, not that I’m biased or anything haha! Seriously whoever said German girls are not very pretty, you are wrong. I can name a ton of supermodels and models who are German. Anyway, there are beautiful women in a lot of different cultures.

Oh and there are more religious people in Germany than alot of other European countries. Sweden and Germany have a large number of Lutherans. Also, the Germans I do know have a sense of humor. It just may not be an American sense of humor, thats all. And to whoever said German women are masculine and whatever, that is wrong. I am sure there are some sure, but every culture has a few. I actually think alot American women are more masculine. Americans dont dress very well, opposite of German women.

I was born in Germany, a small town outside of Hamburg to be exact, and there are many Christians in Germany. Mainly Lutherans. So many Americans have been given false information(and spit it back out) by someone, I do not know. But, Germany was the land of the father of the Reformation, hello Martin Luther! You know the guy who broke from the Catholic Church and started protestantism? Also, I have many lovely German female friends who very funny and warm hearted people. The surface may be serious but they are genuine and will be friends for life. Not some fake girls from other places. Also MANY men from all over the world like our women, Germany is where the standard for blonde hair/blue eyes look started in! Haha this is a funny but very wrong article.
German girls are tall and beautiful, and not after someone for money. Genuine and hardworking but still feminine and very pretty to look at. Ask anyone.

Sorry I edited some of your comments, try not to attack people specifically or use hard language. Your points might be valid but try to temper them a bit. Thanks

It makes more sense to group the women into certain regions.

In my experience, ethnic German women from the northern protestant part, are quite similar to Scandinavian and Dutch women. Both in looks, manners and mentality. But the protestant denomination is very deceiving, as most have a very atheist outlook on life. Divorce rates are also very high in these places.

The more south you go, the more catholic the culture becomes. So the division is mostly north/south.

If any man does not like women with somewhat masculine behavior and who are into feminism, then they should stay away from these north European regions, if the are looking for marriage material. The women on average are very independent and less loyal compared to other places in the world.

I say this as a Danish guy who has traveled extensively and, also spent some time in Germany and the Netherlands.

Yes the more north you go the more people believe they do not need God.
In the North part of Europe men have accepted that ‘strong women’ (sarcasm intended) are their only choices. Men have coward down to dancing around ridiculous materialistic ideas. They tip toe on egg shells because they know their women are ‘liberated’ and will dump them like a bad habit if they express their feelings in a relationship too much.
Me I prefer Southern and Eastern European girls because they have less pretense, they understand that men and women are equal but different in natures.

French are baptized but are contrarian by nature. I think it is changing a bit but when I was going to a French church it was mostly old people.

Sorry well, I dont take well to people attacking women of my culture. You are a joke and edit what you want because you dont want people to see anything that contradicts your opinions. People that have gone to Germany and spent a decent amount of time there know that most women are not like you imagine. German women had to be strong to get through aftermath of the war. Sorry but after Russia invaded us and raped our women, they had to become strong and many people admire that. It was not a choice. Our women are strong and still beautiful and very family minded, at least the ones I encounter. Your opinions are emotionally influenced so therefore not very factual.

Although a little edgy you are right in the fact that people should not blame a whole nation. Even Friedrich Nietzsche said society is an abstraction, and I know you want to defend your nation from bad feelings. I would say this. I am American, and a patriot, but saying the emperor has no clothes. If America did something in the past, I know it was wrong. Like Slavery. It was wrong and there is no question.

In the future there of course will be no nations and maybe for the better. The world will all be one people. Nations and races will mix and we will not have to worry about such things. This is happening in the USA as it is the great melting pot. We all will be innocent and guilty for all the things our humanity has done.

In the future, there will be no nations? Who are you? Kant reincarnated? Tell it to people around the world who actually prefer to be bound by nation.

Nations are political walls set up my men. They are artifcial and not from God. In the far future nations will become like states or provences and there will be a free movement of labor and capital across borders and eventually like in the USA borders will have less and less meaning and hopefull at some point disapear. Germany will become part of a greater Europe than the world in a peaceful disolving of nationalism. But this is the far future, if you are a German girl you can still wave your flag in your lifetime.

Well admin, I hope you are wrong about your prediction, regarding the elimination of nations in the future.

If all people become genetically mixed up, this means a great loss of diversity. Both genetically and culturally. I am sorry, but I do not wish for my country to become a mongrelized mess, with no sense of unity or historical memory.

What is the point of everyone becoming americanized and cultivating lowbrow pop culture?

As far as I am concerned, your prediction would be a nighmare to live in. Sorry about being so blunt, but this is how I honestly feel.

This will not happen for hundreds of years but I can not imagine that in 3,000 years we will have what we have not. Even the Italians are not really Italian but a mix of people. The English are also, Americans well you know that story. I think new cultures and gene pools will arise from adaptation, if we are still around. Who knows with Global cooling (not a typo) on the way, the world population and cultures could take a different shape. OK I do not know for sure Global cooling will happen but just an extreme example.

I’ll have you know, Who cares who mixes with who? Its called love and a choice. I am full on German. Having many mixes increases the diversity in our environment.

Yes who cares. I do not care who mixes with who. I did 23andme and I like everyone are a combination of people, just like you. Even if you are German you are a mix. The only factor I think worth considering is when people are from similar cultures like religion it is easier, but as far as genetics it does not matter.

And I forgot to say that we dont feel guilt anymore for what 2 generations ago did, most of which our people didnt even agree with. Do you know that many Germans opposed WWII and the holocaust? No probably not because people with agendas lie and make things always look even more unfavorable for Germans. Well the women are not all messed up in the head like you say. That is a lie. So tell me are Russian girls equally disturbed becuase of communism? I bet so. Communism was very damaging to former soviet union. Do the girls feel guilty that their ancestors raped and murdered thousands of innocent German women and little children?

The past is the past, but many people living today still live in the shadows of what was done. In my opinion, except for the EU, Germany the nation never paid for what it did. They got away with a horrible crime and with the Marshall plan they were bailed out. While Poland was traded off. It was very unfair. But that is another story.
However, you personally did nothing. You personally are innocent.
Just because you are German you should not feel bad for something that is 70 years in the past. What you should do is look to the great peaceful Germans of the past and promote this. There are many. St. Thomas Kempis is one of my favorite writers. As is Hans Kung. Focus on the good.
The greatest way you go forward in life, is like me, with peace and forgiveness in your heart.
I also know there were many crimes committed against German individuals after the war. Two wrongs do not make a right.

I should revise this post to make it more positive towards German girls. I do not mean to incite any upset.


I think this is a very wrong conclusion. Remember that Germany had to pay absurd amounts of reperations after WW1. This caused hyperinflation before virtually bankrupting the country. All due to the noble british and french.

And when the red army started advancing into eastern europe and the german heartland. Millions of german civilians were raped, tortured and killed.
At the end of the war, Germany was forced to give up huge amounts of territory, which historically had been inhabited by ethnic germans.

In the aftermath, Germany had to pay reperations for a very long time. And further was occupied by the victors forces for decades. An utter humiliation. And the propaganda guilttrip that was taught by the allied overlords would rival the propaganda machine of the eastern bloc or northern China.

The “wirtshaft wunder” happened through hard work, after the country in many places was bombed to rubble. The “marshall plan” was not in economic terms decisive.

So Germany did not get of easy in any way. Dont delude yourself. It payed a very high price for losing WW2, and it is mentally still paying the price.

Well these idea will be debated by the historians. Reparations in retrospect seem bad, but if someone destroyed your home you would want compensation. I think Stalin and the German leader were two devils who were playing out evil with poor people being disposable pawns. I mean for the Germans to fall for such a ridiculous leader (most did not), I think there was an almost supernatural evil. I do not believe in the supernatural but I think life is not as we see it.

I do respect the German people, people like Thomas Kempis to Hans Kung and Mozart, people who have used their God given talent for the betterment of the world.
Human suffering has no nationality. It does not matter if a person if from Nigeria or Germany or Vatican city when they suffer or are lost it is a tragedy for all of us.

Sure the German economy has done well, but so has Ireland or Hong Kong. There are a lot of reasons an economy does well another point that can be debated ad infinitum. I think Poland deserved free markets and help but it never got it and Poles work very hard. I think economics can not be distilled into simple formulas that drum up national pride, because of something like a superior work ethic. An economy does well because markets are open. There really is no such thing as macro economics, rather only markets that are free and work so people can acting on their own enlightened self interest can serve humanity by applying their talents.

We will take our strong, thin, tall and friendshipy women anyday over a red. Also like I said before but you deleted the comment, Germans do NOT go to arab countries “looking for fun”.Women here dont even like the influx of immigrants from Arab countries so why would they want to do that? Doesnt even make sense. Lies.

Yes, I agree. I felt very upset. Many years our country has been blamed and still is. I do understand that many Germans did nothing to stop H_tler. But many tried to assasinate him, his own generals. They felt there was no stopping that monster. H_tler ruined Germany let alone an entire race, sadly, and many people let him. Sorry for the angry tone. I just want to defend some of the good hearted people we have here. There are many who are not, and can be cold, but many are good. Let us agree there are good people in every culture, Germans, Poles, Russians (yes even if I called them reds earlier).

Agreed good and bad in all nations and maybe in all people.

And yes, forgivness is the best, even if it is hard. Christ forgives us all.

By the way, you might feel Germany got away with a horrible crime but as a nation we have suffered internally and paid with the unsettling lack of inner peace, most I think, maybe. No we did not suffer like the victims in the holocaust but we did suffer. Do you know how many German CIVILIANS were killed in the bombings? 900,000 to 3,170,000 people.

Bottom line is many people died tragically. And it should have never happened but that is part of this life on earth, wars. Very sad. Also do you know who helped N_zi Scientists escape? The U.S. Operation paperclip.

I am basically a pacifist. I think the US should bring the troops back home ad civilians are always the ones that pay the price for foolish old men who like to beat patriotic drums. But even the young soldiers are innocent in many cases. They are young and naive and trapped into service while in reality they are just scared little boys. Not all, some delight in all of it, but many are like civilians powerless, because their commanders are swept up in the darkness. This is not about Germany but war in general.

OMG I cannot beliefe the negative comments about Germans from some of you. Looks like the ignorance is rampant and it’s mostly from Americans who just judge from beeing there 40 years ago in the military for 2 years.Let me tell you I live in the USA for 20years and still LOVE to go home and laugh about all the WRONG stuff that is written here. I will not say any more than when it comes to loyalty the Germans got the USA beat. With American’s friends come and go at a whim, with a German there are for life.Loyalty counts in my life and not the dumb comment’s about the girls. They are great women and so what, not all are beautifull neither are the American’s.

There is a good and bad in every society. It is hard to generalize. However, in my observation, Germans are loyal in relationships.

Reading these hateful comments towards my race and ethnicity are hurtful. Not all Germans are rude.

Yes I have to clean up some comments and posts. I do not want to let this page hurt people’s feelings. I work with a very nice German girl now. She is so polite and cultured. My favorite writer of all times is German, Hans Kung. You should be proud to be German. One thing I do not agree with about German girls but it is more a function of western Europe is their departure from values of idealistic love, but this is only some German’s as a whole they are some of the more idealistic people in Europe.

I find myself on this site seeking some support/understanding requiring a German woman I am think in a relationship with.
Personally, when I first met her, she would just jabber and jabber and go on and on with basically zero awareness of the other person present me
Honestly, in conversation I could say “I let the air out of the tires on your car., and she would not even notice at all.
I had the impression she was quite self-absorbed, and my general perception is that she’s into what she wants, more than usual, let’s say.
That is emotionally cold’, man. For her to express in words something about love or appreciation, like pulling teeth. Like she just won’t ‘give’, her version of being enthusiastic is ‘I guess it’s all right’,
in contrast, mostly the West Coast women I know are warm and fun.
It sure helps we’re from the same culture and background. With this German person, even though she’s been in American culture 30 years and is even a schoolteacher.
There are boatload more evolved words she doesn’t know. She didn’t know what a News Anchor is or who John Denver is .
Slang of course, she failed to meet much of that.
Really, has anyone else had this impression (she gets better all the time with my feedback and input) but it seems that ‘taking anything in’ from outside herself is not her natural way of being.
I am also horribly reminded of my very controlling and cold German father.
And I really do wonder.
Do Germans in general think it’s ‘weak’ to either give love or warmth or to want it? I think some sure do.
My American west coast female friends are like warm long-time buddies.
This German person, way too Practical doesn’t get down and party much.
That disposition is just cold and serious and not very emotionally available, or loyal.
Anyone else experience this?

Don’t listen to these people admin, Yonatan speaks the truth, German women are the worst, on a par with American and Scandinavian ones, I assume, but I can’t say for sure about the last ones, because I’ve never been to those countries, but from what I’ve heard it’s not better over there. I’m full of contempt for German women and in my opinion only people who have a s_xual interest in being subjected and despised can like them for what they are. It feels good to find a page where I can finally share my thoughts about this [hopefully I wasn’t too harsh, but that’s just how I feel right now], because over here nobody even notices that something is very amiss, either because they don’t want to or because they’ve never experienced anything else, whatever. Be happy, I won’t until I can finally leave this place and find a girl that isn’t completely nuts.

Not all Germans or Americans or Scandinavians are like that of course and I think what you are talking about is materialistic cultural views. What has been your experience with German girls in that regard?

Taban said:
“Comment on German girls
Don’t listen to these people admin, Yonatan speaks the truth, German women are the worst”

Good Day Taban, I’m really curious to hear more about what you refer to when you say they are nuts? and you say they are the worst, because of things like their mixed sauna culture for example where they justify showering in the no clothed men, or justify socializing with male friends as if they are their boyfriends, and then rationalizing that type of behaviour somehow? I think that nude culture have opened the women up to think almost too freely as now you have a strong independent women who wants to follow her own mind with an open culture towards nudity, etc. And many not religious, which leave them to follow no value or moral base, and it seems to have scary results. Can you ever trust a woman like this fully in a relationship, who believe flirting is a way of living, as they do with those focused looks at men and then await for response, even when with spouses at times. German woman are on of the first who I’ve seen make direct long eye contact with men in public who stare at woman, etc. Usually when a guy looks at a random girl they will observe the eye contact, etc but look in another direction., but some German women I met seem to return the looks, and change the way they look into a brief focussed look to await response. and stare at men, like I’ve only seen men do. Does this really change when they are in a relationship. I think when drink is involved for example, these type of woman are more of a cheat risk as they open themselves to these situations much more than a conservative girl would for example. Feminism; mixed not clothed culture and confidence. Spells trouble in my opinion. Am I wrong in thinking this way. As I’m dating a German girl and fear the future with her as a result. Unless she really changes cause she is in a relationship.. even though it’s long distance. Some have said run a mile, what do you guys say. Open comments would be nicer, which are informative. Common German guys, you are a clever nation, attacks won’t provide any clarity in this sincere request, much Appreciated, lost in Love, expecting a heartbreak, rough start in this relationship already gave me enough reasons to think this way.

This article is written from a biased perspective. A conservative bias specifically and its probably more likely for liberal men to be looking for a German girl in the first place so I wouldn’t take this article too seriously. I don’t want a ‘religious girl’, one reason European women are much more appealing to me in the first place is because they are more agnostic and less likely to be into religion which I have found greatly narrows women (and men too) in terms of personality, character and intelligence. Also agnostic girls usually know more about different subjects and are more interesting. And as far as them having WWII guilt I’m sure that applies more to the older generations and still its better than In America where the Southern girls have pride for having owned slaves and committing Treason against the United States. At least the Germans aren’t in denial about having done something wrong in history.

If you want to own your wife and have her be subservient to you like one of the other comments, then stick with an American girl, but if you actually respect and are attracted to a woman who can hold her own then I don’t think there’s anything better than a girl from Deutschland. One should never rely on stereotypes but in all the ones I have heard from others that has held any truth for terms of looks is that German girls are either 9’s and 10’s or 1’s and 2’s. The ones we all love are the gorgeous tall Blue-eyed blondes, who really are the world’s standard for most beautiful women. .IF you’ve ever been around one you understand. But the best part about German girls that makes them so attractive is that unlike with American girls where you have to trade-off between looks and personality in a girl, with German girls you can have both. My German teacher at University is a 6′ tall bombshell blonde, (all the male students in the class just sit looking dazed, and the girls in the class are so jealous of her) and in addition to her babe looks she’s intelligent, sensitive and loves to laugh.. boy is she cordial.

Well written and to each their own. Not every guy is looking for a morally conservative girl. When we are talking conservative we are not talking politics, I mean a girl could be very liberal politically but still traditional morally. Further, Germans like many Europeans have a level of high culture and education and this is a positive thing. I also think in German dating culture, people tend to be pretty loyal. However, that being said, if I was looking for my one and only it would not be the first country that comes to mind.

I hear so many comments hear about German women’s and I’m agree about the German women’s there attractive, sweet, gently, religious, not cheaters, very good house wife, love their partners to the end, like to do anything with their partners and most important in my opinion for a man that they follow you anywhere in the world. Reply if I’m wrong or just reply any comments because this is what hear about them from experience from soldiers leaving in Germany.

I meet this German girl and she is really in to me, very cordial girl and she is doing everything what I tell her to do to see if she is serious about our friendship. She is really religious, happy person, she is telling me all the quality that a German girls has and is the same opinion that have being public by this website.

Is a casualty that I’m to this girl and I want to know about ethnic and all that stuff that can bring together two people from different Countries. I’m Puerto Rican and I being with a lot of Puerto Rican girls before I make a comments here I do some resource and in my opinion I don’t like Puerto Rican girls anymore because the experience a be going through and this time I will do a different in my life just see if everything change in my life. Life is short and us as a man’s we have to live the life to the max and life is only ones, remember what the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” so get the right person in this time is a risk that we have to take. So good lock if you agree with me. Thank you for supported and readied.

German girls are loyal to their partners, this is true.
You are right in quoting the Bible, it is not good for man to be alone. In my experience in life, the people who are alone can be good people, but their latter life is hard because they do not have a family to communicate with, someone to love and share their lives with.
If anyone has ever thought of going through life alone, I recommend they meditate on that passage you quoted.
Thank you for your comment on German girls and saying positive things in general.

I was recently in Berlin and I think German girls are the best. In regards to war guilt, I believe in retribution. I think the Russians did that when entering Germany.

German girls can be very nice. About the war retribution, two wrongs do not make a right and what the Russians did against the German people does not correct or balance out what the Germans did. The only thing that heals is true understanding and forgiveness and love.

I have known a few German people in my time, and generally I have found them difficult to acquaint with . My parter and fiancé is from Berlin and she is everything I would say is perfect. I have read German girls are serious and may be taken life too seriously and I guess she may be that sometimes. My partner has those characteristic Germanic cheekbones/jawbone which is an asset.

I met one German girl who felt upset about the war and could not see any comedy from some of my jokes, however they are not all guilt ridden about the war time moves on if you want loyal, romantic and germanic beauty there you go. Now have a small son together.

It’s not fair to judge the people of Germany because what the Germans did long time ago. They are vey ethical, nice people, and they could be in this way without religion.

Now, Germany is the greatest country in Europe, without too much God in it. I love Germans.

Everybody is free to believe in any God he wants, but is not logically corect to assume that the people without imaginary Gods are not good, not nice, not friendshipy etc.

The major reason of yours for not liking German women, French women, Scandinavian women, UK women is their lack of faith.

I do not dislike any group of people. However, I recommend guys who want real love and marriage to last a lifetime to focus on girls that have morals and are not western materialistic. If you want to marry a materialistic UK girl, let me know. Good for you, but it is not my style.

There are many beautiful women in every part of the globe and whether German women are the most beautiful or not is any one’s guess. Remember if beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, then may be you can say they are beautiful. Anyway, German lady out there who is single and looking you can contact me here. Or you can come to Australia and we meet or I can visit you wherever you if we connect well.

Australian girls are simple, naive and they drink like they are returning from the desert after cordial day, they are horrible as a lifetime partner, not too much educated as well, just come to Melbourne and have a look how they behave themselves on Friday night, they do not have a sense for dressing nicely and elegant as most European women have, I am German guy living in Melbourne 7 years and I am lucky and happy to married German/Czech girl in Europe, otherwise here in Australia it is disaster with the girls.

I’ve always love German Girls- even when I saw Maxi Biewer (German weathergirl) I just fell in love with her and from that day German girls are very cordial as they get older.

Weather girls are some of the best barometers of what girls look like in a country. Better than cheerleaders or athletes, you want to see exotic looks eventuated by makeup, watch weather girls on TV.

I don’t know how old this is, but just a piece of advice from me.
Stay away.
I am from Austria and let me tell you the girls here treat men horrible. Yes they are beautiful, yes you can get them in bed easily, but don’t even think about marraige. In Austira it is usually the woman who initiate the divorce, mostly because they know the legal System is in about 99% on their side, so basically the man looses everything. In Gemany it’s even worse, if you have lived together with a woman for 6 months the state considers you to be “marraige-alike” so you have to pay her alimonies.

Of course not all are like that, their is a small amount of good girl(even if I have yet to meet them). I am 23 and outa here as soon as I can.

And just another thing about the war you mentioned, well it is hard to get over it if all you learn in History-Classes is WW2. Seriously 8 Years of School and everything we learned was that one topic. My guess is, it is to keep the people menatlly down so it is easier too rule us.

That’s an interesting statement about German Girls initiating the divorce. its sounds pretty crazy and so easy for people these days.. .quite a scary though, guess that was one thing about the conservative old-fashioned women. If you treated them like your equal they won’t run at the first sign of conflict and work much harder I suppose to save it. it seems German girls swill rather look for Greener pastures. Or just be alone and live the single life, cause the like to focus more on their careers anyway, and probably more fun to flirt when single anyway. But moral dilemma as how many men do they to get to know. Is it safe to assume that generally a girl from Germany is 25 have gone to bed with 10+ people. what figures to you think is realistic. as I understand most are active in that way from about 14 these days. That’s 10 years of ‘experience’ by the age of 24. That tears me apart, coming from a conservative background, and a guy who wants to be a father one day. What is left of that girl by the time she gets married anyway. How many people you share yourself with. You lose a little of yourself and it being special in the process, I could easily pick that up with German girl, which I never picked up with any other girl, from mixed backgrounds.

I recently vacationed in Germany and I met some of the nicest, most friendly people I have ever met in my world travels. I live in Texas and what I find sad about where I live is that most Germans speak English, unlike some of the people who live here. I only wish I could have stayed there longer than two weeks. I would have liked to have got to have known better some of the beautiful German women that I met. And Heidelberg was such a beautiful city. I will never forget it. Does anyone know a website where I can chat with German women? Take care all. Remember, we only have a short time on this earth and the way we treat others here will decided our corpulente in the next life. Peace out:-)

I am currently stationed in Germany, one would think it easy to meet a nice German girl. Not so much, most I meet around this area have become so americanized that they are barely German anymore. Anyone living here have any suggestions? I intend to retire from the military and stay here if I can. It is an absolutely beautiful country and the people are amazing.

Heinz, you are absolutely right. I am an American German who was born in America. What was left of my family came from Germany to America after World War II escape the Soviets. I am proud to be German and I am not ashamed that my forefathers were officers and damn fine soldiers in the Wehrmacht. My family continued to keep German in the blood line unlike others who allowed Americanization to get the better half of them.

I want to find another German Girl with the same pure blood line like myself and continue my family’s blood line, it’s just so hard I find in America. I feel out of place, away from my origin.

I turn down so many girls because they aren’t German which sounds bad but I feel nothing for them cause they aren’t of my origin, hopefully God will lead one to me.

National feelings about your country is an infantile disease.
If a person happily marches to music in rank and file that person is not worth any respect. I believe killing
under the cloak of battle is nothing more than murder.
– Albert Einstein

Why not focus on other aspect of being German? Why not be proud that Hans Kung who is a Swiss German and he tried to change the world or Karl Barth or Hegel or Mozart with his Divine music or Thomas Kempis. Have you ever read Kempis?

There may have been pawn (soldiers) who were forced into that conflict but focus on the good in your people who tried to prevent it. Maybe you are young and enamored with military things but German culture for a thousand years had spiritual leaders and thinkers that one could be more proud of then pawns (soldiers).

If you think about your bloodline, I would think again we all came from one group of people and further who does not have a king and a pirate in their family tree. I bet if you went back you would find some surprises in your family history.

Remember military men and parades and nationalism are reptilian and for the weak. Nietzsche was writing about intellectual and creative power.

Why not look at Amish girls or that is Pennsylvania Dutch women? Or other Germanic based idealistic communities in America?

If you want to go to Germany are as in Europe, you can find a nice German girl, as this is your culture.

My main point is, I would not rule out someone from any culture as we are really one world. Love has no boundaries.

But if you have it stuck in your mind you want only from your culture, maybe a nice German yoga female?

I do agree with you most definitely. I do not specifically fantasize over pure military domination of my origin. I am just out to prove to stereotypical people who continue to criticize my family here in the U.S. for what happened in WWII. Many do not understand that not all Germans were fascists, my family consist of officers and men in the Wehrmacht, SS, and Luftwaffe. Now as for some, they may have been caught up in it, but the were good soldiers and any man would do the same to fight for his country and my fatherland. If America started doing what the fascists did there would be a big military fighting for America just as Germany did. Calling them murderers is calling me a murderer myself.

As I said, I don’t agree with some of the unfortunate things that took place but in the end they were fighting against the damn soviets for our fatherland. What’s bad is nobody even looks bad at the Soviets, they all act like they did nothing. Stalin was worse than Hi_ler himself and murdered many more people. Not to mention the Soviets were actually about to attack Germany first in the beginning therefore they struck first.

And yes I am from a military based family.

Military is not love but the opposite
I understand where you are coming from. I really do. When I was young I read many things connected to military action. I played computer games and board games countless hours a day. My particular interest was the American civil war. I was proud that my forefathers were part of the armed forces. However, once I grew up I realized what war was. My father himself who was drafted said the military was the worst part of his life. I eventually understood why, the drum beating and militarism in the USA and other countries are for people who are pawns. I do not admire pawns. I admire children of God who use their talents to spread peace and creativity and love.

Living in Poland
I lived a good part of my life in what was the Jewish Ghetto in Krakow, Poland. I am a Catholic guy and at that time something very bad happened to me connected to being a foreigner and I suffer to this day medical problems. I have no respect for violence. I was attacked as I was a foreigner. I would not say the US government overly helped me either. I realized that the military and government are really about people having jobs not protecting and supporting citizens.

I know exactly what happened in WWII and tend to disagree with your understanding of it as I lived right there in Krakow, Poland and was a student of history with many first hand accounts being told to me, by people who experienced. When I was in the hospital recovering even the guy next to me was a survivor as was my landlord.

I do not want to debate as this is more of a forum about ladys – Frauen.

Make love not war – How to free yourself from dark forces
I believe that any fixation with military things especially WWII can turn into a meditation on the dark side. The dark side pulls you in and you start to defend and rationalize it. But we are all one in Christ. There is no German or Russia only children of God.

People need to understand what you are dealing with when you think about these things. You are dealing with an almost supernatural force. These devils hypothesized millions to be pawns in their Orc like army, like in Lord of the Rings. I highly recommend you canceling any thoughts of this from your mind. Ask God to help you. Read the book ‘Unbound’ By Neal Lozano. I also recommend the Spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola (a former soldier).

Love is the answer
On the other hand meditating and thinking about girls and love is good. I mean it is one million years of evolution calling you to reproduce. If you want to mate with a girl from your culture I understand. I personally could marry someone from any culture or race. It does not matter. However, cultural similarities need to be taken into account.

Read a book by the great German Thomas Kempis or a modern book by Hans Kung. You can read it in the original German if you know German. Take pride in the good in your country.

I am American and have no illusions that there is good and bad in our history. I mean we had Slavery. That was wrong. Yet we had many good things.

I believe the more align your life with thoughts about girls and love your life will change in positive ways.

Marcus Aurelius wrote “you are what you think about”. Think about love and getting a girl and making love to her, and cancel any negative ideas of military out as military is stupid. Think about marriage to a cordial lady not explaining history of 74 years ago.

Like the Beatles song goes ‘if you go around carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, your not going to make it with anyone anyhow’. It means cordial ladys dig making love not abstract political and historical idea.

I know America is military obsessed but for me as a libertarian it is nothing but the biggest special interest and it is destroying our countries economic base. And it is not about the defense of the USA. Me as a Christian does not understand how people mix military with God. The US military has not fought a defensive war since the war of 1812.

Change some software in your thought patterns and cancel out thoughts of pride or about military. I did and thankful for it. Focus on cordial ladys. There are many pretty German girls and they do not want to hear about abstract political ideological discussions. They want just want a cool guy to make them feel good. You can be that guy and God will reward you with a beautiful wife.

Well just my 2 cents.

Einstein was both wrong on nationalism, and also something of a hypocrite, as he also was a supporter of zionism. He may have been an imminent physicist, but he was not a scholar on nationalism or history.

There is nothing infantile about nationalism, as there is nothing infantile about religious sentiment in general.

“Remember military men and parades and nationalism are reptilian and for the weak. Nietzsche was writing about intellectual and creative power.”

This is completely wrong. If militarily men are as weak as you claim, then why is it that the will of the victorious ones prevail?
The world is partioned the way it is today because of violence and bloodshed. This is just a historical fact.

It is not “liberal values” that somehow mysteriously conquered the world, but a superior war machine that made it possible for uncle sam to spread his ideas throughout the world.

You are right that a person who is excellent in one thing is not an expert on everything. Chess players for example are often poor at life. Good at chess poor at life. So because he understood physics does not mean he was flawless in his understanding of Political Economy.

Yet military men are the weakest part of of society. They receive laurels for destroying God’s miracles. And with man being a political animal it is very difficult sometime to determine the right side from the wrong.

The USA is a lawful good country but in my lifetime I have seen Vietnam, to Iraq, useless wars of imperialism. The amount of money going into wars could have pave the roads with gold in the USA. There are so many people receiving benefits from the military it is the biggest special interest in the USA. The weapons industry is sinful.

People take pride in the military, whilst I think better is to admire those who serve humanity. Read about the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola, a military captain whose eyes were open.

Nationalism when it comes to pride in humanitarian aid or contributions to the whole in terms of culture and health is fine, yet nationalism is for I think people with lower awareness of their roles here as a human. That life is a gift from God and where we were born and what we have are on loan from us from God to help bring all of creation together.

Nationalism is saying I am different from you just because I was born into these people.

I guess what it comes down to is if you believe this life to be a spiritual arena and school and our purpose is to serve each other or not. Pride which the military and nationalism are manifestations of are deadly sins.

Even me, right now I have some financial challenges, and in my area there are score of defense related jobs. I can not see myself selling my soul to work in that industry. I mean homeland security is respectable, but to make nuclear subs that drain our economy by patrolling the worlds oceans at the tax payers bill, or missiles that are sold to Africa sometimes, is not only a waste but dangerous for all humanity.

I think what is most fascinating about any genuinely “German” women I have ever seen or met is that the ARE serious about something! Due to my religious practice I am celibate, and will probably not reverse that, but if I were to change that I feel it would have to be with a woman who I could take seriously as a mind and a person. And I have been around this world, and in Asia, for example. I have not been convinced that a real life partner can be found in that culture for a man of a philosophic temperament, who is an idealist like me. I think the best possibility would be with a Nordic woman, at least in today’s world.

But while this is about German girls, I have to say that I am rather smitten with the German people. It is not politically correct to say all that I like about them, but to keep it in the straight and narrow I myself dislike cheating, evil behavior of any kind. Vulgarity, indecency, etc. I believe in working not merely as a means to an end, but also as an expression of my character. I want to to things in the best possible way, not merely in a way that “gets by”. I think fairness is the life-blood of a society, not merely something we should begrudgingly accept. And I hate cordial-headedness and irrational violence. I think there are a lot of things about German society I like.

Frankly, I’ve never been in the company of Germans and not liked it. Perhaps some the best time I had in China was in a German restaurant in Shanghai where I sat a long table with the Lady of that place and her friends and regulars, and we drank beer and talked and joked. Later I drank too much “Tiger Piss” at the next bar and was not in good shape. She let me stay at her place, even sleep in the same bed, and didn’t mistrust my intentions. I think none of her friends would have dared accuse her either. Kind and generous people, and decent.

As a Gnostic, these are the kind of people I would like to live with. I would much prefer to live with “irreligious” people who are naturally ethical than morons who take to religion like a drug yet are vile, or drooling fools who cant rub two neurons together unless it involves shortchanging others (China, US, Iran, etc). At this time, Nordic countries, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Iceland etc, are my favorite countries.

Sorry that I’m wordy, inarticulate and off the subject. I find intelligent blonde women to be immensely beautiful. My mother was an intelligent blonde woman.

I’ve been reading most of the comments on this site and realized that it’s one of the most interesting sites I have ever visited. It’s great to see how people’s personal and sometimes subjective source of information can influence the way we judge others. I am currently studying in Germany, I took a course called Intercultural communication and ethics. I realized that there was (is) a vast cultural difference between Germany and most of the countries in the world. Unless these differences are understood in an objective manner, one will always turn to subjectively judge others. Now I don’t think that there’s something called a best culture, a best girl or whatever, what is best to one might be worst to another. What’s important is a peaceful coexistence of us all. Vielen Dank.

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